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Hey noodles! I’m back with another masterpost! I’ve gotten a few asks about how I take photos, so I decided to condense all of this into one post.

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  • Shoot when it’s light out for best quality photos, because natural lighting is honestly your best friend. Taking them when it’s lighter out will also make it easier to edit them.
  • ** A lesser known tip that I’ve learned myself is to take photos in pure light. My room is pink, so unless I take pictured in the middle of my room at noon they turn out with an annoying purple tint. it’s hard to edit that out, so I sometimes go to other spots in my house to take photos.
  • EXTRA: If you’re taking photos with a screen turn down the brightness. High brightness gives the screen so much glare that you often can’t see anything other than a bright spot.

Taking the photos:

  • I’m using a colorful planner as an example, so I’m using a white background.
  • If your subject is plainer, you can use a brighter background. (I used a sweater)
  • You can also take a picture of your whole desk.
  • EXTRA: lots of pillowcases/sheets=lots of backgrounds!


  • I use Aviary and vsco, and I edit the brightness/exposure, contrast, saturation, warmth, and tint. On vsco I add either the filters A6 or OC and add on the following to fit.
  • Brightness/exposure: turn these up depending on how bright your original photos are
  • Contrast: turn this up for clarity
  • Saturation: turn the saturation up because photos will generally look washed out after you turn up the brightness (be careful that it doesn’t look unnatural)
  • Warmth: always turn this down, especially if you take pictures in artificial light.
  • Tint: this is what I use to correct the purple-y tint that a lot of my pictures cave because of the color of my walls (I turn it greener, but I imagine it’ll be opposite if you have a green/blue room).

Here are some more before and afters:

++look at this post for the individual photos

I took these around 5 PM, and you can definitely see the purple I was talking about above.

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An important point:

You don’t have to do this at all to be a good studyblr. Plenty of amazing studyblrs don’t jump through this many hoops every time they want to post. I would actually encourage you to not do all of this every time you want to post. I used to spend hours agonizing over my photos, and, believe it or not, my grades went down! Now I know how to balance the aesthetic and actual studying, but I was so caught up in how my notes looked that I wasn’t studying them. If you like to take pretty notes and photographs, then have fun with it, but definitely don’t feel pressured to do all of this if you don’t want to.

so yesterday i was thinking about matt and neil’s friendship, specifically in tfc when neil calls matt from the payphone in columbia. can you even imagine how angry matt must have been? we all know that matt basically decided he would die for neil the second they met, and here was his tiny, jumpy new best friend telling him that andrew had taken him to eden’s. matt said, “i’m going to fucking kill him.” matt would willingly have fought andrew for neil. he knows that he definitely wouldn’t win, but that doesn’t matter. neil is scared, neil could be hurt, neil needs help, neil is with andrew. 

andrew would burn the world for neil, but matt would give him the lighter.

My precious baby! <3

Saeran’s romantic and sexual awakening (NSFW-ish)

  •  He’s not feeling well these days
  • He doesn’t know what’s happening, but his stomach feels empty, he often gets chills and feels his face heating and reddening up
  • And these symptoms appear only when you’re around
  • So his first instinct is getting the hell away from you, he doesn’t know how you do these things to him, but he definitely doesn’t want to find out
  • But… avoiding you isn’t doing any good, when you come to visit him and he hides in his room, all those weird sensations get worse when he imagines if you’re angry for being ignored.
  •  Or worse: if you’re hurt. Oh… he can almost feel the pain imagining that he could hurt you…
  • Most of the first clues are these physical reactions, he realizes it must be something emotional when he has to deal with an unfamiliar and irritating feeling: jealousy.
  • He feels his blood boiling when Zen acts flamboyantly around you and you blush… Saeran would like to know how to make you blush…
  • Saeyoung makes you smile so easily… Saeran would like to know how to make you smile…
  • Oh crap… is this what they call “having a crush”?
  • He does what any person would do in this situation: google it.
  • WikiHow has an article on how to recognize you have a crush on someone. “Noticing you act different around the person you might have a crush on from how you act around friends and family.”
  • Well, he’s not that talkative around RFA and he can’t help but snapping on his brother, even if he doesn’t really mean to.
  • But with you… ah, he feels like talking. He hates having an awkward silence between the two of you, and… he loves hearing your voice when you answer one of his questions about whatever.
  • And he doesn’t feel the need to be rude when you’re around, much on the contraire, it’s so important to him being… nice… with you.
  • Yep, he has a crush.
  • And acknowledging it doesn’t make any easier for him, it just makes things more difficult…
  • Because now he wants to understand what he likes about you, and boy… he could make a list.
  • Your eyes, your lips, your hair, your voice, your lips… the way you giggle… your lips, your kindness, your lips, the way you understand him…did he mention how much he likes your lips?
  • Your lips when you lick an ice cream cone, the way your tongue runs on them to wipe them clean from the ice cream… the way… you would place them on his lips with softness and eagerness…
  • Oh… what is he thinking? This is wrong! Wrong as imagining you trailing your lips down his neck, chest, belly… ugh… he’s being such a pervert!
  •  It’s all so confusing and overwhelming he decides to go to the extremes of… ugh… asking his brother for advice.
  •  “I think you’re having more than just a little crush, bro.” “I didn’t ask you that, I asked you what I could do to make these thoughts stop!”
  • “Well, I don’t know about making them stop, but you’ll feel lighter when putting them out there, at least…” “Putting out there? You mean…” “Talking to MC, bro.”
  • “You’re nuts! I’ll only get worse when she rejects me.” “How can you be so sure she’ll reject you?” “Why wouldn’t she? Look at her, look at me…”
  • Saeyoung feel his heart clenching, his poor lil’ bro… so he keeps trying to convince him how great he is and how much you would be happy if he ever decided to be sincere about his feelings, but boy isn’t buying any of this.
  •  “Okay, so… just jerk off thinking of her, I don’t know…” “UGH, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, YOU IDIOT? DON’T EVER SAY WEIRD SHIT LIKE THAT! Ugh, I’m… I’m calling MC, I’m taking her to the park.” Saeyoung smirks.
  • “I’m so glad you invited me, Saeran, I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore…” you say with a sad smile… oh… are you hurt by that? Well, he’s… he’s very hurt too.
  • “Why wouldn’t I want to see you anymore, MC? I… I like… having you around… a lot…” you blush. Oh, did he really make you blush?
  • “I like having you around too, Saeran.” You smile, oh… did he make you smile that easily?
  •  “I think… I think you could be more around…” he says almost in a whisper “Yes, I would love that.”
  • Love? You would… love? Love…
  • It’ not a crush, it’s… love.
  • Ugh… now he’s even more screwed.
My Artistic Process

Hi everyone!  I got a question from @ellenoftroy​ about my artistic process so I thought I’d post the process for this fox in a dress painting, especially because I’ll be running a contest to give away the original tomorrow!  I’ll probably make a prettier post at some point, but for now, here’s how I work!

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This Random Girl [Chapter 1] - Steve Harrington x Reader

  A/N: ya girl is back, with a 3-part-long-ish fic. I’ve been waiting for my boy steve to get attention since season 1, and he finally is

  “Hey, kid, what are you doing?” I call out. The redheaded girl whips around, the sheet of metal she was dragging falling over as she lets go.

