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Jean and Marco live in a gritty urban city where not a day goes by without a mug case in some shady corner of their town. Marco Bodt is just another ordinary office worker, but has a secret no one knows about.. He possesses supernatural abilities and soughts to bring justice to their corrupted society. He takes out thugs when no one’s looking and keeps it under wraps so nobody knows exactly who he really is.

Jean Kirschtein is a young journalist who needs a story to really prove himself and he becomes obsessed with this mysterious hero. He really wants to figure out who this man is so he can get an exclusive interview with him.

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trc month } day 9 - universe alterations

Syaoran loses his memories and Sakura has to look for them

I re- designed an outfit for TCW Anakin in cold weather bc I did not like the original one. This one is actually the second attempt at making it, the first time i included a back view and what the outfit looked like underneath the jacket and cape but I dd not like it and decided to combine some elements of them together.

Best Friends and Boyfriends(John Laurens x Reader/Platonic!Hamilsquad x Reader)

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Requested by: This was actually made up of two separate requests, that were fairly similar so I decided to combine them. The first one was by Anonymous who wanted either a Hamilsquad or John Laurens x Reader, so I did both. The other was a Hamilsquad x Reader, but unfortunately I lost the username of the requester. I am so sorry, but I hope that you see it.

Summary: When your dreams of becoming a journalist are almost in your reach, you push yourself to the limit; you even go as far as to neglecting your boyfriend and best friends. How can you overcome the pressure?

Warnings: There is some mention to being overstressed and anxious, but it’s not terrible.

Time Period: Modern

Words: 3000 (I may have gotten carried away, but that’s alright.)

A/N: Hello everyone! I have finally finished this and I’m ready to post. I really enjoyed writing this one, because it made me think outside of Alexander x Reader pairing. Let me know what you thought, it’s always appreciated. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Becoming a hard-hitting journalist had been your dream for as long as you could remember. You were always writing everything down, and when you reached high school, you worked your ass off to get into a great college.

Once you were accepted into college, you worked even harder to make sure you got top grades. Fortunately, all of your work paid off, since you ended up graduating near the top of your class. On top of that, you were offered an internship at a large news corporation as soon as you had graduated. Your dreams of becoming a journalist were closer than they had ever been.

Throughout every up and down you had your best friends: Alexander, Hercules, Lafayette, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. Not to mention your wonderful boyfriend, John Laurens. Anytime you were doubting yourself, thought you weren’t good enough, or just need support, they were there for you.

Lately, you had been distancing yourself from your friends and boyfriend, but it was not intentional. It was only because the boss you worked for at your internship had finally learned you weren’t an assistant only good for making copies or fetching coffee. She had started to hand you small, insignificant writing assignments, but you were honored nonetheless.

“(y/n)?” John asked, knocking lightly on your closed office door.

For a few moments you didn’t respond, but he finally heard a faint, “Come in.”

Once John stepped in, he looked around at the mess that was your office. Papers were littered everywhere, the bed was unmade, and bottles of water and cups of coffee were scattered throughout the room. His eyes finally landed on you figure, sitting down, hair in a messy bun, and bags beginning to form underneath your eyes.

“Angelica just texted me and asked if we wanted to head over to her apartment and hang out for a bit with the rest of squad. (does that sound stupid?) Do you want to go?” John asked you.

“Ummm…” you started as you looked into his eyes. Then, all of the sudden, you turned back to your laptop and furiously began typing again as inspiration struck. “I really can’t.” you admitted, hurriedly, so you would not lose your idea.

“I understand that your work is important, (y/n), but you need to take a break. You have been overworking yourself for the past month and in that entire time frame you haven’t seen any of your friends.” John explained, although he still couldn’t get you attention.

“(y/n)!” he finally said, forcefully, though not in a dominating way.

You spun around in your chair and faced him. It had been a few days since you held an actually conversation with John, and you felt terrible. You could see how it was affecting him. After having an internal battle, you half-willing closed your laptop and gave him a small smile.

“I’d love to go.” you told him, lying through your teeth. It was true you wanted to see your friends, but not at that moment. You had deadlines to meet, you had to send have a copy of the aricle you were wrting on your boss’s desk by nine AM the next morning.

John looked at you relived, and told you to get cleaned up. After washing and styling your hair, applying some makeup, and putting on fresh clothes, you walked hand in hand the short journey to Angelica’s house.

As soon as you arrived, you noticed you and John were the last to make it. Not even bothering to knock (that’s how close you all were), you walked inside and grinned at everyone’s shocked, but excited, expressions. It had been so long since you had seen them, and it was a relief.

“(y/n)!” you heard Peggy shout, and stumbled a few steps back as she ran towards you and hugged you.

