i decided that the transition thing at the start annoyed me

Hemmings & a bottle of rum


Part 2

Luke hemmings smut 

Request- Hi can you do a luke smut request where ur the band song writer and one day you and luke get tipsy and they end up having it in Luke’s hotel room (Hope you like it)

Word count- 2,200+

You scrunched your eyebrows, utterly frustrated and scratched out the few lyrics you had written on the piece of paper for what felt like the thousandth time. You preferred to write from experience and emotion, but right now you felt as if you were blocked. You stood up from your chair, crumpling the paper and threw it, along with the pen across the room. You groaned loudly and in that little fit of yours you almost didn’t notice the 5sos boys along with John Feldman and Alex Gaskarth walk into the room.

“When you said you like to work alone, I didn’t know it included this” Michael laughed out causing everyone else to snicker and laugh as well. Your eyes immediately darted to Luke’s icy blue ones to see what he felt about your little tantrum. Thankfully, he wasn’t laughing but you could see the amusement in his eyes. You blushed a deep shade of red and just looked down at your feet in embarrassment.

“Have you got anything yet?” Ashton voiced what everyone was thinking. “Yeah” you muttered quietly and signalled with your eyes that it was the same piece of paper you threw across the room. Luke was quick to react and practically jogged to the paper before you could protest. “Hey, it’s a work in progress” you said softly, worried about his opinions on your first draft.

Luke’s eyes moved back and forth across the paper, reading the few scribbled lines intently. His eyes widened the slightest and you walked to him and snatched the paper out of his hand. “I know it’s not good, but I’ll get there” you said exasperated and at the same time Luke was shaking his head ready to contradict what you had just said. You held your hand up in front of his face saying, “Save it”

You walked out of the studio and went to sit on the couch in the corridor. “Was it that bad?” John questioned in disbelief because he never ever doubted your talent. “Quite the opposite really” Luke said in a raspy voice and the image of him running his hands through his blonde locks flashed in your mind.

You walked back in, deciding you were being too immature and sat on one of the chairs. All of you decided to work on some sounds instead of lyrics as none of them wanted to get on your bad side. Seeing Alex sitting and brainstorming with Luke already you headed over to Ashton who was ready at his drums. He played a few simple beats and the both of you started working together in incorporating new ones.

Little did you know Luke was shooting daggers at his fellow bandmate in jealousy as he could see you getting closer and closer to him. The vein in his forehead was almost popping and in sudden force one of the strings of his guitar broke causing everyone, including you to look up at him. Your eyes locked with his and his features softened visibly.

Sensing the tense atmosphere increasingly today, Calum suggested that we meet tomorrow and continue then. You headed back to the hotel and time passed as you went to the bar with the boys. Luke was missing today though so you passed having a drink, missing your drinking buddy.

Throughout the night there was no appearance of Luke and that caused your curiosity to sky rocket. When it was getting late everyone decided to head back to their rooms while you went to Luke’s. Before you knew it, your hand was raised ready to knock at the door of the blonde boy’s room. You took a deep calming breath and knocked loudly. After hearing feet shuffle at the other side of the door, it opened revealing Luke in a pair of loose sweat pants and a muscle tee.

You took a step inside without waiting for his invitation and saw his room in a mess. You laughed to yourself and turned to look at the boy who was scratching the back of his head. “I didn’t want house keeping in here, touching all my things” Luke answered the question that was at the tip of your tongue. You saw his guitar lying on the king sized bed and commented, “I guess I’m not the only one who likes to work alone”

He walked over to the bed and sat down, placing his guitar on his lap. “I was actually trying some chords to match with the lyrics you wrote today” before you could protest, he continued “they were pretty amazing, Y/N” you shook your head in denial and sat on the chair in front of his bed. “Can I hear it?” you questioned and he instantly nodded.

He started strumming the guitar and sung out the lyrics from today afternoon. You were taken aback by the fact he had added some more of his own lines and how raw and emotional it sounded. “Woah, it does sound pretty good” you said shyly.

Wanting to eliminate the awkwardness in the room you changed the topic. “I missed my drinking buddy today” you said while sighing and walked up to the mini bar in the room. You bent down and pulled out the bottle of old monk. “You know they totally rip you off Y/N. Plus I really don’t like rum” Luke said making a face of disgust. “That’s what you get for ditching me today” you said, sticking out your tongue childishly. You opened the dark liquor bottle and poured a substantial quantity into two separate glasses. You picked up one and handed it to Luke who smelled it and made a gagging noise. Laughing at his silliness, you picked up the packet of cadbury twirls lying on the table. “We can use these as chasers” Luke seemed to love that idea and gulped down the dark liquid, immediately regretting it but opening the wrapper of the chocolate and eating it, just as quickly.

“You’re such a child” you giggled, sipping it first and then taking it like a shot. When you felt your throat burn you knew that this was a bad idea.

An empty bottle of rum and 30 cadbury twirls later, you were lying on the bed whilst Luke was bouncing on it like it was a trampoline. “Luuuuukeee, stop” you moaned and you could feel your head spin. He was on a sugar rush and you were annoyed. After exhausting himself completely, Luke sat down on the bed with his legs crossed staring at you with scrunched eyes. “What the hell are you doing Hemmings?” you asked amused and sat up in front of him.

“I’m just thinking” he said, sighing dramatically. “Bout what?” He grinned and said, “You.”

With the sudden change of mood you said, “What you did today was really amazing, with the song and all.” He shook his head and just looked at you blankly. “They were your lyrics, Y/N. I mean you are pretty amazing” he said, his cheeks held a slight tinge of pink now. “Y/N……” He stretched out like a little kid. “Yes, Luuuuu” you said while giggling. “You’re so cute, I could eat you up” he said. His bright smile slowly transitioned into a smirk and then into an evil tight lipped smile. You looked at him skeptically and the next thing you knew Luke was tickling your sides. You were screeching and laughing at the same time. Your back was on the soft mattress and he was relentless with his tickle-torture.

“Stop Lu, please!” you cried out and he slowed down a bit before stopping. You tucked your bottom lip beneath your teeth and looked into his ocean blue eyes. The ones you were drowning in and the ones you didn’t want to be saved from. You saw his eyes flicker from your own to your pink lips. You were panting in anticipation and he lowered his head ever so slightly.

Lifting your head up from the mattress, his lips were on yours and without wasting any more time his tongue was in your mouth. Although it felt magical, you both were really drunk and it was sloppy to say the least. His hands roamed your body before settling at your t-shirt and yanking it off, not a moment later. He dropped his head down to your neck and started nipping and sucking at the skin there. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he pushed his hips down grinding into you. He rotated his hips and created as much friction as he could, causing you to let out a moan.

Having never really done this with clothes on, you were soaking with the new set of sensations. He kissed you once again with force and you loved the aggression radiating off of him. You tugged at his muscle tee and in a second it was discarded, somewhere on the floor. You flipped over so that he was on the bottom and you were excited to be in control. Lowering your head down, you started sucking on the flesh just above his collarbones, causing him to let out an involuntary moan.

Luke snaked his hand around your back and un-clasped your bra, adding to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. His hands grasped both your breasts and roughly massaged them. “I fucking love these” he breathed out and began pinching and twisting your nipples. You sat up with your legs on either side of his waist and continued grinding on him, whilst he was playing with your tits.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Y/N”
“Then why don’t you do something about it?” you pushed further.

This seemed to ignite a fire in Luke as in a span of ten seconds your jeans and panties were gone. He grabbed your thighs roughly and kneaded them and you knew there would be bruises there tomorrow. “Sit on my face” he commanded and you didn’t need to be told twice. Your dripping core was above his face and he licked his lips before locking his arms around your thighs and pulling you down so your centre was on his mouth.

He licked a stripe and you shuddered in pleasure. His tongue thrusted in your entrance repeatedly. “Fuck! Luke” you yelled out and this egged him on as he started nibbling softly on your clit and rolling it around like a cherry in his mouth. He then stuck his tongue out so it was flat and moved your hips, effectively causing you to grind on his face. “I’m so close” you said in between moans and he sped up his actions causing you to come undone on his face.

You moved downwards so you were back to you original position, just above his dick. He flipped you over and slammed you down on the bed. “Face down, ass up baby” you whined at the nick name and complied. Your face was against the mattress and your once tied hair was now a complete mess. He took himself in his hands and rubbed it around your core, spreading the juices. “Fuck me, Luke” you whimpered and he pushed himself slowly into you. He closed his eyes at the heavenly feeling of your walls clenched, tight and warm, around him. He placed his hands softly on your waist and you were a bit shocked that he had suddenly become gentle but that didn’t last long as his grip tighten and he pounded into you. With each thrust your body moved forward and backward, in a rhythm.

Luke pulled you upwards and you let out a low mewl. One of his hands went to your breast, playing with them again while the other stayed on your waist. He moved his face minutely so that his lips were near your ear and he nibbled on your ear lobe. “You’re such a dirty girl, aren’t you Y/N? Letting me have my way with you” The pleasure increased with this and you replied. “Harder. Fuck me harder” you screamed out, your darkest fantasy coming to life.

