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While rummaging through a box he found in the attic, England uncovers some old photos, along with old memories.

(These took so long to make, I hope you guys like them! I was trying to put subtle stuff in the photos to try and tell a story, I’ve never done it before so it was good practice! I might end up writing something for this if I decide to stop being lazy.)

❝ i breathe a little easier when you’re around.❞
turn up your screen’s brightness!

you can find my other comics for the characters here. I really enjoy depicting the before and after of their meeting for both Viktor and Yuuri.

I always kind of felt that Yuuri was in a dark place and feeling so suffocated by his own fears and anxiety, and that Viktor was a catalyst that helped bring him out of that hole. I tried portraying this in a literal sense.

do chat me up because i’d really like to make some friends HAHA (that sounded pathetic LMAO) and feel free to send in ideas and requests for future comics! don’t forget to follow for more yoi stuff!

once again, I own none of the images used.

Image credits: Yuri!!! On Ice, Siren’s Lament (bubbles, waves in pg 1)

yoi instagram fancast

since i’ve had so many ppl ask (including in the tags, cause yes, i do read those haha….. i love compliments in them) about who i cast in my yoi instagram edits, so here it is! this will be updated as i complete edits. under read more, cause it’s long and i included pic references haha

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(I decided to post this outside my reblog from @language-princess to keep better track of it)

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Hi pals!! Here is my first official post on my studyblr! I know I’ve been a part of the community for a while now, but I haven’t been confident enough with my pictures to post them yet. I finally got myself a white background and so now I’ve decided to make some posts! My notes and papers are pretty minimalistic though, haha. I really want to get some Mildliners but I don’t know, I’ve heard that they tend to smudge. What are your thoughts on Mildliners??

after 1,000 followers and nearly two incredible years i have decided to……make my first follow forever!!! yayy!!

here’s a list of all the amazing blogs that make my day brighter just by appearing on my dash. some of you are my mutuals, some of you aren’t but all the same; you are golden and i hope 2017 is good to you! x

// mutuals are bolded, and now: if i reblog from you often and i’ve managed to miss you on this list, know that i’m sorry and that i love your blog anyway! //

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· [ friday, september 9th ] ·

Am I cheating if I post this on Saturday? Nevermind haha, yesterday I decided to print out some art to put it up on the wall and I couldn’t be happier with all the drawings and paintings I found. Also, cheeky bottle of water making an appearance! I’m quite surprised there is just one bottle, because I normally have them all around, you gotta stay hydrated right? 

colorado ♡ ethan

requested: yes

anon: Heyoo! I know you’re probably loaded with requests and such, but do you think you could write an imagine where Ethan and Y/N are both flying to Colorado from LA and they meet each other for the first time, and they really hit it off and make plans to meet up? Not like a date date but like a fun day, maybe snowboarding or something (maybe some flirting ;)) it’s kinda cheesy but I feel like it’d be really cute! I love your blog and you’re amazing xx! + only write if you want to! Thank you bbg

(a/n – a lil detailed but i liked the idea and decided to type it up (: haha) 

“Yeah, i’ll call you when I land. Love you too, bye.” You say into your phone and hang up with a sigh of relief. You’re mother was worried about you going on a flight alone to Colorado, and wouldn’t stop reminding you of things and asking if you were sure you wanted to go. If you didn’t want to go, why would you be going?

You were going to Colorado for a break, sort of like a vacation all by yourself. Why Colorado you might ask? Well, it’s quiet and the last thing you needed was a packed, touristy place. All you wanted to do was release and enjoy yourself.

“Are you okay?” The guy who was apparently sitting next to you chuckles, and your head snaps towards the sound of his voice.

“You scared me,” You say with your hand on your heart, and he laughs nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

“Sorry. I, Uh,” He starts, “The flights kind of empty. I can move if you wa-” He starts but you laugh, a gentle smile finding its way onto your face.

“No! it’s fine,” You say reassuringly, “I just didn’t know you were sitting there, that’s all.”