“So you’re still alive after all this time.” Alexander joked, making the others laugh.

“Like your one to talk Hamilton. How many times has Eliza had to remind you to take a shower?” you shot back at him,

Your comment was met by a chorus of “ohhhs.” Sitting down, you realized how much you had missed spending time with your friends. For about an hour and a half you were able to forget about your stressful job

The night had turned into a pizza and movie night, so everyone was starting intently at the TV screen. About halfway through the movie, you felt your phone vibrate. Against your better judgement, you picked it up and saw an email from your boss.

Quickly opening the email, you tried to answer back as quietly as possible, but out of the corner of your eyes, you saw John looking at you worriedly. Within a minute, the email had been sent and you dropped your phone on the floor, seeing John’s satisfied gaze.

It wasn’t until the second movie had started that you felt the virbration of your phone again. Glancing down at the screen, your eyes widened as you saw that your boss was calling you. Excusing yourself, you went into the kitchen and tried to calm down the women you worked for.

Now, everybody’s attention was on you, and when you didn’t come out of the kitchen, they turned to your boyfriend for answers.

“I’m sure it’s just a small issue at work that (y/n) will be able to solve very quickly.” he offered, but nobody looked convinced.

Ten minutes later you walked back to the group, looking upset. You began to gather your things and ingnored the looks of shock and hurt you were met with.

“I’m really sorry, but I have to go home. My boss didn’t like somebody’s article so now I have to go home and rewrite it for tomorrow morning, ontop of my other article.” you apologized. “Thanks for inviting me over Angelica. I’ll see you guys soon.” you promised and headed back to your apartment.

“Did she really just leave?” Lafayette asked, shocked.

“I think she did.” Eliza grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest

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McCree! Stand down!”

                                                                “Gabriel, what have you done?!

So in my attempt to try and get some of the McReaper Week prompts done by next week (I ran into a few things that just made me too exhausted to even try to do the prompts on time), I’ve decided to combine some of them. I know, I’m a failure~

Anyway, Day 2 and Day 4 prompts were Smoke and Betrayal. I remember someone mentioning in a video once that they believed -based on dialog shared between the two- that in order for McCree to be so hateful towards Reaper, that Reaper (or Reyes in this case) must have done something that even McCree couldn’t condone or agree to. So I thought perhaps there was some betrayal involved.

These pieces are meant to be open-ended and up for interpretation, but you can imagine something went down.

Imagine Negan getting you a cute puppy knowing how much you love dogs

(So i had two similar requests in which Negan finds a puppy for you so i decided to combined them (cause really it was only the breed that was diffrent XD) and in the end not specify the breed XD It’s super fluffy guys! So hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

It was an early morning and Negan and his other men were out making some rounds.

You had wanted to go along with him, as it was your one year anniversary of being together as his only wife, but he had objected to it saying it wasn’t safe.

You thought he might’ve forgotten or something but before you could say anything else, he had left it at that and you were now in the kitchen eating angrily.


As he was out, Negan hadn’t forgotten about the anniversary one bit. He was nervous and kept thinking of how he should celebrate it with you. He knew he was going to give an unforgettable night but it wasn’t going to be enough compare to anything you ever gave him up until now.

He knew why you wanted to come out with him but he just wanted to prepare you a little something special and desperately needed to come up with something.

As he visited one of the other communities, he looked at some of the items they gave, thinking he can make a gift out of any of them but it just made him exasperated.

He kept cursing his frustration out and later just walked away to take a few deep breath. It surprised everyone and they just didn’t know what was going on.

Being curious and brave, Simon followed him and approached him and looking over at his face, said “Boss? Is something wrong? You’ve been acting pretty down since this morning…”

Negan didn’t want to admit anything yet and just brushed him off.

“Down? What am I a kid? There’s nothing wrong with me! There just ain’t shit in this place and we’re leaving! Tell everyone to get ready!”

He then stayed in deep thought for a little while and later crossed his arms like an angry child to walk away to get in the car.


They got to another places and just as the first one, there was nothing worth making a gift for you.

Eventually, he just wanted to beat someone to let his pent up anger out but ultimately just went to sit by some stairs to let out some steam.

Simon still a little worried walked over and sat next to him.

“Negan be honest…What’s wrong? It’s not like you to be this angry and depressed at the same time…It’s really off of you…”

Feeling like he should tell him, he exhaled and said “Listen closely cause I ain’t repeating shit…It’s my first year anniversary with Y/N…and I ain’t got shit to give her…I know she ain’t materialistic but I have to give something special to her so she could remember….You don’t just stay with one woman for a whole year only to offer her a night of intense fucking as a gift…That’s not enough! I have to give something else!”

Simon was taken aback and his expression didn’t hide it at all.

