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JM: hi! ask me and kookie anything! we decided to open an ask blog because no one asked

JK: jimin is embara-

JM: jimin HYUNG***

JK: //facepalm


Birthday Girl (NSFW)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Sorry this took so long birthday anons! I know it’s long past your birthdays but I hope you still enjoy the fic anyway! Also since these requests were so similar I decided to combine them.

You woke up early that morning as you prepared for the long day ahead. Seb had promised to take you shopping and to lunch for your birthday and your friends had planned an elaborate girls’ night out. You stood there making pancakes as you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist and hot breath fan over the back of your neck.

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Lapidot Anniversary Week Prompts!

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for submitting – and voting for – the Lapidot Anniversary Week prompts!

I’m very please to announce that I’ve now got the final list of prompts for the week!

So, without further ado…

Sunday 21 May:  “Barn Mates”

Monday 22 May:  Cuddling

Tuesday 23 May:  Fusion

Wednesday 24 May:  “Feels” Day – Angst / Corrupted, Cracked or Shattered

Thursday 25 May:  First Kiss

Friday 26 May:  Confession

Saturday 27 May:  Lapidot Photo/Selfie Day

“Cuddling” was your overall poll winner in the end :D  “Angst/Feels” and “Corrupted, Cracked or Shattered” were both in the top 5, so I decided to combine them together and give people the choice of which one to go with on the day (because they’re quite similar themes that seem to go hand-in-hand really).

I’ll be tracking the tag “#Lapidot Anniversary Week” during the week of the event to ensure that everything gets reblogged.  Please make sure to put this tag on all your content during the week!  Please also feel free to tag my main blog ( @jenhedgehog ) in your content as a double-check.

Get planning, everyone - and I look forward to seeing all of your lovely Lapidot content in a few weeks’ time!

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I’ve done a few spell jars and I’m coming to realize out of all the spells I do these tend to give me a longer lasting feeling of whatever intent I put into them. I decided to combine a few of those intents into one spell jar for one big heap of energy.


Glass jar (it can’t be plastic for this one)
White and pink candle
Stick candle (I used white but feel free to use any color)
Yellow Sand
Light blue sand

CRYSTALS: (optional)
Rose quartz
I also used clear quartz for charging

Apple seeds - love
Basil - love/protection
Ginger - love
Rosemary - protection/love
Rose petals - love
Sage - protection
St. John’s wart - happiness

This part is really quite simple. I used color sand for color based magic. In this case yellow sand for happiness and light blue for protection.

• layer all of your ingredients inside the jar, placing your intent into each item

• add rose quartz and citrine

• seal the top of your jar by placing your stick candle in the top and melting the wax around it. This will ensure in stays stationary.

Each time you feel you need a little love, protection or happiness simply light the candle. I intend to light it each night before bed.



His favorite things are the summers, because that’s when you return from boarding school, and his life becomes a lot more bright and a lot less dull.


“Friendship can be an excuse. A cover for when there’s something there you don’t want to admit or you’re too scared to explore.” - Gossip Girl

  Oneshot, Brother’s Bestfriend, Skinny Love, Mild Angst, Mature Themes

Word Count: 8,653

Before: Alright, so please keep in mind that this is the first oneshot I have ever written, therefore please don’t be too harsh on me. I hope I get better in time. I received two Jimin requests and decided to combine them both into one. Any who, I hope this is somewhat tolerable! I apologize in advance.

Jimin’s not sure when it began.

As he watches you dance with a very inebriated yet still somehow skillful Hoseok, who insists on being a little too touchy with you (at least in Jimin’s opinion) it’s all that seems to cross his mind.

That, and the thought of how badly he wants to remove Hoseok from the current situation and instead replace the older with himself.

You both are dancing to the slower version of one of your favorite songs, one that’s permanently etched in Jimin’s mind because of your refusal to listen to anything else but the damn song the entire summer break of last year.

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Teardrops on Pavement- A Riverdale Imagine

Archie Andrews x Reader

A/N:  this request sort of fits one that i got from an annon, so i’m kinda combining them. ALSO- i’ve decided that this is the last request i’m doing from the old prompt list (to the requester, this has absolutely nothing to do with you, i just want a new list ❤️ ) i will be clearing out my inbox of requests for stories with the old prompts. i’m truly sorry if i didn’t get to yours, but feel free to request again when i get the new list. if you requested & it wasn’t with the old prompts, i’m keeping it, so don’t worry

Requested by: @outerspxce-jillian
“72, 78, and 88? Reader and Archie were dating while he had his little fling thing with Grundy and she asks him a whole bunch of questions? Basically just angst if you don’t mind. ❤️”

72. “Have you ever lied to me?”
77. “When’s that last time we went on a date?”
88. “I can’t believe you didn’t remember.“

Warnings: just angst (and a little sadness?) & some swearing

Word Count: 1038


He’d been acting strange for weeks now. Initially, I’d just written it off as nerves- between school starting back up, football, his music… I just figured he was anxious to see how the new school year would play out. But now, school’s started, and he’s acting even more strange- if that’s possible.

I decided that I was going to talk to him about it- he just didn’t know it yet. I finally reached his house after about twenty minutes of walking. Just in time, too, because it looks like it’s going to pour.

I knocked on the door, and after a few moments, a very disheveled looking Archie opens it. "Y/N?” he asks, confused. “What are you doing here?”

“I was hoping we could talk,” I tell him.

He looks almost reluctant to let me in, but he says, “Yeah, sure.”

“How was your day?” I start easily.

“Okay. Yours?” he responds shortly. I just brush it off.

“Not too bad, I guess. Didn’t have any tests today, so that was nice. No biology homework either. I heard about what happened to that music teacher, though. I wonder what the whole story is,” I respond.

“Does it matter?” he glares from the couch. “She’s gone.”

I turn to look at him from my spot in the kitchen, and he truly looks like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world right now. That’s when I snap.

“Alright, what the hell is going on with you?” I shout, walking to stand straight in front of him. My outburst seems to have caught him off-guard.

“What are you talking about?” he questions.

“For weeks, you’ve been acting like a- a jerk! You hardly speak to me unless I force you to have a conversation, you’re always too busy to spend time together- I mean, *** When’s the last time we went on a date? *** And then you had Betty tell me that you were too sick to come to dinner with my parents-”


I stop, dead in my tracks. “What?”

“Nothing,” he says quickly.

“You had her lie to me?” I scoff. *** “I can’t believe you didn’t remember,“ *** I mumble. But then, "Actually, I can,” I tell him. “Because you’ve been so damn distracted lately with all these- these secrets! We’re supposed to be in a relationship, Archie! We’re supposed to be in this together!”

It’s silent for a few moments. Then, my voice breaking, I ask him, *** “Have you ever lied to me?” *** He looks up at me, his eyes full of something I can only assume is regret. But I continue. “You, Archie. Straight to my face. Not through Betty, or through your dad, you. Have you lied to me?”

His eyes float back down to the ground. “Yes.”

A tear runs down my check. Then another, and another. “When?”