“Oh.” He relaxes a bit and something told you this guy wasn’t used to being near girls, or maybe people in general. You almost giggle at the thought. How could a boy so handsome not have a girlfriend?

“Why are you going to Colorado?” You ask, wanting to become friends with the stranger beside you.

“Long story.” He sighs and sinks into his sit, attempting to get comfortable.

You shrug, “We have time.”

He smiles and you see a look of excitement flash in his eyes, “Me and my brother are doing a dare.” He starts and you laugh, signaling of him to go on, “See, we don’t really separate often, so we decided we should for our- well, never mind. Anyways, we decided to put on blindfolds and shoot darts at a map and whichever place the darts land, you go to.” He says and you couldn’t help but grin at his situation.

“You got Colorado, what did you brother get?” You ask curiously and he rolls his eyes,

“Hawaii. Can you believe that? He got freaking hawaii and I got colorado!” He says and you laugh hysterically.

“Wow the odds were not in your favor, uh, wait what did you say your name was again?” You ask and his eyes widen when he realizes he didn’t even tell you his name.

“Oh my god. My name’s Ethan, and you?” he turns toward you slightly and you smile,

“Y/N.” You tell him and he smiles back, but his smile was wider than your by a long shot.

“Are you from Colorado, Y/N?” He asks, trying out your name.

“No, just going there for vacation. Needed a break from reality, I guess.” You admit and he nods.

“Relatable,” He says and suddenly you realize that the plane was moving, and you were about to take off.

You take a deep breath and close your eyes, gripping the arm rest tightly. Take off was your least favorite part. Your mom or someone was usually always there when you went on plane rides to hold your hand during take off, but you guessed the arm rest would make a good replacement.

Suddenly you feel a larger hand laying on your small one, making you open your eyes to see Ethan looking at you hesitantly.

You give him a thankful smile, feeling relieved to have a hand to hold. You almost felt embarrassed at how tight you were holding his hand, but he didn’t seem to mind one bit.

After you were finally in the air, your hand was still in his and you decided you felt comfortable enough to keep it there. It felt oddly comforting and he didn’t look uncomfortable with it.

You knew you had to make a decision when he suddenly asked, “Are you okay with this?” He coughs.

You take a moment to answer before looking up at him, saying, “Yeah. I’m okay with this.”

You lean your head against the window, and suddenly you realized you were holding hands with someone you had only met half-an-hour ago, and you were totally fine with that.

You were feeling uncomfortable with you skin pressed up against the cold glass, so you roll your head the the opposite side where Ethan sat, watching a movie and lay your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes and preparing for sleep.

“Sorry” You mumble sleepily and adjust your position a little, making your self as comfortable as possible. It wasn’t comfortable at all but, Ethan’s shoulder was much better than the cold window. Ethan seemed to notice your discomfort because not a moment later he reacted.

“Here,” He says, pausing his movie and lifting up his food tray so that it clicked back into place, putting a pillow on his lap and patting his hand on his lap, telling you to lay down. You were too tired and the offer was too tempting to refuse, so you give him a warm, sleepy smile and place your head on his lap, falling asleep rather quickly.

About two hours later, Ethan woke you up with a gentle shake, “Y/N, where ten minutes away.”

You groan and lift yourself up reluctantly, running your hand through your hair that probably looked like a mess.

“Your lap was so comfy,” You whine and he laughs,

“I’m flattered.” He says and looks at you intensely for a moment, “Do you think I could get your number? Maybe we could meet up sometime? We both live in the same place and we’re in the same place right now so-” He asks and rambles but you cut him off with covering his mouth with your hand.

“Give me your phone and i’ll plug in my digits.” You say simply and he nods, making you giggle.

As soon as you exchanged numbers and the plane landed, you walked out together.

“Then i’ll see you tomorrow?” he asks you for the millionth time, making you bite the inside of your cheek to hide your smile,

“Tomorrow.” You nod and he grins widely, hurrying off to catch a taxi.