“Oh…a gift…”

He started to stammer and feel somehow as nervous as him. “Well, what does she likes? What has she always wanted?”

Negan shook his head, thinking about everything you ever told him about your past and just couldn’t seem to get a hang of it.


They then drove to another place and as Simon drove, Negan had his head propped on his hand while staring out the window.

He kept thinking about it and suddenly something outside caught his eye. He instantly sat up straight and in a loud voice ordered Simon to stop.

“Step on the break, Simon! Stop the car!”

Simon did as he was asked and was just in disbelief.


Before he could even get an answer, Negan had left the car and walked over to what he had spotted.

As he approached, he wasn’t deceived and crouched down. It was a little injured puppy, looking at it and hearing it whimper, made him weak and he just had to pick it up.

Carefully, approached his hand to it and was cooing at it to convince it he wasn’t going to hurt it.

“Come on, buddy…I’m not gonna hurt you…”

He finally picked it up and inspected it closely. It was a simple scratch on it’s paw and luckily it was something easy to treat.

He smiled of relief and as he pet it, it started to make lick his cheek, making him chuckle.

He then got up and was going back to the car but instead as he turned, he was met with the eyes of almost all his men.

They were all smirking and chuckling among themselves and obviously wanted to make fun of him.

He just stood there looking at them and for once felt a little embarrassed and it only got worst when someone passed a comment on him.

“So like that Negan is actually a softie who loves dogs!”

They laughed even harder and Negan decided to just play along. He laughed mockingly and said “Yeah! And what?! I have a soft spot for dogs! That bothers? Don’t act like this fucking cute ass puppy doesn’t make you just want to hold it!”

They all got silent for a moment and resumed laughing. He snickered at them and looking at the dog, he finally realized the perfect gift for you.

He remembered how much you talked about wanting a dog and how you missed the one you had before all this and knew that the instant he’d give it to you, you’d be more than happy.

He smiled and it made them laugh even more. He then scolded them and said “Yeah! Laugh all you want, at least I know someone at home will be more than happy to see me with this little guy in my hands!”

He put the puppy next to his face and smiled at them, only to than walk back to the cars and making everyone follow along.


It was late at night and after a long day of doing chores, you decided to take a break in your room and waited to give Negan his one-year anniversary gift.

You took a nap and suddenly heard a knock on the door. You sat up and heard it again. As you got up to open, you saw to your surprise Negan facing his back at you.

It was uncommon for him to knock as he’d usually just barge in, so you had a feeling he was up to something.

As he heard the door opening, he chuckled and said your name sweetly.

“Y/N…I’m sorry for being a dick this morning and not letting you go along…”

You chuckled back at him and leaning in the door frame, replied “Negan, you know I love sincere apologies where I can see your face…please turn around…”

He exhaled and still not facing you, continued “Wait you didn’t let me finish! What I was saying was i’m sorry…but I only said that because I didn’t want you to see the surprise I got you…”

It surprised you to hear him saying he remembered your anniversary and you had to let it out.

“Really? You remembered our anniversary?”

He was taken back and replied “Of course I did! How can I forget!

You chuckled hearing his resigned tone and how serious he seemed.

You suddenly got a little more intrigued and stood up straight trying to peak at him.

"Alright…What did you get me? What is it? Show me!”

He kept turning away from you and you both couldn’t help laughing.

“Wait babe not yet! Try guessing what I got you!”

As he said that, you then heard a faint little bark and instantly, you got excited and started to giggle.

“Negan! Did you get me a dog?! Oh my god! Show it to me!”

You made a quick move to catch a glance at him and the dog and finally saw it.

Your expression was priceless and it made his heart melt to see you so happy and excited.

He let you pet the dog and eventually just had to hand it to you. The puppy got all excited as well and was squirming to lick your face.

You both laughed and walked into your room to continue giving affection to the cute little puppy. You talked and talked to one another about the future with the little dog and it made you both smiled.


As you both sat playing with it, you noticed how  happy he was as well and you just couldn’t believe how thoughtful he was.

You looked him in the eyes and in a hush tone, you said “Thank you, Negan…You remembered how much I love dogs and made a memorable gift for our one year anniversary….This is the best…”

He shyly smiled back at you and just nodded feeling so proud of himself. He then pulled you closer to him and kissed you.

He then pulled back and looked at you lustfully and grabbing your waist to pull onto his lap.

“You’re welcome babe…but there’s more than just that…I’m gonna give something else…”

You chuckled knowing what he meant and as you kissed him back, you then told him, “Don’t you want to know what gift I got you?”

He smirked and raising an eyebrow, said “And what special gift do I get for being with you and…only you for a whole year…”

He started to trail kisses along your neck and as it tickled you, you chuckled.