 “Uh,” She hesitates, peering around the side of the abandoned bus before turning her attention back to me, steeling her gaze. “What are you doing?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi mom^^, you like exo's comeback right? I also really like it. The concept is something new and they all look so good and pretty!!! Would you please write a little au for them? Maybe like a retro au? ^^ I really like your writing, it's so nice to read and I've squealed multiple times while reading your other aus:)

ok,,,,like i said im not good at writing most of exo but i think i have a decent handle on kai so i decided to write a lil 70s themed au for him ^^ 

  • is proclaimed to be the “hottest bad boy” in town 
  • wears leather jackets over unbuttoned satin t-shirts and sports a cigarette behind his ears and a topless red corvette 
  • his friends are all rowdy and like drinking and partying and racing but kai,,,,,,something about him is different
  • he’s never chased anyone down the street, never yelled at the drive-in, sorta just,,,,,,,plays with a lighter in the backseat of the car and when baekhyun or chanyeol try to get him to play bets or go buy new 8-tracks he waves them off and says something about how that’s boge
  • reads tiger beat upside down on the school roof while listening to lynard skynyrd
  • you’re working part-time at this diner near the school and the place jUST got a new comp-disc jukebox so it’s packed times ten,,,,,
  • and everyone keeps getting into arguments over what to play
  • and of course you see kai’s friends end up standing on one of the tables shouting out that the only “ace” group worth playing is aerosmith  
  • they nudge kai over to go pick out the song and he looks exhausted by their cheering and shouting 
  • and you go over because you don’t want him,,,,,,,or anyone else to break the damn thing since you guys JUST got it
  • so when he reaches out you put your hand on his wrist and motion for him to drop the 75 cent fee into your hand
  • and he’s like “listen, bunny im not gonna break-”
  • and you scoff because bunny? really? you put your hand over the money slot and you’re like “hand it over, tell me the song and I’LL play it.”
  • the diner goes quiet as everyone focuses on you two,,,,,kai tilting his head and going “do you know ,,,,,,, who i am?”
  • and you keep the same blank expression on like “yeah, some juicer casanova who thinks he runs this place.”
  • you hear baekhyun let out a loud OOOOOOOOOO do you dig that kai? they called you ‘some juicer’ aint that a shuck!
  • and you tap your foot,,,,,waiting and kai drops the money into your palm and you sarcastically go “thank you, stud”
  • and turn around to pick out,,,,much to the dismay of kai and his buddies, a abba song
  • later that night as you’re closing up you notice the red corvette outside and you roll your eyes because oh what is he gonna pick a fight with you
  • and when you go outside, there’s kai
  • reading with a cigarette between his lips and you’re like “well, are you mad? why don’t you sit on it and come back tomorrow!”
  • kai doesn’t even look up and you furrow your eyebrows,,,,until you hear his low voice go
  • “do you need a ride?”
  • “,,,,,,,,bogus what do you really want?”
  • kai flicks his cigarette out and goes “i wanna give the bunny a ride”
  • and you’re like “what did i say about that”
  • letting out a small grin he shrugs and goes “cool, i wanna give you a ride.”
  • and you don’t know why (you do know why. it’s kai’s handsome face) but you get in the car and,,,,,,the summer breeze is nice
  • and kai ,,, looks so perfect against the night sky
  • and you wonder why,,,,,,why’s he being nice???? you made a fool of him???
  • but kai isn’t joking around he really pulls up in front of your house and doesn’t try anything
  • even jumping out the drivers seat to open the door for you and you,,,,suspiciously eye him,,,,,
  • until you’re like “night” and he pulls you back before you turn,,,,,placing your hand on his chest which should be clothed but you realize the shirt underneath isn’t even buttoned and you’re touching skin
  • and you’re like “uh-”
  • and he goes “no bunny,,,,,,wait,,,,,,sorry no one has ever made my heart beat like you did,,,,,you were all doggish and it was,,,,,,,hot.”
  • you feel the heat rise up in your face,,,,you want to pull your hand away but,,,,,also,,,,,,,did kai just tell you you kinda turned him on??
  • but you try to compose yourself and you’re like “well,,,,,,you’re decent and all mr casanova but i dont want to play game-”
  • he pulls you closer,,,,bring you nose to nose with him and suddenly you have nothing to say 
  • except enjoy the smell of subtle cologne and something,,,almost wild and foresty from kai,,,
  • “oh, it’s no game don’t worry, you’ve got me crazy~”
  • the feeling of his lips ghosting over yours,,,,,his other hand coming up to hold your waist and you breathe in closing your eyes
  • only to hear the window open and your parents concerned voice and you pull back and tell kai to get out as fast as possible
  • and he jumps into his car, but before he speeds out down the street he tears something from his neck and tosses it to you
  • catching it,,,,you look down to see a pretty, golden chain with an icon hanging off it and kai says “something to remember me by tonight”
  • and with that he’s gone and the door is opening and you’re stuck there on your front lawn, mouth open in wonder because,,,,,,,,,,,doesnt this only happen in your dreams??!?!?!

Title: The Small Stuff
Character: Shaun Murphy
A/n: This could technically count this as a part two for the last shaun story, but honestly i just wanted to write more for this bean and i didn’t wanna come up with a whole other background just yet.

It was still raining whenever your shift at the hospital ended, the sky had darkened but even still you could see the spindly patterns of rain tracks on the windows, and hear the soft roll of thunder from outside.

Stoping by your locker to put back on your street clothes never took you much time, back at med school your party trick was to be able to execute perfect quick changes.

But when you walked to the main doors of the building, a hair tie hanging loosely between your teeth as you gathered your hair into some sort of pile at the back of your head, you were somewhat surprised to see Shaun already standing there, just staring out at the parking lot.

Quickly, you twisted your tie around the mass of hair you had collected, and started to make your way over to him.

You were able to catch glances of him throughout most of the day, but they were never long enough for you to stop and say hello or even give him a simple smile of acknowledgement.

But, you had noticed that whenever he walked, it was almost with perfect posture and calculated steps, as if he was mentally graphing out his entire route wherever he went, and he never looked lost.

Which in retrospect was pretty impressive considering it was his first day here. You’d been at San Jose for a considerable amount of time, and sometimes you still forgot where certain places were.

He also almost always had his hands clasped together at his stomach, and even now as he stood facing away from you, you could tell by the positioning of his arms, he was doing it.

“Hello, Dr. Murphy.” You placed your hands into the pockets of your jeans and nodded at him when he turned.

“Hello,” Shaun replied, giving you a small smile when you met gazes before he looked down again. “Why do you call me that?”

“Call you what?”

“Dr. Murphy, you called me Shaun when you first learned my name.”

You blinked, thinking it was obvious to call him that in a professional setting. “I just assumed, because we haven’t known each other very long, you’d prefer to be called by that.”

“But we’re not working.”

That got a smile out of you. “Hello, Shaun.”

“Hello, (Y/n).” He said, his tone was lighter now.

“How was your first day?”

“Uneventful, Dr. Melendez has me on suction from now till eternity, so I suppose that’s something.” Shaun answered, ruffling up his hair.

