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on the new Iron Fist series

So after binge watching a ton of Marvel’s new Iron Fist series, I went onto tumblr, wondering what the fandom was up to now, what with all these new gifs and stuff to make. ‘Maybe I would find some fan art or something’ I thought innocently to myself,


instead, I was greeted with SO MUCH DISCOURSE on how Iron Fist ‘needs a chinese-american actor’ or ‘has terrible dialogue and is slow’.

the best part is when I found out that some of y’all are trying to get this show boycotted like ‘????’

Now as a Chinese-speaking Asian female, living in Asia, with an Asian background and a good know-how of Chinese history, as well as a decent knowledge of comic books, (although I confess I got into the animated series first) I’m here to end the discussion before y’all get your full rage on and start fighting fans of the show like it’s Lord of the Flies up in here

So keep reading if you want to be educated or if you just want to fight me before you know what you’re even talking about


Uhhhh…no? I’ve seen a few episodes and I mean so far there isn’t really anything that screams ‘insult’ or even offensive in the slightest. Besides maybe the fact that they take the beliefs and twist them a little bit but honestly even that ain’t that bad as to what I’ve seen elsewhere.

I’ve read the boycott post and let me say that yea, they dressed him with an eye for Asian elements, but maybe that’s because it’s supposed to be resembling Asian clothing? I mean how is that offensive? Is it the part that it looks Asian? Or that you simply feel that white people that direct these shows should not be using Asian stuff for entertainment? Because I hate to break it to you but it’s still not offensive. Even the dragon tattoo is totally fine because it’s supposed to resemble Asian elements yea but also have y’all read the comics? Because he punched through a dragon and basically took it’s heart. So I mean a dragon tattoo kinda matches the theme.

I mean in the first episode they speak almost flawless Chinese for Pete’s sake! Hell, I was surprised that they even had it in them to have a non-Google translated line. Sure the accent was a little overdoing it cuz not even I have that thick a Chinese accent but I’ll excuse it since he was apparently learning and speaking 15 years. (I speak it maybe a few times a day for like the last 14 years or so only)

So no, the show doesn’t really insult Chinese culture, sure they might be ignorant, but you must understand that after generations of stereotypes and misconceptions that that can’t just go away with one show

“Danny Rand should be played by an Asian guy/be a Chinese-American”

I can’t even begin to tell you my frustration about this.

Y’all do know this show is based on the comics right?

You know, the one with the white guy.

I know Marvel is infamous for not including enough representation in their shows but seriously? This is like the Harry Potter thing all over again with Hermione being black, it’s not that we don’t want representation or anything, but it’s the fact that this hero that us comic fans have come to already love has been replaced. Or at least it feels like it. Like when a movie is made from a book and people go crazy because character XYZ suddenly has different traits or isn’t quite what was described as compared to the book.

Frankly, it sucks.

So even though yes, Marvel should have more Asians in their shows, don’t expect them to completely give the main character a makeover, even if the makeover was supposed to provide representation. And honestly? I don’t want them to change him because I really freaking love Iron Fist, just as he is.

“This show just villainizes Asians”

So you tell me that my race is being made villains because Marvel decided that most of their Asians on their shows are evil ninjas (aka the Hand) and at most there are like 3 sorta good Asians. Oh and I’m sorry, you want more Asian men that are good guys? You want a balance of Asian heroes?

Well I guess that would be kind of hard to fit into the story since, oh, I don’t know, everything happens in the USA?

If you want more Asian characters well then look no further because you do have them. Daisy Johnson from Agents of Shield? What about her extremely brave mom? Or maybe Colleen in Iron Fist? Everyone seems to be blatantly ignoring her badassery and only seeing the part where she’s a sorta love interest.

Facts are, there are Asian characters, you’re really just looking hard enough. I agree wholeheartedly when you say that more Asian men need to be in the Marvel universe that aren’t part of the bad guy team but you gotta say that they are still awesome.

Does anyone even remember the Japanese ninja yakuza guy from Daredevil? Dude got set on fire and STILL came back to kick ass. That’s a plus in my book because even though he’s considered bad, he’s been proven to be cunning, smart, and overall awesome.

“The show has terrible stunts/acting/dialogue/fight scenes”

From here on out it’s mostly just me trying to explain why the directors and writers of the show made decisions in the show to make it what it is, so let’s dive right into it.


Actually the stunts weren’t half-bad. If you’ve seen other shows or movies that are heavily reliant on stunts and action, and compare it to this show, they really aren’t that much different. Sure it might seem a little unbelievable sometimes like they’re breaking physics or something, but he already has a glowing fist. I think we’ve crossed the line of believable long ago.


I have nothing to say about this except that go and take some acting or drama classes before coming and criticizing these awesome men and women who did indeed try their best


Now I get the dialogue might be a little weird at times and what not, but you must understand that this show was partially written with the Defenders series in mind. So almost everything that was said in the show is meant to lead to something more. Thus, you must take it as a bigger picture. Sorta like how everyone said that Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them wasn’t as good as they thought it would be, that movie was also meant to lead on to a bigger story so you might want to excuse the weird speech and cryptic lines at times.


Okay seriously people, please read the comics. Danny Rand is supposed to be an accidental hero, one that doesn’t want to fight unless he really has zero choice in the matter. So yea, the fight scenes won’t be that interesting, but only because the character in question is more interested in ending the fight than anything.


So there you have it, my whole slightly angry info-dump on Iron Fist and Marvel’s representation problem in general. If you want to correct me or scold me even then by all means message me or shoot me an ask. But just keep in mind that Marvel can’t make all your problems go away in one show, and please for the love of all that is good read the comics before coming to rant okay?

Dance Alone To The Tune Of Your Death

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Summary: Request fic for @chloethebinch.  “I was wondering if you could do a fic where the reader is Frank’s friend and he suggests that she could be Helena in the music video and he gets a huge crush on her in the Helena dress?”

The dance studio at your college’s fine arts building was empty, except for you. You weren’t surprised. It was past midnight. What other student besides you was crazy enough to be pirouetting at this hour? 

Maybe other people would think it was weird, but, when you were stressed, dancing always calmed you down. You slid on your ballet slippers, tying the ribbons tightly so they wouldn’t slip down your ankles. You put a CD onto the stereo and hit play. A normal ballerina would have used classical music. To be honest, you should probably be using the soundtrack to Swan Lake, since you were going to be performing in your school’s production of that ballet later this year. Instead, for some reason, all you wanted to dance to was your friend Frank’s post-hardcore band, My Chemical Romance. 

