i decided to make some haha

I’ve been working on this for the past two days…
This was supposed to be a simple work what happened-
I just wanted to draw Underfell babybones fluff since I rarely ever see the Underfell bros actually being NICE to each other in any format.

This started out just being a simple sketch of the two of them, then for some reason I decided it needed a background, and THEN for some OTHER reason I decided it needed a story-
Question is will I ever get around to writing one? haha

"You are a good guy, Zach" (Zach Dempsey imagine)

I know this is blog about Riverdale, but I have some Zach Dempsey vibes a few days and I wanted to write an imagine of how I see him as character. I hope you don’t mind. Just enjoy!
P.S. you can send me any ideas. If you want about Riverdale - do it, if you want about 13 reasons why - do it. Just do it haha

WARNINGS: none I think, maybe some fluff and angst? Thats it.


Some people decides how to act around different people. If they want to show their weak, honest, popular, beautiful or most realistic side of them. Wanting them to show you their realistic side, you have to make them believe, trust and be by their side when they need you the most. It feels like everyone does it, right? Somewhat, yes. Of course, one of them was Zach Dempsey. In school he is guy-who-doesn’t-care or ,how you want me to say, fuck boy.
I met Zach on my first day in Liberty High School. We were in our freshman year. He was already surrounded by group of people who made him laugh. I was standing by my locker, while my body was occupied by anxiety. Two different people in one place. But long story short, I had huge argument with Zach in one of the parties, it made him came at me in school and ask me if I wanted to grab a cup of coffee with him. I gave him a shot and now we are best friends. Best friend who got to see his realistic side, besides his family. The only answer how it happened is - I was by his side, I always supported him and made him feel better about his insecurities. Usually guys don’t know what is joke and what is serious. He may be pain in the ass, but he is caring, gold hearted and friendly. Sometimes he gets angry by stupid things, then he regrets, but doesn’t show. Because he is “the cool guy”, right?
His mom had to work in another side of the country, his sister went to friends house to have “girly weekend” and Zach wanted to have a rest from all parties. On this Friday evening he asked me to come at his place and have some dinner, because it’s been quite long time since we hang out. Somehow it felt like he tried avoid me and I didn’t knew why.
“The way you and your friends called that kid… Wasn’t really nice” I said as I tried to reach plates from the kitchen cupboard. Zach walked next to me and without any problems reached plates and gave it to me.“Thank you” I smiled at him.
“It was just for fun. Plus I didn’t started, Justin was the first one” He shrugged like it was just another casual accident.
“Well that doesn’t let you to be part of this. Just because you’re in Basketball team with popular kids, doesn’t mean you can say shit to other people, Zach!” I raised my voice lightly. I just shook my head and filled our plates with food.
“Are we going to fight, because of this?” Zach asked.
“No.” I putted plates on the table and sat on the chair. “Are you going to stand there or what?” I tried to sound as nicer as I could. He listened to me and did as I said. At first between us was an awkward silence, so to dissipate this vibe I started to talk.
“I know you’re kind guy and what are you doing with your friends… This isn’t you. Because I know you too well. You’re a good guy, Zach”
“But I have friends. They are for me by my side.” Zach tried to defend his, not so nice, friends.
“By calling you a mommies boy, because you care about your family? Excuse me? They are by your side, because…” I stood silent for a few seconds “Nevermind”.
“I guessed that we are going to have a nice dinner after long time, but as I can see, I was wrong, (Y/N)” I heard growing anger in his voice. He finished his meal and walked to the kitchen counter.
“I’m just worried about you. I’m sorry that I act like mom.” I finished my meal too and walked where he was standing. There was that silence again, but I didn’t said anything anymore. I walked in the living room and sat on the couch. My fingers were rushing through every social medias wall. Until I felt body sitting next to me.
“I know I’m doing wrong and I would destroy anyone who would say anything horrible to my sister. But I’m afraid of loosing friends, being rejected, sometimes I’m even afraid to be physically alone.” Zach sighed and I looked up at him. He was playing nervously with his fingers.
“But you’re not alone. You have family who is loving you and believing in you, you have me. All of your group is hiding insecurities behind their words to other people, like all of you want other people to feel the way you feel and I know this feeling. But sometimes you should talk about your insecurities or whats going on inside your head instead of bullying people who did nothing. With your insecurities you can kill human being with words.” I took his hand and tried to comfort him. “You know, the stick has two ends”
“You’re right. Maybe I should stop having my head inside my ass” He giggled.
“You’re not a bad person, Zach. You just should stop being like everyone else.”
He moved slightly next to me and hugged me tightly. After our hug broke, I just putted my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.
Zach cleared his throat and started to talk.
“I’m sorry that I avoided you. I just wasn’t feeling myself for a while.”
“Thats okay, everyone have these days.” I looked up at him. We were just staring at each other until I felt my cheeks heating up. I giggled and looked down. I slightly moved away from Zach and nervously started to bit my lip.
“Is everything okay?” I heard his raspy voice.
“Yeah, s-s-sure” I said. There was intense feeling between us, so I started to shake my leg nervously.
“If this is because what happened about a minute ago…”
“No, no, no. I mean, yes.” I started to mumble.
“I love you, (Y/N)” Zach said with shaky voice. It felt like my brain stopped working and in my stomach was flying million butterflies. I just looked at him with shock. “For a long time. It’s now or never, am I right?” He giggled. It felt like he tried to hide his shyness.
“I love you too, Zach” I giggled and looked at him, even if my face burned. But his face had lightly red spots too.
“What? Really?” He was surprised.
“Everyone loves you” I laughed.“So why I wouldn’t love you too? Just in different way.”
Zach suddenly leaned into me and kissed me on my lips. This kiss was soft and careful, but full of feeling. Like he didn’t wanted me to break, like I was a glass and he wanted to keep me.
I placed my hands on his neck, while his hands hold my head. Our kiss broke and he touched his forehead next to mine. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me. His eyes were shining, his mouth transformed into beautiful smile.
“Thank you, God” He giggled.
This is the Zach I know, the one and only.