He runs a hand over his face. “So many times.”

My breath catches in my throat, and I feel like I’m drowning. “Geraldine,” he says quietly.

“What?” I mutter, my voice barely above a whisper.

“The music teacher,” he explains, and I can tell that this is going to be disastrous. “Her name is Geraldine. And we were…together.”

It takes all of the energy in me to ask him when.

“Over the summer. All summer,” he answers quietly, and I know he’s crying. My first reaction is to reach out to him, to hug him, to wipe those tears- but then I just get angry.

“Screw you, Archie Andrews.”

He looks up at me, eyes full of tears. “What?”

“Screw. You.” As my anger rises, so does my volume. “You cheated on me!” I cry, voice loud, but still breaking. “All summer, I was worried. I thought something was wrong. At first, I thought maybe you were sick or something. I thought something might be seriously not okay. But then, when I saw you out with your friends, or at Pop’s with your dad, you looked so happy,” I spill, my voice dying on the last word. Archie’s sitting on the couch, shaking his head. “Then I started thinking, maybe…it was me. Maybe you were just tired of me.”

“Don’t say that,” I hear him whisper.

“I started thinking that I wasn’t good enough for you. Maybe if I was prettier, or smarter, or funnier, or more popular-”

“Stop,” Archie begs, standing up and grabbing my hands. “Please stop. Please don’t think any of those things.”

“You left me with nothing else to think,” I whisper, glaring into his eyes. “Why would I have ever guessed that you were having an affair with the music teacher?”

“I’m so sorry,” he whispers, staring at the ground once again.

“Sorry doesn’t fix this,” I spit, ripping my hands away from him and taking a step back, towards the door. “Sorry doesn’t fix us.”

I turn around and storm to the door. I hear him calling my name, begging me to wait, to please just stay and work this out with him. But it’s too late.

I walk out into the rain and begin my trek home, my tears blending with the raindrops on the pavement.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you write a kinda cute/smutty/funny imagine where the reader lets it slip that she has a thing for harry in that mick Jager outfit. So he kinda teases her about it.

Anonymous said:Hi I really need a blurb or imagine? Idk what you call them sorry where you go with Harry to SNL and you get excited about meeting Colin Jost and Michael Che because you love their skits and Harry gets a bit jealous of your attention on them?? You can end it however I just need this in my life please

—- —-

Hahaha I’m laughing at myself right now, this is so corny. But I hope you like it anyway.
So I’ve had these requests in my box since I wrote the last SNL blurb, so I truly apologize for taking so long to write them. As you can see, I decided to combine them since they’re both about the SNL night.
P.S. I hope you get the Stones references in the end.

Live From New York

We gotta get away from here…

Harry’s lyrics were still ringing in your ears as you watched the stage being set up for the next skit. Your stomach flipped when you realized it was going to be the Weekend Update segment. You liked this skit in particular, having always had a little secret crush on Colin Jost and Michael Che. Perhaps it was their humor, and the way they would sometimes roast each other that got your juices flowing, but they always managed to crack you up.

“Hey, come with me,” you heard to your left.

You turned your head in time to see Harry walking toward the dressing room. Hesitantly, you followed him, quickly returning your focus to the monitor set up on the wall.

“Sit with me for a minute,” he requested, beckoning you to the sofa where he sat.

Smiling, you did what he asked, taking his hand.

“You were great.”

“Yeah?” he grinned.

“Mmm hmm,” you nodded. “I especially liked seeing you in that white Mick Jagger suit.”

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Best Friends and Boyfriends(John Laurens x Reader/Platonic!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Originally posted by miranda-groff-diggs

Requested by: This was actually made up of two separate requests, that were fairly similar so I decided to combine them. The first one was by Anonymous who wanted either a Hamilsquad or John Laurens x Reader, so I did both. The other was a Hamilsquad x Reader, but unfortunately I lost the username of the requester. I am so sorry, but I hope that you see it.

Summary: When your dreams of becoming a journalist are almost in your reach, you push yourself to the limit; you even go as far as to neglecting your boyfriend and best friends. How can you overcome the pressure?

Warnings: There is some mention to being overstressed and anxious, but it’s not terrible.

Time Period: Modern

Words: 3000 (I may have gotten carried away, but that’s alright.)

A/N: Hello everyone! I have finally finished this and I’m ready to post. I really enjoyed writing this one, because it made me think outside of Alexander x Reader pairing. Let me know what you thought, it’s always appreciated. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Becoming a hard-hitting journalist had been your dream for as long as you could remember. You were always writing everything down, and when you reached high school, you worked your ass off to get into a great college.

Once you were accepted into college, you worked even harder to make sure you got top grades. Fortunately, all of your work paid off, since you ended up graduating near the top of your class. On top of that, you were offered an internship at a large news corporation as soon as you had graduated. Your dreams of becoming a journalist were closer than they had ever been.

Throughout every up and down you had your best friends: Alexander, Hercules, Lafayette, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. Not to mention your wonderful boyfriend, John Laurens. Anytime you were doubting yourself, thought you weren’t good enough, or just need support, they were there for you.

Lately, you had been distancing yourself from your friends and boyfriend, but it was not intentional. It was only because the boss you worked for at your internship had finally learned you weren’t an assistant only good for making copies or fetching coffee. She had started to hand you small, insignificant writing assignments, but you were honored nonetheless.

“(y/n)?” John asked, knocking lightly on your closed office door.

For a few moments you didn’t respond, but he finally heard a faint, “Come in.”

Once John stepped in, he looked around at the mess that was your office. Papers were littered everywhere, the bed was unmade, and bottles of water and cups of coffee were scattered throughout the room. His eyes finally landed on you figure, sitting down, hair in a messy bun, and bags beginning to form underneath your eyes.

“Angelica just texted me and asked if we wanted to head over to her apartment and hang out for a bit with the rest of squad. (does that sound stupid?) Do you want to go?” John asked you.

“Ummm…” you started as you looked into his eyes. Then, all of the sudden, you turned back to your laptop and furiously began typing again as inspiration struck. “I really can’t.” you admitted, hurriedly, so you would not lose your idea.

“I understand that your work is important, (y/n), but you need to take a break. You have been overworking yourself for the past month and in that entire time frame you haven’t seen any of your friends.” John explained, although he still couldn’t get you attention.

“(y/n)!” he finally said, forcefully, though not in a dominating way.

You spun around in your chair and faced him. It had been a few days since you held an actually conversation with John, and you felt terrible. You could see how it was affecting him. After having an internal battle, you half-willing closed your laptop and gave him a small smile.

“I’d love to go.” you told him, lying through your teeth. It was true you wanted to see your friends, but not at that moment. You had deadlines to meet, you had to send have a copy of the aricle you were wrting on your boss’s desk by nine AM the next morning.

John looked at you relived, and told you to get cleaned up. After washing and styling your hair, applying some makeup, and putting on fresh clothes, you walked hand in hand the short journey to Angelica’s house.