You laughed. “At least you have a sense of humor.”

Shaun looked at you, brows tilted towards each other ever so slightly. “No one ever usually says that about me.”

“Really?” You asked, only to have him nod. “Are you heading out soon?” You deterred, deciding it was a bit early in your relationship to go digging into his personal history.

“Yes, I still have a bit of time to spare though, and I’d rather be here anyways.”

You nodded, taking a short moment to search through your bag. “You know, earlier I noticed that you were all wet from the rain, and it just so happens that I always carry a spare.”

“Why would someone need more than one umbrella?”

You couldn’t help but chuckle. “I sort of collect them, oddly enough,” You said, plucking the one you used earlier to show him. “I have a whole bunch at my place.”

Shaun looked down at your already outstretched hand, taking the umbrella from you and running his one thumb over the nylon taffeta of the cover. “I like this color.”

It was a dark blue, just a shade or two above navy.

“I agree, I used that one all the time when I first got it, just because I thought it looked pretty.”

Shaun looked up at you, his hand hadn’t moved from it’s outstretched postion. “When should I give it back to you?”

“Keep it, consider it a welcoming present.”

Shaun brought his hand back, both his hands now pressing into the material. “Thank you.”

“It’s not a problem,” You replied before heaving a sigh. “Anyways, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Can I ask you something before you go?” He said before you could get too far, continuing when you gave him a nod.

“How come you helped me earlier? I thought about it a lot today, and I never gave you a convincing reason. I could have just been some crazy person looking to steal painkillers or something.”

“Well, did you steal any painkillers?”

Shaun looked like he was debating whether you were serious or not and then shook his head.


You laughed and Shaun was beginning to notice that you laughed a lot. When he saw you talking with the other doctors, were usually laughing, or smiling as if you were about to.

He wondered how someone could seem so happy all the time.

“Call it a leap of faith, you seemed trustworthy so I trusted you,” You explained with a small shrug. “Turns out it was a good call.”

Shaun nodded, seemingly satisfied with your response. “You managed to remember that I didn’t have an umbrella earlier,” He called out to you while you were walking to the door. “And you thought I was the observant one.“

Then came your laugh again.

“See? There’s that sense of humor.”

My Favorite What If - Part 1

Masterlist Part 2

Summary: You run into your childhood friend Steve and wonder if you’ve missed out on a good thing.

Prompt(s): for @tatortot2701 ’s AU Writing Challenge!: “Please don’t tell me you got arrested again.”

Warnings: couple of swear words because it’s me, that’s all. :)

Word Count: 3078

Author’s Note: italics are memories/flashbacks. I loved this when I started then I’m not so sure about it… I’m mostly nervous to be back after such a long time away from writing. Oh well, nothing to it but to do it, so here it is. Some angst and floof. Also thanks to @denialanderror, that b who points out my typos. :) Thanks for your help on this one.

Originally posted by forassgard

The courthouse is a flurry of activity at this hour. Soon it’ll settle into the quiet drone of transcripts hammered out on antiquated technology, heavy doors groaning open and thundering shut as accused and accusers alike rotate in and out of courtrooms. There’s almost a peace to it for you, the steady rhythm of it all feels familiar and… normal.

You’d learned long ago that courthouses are far more mundane than Law & Order would have everyone believe. The truth is people filter in and out, arguing over traffic stops and staring each other down over divorce proceedings, sentences and decisions moving across the desks of bored judges faster than the papers can move, and all of it so incredibly commonplace. So incredibly boring.

But boring is good. It is for you, at least. Having spent time on more than one side of a courtroom, it’s a familiar place, and a safe one. Clutching today’s case file you ease back until your shoulders and head reach the marble wall behind you and you let your eyes drift closed, waiting to be called.

The tension just begins to slip from your shoulders when a booming happy voice echoes off the stone all around you, drawing your attention. You know it’s calling for you because it’s a familiar voice, so very familiar you’d never forget it. Your eyes nearly pop out of your head in surprise, your jaw falling open when you turn to finally look at him.

Please don’t tell me you got arrested again,” he teases, approaching you with arms outstretched and a broad grin. “My caseload is full, and you know my mom’ll kill me if I post your bail again.”

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peaceontheplanet replied to your post “hey all! so i hit a frankly stupid follower benchmark this week, and…”

Can you tell me another story? I’m bored out of my mind working for insurance and could use an lol. Hope you’re having an otherwise good day with your stupid follower count :)

sure, peaceontheplanet. i mean i can’t promise it’s gonna be as funny as the internet apparently found the porn thing but like, HERE’S A STORY ABOUT THE TIME I GOT MUGGED AT KNIFEPOINT (BUT BY A GENTLEMAN).

so when i was studying in argentina, it was like a thursday, and they were having what’s called a “feria” which is kind a holiday?? in argentina sometimes they decide to CANCEL EVERYTHING, ostensibly to celebrate things like books and students but i suspect really so that nobody has to go to work.

  • argentina gets me.

ANYWAY, i decided that day to go the gym! this was new and different for me, a person who considers “intense chewing” to be exercise. 


so i went to the gym. it went the way that trips to the gym usually do for 5'8" girls with severe pigeon toes and a total lack of all motivation.

  • badly.

as i’m walking home, past the college of dentistry, i was fussing with a lighter that i had in my pocket because i was also, at that time, dealing with my fear of intimacy by smoking. so this guy comes up to me and is like, “hey, can i borrow a light?”

here’s a list of things i should have said:

  • “sorry, no.”
  • “ahhhhhh you know what, i would, but i’m super busy right now??? i actually have a dentist’s appointment, as evidenced by this College of Dentistry that i’m standing outside??”
  • “don’t you know that smoking gives you cancer? let’s commit to quitting, right now, to each other. bring it in. go team. together we can.”

here’s what i did say:

  • “claro que sí, amigo.”

he’s trying to light his cigarette, and his hands are shaking a little? so he can’t. and i’m like, dude, calm down, it’s okay. what is this, your first cigarette or something? lol.

after a few seconds, he kind of goes, “fuck it,” and drops the lighter into his pocket. and i’m like, “excuse me??? that’s my lighter?? also you didn’t even manage to light your cigarette???”  but before i can vocalize these protests, he gets rEALLY close to me and pulls out a knife. then he goes, “you have three seconds.”

what i should have said:

  • “okay. you can have whatever you want.”
  • “here’s my wallet.”
  • “wow, what a very sharp-looking knife, in what way can i avoid being stabbed with it today??”

what i actually said:

  • “haha, uhhhhh, until what?”


BUT HE DIDN’T SAY DEATH!!! it turns out that the gentleman attempting to rob me was like, maybe a rookie? it’s possible that he had never robbed anybody at knife-point, before. this as an experience that we were going through together for the first time.

because what he said was: “….i have a knife.

i said, “yes. i can see that. it’s very nice.”