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Hey hey~ I love your blog so much! Can I request Yoosung, Saeyoung, and Saeran reacting to another member locking them in a closet with MC because they just want them to get together already? You can make it as romantic as you want(ie: maybe some heated smooching;););)) Seriously, you guys are so sweet and funny. Your blog makes my day😭❤👏

Haha, no one’s ever called us funny before. Thank you! Hope you enjoy these~


  • Saeran had been watching Yoosung mope around at the RFA party
  • The blond had been saying he was going to confess to you for awhile
  • But he had literally talked to you three times and said nothing
  • Saeran was sick of it
  • “Hey Chipmunk, are you going to grow a backbone or what?”
  • “No, no! I’ll do it tonight. I know I will!”
  • Saeran knew better, but he decided to help the boy a bit
  • So he told Yoosung to go get his coat from the coat closet…and he told you the same a few moments later
  • He sneaked behind the both of you when  you arrived and pushed you inside and locked the door
  • You start trying to find a way out, but Yoosung is getting flustered because he knows what Saeran did
  • You give up and lean your back against the wall
  • Yoosung is suddenly very aware of how close you are and he can already feel his face growing hot
  • You ask him if he’s okay, and he says he’s fine, but he’s super jittery
  • It’s very hard to keep your distance in a small space, so he ends up backing away from you and slamming his head into the hanging rack
  • He winces in pain and you instinctively bring your hand to the offending area
  • “Oh, no! Are you okay?”
  • He doesn’t respond, too distracted that you are only inches from your face
  • Gathering all the courage he can, he leans forward and pecks your lips
  • It’s like a shock of electricity jolts through you
  • He’s a blushing  mess even though it was only a few seconds of contact….but you could fix that
  • Cupping his face, you bring him down for another kiss, this one longer and more passionate
  • Just before things could get really heated, Saeran opened the door to check on you guys
  • He just throws his hands in the air, “Finally!”
  • You and Yoosung exchange sheepish glances before returning to the party hand in hand