He nearly growled and moved his hips faster. You almost lost balance but wrapped one arm around the back of his neck. Your head fell back on his shoulder and you let out a little moan with each thrust. “I’m so close, baby girl” you nodded and he knew you were almost there. “Come for me Y/N” he said, almost yelling. You whined out his name and he let himself go to causing your highs to occur at the same time. Your vision blanked and you allowed yourself to crash down on the bed with Luke falling on top of you.

Heavy breathing was the only thing heard in the room as Luke reached down and pulled up a thin sheet to cover the both of you. Your eyes began to flutter shut as Luke left a soft kiss on your lips and you fell into a deep sleep, too intoxicated by Hemmings and a bottle of rum to utter a word.

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My husband and I are starting to read more books together (he’s seriously the best, it’s like having a great audiobook narrator on your couch with you, I’m so spoiled). He decided to share the Revenge of the Sith novelization with me, and l’m pretty furious. Because it’s really, really good. Like WAY better than the movie.

I like the prequels, flawed and often painful as they are, but hearing and reading this masterpiece, I’m livid that we got the film as it is. If this is what it could have been, how did we end up with what we did? Like, it makes SO much more sense, and feels more organic, and Anakin’s fall doesn’t come out of the blue, and it’s not half so whiny and annoying, and it all makes sense did I mention it makes sense finally? The characterizations are thorough, Obi-wan is shown to be deeply feeling, Brand-new Vader is terrifyingly sassy (”We were promised a handsome reward!” “I am your reward. Do you not find me handsome?” Like DANG SON).

Some highlights of things you get from this book:

-Dooku is a clinical sociopath

-Yoda actually admitted the fault of the Jedi order–that they were too rigid, and hadn’t changed while the Sith had, and that was their downfall, that they were too invested in the Old Ways. He admits that Sidious was, in part, correct, which also admits that the Jedi had, indeed, failed Anakin to a certain extent as he said.

-Anakin’s transition to Vader, which is shown to be a literal psychological transition. Anakin actually isn’t in control anymore, there’s a new being inhabiting him called Vader. Once Anakin decides to leave the Jedi and become Sith, the being known as Anakin ceases to exist and Vader is born. Anakin is killed, and Vader takes his place; so yes, Old Obi-wan was right.

-C3PO actually has anxiety. Clinical anxiety. His ‘threat aversion subroutines’ get in the way of him doing things, even normal things, because they try to override his actions.

-Obi-wan dresses up like a drunken bum with Yoda wrapped up like and impersonating a baby in order to infiltrate the fallen Temple.

-Stunning time-out style writing (transitions into present tense to slow down time and let you emotionally and mentally explore a moment), well-paced action, painful and beautiful foreshadowing, perfectly interwoven introspection, incredible and subtle themes of love and hope, and beautiful metaphors and call-backs. I like this author, we’re actually going to look up more of his stuff in the library because let me tell you, it is AMAZING.

-Obi-wan is deathly allergic to space miso soup and almost triggered an interplanetary incident because he didn’t know and drank it while on a diplomatic mission.

This book is a treasure, 11/10, highly recommend.

Auston Matthews - Don’t Drop Your Gloves

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“This might be a handful to take in but I’m explaining it the best way I can. Can you do an Auston Matthews one where you two are in an argument and he starts swinging his arms around because he’s frustrated. But what he doesn’t know is that you used to be in a past/abusive relationship and you think he’s gonna hit you so you run off to wherever and then make up. Sorry if that’s a lot!” @turtleloveruniverse-blog

Word count: 1154

warnings: talk of cheating, ptsd from relationship abuse, fighting, cussing

_X_  _X_  _X_  _X_  _X_  _X_  _X_  _X_

You had flown out to stay at your boyfriend’s place all week since he needed help packing up to move back to Arizona for the off-season. Auston Matthews was a great boyfriend and athlete but, could not prioritize his time for the life of him. Most of the week was stressful, for you, since you were trying to organize packing and the hauling situation before his lease was up. Although, this particular morning was a bit more relaxing. Most of the work was already done so, you had some time to sleep in while Auston went out for a morning work-out with a few of his teammates.

At least, you had tried to sleep in. Your phone was buzzing every two seconds until you caved in to open your notifications. multiple numbers sending you screenshots of the same thing. 

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Just Friends // Baekhyun (1)

synopsis: your relationship with Baekhyun used to be full of hatred until one little school project makes the feelings swerve everywhere

chapters: one // two

genre: fluff and angst in the future

pov: 1st

word count: 1,878

author’s note: if this chapter gets fifty likes or more, i’ll start working on the second chapter! this was actually really fun to write as well. as always, i hope you enjoy and requests are open!

TRIGGER WARNING: this chapter includes domestic/child abuse and alcoholism


It wasn’t always this confusing. In fact, when we were younger, we despised each other. I guess it was due to the fact of us being children, and like all children, we were most likely drama queen and king. Actually, the only reason our relationship is confusing, is because of what happened last week. You’re probably confused, aren’t you? Well how about this, I’ll go back and explain our relationship, what happened, and how we ended up in this situation. Then, we’ll be where we are now, does that sound good?


Walking through the doors of preschool consisted of me holding on to my mother’s hand, desperately tugging at it to make her take the both of us home. My older brother told me that preschool was the best year of school ever, and I believed him. Until we walked through the doors. Kids were everywhere, yelling, running, and playing. It’s terrifying. “Y/N, you have to let go of my hand, sweetie.” Mom chuckled, gently removing one finger at a time from her hand.

“No way!” I exclaimed, grabbing onto her arm instead. She gave me ‘the look’ before proceeding to walk away. She mouthed an ‘I love you’ before leaving the place. At the brink of tears, I slowly walked into the hectic room, trying to avoid any trouble, along with the noisy kids.

“Baekhyun, slow down!” a young lady, presumably the teacher, yelled, running after a brown haired child, who is most likely Baekhyun. Soon enough the brown haired kid would run past me, but he instead ran into me and knocked me down to the ground.

“Watch where you’re going!” he exclaimed. “You almost gave me cooties, how gross!”

I have never even heard of cooties until this very moment, and my small, frail body ended up trembling, the tears that welled up in my eyes being released. Cooties, he sounded so angry when he said that. And that was frightening. Needless to say, I started to think I was dying, as if I had this disease called cooties, which was the most deadly disease in the world. Thanks to me being an over-dramatic four-year-old, I thought I was on the brink of death, like I could die at any moment. To sum up, the word “cooties” made me think I was in danger and I ended up breaking down, tears finally streaming down my face.

The mysterious lady (who I had absolutely no clue of her name) scurried over to me, her face etched in worry. She picked me up and looked down at the boy and scolded, “I have had enough of this behavior, Byun Baekhyun! If I have to scold you one more time, there will be a call to mom and dad!” She yelled, she actually yelled. I remembered my brother saying, “if the teacher actually yells at a preschool student, it means they often get in trouble, so don’t worry about getting yelled at unless you choose to be an annoying rascal.” Did I know what the word rascal meant? No. But I assumed it was pretty bad, considering he used it in the context of “don’t get in trouble or you’re a rascal.”

After hearing her yell, I buried my face into the crook of her neck. I was never a person who could handle anything revolving around yelling or fighting. Call me weak if you must, but it’s who I am and I’ve come to accept it.

From that moment on, I swore to myself that I would avoid Baekhyun at all costs. That plan, however, failed. First of all, it just so happened that my assigned spot was right next to Baekhyun, which meant that he could torture and annoy me whenever he pleased. And let me tell you, he took up that offer every moment he could.

Ever since then, every single day I came home, I would whine and complain to my brother about how infuriating Baekhyun was. And every single time, he had the exact same reply: “He has a crush on you.” (Admittedly, the first time he said crush I was very confused since crush usually means smash, break, destroy, and etcetera.)

Then the next year of school came around, and with just my luck, I managed to be in the very kindergarten classroom of Byun Baekhyun. However, he ignored me for a few months. He was too busy hanging out with his newfound best friend, Park Chanyeol. He was (and still is) a lengthy person, his legs very long. For the most part, I really liked Chanyeol. The taller male was an angel: whenever Baekhyun came my way to irritate me, Chanyeol steered him away, instead dragging him along to the action figures and other toys, a great distraction for any five or six year old. To put it simply, I felt like Chanyeol was a guardian angel, always steering the annoying Baekhyun away from me.

For a majority of kindergarten, not much happened to me dealing with Baekhyun, though first grade is where hell truly took place.

During summertime, when I was transitioning from kindergarten to first grade, my mom lost her job and started drinking. For the first few days, she’d have a beer every day, but then it turned to more. It was three drinks, four drinks, five drinks, and so on, until it eventually became a new beer after the last was finished. Throughout the summer, all I saw of her was her either drinking, drunk out of her mind, vomiting, or passed out. My father was dealing with her, doing his best to make sure she didn’t pass, but then she did something truly awful. One time, my father refused to give her another beer, all the beer that had been in the fridge was either thrown out or stashed away, and that’s when my mom lost it.