You were happy you met Ethan, and you were excited to hang out with him tomorrow. You really wanted this to go well, because you actually liked Ethan, and you secretly hoped he liked you, too.

a/n – PART 2COMING SOON OK I CANT NOT DO A PART 2 FOR THIS GUYS. anyway i know i know i said 2 would includes but i’ll post those tmrw cuz I’m tired HOPE YOU LIKED THISSSSS

Hiya peeps! ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) My name is Janya (John-Yuh, not Jan-yah) Nguyen and I guess I’m the noob around here, hehe. I’m kind of awkward MOST times but once I’m comfy I’m hella chill. My sister told me about Tumblr so I decided to make one to better socialize and have a reason to stop watching my animes ALL day haha. Here are some things about me.

  • I’m 19 from Los Angeles, California
  • I’m a college student studying neurology.
  • My dad is Puerto Rican while my mom is Vietnamese
  • I LOVE DARYL FROM THE WALKING DEAD!! He’s like, (。♥‿♥。) LOL.
  • I’m a vegetarian and have only eaten meat probably twice out of my whole life. One time was accidentally lol.
  • My playlist is full of kpop and rock music which confuses people that step into my room LMAO.
  • I can play 8 instruments but prefer piano and guitar.
  • I have a twin sister who moved to New York to become a singer.
  • I once turned down a car when I turned 16 because I’m addicted to the #Sk8Life.
  • I’m a bookworm and have read over 13 books since 2017 has started.
  • I work at Starbucks to support my addiction; video games.

Uhh, I REALLY don’t know much to say in all honesty or maybe I said too much already?? Oh well! I hope to meet some nice people here (☆^ー^☆)


So yeah, just kinda a random robopost since I went through the trouble of making this design~!  Don’t really have much of a reason for that little skull design, but I wanted to try one and thought it looked cute haha!  The robo itself is designed to hold one human pilot inside, though not with much space other than to sit rather awkwardly and control the unit manually~  Otherwise its AI allows it to function completely autonomously~!

What is it for?  I unno, some kinda robo fighting tournament haha, you decide!

stvles-stilinski  asked:

Do you know of any good Voltron fics with hurt Keith?? I can never find any, and if I do they're super shippy. Ships are fine, but I really enjoy some good gen. Thanks!

I definitely have some of these, though not nearly as much as I have hurt!Lance. I’ll see what I can do.

Between by Silverkleptofox
Words: 2,086
Author’s Summary: Between the biggest revelation of his life and his whole world changing, there is no time for Keith to rest and recover. His teammates make sure he does anyway. Tag to Season 2 Episode 8.
My Comments: Almost unnecessarily detailed hurt/comfort based on canon injuries, haha. I love it.

Measuring Up by MoonlitWaterSunnyRiver
Words: 1,092
Author’s Summary: Keith has insomnia, and finally decides to *do* something about it. Turns out he’s not the only one up at night. Keith & Lance friendship, written for Platonic VLD Week.
My Comments: Aw, boys. Good talk.

Scattered by avidbeader
Words: 27,974 (WIP 11/?)
Author’s Summary: Separated by Haggar’s parting shot, the Alteans and their new Paladins must regroup and find one another across the galaxies. Along the way, they will discover tragedy, treachery, and hope. Season 2 AU, no ships.
My Comments: Really good action fic following the Season 1 finale. I got sucked into all of the paladins’ separate adventures really quickly, and it’s so satisfying to watch them slowly reunite. I’m really worried about Keith, though.

Aftermath by tristen84
Words: 1,975
Author’s Summary: After his ordeal at the Blade of Marmora base, Keith turns out to be in worse shape than he thought. Hunk and Lance try to help.
My Comments: I believe there was a call for more post-ep 8 Keith whump? Yes, it is here. I especially like that it’s Lance and Hunk who do the supporting in this one.

Insomnia by GriffinRose
Words: 15,278
Author’s Summary: They reunite after the Wormhole Incident all in one piece. Mostly. But some scars can’t be seen. Keith can’t sleep, no matter how hard he tries. Luckily he’s got the best team/family ever who are not about to let this go. No, seriously, they won’t let it go.
My Comments: Absolutely wonderful, subtle hurt/comfort and teamy goodness. What was really wrong and how to fix it was obvious to me early on, but it was fun to watch the team slowly figure it out.