As soon as you arrived, you noticed you and John were the last to make it. Not even bothering to knock (that’s how close you all were), you walked inside and grinned at everyone’s shocked, but excited, expressions. It had been so long since you had seen them, and it was a relief.

“(y/n)!” you heard Peggy shout, and stumbled a few steps back as she ran towards you and hugged you.

“So you’re still alive after all this time.” Alexander joked, making the others laugh.

“Like your one to talk Hamilton. How many times has Eliza had to remind you to take a shower?” you shot back at him,

Your comment was met by a chorus of “ohhhs.” Sitting down, you realized how much you had missed spending time with your friends. For about an hour and a half you were able to forget about your stressful job

The night had turned into a pizza and movie night, so everyone was starting intently at the TV screen. About halfway through the movie, you felt your phone vibrate. Against your better judgement, you picked it up and saw an email from your boss.

Quickly opening the email, you tried to answer back as quietly as possible, but out of the corner of your eyes, you saw John looking at you worriedly. Within a minute, the email had been sent and you dropped your phone on the floor, seeing John’s satisfied gaze.

It wasn’t until the second movie had started that you felt the virbration of your phone again. Glancing down at the screen, your eyes widened as you saw that your boss was calling you. Excusing yourself, you went into the kitchen and tried to calm down the women you worked for.

Now, everybody’s attention was on you, and when you didn’t come out of the kitchen, they turned to your boyfriend for answers.

“I’m sure it’s just a small issue at work that (y/n) will be able to solve very quickly.” he offered, but nobody looked convinced.

Ten minutes later you walked back to the group, looking upset. You began to gather your things and ingnored the looks of shock and hurt you were met with.

“I’m really sorry, but I have to go home. My boss didn’t like somebody’s article so now I have to go home and rewrite it for tomorrow morning, ontop of my other article.” you apologized. “Thanks for inviting me over Angelica. I’ll see you guys soon.” you promised and headed back to your apartment.

“Did she really just leave?” Lafayette asked, shocked.

“I think she did.” Eliza grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest

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Mafia BTS reacting to their S/o being pregnant and their S/o not telling them.

Anonymous said:
Can you make reaction to their s/o being pregnant and hiding this fact from then (maybe being scared or smth) and they finding out?

anonymous asked:

They find out their S/O is pregnant?

Since these requests were similar, I decided to combine them! I went ham on the fluff though, don’t mind me, lol. Enjoy! <3 

Jin: He found out through your sibling in a family dinner. Your parents were talking about stories about you and your siblings when you were small and eventually the conversation ended up with your mother telling the story on how she told your father that she was pregnant. Your bother already knew that you were pregnant and when your mother was finished talking, your sibling looked over to you and said, “that’s how you should tell Jin that you’re pregnant.” Your and Jin’s eyes shot open at his statement, and Jin jumped from the table with a big smile on his face and he looked over at you.

“Why didn’t you tell me! This is amazing!!”

Originally posted by mscleaningfairy

Suga: Yoongi was cleaning the apartment and while he was emptying the bathroom trash, he found the pregnancy test and facetimed you immediate. When you told him you were scared to tell him, he couldn’t help but smile and imagine a little baby walking around the apartment.

“This is perfect jagi! I can’t wait to tell the guys!”

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

J-Hope: After the fifth time you had thrown up in the past two days, Hoseok was beginning to be suspisous. He knew that something was up and you didn’t have a stomach bug. He sat you down and that’s when you told him. He was speechless and you began to take it the wrong way so you began to cry. Hoseok noticed immediatly and pulled you into a tight hug and petted your hair.

“This is amazing jagi.. we’re going to be parents.” 

Originally posted by syubto

Namjoon: You had managed to keep your pregnancy a secret for a good month and Namjoon was always too busy with work to witness your morning sickness or your cravings for weird combinations. It wasn’t until a little after a month when you two were having a pillow talk session when he started to haphazardly rub your stomach through your shirt. He noticed it was a bit curved over(since you had barely began to show) and he joked with you asking if you had started to hit the gym more often. You got really quiet and he questioned you. When you told him he fell out of the bed and yelled in happiness.

“My jagiya is pregnant!! We’re going to have a baby! Oh mY GOD!!!”

Originally posted by joonjuly

Jimin: Your best friend was the first to find out and you made him swear not to say anything to Jimin due to the whole mafia scare thing. Jimin and your best friend were attending the same university together and they had anatomy together (it’s ironic, but I couldn’t help it). The professor was lecturing about the female reproductive system and your friend smiled when the professor said the egg then turns into a fetus. Jimin started to tease him, thinking it was maybe his girlfriend that was pregnant and your friend ended up letting the new spill. Jimin immediately ran out of the room and ran all the way to your apartment. He almost tackled you when he got there and scared you to death, but he started kissing you like crazy.

“How could you have not told me you were pregnant! This is the best news ever!!”

Originally posted by nnochu

V: Taehyung really wanted kids but you two took things a bit slow on the actual act of making kids. You were too scared that you would become a target and that you would cause the boys a large amount of trouble with keeping enemies away. But after a night out with Tae, you two ended up getting drunk and the thought of protection was thrown out the window. You ended up pregnant, but after a week of trying to hide it, you ended up giving up because the guilt of keeping the news from him was eating you alive. He was so, so, happy after you told him and he bent down to your stomach and rubbed the smooth skin, smiling like a little kid.

“You’re gonna be such an amazing kid and do so many amazing things. I’m so excited to meet you.”

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Jungkook: With Jungkook, it was already difficult to hid eating a small part of his sandwich let alone trying to hide the fact that you were pregnant. You tried to make your morning sickness out to be a head cold and Jungkook could smell the nervousness off of you when he would watch you go to the bathroom and you came back out looking like you got hit by a truck. He pieced the puzzle together and he came to you about it. You stuttered at his question and you couldn’t form a complete sentence because you were speechless. But all Jungkook could do was smile like an idiot and pull you into a tight hug.

“I’m so excited to have kids with you jagiya.”

Originally posted by bangtan

~Admin Sam 


trc month } day 9 - universe alterations

Syaoran loses his memories and Sakura has to look for them


These two kinda went hand in hand so I decided to combine them. Thank you so much for the prompts and I am so sorry it took me a while to write them.

Ray has this thing about not dating crew members. He’s watched too many crews implode because so-and-so decided to date what’s-their-name only to break up. In retrospect, if a break up was the final straw leading to their downfall, those crews probably weren’t the best, but Ray has his convictions and so far he’d stuck to them.

Until FAH.

Until Ryan and Gavin.

He’s never been this screwed before.

He meets Gavin first, the day after Geoff recruited him for FAH. He rides up to Ray’s apartment on a dirt bike he has clearly just bought, flips his sunglasses up onto his head, and grins.

“You Ray?”

“Depends,” Ray retorts crossing his arms, sizing the guy up. “You here to kill me?”

He laughs, shaking his head, and says, “Bit of a smartarse, aren’t you?”

“It’s part of my charm.”

The guy nods at the spot behind him. “C’mon. If we leave now, we’ll only be a little late to Geoff’s meeting.”