  • “i have a knife”??? come on, buddy. be better prepared. come with a to-do list. practice in a mirror.
  • “then i’m going to pull out the knife and say: give me _____.”
  • clear, concise, quick. that should be your motto, buddy. it is not MY JOB, as the ROBBEE, to read your goddamn mind. I AM NOT DRIVING THIS SHIP. IF YOU ALSO AREN’T DRIVING IT, WE ARE IN TITANIC-LEVEL TROUBLE.

at this point, clearly realizing that he had gotten in tOO DEEP with this dumbass tourist who didn’t even know how to get robbed properly, he blurted out, “uhhhhh, do you have a phone?”

i did have a phone! i had a broken claro go-phone that i had purchased upon entering the country which had 2 argentine pesos worth of text messages left in it and a inbox message from a boy name juan that said, “you like me a LOT.”

  • i had responded, “actually, i just like you the normal amount.”
  • i felt bad about that when i realized that he was trying to say, “i like YOU a lot,” but feelings verbs in spanish are mostly reflexive.

i handed the man with the knife my phone. he looked at it. looked back up at me. “r u srs?” his face seemed to say. “this is what you’re giving me right now? a janky ass claro go-phone that is CLEARLY MISSING THE NUMBER 7 KEY????”

look, the shoddy workmanship is a source of frustration to you and me BOTH, okay. we’re BOTH victims here.

but the beautiful thing about this story is that HE TOOK IT! he looked at me, looked down at his knife, sighed, and put the phone in his pocket. THEN HE REACHED BACK INTO HIS POCKET AND RETURNED MY LIGHTER TO ME.

we looked at each other.

  • here’s the thing that no one tells you about daylight robbery: there’s like. an afterbeat.
  • there is a moment in between “robbery-in-progress” and “going home to your homestay and explaining that you can’t answer phone calls anymore” where you and your robber have to look at one another and figure out HOW TO WALK AWAY.
  • listen, friends: in robberies, as everywhere, goodbyes are never easy.

“thank you,” he said.

“you’re welcome,” i answered.

he hesitated. “have a good day,” he said.

“………….okay,” i answered. “you too. enjoy the phone.”


i think about this a lot, and i wonder if he ever thinks about me. i wonder if he ever thinks, “that goddamn asshole knew i was going to have to press the 7 key four hundred times before it registered anything." 

  • i’m sorry, man with the knife. i panicked. in the heat of the moment, we all say things we don’t mean.
His Broken Crown (Bill Denbrough x Reader)

Bill Denbrough x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You haven’t seen Bill in at least a month and his always locked door haunts you every night. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and you’ve never been more desperate to see him in your life, even if it means sneaking into his house. 

Warnings: To clear this up: THIS DOES NOT ROMANTICIZE DEPRESSION. If you think romanticizing depression is cute, then stop, take a good hard look in the mirror…and go fuck yourself. But of course, there is cursing. Mention of Georgie’s death. This is based off the song “You Can Be King Again” by Lauren Aquilina. 

Words: 1,852

Bill’s door was closed as it always was, and you wondered what he could be doing in his room, all alone for so many hours. It’d been seven weeks since “the thing that was not to be spoken of”, and it seemed to him that that he was all alone in the world. Bill was convinced he was on his own, and so what? There was no one who could help, and his own parents had given up on trying.

You found yourself in the empty hallway to his room, leaning against the wall right next to Georgie’s empty room. Had he gone blind? He’d definitely forgotten what he had and what was his. A room, parents, friends, a bike, stability. Bill had these things. You leaned back against the wall, tilting your chin up to stare at the ceiling. A small smile tugged your lips. Technically, you weren’t supposed to be here. His parent’s didn’t know you crawled in through the window, but at the moment there were other things clouding your mind. Maybe that’s what he was doing in his room. Staring at the ceiling.

Bill had things. He had good grades, a house, a warm bed. Above all, he had you.

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The Woman You Still Love

(Part 3 to The Man You Loved)

Requests:  Are you going to do a part 3 of Man you Loved? 


Yes, please do a part 3!!!




pt 3!!


a bunch of other comments

Warnings: Angst

A/n: Holy crap guys. You really like this series

Read Part 1 here 

Read Part 2 here

Originally posted by terribleimagines

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tonystarkism  asked:

YOUR GIFS ARE MAGIC AND RAINBOWS (literally)!!! A tutorial on how you use/choose gradients to create colour porn gifsets, pretty please? Love you, you know it <3

I LOVE YOU <3 thank you so much!

Gradients will trasform your gif from this:

to this:

Examples of colour porn gifsets using gradients: x, x and x.

Since this has been requested a few times, I’m gonna start by giving a few tips and then we’ll move to a tutorial.

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Pretty Girls, Protective Boys, and Alcohol || (Jungkook x Reader)

Pretty girls, protective boys, and alcohol don’t mix well together. A situation in which Sehun gets a little to close to (Y/N), and Jungkook isn’t going to let it slide. 

(Disclaimer: I love Sehun and EXO! He just made a good character for the story.)

Word Count: 2.5k

A huge awards show was coming up, where BTS was nominated for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year among other things. The group behind the awards show had decided to hold a party for all of the nominated artists, where they would be able to come together and celebrate. All of the boys were extremely excited for the nomination party, and Jungkook had been begging me to come with him. I had never really been around all of his idol friends in public, so I was hesitant about the invitation… but I wanted to support my boyfriend, so I joined him despite my worries.

The night started off wonderfully. I was wearing my favorite little black dress, upon Jungkook’s request (it was his favorite, too). The party venue was in a ballroom of a beautiful hotel in Seoul. Lights were strung from end to end, reflecting off of the marble walls. Exquisite food was displayed along the tables, accompanied by a bar with every form of alcohol imaginable; a benefit that everyone in attendance was taking advantage of.

I surveyed the room to find many familiar faces, and if I hadn’t seen these people before, I would’ve been totally star-struck. Of course, there was always GOT7; them and Bangtan were glued to each other at all times. In the center of the room were the boys of BigBang, who were joined by SNSD. They were all dancing wildly, as they probably didn’t feel super inclined to protect their image after their long careers. Off to the side were younger groups such as Blackpink, Twice, and Seventeen. They appeared to be keeping to themselves.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance when I spotted a certain group in one corner of the room. There gathered the entirety of EXO, surrounded by a bunch of girls that they probably didn’t know.

Bangtan and EXO were not friends.

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00:06 AM

Calum Hood - 3070 words (smut)

I want to celebrate my birthday with all of you with some Calum smut! 


“He’s so hot.” My friend Sarina mumbles as she swoons, her head rested heavily on her hand as the drool almost flowed past her lips. She was talking about Michael, the punk guy that for some reason hung out with the ‘cool’ kids. I thought he was cool though, I had spoken to him a few times during my English class. He wasn’t a jock and that was probably why I appreciated him that much. Everyone just thought that it was weird he hung out with their kind. 

She once had the opportunity to sleep with him at one of Calum’s famous parties, only to start stuttering and walk away at record speed. Ever since then she had been drooling all over him. I, on the other hand, was way more into the tan jock with the breathtaking smile. Calum Hood. 

“You’re disgusting. He’s one of them.” Louise scrunches her nose and I chuckle, ripping my eyes from the popular table to cross my arms over my chest and turn my upper body towards my best friends. “Oh please didn’t you fuck Luke last year? He is head jock.” I accusingly point a finger towards Louise who immediately blushes a shameful red. “Shut up.”