Casserole by genericfanatic
Words: 1,922
Author’s Summary: After Shiro “dies” on the Kerberos mission, Keith is all alone. Some days are harder than others.
My Comments: This author really excels at sharp, almost harsh depictions of pain and grief that are so realistic that you can feel it yourself. So good.

Wolves by Utsukushin (UserFromPluto)
Words: 2,498
Author’s Summary: Keith’s hands shook, and for a second he allowed himself to give in to weakness, slumping forward so his upper body rested on Red’s dashboard. His eyes slipped closed, and immediately he was assaulted with a brutal wave - flashes of laser blasts and screams, the violent jolting of his lion in combat, tiny droplets of blood flying off his sword… “Keith?” (Keith has a hard time calming down after battles)
My Comments: Stressed-out, hyper-vigilant Keith is really well-written and vivid, and the team’s concerted effort to surround him and make him feel safe again is lovely.

No Desert For You by Mikiri
Words: 5,373
Author’s Summary: They may have won, but what happens after? Keith worries of returning to Earth and the team comforts him as best they can.
My Comments: SO sweet and comforting. Wonderful paladin pile, and I love how they just went around the room taking turns telling Keith that he’s been adopted and he’s not going back to the desert alone. Ever.

A Little Unsteady (Hold Onto Me) by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee
Words: 13,385
Author’s Summary: Takashi Shirogane is nine years old when he holds his brother for the first time. “I’m here,” he’d whispered to his fussing baby brother, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.” And Keith stopped crying. He didn’t laugh; he looked up at Shiro with big, skeptical eyes. A challenge. Like this tiny person was saying ‘oh yeah, prove it’. And Shiro, newly nine years old, promised that he’d prove it. Shiro and Keith’s childhood in moments.
My Comments: Modern setting AU, but with a few tweaks I could absolutely see this working in canon-verse. It’s incredibly touching and well-written, and Shiro’s development from reluctant child to fiercely protective big brother was beautiful to watch. Both boys went through a lot of heartache, but by the end they’re together, and you know they’re going to be okay.

Closure by wolfsan11
Word Count: 7,837
Author’s Summary: Between finding Pidge’s family and healing up from the final battle against Zarkon, the Paladins only think of heading home, back to Earth. Keith has a hard time with that idea and the team helps.
My Comments: This is just the sweetest. Everyone needs to hug Keith and reassure him that they’re family, no matter what.

A Gift Horse by To Be or Not to- Oh forget it (Mikki)
Words: 17,801
Author’s Summary: The paladins of Voltron are the universe’s only hope, and they are ready to fight against the Galra. The only problem is, they’re one short. After stumbling their way through freeing a planet however, they might just find the solution to their problem in the form of a ‘gift of gratitude’. No one is happy about it.
My Comments: Tagged as slight Klance, but reads gen. Warning for abuse, including implied sexual abuse, and slavery. So yeah. Team Voltron is “given” a Keith who has been raised as a Galra and enslaved for years. And then they proceed to absolutely bungle their handling of him. But I really liked Lance doing his best to get to know Keith as a person rather than a problem to be solved, and I find the concept really interesting. This is one of those fics where I want to write the sequel, because a LOT of work is going to need to be done to get these characters anywhere near healed after something like this.

Trial by Ordeal by To Be or Not to- Oh forget it (Mikki)
Words: 89,187
Author’s Summary: They’re supposed to be two sides of the same coin, or something like that. The truth is a bit more complicated. (Character study of Keith and Lance)
My Comments: This is long, but absolutely worth the effort. Warning for depictions of abuse in both parts, but it’s treated realistically and respectfully. There were parts in Keith’s chapter that I had to stop reading for a while and do something else, and pretty much everything in Lance’s chapter made me ache for him and the family he left behind. But it’s really, really good. Amazingly well-written and deep and lifelike, and it all makes so much sense, for both of these characters. I’ll be thinking about this one for a long, long time.