Ray’s reluctant to get on the bike, but he figures if this guy knows Geoff he’s probably not going to purposely kill him. Accidentally is another story entirely, but that’s a chance Ray’s willing to take. “Try not to crash,” he says getting on the back of the bike.

“I make no promises.” He revs the engine, pushing his sunglasses back over his eyes. “The name’s Gavin.”

“It’s a pleasure to….AH!” The bike darts forward at a dangerous speed and Ray grips Gavin tightly. He’s probably going to die.

Sandy hair, too much beard, a pair of ridiculous golden sunglasses, and a boyish charm masking a mischievous asshole, Gavin’s the first friend Ray makes since moving to Los Santos.

They become somewhat of a team (”X-Ray and Vav!” Ray jokes one day), and it’s not long before they’re inseparable. And yeah, maybe Ray’s crushing on Gavin a little, but it’s nothing he can’t ignore. The fact that they’re friends is enough for him, and anything more is a pipe dream he immediately steps on the moment he realizes what’s happening.

When Michael joins the crew, it gets easier. They become Team Lads, the three of them, and before Ray knows it he’s completely forgotten about his crush.

It’s when Lindsay joins and Ray notices the interest both she and Michael have in each other that he starts worrying he might have to start looking for a new crew to join, but his fears are short lived. They fit together too well to break up, and Ray starts thinking maybe it’s possible for couples to work together.

Only to remind himself that just because one couple figured out how to make it work did not mean every couple could make things work.

It’s just another pipe dream he crushes under his heel.

There’s a stitch in Ray’s side, his feet pounding against the pavement as he sprints across the slick concrete, his rifle strap digging into the side of his neck and shoulder. Two blocks back he lost his cell phone, cutting off all ties to any backup that could be coming his way, and he curses himself for telling Geoff he could do this job alone.

Lights flash ahead of him and he skids to a halt, desperately looking for somewhere to hide. Startled, he he feels hands grab him, one covering his mouth when he opens it to cry out.

He struggles as he’s dragged into a nearby building, but whoever has him has a tight grip on him, and he’s pretty sure he’s about to get murdered. This is it, he tells himself, this is the end. He really should have smoked the last of his weed before doing this job; now it’s going to go to waste. He paid really good money for it, too.

Well, if you’re about to get murdered, let’s take this asshole with us. Ray nods to himself, reaching for the switchblade he stashed in his pocket, but the hand covering his mouth moves, halting his progress.

“I’m really not in the mood to get stabbed tonight,” a deep voice purrs.

“Yeah, well, if you’re gonna murder me, it’s only fair I take you with me,” Ray retorts and he feels more than hears the guy laugh, his chest vibrating against Ray’s back.

“I see.” The guy’s quiet for a few seconds, listening to something, but finally he says, “I’m going to let you go, alright?”

“Somehow this seems too easy.”

“Or maybe I’m just a nice guy.”

“Meh, semantics.”

The guy laughs again, releasing Ray, and takes a step back. Slowly, Ray turns to face the guy, sizing him up. His dark hair is tied back into a long ponytail and there’s something dangerous flickering in his startling blue eyes. He could be handsome, if not for the red and black paint smeared across his face, and Ray can clearly see a skull mask poking out of his coat pocket.

“Halloween was three months ago,” Ray states gesturing to the mask.

“And yet here you are, a would be assassin. Didn’t Daddy ever tell you not to play with guns?”

“Would you be Daddy in this scenario?” The remark is out of Ray’s mouth before he can stop it, and he really needs to work on that brain to mouth filter he seems to lack.

“T-the cops are probably gone,” the guy grunts, voice gruff, and Ray’s not sure if he’s angry or embarrassed. Regardless, he decides not to poke the bear and nods instead.

Together, the two of them exit the building, Once outside, they stand there awkwardly for a brief moment, but the guy breaks the silence first. “I’m sorry, you know, for grabbing you.”

“It happens. I’m sorry for…” What exactly is Ray sorry for? Accidentally throwing out an innuendo at his would be murderer? Wondering what exactly his face looks like without the paint? He didn’t know. “Well, you know…” his voice trails off and he shrugs.

“It happens.”

Ray nods, burying his hands in his pocket. He rocks on his heels, looking up at the sky. Every part of him knows he should walk away from this guy and never see him again. Instead he asks, “You got a car nearby? Kinda need a ride and I’m pretty sure I don’t know where I’m at.”

“Honestly, I’m not sure where I’m at either,” the guy replies with a sheepish grin, shrugging. Ray hadn’t noticed before, but now he detects an accent. Something southern. He wonders how long this guy has been in Los Santos.

“I guess we can walk,” Ray suggests already hating the idea but knowing they didn’t have a lot of options that didn’t attract police attention. “We’re bound to find something familiar.”

“As long as you promise not to kill me.”

“I make no promises.”

Ray and Ryan work together periodically for almost a year before Geoff gets wind of the partnership. At first, Ray thinks Geoff is going to be mad, but he’s surprised when he’s asked to recruit Ryan.

“I’m not sure he’s a team player,” Ray says when Geoff’s brings up the idea.

“Look, unless you two are fucking, he’s a team player.”

“I mean, technically even if they are fucking he’s still a team player,” Michael says from across the room and Geoff concedes the point.

“We’re not fucking,” Ray grumbles heading towards the door, calling over his shoulder, “and I make no promises.”

“It doesn’t hurt to ask!”

Ryan’s not exactly sold on the idea, but he tells Ray he’ll think about it. Ray’s not exactly into the idea either, but for an entirely different reason. One he’s not sure he’ll never be ready to acknowledge, but Geoff’s right. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and logically Ryan would be a perfect fit in FAH. Even if he’s a little too reckless.

When Ryan agrees to join FAH, it’s one of those moments where Ray is equal parts pleased and disappointed. He gets over it really quickly though, knowing life’s too short to let regrets consume him, and decides to bring Gavin along when Geoff tells him to bring Ryan in to meet the rest of the crew.

The moment those two meet, Ray knows they forget he’s in the room. Something clicks between them, something Ray has no intention of ruining, and he ducks out of the room as quietly as he can, trying to ignore the way his chest tightens.

It’s like a test of wits between those two, a dance they’ve perfect, and it’s not long before the crew picks up on whatever is going on between Gavin and Ryan.

Jack, while apprehensive, gives them her warm regards. Michael scowls at Ryan for a good twenty minutes before threatening to rip his balls off if he hurt Gavin. Lindsay smiles but doesn’t say anything, her eyes darting towards Ray so fast he almost doesn’t catch it.

He decides to ignore it.

It’s Geoff’s reaction they’re all waiting for; he’s been unnaturally quiet since he found out, and Ray is convinced he’s still in denial. When he finally acknowledges the relationship, he looks between the two and says, “Don’t fuck in my penthouse.”

Ray finds himself hanging out with Gavin and Ryan less and less. It’s not from their lack of trying, both inviting him out to do stuff all the time, but he keeps declining their offers. He wouldn’t say he’s avoiding them, more like hiding in plain sight.

