i decided to change the colouring


More notes this time from my Roman Lit. class I finished rewriting yesterday. For these I decided to go for a light pink colour scheme, because it’s one of my favourite ^^ I’m still coping with all the changes and stuff, but I’m definitely doing better than last week so I’m hoping everything’s going to get only better from now on~

Larries who can admit they have been wrong all this time and apologise for it are way stronger than Larries who are already back to making theories on Harry being at the X Factor, Louis’ shirt and the pap pics of Harry taken when Jay died. I really don’t know what else has to happen to make you realise Larry isn’t real. Freddie didn’t change your mind, but that even this doesn’t stop you from hurting Louis even more, I don’t get it.

Yesterday, Louis didn’t even say anything, just listened to what Simon said about his mum and he already was so close to crying. How can you watch that and then go online and speculate about what it means that there are colours on his shirt, not even a rainbow.

How can you see the sadness and the loss in his eyes and decide to add even more to his hurt? How doesn’t that make you disgusted of yourself?

I don’t get how you prefer to believe Louis would rather keep up babygate and be on another continent to pretend being a father for the sake of his gay relationship when his mum was in England, terminally ill. How can you be so sick to think that Louis, who loved his mum the way I haven’t seen a lot of sons do, would be so selfish and heartless to do that?

How can you believe they’d lie in Jay’s death message by naming Freddie? How can you believe the family picture, the last picture of them all together and maybe the last picture in which Jay was healthy enough to be in it, was taken with the stunt in mind, because Louis is holding Freddie?

How can you turn this incredibly sad passing of a loving, protective, amazing mother into something that proves how well Harry is taking care of Louis? How can you not realise it must hurt Louis to even see this being turned into something Larry related?

Just because your name is added to some hypocritic project doesn’t mean your behaviour is excused in the slightest.

How can you all be so heartless towards a boy whose heart is the biggest of all?


“I get it… I’d always thought of the concept of ‘teamwork’ as some abstract, emtoional thing. But the fact that you can’t simply say that it’s any one person’s fault… is literally because every play… is connected with the next.”


So I decided to do some quick-ish doodles of some changes in mind for some people which may or may not become canon. Not too certain yet if I’ll give every member something a little different about their design. 

Eijun + his daughter (and Miyuki + their other son at the back)

I got a cute prompt from an anon (but I accidentally deleted the ask… sorry;;;) and it was about Eijun having a little sister but all I could think of while reading the message was Eijun with his daughter………. I’m sorry I’m so wrapped up in my mind with Misawa kids


TV LIFE 2016 Vol 24

Sooooo… I decided to translate Inoo’s comment!! >_<
Inoo yoooo…. ahhh… He’s soooo random! And… the boy needs to believe in himself more! haha ^^;

Inoo Kei - Image Change from Kinoko

Give Me Now
A dish washing sponge. It’s the shape of a fish and it wetly attaches to the faucet, and it comes in a pack of about 10. Once it gets dirty, I throw it away at once. Hikaru is also using the same thing (lol).

Each other’s Give Me here!
Inoo => Hikaru
Change my hair to various colours. Courage to try it out (lol). I’m conservative and I’m not the type who actively changes my image so, I’m envious. Just one once, next time, I guess I want to see Hikaru’s black hair. I think everyone will be taken aback instead.

Hikaru => Inoo
When I buy my house in the future, please do some DIY for me. My ideal becomes higher whenever I go on location to a first class architect’s house. It’d be nice to have something like a tennis court on the roof. Oh, complete with a barbecue pit. I want a large storage space too! (lol)

Inoo => Daiki
Because he is deeply in-tuned with music in his life, I want to have such a knowledge too. I only listen to music as much as the average person, I don’t know about music genres and such. The first person to tell me about PPAP was Daichan (lol).

Daiki => Inoo
Inochan’s hands are pretty so his hands! His nails are white and his long fingers are pretty huh. See! (between the photoshoots), Just holding the plastic bottle now and it becomes a picture. Once I get used to those hands, at first I’m going to draw an outline of them on a notebook!