Burning Bright by RaccoonDoom
Words: 2,221
Summary: For an anon request on my tumblr: “Can you do a klance fic where Keith is sick and Lance is surprisingly good at taking care of him despite his mood swings and bouts of delirium?” Not exactly what they requested but eh close enough. The first time sickness hit the team, it hit Keith. Hard. At least it’s easier to be sick when you have a team than when you’re alone in the desert.
My Comments: Keith doesn’t know when to ask for help, but fortunately he doesn’t have to. Lance acts exasperated, but I think he secretly likes being needed, and he’ll step in wherever he can.

Keith Alone by cheshireree
Words: 5,328
Summary: Keith grows up alone, then he gains a family. It somehow becomes a cycle. Vent fic.
My Comments: Very sad at the beginning, but well-written backstory and character study. This history for Shiro and Keith makes a lot of sense, and I loved the way Keith gradually came to accept the other paladins, too, and learn to interact with them. They have more in common than they believe at first.

An Echo of Thunder by WashiPuppy
Words: 6,934
Author’s Summary: Good thing Lance has a plan. Okay, the second part of the plan had a few holes. It was a work-in-progress. Keith didn’t need to know that though.
My Comments: HOLY EVERYTHING BATMAN I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH. I can’t even…I don’t want to spoil it! Just, okay, Lance and Keith are in trouble, right, and they both want to protect each other, isn’t that adorable, but THE LIONS. RED AND ALSO BLUE. Read it read it read it. If you read nothing else on the list this week, read this one. It made me SO happy. Fave. Fave of all time.

Call of Duty by APendingThought for MilkTeaMiku
Words: 4,184
Author’s Summary: Lance thought he could handle most things when it came to Keith. He was not prepared for an infant Keith with an ear infection, however.
My Comments: I may be aro/ace, and I definitely am, but there is still a very id part of me that is EXTREMELY pleased with the image of an attractive man taking care of a baby, and this story fed that part of me in the most wonderful way. Sweet and satisfying.

Conditional Acceptance by yet_intrepid
Words: 6,914
Author’s Summary: Shiro’s looking for a job. Keith, new to the Garrison, needs a tutor to be allowed to stay. He also needs a lot of other things - a decent meal plan, for one, but more importantly, a friend.
My Comments: Oh, gosh, this fic broke my heart, but it’s SO good. I would happily accept this as canon. I mean, I kind of have already. Poor Keith is so scared and sad and needy, and Shiro is nervous and out of his depth but so badly wants to help. And Matt as Shiro’s roommate is amazing. I just adore this one to pieces.

What If The Storm Ends? by earthstar
Words: 17,913
Author’s Summary: After the fight with Zarkon, Keith finds himself stranded alone on a strange forest planet. All hope seems lost when he gets bitten by venomous creature, but he finds aid from someone he’s not sure he can trust.
My Comments: I usually avoid Galra!Keith stuff, idk why, guess I want to see what canon does first. But I am a HUGE sucker for a wise and protective adult trying to take care of a scared and needy kid, and that’s what this is. The plot is great, as well as the character interactions and development, and I would happily accept this in canon.

Standing on the Edge by LenoirWhittlethorn
Words: 2,901 (WIP)
Author’s Summary: Keith doesn’t know how to ask for hugs.
My Comments: Golly, I am just ACHING for more of this. It’s so cute and sweet and touching. Keith needs all the hugs, omg. He doesn’t know how to ask, but fortunately the others know how to give.

assistance by asexualrey
Words: 1,096
Author’s Summary: Keith managed to break his leg and Lance almost feels sorry for him.
My Comments: This one is short and sweet, a little funny, a little sad, but very in character. I would like for these silly boys to be friends eventually, please.