“Let her drool. At least her legs stay closed.” I shrug my shoulders, taking a juicy, large bite out of my apple. “Watch your words, if I’m not mistaken you had a thing for Cal.”

I shrug my shoulders again, chewing my apple probably a bit disgusting, brows set in a frowning manner. “Over that.“  Oh, if only they knew. 

“What are you plans for your birthday tomorrow? Like you wanna go out or something?” Sar asks again, something that had been the choice of conversation of the last few days.

“I don’t know yet. I’m shit deep in assignments and I really have to catch up on studying. It’s been fucking long since I had a free afternoon.” I shrug my shoulders, ditching the clock house of my apple on Louise’s tray. The second the words left my lips I’m receiving scoffs from both my mates and I can’t help but roll my eyes. “It’s true!”

“Who the fuck is going to study on her birthday?” Louise groans loudly, throwing her hands up in exasperation before she pushes her tray to the side to lean her arms onto the table. “People who have their birthday in the middle of finals, maybe?” I chuckle dryly, my eyes once again trailing to the far table in the back, seeing Calum laugh loudly at something Luke has just whispered in his ear. He glimpses towards me and I merely stare at him, he does the same for a few short moments before turning his head back to his mates.

“So, any plans or not? Because I want to know if I should shave my legs for a special night out.” Sarina laughs heartily which immediately brings a smile to my own face. “You know what, I’ll think about it. It’s not like I’m going to study in the evening, right?” This brings up a round of cheers and I already curse inwardly for even granting them a maybe, because all I wanted was to be at home in comfortable clothes – and Calum between my legs maybe.

Sar and I bid Louise goodbye, who had an art history class right after lunch. I liked to drabble and write, but I wasn’t actually ever going to pursue a career in art. Seemed like a logical choice at the time to drop the course. I regretted it as soon as I heard Louise chant about all the shit she could do.

“We’re balls deep in shit, you know that, right?” I sigh out as soon as Louise is out of ear shot, turning my head towards my mate walking besides me. “Stop stressing about finals so much.” Sar laughs it off, pushing my shoulder just hard enough for me to lose my balance for a split second. “Well don’t you think it’s totally logical for someone our age to worry about a career and future?”
“We’re still in college, Y/n. You still have a whole year left, maybe even five more if you go for that graduate degree.” Sar points out, holding her bottle of coke towards me to get her point across.

“Don’t talk about that you’re giving me stomach aches.” I groan as I without a second thought start to rub my stomach in circles, trying to soothe the stress that had immediately formed there. “Sometimes I don’t understand how you ever were popular in high school. Have you met up with Cal lately?” Sar asks as nonchalantly as she can – which is not nonchalant at all, if you might wonder – as she stops in front of the closed door of the library.

“No, he didn’t even text me. I wonder if he noticed my subtle staring at lunch.” I laugh, I know I am anything but subtle and Louise and Sar don’t ever let me forget about it either.
“Maybe you should take up on Ashton’s proposition though. I mean he’s hot and he is willing.” Sarina emphasizes the willing part and I think back about the drummer with the mess on his head. “I’m actually contemplating it, isn’t that horrible? But instead of worrying about my sex life, ask Michael to meet up instead of sexting him the whole fucking day.”

The shade of red her cheeks immediately fill with is enough indication that I am right about the assumptions I had made a few weeks earlier. Sar starts stumbling over her words and I just hold up a hand to stop her. “Don’t worry about it. Make sure you get some.”
Sarina shyly smiles and nods her head. “I have a meeting for that project of Mr. Trevor, I’ll see you later?” Sar points to the library door, her body already turning to disappear through.

“Yeah, I’ll text you later.” I head for the back door of the long, deserted hallway, pushing my way through to stop with the harsh sunlight blinding me. I decide now is as good as time as any to have a smoke and I push through the back door, hands already digging through the front pocket of my bag in search for my lighter. Both girls know if there’s anything that I hate doing is going out for my birthday, because they always make a fucking big deal out of it. I’m just happy with a cake, some ice cream and a night in with some gossip.

I sit down against the brick wall, legs spread widely in front of me, bag leaning against my side as I blow the white smoke up into the air, my pointer finger and thumb swirling my phone in circles, awaiting Calum’s response. 

"I wondered where you wandered off to.”

“Right here. You didn’t text back.” I mumble in return, slowly opening my eyes and gazing up at the tall frame of Calum. “I’m here now.” He responds meagerly, his fingers brushing over his lips as he gazes off into the distance. “Apparently so.” I respond, pushing the nub into a crack of concrete to my right, slowly dragging it across the floor, spilling the tobacco everywhere. 

“Don’t be like that. What are you doing tonight?" Hopefully you. I answer immediately in my head, but I bite my lip and refrain myself, instead pushing myself up on my feet and brushing my bum off. "Not sure, stay in and watch a movie maybe?”

“Come over.” Calum immediately states, his hand reaching out to briefly touch my shoulder only to stop mere centimeters from me. “Cal, I’m not in the mood for Luke of Michael to see me and rumors to spread around here.” I roll my eyes, leaning my left shoulder against the wall so I was facing him. Calum merely smirks down at me, keeping still at first. 

“I’m alone tonight. They’re out to a football match.”

“Aren’t you the big football fan?” I chuckle, leaning more towards him as I let my hand rest against his plain white t-shirt. 

“I saw an opportunity and I had to take it. Come over at eight.” His hand slips along my neck, thumb gently tapping my jaw before he retreats and disappears around the corner, making it seem like this conversation never occurred. He is what I try to keep hidden anyway. 

“You, me and a chick flick tonight?” Louise questions as we walk down the stairs of the front porch, her head turning every so often as if she’s looking out for someone. “Sorry man, plans.” I dismiss her as curtly as I can, my fingers already digging through my bag for my Flounder keychain as we approach our cars. 

“Locking yourself in your room aren’t plans, Y/n. And you’re already ditching us tomorrow too, don’t deny it!” I roll my eyes as I press that button that opens the car from afar, slinging my back already off my shoulder, the strap clutched in my hand. “If I wanted them to be, they would. No I have to do something for my dad.” I decide that’s the best believable excuse I can come up with. “Oh alright. See you tomorrow then?” Louise stops at her own white Mini Cooper, keys dangling from her hand as she awaits my response. 

“I have class at ten, might see you at lunch.” I know that’s not what she’s talking about but I dismiss her as I wave at her, throwing my bag onto the passenger seat and get in, my fingers fumbling for my phone to see what Calum had texted. 

I can’t wait to see you. 

I grin at my phone and toss it on my bag before putting the car in gear. It was only an hour left before I had to be at Cal’s so I might better grab some dinner first. 

I’m munching on my Mc Donald’s drive through meal as I speed home. I know which roads to avoid when wanting to get home as fast as I can without losing my driver’s license and I use that route very, very frequently. A few days ago I had bought some new underwear and now would be as good of time as ever to show Cal the new merch.

“Whoa, what’s got you in such a hurry?” My dad chuckles as I push the door open roughly, speeding past him towards my room. I hadn’t expected him to be here already and right now I curse myself for deciding to come home. “Girls night with Louise and Sar. Might not come home, love you.” I mumble as I pull a clean shirt over my new black bra, my teddy bear clutched under my arm.