She started becoming violent, both physically and emotionally. At first, it was aimed only towards my dad, so he often times came to mine and my brother’s room, discussing how we should at all times possible stay in our room or at a friend’s house, which is what we did for quite a while. That is, until, my mother started breaking even more. She eventually demanded we open the door, and when we wouldn’t, she kick at it. At first, we were fine with that. We knew she was out of her mind. But then she finally kicked the door down. When she did break the door, she started screaming like the madwoman she was.

Once she came in, she grabbed my hair and pulled. She kept pulling at it, even though I screamed and yelled for her to stop. She started pulling the hair out, and to this day, I have a scar on the right side of my head, forever there to remind me of the awful day.

Luckily for me and my brother, he was able to grab his phone in the midst of this and called for dad, when he picked up he was a sobbing mess, begging for him to come inside and take us away. The first thing my father did was call the police, to tell them about the domestic and child abuse going on, and then he ran. No matter how slow he normally was, he ran as fast as the speed of sound and made it to us, quickly hitting at my mother until she fell back, which is when he picked me up and grabbed my brother’s hand, running far away from the house.

By the time first grade started, I was still an emotional mess due to the whole mother situation. To make it worse, Baekhyun was still in the same class as me while Chanyeol was over in Ms. Kim’s classroom. He managed to make another friend though. His name was Sehun, but he’s an even shittier person than Baekhyun, which made my life ten times more miserable than it was on its own.

In addition to that, exactly one week before Mother’s Day, my class started our projects for gifts to, if not obvious enough already, give to our mothers. My teacher was kind enough to whisper to me during nap time (the one time other children would actually fall asleep, which was oddly strange) that I could draw my dad a picture instead, so that is what I did.

My drawing was a picture of my father, my brother, and myself in our quaint house next to the park. Of course, I never even thought of my mother once through the entire drawing process (as much of a process as there is for a seven-year-old). My time drawing my small family was peaceful, until the two notorious brats Sehun and Baekhyun decided to waltz in and think they knew enough about my life to criticize the picture.

Sehun for the most part was on the shy side, but once he was with Baekhyun he was the devil, which made this experience so much more enjoyable. “Hi, Y/N!” Baekhyun said, a cheery ass smile on his face.

“What do you want?” I asked, immediately furious, knowing the two boys were up to no good.

Sehun instantly replies. “You’re drawing is wrong.” Baekhyun just snickered in agreement. What assholes.

“How is it wrong?” I questioned, voice innocent yet dripping with anger.

“You forgot your mommy, the reason why it’s being drawn.” Baekhyun answered. Okay, I may have thought to myself that I had moved on from the situation, but do to my reaction, I clearly hadn’t in the slightest. Instead of the calm reaction I was hoping for, I ended up bursting into tears, not only making me even sadder, but also embarrassed for the rest of the school year (until Hoseok ended up peeing himself during snack time one day).

This scene seems all too familiar. Though at the time I didn’t realize this, Baekhyun made me cry just like in preschool, and yet again, I had a teacher scurrying over to me, ready to help out. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” she asked, eyebrows raised in concern.

“They-they said that… that m-my drawing was wrong!” I confessed, gripping onto the back of her shirt for dear life as I cried to my heart’s content. With her already glaring at the two boys, I continued on. “They said it was wro-wrong because it didn’t have a mommy!” I hiccuped. Once I finished crying and calmed down for the most part, she gave a stern look to the two boys and made them follow her outside to the hallway while some girls ran over to play with me and attempt to cheer me up.

“Just ignore them,” one of the girls, Jennie, said, giving me a hug before asking if I could join them. By the end of the school day, Jennie and I were calling each other best friends (but doesn’t every seven year old child do so?) and planning to meet up. My next few years were peaceful, as I managed to get through with the help of Jennie and Baekhyun being in other classrooms. But once I got to high school?

This is just the start of my life, I am nowhere near done.

we are all liars

in which eijun and kazuya are both in denial and pining like clueless idiots

“You’re one nasty bastard,” Eijun says.

Kazuya takes the insult completely in stride; it isn’t something new coming from Eijun’s mouth after all. He loops an arm around Eijun’s neck and tugs him closer, pulling Eijun flush against the hard lines of his body. A corner of Kazuya’s mouth twitches when Eijun reflexively struggles against his hold – though it’s obvious he’s not really putting that much gusto to wrestle away from Kazuya. “Who’s the one asking for extra practice today, hm? Learn to be nicer if you want something, brat.”

“I bought you the stupid salmon onigiri you like this afternoon.” Eijun scowls up at him, his fringe parting in the middle of his forehead and revealing annoyed, brown eyes that were previously partially shielded by his hair. “That’s nice enough.”

“What about my coffee and slice of cheesecake?” Kazuya asks, a lofty lilt in his tone. He continues resting his arm on Eijun’s shoulder, who’s by now given up any semblance of resistance as they make their way to the clubroom. 

Eijun scrunches his face up in distaste. “I’m not part of your fanclub, Miyuki.” 

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Kim Jaehwan “Bad Boy” Scenario
  • you and jaehwan knew each other only through mutual classes at school but nothing further than that
  • and it turned out that you haven’t fulfilled your arts requirement to graduate so you ended up taking music composition 101 and oh look so does jaehwan
  • and for your final project you’re paired with jaehwan to compose and perform a song
  • during your first meeting hes pretty quiet and you’re awkwardly sitting there while hes writing down a bunch of notes in his notebook
  • “so how do you want to start–”
  • “ill write and you can perform. deal?”
  • you shook your head “oh no way im so bad in front of crowds i cant”
  • he kind of had the are-you-fucking-kidding-me-why-is-she-my-partner look on his face for a split second “can you play the guitar? piano? anything?”
  • “i know like 3 chords on the guitar…” 
  • he let out a small sigh and was thinking to himself for a few minutes before responding “okay how about we do a guitar duet and maybe try to sing a little bit if we have time to practice that too? i can teach you how to play more than the 3 chords that you know”
  • you nodded, eager to do anything to pass your final
  • you show him the strums and chords you can do and he looks really unimpressed but is quick to write down what you should practice before your next meeting
  • once he leaves the practice room you decide to stay behind and try to practice a bit before you go home but you’re struggling really hard
  • and jaehwan forgot his jacket in the practice room so he comes back to get it when he hears you practicing horribly and is like who poured acid into my ears
  • you’re struggling because your fingers are awkward and stiff and cant transition between the chords fast enough so jaehwan comes over and grabs your hand to position it more comfortably
  • you jump back a little bit because you didnt notice he came in
  • “i came back because i left my jacket and… well you’re just doing it wrong. fix it.” he said before grabbing his jacket and rushing out
  • you kinda smile to yourself because you saw jaehwan’s ears get red but you’re like whatever this guy thinks im annoying af he doesnt like me
  • you guys continue to practice together after school and you always bring him little snacks and things and even though he says he doesnt want them he always finishes them by the end of your practices
  • he loosens up around you eventually and your personality helps him break out of his shell 
  • and after he’s continued to help you improve on the guitar and you’ve practiced your song enough, jaehwan says that he can sing to accompany the guitar duet
  • and you hear his angelic voice and literally fall out of ur chair and are like bOY WHY WERE YOU HIDING THIS BEAUTIFUL VOICE FROM THE WORLD
  • and he gets super shy and but doesnt deny that he has a really good voice
  • so the day comes for your final and the teacher calls you two up to perform and you’re SO nervous you kind of have this blank expression on your face and you’re tuning out everything around you
  • as you’re walking to the front of the class with your guitar jaehwan says your name softly “y/n, don’t be nervous. you’ll do just fine”
  • he squeezes your hand lightly which helps you shake off some of the nerves you’d built up
  • you sit down and jaehwan gives you a small nod to start and you let out the breath you were holding and start playing
  • as the song continues on you get more comfortable and you and jaehwan actually start having fun while performing
  • and you cant help but notice that while he’s singing he keeps glancing over at you and you just smile back
  • after class you’re about to leave as you finish packing your things when jaehwan calls your name so you look up
  • “i- i like you”
  • his face turns CHERRY red
  • and you’re kind of stunned so you dont say anything but your best friend that was standing next to you nudges you so you snap out of it
  • “i like you too!” you kind of blurt out and both of you are super embarrassed
  • dates consist of him teaching you how to play guitar and both of you writing lyrics together
  • sometimes you’ll be lying in the park watching the stars, neither of you really talking and he’ll hum or sing quietly
  • here lies y/n who died from listening to a voice so angelic it made her melt into the ground
  • doesnt show you affection straight up but always does when you aren’t looking/paying attention
  • like you’ll send him a cute selfie showing him you new haircut or something casual and he’ll just reply like “oh looks good.” but secretly he cant stop looking at the photo you sent and is like hOw was i so lucky to be able to date this B E A U T Y
  • or when you leave him small sticky notes on his locker before he has tests with things like “good luck! try not to scare the teacher with your psychotic laugh” he’ll just keep them in his backpack after reading them and even though you assumed he threw them away or lost them or whatever he has this space above his desk in his room where he puts all of the messages you’ve sent him throughout the year
  • bUT despite this he was the first one to say i love you 
  • jaehwan was practicing for a small gig he got in a local cafe to perform and you were next to him doing some homework when his voice cracked (in the middle of a super emotional song)
  • you could NOT stop laughing and jaehwan just got super defensive and embarrassed
  • but eventually he started laughing too once he noticed you literally rolling on the floor with tears coming out of your eyes
  • “i cant believe i love you” he said while you were still wiping your tears
  • “you cant believe what?” you said, surprised that jaehwan was the one initiating the “lovey-dovey” moment instead of you
  • “im not saying it again” he said rolling his eyes
  • “i love you too jaehwan” you teased him with aegyo making him blush super hard

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Warm Me Up - NCT Taeyong fluff

Cold winters, Taeyong’s smile, and a shower… read on to see what it’s about :)

Word count: 1,027

Lotso’ flufffff!!!

