i decided to art

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so

hortus-amor  asked:

what thing does the other do that annoys you the most?

JK: well jiminie hyung literally takes so long to shower!! we sometimes get late in our first class aaa //its a good thing our prof is kind~

JM: jungkookie is a messy sleeper indeed! back when we share one bed, i often fall off the bed lmao;; its a good thing we have separate single beds now



So I decided to make a new Goddess statue today.  Then I decided to make a little tutorial.  My camera was not so helpful

this is the first time I made any polymer clay figure with foil inside, so I ended up using more than is pictured here.

the “knees” here I ended up straightening and added more foil for the rest of the legs. Basically I did a thin coat of clay to hold everything together at first.

the foil I was going to use for the head ended up filling the chest cavity.  then I started on the breasts, things, and butt.

I added foil arms and neck

added the legs and covered everything.  After that i would take tiny strips of clay and fill in missing areas, and add bulk where the body was too thin

I used a mold for the face.  I’m not that talented

Then I realized the butt was too small, as were the things.  I made two tear drop shapes for the butt and blended, with the thighs I did long strips of clay.

I re-did her face, then started adding “land”

Than I started adding hair and a crown.  For the crown I used glass beads and stone chips.  To anchor them securely I put wire through the holes, twisted it up and made sure the wire went deep into the clay

I did her makeup with some glittery powder (made for polymer clay specifically) Now all she needs is a few coats of glaze!

To all my amazing followers

Thank you very much for being here,supporting me and my art at the same time,reblogging and liking it it means a lot for me ! When I started to do art,I’ve never imagined I will reach this point,I started doing art for friends and then I decided to make fanart too. Sadly I see sometimes my art being reposted. Is so painful when I see people that don’t care about how much we,as artists work, they just come and take our art for their own blog to gain more followers and likes. Even with credit,it doesn’t matter,is still stolen art,the viewers usually don’t even look at the credit,they are looking just at that reposted art. If you’re a reposter and see this,please,stop reposting my and others people work.
The reason why I write this post is because I want to ask you for a favor : if you see my art being reposted/stolen,please,let me know,I would appreciate very much. Like this I can tell them to take it down,or if you feel like doing it I would still appreciate it(but better I would contact them by myself,to make sure they will take it down and also,I don’t want you to get in trouble with them ).

I’m sorry I have to make this kind of posts but I really can’t stand people that repost my art (and others as well)…because I put hours of hard work in every drawing I do,I work 10-16 hours almost non stop when I have days off and is hard for me to see my art stolen.

I want to thank you all very much again,you’re one of the reasons why I am doing art,I love you !

Edit : You can contact me on Twitter,Instagram and SU Amino(on kaiken23) if you have account there



My only wish is that you have to be really patient because I have my graduation exam in 2 months and I`m learning really hard for it so I can go to university, this is why it will take me a lot of time

Let`s start

  • I don`t draw: -Mecha, Hentai. I don`t have anything against yaoi or yuri but please use your imagination and describe it a lot how you want it to be since I do not really draw yuri and yaoi so your ideas would be a lot of help!
  • How your message should look: Hey Ccrispy. My name is (your name) and I have choosen Category:….  Character/s:… Extra (optional):….
  • Note: This is only an example, you can write it however you want, but please be clearly so I can understand properly.
  • Contact: You can contact me via twitter or tumblr message. 
  • PAYING: Paypal (cristiana.goga@yahoo.com) You can send half of the amount before I start sketching or after I will show you the sketch
  • Slots: FREE

Notes: I will ask you a lot of question, if you like this, or that, or should I change anything and I will show you wips regulary 

For every question you have please feel free to contact me on PRIVATE MESSAGE so I can answer you!

thank you a lot @giushia for helping me with the prices and organize it right! couldn`t have done it without your help ♥

So I decided I wanted to practice drawing my disney sons more but I realized I didn’t have proper ref sheets for any of them so I spend more time looking through my old pictures than I spend working on new ones. To fix this I’m going to be making my way through and making refs for them. I’ll be doing the triplets and max definitely. I’ll probably make smaller ones for PJ, Bobby, and possibly Roxanne since I wanted to tweak her kh design abit.

Why did I do huey first? Good question. 

I’ll link the others here as soon as I get them done.

{ Part 1 / 2 }
{sorry bad quality!!!}
If you know my history maker art (below) I decided to do an extraspecial: yurio sketches which will get inked with the lyrics about agape - in regards to love.
LOL Funny noticement:
History maker needed time: 2O.O1.2O17 - 16.O2.2O17
& this one started today so 2O.O2.2O17 😂 Would be cool to finish at 16.O3.2O17.
anyways the history maker art, is the first work by myself which will put in Frames to hang on the wall.
So I can’t seperate, to many memories, to many Happenings & the first time that I’ve believe in myself.
So, because I want to Thank all the supporters (Even If only one will win sadly) I Do the same with agape.. Hope I will e able to Show my love, tears of happiness & stuff with this work! ❤️

Decided I wanted to make a comic for these two. If you can’t tell (which I doubt you could) these are my OCs Big Brother and Alyosha. I was originally going to make a comic of them being romantic but thought that I should give some history on them first. 

Richard (Big Brother) lived in America for most of his life and ended up becoming quite the little shit. He would get into fights and get in detention a lot. In middle school some strange Russian kid moved in about a block away from him. He then met the kid at school. One of Alyosha’s personalities came out (should work on that phrasing) during lunch and he ended up attacking one of the kids who was asking him about if he was a communist and making fun of his thick Russian accent. 

In detention Richard can see that this kid needs help but knows that since he is so quick attack (Richard thinks he’s just changing his mood not his personalities until Alyosha is diagnosed in a few years. It was hard for both of them.) He decided that the only way he was gonna be able to help him is if he shows that he is more powerful and threatens the kid himself.

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Hey guys, it’s Masterpost Monday once again! After noticing how much art gets reposted, especially kawaii and pastel art, I decided to keep a list of kawaii artists on tumblr for people to check out so that these artists can get the love they deserve!

I’ve added a page to my blog so you can find my list at any time!

The list:(Scroll to the bottom for the new artists on the list)

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