“Negan…The gift I got you…Is…That i’m pregnant…”

He stopped and looked at you in the eyes. You were smiling at him and got a little teary eyed.

His expression soften and smiling back at you, he hugged you tightly and started to thank you.

“Really…You are? This is amazing! It’s the fucking best gift I could ask for!”

As he said that, you hugged him tightly and the puppy barked at the two of you, making you both chuckle.

He looked back at you and said, “Looks like you’re going to have a lot of company, Y/N!”

Springs in the Summer (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Hey guys! This is actually a combination of requests. Since two of them were so similar, I just decided to combine them instead of writing two incredibly similar stories. This one-shot includes the requests of “I Can’t Swim!” (with Ham my man) and “Hamilton and the other revolutionaries seeing you in a swimming costume for the first time.” Also, I figured knocking two birds with one stone would be great, considering I didn’t post yesterday; since I graduated from high school! I won awards for high honors, and got my ropes for music honors society, latin honors society and the international thespian society. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragements during my finals, you guys really mean the world to me. But without any further ado, lets get FLUFFING.

The creek gurgled and bubbled cool water beneath your feet as you felt the unforgiving rays of the sun inflict themselves upon your complexion. You were going to miss this place. 

Today was the armies last day working in the area, with the battle already won, there was nothing left to do but pack up and move to the next location for another battle. Although, being a revolutionary war nurse, you often moved from place to place, but for some strange reason, you felt this particular area resonate with you more so than any other had. The camp was surrounded by an oasis of fresh, green grass littered with colorful summer flowers and tall oak trees. However, your favorite feature was always the large creek, an astonishing seven feet deep, that cool,crisp water calmly flowed in. You stood there for a few minutes, watching the occasional fish dart by, or leaf from a nearby tree flutter through the air, then gently land on top of the current, to be swept away and deposited into the nearby pond. 

You wondered how this sanctum and the revolutionary war could possibly exist in the same world, at the same time. 

“Hey.” a voice suddenly said behind you, making you jump at the sudden disruption.

You spun around, startled. Sure enough, it was the major general’s right hand man himself. He always seemed to be running into you.

“Alexander!” you gasped, hand clutched firmly to the front of your uniform, as if to prevent your heart leaping out of your chest.

“My God, you almost scared the life out of me.”

“Sorry,” he replied, “I couldn’t help but stop and notice the impeccable beauty.”

You nodded your head in agreement. “This place truly is a work of God above.”

He huffed, his flirtation sailing right over your head.

“Say,” he began again, “the other revolutionaries as well as myself are all going in for a dip in about ah hour, would you like to come?” His brown, shoulder-length hair fluttered a bit in the gentle breeze.

You were taken back a bit by his request. Typically the nurses didn’t take part in any of the revolutionaries’ celebrations or parties. The men, they said, always were too loud and too drunk. And not to mention, wearing a swim suit around the men would be an adventure all on its own. Most of these men had not seen a woman dressed in anything less revealing than a typical nurse uniform for months. Still, you were quite fond of Hamilton, and wanted to spend your last few hours in the heavenly place with him.

“Yes,” you replied. “I would like that very much.”

He grinned his trademark sly grin, “Very well.”

He grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles softly. 

“I will see you back here in an hour’s time.”

He turned and walked away, the tail of his coat gently flapping behind his as he returned to his tent, probably to write. You turned back to the creek and inhaled a deep breath of fresh air, watching the water gently tumble over the smooth stones that bordered it.

This should be fun.


You could already hear a group of men splashing and laughing in the creek as you made your way towards it. It was nice to see them like this, having fun and enjoying themselves. More often than not, they were on the battlefield, risking their lives for what they believed in, while seeing their comrades massacred. It was nice to see the humanity they still had in them. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as they began a splash fight, looking like little kids. You kept you hand firmly clasped on the bed sheet you had wrapped around your body that doubled as both a cover-up and towel to be used eventually. Not that you had any intentions of swimming, but just to lay on the ground and sit on while you read your book and watched the commotion. You saw Hamilton and his friends, Lafayette, Laurens and Mulligan all in the creek, appearing to be partaking in a game of chicken. Laurens sat on Lafayette’s shoulders while Hamilton perched on Mulligan’s, and the top half wrestled as the bottom tier tried to keep their balance, impaired by the fighting men on top of them.