As always… thank you Kahoriiii <3 for checking my terrible translations and also, please do comment if there are corrections! m(_ _)m

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Now I wanna see what the protagonist (or protagonists) would look like switched with Hau! Do you think the character's characters would be completly switched aswell (so the protag would be happy all the time, Gladion shy etc)?

these were actually kinda hard! i wasnt really sure what to do to change them, but since canon haus colour palette is kind of dark compared to their canon cps, i decided to darken their overall palette, and also add some flower stuff. in this theyd be siblings so, matching flowers! and poof pant a bit, because haus pants are Very Large.

as for the characters overall character, i think actually.. they wouldnt switch personalities! i feel like thatd be kind of boring to just do that. i just imagine that the same characters are, well, the same, but grow up in the others situation, so that obviously would impact their resulting person alot. like if gladion was put in lillies situation and had to grow up like that, i imagine hes a bit more timid than canon gladion, but probably still has a bit of his.. gladion-ness, if that makes any sense. 


Following some advice on MTS I’ve changed the distribution of colour on the exterior of the temple. While I was doing that, I realized I still felt the temple was too short, so for the second time I’ve made it taller. Oh and I also decided to change the outdoor “restaurant” on the water. Actually, most of the lower town is getting a makeover. I will also change the market and the lots at the entrance. Do you like it better? :)

my new weekly setup 

1) habit tracker: I decided I would stop tracking my habits monthly and start tracking them weekly because that way, I have more flexibility (in case a habit becomes redundant or circumstances change). I also realized I was getting bored of the monthly setup and ended up not filling out my tracker at all. 
2) goals & to dos: This is just a brain dump of things I want to get done during the course of the week. The colour coding (the little crosses next to the bullet points correlate with my Level 10 Life categories. 
3) gratitude log: I have been wanting to track things I am grateful for for quite some time and now I’ve finally incorporated into my weekly view. 
4) quote: I know it looks like I wrote “Albus Pumbledore”. My finger slipped. But I love this quote and I love Harry Potter. (The next page is a tracker for book orders, because I ordered used Harry Potter books in English as I’ve only ever read them in German.)

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emma pLEASE write more headcanons i need it *.*

Specially for you, nonnie. (Note: my headcanons are mainly for the show as I’ve not yet read the books but I will after my uni exams.) [Part 1 here]