Originally posted by taeyonghi

You breath a sigh of relief as you burst into your apartment. You kick the door shut, shoving out the nipping winter air. “Too cold, too cold! This is the exact opposite of hot as the devil’s balls.” Slapping your cheeks a few times, you convince yourself that your shivering body has gone numb to all feeling as you slip off your boots. As you sniffle uncontrollably, your fingers fumble with the zipper of your giant winter overcoat (admittedly Taeyong’s) as you repeatedly hop in place to speed up your warming process. Frozen fingers made for clumsy movements and in your frustration you trip over a pair of sneakers that were strewn across the floor. 

Clinging to the wall, you quietly breathe, “I swear I just saw death before my eyes.” You shake your head at your own antics, aware of how ridiculous you were sometimes, clumsiness and self-narration and all. Taking more notice of the sneakers, the corners of your mouth twitch up as you realize that your boyfriend is home. 

Instantaneously you turn into an excited, agile beast as you shrug off the rest of your warm layers, leaving you in a black long sleeve and leggings. You slide your mismatched winter socks across the hardwood floor into the shared bedroom - totally not accidentally slamming into the door or anything. As soon as you slip into the room, the familiar tune of Mad City carries through the air, slightly muffled by the flow of the shower head. 

You creep into the bathroom, thankful that Taeyong left the door open. You listen to Taeyong effortlessly rap through the verses and smile at his distinct deep voice. Content with just silently enjoying his presence, you lean against the counter and continue to listen to his secret performance. 

Squeaking sounds come from inside the bathtub and you realize the Taeyong is most likely dancing in there, a precarious but endearing hobby that both of you share. His rap melts away into random sounds and beatbox-esque noises as his feet continue to squeak away. You find yourself snickering quietly as Taeyong starts to sound more and more like a confused parrot. Lifting your hands to mask the sound, you flinch at your cold fingers against your mouth. 

Deciding that it’s about time to warm yourself up, you slip out of your clothes as the song transitions to an acoustic song that you can’t quite remember the name of in the moment. Taeyong is still humming behind the curtain, oblivious to the heart attack you’re about to give him.

Slowly clutching the shower curtain in your fingers, you more clearly hear his cute singing and you almost feel guilty. Almost. 

Yanking open the curtain partway, you scream out his name as you poke your head into the open section. His eyes startle open wide as he lets out a blood curdling screech that leaves you falling to the ground in laughter. In his panic he drops a bottle onto the bathtub floor as his hands stabilize himself against the slick wall.

Still leaning against the tub on the ground, you struggle to catch your breath as you peer up at him. His face is painted with a pout as he whines at you, “왜~~~?!” (trans: why) His shoulders wiggle in adorable defiance. 

You weakly wave your hand up at him, signaling for him to help you get up. With an annoyed scrunch of his nose, he offers a hand down to you. Remnant giggles still escaping your mouth, you grasp his hand as he helps you stand from your collapsed heap on the floor. 

“Babe, why are your hands so cold?! Get in here!”

His annoyed demeanor immediately melted away into a concerned one as he tugs you into the shower. You squeal at the contrast of hot water against your freezing skin much to Taeyong’s amusement. “Taeyong this is WAY TOO HOT!”

It’s his turn to laugh as you wriggle around the bathtub, trying to avoid the reach of the shower head.  You shove your head against his back as you slip your hands around his abdomen, using him as a shield against the scorching hot water.

You feel him chuckling underneath your cheek as his fingers work to pry your hands off of him. He quickly turns around and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you right into him. Still your shield against the hot stream, Taeyong leans his forehead down to yours. Droplets of water from his hair start to stream down your face as he simply stares into your eyes. His mouth slowly stretches into a small grin and you find your cheeks heating up, not necessarily because you were shy under his gaze, but because he managed to make you feel beautiful in under a second.

Your hands make their way to cup his jaw and as your thumbs slowly stroke his wet skin. Not even fighting your own grin you look at him with sincerity, “Pabo you can’t smile at me like that.”

His eyebrows quirk in confusion, wordlessly asking you to explain. 

“It makes me fall in love with you more each time and honestly that’s really scary.”

His whole face lights up as he swoops to down to capture your lips in his. You feel his arms tighten around you, bringing you in so close that you could feel every slight movement of his abs. It’s a short kiss, but he pulls his lips away as slowly as possible. Your mouth slightly chases after his own and you feel his cheeks lift into an even bigger smile. 

One of his hands snakes its way to your cheek as he looks at you with the same heart-stopping gaze. “I really really really love you a lot too. So don’t worry, we’re scared together.”

He kisses your nose to punctuate the end of his sentence and somehow you melt more into his arms. He understands what you are asking for… the prolongment of this quiet solace. 

Yes, you are quite scared of how much you love this man, but in this moment, nothing terrifies you more than a world without him by your side. 

Wowow this was my first NCT scenario!

Check out my masterlist here! I have a ton of Exo thingos if that’s of any interest to you. (and yes hopefully I will continue to write NCT things)

<3 <3<3 

Cease, River.

*Trigger Warning: self harm and suicide is in the following chapter. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NEGATIVELY IMPACTED BY THIS SORT OF THING.*

It was just a little white line, but it would stay there for the rest of his life as a total reminder of what he had done.

It was honestly sort of silly, and felt even more so each time he had to share the story with a new counsellor.

A friend who cared.
A lover who asked.

Unless you were looking, you probably wouldn’t see it. The scar was maybe half an inch long, give or take.

But it held a dreadful story.

Lance stared at the little bracelet he held in his hands. He had gotten the stupid thing at an arcade for thirty tickets or something.

It was made of those ‘emo’ square things that were usually on belts, only this was one row of black and white.

Lance didn’t even know why he had gotten it, instead of another candy piece or something.

He didn’t know how attached he would become to the thing, unfortunately.

It had just been another hard day.

Tests failed.
Flaws shoved in his face by household members, the usual.

Lance had become so apathetic to the ordeal though that now it had no effect on him.

He was a walking and sometimes talking robot that went about his daily routine, never changing.

Now, Lance wouldn’t say his emotions were gone. Definitely not.

It had become, more so, that the emotions he did feel were just routine.

Constant anxiety the caused him to fidget and his chest to feel tight.

For bad thoughts to creep in.

That’s how Lace had discovered what this bracelet could do. In that moment.

The blue red boy had only been fidgeting with the thing when he realized he was bending back something sharp.

The bent material that kept the squares in place. It completely captivated him.

Lance did not know why the thought crossed his mind, but it did as he bent the tip from the bracelet and he stared.

He’d heard of cutting.
Some of his friends mentioned it in their past, but had always overcome it.

Lance knew it generated a feeling that wasn’t as routine as his entire life.

Physical pain.

Now, Lance knew that this would lead him to a complicated road that would give him more anxiety than he was previously dealing with.

You have to cover the scars.
You have to keep it secret.

So many burdens that came with doing this; and the decision making process.

What if he cut too deep?

Lance didn’t necessarily want to die, yet.

But the thought that he would feel something besides his day to day anxiety and depression drove him further.

He started on the top of his left arm.
Lance wasn’t sure why he had picked there, he just sorta went for it.

The boy made vertical scratches, about 7-8 of them, but they weren’t very deep.

It was a feeling. But maybe it was too much for him right now. He shook.

During the school day Lance wore the bracelet, but found himself scratching words or sometimes just lines into his arms with a pencil.

He laughed remembering the way people used to get creeped out by it, others asked him why he did it.

Lance didn’t know, he just found it creative and he liked it. The marks went away by the time he got home anyway.

Lance recalled when he transitioned from the pencil, back to the bracelet. It was a hard time for him.

He recalled the time when it went from light scratches on his wrist, to when he had to move to his thighs because he had gotten caught.

Oh how he had gotten caught.
His bracelet was quickly taken from him.

The first time Lance drew significant amount of blood, he was thrilled by the sight.

It hurt of course, but just seeing the blood like that gave him a sort of adrenaline rush that he just couldn’t get any other way.