Lindsay and Jack keep giving him sympathetic smiles, and even Michael is patting him on the shoulder way too often, and really it’s fine. Ray’s fine. They’re looking too closely at something that doesn’t need to be looked at, and their pity is starting to piss him off a little bit.

The only ones who seem oblivious are the happy couple themselves and Geoff. At least Ray thinks Geoff’s oblivious until he catches him off guard when he comes out of the bathroom and asks, “How are you holding up, buddy?”

“If this is a new thing? You following us to the bathroom? Count me out.”

“Ray, I know.”

“Know what?”

Geoff gives him a pointed look and Ray rolls his eyes. He throws his hands out and rants, “I am fine. Totally fine. I will do cartwheels, waving flags that say ‘I am fine’ if it will convince everyone that I am fine.” He pushes past Geoff, stalking towards the living room, calling over his shoulder, “I’m fine, Geoff. I promise.”

He’s not stupid; he’s definitely not fine. Ray spent most of his life lying to people, telling them things they wanted to hear, that when he finally got around to lying to himself he’s incapable of believing anything his stupid brain tells him.

He kicks a rock, sending it rocketing across the road, watching as it hits a newspaper vending machine. He wishes he had his rifle; he could blow out the tires of the cars parked in the street; ruining peoples’ days cathartic for some reason.

His phone buzzes in his pocket and he pulls it out, checking the screen. He sighs, finger hovering over the ignore button, but he moves it a second later, answering the call.

“You get lost again?”

“I’ll have you know, I’ve been here long enough to learn the street names,” Ryan replies and Ray can practically see him smiling. He also sees the smiles fall when Ryan asks, “You alright?”

Ray almost says he’s fine, almost lies to Ryan like he’s been lying to everyone else, but instead he shakes his head. “No. No, I’m not alright. I’m pretty fucking far from alright.”

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“I-I can’t.” Ray hangs up, turning his phone off, and shoves it into his back pocket.

He hangs his head, closing his eyes, breathing slowly. He needs to get a grip. This isn’t helping anyone, much less himself, and he’s acting like an asshole. If he’s not careful, he might be asked to leave the crew.

He opens his eyes, picking his head up, turning to head home, only to take a fist to the side of the face.

He hits the ground, ears ringing, head pounding, but he still manages to say, “Please don’t say welcome to the family.”

 The last thing he hears is someone snort before a boot comes down on his face.

He wakes up in the back of a van, his head pillowed on something warm. The motion beneath him makes him nauseous and he squeezes his eyes shut, willing himself not to throw up.

“You awake?” a soft, familiar voice asks above him and Ray grunts, rubbing his face against his makeshift pillow. It’s someone’s leg, the material of their jeans rough against his skin.

“What happened?” he asks groggily, words a little slurred, keeping his eyes closed.

“One of Geoff’s enemies,” another voice, this one just as close, says, and Ray feels someone grab his left hand, gripping it tightly between both of their’s. “If I hadn’t seen you on a traffic cam, we wouldn’t have known where you’d be.”

“I’m sorry.” He’s not sure what he’s apologizing for, he has too many things to be sorry for; maybe he’s apologizing for everything, but he needs them to understand. He doesn’t hate them, he could never hate them. He’s too in love with them both to hate them. “I’m sorry,” he repeats, the words barely audible.

He feels someone lean over him, pressing their lips to the side of his head, and whisper, “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

This is the first time in a while that Ray’s felt even a little bit content, and he hopes he can hold onto this feeling for as long as possible.

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either 4 or 15 with garrus/shep! (also sorry i haven't been able to read any of ur recent stuff!! i haven't been able to play andromeda yet and i'm avoiding spoilers)

[I decided to combine them both- a drunken kiss and a ‘hope we don’t get caught’ kiss. Still accepting Shakarian prompts. Hope you like. <3] 

“You know, Shepard, there is something I’ve always wanted to do.” It was that time of night when things had finally wound down, the party thrown for Garrus’s birthday over, everyone either passed out in adjacent rooms or struggling to walk home, too drunk to see straight. Shepard lay sprawled on the couch, head in Garrus’ lap as he played with her hair, running it through her fingers. Both were pleasantly soused, not ready to go to bed but limbs too heavy to do much else.

Eyes half-closed, Shepard made a small grunt of pleasure at the sensation of fingers along her scalp. “What’s that?” Hell, she could indulge him today. “If it’s another shooting contest, I just want you to know that I’ll win this time.” If she could even hold a gun steady; it really could go either way right about now.

“You know that big podium the council sits at?” Garrus wriggled out from beneath her, leaving Shepard’s head to rest on the considerably softer cushions. Not a bad trade-off, but she was going to fall asleep if she didn’t try to right herself, sitting upright in a staggered movement that left her half-leaning over the arm of the couch, watching Garrus pace the room in increased excitement, a lazy smile spreading across her features.

“The one they look down on us from? Yah, I know it.” Her hand reached for more to drink, but they’d run out a while ago, and she was too tired or too lazy to get up and find something at the bar.

Standing before the fire place, Garrus spread his arms wide. “Let’s go there. I have an idea.” He was already trying to pull Shepard upright, both of them laughing when her legs refused to cooperate.

“Right now? Sure, why not.” No one would be around at this hour; any guards patrolling could easily be convinced to turn their head the other way for Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian, heroes of the Citadel, and the autocab shuttle they took over wasn’t about to ask any questions.

They spilled out of it like a couple of drunk teenagers, trying to stifle each other’s laughter and failing utterly. A single door lay between them and their goal; Garrus bent over it for a moment, and it whooshed open softly. “Never bothered to change the codes since I was in CSEC,” he said with a noise of satisfaction.

In the dimmed lights of Citadel night, the room was cavernous and eerie, even more so than usual. There weren’t even any Keepers around; Garrus and Shepard were truly alone, following each other in increasingly dramatic, sneaking steps whose effect was ruined utterly by the giggling. Starlight trickled in from the windows behind the Council’s row of seats, dramatic pinpricks that stippled plants and floor alike, spreading across Shepard’s skin and Garrus’ carapace in a diffuse pattern.

Much of it was ruined by the slightly spinning world, the haze of alcohol softening edges and adding unreality to the scene, a heavy overlay that Shepard had no desire to clear. Her head was in a good place right now; when was the last time she was allowed to sit down and just celebrate something like a normal person? Garrus deserved everything for his birthday, so if he wanted to break into the damn Council, they would.

“Now what?” They were here, and… It wasn’t the most exciting, actually, once the thrill of the illicit wore off. She’d broken into better places than this.

Not answering, Garrus gently tugged her arm, pulling Shepard up to the podium and standing there with her. A single shaft of light, a reflection off solar panels or some other metallic piece of the station, bathed them both in a cool glow, a silver aura that she was just drunk enough to find romantic, rather than corny bullshit. Well, it still was corny bullshit, but she felt entitled to it every once in a while.

