i decided to post my art on here cuz why not


So I saw this post by @ravencacaww​ about punk Jumin and the next second I was doodling this lolol
I’ve started with just Jumin but then I though that this style would totally suit Zen with his smoking and motorbike and everything so in the end I’ve drawn them both as punks~ Well why not? xD
If someone could think of a proper AU or maybe even write a fanfic featuring them like that I would feel blessed lolol
(Also, if anyone’s curious: Zen is holding a cigarette in his left hand, that’s why there’s this barely visible on this background smoke; also, he’s holding a microphone in his other hand ‘cause this suits him and well Jumin is also holding one just ‘cuz I had no idea how to fill his background so well maybe they had a quarrel again and they decided to solve it by karaoke since both their voices are ideal for singing? Who knows~ XD)

More of my Mystic Messenger drawings: HERE


doodles to remind myself how to draw digitally cuz its been a day or two

cheerleader!izuru because….. i can…. 

My friend  @cloud-kitsune and me were talking about how the male spell fencers had ugly costumes, but the girls had such cute ones. Then she said I should draw Tiz in the female spell fencer. And I decided to cuz why not. And I like Yew so I drew Yew as a spell fencer XDD She’s only played Bravely Default, so I drew her Bravely Default Tiz, not Bravely second tiz.

I know that I should draw Ringabel and Janne but *runs away*

Also to be nice to the followers of my blog, I’m making a side blog to scream and reblog Bravely Default stuff because i know ppl follow me for my adorable animal reblogs and MAYBE my ff7 art. Not to mention nobody on my follow list plays bravely default lol. You can find the blog at @braevleescreaming I’ll still post art here since this is my main art blog but I’ll keep reblogs about bravely default there I guess ><


I….. tried.

Nth attempt on drawing a matsu 😂 I had to redraw an official art here, so does this attempt count? I finally could draw the face too