Frank had dropped out of college to be MCR’s rhythm guitarist full time. At the time, you were worried he was making a mistake (and, of course, sad that he wouldn’t be your classmate anymore). But, his decision seemed to have paid off. His band had been signed to a major label, and last summer, they’d traveled the country as part of Warped Tour. Part of you wondered if Frank was going to forget all about you now that he was getting rich and famous. 

Don’t worry about that right now, you told yourself. Just dance

You pointed your toes and began a spin as the opening notes of ‘Helena’, the first track on the CD, began to play. You did a demi-plie as you let the sound of Frank’s wild instrumentals wash over you. The vocalist, Gerard, was great, too, but when you listened to MCR, your focus was always on Frank. Maybe it was because you had a bit of a crush on him.

So do ten thousand other girls, at this point, you frowned, and threw yourself harder into the dance to distract yourself from your negative thoughts. You whirled and twirled across the floor to every song on the album, and by the time the last track concluded, you were panting, brow streaked with sweat. 

You froze, and gasped, when you heard the sound of someone clapping. 

Who the hell is in here?! you wondered, turning around in shock. Your jaw dropped when you saw Frank Iero standing there in the doorway, grinning at you. 

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Hey! So I’ve seen a lot of people doing these, and I decided to do one for my 5,000th post, but I missed that so here it is now! This is a list of people who I consider to be my friends (I hope they all feel the same, otherwise this could be awkward lol) I highly recommend following all of them because I love them all very much.

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Now, here's a question I have... (read thoroughly before you disagree)

Do you remember when I “shaded”/called out a artist for drawing underaged child pornography of the Loud kids? Here’s my question: why was the person’s friends calling ME the bad guy for it? Why did they say that I was a pervert for calling someone out for CP? Why did the person decide to come back and repetitively interact with me even though I don’t feel safe with someone who drawing such things of minors? Why do they think that when we point out the actual U.S. law, stating that even fictional CP is in fact illegal, and giving evidence to prove it, they don’t take it seriously and just shrug it off as a “troll” just cuz it’s online? Why did they attack me for posting against the artist, when I just felt unsafe knowing that the person was still reblogging my posts with shitty excuses, and interacting with me when I didn’t like the idea of them harassing a minor when they’re a grown person drawing CP? Why are the adults who draws CP so immature? Why are they ruining a show made for kids? Why are grown ups in this fandom drawing CP of minors, in a fandom full of minors, of a kid’s show? Why aren’t the adults who draws this not seeing the harm of this and not acting like adults about this? Why do they think that there’s nothing wrong with drawing sexual interactions of a 4 yr old? Why do they think that the art won’t traumatize people?
Why does LC even a thing?
Does the thought of incest make them happy?
Why…. would you romanticize abuse?


So I saw this post by @ravencacaww​ about punk Jumin and the next second I was doodling this lolol
I’ve started with just Jumin but then I though that this style would totally suit Zen with his smoking and motorbike and everything so in the end I’ve drawn them both as punks~ Well why not? xD
If someone could think of a proper AU or maybe even write a fanfic featuring them like that I would feel blessed lolol
(Also, if anyone’s curious: Zen is holding a cigarette in his left hand, that’s why there’s this barely visible on this background smoke; also, he’s holding a microphone in his other hand ‘cause this suits him and well Jumin is also holding one just ‘cuz I had no idea how to fill his background so well maybe they had a quarrel again and they decided to solve it by karaoke since both their voices are ideal for singing? Who knows~ XD)

More of my Mystic Messenger drawings: HERE

anonymous asked:

So I donated to your kickstarter so long ago that I can't even remember when it was and you haven't been making updates about the progress of the album in a very long time. I know life happens and sometimes things get pushed back but I'm starting to wonder where my money went and if I will ever get the vinyl I paid for. It's been well over a year and it's making me think you just took everyone's money and don't really care how long they have to wait to see what they paid for come to life.

this mite be a long post! please for the love of god feel free to scroll beyond if u dont care, i truly hate when people fuck up my feed with their essays so ya. that is my disclaimer here. ok.

ok. deep breath.
i talk about this/my campaign/my project VERY often on twitter (it’s distracting and often harmful for me to use tumblr and facebook regularly. sorry if that’s inconvenient). i realize most people aren’t actively checking my shit & that my tweets get buried in the constant avalanche of my stupid thoughts, so i’ll summarize the past year or so. hopefully whoever left this anonymous message will check back to see the answer and if so, i IMPLORE u to read the entire thing instead of picking out details from the first 4 sentences and sending me another message about how i stole your fucking money.

my album is almost finished. i’ve said this multiple times over the course of the past year, but this time it’s like, legitimately fact. i’m feeling extra sensitive right now and reading this message felt like stepping on a rusty nail, so i’ll go ahead and give you as many details as possible to explain why it’s taken me over a year to complete my first full-length album. 

i am an independent artist, as you probably know. i am also an extreme perfectionist. when i began my kickstarter campaign in september of 2015, i had about 30 songs written that i’d poorly recorded in my shitty apartment, many of which i hoped to record professionally for my first proper (and physical) release. i could not fucking stand the thought of being contractually obligated to make music via label and figured kickstarter was my last hope. i honestly thought it would fail miserably and decided that when my campaign came to a humiliating end, i’d move on from music and do something else that wouldn’t make me feel so fucking horrible about myself. somehow, thanks to you and everyone else who made my dream come true, i made enough money to actually make a record.

two months later in january of 2016, i went home to florida from LA to visit my family for the holidays. thanks to my incredible fucking luck, some kind of crime ring was hitting licks on every major airline’s baggage claim at LAX post-holiday and my luggage containing 3 notebooks filled with all of my lyrics, 2 external hard drives and a bunch of little USB drives containing 2 years of my work were stolen. hmu if u want the police report for proof. 

i lost a lot of work (and learned the value of The Cloud- i hate to trust it after my nudes were leaked and my fucking whole bank account was emptied after someone hacked my shit in 2014, but here we are) and basically all morale but pieced together what i could from what i had left. i hired a producer i’ve admired for years to be the executive producer of my record and decided this fucking bullshit was an opportunity to make my shit better. due to unfortunate, unforgivable and honestly criminal circumstances, this fucking psycho wasted an upsetting amount of my time and decided to back out of my project. THAT particular situation keeps me up at night and i fucking live for the day i can tell that goddamn story, it truly shocks me that a human being could do me like that fool did me, yall will find out one day but ahem. anyway. 

after this incredible fucking scam, i decided to ONCE AGAIN start anew considering the legal and financial obligations of releasing music that had been co-written by this bad fucking person. i left my home in LA and went to stay at my dad’s house in florida, spent literally all of my time mastering production software and learning to play piano, and filled in all the shit i’d lost with new things i’d written and produced entirely on my own. then i got married, but that’s unimportant to this story. actually it is like, kind of important, but whatever.