“You ever have vids running through your head of desecrating this place? You know what I mean.” Garrus could pitch even his rumbly turian voice to a lower octave, suggestion stopping just short of obviously leering.

Shepard couldn’t resist the invitation, or how endearingly awkward Garrus was whenever he suggested something remotely inappropriate, his reference point always falling back to vids. “Can’t say that I have, Garrus, but now I do.” What better way to say ‘screw you’ to the Council? Not that they’d ever see- if they had cams here, Shepard could get it all deleted by tomorrow morning, before anyone even saw. Or she could save them for their own private use. Either way. Raising an eyebrow at Garrus, she gestured to him- make your next move, cowboy.

With a distinctly drunken saunter, Garrus took a few steps to Shepard and then pulled her closer. They didn’t kiss often, both because they weren’t people prone to PDA and because their anatomies weren’t always complimentary, but when they did, sparks flew (metaphorically, unless Shepard had any metal near her face, and then it could possibly be literally.) Being drunk didn’t actually improve things much, except to make them both more into it, wandering hands and all, an exchange of tongues, blue on pink, that was probably faintly off putting if anyone had been watching. Luckily, they were safe in that regard.

Breaking for air, and to feel another rush of residual alcohol, they leaned together for a moment, Garrus guiding Shepard over to the long desk the Council sat behind, helping her perch on the edge. “Good birthday?” she murmured.

“Best in the whole damn Citadel.”

Tutorial/ Work process

I remembered I promised (back in January, uff) to make some kind of tutorial or work process of this artwork, after some of you asked me.

So, here you go, from the beginning to the end in more or less 25 steps with photos and three short videos and comments :D.

Everything’s under the cut, because it’s a lot.

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Ummmmm 108 or 91??

108. I’m glad you’re mine.

91. Sorry I’m protective over the things I love.

OK so I decided these go pretty well together so I’ve combined them into one!

“Aren’t you going to dance with me?”

Robert’s voice was full of suggestion as he leant to whisper into Aaron’s ear, sat side by side in a booth at the side of the dancefloor.

Aaron rolled his eyes, softening when he looked to his side and saw the playful smile on his husband’s face, eyebrows raised and eyes encouraging him, full of hope.

“You know I don’t dance,” he quipped, immune to Robert Sugden’s charms even if nobody else seemed to be lately.

“You did dance,” Robert countered with a grin. “You danced with me at our wedding; at both of our weddings if I recall, Mr Sugden!”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh, his usually sullen expression softening instinctively.

“Yeah, well, I was forced into it,” Aaron teased. “And anyway, that was, like, ten years ago, anyway –”

“Eleven years, next month,” Robert interrupted, correcting him with a satisfied smile.

“Yeah, alright,” Aaron rolled his eyes. “Soppy bollocks.”

Robert laughed, leaning in for a kiss.

“Well, if you won’t dance with me, I’ll have to find someone who will,” he teased, raising his eyebrows as he stood to his feet, challenging Aaron to stop him.

Aaron glared up at him through his eyelashes, inviting Robert in for another kiss as he lifted his head slightly and licked his lips.

“Nuh-uh,” Robert resisted, pulling away as Aaron’s lips lingered millimetres from his own. He lifted a finger up to place it against Aaron’s moistened lips. “I only kiss people that dance with me,” he insisted, as he flicked his eyebrows flirtatiously.

Aaron held his husband’s gaze as he straightened up and retreated backwards, hips starting to sway as he made it to the dancefloor, engulfed slightly by the crowd but still in full sight of his husband.

Aaron shook his head, laughing at his husband’s embarrassing moves as he held Robert’s gaze.

They weren’t the oldest ones in the club, surprisingly, but Aaron couldn’t help feeling a little out of place. They hadn’t been out together in years, but it was Noah’s stag do, so they’d wanted to celebrate with him, especially when he’d announced they were going to Manchester for the weekend.

They’d given it until midnight with the group of seventeen lads Noah had invited, but they’d soon grown tired of their antics and agreed to sneak off and head to Canal Street, intent on re-living that weekend they’d spent in Manchester all those years ago.

Robert seemed in his element, and Aaron swallowed down in the lump in his throat as he watched him dance like a slightly awkward Hugh Grant in Love Actually.

It didn’t stop him getting attention though. He was still attractive, despite now being the wrong side of forty, and the years had treated him well. It was surprising really, considering the amount of hardship they’d had to face between them.

Maybe it was because they’d always been able to face it together.

Aaron’s eyes never left Robert’s except to catch a glance at his body moving in time to the music, feeling a flash of heat creep up his neck at the way Robert thrust his hips as he looked through the crowd and winked at him.

The thumping of the bass from the speakers started to work its way towards the drop, and Aaron felt his own heart beat increasing pace in perfect sync with the music.

Aaron glared as Robert’s gaze left him for all of a second, realising his husband’s attention has been taken by a man approaching him on the dancefloor. He watched on as the man whispered something in Robert’s ear, and Robert saw his opportunity, glancing back at Aaron with a playful shrug and a hint of a challenge in his expression.

Aaron felt his hackles rise; the man now laughing with his husband in the middle of the dancefloor. He could pass as a younger version of himself, he realised, although slightly taller and with broader shoulders, but with the same dark features and scruffy stubble adorning his face.

Aaron’s blood ran cold as he saw the man place a hand on Robert’s arm as they danced together, and he spent all of half a second fighting the urge to reclaim him man, relinquishing his embarrassment in favour of removing this imposter’s hands from his husband.

He pushed through the crowd, ignoring the muted protestations of everyone he passed until he reached Robert, approaching him from behind and catching the eye of his newfound enemy over Robert’s shoulder. He instinctively wrapped a possessive arm round Robert’s waist, drawing him in close as Robert stopped dancing and relaxed back into the familiar warmth of Aaron’s embrace.

Aaron leant up and rested his chin on his husband’s shoulder, finding Robert’s left hand with his own and interlocking their fingers before holding their hands up to meet the imposter’s eyeline, displaying their matching rings proudly.

“Do one,” Aaron growled at his doppelganger, aware of Robert offering the man a resigned and playful shrug before turning himself around in Aaron’s arms to bring them face to face.

His smile stretched from ear to ear as he wrapped his arms around Aaron’s shoulders, linking his hands together behind Aaron’s neck.

“Possessive, are you?” Robert smirked in that smug, self-satisfied manner that he had so well practised, and which he knew Aaron was powerless to resist.

True to form, Aaron couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Sorry, I’m protective over the things I love,” he smiled as he resisted Robert’s attempts to get him to sway with him on the dancefloor.

“Love me, do you?” Robert smiled.

Aaron leant in to kiss him quickly.

“You know I do, Mr Dingle,” he nodded. “But there’s no way I’m dancing. Come on,” he said as he flicked his head towards the exit, breaking away from Robert’s gentle hold in an effort to leave.

“Wait,” Robert called out after him, grabbing his elbow and drawing him back into his arms, smiling as he pressed his lips against Aaron’s.

His husband responded instantly, letting his hands trail up to hold the back of Robert’s head, fingers brushing along the short hairs as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss, bursting through with such familiar passion as their tongues slid alongside each other in perfect unison.