Dopamine flooded his brain.

It never got better from there, but he always did get better at hiding it.

When he stayed at the Garrison, it got significantly worse. By a lot.

But Lance knew when too much was too much, and never let that sharp object dig deeper.

Without the bracelet, Lance had taken to stealing razors from the generals or in closets. Basically whatever he could.

When it came lights out, Lance would sit up in his room, blankets over him, and just blindly cut at his thighs.

He would go at it until his fingers were sticky and the blade end slick with dried and new blood.

Lances poker face during the whole ordeal was better than any legit poker player.

You would never guess what he was doing to himself, and no one did.

Until it was too late.

“Lance! Stop acting dumb, get back in formation! We trying to win this war, not have YOU lose it for us!” Allura shouted over the intercom of the castle.

The blue paladin flinched.

“You’ve hit me more times than you’ve hit any of the targets, some ‘sharpshooter’ you are.” Keith grumbled.

Shiros sigh is the best thing heard, “We’ve been training a lot today, how about we all go back inside for rest.”

He said it as an order.

When they all made it back, the mood was not positive. Everyone was tired and annoyed.

Why couldn’t this battle be over yet?

The blue eyed paladin excused himself to his room when asked about joining everyone for dinner.

'Stupid stupid stupid…’

Lance shook slightly, and familiar feelings started to work through his bloodstream.

Anxiety, from whatever he felt was gonna be said about him next.
Depressed, from the truth he knew behind the words spoken to him earlier.
Anger, that he had to feel this way.
Numb, because none of this was new.

Hot tears filled his eyes as he entered his room, letting the door close behind him and he sunk to the floor.

In the way.

The hatred Lande felt for his entire self grew stronger and he squeezed his eyes shut tight as the tears fell.

Lance took tufts of hair into his fists to pull at them in annoyance. Why couldn’t he do anything right?

His heartbeat picked up and Lance snivelled, he needed a distraction and quickly.

It was getting too much.

In the way.
In the way.
In the way.

U S E L E S S.
A N N O Y I N G.
I N  T H E  W A Y.
S T U B B O R N.

Lance flung open his small dresser of clothes and desperately dug through its contents for any of the razors and broken forks he had.

A cut to his finger allowed him to find him pretty quickly, and his pulse spiked.


Lance wheezed as the tears fell hot and and fast, streaming down his cheeks yet he made no sound.

He was done with all of this.

All of the names, the struggles.
Lance remembered when he didn’t want to die, at least not yet. Yet had come.

Lance wanted to do what benefitted the team. Not what he thought was best. For himself or the others.

If he were gone, then the team could find a better suited paladin for Voltron and they could finally beat Zarkon.

Go home.

They would never get that chance to improve if Lance were here, he decided.

The blue paladin backed himself up into the corner of his room, shaking all over from this attack he was having.

The blood on his finger trickled down to his wrist and Lance was finally able to do it.

Lance didn’t know how many vertical lines were in his arms when his legs gave out on him.

He knocked over his dresser in the process of trying to stay standing.

Lance wasn’t scared, but it was taking longer than he had anticipated and the boy didn’t feel like being caught.

It was for them, and if they stopped him his plan to what was best would be ruined.

He finally fell to his side, dropping his wound inflicted and paid attention to the way everything got fuzzy.

Maybe now he would be a hero.
Sure, at his own expense, but Lance had chosen this and it was his choice.

Heroes  have to make the tough choices, don’t they?

It was for the better.

There was a knocking on his door, his name being called. Of course he couldn’t answer.

He looked down to his wrists, where blood pulsed out in rhythm to his dying pulse. Lance hoped the others would wash his jacket before they got rid of his body.

The door burst open, Keith stood there with Shiro behind him. Both froze in their tracks and their faces dropped.

Lance’s eyes closed, his breath left him.
His heart stuttered to a stop like a dying engine of a motorcycle running out of gas.

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. A quote by Khalil Gibran.

The blue paladin has ceased.

Cross goes to the grocery store

Previously on the Crack Adventures of Cross and Nightmare, Nightmare was having numerous problems, Killer Sans was revealed to have the shipper role and thought of a ship name for our beloved main characters, and Nightmare sent Cross to the grocery store to get more ice cream.

(Be warned that everyone is out of character)

Chara: okay dude we’ve gotta think this out through and through


Cross: why, a kind that Nightmare likes of course

Chara: WHAT

Chara: WHY

Cross: Don’t you see, Chara? It is essential to my master plan that we annoy Nightmare as much as possible! I can say something like “I got it for you, senpai!” and he’ll just be really mad or something.

Chara: but

Chara: but why??


Chara: this thing is Nightmare has made zero sense too

Cross: Come on man, you have to admit he’s fun to mess around with.

Chara: well yes but why humiliate yourself in the process

Cross: because it’s worth it

Cross: besides, it’s not humiliating if it’s done proudly

-(scene transition)-

(Cross walks in with a ton of bags.)

Nightmare: that is way more than ice cream

Cross: I’m makin tacos tonight

Nightmare: WHAT OH GEEZ NO

Cross: what


Cross: I believe we gain skills through trial and error


Cross: well uh

Nightmare: you are not cooking ANYTHING

Cross: but duuuuude

Cross: I need mah tacos

Nightmare: well I believe you have an addiction

Cross: you’re the one who frantically told me to go to the store because we ran out of ice cream


Cross: seriously? but that guy looks like he lives on human flesh


(Killer Sans walks in.)

Killer Sans: howdy shipsters, what be happenin?

Nightmare: what

Cross: yo KS, Nightmare won’t let me use the kitchen cuz he thinks I’m gonna make it explode

Cross: it’s not cool

Killer Sans: (looks at Nightmare) wow dude that is not cool

Killer Sans: because even if he makes it explode you can just make someone fix it

Nightmare: well yeah but

Nightmare: IT’S MY KITCHEN

(Suddenly, they hear deep laughter. In the doorway is Horror Sans.)

Horror Sans: hahahahAHAHA

Horror Sans: you fools. while you weren’t paying attention I STOLE THE ICE CREAM CROSS JUST BOUGHT (holds up bag)

Nightmare: OH COME ON

Killer Sans: come on man you’ve had enough

Killer Sans: just give it back–


(Horror Sans escapes with the ice cream.)

Nightmare: GET HIIIIIM

(The yakety sax music starts to play as they chase Horror Sans around the castle.)

(However, all of them except Cross are collapsed on the floor within ten minutes because they’re all out of shape.)

Nightmare: Hand over… that ICE CREAM

Horror Sans: (sprawled out on the floor) you can’t make me

Nightmare: if you want fricking ice cream… then buy it with your OWN MONEY

Horror Sans: there aren’t any stores that will take limbs as cash

Nightmare: and you’re broke because of you NOW GIVE ME THE BAG BEFORE THE ICE CREAM MELTS

(Cross walks over and takes the bag from Horror Sans.)

Horror Sans: noooooo

Cross: senpai I have retrieved the bag

Nightmare: okay put it in the secret freezer and don’t call me senpai

Horror Sans: the what

Nightmare: I didn’t want to have to resort to this but you have left me no choice

Nightmare: the ice cream can no longer be publicly accessed

Horror Sans: (gasps) o-oh come on that’s not fair

Nightmare: you’ve brought it to this, Horror Sans

Horror Sans: NUUUUU

-(scene transition)-

Cross: well that didn’t go as planned

Chara: You don’t say! We don’t even get to make our tacos!

Cross: hmm… well, maybe WE can’t use the kitchen… perhaps we could make someone else do it…

Chara: look here Criss-Cross I really don’t see that happening

Chara: who the heck would make food for us around here

Cross: do you see any other options? it’s this or no tacos

Chara: we should at least try bothering Nightmare some more first

Cross: no way man, Nightmare never changes his mind on anything when it comes to stuff like this. we’ve gotta go for the alternative.

(And so Cross and Chara set out to find someone to make their tacos.)

(But it didn’t work, so they decide to go bother Nightmare about it anyway.)

Nightmare: (on the phone) What? No, I’m asking if the zebra squirrels were properly transported to Underfell! Ugh, you’re useless!

(Nightmare hangs up and turns to see Cross lying on his side on the desk right in front of him.)

Nightmare: what the heck do you want now

Cross: let me use the kitcheeen

Cross: I promise I’ll try to not make it blow up

Nightmare: I already told you, NO



Nightmare: GET OUT


(Suddenly, in this fit of confusion, a portal appears behind Nightmare and a certain glitchy skeleton pushes him on top of Cross.)


(The portal closes.)

(Nightmare twitches. And then, Killer Sans walks in!)



Killer Sans: HEHEH I’LL LEAVE YOU TWO ALONE (trolltastically exits)


Cross: … uh?


(Nightmare leans closer to Cross.)

Cross: w-wait what?

Cross: Nightmare you don’t realize what you’re saying–

Cross: I-I’ve been joking–

Nightmare: STAY STILL

(He gets closer. Suddenly, Cross is being restrained.)

Cross: AUGH


(Someone knocks on the door.)

