i decided to make another one

Danger lvl

  • for plants: High (A determined, serious and skilled witch that controls and conjures water, summons octopuses AND bats, can live both in land and water, and knows some not-related-to-water spells… You’re not gonna convince me that she wouldn’t be a very harsh opponent)
  • in general: Inexistent (She has a great self-control and tends to be loving and pacific out of battle)

Stability lvl: High (Neptuna and Immorticia don’t have many divergent points… If they have any. Actually, they have many things in common. Fusing two girls with many aspects in common and a great friendship could only result in a very stable fusion)

AAAAHHH I DID ANOTHER ONE!! Hope I can make more this weekend, now that test week is finally over ‘u’

SHE DOES HAVE A FACE, OK? I tried to draw it, but I messed up, sooo I decided to post it like this =P


(tagging @neptuuna because I think you might like this one…)

kazooie  asked:

I hope I can word this right, is it taboo to make models with geometry that don't actually connect? Like in your last tutorial how there's separate objects that don't connect by vertices. I've seen lots of video tutorials where they go out of their way to make sure it's all one solid piece and it's just so complicated it's discouraging to me.

It really depends! The two consideration to be made when deciding this are probably going to be style and function. Flat shaded objects hide A LOT of geometry issues. And really, if you can’t tell in the final product, are they even issues? 

Another thing to consider is the function of the model and what purpose it has. Are you going to animate it? is it organic or a hard surface? For example, if you make a robot, even though you will animate it, it doesn’t really make much sense that it is all one mesh. It’s supposed to feel like it’s made out of separate parts. So the easiest way to do that is to make it out of separate parts. A human character, on the other hand, might look odd if it was made up of segmented parts, so you want to make sure all of its skin is connected and sew together. 

But really the need for meshes to be continuous is a “best practice” that only matters to you when working in a larger team. 

For you as an individual, I say DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!!! Don’t be intimidated by the demands of others when it comes to doing your own art. There are workarounds for everything and sometimes you end up with something you wouldn't have done if you stressed out about following the “rules”. I’ve seen someone make a human character entirely using spears and primitive and it looked amazing. So as long as it is for you, I say don’t worry about it! GO CRAZY! 

Change in Plans

I wasn’t completely happy with the way ‘Back to School’ ended, so I decided to add another two scenes to it.  I’m almost done with it and will upload it when interwebs guy is done switching my cat5s out (cables).  This also means another thing though.  I have too much I want to tell from this chapter, so I’m going to wrap it up in the next.  Which means ‘Trick or Treat’ is going to pushed back one more chapter.  It wouldn’t make much sense to go from this one straight to spicy katsudon, so I’m going to go with it.

I’m calling the next chapter ‘Aftermath’.  Are you scared yet?  I am.  You guys really might kill me after this chapter.  

Oh!  And when I do post ‘Back to School’, please read the trigger warnings.


like you set the guy up to essentially be a foil of washington, from the log that locus writes comparing himself, to the ‘im not a monster im a soldier’ to parallel wash going ‘i am a soldier’ in season 11, to locus’ edgy ass speech to wash in season 12

you give wash a whole speech about how he and locus are inherently different in that same scene

and then you essentially try to make him wash 2.0 with the redemption arc but that doesnt work because weve spent like 5 years getting to know wash and see him and understand his character. locus shows up during one season, acts like an asshole for another, and then goes ’im sorry i fucked up’ the third season. 

like dont get me wrong i see what they were going for and if theyd have had more time i may have even bought it bc i wasnt even opposed to locus having doubts about the whole thing but straight up absolving himself and deciding that not even the people of chorus have the right to choose how he ‘makes things right’ was so badly written and irritating to watch and im Mad

Dear Jayde,

I’m forever grateful that you decided to adopt me, and I just want you to know that you are one of the best people in the Riverdale fandom. You’ve brought so many fans together, and you’ve also written fics that make me get on Tumblr daily just to see if you’ve made another chapter. Your writing is truly amazing, just like you; and I hope that you never forget that. Thank you for everything. Love you! 

-lovejug (:


Comparison gifs for my @gemanimate hand shot! I decided to focus on the gems for both symbolic and artistic reasons. This meant changes like darkening the bg while brightening the gem colours, making sparkly gem animation against the slow-moving fireflies, and slightly turning the hands outwards for a better angle of the gems. Admittedly I ended up sacrificing some narrative clarity for this scene, but that’s what happens with artistic interpretation: sometimes you’ll have to compromise one element, but only so you can concentrate on another.