  • The RFA was celebrating another milestone for Jaehee’s cafe, so they gathered there after closing to spend some quality time with her
  • Zen catches you and Saeyoung in a quiet moment
  • You had separated from the group to catch your breath, and Saeyoung had joined you
  • Zen watched as you two just talked quietly, and he saw Saeyoung look at you with that quiet admiration
  • He could tell you two liked each other, but neither one of you had bothered making a move so far….but maybe he could give you a little push
  • He asks if you two could find a supposedly secret surprise for Jaehee out of one of the small storage closet
  • You two go inside to search for it, and Zen quietly closes the door behind you and locks it
  • By the time you both realize it was a lie, you find the door locked and you two trapped in the cramped space
  • Saeyoung thinks it would be funny to tease you, so he tries to get really close to your face
  • You back up against the wall, and he casually leans his hand on the wall behind you thinking he has you super flustered
  • “We’re in a tiny space…alone…in dim lighting. What should we do?”
  • You decide to play along a bit and look up so your noses bump together
  • Your hand had gone to his chest to push him back, but then you noticed something
  • “Saeyoung, why’s your heart beating so fast?”
  • Suddenly he’s the flustered one, and his eyes can’t stop flitting down your lips
  • You’re also very aware of his warm breath fanning across your lips as he drew even closer
  • His breath hitches when your lips graze against each other, then before you know it, he captures your mouth with his and takes control
  • You were dazed when Saeyoung abruptly pulls away some time later
  • His hair is a mess and there’s still a little bit of your lipstick smudged on the edge of his mouth
  • But he just shoots you a smile, “Are you hungry? We should get some food.”
  • He crouches down and picks the lock so the door swings open
  • “Why didn’t you think about that before!”
  • “Sorry, it’s hard to think when I’m in a small space with you,” he mutters before rushing away, his face red
  • You blink a few times before going after him, “Are we not going to talk about what just happened? Saeyoung!”
  • Poor guy just needed some time to process things


  • Saeyoung was in physical pain watching Saeran pine after you
  • He could see he was head over heels for you, but he would never confess because of the guilt he harbored from his past
  • More than that, Saeran had been distancing himself from you
  • But Saeyoung had faith in his own efforts…and also the strong power of small spaces
  • He just grabs you and Saeran by your arms, drags you to the closet, and pushes you in
  • Neither of you say anything while this is happening because you’ve gotten accustomed to his shenanigans
  • Saeran waves his hand dismissively before trying to pick the lock…only to realize someone stole his tool from his pocket
  • When he turned to try to find another thing he could use, he found the closet completely empty except for the two of you
  • Saeyoung had planned well
  • Saeran started banging on the door, demanding to be let out
  • But you stop him, “Actually, I’ve been meaning to talk to you anyway.”
  • He’s already nervous being so close to you, but he calms down and agrees to listen
  • “I know you’ve been avoiding me,” you say. “I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel uncomfortable somehow, and if you need space it’s fine. Or…is it because there’s something wrong with me? Either way, I’ll back off if you want, I just want to–”
  • At this point, he grabs your face and kisses you full on the mouth
  • It takes you a moment to register when he pulls away
  • His words are jumbled and mixed as he stammers out a confession, and it doesn’t help that you’re kissing him at nearly every sentence
  • But somehow you understand and you can’t even express your happiness
  • After awhile, the fire dies down
  • He tangles his fingers with yours and your foreheads are pressed together
  • You exchange a few soft, delicate kisses before Saeyoung comes back to get you
  • The older twin is happy to see you two together, but makes a run for it before Saeran kills him
  • Saeran doesn’t go after him though
  • He turns to you and squeezes your hand gently, “Come on. I’ll take you home.”  

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odia13  asked:

Hey Wiishu! Your vlogs are amazing, I look out to watch them every week, but are you going to upload a speedpaint again, like your old videos? These were also fun and inspiring to watch! Have a great day/night! :D

Good question and right now I still haven’t decided haha!
I like doing speedpaints but I don’t like uploading a 10 min video with just music playing? Idk, it seems a little off somehow? Maybe I can make it into a podcast thing of some sort in the future, but for now I don’t know how to incorporate it so that I’m satisfied with the end product, sorry!


TFC Phone Charms

Nora gave me her OK to make charms, so I wanna gauge the interest for some characters I had in mind via this nifty poll:

♦ Click me !

You can find more info in the descr.

Reblogs are appreciated! The more people vote, the more likely these charms will be made, haha.