Nightmare: grrrrRRRR WHO IS IT

Random Person: Lord Nightmare there’s a package for you


Random Person: yes mah lord (leaves)

Nightmare: (looks back at Cross) NOW WHERE WERE WE

Cross: N-Nightmare we can still talk about this

Nightmare: NO


Cross: (thoughts) CHARA WE DUN GOOFED


Cross: he’s actually really good at kissing though

Chara: SHUT UP

(They part.)


Nightmare: This still makes no sense.

Cross: (still thoughts) ehhhaheahahahehHEH

Chara: o____o

Cross: do it again senpaaaiiii…


(Cross is just kind of laying there, not talking and looking incredibly spaced out.)

Nightmare: … uh.

Nightmare: Cross?

Nightmare: (waves his hand in Cross’s face) are you still conscious

Cross: … no

Nosebleeds - Auston Matthews #2

about/request: auston matthews imagine where the reader takes him to his first Blue Jays game and makes him sit in nosebleeds and stuff??

warnings: none

authors note: i’m really glad someone requested this because i’m a huge baseball fan and wanted to do this bless you hope it’s good it kinda ended up with some weird fighting but also fluff so??? 

word count: 1299

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The 16th of April - ANNIVERSARY theory

I did not do this for the sake of invading on Dan and Phil’s privacy. Everything mentioned IS STILL on the internet and nothing has been asked to taken down or out of privacy. 

This is an actual theory I have come up with because NO ONE else knows exactly why April is such an interesting month for them. After doing some digging, and digging, and more digging, I have come to the conclusion that it’s not really a coincidence. They HAVE in fact plan specific and rather more romantic dates around the 16th of April. 

To follow my fic, if they were to have an anniversary it would be because it would be just to have one. They don’t celebrate the 19th of October like we do. They’re such private people that we don’t really know what exactly happened on that day/week they first spent together. It’s also not the first time they started talking. It’s not the first time they settled down and moved in together. It’s their origin story, but that doesn’t mean it’s their anniversary. 

Because nothing ever happens in April. It’s Dan’s favorite season, right after Phil’s which is winter. April is that transitioning month where cold goes warm and life begins again. Take that as a metaphor if you will. It’s a random date in a random time that no one will guess and it’s just for them. 

So, here’s your proof as WHY April could be (because this is all speculation don’t throw me under the bus) their anniversary

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a tokotsuyu fic pleeeeeeease?

OKAY ITS RAREPAIR WEEK so here’s my contribution :D!! Plus we need more tokotsuyu love




“Why aren’t you jumping into the pool like everyone else?”

Tsuyu placed her fruit punch down, ice cubes chiming against the glass like bells in the wind. She has the usual cheery smile, cutting her expression in half. So radiant. 

Tokoyami had his arms tucked underneath each other. She could see him fix the towel he’s sitting on, and Dark Shadow was right beside him, sort of glum. 

She wondered why, though when Kaminari kicked a ball over, alerting her a second too late when her beverage poured over her feet, she stopped her thoughts.

“My drink!” Tsuyu leaped up and Kaminari ran over, apologetic. 

“I’m sorry,” the electric hero nodded a few times, eyebrows scrunched, “Ah, now you have nothing to drink!”

Certainly, Tokoyami would expect others to complain and perhaps tell Kaminari to buy them a new one, but Tsuyu remained calm, if not calmer than before.

The girl huffed out. A slight gust. 

“It’s fine. Don’t worry Kaminari-chan,” She tilted her head up when Tokoyami stood up and grabbed a clean towel from his duffle bag and handed it to her.

“We’ll take care of this,” a muffled voice called out. It was Dark Shadow, hiding within the boundaries of the parasol. 

And with that, Kaminari’s lips tugged into a wry smile and jogged off, ball clenched awkwardly between his arm. 

Tsuyu leaned over to straighten the glass, and wiped the remains of the orange-pineapple deliciousness from her foot.

“Thank you for the towel.” 

Her voice was music to his ears.

Dark Shadow casually laid an arm over on Tokoyami’s shoulder, talking as if he had a secret to keep, “Hey, now’s your chance to do your thing.”

What thing? Tokoyami mused, and saw his companion retrograde back into the shade.

“Tokoyami-chan, is there something wrong?” She questioned with genuine curiosity, and Tokoyami shifted his gaze downwards, fingers itching to soothe the crown of his head.

Dark Shadow nudged him twice. 

“Asui-san,” Tokoyami began, though eyeing the blaze of the sun, “Let’s go get you a new drink.”


The pair walked in tandem across the street, people glazing over them like it was the first time they saw people dressed in swimwear. 

Perhaps it was his head, Tokoyami figured. Being part of the feathered family granted unwanted eyes. Not that he wasn’t used to it.

The vending machine was bigger and bigger with every step, and he could feel himself getting impatient.

The sun was particularly strong today.

He stopped, Tsuyu’s rounded eyes on him as he fished out a hundred yen from his pocket, and he could make out the whimpers of a tired Dark Shadow.

“Ah, you don’t have to pay for me, Tokoyami-chan. It’s not even your fault!” 

“It’s okay.”

The hero slotted it in with a push of his index finger. 

“I guess I’ll get the melon soda this time.” Tsuyu smiled, hovering over the buttons, she finally pressed it.

Clunk. The bottle dropped, Tokoyami picking it up. Feeling the cool sensation of the fizzing drink made his mouth dry. 

“Please call me, Tsuyu,” She said, screwing the cap open and gulping it down. It was then when Tokoyami could have a clear look on her features; gigantic eyes, blush like an oval on the sides of her cheeks, beaming grin. 

Very cute.

“Tokoyami-chan, would you like some?” She offered it, smile unrelenting, pushing it against his bare chest. He received it with both hands.

A motorcycle suddenly revved towards them, and he instinctively pushed her towards him, hand by the small of her back right under the intricate bowtie of her bikini top.

“That was close, kero!”

The boy sent the biker, which was now recklessly swerving through the stalls, a grimace, “That’s what happens when there’s little to no transit police here.”

She nodded, mouth slightly ajar, taking in his scent at their proximity. His bare skin smelled of oak and sandalwood. 

Not her preference, but its still quite nice, she decided.

“If you don’t mind,” he cleared his throat and said, “can we sit down under that tree for the shade?”

Tsuyu glanced over at Dark Shadow, appearing even more worn-out, and she quickly agreed.


The scene in front of them was nothing special. The merchants were quiet, there was a mother loading her mamachari with groceries while her son wailed on the seat behind, and to their right, the izakayas were starting to open for business, neon signs flickering on.

The two had their feet crossed underneath them on plush grass, relaxing under the darkness provided by the tree, and Tsuyu could make out a sigh from Dark Shadow.

“So, Tokoyami-chan,” she began, a finger on her chin, and Tokoyami turned to face her, “Why didn’t you go swim?”

He pursed his beak together for a moment.

“Well, I can’t swim. I don’t like getting my feathers wet, and Dark Shadow will literally get ripped apart if he stays in the sun too long.”

A perfect answer.

She pondered.

“But you still came to get a drink with me? The sun’s still pretty bad out here.”

Tokoyami could see her skin still damp from earlier, glistening like crystals amongst the dark.

“I didn’t want you to go alone,” he answered, nonchalant, “It’d be boring, wouldn’t it? To go alone?”

Tsuyu laughed. “You’re right, it’s always better to have someone to talk to.”

Dark Shadow whispered something into Tokoyami’s ear, though this time, the latter pushed it away. 

He was glad his black feathers had the capability to hide the heat rising on his face. Dark Shadow snickered, looking bigger, like he absorbed the strength of the shade and grew.

“It must be nice to have Dark Shadow-chan with you all the time!” Tsuyu reclined down onto the grass and stretched out her limbs, “It’s like having a buddy all the time.”

Tokoyami followed, the grass and dirt tickling him.

“No, he’s annoying,” he muttered, earning him a protest from Dark Shadow, and let out a chuckle, “Though I agree that he’s gotten me out of trouble more ways than one.”

Tsuyu rolled over and held her head, “Just like the final exam!”

Tokoyami returned her child-like enthusiasm and nodded, eyes closed.

“Yes, just like the exam.”

The two spoke no words after, a flash of the exam ran across her mind. She wondered if he was thinking of the same thing too.

The clouds in the sky seemed to wane away as the streets thrived, the sunlight piercing through. 

Just the right excuse for them to linger underneath the canopy for awhile longer.


mamachari: a japanese bicycle designed for mothers

izakaya: an informal Japanese pub-like restaurant (usually lots of beer and yakitori)

Pas de Deux- Chapter 1 (Trixya)- Arcadia

A/N: Have an Early 1900’s cis girls ballerinas AU !! This is the first fic I’ve submitted here. I’ve had this idea in my head for a REALLY long time and I finally worked up the courage to write it and submit it. I know the title is very cliché, it just basically means ‘a duet between a man and woman’ but screw that it’s two women now. This fic will touch on topics like internalized homophobia that goes with the time and I’ll list any other warnings before each chapter starts. I apologize for any historical or literary inaccuracies, I don’t know a lot about ballet I just wanted an excuse to write historical lesbian smut(that won’t happen until later though). There will be a few side pairings. I’m not a super experienced writer so if anyone wants to give some helpful feedback that’d be great. Fingers crossed! Sorry if this is horrible!