i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in january 2016 and in march of 2016 i attempted suicide. i left an organized folder of songs, mockups for art, my bank account info and a note to my manager to make sure that my album was released because i literally could not comfortably die knowing that i let down the people who gave me money. im not tryna make anyone feel bad im just like saying cuz its part of the whole shit. anyway, i failed at killing myself and woke up in a bathtub of puke ready to go the fuck off. haven’t wanted to die since.

ahem. so. since i’m honestly 100% unable to trust a single fucking human being with my work and my thoughts after what happened up there ^^^^, i decided to set up a room in my new home for recording. i wrote, recorded, and produced (with some help, but like please bitch give me credit here) a fucking entire new album that i actually LIKED. im not shy about the fact that i think my music is stupid gimmicky- after trying to die and not dying and then getting help i realize i have like a little bit of talent i should actually appreciate. i finished recording and producing it, hired a person i trusted with a degree in music production to help me polish it and alas, he ran off without a single fucking word. thankfully i didn’t pay him a cent but like hey there u follow me on twitter and FUCK. YOU.

so now, as of about a month ago, i’ve absolutely perfected my songs (as much as i can- i still lose sleep over the imperfections im just not good enough to fix) and i’ve found the most trustworthy, hardworking team i’ve ever met to finish this shit. it’s demoralizing to recap the past year, mostly bc it was so fucking horrible for me, but i can promise you the last thing i would ever ever ever ever do is take a bunch of money and dip out with it. i do literally every single piece of this shit on my own, from the music to visuals to branding, and it’s hard. it’s time consuming. i have a job outside of music to provide for myself and for my family, and that takes up my time too. 

so i really apologize for the amount of time it’s taken for this record to be released. it fucking kills me to be waiting and i didn’t spend your money; god knows i would never in my fucking life just STEAL your money. the fact that anyone would ever accuse me of that makes me ILL.

i just want ya’ll to know there’s nothing easy about releasing music as an independent artist, especially one who refuses to accept anything less than perfection, and ESPECIALLY one who refuses to be disrespected and taken advantage of. i’m doing my best, and it took me a while. i feel like it’s worth it. it’ll be another 2 months or so. hit me up if you want a refund on your vinyl.


MidNight Cin Suitors’s Children AU :3 

Have u ever think abt what do childrend of all suitors look like? I’ve been working on it for a while, lets see what do we have here yay!! Just imagine we have MC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 then LMAOOO, and this is just my AU, not official.

Nico’s daughter

  • She must be a girl, to receive the cuteness and loveliness from her father :x 
  • She’s completely a female version of Nico, those pink hair, big doe amber eyes make her even cuter >.< That little girl can unintentional give you a huge heart attack (Nico can be a little overprotected now lololol)- <br>
  • She can look similar to her father, but her personality is totally opposite. She’s really shy, too shy tbh. And that makes Nico her superhero (LMAOOO overprotected papa) 
  • She loves to watch her mama cooking. Sometimes she even teams up with MC to tease Nico (lol daddy is not superhero anymore) 
  • Idol: Nico (yes ofc), Byron (who dont idolize their king srsly loll) 

Byron’s twins (YES BYRON HAS TWINS) 

  • The twins has a ‘purpleish brown’ hair (tch, i dunno how to describe it), a combination between MC’s brown and Byron’s dark hair. And a pair of Byron’s eyes hehehehe :X 
  • They can look cute or handsome or sth outside, but deep insde they are not. Just imagine Nico’s soul in Byron’s body lolololol. They are very active, keep playing a prank and give Albert’s son a hard time :P 
  • Despite being naughty, they clearly aware of their responsibility as princes of Stein, and working their best. Those pranks are “to relax after studying hard” - they said. But where’s the fun if they dont give their teacher a hard time lolololol 
  • They love to sneak and hide in Byron’s cope (lololol) 
  • The right one is the older. He’s a little mature (yes just a little) than his younger bro (on the left)
  • Idol: Byron (ofc their father) and Nico (LMAO evil team) 

Albert’s son 

  • A little older than Byron’s twins. 
  • He was early trained to be a knight of Stein (Yes, his father is Albert after all lol) 
  • He was very impressed the 1st time meeting Byron, thats why he swore his best to protect the princes. 
  • Bestfriend and personal attendant of Byron’s twins. 
  • He takes after his father. From the look (except the glasses) and his personality. 
  • However, he’s quite soft and warm heart. Careful but a little slow. Thats why he always get pranks by Byron’s twins. (poor babyyyy)
  • His father is really strict when being outside, but he always listens to his son’s stories when they get home, and both of them will doze off in bed together after that. (MC be like: Boys what abt meeee) 
  • Idol: Albert, Byron (yes, father and the king loll) 

Alyn’s son

  • He has dark brown hair like his parents, and a pair of red eyes from his father. 
  • A very stubborn and hot-tempered one. 
  • He was also trained to be a knight of Wysteria in a young age. 
  • He cant endure the bad things, and it got him in trouble, many times. 
  • Alyn doesnt like seeing his son hurted, but he also cant scold him after knowing the reason. 
  • He’s very enthusiastic and active. He always wandering around and help people in the castle. 
  • He also love to visit his uncle - Leo. Leo knows many interesting stories that he loves to listen to. 
  • Like to cuddle and enjoy dinner with mom, while telling her what he did a whole day. 
  • Bestfriend with Leo’s son, but people always mistaken that they hate each other. 
  • Idol: Alyn, Leo. 

Leo’s son

  • White hair, red eyes, totally inherit from his father. 
  • Flower boy. Alrd received many love letters from ladies at a young age. 
  • Opposite with Alyn’s son, his brain is his only weapon.
  • Always have to take care of (and curse at) Alyn’s son after his fighting.
  • Bestfriend with Alyn’s son, but always curse at him (sometime kick). People (and even their parents) always mistaken of them. 
  • He keeps his face calm and dont often show his expression, especially with his father (he’s shy lol) 
  • The talk between father and son will always end up him being teased by Leo, and tickled by Leo, and tickled by MC, and the whole family will end up sleep tgt. 
  • He secretly taught Sebastian bad words to play back his father. 
  • He dearly loves his family, but say nothing abt it (Yes he’s shy after all lol) 
  • He’s very smart, a result of being well- educated since his father is a excellent teacher. 
  • He loves art, and visits Robert whenever he can. 
  • Idol: Leo, Robert. 