Finally approaching a spot under the shade of a large tree, you set the book down on the ground, and began to unwrap the bed sheet that covered you. As you slowly removed it, you felt several pairs of eyes fall onto your body. You were wearing a dark-blue two piece bathing suit (one pieces were hard to come by these days due to fabric conservation) the bottom half started at your mid-waist and stopped at the bottom of your hip bone, while the top piece was a halter, wrapping around your neck for support, your breasts slightly spilling out of it. The crowd grew quieter as you stood in the open with such a revealing outfit on, bending down to smooth out your blanket. When you sat down and looked back out on the crowd, you saw that just about everyone’s head was fixed in your direction, and the chicken game that had been going on completely stopped, all four men remaining in position, but gawking at you. You blushed and cracked your book open, trying to take some attention off yourself. The noise eventually resumed, the men going back to their games or conversation, but you felt their occasional glances. Alexander and his gang still stared, when Laurens said something you couldn’t hear. Whatever it was, it caused all the men to laugh, and Alexander blushed as he completely shoved John off of Lafayette’s shoulders, sending him crashing into the water. 

You sat with your book, enjoying it and passing the time. It was good to feel some rays of sun on your skin. Most of the time you were cooped up in the hospital tent, and your complexion suffered because of that. 

Suddenly, drops of water began hitting the paper pages of your novel. It couldn’t be raining, could it? But you found the source as soon as you looked up, a drenched Alexander smiling down at you, beads of water dripping off of his hair and onto your precious book.

“Coming in?” he asked, eager to get back into the water, his crew anxiously waiting for you.

“No thanks, Alex. I’m not entirely fond of swimming,” you responded, dodging your secret.

“Aw, come on… the water’s great,” he pouted, still hanging above you.

“I’ll take your word for it,” you said while smiling, returning to your book and wordlessly dismissing him.

“Fine, have it your way.” he replied, turning around and walking back to the creek. You saw him turn to his friends, and say something while gesturing his head towards you. They smiled, and all clamored out of the water together.

You shot Hamilton a confused look as his friends walked away from the pool. He replied with a large, toothy smile. You shrugged and continued reading your book, ignoring the odd exchange.

Suddenly, an arm reached out from behind you and your book was snatched from your hands. You spun around to meet nose-to-nose with a very mischievous looking Laurens, beaming at you.

You raised your eyebrows at him, then two hands wrapped around your wrists, while another two seized your ankles. You realized it was Lafayette with the tight grip on your ankles, while Mulligan held your wrists. Before you could realize what was happening, they had lifted you up in the air and were quickly carrying you towards the spring.

“Wait, let go!” you screeched, trying to tug your hands out of their grasp, to no avail.

“Calm down, amour eux,” Lafayette grinned as they took position by the side of the water. “It’ll make this easier.”

“ONE!” all four men called out, as they swung your body towards the water.

You fought their hold and shrieked as they swung you away from the water, building up momentum for the next swing.

“TWO!” they yelled again, you began to panic as they swung you towards the water again, realizing you were running out of time.

As they guided your body away from the water, building up power for one last swing.

“Wait! I can’t…I can’t…” you cried out frantically.


You felt their grips loosen and release as you flew through the air.

“I can’t swim!” you screamed out as your body crashed deep into the water.

The cool, crisp water enveloped your body and you heard the laughs of fellow soldiers, watching the display from land. 

Your animal instincts quickly kicked in, as you began clawing at the water around you, trying to find the surface. The current began gently guiding you downstream. 

You desperately writhed in the water and tried to manage your remaining oxygen supply. However, as time crept on and you continued to thrash, you felt your lungs burning in need of air. You continued to try and paddle your war up to the surface, to no avail. You felt yourself being carried even further down the spring.

As much as you tried to resist it, your natural instincts took over as you opened your mouth, and sucked in a large mass of water to try and appease your lungs. You suddenly felt very tired, and seemed at peace with yourself, stopped fighting and let the water caress your skin. Alexander was right. The water was great. Black dots began appearing, growing larger and larger as they ate at your vision. 

Suddenly the world was black. Peaceful. Silent. 

You sensed large crash behind you, as your body decided it was content with the water in your lungs, and began to shut down. 

You weren’t even startled by the hands that hooked under your arms, and began dragging you upwards. Your limp body followed their tug. You began feeling a solid, rough surface underneath you as you were dragged to the shore, and an ear pressed to your chest. Then you a different pair of hands support your head, as a pair of lips connected with yours, and their deep exhale filled your mouth. Then, hands pushed firmly down at the area where your sternum ended.

One, two, three.

The pair of lips returned to yours, filling you with air, then returning to push down on your sternum.

One, two, three. 

The pattern continued on, before you began coughing, sputtering up mouthfuls of water as the man propping your head up turned it, so you didn’t choke. Water splashed onto the ground as it left your lungs, and you were able to open your eyes, vision slowly returning along with control over your body as you desperately filled your burning lungs with air. You looked up, and saw Laurens holding your head, and Alexander hovering above you, pausing the CPR, with terrified eyes. Several other soldiers stood around, worried expressions on their faces and trying to help, but with really no way to.