“I was voted the first in my pack! Everybody got one vote, except for me, because another girl decided to vote for me. I need to show up early now because I’m in charge of making sure that everyone arrives!”

(São Paulo, Brazil)


In a world where werewolves are known, and after the death of his mother, who doesn’t survive the bite of a rabbid wolf, Mieczysław Stilinski decides to join an organization of hunters wanting to get revenge. His new motto: “I kill those who need to be killed.”

Karasuno Couples Kissing!


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So, I decided to make this post for you guys and I hope you find these tips as helpful as I did :) 

1. Never compare yourself to others, but really, NEVER do it.

From my personal experience, I can tell you there’s nothing more destructive than comparing yourself to another person. Every single one of us unique and has their own amazing skills. Maybe one of your friends aces Physics class but you rule when it comes to Chemistry class or a foreign language. Also never let anyone make you feel like you’re not awesome because you are. As Eleanor Roosevelt would say “No one can make feel inferior without your consent.” So don’t let them and wWhat you do, do it for you.

2. See what you’re missing and do it.

If you pay attention and make fantastic notes, but still you don’t reach your desired goal and you know you can do better, check what is missing. Maybe is studying for the exam. Maybe is handing in the homework. Maybe it can be related to a poor sleep or nutrition. You gotta identify what is wrong and do something to change it.

3. Sit up front.

Again, I have experienced this and when I sit in the back I completely lose my focus and immediately start to talk with my friends and doodling on the back of my notebook. Look for the seats right in the front, you’ll be able to pay more attention to what the teacher/lecturer is saying and you’ll be more likely to get done your work fast.

4. Time management.

As a big procrastinator, I can tell you that not having a schedule or not planning your tasks can be really harmful to your grades. I know sometimes Season 4 of Sherlock sound more fun than Spanish reading but you need to prioritize. Make a list, from the most important task to the least, that way if you do not complete everything, you will have ready the most essential duties. Be strong and work hard, then relax.

5. Eat well and sleep well.

As I wrote in one of the past points, sleep and food can be a really influent factor in your school performance. If you only eat junk food and sleep four hours, you’ll be more likely to fall asleep in class or even to suffer a lack of focus and energy because of not nurturing your body properly. I know sometimes homework takes more time that we expected to get done but if it’s not school work or something really important, you should try not to stay awake (even more if your reason to lose hours of precious sleep is to be scrolling down Instagram or Tumblr, which can be done next day). Eat your veggies and get 8-hour sweet dreams.

6. Stay hydrated.

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It increases energy and relieves fatigue, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins and will get you closer to the perfect skin we all want.

7. Pray

Personally, this has been really important to me, especially when it comes to a big exam or a contest. Praying always gives me peace and makes me feel more confident. I invite you to try it, you’ll see the difference. Also, studies have demonstrated that prayer helps you to have more self-control and makes you less vulnerable to the negative physical health effects associated with stress.

8. Pretend that you’ll have to teach the material you are learning, that way you’ll pay more attention and be more likely to memorize it fast.

Always do your best and remember that good thing take time.

A year since the beginning of the end. I’ve learned a lot in that year. I’ll never let anyone manipulate me the way that you did, and I haven’t yet. I learned that sometimes losing who you could’ve loved hurts more than losing someone you have loved. I’ve learned that sometimes you’ll lose parts of yourself that are not retractable but that is okay because you’ll find pieces of yourself that you never knew were there. Life is messy, really messy. If you’re reading this you probably think this all sounds so generic but I promise in due time you’ll understand. People always say that the first person you should love is yourself. I always that I loved myself but I didn’t, and it took you leaving me to realize that. A year later and I finally understand what it means to truly love yourself. I understand that I am in no means perfect, but I am comfortable with who I am in every area of my life. I don’t need another person to fill the emptiness I used to have. I fill those spaces with things that I love and things that makes me happy and I suggest you do the same. It took me a year to realize that it’s not about relying on another person and that love is far more independent than we paint it to be. So believe me while healing is undoubtedly an uncomfortable process in due time you’ll become unaffected. It may have taken me nearly a year to realize that but by focusing on yourself and loving yourself you can mend your own soul, and you don’t need another to do so. You decide what thoughts you allow your brain to process, choose the healthy ones my dear.
—  pen-to-paper-bm, March 21

Hey noodles! I’m back with another masterpost! I’ve gotten a few asks about how I take photos, so I decided to condense all of this into one post.