Louis’s daughter

  • She has a pair of pure blue eyes and bright hair. 
  • Totally Louis’s jewel. 
  • She is soft, sweet and caring. She knows perfectly how to be a true lady. She’s a typical young lady that we can easily imagine. 
  • Her best friend is Robert’s daughter. She loves to listening to her stories. She wants to know more about the outside world. 
  • She’s always attracted by Leo’s stories. And wonder how can he know a lots.
  • She loves to learn cooking with his mother too. And Louis is always the one to try when MC and his daughter try a new receipt. 
  • Her father can silently kill any boys that come near her, by his death glare. (lololololol)
  • She secretly adore Alyn’s son, because he’s very honest and enthusiastic. 
  • Idol: Leo, Alyn’s son. (sorry not sorry Louis lololol) 

Giles’s son

  • His hair is a combination of purle and brown color. 
  • A very young but also very independent boy.
  • Can be a rival of Leo’s son when he’s getting older.  
  • Quite straightforward, even with his parents. 
  • Sometimes debates with his father about their point of view. 
  • Giles just wishes for his son to be like a normal boys (lollll) 
  • After a their lessons, both father and son (sometimes his mother joins them) will take a walk around the castle and enjoy the sunset. 
  • He loves festivals, so his parents often take him to where the festival held. 
  • He admires his father, and determined to follow his path despite how difficult it can be. 
  • Idol: Giles, Leo’s son. 

Robert’s daughter

  • She has light brown hair, and a pair of green eyes. 
  • She’s a cheerful lovely girl, a type of girl that we can count on. 
  • She’s also a very passion and talent artist, inheriting the painting skill from her father. 
  • Louis’s daughter is her bestfriend, and also her muse. 
  • She usually asks her bestfriend to be her model, thats why Louis has a lots portraits of his daughter, for free. 
  • She travels around, from countries to countries with her father, to draw. She keeps many souvenirs and give them to Louis’s daughter later, when she gets back to Wysteria. And tells her stories too. 
  • She also makes friend with Leo’s son. Since he always comes to her father whenever they are back in the castle. But he’s quite hard to understand in her opinion. 
  • She’s a sweet girl, all she wishes for is her father’s and her bestfriend’s happiness.
  • Idol: Robert (only father is enaph lol) 

Sid’s children

They are not twins, just sister and brother. (At first it was decided for Sid to have a daughter but I was interested by the idea of some romantic scenes between Sid’s and Louis’s child sooooooo Sid must have a son lmaoo.) 

They travel a lots with their father, sometimes Wysteria, sometimes Stein, and many other places. 

The travelling is quite tiring, but they enjoy it. Its freedom.

  • The sister has quite a strong personality (heheheheeee). 
  • Her hair is in dark blue tone with a little ombre red. 
  • She’s a replica of her father. Very interesting, and full of herself 
  • A girl fear of nothing, a girl to be on top. 
  • Her hobbies is to tease her little bro, her so-called-stupid-bro 
  • She doesnt quite get along with her father. They dont cuddle, dont fight, they dont interact much. But sometimes she finds out about his secret work and she thinks that her father is … cute? 
  • She loves to hear her mom singing. 
  • She will make Albert’s son hers in the future. 
  • Idol: Sid, Albert, Alyn. 

  • The brother is also strong personality, but not as much as his sister. (They are Sid’s children after all lololol) 
  • His sister look is similar to their father, while his look is similar to their mother. 
  • His hobbies is writing, and he keeps his notebook close to him whenever they travel. 
  • Their father’s job is very dangerous, and he’s worried abt it. He once talked to Sid how he feel, and his father was very touched. His smile was so gentle. 
  • He swore to train and practice more so he will be helpful to his father someday. 
  • Due to travelling a lots, he met and made friends with many children around his age. 
  • He think his heart stopped beating the first time meeting Louis’s daughter. 
  • Idol: Sid, Byron, Nico, Louis’s daughter. 


Lol thats all I can think abt now, I will be update more in the future. 

You guys all know abt my AU now, so I wanna ask for a favor >.<</p>

Can you help me to name them, all of them, pretty please???  xDDDDD

I will choose the most suitable name for them, and then more stories after that :P 

Feel free to join and share your idea, im really appreciated >,< Thank you so muchhhhhhh 


And one more thing:  im not gonna be here for a while ;;;; 

There’s some trouble with my internet connection so Im not active recently, and probably later. 

It was very bad before, I can barely log into anything. I can log into tumblr now but I cant check the notification, it wont load /sigh/ Sorry cuz I cant reply you all now ;;;;; 

Its past midnight in my place so the internet is a little better, so It allowed me to post this … but its really sucks in other times. 

Feel free to give my AU’s name :x I will comeback and check the messages as soon as possible ;A; 

Thank you and sorryyyyyyyy ;;;;;A;;;;;

It all started with a tattoo

Originally posted by so-bangtastic

Originally posted on asianfanfics.com 

Since it’s a long story there will be many parts to it

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Characters: BTS: A South Korean boy band with seven members 

Rap monster: The leader of BTS, also known as dancing(?) machine

Jin: The oldest one who’s life is awkward

Suga: The guy who has tongue technology

J-hope (J-hoe): Also known as J-horse

V: The one who wants to be a sexy porn star (saxophone star).

Jimin: One word, Excuse me! 

Jungkook: The youngest mofo who thinks he’s better than his hyungs.

You: A tattoo artist that’s prettier than most of the superstars

Summary: When suddenly the mofo wanted a tattoo, so he came to your shop at midnight. 

Part 1

It was 11 pm at night and here I am still in my tattoo shop drawing new tattoo patterns. I 24 years old and just graduated from Art College in the USA. I decided to come here to Korea and open my own tattoo shop. That’s not the only reason I’m here, I have a sister that is 7 years younger than me and she’s a Kpop star. She auditioned for YG Entertainment and was able to pass all three levels in just one day. Crazy talented!! That’s basically the reason I’m here. I want to be close to my sister so that if something happens to her, I can be there. 

“Why are you still here” after hearing a faint knock on the door, the door opened revealing my best friend who is a dude named Justin (I gave him that name). I’m not the girly type of girl so I have more guy friends than girls. 

“I thought of a new pattern, that’s why I’m still here.” I told him and went straight back to coloring the shape of the tattoo. My friend works for me and he’s the one who stays here and close up the after everyone leaves. 

“Can i see?” He walked up to me while dragging a chair and sat down on the other side of the table “Damn! As expected, you’re the best!” I smiled at his compliment and finished up the rest of the colors. 

“You can leave. I’ll close up the shop” I told him that after finishing up the rest of the patterns. 

“If you’re fine with that…." 