Robert pulled Aaron close, their bodies pressed up against one another in the middle of the dancefloor, hot and sweaty and cramped but delicious all the same; so well aware of each other’s touch as it fizzed through them, contrasting with the oblivious disregard for the crowds of people dancing nearby, and the thumping loud music pulsating through the air.

Robert pulled back from the kiss, placing his hands either side of Aaron’s face, leaning his forehead against Aaron’s as he attempted to recapture the breath his husband had just stolen from him.

“I love you,” Robert said gently, close enough that Aaron could hear him despite their surroundings. “And I’m all yours, you know.”

“I know,” Aaron replied, smiling back at him unashamedly. “And I’m glad you’re mine.”

Robert pulled him in for another bruising kiss.

“Wanna go back to the hotel and show me just how glad you are?” Robert suggested, full of seduction.

“Fuck, yes,” Aaron replied breathily.

“That’s the idea,” Robert winked back at him, before taking his husband’s hand in his own and heading towards the exit with pace.

Werewolf!Jin (Boyfriend)

A lot of people said yes to this series so I decided to do it bc I already wanted to but I just wanted to make sure it was something you guys wanted to see, I’ve gotten a couple requests for werewolf!BTS related things and I decided to combine them and turn it into a boyfriend post and just include the two requests in it to make things easier so to start us off as he always does is one half of Jinmin, an absolute prince, an amazing human bean in and out whose smile could light an entire city up like his entire face just gets so :D and his eyes get really happy I !!! Love !!! His !!! Smile !!!! Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • I’ve written three things for werewolf!Jin so far, there’s the description of him as a werewolf in general, which is part one (here) part two is him falling in love with a human (here) and of course, werewolf!Jin as a father (all of the father related posts are here)
  • Since one of the requests was for human!reader, I’ll be using that to start off with
  • Jin is such a good boyfriend
  • He’s really sweet and funny and remember that giant ass pink hoodie/sweatshirt thing he wore that was literally five sizes too big, he’d let you borrow that and it’s so so warm and it smells like his cologne so it’s like getting a hug from him the entire time you wear it
  • He’s already a puppy irl so adding in the fact he can literally turn into a wolf whenever he wants is just all puppy
  • Gets really pouty when you don’t pay attention to him and just glares at whatever you’re paying attention to
  • He’s s o warm 25/8, he can be running around in the snow with just a t-shirt and jeans on and he’ll walk back into the house totally fine
  • He’s your personal heater and he has zero problem helping you warm up after a cold day, he gets so so happy whenever you hug him really tightly and he’s just so :D when your nose is all cold and he gets to kiss it really softly
  • The first time you see him transform, it’s a bit !!!! bc you come out of your room and just see a wolf on your couch??
  • You’re about to run back into your room and call the police or animal control or something bc wild wolf in your house what the hell do you do but then you realize who you’re dating and that the wolf hadn’t seemed all that wild at all
  • So you sneak back downstairs and peek into the living room and the wolf is just sitting there grooming its paw and you notice that it has brown fur that’s really identical to Jin’s current hair color
  • And then the wolf looks over and its eyes are warm and puppy like just like Jin’s and everything makes a lot more sense
  • His fur is really soft and he has these long legs and he’s a pretty big wolf, not the biggest in the pack but definitely not the smallest and he’s a beautiful lil wolf
  • It’s actually really really amazing to be with Jin during a full moon bc all the wolves come together and go for a run to burn off all the extra energy the moon gives them and it’s so cool to see them all playing and running around and they’re howling and it’s just wow
  • At first, it’s weird to think that the wolf that’s trying to bite at Jin’s tail when he isn’t looking is actually Jungkook or that the two wolves chasing each other around are actually Tae and Jimin bc you’re so used to seeing them as humans and it’s pretty easy to forget they have another side to them but after a few months, it doesn’t phase you anymore
  • So werewolves don’t have the same jealousy that humans do bc werewolves have the whole “mate” system going where once someone’s theirs, that’s it, they’re in love with them for life so none of the other pack members are gonna even think about that person in that way so there’s not much to get genuinely jealous over
  • Jin doesn’t get seriously jealous like to the point where he’s wondering if someone is gonna come between you two but he does get jealous in the way that a puppy gets jealous if one dog gets something they don’t
  • It’s more about the attention thing where if he feels you’re ignoring him, intentionally or not, he’s gonna get really pouty and get your attention somehow
  • But you’re human so your jealousy is different from Jin’s, your jealousy is more of the typical jealousy, it’s rare to feel jealous around him bc he’s so affectionate towards you and he makes it really clear that you’re the only one he’s looking at
  • But he is an extremely attractive man so sometimes, some people outside of the pack are looking at him a lil bit too long or they’re talking to him in a certain way that makes it clear they’re hinting at things or they’re just being way too touchy
  • And of course sometimes you do wonder if Jin would be better off with another werewolf that could understand everything he goes through bc as cool as it is, you don’t really know what it feels like to have all the energy of a werewolf on a full moon or to be able to turn into a wolf whenever you want to and you don’t have any supernatural abilities, you’re not as fast or strong as the pack, you don’t hear all the things they do so insecurity is only natural to have when you’re one of the only humans in the entire pack
  • But Jin doesn’t allow either of those feelings to last long, if there is one thing he’s amazing at, it’s making you feel loved
  • He always wraps himself around you and doesn’t let go until you’re feeling completely and totally secure in your relationship
  • “You’re stuck with me for life”
  • But he also does take it seriously and the two of you talk it out and he’s v v calm about it even though he’s ?!?!?!?! bc werewolves don’t really do breakups at all so there’s nothing to worry about but he knows that insecurities are a natural thing to have so he makes sure you know 100% that he’s yours and he plans to stay that way for as long as you’ll allow him to
  • He also points out the fact that his mother is human and he was raised watching her and his father in a relationship and they never had any issues with it so to him, it’s not really a big deal that you’re human
  • While he doesn’t get jealous, he does get v v protective
  • Like there’s this one time you’re playing with one of the wolves and Jin feels they’re getting a lil too rough bc they’re younger and don’t have as much control and Jin gives them a lil warning growl and you can just hear the “knock it off” and you have to hold back a laugh bc oh shit you’re in trouble
  • He spends the rest of the night with his head in your lap, making sure everyone is playing nice with you bc they can get rough without meaning to, especially on a night like a full moon and Jin doesn’t want anyone hurting you, accidentally or not
  • It’s really rare for it to be a serious threat bc all of the boys are really friendly and it’s not likely for them to have any rival packs or anything like that, the only time they do is when another pack tries to move in some place on their territory but that’s just more of a you can live here but not within this perimeter
  • But if there was a serious threat, Jin turns from soft cuddly puppy to wolf real fucking quick like sometimes it’s really easy to forget that Jin can be an actual wolf bc he’s so gentle and loving with you and he’s never mean to any of the pack members so you don’t even think about the fact that his teeth are actually really sharp and that he can be a v v serious opponent when he needs to be
  • Thankfully, that only ever happens once or twice bc the rival pack will see the size of Jin’s pack (which includes the boys, their parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, it’s huge) they just back off
  • All in all, dating werewolf!Jin is amazing, he’s a total gem and you’re thankful that you found each other bc he treats you like royalty and you love him just as much as he loves you 
Rain kissed

Requested by: anonymous 


#57 from the prompt list that I re-blogged 

Your Pov: 

It was a Friday afternoon. Josh and I were driving down the highway. We were going on a mini vacation to the beach for the weekend. We have been in the car for about 2 hours now and I was getting bored. It was about 4:30 and we still had another hour to go. For the first hour and a half Josh and I talked the whole time. For the second hour we listened to music. I was getting bored of listening to music so I decided to look out the window. Who knows, maybe I’ll see something interesting. 