February spits; not a lot for this month but that’s fine also you can totally tell which one’s the favorite

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Your "sub vibes" tag for Seb gives me life but HONESTLY gotta say I think hes a dom

I’M SCREAMING i’ve heard those words exactly never, just goes to show you the kind of people i uh choose to follow, but it’s all substan and subby dumpling AND THAT BOY’S A SUB as far as the eye can see. i’m super curious about your dom!seb headcanon tho?

but haha yes subby sebby is close to my heart, i always thought i’d make some gifposts but then thought they’d be a Bit Much. so i’m using this opportunity to further my case now, esp since i saw disappointingly few posts in that sub vibes tag, and i know i can do better :p

so this post ruined my life. JUST HIS TENTATIVE TOUCHES. this gif’s labled: sebastian_stan_trying_to_gently_scoot_another_pooster_but_cannot_get_it_from_underneath_chris_evans_arm.gif which kind of says it all??? this sweet deferential babe who’ll wait patiently til chris evans’s arm decides it’s done being anywhere it feels like!!

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  • a beautiful and professional prince
  • this man was groomed to be king and it shows
  • on the outside he is so proper and polite and nice
  • like he is the type to wear stuff like this every time he goes on an outng
  • but on the inside
  • oh my fish
  • on the inside
  • he is such a dork
  • he dances in his pajamas in his room
  • he cuddles with puppies
  • he sings in the shower
  • loooooooong story short
  • and believe me it is a long story
  • he is a major dork
  • like insane levels of dork
  • anyway
  • back to the story
  • so he is secretly a huge dork right?
  • no on knows about  it
  • untillllll
  • enter from stage center…. you
  • dear reader, you are one of many many maids working at the palace
  • you keep a low profile, and you don’t like to draw attention to yourself, ever
  • until one day you have clean sheets to put on the prince’s bed
  • well in actuality another maid was going to give him the sheets buuuuuuuut
  • you may or may not have a huge crush on him
  • okay you definitely do
  • but cmon who wouldn’t
  • anyway
  • you are trying to deliver sheets to Seungcheol when you open the door and see him dancing to some music on the radio
  • and everything stops
  • you see him
  • he sees you
  • utter silence fills the room
  • except the music, that’s still going on
  • but its just you and him
  • staring at each other
  • suddenly you turn around to leave
  • and he leaps into action
  • he grabs you and stops you from leaving.
  • “don’t tell anyone about this, what you saw here, okay?” he says softly
  • and you mind goes into HYPER MEGA ULTRA SELF DESTRUCTION
  • because first of all, you just saw the prince being himself
  • and it was kinda VERY cute
  • and now he is holding you and speaking directly to you
  • it was an understatement to say you were freaking out on the inside
  • but on the outside you just nodded
  • he let you go, and tried to give you a smile
  • “i’ll, uh, take my sheets though,” he tried to make a joke, which you couldn’t help but smile at. you curtsied and backed toward the door when the prince made one final statement
  • “whats your name?” he asked
  • you mumbled your name quickly before dashing out to finally catch a breath
  • why?
  • HE MADE YOU BREATHLESS haha i make horrible jokes
  • anyway a few days passed before he saw you again
  • you were in the kitchen eating some old cake on break when in walks in seungcheol
  • he’s looking for a bite to eat as well and then he sees you
  • he blinks for a second and then he smiles as if everything is normal
  • “hey, y/n, how are you?” he asks, sitting down to eat some of your cake
  • you decide that if he is acting normal, you should to, and you decide to just eat your cake
  • eating it in awkward silence
  • until seungcheol starts snickering
  • you look up at him to see what he is laughing at
  • he points at your face and laughs even harder
  • you look around for what is on your face but you cant find it
  • then you feel frosting on your nose and you cross your eyes
  • “oh bother” you mumble before licking your noise
  • seungcheol dies laughing and you roll your eyes
  • “can you do that?” you challenge him
  • he becomes serious again and then accepts the challenge. he puts frosting on his nose and tries to lick it
  • he fails miserable and now it is your turn to die laughing
  • seungcheol gets embarrassed but laughs anyway
  • its all fun and games before the head maid fat lady sings
  • or in this case walks in on you and the prince roughhousing
  • and she gets mad real quick
  • you two separate like oil and water
  • the head maid looks down her glasses at you
  • “your highness, please leave us,” her voice was ice cold.
  • seungcheol bows and leaves, giving you one last look before he leaves.
  • the head maid starts scolding you harshly about “fraternizing with the prince” and “forgetting your place”
  • she sends you to your quarters without dinner
  • you’re unhappy obviously and you’re ready to completely separate yourself from the prince
  • until tomorrow
  • he leaves you a card when you come to silently pick up his sheets
  • he apologizes for getting you into trouble but he doesn’t want you to avoid him
  • you look up at him but he avoids your gaze
  • “you’re the first person to see the real me… and accept that.” he says softly.
  • he looks at you with serious eyes that pierce right through you and yet fill you with a deep warmth.
  • “i don’t want to lose my first real friend.” he gave you a soft, genuine smile
  • you felt your fragile heart explode
  • you nod
  • you give a smile back
  • you leave with the sheets
  • and
  • you can’t
  • stop
  • today is the best day and nothing can defeat that.
  • not even cranky old head maid
  • from then on you and the prince are hanging out in secret, either when you’re dusting the castle or mending the prince’s clothes, he would find a way to see you
  • one day your making his bed while he is working on some plans for the kingdom
  • yes you would even spend time together during more serious times
  • anyway you’re in the midddle of making his bed when all of a sudden he grabs you
  • and while you’re thinking of what’s he doing, he’s leaning in
  • he kisses you softly, tenderly, as if you’re some flower that might wither at the gentlest touch
  • “you’re so beautiful, y/n, the most beautiful woman i’ve ever met,” he murmurs when your lips part
  • you are dazed, speechless. the prince just kissed you,
  • JUST
  • and he is still holding your hand
  • “I think… i think i will talk to my father about publicly announcing my friendship with a lovely maid… what do you think?”
  • you’re silent.
  • seungcheol starts to get nervous
  • but then
  • you place your lips on his and then pull away
  • “would you really call this  a friendship?”
  • he grins and pulls you in for a hug
  • “no, no I wouldn’t.”