"Of course! Go on home! I’ll see you tomorrow.” I told him and wave good bye after pushing him out of the door. 

I stretched my body a little bit and walked into a room I secretly made. I love dancing when I feel lonely, So I  built a dancing room for my self. My apartment isn’t far from here and when I feel like dancing I’ll just walk here. I also like rapping, games, surfing, and basketball. But before I could do anything there was a pound on the door. 

Bang bang bang!

The pounding repeated over and over again like they were sure someone was in here. My shop is different, the outside looks simple yet stylish the glass door and windows are two-way mirrors. So the outside can’t see what’s happening inside. 

I walked up to the door, unlocking it to greet the person that is pounding the glass door.

“Hello?” My hello was sorta like a question. “Oh, hello Mr. Kim! Is there anything I can help you with?” I knew who he was the moment I saw him. I’ve met him a few times when I go to concerts and stuff. Mr. Kim is the manager of a popular boy band called BTS. These guys are total retards. 

“Hello y/n! Can we go inside and talk?” We? I looked behind him and realized that he wasn’t alone, there was someone else there with him. I nodded and backed up leading them inside. I sat on the sofa across from them and waited for Mr. Kim to start the conversation. “This is Jungkook" I looked at Jungkook with confusion in my eyes. 

"Hey, I’m y/n. Nice to meet you” I smiled and streched out my hands towards Jungkook for a handshake. But instead of a handshake, he just got up and bowed. Awkwardness at its best.

“Hello, my name is Jungkook. Nice to meet you, too” He said it as he bowed politely and than quickly sat down again.

“O…K” I brought my hand back to my self and sat there quitely until Mr. Kim started the conversation 

“I came here, because Jungkook wanted a tattoo…..” I looked at Jungkook with a confused look. Why the fuck would a popular idol want a tattoo? “That’s why we came here. You’re named one of the best tattoo artist and the fact that many superstars have come here to get a tattoo, it means that we can trust you with not spreading rumors or anything." 

"I get the point, but let me ask you this kid, why do you want a tattoo?” I ask Jungkook what was in my mind at the moment. I want to know why.

Because I like tattoos” He answerd me shyly. I have to admit that it was super cute

What a lame answer, HAHAHA” I laughed for about 15 seconds because of how cute the answer was.

“I’m gonna have to go back to BIGHIT, so I’ll leave him in your trust” Mr. Kim stood up and placed a business card on the table “We’ll pay you double price for keeping it a secret. Here’s my business card. Call me if you need anything”

“I don’t need extra money to keep my mouth shut. I’ll do that anyway, so pay me the same amount as anyone else. Cuz in my shop, you guys are nothing but normal people.” I said that as Mr. Kim was about to leave the door. I don’t really like taking extra money from anybody. 

“I’m so sorry if I made you angry. Excuse me” Mr. Kim said that in a hurry and left right away. Since the door shuts automatically, I didn’t have to walk over there and shut it.

“So, what tattoo do you want?” I stood up and walked to a room where my tools are. Jungkook stood up and followed me in here, but he kept his distance like I was some kind of germs. “Getting a tattoo is something you should think about a lot” I said that while preparing my equipments

“Ah….I…I don’t know what kind of tattoo I want.” I turn around and placed my equipments on the table next to me

“You came all the way here to get a fucking tattoo and you still don’t know what you want?” I could feel him shaking a little when I walked up to him “Chill out kid. I’ll help you find one” I said that and padded his shoulder “Come here” I told him to come to the tattoo chair/bed, which he did. “So, what kind of tatto do you want?” I sat down next to him on a chair

“I’m not sure….” I nodded and leaned my body back so I could reach the books with all the tattoos I drew.

“Each book is different. This one is small tattoos, like name initials and small pictures. This one is qoutes, some of them are only letters and some have pictures with it. This one is a black and white tattoo, It comes in medium and big sizes. The last one is colors, similar to the black and white one” He took them and opened every single one of them. It took him about 30 minutes to actually talk again. 

“I like the qoutes and the small ones” He said as he gave the other two back “I don’t know which one would look good one me…” I nodded and took the small tattoo one and opened it up

“Why not try your name initials?” I told him as placed the page filled with the letter J. I got up and put back the other books and grabbed my sketchbook “Here, I’ll show you. JK right?” He nodded and I started drawing the initials in a way I thought would look good on him. “Like this…. You could put it behind your ear or maybe your wrist. But I think that it would be cool if you put it on the side of your palm” I said that as I showed him my name initials I had on the side of my palm

“Cool” He said that with a smile on his face and than he nodded and said “I want it where you have yours” He said that and gave me his hand

“It will hurt, but not that bad” I said that as I got up to drag my moveable table that has all of my equipments on there closer. I grabed his hand which was tensing up a little bit. I rubbed it gently so he could relax which he did. I than clean the area we were going to do and started marking his hand. I let out a few grunts but it was easy to do since he didn’t move at all. I finished up waiting a bit than cleaned it. “There you go, your first tattoo” I smiled and started cleaning my equipment 

“Wow….. Can you do more? I mean, I want some more tattoos…" 

"Yeah. Pick one while I prepare this.” I said that as I went back to what I was doing. After a while, I was done and turned back to see him staring at me. “What?”

“How many tattoos do you have?” I blinked a few times

“I don’t know, more than five? Not sure, so what kind of tattoo do you want?" 

"There’s a song in our album named Forever Young… Can you make that in to a tattoo?” I nodded and grabed my sketchbook and started sketching the tattoo I thought would fit him

“How’s this?” He stared at it with an amazed look on his face 

“How did you do that?” I smiled and started sketching something else so he could se how I did it “It looks so easy. I wish that I was good at drawing” He pouted cutely which made my heart beat jump for a second

“You like it?” I asked him about the forever young tattoo and he nodded “Where do you want it?” He looked a bit unsure and started taking of his white T-shirt, which now revealed his perfectly fit body. ARE YOU SURE THIS KID IS ONLY 19!!!!???? 

“Stop staring…..” He said it which brought me back from all of my thoughts about him just now 

“S…Sorry, *throat clearing* where do you want it?” I cleared his throat and point at his hip 

“Somewhere here.." 

"I think that it would look better if it was here” I poked his arms right above the elbow. DAMN HE’S FIT AF!! 

“O..OK” He said that as he streched out his arm towards me 

“You sure?” I asked him to make sure that he was fine with me placing it there instead of the area he wanted it to be. He nodded as an answer and so I started of by cleaning the area and than inked it on to his biceps. When everything was done, I started cleaning the equipments. 