You slowly steadied your breathing from frantic breaths into slow, calmer ones. Everyone had their eyes locked on you, waiting for some kind of declaration that you were okay.

“Sorry…about…that…” you breathed, as everyone breathed out a collective sigh.

Hamilton gathered you into a hug and you hung limply, your muscles still a bit week from the sudden loss of control.

“Oh God, don’t ever scare me like that again (Y/N)…” 

You managed to place your hand on his back, trying to comfort him.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” you cooed.

The crowd slowly began to disperse as they realized you were fine, leaving only Laurens, Mulligan, Lafayette, Hamilton and you. 

“So…ah, we’re…uh…really-” Hercules began.

Pardon,” Lafayette finished.

“It’s okay,” you quickly responded, not trying to press guilt on any of the men. “You didn’t know, you were just trying to involve me in the fun. No need for an apology.” you smiled, before feeling an immense pressure in your lungs and sputtering up more water, Laurens hand gently guiding your head, making sure you wouldn’t choke.

Once you were finished, you looked back at him and smiled.

“Thank you.”

He returned the grin.

“So…I take it you would like to go back to your tent?” Hamilton offered, trying to get out of the area where you almost lost your life.

“Yes, please.” you responded.

You struggled to get to your feet, and Lafayette quickly rushed to your side and supported you, while Hamilton took the other side. Hercules gently laid your blanket over your shoulders, covering you, and handed your book to Alexander. You felt blood rush to your legs and awaken them as you attempted to walk. Lafayette and Hamilton practically supported all of your weight during the first few steps, where you practically mimicked a baby deer with your wobbly legs. Eventually, you could walk quite comfortably, and Lafayette kissed the side of your head before parting off in the direction of his tent.

“Feel better, petit cerf,” he said before walking towards his tent. 

Hamilton remained by your side and continued to walk you back to your tent as the other men wished you a healthy recovery and made their way back to their tents. you wobbled along with Hamilton, before completely gaining back the strength in your legs, and only having to slightly lean into Hamilton’s shoulder for support. You approached the tent, and you both stood in front of the opening, as you both knew you did not want to go inside just yet.

“Thank you.” you said, breaking the silence.

He looked taken aback.

“Me? For what? I basically told my friends to drown you.”

You chuckled slightly.

“As I said before, there’s no reason to feel guilty. You didn’t intend for that to happen. And I should thank you for jumping in after me, by the way.”

He smiled and hung his head down.

“Ah, it’s the least I could do.”

Silence. You both looked at each other longingly. 

“You know,” he suddenly started, “I was hoping our first kiss would be under less life-threatening circumstances.”

“Ah,” you agreed. “At least we have an ample amount of time to make up for it.”

He smiled. You both slowly moved towards each other, he having to dip his head down slightly as your lips connected into a soft, passionate kiss.

You kissed again, not breaking the contact, feeling his silky, warm lips.

You parted, and then softly buried your head into his shoulder. His head leaned down onto yours, pressing you into him.

“That was really scary.”

“I know.” he responded, kissing the side of your head.

You slowly drew off of him, taking his hands into yours.

“I really should start packing the supplies, we leave pretty early tomorrow.” you started.

“You’re sure you can manage?” he asked, still willing to help you.

“I think I’m fine thank you,” you smiled up at his reassuringly. 

“Well then, I’d better get going, Washington probably needs me by now.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” you said, half statement and half question.

He nodded.

“Definitely,” he said as he pressed a kiss to your cheeks. “I’ll see you in the morning, my love.”

“I look forward to it.”

He smiled at you, then began to walk back to his tent. You watched as he became smaller and smaller, then disappeared behind the flaps of the tent. You could see his figure as he pumped his fists in the hair, jumped up and down and let out a victory cry.

You smiled.

What a dork.

The breeze flowed softly, and you directed your attention back down to the babbling creek, small but still visible in the distance. The leaves on the branches shoot, and you heard the chirping of birds and soft whispering of the long, wild grass as it gave way to the wind.

How crazy is it. You thought.

That little paradises such as this live in the same world and timeframe as a horrendous war.

And how crazy is it, that in the middle of it all, were people as incredible as Hamilton.


Prompt #1. Being caught under the mistletoe with Eric. And #15. You love the Christmas season, but Eric absolutely hates it. You spend the day forcing him/her to be festive. AND #20. Annoying Eric by singing Christmas Carols, but by the end of the day he/she has them stuck in his/her head and can’t stop singing them either.  

For: @gari-budi

A/N: @gari-budi requested a lot of prompts so I decided to combine a few of them into one imagine. Also, I accidentally did prompt #1 twice for Eric, so whoops…

Later on, we’ll conspire, as we dream by the fire!” You sing, as you put up last minute decorations in your apartment on Christmas Eve.