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  • Shoot when it’s light out for best quality photos, because natural lighting is honestly your best friend. Taking them when it’s lighter out will also make it easier to edit them.
  • ** A lesser known tip that I’ve learned myself is to take photos in pure light. My room is pink, so unless I take pictured in the middle of my room at noon they turn out with an annoying purple tint. it’s hard to edit that out, so I sometimes go to other spots in my house to take photos.
  • EXTRA: If you’re taking photos with a screen turn down the brightness. High brightness gives the screen so much glare that you often can’t see anything other than a bright spot.

Taking the photos:

  • I’m using a colorful planner as an example, so I’m using a white background.
  • If your subject is plainer, you can use a brighter background. (I used a sweater)
  • You can also take a picture of your whole desk.
  • EXTRA: lots of pillowcases/sheets=lots of backgrounds!


  • I use Aviary and vsco, and I edit the brightness/exposure, contrast, saturation, warmth, and tint. On vsco I add either the filters A6 or OC and add on the following to fit.
  • Brightness/exposure: turn these up depending on how bright your original photos are
  • Contrast: turn this up for clarity
  • Saturation: turn the saturation up because photos will generally look washed out after you turn up the brightness (be careful that it doesn’t look unnatural)
  • Warmth: always turn this down, especially if you take pictures in artificial light.
  • Tint: this is what I use to correct the purple-y tint that a lot of my pictures cave because of the color of my walls (I turn it greener, but I imagine it’ll be opposite if you have a green/blue room).

Here are some more before and afters:

++look at this post for the individual photos

I took these around 5 PM, and you can definitely see the purple I was talking about above.

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An important point:

You don’t have to do this at all to be a good studyblr. Plenty of amazing studyblrs don’t jump through this many hoops every time they want to post. I would actually encourage you to not do all of this every time you want to post. I used to spend hours agonizing over my photos, and, believe it or not, my grades went down! Now I know how to balance the aesthetic and actual studying, but I was so caught up in how my notes looked that I wasn’t studying them. If you like to take pretty notes and photographs, then have fun with it, but definitely don’t feel pressured to do all of this if you don’t want to.


[TianShan Week]

Day 2: Dear One

a loved one, a sweetheart(well, more like the devil lol); both dear to one’s heart.

Oops, this is late– I started this when I got back from work last night but I fell asleep midway drawing it ^_^; Since I’m already late, I decided to take some time to make it look a bit more nicer!

It could of done with a few more panels but… X_x There was a scene I had in mind where the mother knows about the jacket because she’s the one who does the laundry in the house :P Oh yeah, can’t forget about that big sandwich! XD


In response to this article, I decided to fix their heinous flier. Feel free to print/use/whatever. Fuck racism. Fuck xenophobia. Fuck the “alt right”. Fuck white supremacy. Fuck any idiot who thinks that where your mother happened to physically be when you were born or the amount of melanin in your body makes one person intrinsically more valuable than another. The United States NEVER has been, and NEVER WILL BE a “white nation”, and that is one of the very best, strongest, and most beautiful things about it. #RESIST


Gif Request Meme: Final Fantasy + Favorite Platonic Relationship (8)

Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia & Gladiolus Amicitia // I’ve made my peace. Still… Knowing this is it, and seeing you here, now, it’s… more than I can take. Well… What can I say ? You guys… are the best. (requested by @nix-stiria)


Blue Bi Bros™

Lance, Korra, Sokka

In celebration of Voltron Season 2 (and the blessing that is more Lance content), I decided to post my first art piece on tumblr! I just really want them all to hang out and bicker and shit (tbh I mostly just wanted a reason to draw my favorites all together so)

(also Lance has freckles in this picture they’re just so hard to see but I swear)

And I know all three of these dorks are competitive as all hell so thought I’d throw in some lowkey Klance, Korrasami, and Sokka/Suki (maybe I’ll make another one of Keith, Asami, and Suki being even more competitive bc honestly all of them would

(Oh yeah and Lance’s shirt is based off of one I own that I designed myself!)

ft. Danny Vasquez (and you just know his Bi shirt would say “Up Yours” because it’s Danny and he has class)

Feel free to repost as long as you credit me!

Happy Season 2 everyone!