“Alright dear have fun. Don’t drink and drive.” I him in response and wave goodbye to my dad before disappearing from his sight. The teddy bear is thrown in the trunk, bag slung on the passenger seat.

Where are you??

I curse loudly as I see the time, myself not even being fashionably late anymore. Calum’s fraternity is only a few minutes away and ten minutes after his message, my finger presses the doorbell. “Finally.” Calum groans as he steps aside to let me in, my flat hand pressing against his chest to dismiss his grumpiness.

“Down, dog.” I grant the now angry looking Calum a smirk as I whip my head back around and disappear into the living room. I drop my lazy ass onto the sofa as Calum walks into the room, a frown set onto his lips. “Don’t I get a hello kiss?”
I roll my eyes and beckon him over, his tall, lean body leaning over mine as I press my lips to his. I pull him down by his neck and he lands half on top of me with a loud thud.

“Someone missed me.” Calum smirks as his face hovers only a few centimeters from mine, one of his stupid smirks on his features. I press my lips back to his, my tongue slowly dragging along his bottom, plump lip and he grants me access. Our kiss starts to get heated, Calum pushing me down onto the sofa, his large body covering mine like a blanket.
He slowly pulls away, his eyes fluttering open as he gazes down at me. “Well yeah, it’s been two weeks.”

“Did you fuck Ash during?” Calum kisses my jaw and slowly drags his lips down as his hands wander underneath my riled up t-shirt, but I hear the envy in his voice.
“How do you even know that?” I groan as I lift my upper body, granting him more access to explore the skin above my breasts. “Overheard you talking. Did you?”

“No. Why would it matter anyway?” I pull his face back up to level with mine but decide to distract him by unbuttoning his tight, black skinny jeans. Calum wasn’t one to have serious talks with but I realized that when I distracted him, he’d say anything that was on that troubled mind of his. “You’re mine.” He mumbles and presses our lips back together, my fingers now working on ridding him of his white shirt. Soon it flies to the floor besides us, my own following suit after. “Upstairs.” I mumble against his lips, pushing his chest to get him to go off of me.

He stands to his feet and hold his hand for me to grab and pulls me to my feet. “We’re alone, all this space to fuck you on. And you still want to go upstairs?” I let my pointer finger slither into the waistband of his boxers and pull, making the elastic slap against his pelvis. “I have all night, who says we have to stay in bed?” I wink and I hears Calum’s footsteps immediately behind me as I jog up the stairs towards Calum’s room.

As soon as he’s inside as well I’m pushed roughly against the door, his hands roaming over my hips, lips pressed feverishly against the pulse point on my neck. He rids me off my jeans in just a matter of seconds, his fingers immediately raising over my tender flesh to unclasp my bra and send that piece of clothing to the ground as well.

I push past Calum, letting myself fall onto his unmade bed, eyes slowly closing as I listen to Calum creeping closer. “I could watch you all night.” Calum breathes and I can just imagine him palming his cock through the confines of his boxer shorts.

I slowly open my eyes and sit back onto my knees on the edge of the bed, Calum standing right before me. “You’re such a sap.” I chuckle as I gaze up at him through my lashes.

“I want you.” I press my hands against his bum and pull him towards me, causing him to lose his footing and stumble forward. A hearty laugh leaves my lips as he sprawls out on top of the sheets and I swing my leg over his waist to straddle him. “Well I could watch this all night.”

Calum’s hands raise to cup my breasts and he gives them a gentle squeeze, my lip pulled between my teeth at his calloused touch. I slide off of him to rid him of his jeans, pulling his boxers along in one go. While I’m standing on the carpet, I slide my own knickers down my legs as Calum watches from the bed with hooded eyes.

I can’t wait anymore, it’s been two weeks and I have been craving him. I don’t give him time to protest about pleasuring me as I grab his erect cock between my fingers and slide  down onto him. Both Calum and I are groaning out, I hope his is in pure bliss just as I at this moment, and I need a moment before I can move. I start swiveling my hips, my head immediately thrown back as Calum’s fingertips press roughly into the flesh near my hips.

“Come on, faster Y/n.” Calum groans as he starts to guide my hips up and down to a rhythm that suits him best, my nails digging into his abdomen for leverage. Calum seems to can take it anymore and in a split second I’m flipped over on my back , hair sprawled out against the sheets. Calum slams into me immediately, my hands clutching the sheets in tight fists.

“Oh Cal – harder.” I breathe, throwing my head back as he pounds into me at a relentless pace.

Calum grunts in response and his thrust become quick and sharp, the sound of the headboard slamming against the wall the only extra sound resonating through the empty frat house. I’m already seeing stars and before I know it my fingernails are digging into his tan flesh on his shoulders, my legs tightly wound around his hips and my back arched, breasts pressing against his sweaty upper torso. “Cal – yes – I – “ I try to form a sentence but my orgasm hits me as hard as ever and I’m a moaning mess underneath him. Calum grunts out, picking up his pace which has become sloppier as he felt my walls contract around him, his movements still only a few minutes after, myself still coming down from my high.

Calum lets himself drop onto my sweat covered naked body for a second to catch his breath. It takes him a few moments to recover and when he does, he lifts himself back up to rest his weight on his arms. His eyes dart to the bedside table to my left and the tiniest of chuckles leaves his lips.

“Technically this is birthday sex.” Calum chuckles as he motions his head towards the alarm clock on his bedside table, my own head turning to look at the time. 00:06 AM.

“You remembered?” I sort of gasp out, my head sharply turned back to gaze up into Calum’s deep brown eyes. He kisses me slowly and retreats. “Well, you’re like my best friend. Of course I’d remember.” A small smile graces my lips and I mouth thank you, although I don’t think he’d notice. “So how about some birthday sex in the shower?” Calum grins and I laugh loudly, pushing him off of me and crawling off of the bed. “Are you coming?”  

All the love!
L. xox

Weighted Lap Pad Tutorial!

Here’s how I made my weighted lap pad!


  • Fleece, whatever style you like in whatever size you want. I made mine with some leftover TWD fabric, since that’s my current special interest!
  • Rice, deer corn, or any other weighted filling. I used rice. (If you use rice or corn or beans, you can’t wash it, though.)
  • Sewing machine 
  • Thread that will match your fabric

Step 1:

This is going to give us the nice finish on the outside of your lap pad! 

Cut out the rectangular pieces of your fabric, then put them together so the two “right” sides are touching each other. The “wrong” side should be on the outside. 

Next, you should pin it on three out of the four sides, leave the top side un-pinned. Sew along your pins, leave a half inch seam. 

For visual learners, follow this diagram. Sew along the red lines.

Step 2:

Turn the rectangle right side out, make sure you push on the corners so they look kind of square. 

Measure the length of your rectangle to decide how you want to divide up the weight. I did mine by dividing the rectangle into thirds, since the design on the fabric created those lines for me.

Pin along those lines and sew them. Be sure to go all the way off the end, then back up the stitches on the bottom to reinforce them.

