i decided to post this version of the edit instead

Fake Chop // Pumped Up Kicks 

Here’s the first version of this video before I switched the audio to Here Comes the Sun, re edited the clips, and added more footage to make it longer. 

I thought you might enjoy this version too. It’s pretty much the same video but edited slightly different because it’s to a different song. I figured I might as well post it, even if it is pretty close to the other one. 

ok, so I’m doing this instead of Inktober this year, (you can tell my editing skills are lacking in comparison to my art skills, might I add) and I dunno if anyone else will do this, but if you want to I’d be fine with that. Anti-tober is nothing but evil mahou shoujos everyday, so be prepared for the endless onslaught of weeaboo posts. 


Johndaveweek begins!!

….well, I decided not to do day 1′s prompt (short explanation, Anxiety. long explanation, I have Anxiety) but I still wanted to do something johndave related for day 1!

soooooo, have these pixel edits!

You have to click on them to view them in their actual size, otherwise they are too big and blurry (maybe I should post them in a text post instead? idk)

idk if I should actually tag this because it doesn’t conform to the prompt for today? but eh, it will get seen either way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(EDIT: textpost version is here)



While waiting impatiently for the second part of Daddy Dearest (Father verses Son) [will be written by very lovely @oreanagalena and posted on @blindgeishateahouse] I decided to do these edits for you all! Let the others know in whose team you are!

  • 293 x 293
  • BONUS! Reader’s version!
  • you are all free to use these, but please please, do not steal and do not claim these edits are yours
  • enjoy~!
blinded by Kindness - ZKCats - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Undertale (Video Game)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Sans (Undertale), Papyrus (Undertale)

A one-shot of a timeline with a post-genocide Frisk.


Hi guys! I wanted to be productive after getting home from work but I was too tired so instead of tweaking this thing forever I decided to finally upload that fanfic I mentioned a while ago. And this was after an anon brought up making a fanfic version of SwapOut (I did start on it but it’s really slow |’D)

Enjoy I guess?? I got tired of editing it >A>;; and im still getting used to ao3 let me know if i should just upload the whole thing here

this fanfic is not related to SwapOut but after having the previous page prepare for more tears


I’m not sure which version I like best, so I’m just going to post both for now until I decide, and then I’ll edit it down to one later.  Anyway, this is a drawing I did last month for that one evening that Lune, Brandy, and Azuki hung out on the island.  But I wanted to draw a town beach instead, so there.

Thank you to those of you who came to my livestream yesterday to watch me work on this!  I hope you had a good time!  I’d especially like to thank Mark who was there for almost the entire run and kept me company during the end when everyone else had things to do.  As a reward/punishment he got to meet my little cousins and answer all Isa’s questions.  Good job, dude.

A Day To Be Remembered (Completed version)

Instead of posting each part separately, i decided to edit this post instead and put all 3 parts in it, so even if you have already read this post i suggest you read it again so that you find out whether or not Eisuke’s butt stays safe xD

I edited this post using my phone so tell me if something doesn’t go right. There should be 1 picture and 3 gifs and text of course


It was supposed to be just another regular day but because of the sudden turn of events, it didn’t go as planned for Eisuke Ichinomiya.

It all began when he was in the penthouse with the rest of bidders. they all were minding their own business but were interrupted when Baba jumped out of his seat announcing that they were to go on a hunting trip. Eisuke declined right away, as he still had some work to take care of but in the end Baba got the best of him.

Even though Eisuke was on the trip out of his own will, he was beginning to enjoy it. that was until he saw Soryu walking with the dog. “We are here for hunting, of course we must have a dog with us” mentally slapping himself, Eisuke tried to think of a way out of this situation. dogs weren’t fond of him and he knew that but he wasn’t the type to show his weakness in front of others. In fact Soryu was the only one who knew about it. but when Eisuke pleadingly looked deep into Soryu’s eyes, he realized that Soryu had something up his sleeve, the smirk on his face gave it all away.

So Eisuke decided to walk a bit behind, hoping that dog wouldn’t pay any attention to him.


It was a perfect shot and soon Soryu’s prey dropped dead on the ground. The dog was supposed to head towards the dead animal, but happened what Eisuke feared the most.

It was heading straight towards Eisuke, whose heart beat so hard it was about to jump out of his chest. He needed to run and get away from the beast but all he could think of was to climb on a tree but it was already too late … the dog had already bit him and no matter how much Eisuke struggled, he couldn’t free himself out of its teeth. this was when the laugher nearly turned him deaf. Instead of helping him, the bidders were all laughing their asses off. Of course they would help their friend but it didn’t necessarily have to be right now. after all, the great Eisuke Ichinomiya was hanging on a tree, shaking his legs like a crazy man and with dog who had his teeth deep into his pants, clearly not planning to let go of him.

In the end Eisuke safely landed on the ground after the dog was chased away.

You can’t even imagine how hard Eisuke tried to forget that embarrassing day of his life. He didn’t want anyone else to find out about it, especially YOU. But it wasn’t what bidders had in mind.

Today, when Eisuke was heading towards his suite, he caught glimpse of Ota and Baba giggling to themselves with Soryu smirking together with Kishi but he paid no mind to it.