  1. Magnus loves all the seasons. In the Autumn, he wears Alec’s sweaters which reach his mid-thigh, taking pride in the way his bare legs attract Alec’s undivided attention.
  2. In the Summer, Magnus loves to use his magic to weave tiny pastel coloured flowers through Alec’s hair (Alec used to blush, but now finds this endearing and can’t bring himself to pick the flowers out so they stay there until they fall out themselves or Magnus decides he wants to take them out and change the type of flower). 
  3. Magnus’ favourite drink in cold weather is hot chocolate, and Alec loves to make it for him (with extra milk, whipped cream and marshmallows of course). Alec even buys him some golden edible glitter to sprinkle on top, much to Magnus’ delight.
  4. Magnus likes to sleep in late, whereas Alec is the opposite. His favourite thing about waking up earlier is watching Magnus snooze, the sun streaming lazily through the curtains, Magnus’ dark hair tousled against the pillow and lips parted slightly as he dreams. He likes to map out Magnus’ features with his fingertips, the arch of his brow, the curve of his lips, his strong jawline, and Magnus just smiles sleepily, eyes still closed, taking hold of Alec’s hand and bringing it to his lips, placing a soft and gentle kiss on his palm.
  5. Magnus adores Alec’s laugh. He’s always proud of himself whenever he can make Alec smile.
  6. After Magnus takes a bath and dries his hair, it’s super fluffy and messy and Alec loves running his fingers through it. Magnus has stopped trying to tame his hair because of this, and loves curling up against Alec, purring like a cat when Alec pays attention to him, the glamour on his eyes fading quickly.
  7. Alec loves Magnus’ eyes, and tells him so often.
  8. Sometimes when Alec is called on a mission with the others, he’ll throw something on quickly before heading out. No one tells him he has gold glitter on his shirt, though everyone notices it.
  9. They eventually watch The Graduate together, and Alec finally understands what Simon was babbling on about at the wedding. Magnus thinks it’s hilarious.
  10. Alec knows Magnus can do pretty much anything using his magic, but it makes him feel warm inside when he sees Magnus doing ordinary everyday things like painting his nails or making some food, because no one else sees him like this.
  11. Magnus loves chocolate, and he also likes to bake sweet things for Alec, usually for his birthday or an anniversary - sometimes he’ll make up random reasons to do something nice for Alec (”Alexander, did you know it’s the one year anniversary of our first kiss?” “Magnus I don’t think that’s how anniversaries work-”)
  12. No really just picture this: Alec wanders into the kitchen and finds Magnus singing and dancing to Beyoncé or something, those adorable highlights in his hair, his outfit more casual than usual, but still with a hint of glitter, of course. There’s a dusting of flour across one cheekbone and a wooden, chocolate-coated spoon in one hand. He’s stirring a chocolatey mixture - without the use of his magic - because he wants to do something nice for Alec and take his time with it instead of just making a cake appear on the table like he would do normally. Alec sneaks up and hugs his Warlock from behind, kissing the top of his head. “Alexander! I was making this cake for you, but I might eat it myself; it does taste rather good.” He says, turning in the Shadowhunters arms and smirking up at him, licking some of the mixture off of the spoon. Amusement and mischief twinkles in his eyes as Alec leans forwards, “Really? Well, I guess I’ll just have to try some for myself.” He leans down, and kisses the Warlock thoroughly breathless. When Alec pulls away, he whispers “Delicious” directly into Magnus’ ear. The Warlock immediately drops the spoon, takes fistfuls of Alec’s shirt and pulls him back down, sealing their lips once more. Alec can’t help but grin against his boyfriend’s mouth when he realizes Magnus is standing on his tiptoes.             
HQ!!VII Translations - The Changing Colours of The Grand King [Part 4]

Decided to just translate it while I was at it today! This is basically the full Oikawa Glasses part of the story!

(Continued from Part 3 here - most of it is under the cut! + Check out the master post here!)

The unassuming clothing store that he entered was decked out with pumpkins, witches, candles and all sorts of Halloween decorations, and Oikawa stood frozen at the entrance without realising it.

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Little wip because I decided to start making some character sheets for my main babies, because I have no chill when it comes to slowly getting back into drawing.

I just know I definitely want to do Nubs, Arty and Masuyo, but baby steps I guess :)
Altered some of his colours from old art to make the yellows a bit brighter and less orange, since Orange has become his sisters colour.
I would like to do the main full bodies, hoodless headshots and something to show how his phantom arm should look but we’ll see if I lose my art energy or not.


Day #2 [20th December]: Arima’s Birthday / King

YES! COMPLETED ON TIME!! Before 11:59 ;). I originally planned to contribute one picture.. but it turned out to be a series of pictures………… I also planned to colour it, but I ran out of time since I started this a day ago… I might revisit this in the future and do that; for now though, all I have are b+w sketches.

And yes, the crown changes mid-comic. That is because the king’s crown figuratively shown in TG and TG:re are different, and since Arima is the King in TG, and Kaneki is the new crowned king in :re, I decided to depict both.

— OOC —

Oh my stars!! Just look at my super cute commission from @tamara2727breezy of @kikilukilu !! X3

Seeing as Kiki’s going to be a bit of a pop idol now, I decided it was finally time to get some commission pieces of her.

Her dress (as you can probably tell) is inspired by Kairi’s Kingdom Hearts II outfit. But I wanted the skirt to be a little more flowy, and I asked that the colour scheme be changed a little. So, the white vest became black, and the pale pink dress itself became raspberry pink (which is Kiki favourite colour, and I wish they’d give that, and the dress itself, to us ingame).

And extra special thanks are in order as @tamara2727breezy​ took this on during a very busy time (moving house irl). 

 I just can’t get over this! I love it so much!! Thank yooouuu!! ^.^