“Will you stop singing Y/N,” Your best friend, Eric, groans.

“Oh shut up Eric, you may not like Christmas, but I love it!” Eric groans louder, and runs his hands through his hair. Eric has always hated Christmas, but because you won a bet on this year’s initiates, Eric was forced to spend the day with you for Christmas.

“It’s only Christmas Eve, the bet doesn’t start until Christmas day, so please shut up.”

“Fine,” You give up, falling onto the couch next him. This wasn’t the first time you and Eric were spending the night together, but you two were just friends, nothing more, nothing less.

“Rise and shine sleepy-head! It’s Christmas!” You yell in Eric’s ear first thing in the morning, he startles awake and swears at you. You pull him up and rip the curtains open, “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?”

“Y/N, let me sleep!”

In the lane, snow is glistening,” You drag Eric off the couch and take him into the kitchen, he finally wakes up at the sight of food, “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight! Sing with me Eric!”


“Sing or you don’t get any food,” He raises his eyebrows at you, “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight…

Walking in a winter wonderland,” He deadpans.

“That’s the spirit!” You pass him a Santa hat.

“Y/N no!”

“Eric yes! Is the big bad Eric really backing out of a bet?” He yanks the hat out of your hand and puts it on his head. After breakfast, the two of you open a few gifts, and spend the rest of the day watching classic Christmas movies. For the first half of the day, Eric keeps questioning the logic of the movies, however, as time goes on, he really starts enjoying them. By the end of the night Eric excuses himself to go to the bathroom, he comes back with on hand in his pocket as if he was hiding something. As he walks into the room you hear him humming the lyrics to Winter Wonderland, you chuckle to yourself knowing you go it stuck in your head.

You look up at him curiously, and he sits down next to you without saying a word, “What?”

“Y/N, there’s actually one thing that I think I like about Christmas,” He brushes your hair away from your face, and your heart flutters. What’s happening?

“And what’s that?”

“This,” He pulls out a mistletoe from his pocket, you gasp, he takes advantage of the moment and kisses you. You’re too shocked to react, and he pulls away, “I-I’m sorry Y/N, shit, I shouldn’t have done that! I’m sorry!”

“No! Don’t be,” You say before pulling him back towards you, he instantly responds and you feel sparks flying all around you.

“You know, maybe Christmas isn’t that bad,” He says once you two pull away. You mumble a response and cuddle next to him. You giggle as he runs his fingers through your hair, absentmindedly humming the tune of Winter Wonderland.

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Beauty is Pain

A/N: so I had two requests that were kind of asking for the same thing, so I decided to combine the two of them. i still have writer’s block and this is the best i could come up with. sorry.

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request(s): ‘Heyy! I love your imagines and i was wondering if you can do one where y/n has an eating disorder and Justin finds out?’ 

Hey! I love your imagines. Could you do one where Justin and Y/N are in a relationship for some time now and then haven’t had sex yet and Y/N thinks it’s’ because he dosn’t think she is skiny enoght or beautiful enought and at some point they almost do but he just stops and she freaks out and try to end things with him but he says that it’s because he is just so afraid of doing some thing wrong and she leaving him and because he loves her so much and see her as the love of his life and a wife

Warnings: mentions of an eating disorder. please don’t read if this makes you uncomfortable. 

{Y/N} POV 

Justin and I have been together for what seems like forever now. We shared our deepest, darkest secrets with one another but, there was still one huge secret he doesn’t know about me. He doesn’t know that I’ve been suffering from anorexia for almost all my life. I was doing fine before Justin came into my life. I was always under this kind of pressure that I was never going to be enough for him, so starving myself was how I made myself feel better. I knew sooner or later Justin would figure it out but, I was waiting for the write time to tell him—although, I should’ve told him a long time ago. 

We were currently seated at the table, along with a few of Justin’s close colleagues. Did I forget to mention that they just happened to bring their trophy girlfriends with them? I didn’t mind them but, it just made me feel so uncomfortable. Justin always seemed to like them more than me. I happened to glance up and notice he was flirting with one of them. Great, just what I needed to see. I continued nitpicking at the large proportions on my plate.

I never really ate much but, it’s not like he would’ve noticed. He’s too busy flirting with one of his friend’s girlfriend. I got up from the table and threw out what was on my plate. I placed the dishes in the sink and went up to my room to be alone.

Justin’s POV

I was honestly pretending to be interested in what Khalil’s girlfriend was saying. Why was she so boring? I nodded my head and smiled as if I was listening to her, which I wasn’t. Now would be the perfect time to jump off a bridge or something of that sort. I glanced over at {Y/N} on the occasion to make sure she was alright. She had been distant lately and I knew something was bothering her. I saw out of the corner of my eye that she got up and threw out her food.