Opening the doors to his bedroom he saw you holding your stomach. at first Eisuke thought you were sick but when he came near he saw the photograph in your hands. Taking a closer look he realized that you really were sick, but for a different reason. You were sick from laughing so hard at the old photo of your boyfriend, which bidders had secretly taken.

Of course later you were ‘punished’ for laughing at your boyfriend. So it was truly a day to be remembered.


Several days had passed since you saw that embarrassing picture of your boyfriend. And apparently it had a big affect on his ego.

Eisuke being his arrogant self, wasn’t planning on leaving things as they were now. After all he was mister perfection and having such trivial weakness as fearing the dogs was destroying his reputation in your eyes, or so he thought.

Today was the day he planned on carrying out the first stage of “recover my ego” plan. But he needed to keep you away from the penthouse for some time, so you ended up being sent on some errands of his. But he didn’t take into consideration the possibility of you returning early and that was a big mistake from his part.

As a result you were now peeking through a slightly open door into his condo, trying your best to hold in the laugher. The only ones inside were Soryu -clearly fed up, Kenzaki - with an awkward face and Eisuke waiting nervously for Kenzaki to open the doors of a cage.

After Kenzaki succesfully did what he was ordered to, a dog came out of it. “So cute” you thought to yourself, but it was obvious that Eisuke didn’t think that way at all. The dog and Eisuke were both frozen on the spot, glaring at each other. Usually Eisuke would be the winner in this “contest” but his death glare had no affect on dog, in fact Eisuke’s expression soon turned into frozen look of fear.

No! He wasn’t going to get bitten on the butt all over again. He had thoughtfully planned every detail of “recover my ego”. He knew how much animals were fond of Soryu so if he wouldn’t be able to get on the good side of a dog (how can glaring at it help it in any way?) that would be when Soryu came into action and save Eisuke’s butt from getting bitten. And it actually seemed to work, as dog was now calm, enjoying every second of being into mobster’s arms.

Eisuke was now furious that he failed the first stage of his plan and couldn’t befriend the dog. He wanted to get away from his condo as fast as he could but as he opened the door, he saw you trying desperately to hide your existence even though you knew it was too late now.

This was the second day he embarrassed himself and Eisuke wasn’t the man to leave things be. He may have lost the battle, but he would definitely win the war!


You had been dying to find out what the next stage of “recover my ego” plan would be but unfortunately, you had to return to your home country for 2 weeks, at least that was what your mom told you over the phone without telling you the reason. It was obvious that Eisuke was the one who planned it all, but much to your surprise, you gladly went along with it. Flying on a private plane, staying at a luxurious hotel and meeting your family at the same time was the kind of a holiday you would enjoy to the fullest.

While you were away Eisuke did everything to befriend a dog he had trained specially for himself. Who would have thought that the almighty Eisuke out of all people would go those lengths just to look cool in front of you?

2 weeks flew by quickly and before you knew it was time to return to japan.

Before you set off, Eisuke called and told you that he would be the one who was going to pick you up at the airport.

You couldn’t contain your excitement. You missed him so much you were ready to straddle him on the spot. And thus you let your kinky thoughts take over your imagination.

You were now waiting outside for Eisuke to come pick you up, but happened what you expected the least.

There he was … Riding in the same car as a dog.

You couldn’t tell apart reality and imagination anymore as you blinked hundred times a second.

“W-who are you and what did you do my hot rich bastard?!” Your voice came out louder than you intended to.

“HEY! Who do you think you are calling a bastard?”

“Ooh so i should just call you hot?” Your reply left Eisuke with burning cheeks as he quickly looked away.

Glancing at the dog you couldn’t see any trace of torture “did he hypnotize it or something?”

But what mattered was that he overcame his fear of dogs just for you, so he really deserved a generous reward.

“You know … I don’t love only your money good points, I love all of you. So there is no need to try so hard to impress me” smiling you wrapped your arms around him.

“Okay! That’s enough sweet talking come on let’s bang now go to Tres Spades now, I can’t reward you here you know~”



Dear nameredacted,

I didn’t publish your ask because it was seemed strangely accusatory and I thought you’d rather not have a misunderstanding published with your name attached. Your question, however, is an opportunity to talk about how reblogs work on Tumblr. Here we go! 

User A makes a post. “lmao i love dachshund videos”

User B reblogs User A’s post. “lmao i love dachshund videos” appears on User B’s dash with User A’s name attached.

We’re all good on this knowledge, right? This is universal Tumblr Wisdom.

Now let’s say that User A decides that dachshunds are terrible. User A edits their post to say: “lmao i love akita videos”

User B’s dash is still going to say that User A said “lmao i love dachshund videos” — User A’s edit to User A’s original post will not retroactively change User B’s reblog. For all time, User A will appear to love dachshund videos on User B’s blog, and on any blog that reblogs User B’s version of the post instead of User A’s.  

Anyone who has ever published a post with a typo in it and then watched that typo get reblogged one hundred times knows the special pain of this fact. You can leap in to change “their” to “there” on your post, but those 100 reblogs will remain typo’ed, as well as anyone who reblogs from them instead of you.

This has been a lesson in TumblrScience. I’m going to go find a dachshund video.