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Robin x Reader: The Bird Tattoo~Part Seven (Soulmate AU)

A/n: Angsty as hell, at least in the beginning, and this part is very long. I feel like I sloppily explained Mockingbird’s (your) backstory, so should I made a post that is specifically for Mockingbird’s backstory?

By the way, I absolutely love it when I get feedback from readers. I love getting messages and comments about my writing; it gives me a ton of motivation to continue. I’ll be cranking out parts, getting one out almost every day. Please let me know what you think, be it by ask or inbox!

You and the rest of the team were in the med bay, and for good reason. You were all pretty banged up, fortunately, with injuries that wouldn’t take too long too heal. The worst one being (out of all of them) a cracked rib, as far as you knew. Most of the pain came from being sore, and M’gann was mentally overwhelmed from having to use her powers constantly.

     While they were awake and scattered around your ‘bed’ and talking, you were once out cold. And you pretended to still be out, partially because you wanted to hear what they were saying and you didn’t want to face them. You noticed how unhappy they were when they got here. Otherwise you didn’t feel like moving yet.

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Helion x Lady of Autumn, who doesn’t have a name and I couldn’t remember what she looks like…

As for her personality in this, I think while at the autumn court she kind of retreated into herself. Once beron is dead, I expect she would return to her former personality though she’d have some demons. Basically, her personality here is how I imagine she was pre-beronthedickbag.

Let me know what you think.

The news of Eris overthrowing his father spread through the land like wildfire. It wasn’t long before the news reached Helion, whispered in his ear by a courtier. It took every ounce of his self-control to remain passive, to not react.

It didn’t last long.

Thunder cracked as he winnowed to the Autumn Court. The other High Lords were gathered, waiting to see who would become High Lord. When Helion glanced at the Night Court retinue, he couldn’t decide who was less happy to be there: Lucien or Morrigan. By some stroke of fate, Lucien turned to face him at that moment.

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When I Was A Young Boy

Pairing: none

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @burymeinblvck. “Hey could you do one where the reader is Gerard’s son and he’s going through dysphoria as being trans?”

You sat in the living room of your California home, flipping channels on your TV. Nothing good was on, and you were starting to feel kind of bored. Then, you paused when you recognized your father’s face on some talk show.

I forgot Dad was doing an interview today, you thought, setting down the remote.

“We’re here with former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way,” the interviewer announced. “Gerard, how are you doing today?”

“I’m great, it’s great to be here,” your dad smiled. He looked a bit awkward. You chuckled as you considered that perhaps you got your dorkiness form him.

“Now, I feel like we have to address the elephant in the room,” the interviewer said seriously, and you frowned, knowing what was coming.

“All the tabloids – and the tweeters! – have been talking about it since the story broke,” the interviewer informed the live studio audience. “The reports that your daughter is going to transition and become a man – are they true??”

“My son has always been a man,” Gerard corrected with an annoyed expression. “It just took him a while to tell me so.”

“And how did you feel when she….” the talk show host began.

“He,” Gerard interrupted.

“….When he came out to you?” the reporter finished.

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RWBY V4 My Critical Review

Alright so I’m finally done my hell week of college, I decided to do a review of RWBY V4. There seems to be a lot of division in this season, some loved it, others hated it. Now let me just address this, I usually don’t talk about this, but there seems to be a lot of negativity in the fandom. I do not consider petty nitpicking, bitching and constant whining as criticism.

First of all, I am just gonna lay this out. We don’t know what happens behind production, but I do know production requires to make a lot of cuts and such since they either don’t have the time or they don’t have enough money to make it happen. Yea RT is a million dollar company but remember they don’t ONLY focus on RWBY. BUT that does not make them free of criticism either. 


Alright starting this off with the animation style this season. Animation looks beautiful, so nice. But the fighting animation has taken a step back, seeing most fight scenes were such a let down. The best fight scene was Tyrian vs Qrow & RNJR, but compared to other volumes not as great. I know before Monty and Shane were the choreographers, but now Miles and Kerry I think are just taking care of it. Personally, I feel they should get one or a team just focusing on fight choreography. People who are good at it, understand how each body movement works. There are just some people who have it in them to do choreography like that. 


Okay, I understand why people are mad at this volume. But, for the most part, this volume hasn’t completely fucked things up. I’ve seen bad animes and shows before and this is far from anything like that. Miles and Kerry are generally off to a good start as new writers. Now Miles’ has experience in writing from RvB, but take note RvB already had a base and build to continue from. RWBY is purely scratch. I’ve heard rumours about RWBY lasting 10-20 volumes, now I hope they mainly focus on the Salem being main final villain rather than introduce newer more OP villains after the previous OP villain was defeated, kind of like big animes such as Bleach do. Volume 1-3 was mainly just a prologue. Building up to greater things. 

Volume 4, is a transition season. Transition seasons are difficult to handle, since you want to keep the audience but avoid plot holes and such. This is not a filler season. I have seen filler seasons in anime before (fucking Bleach), filler seasons are not looked back at in the long run. This clearly seems like a season setting up for what lies ahead. Now at the beginning the season was going smoothly showing all 4 girls equally. But I feel like they rushed things too much, or juggled too many things for them to handle. The main things I didn’t like was the new lore, new villains, and yangs development.

The lore is too much to take, like we have silver eyes, maidens, now we have these relics and gods of light and darkness. Just slow down… Theres too many things you are juggling with right now. 

Villains, alright at first I was vary of Salems faction, since Emerald and Mercury got pushed to the side, but they proved themselves. Now I’m just concerned on the White Fang villains (Illia and those bros). But we will see how M&K will play this out so I’m going to wait until I give a full opinion on all the villains.

Yangs development, by far, the main flaw of this volume. Its because you had the end of Volume 3, then the teasers of Volume 4 with a very angry Yang, then the episode where Yang first appeared with clear PTSD. She healed too fast, in my opinion. I was expecting a shift in character, especially after when she said, “sometimes bad things just happen.” Yang got too little screen time to be given proper development. Most of the development seemed to happen behind the scenes. I was so ready to see a new side of Yang. But I’m also giving M&K the benefit of the doubt since RWBY still has a long way to go. Because V4 seems sooooo early to give rash criticism with the 10-20 volume plans.

The best development was Blake and Weiss’. Weiss finally being freed from her father, and going on to greater things. Without a doubt, I know she’s going to return to the SDC (hinted even in the WoR), and obviously is going to snatch back that title from Whitley and put her father in place, it’s obvious that’s her story arc. Now we are starting to build on the steps she takes to get there. It’s going to be really interesting. Blake finally stops running from her past and comes to accept it, to make a better future. Blake is unique compared to the other members of team RWBY, since she already had so much to build from in the previous volumes. Her story is going to focus around the White Fang and Adam a lot, and we will see how she will overcome it and make a great change in the White Fang. M&K are handling Blake’s arc just fine, so I don’t have much worry for her compared to Yang.

Ruby for me is kind of in the middle, but I don’t expect her development to come any time soon. She is the main character, so her development is more so, on the long run of things. I was not annoyed at how M&K were handling Ruby this season at all, this season was more so of her understanding the reality around her, as we can see from her letter. 

Now on to the others aka JNR. Ren and Nora’s backs story was really rushed, I expected it to focus around Ravens tribe but seeing it was just a grimm just made me think, “isn’t that why everyone dislikes grimms in the first place?” Now that the grimm is defeated its just “now what”. Now for Jaune, I loved the scenes he was in. He warmed up to me this season, you can clearly see the character change this time around. Now I don’t understand all the anger at him taking screen time, when I thought his screen time was fairly given. JNR seems to lead on how they will support for each through everything. And I really hope they don’t all die like that one theory I saw…. 

Now I wish I could go more into things but, it is clear RWBY is NOT FINISHED for me to really delve in how I feel because I will be jumping the gun. Because I know this season will explain things for later seasons to come. People want everything to come so fast, all I have to say is: BE PATIENT. Everything will be explained soon. Now I’m not rushing to give my final thought on what I think of RWBY just yet seeing the main story is just beginning. 

Best Interests

Happy birthday to Kuroo Tetsurou!!

Over the years, Kuroo’s interest in his own birthday decreased exponentially. Gone were the reminders that came weeks before the event, and with them went expectations for a lavish celebration or a pile of gifts. His current lackadaisical attitude was a far cry from the way his five-year-old self would pine for his birthday the other three-hundred-sixty-four days of the year, but, frankly, after having lived through the special day a grand total of eighteen times, it had lost its glamour.