Again, here’s a diagram of where to sew:

Step 3:

Figure out how much you want it to weigh! I chose six pounds for mine, but yours can be heavier or lighter. 

Divide that number by how ever many sections you chose to divide your lap pad into. 

If you have a small cooking scale, you could measure it on there. Measure out the rice for each section, the weight doesn’t have to be exact. Then, roll down the top of the section and pour the rice in.

Make sure it’s not packed full of rice, there should be enough room for it to move around. There should be a reasonable amount of space between the filling and the top seam, so it won’t spill out as you’re sewing.

Step 4:

This is going to close the top of the lap pad up!

At the open top part of the lap pad, you’re going to need to fold the top part in. Think of how a seam works on clothes. Fold the front part in, then the back part, so the “wrong” sides are touching, then pin it.

When that is folded down, pin it and stitch across to close it up and give it a clean finish that looks like the rest of the seams!

Now it should be done! Here’s mine, you can kind of see where some of the stitching is.

Painted Hearts (7)

part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part sevenpart eight; part nine; part ten;

“Do you think she knows about us?” Sehun asked from the driver’s seat, peeling his eyes off the road to look at you.

It was late in the afternoon and you were back in the city; back to reality after your weekend of bliss. The entire way home though, your mind had been thinking about Yuri, worried about her phone call and what it could mean.

Shrugging your shoulders, you stared down into your lap, holding onto Sehun’s spare hand in both of yours. “I don’t know. She just asked if I was coming home today and wanted to meet up for coffee,” you explained. Yuri’s phone call had been extremely vague. You couldn’t tell if she knew about your relationship with Sehun or not.

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REQUEST: heyoooo okay so call me a freak but could you do one where Patrick gets a lil excited and burns you with his lighter and you’re like “wtf that hurt????” and hes like “i can make it better….” (((aka him burning you all over your body and then licking/sloppy kissing the burns and being kinda soft))))? your writings amazing btw thank you for supplying my lank boy addiction!!

AUTHORS NOTE: to make it a lil’ more realistic, you’re not all there in the head in this one, i mean c’mon look at who you’re dating 🤷🏻‍♀️

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A Winmills Halloween

Summary: Jody spends Halloween with Sam and Dean in the bunker.

Warning: smut, gross fluff

Word Count: 1500ish

A/N: One more in my Winmills series! Hope you all enjoy it!

“Seriously?” Jody stretches out on the couch Dean finally bought for one of the spare bunker rooms. It’s a real den now, with a real television and soft lamps, comfortable and cozy. “This is what you guys do for Halloween?”

Sam taps her legs for her to make room, grinning when she only lifts them so he can slide beneath. She settles her long legs back in his lap instantly, and Sam’s glad she’s already wearing the little shorts she sleeps in. He likes running his hands over all that bare skin.

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Stroke of Midnight - Chapter 9 (Pennywise x reader)

“Good afternoon, Derry Public Library. This is Y/N.”

It had been a busy day so far. You were expecting another patron on the phone, but the voice you heard instead not only shocked you, but made your blood run cold.

“Y/N, this is Mrs. Tunstall. Listen, I know you’re at work, but I had to tell you this. Chris got in

a car accident last night. His mother called me. He isn’t hurt too bad, but he will have to be out for the rest of the play.”

You pulled the phone away from your mouth. It felt like the world had fallen away. Chris had been hurt? You had just seen him last night.

“Hello, are you there?” Mrs. Tunstall’s voice sounded far away.

You brought the phone back. You swallowed the lump that had now formed in your throat. “I’m here. That’s um… that’s horrible to hear.”

“We’re still going to have practice tonight. We need to plan what’s going to happen next.”

You nodded even though you knew Mrs. Tunstall couldn’t see you. “I’ll be there.”

“I don’t know how this is going to work, Rachel,” Mrs. Tunstall said frantically.

“We’ll figure something out, Mrs. Tunstall. It’ll be alright.” You could feel your face becoming flushed and your vision became blurry by the tears that now threatened to fall. You hung up the phone and excused yourself. You walked calmly away from the desk, but the tears fell as you made your way to the storage room. You sat when you got to the bottom of the steps and wept. This wasn’t fair. None of this was fair, not for you or Chris, not for anyone. You felt a hand on the top of your head and glanced up. Without a second thought, you descended the last step and threw yourself into Pennywise’s firm embrace.

He gently ran his hand down the back of your hair. “Why is my kitten so sad?”

“We can’t do our play, Penny,” you sobbed.

“No!” he said in a gasping voice. He stepped away from you and grabbed your shoulders. “And why not?”

“Chris Sheffield got in a car wreck last night.” You wiped the fresh tears off your face. “He was our prince.”

Pennywise scowled. “That’s not good at all.”

You sniffled. “No, it’s not. And we only have three more days left after today. Our play is Saturday.”

“And no one else can take his place?” Pennywise asked.

You shook your head.

“I am sure things will work themselves out.”

You let out a bitter laugh. “How can they? This play was everything to me, Penny. Two months we’ve been working on this, and now it’s just…” you threw your hands up in the air. “Gone. It’s all gone.” You turned away from him and crossed your arms.

Pennywise lowered his head. “I will fix this,” he mumbled, more to himself than to you.

“I wish you could,” you whispered. Then in a normal voice, you said, “I still need to go to the theatre tonight, so if you want to see me, you can-” You turned to face him, but he was gone.


You pulled opened the door of the theatre. Your stomach had been in knots all day. You had just known that Mrs. Tunstall would say that the play was going to be cancelled. As you approached the stage, there was a small group standing on it. Regina and Jessica were there and so was Mrs. Hughes, who played the fairy godmother, as well as several other cast members.

Mrs. Tunstall was standing off to the right. There was someone standing next to her that you had never seen before. He was tall and lanky and wore a plain black t-shirt and jeans, with brown hair that was slightly slicked over. When he saw you coming up the center aisle, his full lips turned up into a wide, easy smile. He was very nice looking, you decided.

Mrs. Tunstall turned when she saw you approach the stage. “Ah, Y/N, you’re here. Good. I have a very important announcement that I need to make.”

You worried your bottom lip as you climbed the stage steps. Everyone was staring at you as you went to stand next to the group. Some of their faces mirrored your own worried visage.

Mrs. Tunstall clapped her hands. “Right, I have a feeling that this is everyone that we’re going to get tonight, so I’ll get started. As you all know, I have sent out phone calls today telling you the bad news. Chris, our prince, got into a bad car accident last night. It happened out by Lovers’ Bridge.”

Your heart skipped a beat. Lovers’ Bridge? That was the last place that you had seen Patrick Hockstetter.

Mrs. Tunstall continued. “According to his mother, Chris apparently lost control. He is in stable condition right now, but apparently he injured his neck and left arm.”

You put a hand over your mouth. Poor Chris. You glanced over at the new guy. The whole time Mrs. Tunstall had been speaking, you noticed, he had been watching you intently. He was still watching you. You shifted uncomfortably.

“And now on a lighter note, I have another announcement,” said Mrs. Tunstall. “Despite this major setback, believe it or not, our show will still go on.”

Your eyes grew wide. How was that possible? A few people whispered around you.