Prison Bonds by GriffinRose
Words: 18,295
Author’s Summary: Keith and Lance are captured and stuck in a cell together, but it’s not the Galra. They almost wish it was. These Cordalians feed off of emotions, and their favorite emotion is sadness. Worse, they’ve found a way to make their victims relive their worst memories to make that pain fresh again, and Keith has a lot of terrible memories he’d rather not relive.
My Comments: SO GOOD. SO MUCH PLATONIC CUDDLING. Lance and Keith are both suffering horribly, and all they can do is comfort each other and wait for rescue. I’m so happy that it’s gen, too. And it’s finished! Run, don’t walk. It’s so great.

Impractical Immune Responses by hufflepirate
Words: 4,829
Author’s Summary: Keith discovers that he’s horribly allergic to something on the new planet they’ve landed on, and Coran discovers that his cryopods are completely unable to do anything about seasonal allergies. Luckily, the rest of the team has some ideas about what to do. Keith may not be good at acknowledging his weaknesses, asking for help, or letting other people take care of him, but he’s about to get a LOT of practice - enough to start surprising himself.
My Comments: I really like how EVERYONE has an important role in this, all doing their best to take care of Keith and help him feel better. And Keith’s development is really lovely, as he starts off scared and distant then slowly warms up to the idea of leaning on his teammates for help. It’s a very sweet fic with a bit of depth, just how I like my h/c.

You stole a BABY?! by genericfanatic
Words: 24,324
Author’s Summary:  The castle ship has a new stowaway, and Keith and Lance must figure out how to take care of them without alerting the rest of the crew.
My Comments: Warning for child abuse, though it’s in the past. But yeah, this is a great angsty, h/c fic with endgame Klance but more importantly, Keith and Lance taking care of an adorable alien child. It’s well thought-out and plotted, and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Loved Lance being smart and analytical with his research and Keith showing his fighting chops in an unfamiliar situation, too.


The first three people in the world to drop a shuttlecock from the Great Wall of China (E61)

So, let me get this straight. (haha “straight” lol I love the idioms in this language).

We have asexuals who decide to come out either to their friends, colleagues or just some people in general and they get a response along the lines of: “but have you TRIED having sex/ making out/ being with someone??” and if they answer with “no”, their identity suddenly somehow, beyond my ability of comprehending, loses it’s credibility in the eyes of these people, because they don’t realize, that you don’t need to push yourself to try to feel sexual (or/and romantic) attraction if you’ve already figured out that you don’t in some other way than, let’s say, “experimenting”. But, their identity suddenly isn’t valid in the eyes of the people they came out to, just because of the lack of “sexual” (or/and romantic) experience, which has absolutely no connection to feeling or not feeling this kind of attraction in the first place.

On the other hand we have asexuals like me, who were maybe just slow to realize that we don’t feel something like sexual or/and romantic attraction like others do, or realized that we don’t, but at the time didn’t know there was such a thing as the orientation asexual , and have indeed tried some things we may or not regret/feel repulsed by now. So, one of us comes out and of course, the question posed to us almost immediately is: “but have you TRIED having sex/making out/being with someone??” and in this case the answer is “yes”, and maybe even an elaboration along the lines of “yes, but I didn’t like it” or “yes, but it felt wrong”. And, you know, since people tend to brush aside those asexuals who have figured their orientation out without these experiences, that this time, someone who identifies as asexual and has at least some experience, would finally be valid in their eyes. BUT NO. The next reply we get is: “haha you can’t think you’re asexual just because you didn’t like going out and making out with a guy, he probably just wasn’t good at it!”, and in my case, even if I don’t like going into details about these things, because I am stubborn, I tell them, that if it’s this stupid assumption that makes them think that I’m imagining things, they are still in the wrong, because it wasn’t just one guy, but the feelings and experiences were always the same. And I get dismissed by the same fucking answer: “two or three times sometimes just aren’t enough to know”. 