So, let me get this straight. (haha “straight” lol I love the idioms in this language).

We have asexuals who decide to come out either to their friends, colleagues or just some people in general and they get a response along the lines of: “but have you TRIED having sex/ making out/ being with someone??” and if they answer with “no”, their identity suddenly somehow, beyond my ability of comprehending, loses it’s credibility in the eyes of these people, because they don’t realize, that you don’t need to push yourself to try to feel sexual (or/and romantic) attraction if you’ve already figured out that you don’t in some other way than, let’s say, “experimenting”. But, their identity suddenly isn’t valid in the eyes of the people they came out to, just because of the lack of “sexual” (or/and romantic) experience, which has absolutely no connection to feeling or not feeling this kind of attraction in the first place.

On the other hand we have asexuals like me, who were maybe just slow to realize that we don’t feel something like sexual or/and romantic attraction like others do, or realized that we don’t, but at the time didn’t know there was such a thing as the orientation asexual , and have indeed tried some things we may or not regret/feel repulsed by now. So, one of us comes out and of course, the question posed to us almost immediately is: “but have you TRIED having sex/making out/being with someone??” and in this case the answer is “yes”, and maybe even an elaboration along the lines of “yes, but I didn’t like it” or “yes, but it felt wrong”. And, you know, since people tend to brush aside those asexuals who have figured their orientation out without these experiences, that this time, someone who identifies as asexual and has at least some experience, would finally be valid in their eyes. BUT NO. The next reply we get is: “haha you can’t think you’re asexual just because you didn’t like going out and making out with a guy, he probably just wasn’t good at it!”, and in my case, even if I don’t like going into details about these things, because I am stubborn, I tell them, that if it’s this stupid assumption that makes them think that I’m imagining things, they are still in the wrong, because it wasn’t just one guy, but the feelings and experiences were always the same. And I get dismissed by the same fucking answer: “two or three times sometimes just aren’t enough to know”. 

So here are my questions. Some asexuals get brushed aside because of bullshit like “the lack of experience and therefore verification”. Other asexuals, who have experience, get brushed off because of some other excuse people make up. Is this some kind of paradox?? Is there no way of getting a favourable and understanding answer? Is the lack of sexual/romantic attraction a-spec people  feel really that difficult to comprehend or are people just insensitive?

the in-depth character sheet for my Gnoll Cleric Gnoland~

He was raised by an Elven couple and when he learned of his heritage as a Gnoll he decided he wanted to set out and try and do some good in the world by helping people as a cleric

when I was creating him I rolled up 5 trinkets from various lists to add flavor to his character (only after did I read and learn that Gnoll’s have a habit of keeping trophies and such to remember battles so Gnoland being a bit of a packrat and carrying objects to remind him of home makes a lot of sense haha) Descriptions of said items are under the cut

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Movies & Kisses (Steve x Reader)

A/N: Hey!! So sorry that I took so long to post this!! Anyways, I hope this was what you wanted haha😅 Enjoy!!