“I really want one on my body…….” He said it out of the blue which made me stop what I was doing “What kind of tattoo do you think whould look cool on me and where should I put it?” I turned arround and faced him directly 

“I have one right here” I pointed at my upper thighs and than looked back at him “For you, I think that it would look good with nothing on that body of yours” I smiled and continued “I think the tattoos you have on you right now are enough. Wait until you’re like five years into being a singer and than come back to get more.” I told him that and went back to cleaning my equipment after that was done I put it back and went back to him 

“I’ll trust you” That’s what he said after he put on his T-shirt “Are you gonna close up?” I shook my head “Than what are you gonna do?" 

"Dance” I told him that and walked back to the room I made for myself

“You know how to dance?” He followed me in here 

“Damn right! I can rap too, kid” I told him that and started picking song. I don’t feel shy dancing in front of someone, cuz my school always makes me dance for them anyway. I’m used to people watching me while dancing. 

“Why do you keep on calling me a kid” He said it with a pout again. I hate that pout. 

“Cuz you are.” He walked up to me and started grooving to the song

“How about a dance battle….. If I win you stop calling me a kid” I grined at his sudden cockiness


The danced started of easy and than got more and more interesting. As he was dancing, I started studying his features, his body movements, his face. He was perfect, like most of the superstars out there. After awhile the result came out, that kid won. 

"Don’t call me a kid from now on” He said that with a smirk on his face 

“Sure. Why don’t we do it one more time. If I win, you have to buy me a late night snack” He grined…

And if I win again, you have to give me your number” I nodded in agreement and we started the next song. It wasn’t long until I won.

“Let’s go get something to eat” I told him as I turned of the speaker and the lights to the room “You can wait outside. I’m gonna lock down my shop” He nodded and got all of his belongings and walked out the door. After locking up everything I walked out to find him standing with his arms cross while leaning on to the wall. He looked up to me and and smiled. it was actually an eye smile, since he was wearing a mask to cover up most of his faced, folloed by a white baseball cap. It looked good on him….

“Where do you want to go?” He said as he walked up next to me “The convient store?” I nodded and started walking with him right next to me

“So…..why did you want my number?” He shruged it off 

“Where do you live?” I didn’t think twice before answering his question

“That place” I pointed at my apartment which wasn’t far from where we were going. The convient store was like a two minute walk and my apartment was only six minutes from the convient store. 

“What floor?” and again I answerd without thinking

“The last one” 

“I heard that the last floor only has one room and the room has a swimming pool in it, too! Is it true?“ 

"Yeah, that’s my room” I said it with a smile and walked into the convient store “I’m getting hot chocolate, you?” Iasked him while grabing a cup to put hot chocolate in

“I’ll have one, too” He said that and grabed another cup. The weather wasn’t cold or hot. It was just perfect. I grabed a few things and than Jungkook paid for it. “Wanna go to that park over there?” He asked me and pulled down his mask while sipping on his hot chocolate. 

“Sure” I nodded and we started walking over to the park. After we sat down I thought about his manager “I should call your manager” I said that and took out my phone but I forgot the business card he gave me “I don’t know his number. Can you give it to me?” He nodded and I handed him my phone

It took him awhile before giving me back my phone.I called his manager and told him that we were at a park close by. After the call, I looked back at Jungkook and saw that he was staring at me again  

“What? Why do you keep staring at me?” He cleared his throat and shooked his head 

“Have you dated anyone before?” 

“Of course, I have dated before” He chuckled at my answer

“How many?” 


“Three? How old are you?” 

“24″ He looked shock when I said that

“No way! I thought that you were 28 or something” This kid seriously wants to die 

“Are you calling me old!?”

“No, It’s just…. Agh….. You’re just pretty….” His faced flushed red in embarrassment  

“HAHAHA You’re cute” He pushed me a little and went back to sipping on his chocolate

“I should call you noona” He said as he sat down on a swing in the park 

*noona - “older sister” used by male related or not, speaking to an older woman or girl.

“You don’t need to. I’m not from here so I don’t really care” I said that as I sat on a swing next to him

“Than I won’t call you noona" He said that with a smirk on his lips “Why did you come to Korea?”  

“Because my sister is here” I said that as I sipped on my hot chocolate

“Hey guys!” I jumped a little from Mr. Kim’s sound, so did Jungkook.

“Manager hyung….” Jungkook called out his manager as he got up from the swing 

“You seem to get along…” The manager said it with a smile as he turned to me as I got up “How much for everything?” 

“It’s fine. I’ll just take this as a test instead” I sometimes give out free tattooing when I want to try something on someone

“Jungkook say thank you” Mr. Kim told Jungkook and Jungkook bowed politely 

“Thank you…” He didn’t sound as normal as when he was talking to me. I  nodded and talked a bit more with Mr. Kim and than they left, but before Jungkook passed me, he said

“I’ll text you” The little smirk on his face while he walked away is still stuck in my head

“What is this kid doing to me!?” I said it out in frustration while pushing my hair back. 

After walking back to my apartment and took a shower, I check my phone like I always do and found that there were more than 50 unread message from one person

‘JK your love’ 

“The fuck?” I opened it up and saw stickers of a person crying after scrolling up to the first message I got a new one

‘Where did you go!? I told you that I would message you! - JK your love’

‘You on drugs? Bitch it’s 3 am. What the hell are you doing? Go to sleep! - me’

‘No! I can’t sleep, cuz of you - JK your love’

‘I hate your name - me’

‘Why? - JK your love’ 

‘JK your love? your love my ass, I’m changing it to asshole. Now go to sleep! - me’

me changed JK your love to asshole

‘Noona~ Why are you so mean? Entertain me, I’m bored - asshole’

Seriously, this kid…. I’m getting a headache and maybe a heart attack too

‘No, now go to sleep - me’

‘Ok, but you have to kiss me goodnight - asshole’

‘*kissing sticker* now go to sleep - me’

‘*kissing sticker* Night noona~ - asshole’

I hop up on bed and charge my phone and fell asleep faster than lightening. I woke up by the sound of door pounding

Bang Bang Bang!!!!!! 

It was so loud I had to get up and walk over there to see who the heck was disturbing me in my sleep.

“What the fuck man!? J…Jungkook?” Mouth faster than my brain, I yelled at the person right after opened the door and than realizing that it was Jungkook. He was panting and sweating like crazy “Wa…What?” He pushed me out of the way and came in to my apartment, slammed the door shut and walked up to sit at my couch. 

“I got chased by sasaeng fans, and since you were close by, that’s why I’m here.” He turned his head to me, just to turn back as fast as the speed of light “Wa…Why are you wearing just your underwear?” I was stunned by his words

“Because I sleep in these?” I was still confused at the fact that he’s in my room right now to not even give a shit about what I was wearing “Why are you here again?” 