So, when he woke up to his blaring alarm on the morning of the seventeenth, the morning of his birthday, he just blearily hit snooze and napped another ten minutes. That, he concluded, was going to be the extent to which he treated himself. Of course, the gift was short-lived, and he soon had to crawl out of the warmth of his bed to get ready for school lest he was scolded by his teacher for being late for the third time that month. And, as he rushed through his morning routine, all thoughts of his birthday were pushed to the back of his mind. After all, it really was just like any other day; no matter when he was born, the world would keep turning, time would keep ticking, and, at this rate, his teacher would still mark him late without a single shred of mercy.

As he scrubbed furiously at his teeth — bad breath was a terrible, terrible trait — Kuroo realized that it was probably in the best to let his traveling companion know to go on without him. But, as he grabbed his phone to message them, he paused as a new notification popped up on his screen.

To: Kuroo

From: The Bae

Sorry, I can’t walk with you today! There’s some stuff I need to take care of so I left early. Don’t be late for class!

That… was strange. You always waited for him. Once, he had completely forgot to set his alarm, and had only scrambled out of bed after you called him demanding to know where he was. That day, the two of you were late by nearly fifteen minutes, but the next day you were still standing in the same place as always. So, for you to leave so suddenly, and with such a vague reason, was rather baffling. Still, another glance at the time reminded him to worry about that later. He really wasn’t interested in running the risk of earning a detention, and he didn’t have the leisure to be dawdling. Besides, the unsettling feeling in his gut was just because he was stressed and hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, right?

Wrong. As the day went by, he grew increasingly puzzled as you kept your distance. During breaks, you’d usually meet him in the hall for a quick hug or, if either of you were feeling particularly bold that day, a chaste kiss. For some reason, however, you never spared a glance his way, and had already disappeared around the corner before he could call out to you. The first time, he thought it was just a coincidence, that maybe whatever you had to take care of before school started was still unfinished. Yet, when lunchtime rolled around and he still hadn’t spoken with you at all, Kuroo knew something was going on.

“Hey, Kenma,” Kuroo said as he chewed his lunch. “Have you seen [name] at all today?”

Kenma wrinkled his nose distastefully at Kuroo’s eating habits, but ultimately didn’t comment on them; years of being Kuroo’s friend had taught him that trying to teach the middle blocker some table manners was out of the question. “They talked to me before first period,” he said, dropping his gaze to the screen of his phone as he busily tapped away, no doubt playing yet another mobile game. “But that was about it. Why?”

“Nothing,” Kuroo responded just a bit too quickly, and Kenma glanced up at him, eyes pensive. They had known each other long enough that, no matter how hard Kuroo tried to mask it, Kenma could pick up on his little signs of agitation — the way he bit the inside of his cheek and ran his hand through his bedhead were both obvious indicators — with practically no effort. Considering his best friend’s state of mind, Kenma watched him sigh and continue poking at his lunch before ultimately deciding that it was best to offer him some comforting information.

“I wouldn’t worry about it so much if I were you,” Kenma mentioned offhandedly. From the corner of his vision, he noticed how Kuroo sat up straighter, leaning in as though waiting for Kenma to elaborate. But, as he recalled the insistence in [name]’s voice that morning as they requested him to keep their secret, Kenma resolutely kept his head down as he played with his phone. Eventually, Kuroo sat back in his seat, and they remained that way until the end of lunch.

Finally, when the entire school day had flashed by and he still hadn’t heard so much as a quick greeting from you, Kuroo began to get irritated. During class, he kept thinking up different reasons as to why you would suddenly ignore him like that, and the only logical explanation he kept revisiting was that he had upset you somehow and you were avoiding him as a result, and that only served to upset him even more. He’d like to think that you trusted him enough to be able to talk to him if he overstepped his boundaries, liked to believe that you knew he’d be more than willing to take responsibility for all of his mistakes. From the way you were behaving, however, it was obvious that you actually assumed the exact opposite, and now Kuroo was annoyed with you, angry at himself, and just in a terrible mood. Even the most rambunctious of his teammates noticed during practice, and everyone, save Kenma who had total immunity and Yaku who simply didn’t care, kept their distance. A few times, some opened their mouth as though to say something, but a meaningful look from either the setter or the libero shut them up. They were keeping secrets from him, and, realizing that, his temper grew shorter and he grew moodier, so much so that, when the coach ended practice half an hour early, he didn’t even bat an eye. Kuroo just wanted to go home, call [name] until they picked up, and talk things out.

Making a beeline to the locker room, Kuroo changed out of his uniform and collected his belongings in a matter of minutes, intending to be well on his way as soon as possible. But, just before he could head home, Yamamoto burst around the corner panting as he leapt into Kuroo’s path.

“Where are you going?” He demanded as he caught his breath, winded from hours of practice and the sprint to find his captain.

“Going home,” Kuroo bit back after recovering from his surprise. Moving to walk around his teammate, he scoffed, “What’s it to you?”

“Hey!” Yamamoto yelled, grabbing Kuroo firmly by the arm as he began dragging the taller male back in the direction of the gymnasium. “Come on! You have to be here for this!”

“What are you going? Let go!” Despite his struggling, Kuroo found that Yamamoto was stronger than he appeared, and, in the end, he ended up back in the gym’s doorway hissing and spitting like an offended cat when Yamamoto finally let go of him. “What’s the big deal, huh? Why can’t you leave me-”


The collective shout cut him off. Kuroo jerked his head around to find the entire team waiting in the room, each holding a small present as they grinned at him. But, what really caught his attention was you standing in front of everyone else, holding a cake in your hands. On it, written in a neat cursive, were the words, “Happy birthday Kuroo!”

“Happy birthday!” You called, giggling when he just stared, flabbergasted. “Are you surprised?”

“That’s, uh, yeah, I am,” he answered, still glancing at everyone uncertainly. “What is this?”

“You birthday party, silly! Now, come here!” You answered, beaming as you walked up to him and pulled him into the fray, everyone bursting out in a chorus of happy birthday. The song was discordant. Some people were belting out the words even though they were tune deaf, some were singing it as though it were a funeral march, and others were barely speaking at all. Harmony  was a foreign term, and everyone had managed to absolutely mangle such a simple tune, but, in spite of the chaos around him, Kuroo felt a smile tug at his lips for the first time that day. And it kept growing as the song ended in lieu of gift giving, which then transitioned to blowing out candles and cutting the cake. By the time everyone had a slice and were happily digging in, his smile had evolved into a full-blown grin.

“And for our birthday boy!” You announced, bringing him a slice of cake as you held a plate of your own. “How did you like your party?”

“It was great,” he answered sincerely, lifting his fork to his mouth and enjoying the taste of his favorite flavor as the dessert practically melted in his mouth. “Is this what you left early for this morning?”

“Yeah, and I was rushing around the rest of the day trying to track everyone down to let them know what was going on,” you replied, sitting down next to him and leaning into his side. He eagerly welcomed your affection, draping an arm over your shoulders and tugging you closer. “Then I had to bike home after school to grab you cake and bring it back here before practice ended. Honestly, it was kind of draining, but I’d gladly do it again for you.”

Meeting your eyes and noting your honesty, he pressed a quick kiss to your temple. “You’re perfect, you know?”

“I do,” you replied cheekily, breaking out in a fit of laughter as he nudged you in teasing disapproval. But, as the playful antics died away, you rested you head on his shoulder, remarking nonchalantly, “Kenma told me you were upset today. Did something happen?”

For a moment, Kuroo felt a hot flash of guilt run through him. How could he have doubted you? You always had his best interests at heart, and had never done anything to warrant him questioning that fact. “It’s nothing,” he said, offering you a reassuring smile when you peered up at him. “Really, it was just something silly. Don’t worry about it, okay?”

You hummed in agreement, finishing the last bite of your cake and standing to throw away the paper plate. Before you could walk away, however, Kuroo grabbed your hand, causing you to turn back, a brow cocked as you asked a silent question.

“You know, there is something upsetting me now though,” he spoke easily, genuine smile twisting into a smirk. “Everyone’s given me a gift so far, everyone that is, except you. Now, can I really believe that you, of all people, had forgotten to give me gift?”

You just shot him a smirk of your own as you shrugged your hand free of his grip and walked away. “Unfortunately,” you called over your shoulder, “I can’t give you your gift here. I don’t think the rest of your teammates would appreciate it. But, if you’re willing to be a good boy until later, I can consider giving you your present.”

As Kuroo watched you make your way across the room, only one thought was running through his head: later couldn’t come soon enough.

Afternoon Gifts 5

So this is about to get pretty choppy, because yes babies are cute, but when they’re really small they pretty much only do like…five things. Those things are great! but not for writing about, sorry. So small time skips!

They settle into something like a routine around week three. Noctis is the one who struggles through getting both the little ones settled into their cribs and who rubs backs and tummies until they fall asleep. He has too much going on to stay up into the wee hours, but he tries to stay up a while longer than he used too, just in case they wake.

Prompto gets up early, is already quietly waiting when the first little whimper starts up and they trade off in the middle of the night when it’s needed. Thankfully it’s not as frequent and Ignis assures them, yes, all of this is perfectly acceptable.

There’s a few things that well…don’t get planned for so well.

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