My thoughts were interrupted by rain drops splattering on the windshield and road. 

“I love it when it rains.” Josh said. 

I nodded my head agreeing with him. “Me too.” 

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes. Both of us just thinking. As I was thinking I looked out the window and saw a beautiful meadow. I suddenly had an idea, that hopefully Josh would agree too. 

“Pull the car over.” I commanded Josh. 

Josh turned his head and looked at me like I was crazy. 

“W-what? Pull the car over are you crazy!” He exclaimed.  

“Pull the car over NOW.” I said this time more forcefully. I needed him to pull the car over now before we had passed the meadow and couldn’t do my idea. 

“Alright, fine jeez women.” He muttered under his breath while pulling the car off to the side of the road. 

Once the car was parked I unlocked the door and started to make my way towards the meadow. As I was walking I heard Josh opening his door. 

“Babe!” He shouted while closing the door. “What are you doing?” He asked. 

“Follow me if you want to find out!” I shouted back at him smirking. I heard him sigh. 

I finally made it to the meadow. It was beautiful. The flowers were shades of purple and yellow. It was simply breathtaking. 

“Babe why are we out here? It’s raining.” Josh told me. 

I turned around to face him. 

“Dance with me.” I simply stated. Josh just stared. He looked at me like I was crazy. Which I probably was at this point but I didn’t care. 

“Why?” He asked puzzled. 

“Because I want to and plus it’s pretty.” I told him honestly. 

He laughed and I joined in. Once we were done laughing he grabbed my hand and we started dancing. It was peaceful and for the first time in my life I was content. I had everything that I needed. 

After a few minutes of Josh and I leaned in and kissed him. When we pulled apart we were both smiling. We stayed smiling at each other for a couple of minutes before it started to pour. 

Josh started to walk back to the car but I grabbed his hand and pulled him back for another kiss. It was like one of the kisses in the movies. Where the couple kisses in the pouring rain. 

We pulled away for a while cause we both needed air. It was silent for a couple of seconds before Josh decided to speak up. We were both soaking wet at this point. 

“Your crazy ya know that.” He started. “We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.” He ended with a laugh. 

I shrugged. 

“You know what they say.” I told him. “The best people are crazy.” 

A/N: Here it is! I’m so sorry it’s late! I hope the person that requested this likes it. The other Josh blurbs I’m going to post tomorrow. I decided to combine them because they were similar so I hope that’s okay! Have a great day/night wherever you are!    

What is Love?

I decided to take these two prompts and combine them because they worked pretty well together. Enjoy!
Flug yawned and stared sleepily at the small invention in front of him. It was probably about 3:30 in the morning but Flug didn’t particularly care at the moment. His only concern was getting this invention finished.

He wanted to make Black Hat proud of him for this one. He had been doing so well for the past few days, he couldn’t let a little sleepiness ruin his golden streak.

In his left hand was the device and in his right hand was a small pair of tweezers, grabbing different colored wires and putting them in the correct spot. While Flug worked he hummed a soft little tune to try and keep himself awake.

But as he continued to hum he slowly started to doze off. His head bobbed a but he jolted straight up and shook his head. “Gotta stay awake” He mumbled to himself.

A few moments later, he perked up slightly at the sound of the lab door opening. He didn’t bother looking to see who it was as it was just probably just 5.0.5. 5.0.5 usually like to come in and get Flug to sleep if he was up this late. He would normally either send the bear away or just sleep for an hour or so. But tonight he was not sleeping.

“Sorry 5.0.5 but I’m not gonna be sleeping tonight” Flug spoke out to the bear but jumped as instead of 5.0.5 whimpering, a voice rang out.

“And why is that Doctor Flug~?” It was Black Hat.

Flug turned around and blinked “S-Sir, what are you doing here?” Black Hat usually never came to check on him at night. Only in the morning.

Black Hat flushed lightly and responded, “I was on my way to bed myself and heard noises from the lab, wanted to see what you were still doing up.” Black hat was lying through his teeth. He would never admit that he couldn’t sleep and wanted to cuddle Flug.

“Just working on my project, sir,” Flug responded focusing back on his work.

“It’s almost 4 in the morning, come to bed Flug.” Black Hat demanded.

Flug didn’t move, he didn’t want to move. He wanted to make Black Hat proud of him. “I-I’m alright sir,” Flug said, setting down his tweezers and picking up a small screwdriver.

Black Hat narrowed his eyes and walked over to Flug. Grabbing Flug’s hands, Black Hat set the invention and the tools down and flung Flug over his shoulder.

“S-Sir!” Flug stuttered out as Black Hat carried him out of his lab and down the hallway. Flushing dark, Flug didn’t struggle as it wouldn’t help. He sighed and smiled softly at Black Hat.

Soon, the two of them reached Black Hat’s room and Black Hat set Flug on the bed. Snapping his fingers, both he and Flug were changed into pajamas and Black Hat crawled into bed with Flug.

“Now sleep.” Black Hat said pulling Flug close and nuzzling him softly.

Flug smiled gently and leaned up giving Black Hat a soft kiss, “Thank you, sir~” Flug hummed and fell asleep easily after that.

But Black Hat did not.

He only laid awake with Flug in his arms, staring down at the sleeping man. Black Hat could feel the flush creep up onto his cheeks as he continued to stare and watch as Flug nuzzled deeper into Black Hat’s chest.

Black Hat’s heart beat faster the longer he stared at Flug’s sleeping form. He was just so…cute.

Why was Flug making him feel like this? He was a demon for crying out loud! He didn’t have feelings like that. He wasn’t all mushy and gushy. But looking at Flug, he felt as if he could melt from how hot his face got.

His little nerd was driving him crazy.

But then again, Flug was his cute little nerd. And Black Hat liked the sound of that.

Black Hat hummed and gently kissed Flug’s head as he slept.

“What are you doing to me Flug…~? Am I broken~?” He murmured softly. He couldn’t be broken. Otherwise, he could tell.

“Maybe…this is something to do with…feelings…” He flinched at the word. Feelings were always something he hated. He didn’t need feelings, but now with Flug…he wanted them.

Black Hat sighed then gently smiled and gave Flug one more kiss.

“Goodnight my love~”