“Go change!” Jungkook yelled at me when I started to walk up to him 

“No!” I yelled back and went to pull him up from the couch, but he was just to heavy and it caused me to fall on top of him instead. Not sitting but laying down with my but on his lap. “ouch” I said it while trying to get up

“You’re naughty” Jungkook suddenly pushed my back down and spanked me. 

“Hey! That hurts” I whined a little and started to cry out of pain again when he slapped my butt. “Ah! Stop spanking me, asshole” 

“HAHA This is fun” Jungkook laughed and pulled me up “Now go change or else I’ll spank you again” 

“Fine!” I said that as I ran back to my room and got dress 

Bang Bang Bang!

Another knock on the door came and this time it wasn’t from Jungkook, cuz he’s in here with me. I walked out of my room only to see Jungkook peeping through the looking hole

“Who’s there?” I ask Jungkook and walked up to the door

“Please, don’t open it! It’s the sasaeng fans.” I pushed him out of my way and look through the look hole myself 

“Three…oh…four..no….six girls? What the heck?” I said as I was checking who was it “Go hide in my bedroom, I’ll take care of this” I told Jungkook and he nodded

I waited until he was in the room than opened the door just to see more than six girls standing there looking at me with hatred eyes. Girl, what have I done to you bitches? 

“Hello? Can I help you?” I said it in English just to scare them a little

“Um…This boy….You know?” Broken English came out of one of their mouth followed with a picture in her phone which was a picture of Jungkook 

“Sorry, I don’t know him” I shook my head as I said that and they bowed before leaving to the elevator. I shook my head again because of how weird things are in Korea. I would never chase a celebrity, cuz I’m too lazy.

“did they leave?” I turned around to see Jungkook sticking his head out of the door 

“Yeah, You can leave too” I said that and walked over to him as I started pushing him towards the door  

“N…no! What if they are down stairs waiting for me to leave!?”

“I don’t care, now leave!” Jung kook shocked his head and begin to run to the kitchen “This little shit…”

“I’m not leaving!” Jungkook yelled as I got closer to him    

“Fine…” I gave up after a few tries and failed and flop on to the couch and turned on the TV 

“Wa….What? Is that porn?” Fifty shades of gray was on, since I watched it and haven’t finished it yet 

“No! It’s not” Jungkook sat down next to me and curled up into a ball “What’s wrong?”

“I’m cold…”

“It’s not that cold” I said it as I thought about the temperature from the air conditioner. Maybe It’s too cold for Korean people.

“But I’m cold” He started shaking a little and than I thought of something that might scare him away

“Wanna cuddle?” I said that with smirk on my lips. I hear that he’s scared of girls so this might work

“Huh?” He looked at me with a confused faced

“Wanna cuddle? It might warm you up”

“Sure” He scooted in closer until our body’s bumped in to each other

“……..” I didn’t know what to say since my plan failed completely AGAIN!

Jungkook gently wrapped his arms around be and pulled me closer to him. His white T-shirt that was wet because of his sweet pressed on to me. His hot breath closed to my ears gave me a weird satisfying feeling. Everything from his smell to the sex scene on the TV gave me goosebumps. I couldn’t help but blush to all that’s happening right now

“Have you ever had sex before?” The husky voice of the kid next to me made me feel even weirder. I knew what it was, but I just want to deny it. 

“Y…Yeah” He leaned in closer, so close that his mouth slightly touched my ear

“How many times?” I bit down on my lips as I got pulled to sit on Jungkook’s lap while facing the TV

“Two…” I words started to get a little breathy since I was getting turned on by so many things like Jungkook’s manly thighs, The sex scene in Fifty Shades of Gray, Jungkook’s scent, and his voice.

“You smell good” He pulled my T-shirt off of  my shoulders and started sniffing on them

“Stop…” He bit down my shoulder gently causing goosebumps all over my body 

“Why don’t you pay attention to the movie instead” He whispered in my ear and bit it playfully. This damn kid really wants to die….

“Jungkook” He repeatedly played with my ear than went down to my neck and bit on it. One hand gripping on my waist as the other one traveled up in my T-shirt to my breast “Not there…” I quickly grabbed his hand and started pulling on it

“Focus on the movie” He whispered it against my skin as he continued to bite on it. His hand now fondling my breast gently pushed my bra up exposing my breast to his hands 

He started moving his other hand lower to my thighs. He would massage them a little and worked his way up to my sensitive spot

“S…Stop” I bit down on my lips trying to hide my moans

Bang Bang Bang!!!! 

 ……………………………………. To be continued      

I hoped you guys liked it! Part 2 is coming soon…

My friend  @cloud-kitsune and me were talking about how the male spell fencers had ugly costumes, but the girls had such cute ones. Then she said I should draw Tiz in the female spell fencer. And I decided to cuz why not. And I like Yew so I drew Yew as a spell fencer XDD She’s only played Bravely Default, so I drew her Bravely Default Tiz, not Bravely second tiz.

I know that I should draw Ringabel and Janne but *runs away*

Also to be nice to the followers of my blog, I’m making a side blog to scream and reblog Bravely Default stuff because i know ppl follow me for my adorable animal reblogs and MAYBE my ff7 art. Not to mention nobody on my follow list plays bravely default lol. You can find the blog at @braevleescreaming I’ll still post art here since this is my main art blog but I’ll keep reblogs about bravely default there I guess ><

Korn: A Beginner’s Guide

So I’m not sure how many fans here are newer fans, but in my opinion, whether you’re new or have been a fan since the very beginning it’s always nice to learn and see how far the guys have come.  So here’s a rundown of Korn’s history.  It’s probably going to be long as fuck :)

Munky and Fieldy were in a band called L.A.P.D. which David Silveria (at age 16) joined.  They released some music in that band, but not long after they broke up.  Munky recruited Head who he knew from high school to join them.  Now, if you’ve seen Who then now?  (and if you haven’t you really should) they talk about how they recruited Jonathan.  According to Head and Munky they were at this club, and just as they were about to leave they heard Jonathan singing, which caused them to stop and stay for the whole set. They were amazed by his voice, and seeked him out to try out for their band.  

According to Jonathan he said he didn’t want to do it at first but he went to a psychic who pretty much told him he was stupid if he didn’t do it so he went and tired out. And the rest is history.

Now, the story of how they came up with the name Korn is interesting because I’ve heard different versions.  According to them in Who Then Now? Jonathan said he suggested Corn and they decided to change the spelling and all that.  But I’ve also seen this version where basically Jonathan tells a story he heard in Bakersfield when he was a teenager between two guys that had sex with each other.  I won’t go into details cuz they’re gross but feel free to watch the video if your curiosity is getting the best of you.