Request: Hellooo ☺️ Mind doing an imagine with Steve Rogers where you’re a couple and decide to spend the whole day in bed cause it’s rainy and cold. So you show him a few movies from nowadays but Steve gets easily distracted so it ends in a few make out sessions and later you take a relaxing bath together where it ends in some smut ? ☺️☺️ I hope you’re ok with this ❤️❤️

Warnings: smut

You woke up from the sounds of pitter patter against the window. Opening your eyes, you blinked a few times before your vision became clearer, seeing the grey skies as rain fell. You yawned and tried to stretch but paused when you felt someone’s arms around your waist, squeezing you slightly before nuzzling his face against your neck.

You felt a smile slip on your face before you turned in your boyfriend’s arms, cuddling close to him, you tilted your head up to kiss his chin. “Morning, Steve.”

He held you closer for a second before pulling away to look down at you, a smile on his face as well. “Good morning, beautiful.”

You smacked him lightly on the shoulder, before hiding your face as you tucked your head under his chin. “Always the flatterer.”

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Clay receives a text from Tony...

Got an anonymous ask to create a fic where Clay gets a dirty text from Tony that makes him flustered, so here you go.

It was another boring day at Liberty High.

Clay was in history class zoning out, thinking about the previous night with Tony. Him and Tony had been seeing each other as more than friends for quite some time but they finally made it official. After making it official they decided to seal the deal if you know what I mean…

As if Tony knew Clay was thinking about him at that exact moment, he received a text from man himself.

T: I can’t stop thinking about last night

Clay blushed.

C: You shouldn’t be texting me right now

Clay was playing it cool over text but in reality he just wanted to scream out ‘I’m in love with Tony Padilla!!!’

T: Haha. You’re such a goody two shoes

C: I am not!

C: Okay maybe I am sometimes. I just don’t want you to get in trouble.

T: Trust me I wont. I know how to make you slick

T: I meant how to BE slick

Clay promptly looked up from his phone and scanned the room to make sure no one was watching. 

He started blushing profusely and had to bite his lip to stop the huge grin that was making it’s way onto his face.

Clay knew Tony didn’t really mess up his words. He meant to say that. And he purposefully used that word.

C: I can’t believe you just said that

T: Said what, mi amor?

C: You know what!

C: I almost made an embarrassing sound in class

T: I love the sounds you make

Clay clenched his legs together and squirmed in his seat.

C: Tony…

T: me encanta estar dentro de ti y ver que cum

Clay had no idea what that meant so he went to Google real quick to look up the words. When he found the meaning he almost spontaneously combusted.

Clay needed to get out of the classroom immediately.

“Mr. McCoy, can I go to the bathroom please?”

“Yes, but take this pass with you.”

Clay jumped out of his seat a little too fast and grabbed the pass. He swiftly walked to the boys restroom and sighed when he seen no one else in there.

A few seconds later, he heard the door open and to his surprise, Tony walked in.

“Hey, you okay?”

Clay couldn’t believe Tony was making him hot and bothered at school and then had the nerve to strut in here looking sexy as hell, asking if he was okay like he didn’t know.

“No, I’m not, Tony. I’m horny as fuck, thanks to you.”

Tony laughed. “I take it you looked up what that last text message meant.”

“Yeah, of course I did.”

Clay continued to watch Tony laugh and something just overtook him in a way it never had before.

He locked the bathroom door and forced Tony in the biggest stall.

“Clay, what are yo-” before Tony could finish, Clay had his mouth on Tony’s in a desperate, hard kiss.

Clay moaned when Tony inserted his tongue and began to take control. Just the way Clay liked it.

“Fuck, Tony. I want you so bad.” Clay breathed.

“I know, I want you too. But not right now, not here.”

Clay pulled back to examine Tony’s face. “Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously.”

Clay deeply sighed. “Fine.”

“But in the mean time…”

Tony started to unbuckle Clay’s pants.

“Tony, what are you doing?”

Tony smirked. “You’ll see.”

Before Clay could process what was going on, Tony had his mouth on Clay.

“Holy shit,” Clay gasped. “That feels so good.”

Tony didn’t respond, seeing as how he was preoccupied.