Mrs. Tunstall gestured to the handsome guy in black standing next to her. “This young man here has been watching us practicing,” she turned to the group, “from the shadows it seems. He has taken an interest in us and has decided to try out as Chris’s replacement.”

Your jaw dropped. Everyone started talking at once.

“We only have three days left,” someone called out.

Mrs. Tunstall held out her hands in a surrendering gesture. “It’s try him out or we don’t have a play at all.”

You stared at the guy. He did seem very familiar. You tried to wrack your brain to try to figure out where you had seen him before, but all it did was fuel the headache that you were starting to get. You stepped out in the middle of the stage. “Look, Prince Henry’s roll is not that big,” you said loudly. The group quieted down, all eyes now on you. “There’s only two songs, and then the dancing scene. He would have to practice a lot, an awful lot.” You directed that last part at the new guy. “But if he’s got what we need, I think he can pull it off.  We don’t have anything to lose at this point.”

Mrs. Tunstall nodded. “Spoken like the star of the show. And on that note, I guess I’d better introduce our new prince.” She clapped the new guy on the shoulder. “Everyone, this is Roman…” she pointed at him and squinted.

“Dragsraks,” he replied.

“Dragsraks.” Mrs. Tunstall waggled her finger at him. “I’m gonna get it right.”

Roman smiled and you couldn’t help but smile along with him. His smile had kind of an awkward, goofy charm to it, and when he glanced at you, your own smile widened, but you looked away.

“Roman, this is Y/N, our Cinderella.”

Roman nodded at you. You responded with a small wave.

“Y/N, why don’t you go in the back and see if we have any extra scripts lying around,” said Mrs. Tunstall. “That way the two of you can get to know each other.”

You brought him to the props room. An old filing cabinet stood against the wall. You started digging through it.

“One of the main rules of casting: always keep extra copies of the script.” You fished one out and handed it to him. “Just in case.”

“Yeah I’m sorry to hear about the other guy,” Roman said with a grimace. “That’s pretty harsh.”

“I know. I went to school with him.”

Roman started rifling through the pages.

“Your part’s towards the end,” you pointed out.

He nodded. “Yeah I figured that.”

“So you’ve been watching our play? I hadn’t seen you? And we’ve been practicing for a while.”

Roman shrugged. “I hadn’t been watching for long. Just a couple of weeks. I stay in the back. I don’t like to bother anyone.”

“Well it’s a good thing you’ve been around. I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t shown up.”

Roman chuckled. “Don’t get your hopes up yet.  I don’t really know how I’ll do for the dancing part.”

Your face fell. “Oh. You uh… struggle with that too?”

“Oh yeah. I can cut a little jig all day, but as far as all that fancy stuff…” He pointed downwards. “Two left feet.”

You rubbed your neck. “Oh wow. This is uh… this is going to be interesting.”

Roman reached out and lightly grazed the underneath of your arm. “What happened here?”

You looked under your arm where he had touched you. It was one of your bigger bruises. “Oh that?” You lowered your arm. “Biking accident.”

Roman frowned. “So you and your prince both got in accidents?”

You started thinking. “Yeah.” You nodded. “Yeah we did.” And at the same place, you thought. “How weird is that?”

He shrugged. “Maybe someone’s out to get the two of you?”

“Oh gosh, I hope not. I know someone was after me that day, but…” You stopped when you saw Roman’s eyes widen. “Maybe we should head back. They’re probably wondering what’s taking so long.”

And that’s exactly what Mrs. Tunstall asked. You shot Roman a pair of raised eyebrows and he gave you a conspritual grin.

“Now, Roman, how are you at dancing?” Mrs. Tunstall asked.

Several minutes later, she was instructing Roman on the proper way to position his hands to dance with you. You found yourself chewing on a hangnail. Was Roman as bad of a dancer as he had said? What if Mrs. Tunstall changed her mind about him?

Mrs. Tunstall moved aside and you found yourself facing your new co-actor. He was much taller than Chris, who had just been a head taller than you. His eyes were green, just like Chris’s. And his lips. He had full, thick lips just like-

You gasped as Roman was about to put his hand on your waist. 

He pulled his hand back. “What?”

“Nothing. You just reminded me of someone.”

Roman smiled and reached for your waist again. You put your hand on his shoulder and the two of you clasped hands. “I hope that’s not a bad thing,” he said.

You smiled. "It’s not. It’s just odd.”

You started waltzing. 

Roman chuckled. “Well it’s good to know that you think I’m odd.”

You scowled at him. “That’s not what I mean. I just… I’m kind of talking to someone right now. And I just realized that you kind of remind me of him. You’re both really tall. And your smiles…”

Roman smiled at you and you could have sworn you were looking at Pennywise. You stopped the dance and abruptly released him. Your heart started pounding as you stared up at him. Could it be? Was it possible?


You backed away from Roman, your eyes locked on him. You felt a hand on your arm and jumped.

“Y/N, is something wrong?”

“No, I’m alright,” you told Mrs. Tunstall.

But the truth was, you weren’t alright. But for the sake of keeping up a professional face, you got into position again so that you could finish practicing the dance. Roman’s steps did falter somewhat at times and you couldn’t help but wonder if it was just his tall, lanky frame that was making ballroom dancing so awkward for him… or the fact that he wasn’t used to his body. 

When you were finished, Mrs. Tunstall complemented the two of you on how well you had done for your first time dancing together.

“And you didn’t even trip once,” she told you.

No, you hadn’t, you realized. In fact, now that you thought about it, you had actually enjoyed dancing with Roman. You had been nervous at first, but having him so close to you had been somewhat relaxing to you, like there had been a familiarity in his embrace.

You doused that idea quickly. There is no way that he’s Pennywise, you told yourself. It just wasn’t possible. But once again you glanced up at him. Once again he smiled at you. And you couldn’t help but wonder.

When practice was over, Mrs. Tunstall declared that you were going to be responsible for helping Roman practice his songs and dancing.

“There is just one problem though,” Mrs. Tunstall added. “The prince’s costume.”

Roman smiled and gave your director a reassuring nod. “Don’t worry. I have it covered.”

“Well good. It’ll just have to do, I guess.”

You and Roman walked to the door together. “So where do you want to practice at?” Roman asked.

“I guess we’ll have to do it at my house,” you replied. “We can do it after I get off of work.”

Roman held up one finger. A mischievous grin appeared on his face. “Why don’t we practice at the Neibolt house?”

You stared at him. “The Neibolt house?”

He waved his hand. “Why not? No one goes in there. There won’t be anyone to see us.”

“Yeah but it’s still, like, private property. And then there’s all the dirt and cobwebs to think about.”

Roman held out his hand, a look of amusement on his face. “Wait, you’ve been inside the Neibolt house?”

Your jaw dropped. Crap, I have got to stop doing that, you thought. You shrugged. “Well I was just guessing that was what was in there.”

Roman’s grin returned. “Sure.”

You explained to him how to get to your house.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow evening?” you said.

He nodded. “Tomorrow evening.”

You told him goodbye and left. Roman watched you walk to your car.  “Sleep well, princess. You’ll be doing plenty of that soon enough.”

No one saw him talking to himself. Or his eyes flash yellow.

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