With their unique sound (at the time there was nothing like it) Korn are considered pioneers of Nu Metal. In 1994 they recorded and released their first official album KoRn which includes the songs Blind, Faget, Clown, Shoots and Ladders, and Daddy.  If you listen to Daddy all the way through you can hear Jonathan breaking down, as they decided to keep the recording going which I think adds to the emotions behind the song.  

“When I was a kid, I was being abused by somebody else and I went to my parents and told them about it, and they thought I was lying and joking around. They never did shit about it. They didn’t believe it was happening to their son…. I don’t really like to talk about that song. This is as much as I’ve ever talked about it…” – Jonathan Davis on the song Daddy

Life is Peachy was released in 1996 which includes the songs No Place to Hide. A.D.I.D.A.S., and Kill You. If you watch Who then Now, you can see the band recording this album, and you can see Jonathan as he records Kill You, where it becomes emotional for him again (it’s a song about his step mother) , making the other band members tear up as well.

Follow the Leader was released in 1998, which features songs Freak on a Leash, Got the Life, and All in the Family featuring Limp Bizkit.  The album also features Ice Cube in Children of the Korn and Tre Hardson from Pharcyde in Cameltosis.  If you listen to My gift to you and fast forward after the song ends, you’ll get to hear Cheech Marin in Earache My Eye where the guys all switch instruments. This was their most successful album to date, charting at the top and winning many awards.

Korn have always been all about the fans.  During Follow the Leader they did this huge tour to promote the album, doing signings at stores to meet fans.  They also launched KornTV which documented them during the album recording process and gave fans a chance to ask questions.  For Issues, they issued an art contest where fans all over the world were able to make artwork that the band would determine would be their next album cover.  For Issues they also performed the album at length at the Apollo, being broadcasted through radio stations all around.  For Untouchables the boys did a performance that included songs from the new album. The performances was filmed and played in different theaters and later released into a DVD.

In 2005, Head announced that he would be leaving the band.

“I was addicted to methamphetamines and tried everything … rehab, stuff on the Internet, but nothing helped me kick it. I was trying on my own to quit and couldn’t do it. I wanted to die. No one knew what I was going through. I could not quit. Church was my last shot. I would sit in church high [on drugs]. I would wonder why people would go up to the front after the service. But one day it was for me. I said [to God], ‘Show me how to quit.’”

“the last year I was in the band, we were gonna kick out the bass player, Fieldy, and this guy’s girlfriend couldn’t be on this side of the stage because there were fights with another wife in the band. And obviously the drugs – it’s no secret I was into the drugs, so crazy stuff, like having to finish our blow right before we got to the border because they were gonna come check to see if we had anything.”

While away from the band Head released two books, and two albums:  one by himself and another with his band Love & Death.

In 2006 David Silveria announced that he’d be taking a hiatus from the band.  (Now I’m not very clear about what happened here because at the time I wasn’t following the band as closely so feel free to message me or make a post about what happened.  I know there was a falling out, but I’m not clear on the details.  I’m going off what Wikipedia and the internet is telling me and we know they can’t be very reliableJ)  

In 2008 Ray Luzier joined the band permanently.

In 2012 Head took his daughter to the Carolina Rebellion Festival.  Head played with the guys from Red and also stopped by to say hi to the guys from Korn.  That eventually led to him playing Blind with Korn for the first time since he left the band. And well, that’s how Head came back to the band as they began the recording process for The Paradigm Shift.

Important Videos to Watch

Who Then Now 

Who Then Now 2 


Alot of this info came from wiki and some from my own memory so I apologize for any mistakes :)


doodles to remind myself how to draw digitally cuz its been a day or two

cheerleader!izuru because….. i can…. 

For those of you who already know, and for those who have read my posts/hearing about it for a good year now, my 18th month hiatus for my mission trip starts Wednesday March 16th lasting to September 16th 2017 Looking forward to this trip for years but knowing how much I’m going to miss everyone really makes this bittersweet TuT


 It won’t be ALL bad and the blog won’t be left unattended AND even have some updates! Details about it and my feelings toward everything about it after the cut. And also yes I will be trying to update what I can before then

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Whoo thanks for 3000 followers guys!! I didn’t have anything specific prepared, but as usual for follower milestones I’ll be taking any and all (within reason) sketch requests! Doesn’t have to be undertale related, as long as it’s not porn you’re probably good :)

I’m in my last week of classes now and then I’ll be traveling for a week, but after the 11th I’ll have a couple free days so I’ll probably leave requests open till then and then work on them when I get back :P

One other little bonus I thought would be fun is I grabbed all my super crappy initial sketches for that Control lyric comic and compared them to the finished panels with some random trivia, like this:

So yeah initially with this one I was just going to have that one shot, but since I noticed there was that slow instrumental bit at the beginning of the song I realized it’d work way better to split it into two panels

Haha I suck at shoes. Fun fact since the shoes were implied to belong to the other fallen humans I tried to match each pair to a soul color

So if you wanna see me comment on my old art and laugh at it feel free to keep reading under the cut!

Either way, thanks so much again guys! I hope you all continue to enjoy my silly blog :)

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alright u guys want an artists au????? i’ll give you an artists au.

(i am literally an art major i have seen some THINGS. no hate on other posts i just need u guys to know what its like REALISTICALLY)

lardo- does a little research after getting into her money, and decides to make an artist residency on her campus, samwell. anyone can apply if they have kind of sort of an art degree. they need to submit a portfolio and lardo just kinda picks the coolest ones out and actually talks to advisors and art profs to see who could benefit the most.

the residency gets called bauhaus at first (cuz that was like, the one Art Thing lardo remembers ever learning about and it sounds cool!) shortened to ‘haus’ eventually.

bitty- is still a baker. but not just. sculptural desserts are his Thing. he actually hate fondant, so he tried to make all of his creations beautiful and still edible!! 

jack- art history major. he was pursuing a photography career like his dad, but yknow, things happen and honestly, as passionate as jack is about his work, art history is just so much more fulfilling and photography slowly just becomes a good hobby of his. plus he really likes working with kids as a teacher and sharing is love of art and art history with them :’)

shitty- 2 words. performance. art. he usually tries to make grand statements and really does his research and yes, it does often involve him being nude a lot of the time. but he can b really pretentious and it still a privileged white dude so basically everyone is ‘stfu bansky’ every time shitty gets Started. he takes it in stride and listen to critique. most of the time…

cutting here for length

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