Clay grabbed a chunk of Tony’s hair to hold him in place. The funny thing was that if anyone else ever messed up Tony’s hair they would get their ass beat. But because of circumstances and the fact that it was Clay, Tony didn’t mind.

“I’m about to ahhhhh.” 

Tony came back up and wiped the corners of his mouth and took some toilet paper to clean up Clay and himself.

Clay kissed Tony and could taste himself but at that moment he didn’t care.

“Thank you.” he whispered.

Tony chuckled. “You don’t have to thank me.”

“I promise I’ll return the favor later.” 

“I’m looking forward to it.”



“How am I going to explain being gone to the bathroom for this long?”

Tony shrugged. “Just tell your teacher you got diarrhea.”

Clay rolled his eyes. “Unhelpful yoda.”

Spanish translations: 

Mi Amor = My love

me encanta estar dentro de ti y ver que cum = I love to be inside you and watch you cum 

anonymous asked:

Hey could I get some Genji headcanons? What would he be like if his S/O went on a mission and returned home very sore and tired? I absolutely love your work so far, you're doing great :)

Aww, thank you so much!!  :3

I got slightly carried away with this, so i hope you don’t mind how long this is haha xD


- Waiting for your return, Genji kept glancing at the clock. He knew you only had been gone for a couple of days, but he hated being away from you for so long. 

-To keep himself occupied, he decided to make some dinner as a surprise when you came home. Whilst finishing off the ramen he was cooking, when he heard the door slam shut and he practically leapt over the counter to meet you

- Staggering slightly as you placed your bags down, you groaned softly. It felt as if all your joints had been set on fire. Stretching your back slowly, you open your heavy eyes to see the blurr of a very happy looking cyborg racing towards you

- Laughing gently as Genji picked you up, you tried not to wince as he squeezed your aching body

- Noticing this, Genji placed you down immediately, his childlike brown eyes flashing worriedly as he checked your body for broken bones. “Tough mission?” he eventually asks, to which you nod and lean against his hard chest.

- Genji hummed softly, before picking you up effortlessly, cradling you in his arms as he walked towards the couch. You didn’t even have time to protest as he laid you down carefully and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Wait here” he tells you before running off again

- Closing your eyes, you try to distract yourself from the pain radiating through your joints

- A few minutes later, you feel the weight of the couch shift. Opening your eyes you see Genji balancing two bowls of Ramen, a thick blanket, a glass of water and a bottle of a golden looking liquid

- Blushing slightly, Genji looks away and asks you to take your shirt off. Raising an eyebrow, you don’t question it. 

- Once you have done so, Genji wraps the blanket around your front, placing the bowl of ramen in your lap and putting the glass of water on the side table

- As you begin to tuck into the hot food, you smiled softly. You had missed good food whilst away and during eating, you felt a little better but a lot sleepier

- Halfway through the bowl, you could hear the quiet clink of metal. Turning your head slightly; you could see Genji rubbing the yellow oil between his hands, attempting to gather some friction to warm it up a little

- Before you knew it, you felt Genji slowly kneading the nots out of your back - his hands gliding beneath the oil. He made sure not to press hard on any bruises you had, carefully massaging your muscles like he had seen his brother do so many times

- You practically melted under his touch, considering he had no feeling in his fingertips, he was doing an excellent job. You closed your eyes and just listened to Genji’s rhythmic breathing 

- “All done flower~” he murmured softly, kissing the top of your head and you fell to lean against him. Reopening your eyes sleepily, you looked up to see him smiling down at you. Trailing a finger across his cheek, you brushed your hand against his fluffy black hair that fell before his face. “Thank you Genji” you whispered, snuggling into the soft blanket he had given you. “Anything for you”  he whispered back, gazing at your sleepy form with a smile upon his lips. You were just as cute as you ever were


Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon Everyone!

I have some pretty exciting news for you all! (Even though the title gives it away haha) but I decided that seeing that we are closely approaching the 4,000 mark on followers that I would do a giveaway! 

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Here are the rules!

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The winner will be messaged by the first week of April and will have to be able to give me their mailing info etc!

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Oh Captain! My Captain! ♥

remember all those disney/snk sketches I did? I really loved this and I decided to finish erwin

I’m prob gonna finish the Levi version too cuz he looked rad as well

This is my 500th post! Figures it’d be commander handsome haha