I sighed to myself, mentally trying to figure out where I’m going wrong. 

“Don’t you think so Justin?” Khalil’s girlfriend nudged me in the arm.

“Yeah, whatever,” I blew her off. I walked away from where I was and went upstairs to find {Y/N}. “Hey, why’d you get up and leave?” I asked her, crossing my arms, leaning against the door frame.

“I wasn’t hungry and I was bored of just sitting there.” She replied, showing not a care in the world.

“I’m worried about you,” I continued. I walked more into the room and sat at the foot of the bed. “You’ve been saying you aren’t hungry lately. What’s that about?”

“Nothing,” she blandly replied. She twirled her hair in her fingers and that was an indication that something was bothering her.

“I won’t get mad at whatever you have to say. You know me, {Y/N}, I wouldn’t judge you.” I hoped that that would get her to talk. I was losing hope slowly but, sooner or later I’d get the truth.

“I have an eating disorder, okay Justin? Is that what you wanted to hear?” She barked, catching me off guard. “I can’t believe you finally took the time now to ask me what’s wrong when lots of stuff has been wrong since the day I met you.”

I was rather shocked at {Y/N}’s answer. I wasn’t expecting it but, I was glad I figured out what was wrong, finally. I opened my mouth to reply but, closed it when I couldn’t come up with anything to say. Thirty seconds or more passed before I finally said something. “I kind of figured you were but, didn’t want to ask you and you weren’t. ‘Cause it would’ve been a dick move. I want to help you {Y/N}, only if you want me to.”

“Wow, you took the easier than my parents,” she wryly chuckled. “i’m glad you’re as understanding as you are Justin.”

“I love you and I’m going to be with you every step of the journey to recovery. You can count on me {Y/N}.


endless list of otps: etienne and anna

“Welcome to Paris, Anna. I’m glad you’ve come.”

I found several different reading guides for Bucky/Winter Soldier and decided to combine them into one and organise it by year (although not in chronological order)

*if anyone has corrections or additions I’d love to know

*I will update this post with any future changes

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Scent (Werewolf!Namjoon)

Plot: ♔: Finding you wearing their clothes+ ♣: Back scratches with werewolf!Namjoon

Word Count: 772

A/N: I saw these two requests and they seemed like they’d go together well so I decided to combine them, they both had werewolf!Namjoon and they seemed cute and I’m just really ready to write this, if you hadn’t read the original werewolf!Namjoon post, you can click here (werewolf!joon as a father here)

Namjoon was an amazing boyfriend or “mate” as he called it. He knew you better than anyone else, he was loving and supportive, he was always so sweet. There were so many amazing things about dating him, things you never even expected to like. You loved seeing him with his pack, immediately feeling that family bond when you stepped into the house they called the pack house. You loved that it took the boys all of ten minutes to accept you into their pack, already asking if you and Namjoon were mates now. You loved seeing the more puppy-like qualities come out, the playfulness, the protectiveness, the affectionate side that came out every night.

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I’m the Only One for You

Originally posted by causeitbangs

I got a request to do a Jay Park scenario where you bring him and the AOMG guys food and another one where he gets jealous when you hang out with them, so I decided to combine them! Thank you for requesting, I hope you all enjoy it! :)

“170 dollars.” The lady announced as she handed me multiple bags of the Mexican take out.

“Excuse me?” I asked her, not believing what she said at first.

“I said 170 dollars is your total miss.” She repeated with a hint of irritation in her voice, clearly not in the mood to be there.

“Right, sorry.” I said as i handed her my credit card. I should have realized that feeding a pack of full grown men was going to be expensive. Damn, these boys better be grateful.

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neil’s grad party

anonymous asked: if youre still taking prompts can you write something about neil finally getting drunk with the foxes? like neil being really loud & open about how much he likes andrew and everyone being like holy shit this is so cute 

anonymous asked: pls pls pls write something about how neil calls andrew his best friend in front of the other foxes !!

anonymous asked: omg please write about neil mistaking aaron for andrew (maybe when he’s a little tipsy or something??)

so as soon as i went to start on the first prompt i got the second and third ones in my inbox and i decided to combine them!

  • the more i’ve thought about it, the more i think neil wouldn’t really get drunk with the foxes while they’re all in college
  • they’re only all together in his sophomore year and i don’t think that he would go from having a drink with andrew over spring break to getting plastered with the rest of the foxes so soon
  • but eventually it happens during neil’s graduation party that they have at the house in colombia
  • since neil was the youngest out of all of the foxes, he was the last to graduate so the celebration was like a family renunion: loud, lively, crowded, and full of alcohol

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