So here are my questions. Some asexuals get brushed aside because of bullshit like “the lack of experience and therefore verification”. Other asexuals, who have experience, get brushed off because of some other excuse people make up. Is this some kind of paradox?? Is there no way of getting a favourable and understanding answer? Is the lack of sexual/romantic attraction a-spec people  feel really that difficult to comprehend or are people just insensitive?

anonymous asked:

Helloo ~ love your art and comics please, thanks for that lol But i was thinking for the Voltron show AU? Can we please see (besIDES MORE OF THE LANGST TAG) the squad discovering Shiro's into memes AND how much he enjoys too the death and stress jokes? Pretty please? <3 keep it up <3

Hey, thanks! Haha “Shiro craving for death” is one of my favourite tropes, I’ll definitely make some references here and there.
Also, let me just say, you came out with the great idea for a name for this au! I was thinking and thinking how to tag it so it will be easy to find, but all I got was “alternative dimension au” which is almost just…“au au” so. Yeah.
Then it’s decided! It’s gonna be: #voltron tv show au

Jungle Man - Ch. 2

Originally posted by kylolicious

Summary: After meeting the mystery man during her small escape in the jungle, (Y/N) decides to quickly offer her hospitality to Ben.As her father returns to camp however, (Y/N) has to send Ben away, possibly never having the chance to see him again.

A/N: I am such a damn sucker for this AU, haha. I’m always up to writing more, so if you want more, maybe even have some wonderful ideas for me, send them away! This chapter isn’t very long, just seemed to flow better this way. Enjoy! 

Walking to the opening of the small trail, you peered from side to side once again. Though your father was making no obvious signs of his presence, you couldn’t afford to assume. Looking from one empty tent to the next, with no signs of his presence, rather his recent departure with a smothered cigarette, you sighed with relief. Turning around you gestured to Ben.

“Come on, this way.”

Moving forward with his fists moving across the soil, Ben followed close behind you as his eyes darted from left to right. Though the camp wasn’t much compared to some of the explorers out there, the set up you had greatly impressed Ben. There were so many things he had never seen before, things he couldn’t begin to identify or understand. The colors were some not found in nature, the shapes odd and fascinating. 

Finding himself distracted he ended up moving over towards the table of lab equipment your father had set-up on the side. Slowly he squatted, balancing his weight on the back of his feet as he observed the array of different tools. There were beakers of all heights, shapes and markings neatly lined up behind the open space on the wood table top where a few stray pens laid out. Ben curiously placed his finger on one as he rolled it back and forth across the wood.

Not even realizing what he was doing, you rummaged through the one stash of food supply you managed to keep at the camp. Despite it being almost all carbs and random items that were known to have a long shelf life, you were perfectly content with it, considering the produce you could always find not too far away to accompany the foods. Pushing past some of the breads you attempted to find a good chunk of bread for Ben.

“I’m not sure that you’ve ever tasted something like it, but hopefully you’ll like it. I rather enjoy it with my meals.”

Finally seeing a good ‘butt’ piece you smiled with satisfaction.

“Ah ha!”

Gripping it in your palm you turned to face Ben once again, only to find nothing behind you. Arching your brow you scanned the perimeter of the camp, wondering if he had decided to run off. Finally your eyes landed upon him, swishing around some blue liquid your father had mixed up in vial. Seeing him go to open it you rushed over in a frenzy.

“No, no, no, no!! Put that down!!”

Halting in his motion Ben looked up to you with a perplexed expression, unsure of what you were so worried about. Sighing you shook your head at him, assuring you were clearly pronouncing your words.

“Not food. This is food.”

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Malec headcanon!

Thaank you @a-rosewood-by-any-other-name I love your advice. Honestly I am so nervous for this date haha😶
Anyways this is my malec headcanon for you:
Alec couldn’t forget about Madzie, the little girl became important to him. She saved him, even though she was planning on hurting others but he knew it was not her fault. So he visits her on the weekends at Catarina’s.
One day he went out with her to get some ice cream together with Magnus (he tried hot chocolate but she likes to make it a popsicle so he decided to take her for ice cream then). He made her so happy that Madzie accidentally call him Dad and Magnus laughed so hard, contributing even more to Alec’s red face.
“It is not funny, Magnus”
“To be fair darling, you could be a great dad”
Alec didn’t respond but boy…he thought about it