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Failed Deception

Anon asked:  “can you do a taehyung bad boy scenario like you did with yoongi and hoseok? i just found them and theyre so cutee 💓💓”


PAIRING: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Badboy AU!, Fluff
Word count: 1.5k


 Taehyung wants to hold your hand and kiss you but he doesnt want to ruin his bad boy image

A/N: You guys are really liking this whole bad boy thing huh!Thank you for liking my other scenarios and thank you so much for requesting this one. I enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy reading it!! Also I might just make this into a series since only 3 more members are left :)

Others members: Yoongi ver // Hoseok ver // Jeongguk ver 


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When Taehyung had asked you out on a date you hadn’t expected for it to be at a carnival. You were expecting something along the lines of a club where you would have to wear some skimpy dress, and probably spend the night coughing your lungs out because of all the smoke vapours and pungent alcohol smell. But you were very surprised when Taehyung unwrapped the blindfold and your eyes had fallen on the giant ferris wheel and a crowd of people bustling from place to place having a good time.

“You like it?” he smiled warmly at you. You shook your head looking around trying to soak in the beautiful sight. He was worried that you didn’t like it and was about to offer to take you to a place of your choice but you interrupted him. “I love it” you whispered and as soon as the reassuring words had left your mouth his frown disappeared and his face lit up with a bright smile. One that made your heart race.

As soon as you approached the booth to buy your tickets , Taehyung found himself to be on the receiving end of a shocked stare. You had to stop yourself from giggling because you understood the sentiment. After all Taehyung wasn’t someone who usually frequented such domestic events, rather everyone expected to find him at some underground joint getting high. Understanding why he was being stared at, Tae opted to glare at the guy and hissed under his breath some very colourful swear words that had the young man in front of you fumbling with the tickets.

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72# Soft Klance of the Day: Lance has a magical shop that sells ingredients for potions among other things.
Keith is one of the strongest wizards in town and frequents the shop quite often. Lance messes up one of his orders once but Keith makes it work anyway, so Lance decides that every so often to give Keith the wrong ingredients, waiting for the day that Keith will mess up.
“You do know that it’s bad business to prank your customers?” Keith mentions one day while staring at the ingredients he just purchased.
Lance grins. “Well you make it work either way so what’s the problem?”
Keith rolls his eyes, but a smile tugs at his lips.
“So how much do you wanna bet I can slip a love potion into one of your drinks one day?” Lance asks.
“Hmm, what’s the point of that? It wouldn’t change anything.” Keith replies without thinking as he counts the change.
Lance blinks. “Wait what- oh.”


Lovely dining hall :)  Looks perfect for a medieval castle.  Or is this for the witch?

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I mean, the castle is supposed to be there since the medieval time… so… it can work for both cases 8D


I don’t like the witch lots either and never use them. I also agree with you in not like maxi system in regard to good-neutral and evil witches. I really dislike the term “witch” and all of its connotations. I use a mod in my game that allows Sims to cast all spells regardless of their alignment thus have no need for  good, bad or evil. I prefer the neutral alignment because their grimoire blends in better with all types of furniture.

So good to know i’m not alone! I have made so many rants about how it bothered me that the Magic in Apartment life was divided that way. I rant a lot about the way Eaxis decided to treat Magic in Apartment life, because compared with Makin’ Magic and the Magic Town, it felt like such a step back. The Gnomes, the Duels, the Magic, the EVERYTHING!! I love Belladonna Cove, but i would so much liked to have a little Magic town instead of the Subhood with the two castles. 

I’ll need to look up for that Mod, so far i only have the one that prevent from alignment change when casting neutral spells.  

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read this because is very important:

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  • there will be no means of communication
  • no internet
  • no more democratic elections
  • no more banks or credit/debit cards
  • if i want to travel to another country i’ll not be able to
  • i’ll not be able to decide my religion cause the president decides for me

not to mention the economic and social crisis we already have. In the last months they have killed almost 100 (or more) people for thinking differently, have been tortured and put in jail without reason! And everything could get worse!

I don’t know if you would read this, but please help us. Many countries have opposed to this situation (we don’t have food or medicines or even toothpaste who is fucking expensive here). 

Help my country, pray for us or send help. Do something! People is dying here, is like a war disguised as democracy. Or to put it in terms that understand: it’s like The Hunger Games but worse

I have this really stupid and terrible Stolen Century headcanon that during one cycle Barry decides to grow a full beard and almost every other member of the IPRE fucking hates it. (It doesn’t look BAD, exactly, it’s just you get used to someone’s face looking a certain way once youve known them for almost a hundred years and its WEIRD)  

The crew begs him to shave it off for months. He refuses because Lup thinks it’s cute. 

Black Lion Moment: Lance

So, when Team Voltron is talking about who will pilot the black lion Coran brings up how Keith has piloted the black lion before and Lance says: 

And then goes on to say:

But then when Keith retorts and it slips out that Shiro wanted him to pilot the black lion; Lance’s reaction is this: 

He is just utterly crushed because he wanted to lead Voltron and show himself. But he quickly re groups himself and goes with: 

Once they decide to all go into the black lion we see them all try to summon it’s ablties and they are all a bit humeroues, but then we have Lance’s: 

You can tell he really wants this and he is very concentrated (so concentrated that I think time gets away from him: )

When, Lance doesn’t activate the Black Lion; he gets upset: 

Then, when he sees that the lion picked Keith to be its pilot: 

He’s pretty devastated because he wanted it so bad and he feels like he’s missed his chance to show himself to the team (and the universe). But then, Keith says he won’t be the black paladin: 

Lance is shocked: 

While he said all that stuff about not wanting to be lead by Keith he didn’t think that Keith wouldn’t actually accept the leadership role. Even though Lance is hurting right now he knows Keith needs support right now too, so he gives him that: 

This is such a grown up move for Lance to make, and it shows so much how he’s grown up; it gives us even more insight into what an even more beautiful character lance is growing to be. 




Victor’s Bad Days...

Yuuri will easily come right out and say it.

Some days, Yuuri Katsuki does not want to get up. He doesn’t want to exist, he wants to disappear and never be seen again no matter how wonderful his life may end up. People close to him have known about his anxiety episodes for years. The closest of those people know how to deal with it; when to give him space and when to support him.
He’s satisfied with that group and knows how to cope on his own, accepting that those bad days do not define him. Everyone deserves to take time off sometimes to just breathe…

Everyone, Victor thinks, except himself.

He won’t admit it to anyone, even himself, that a Living Legend can have bad days.

When those days would come before, he’d shut his mind off and focus solely on his skating career. It’s not like he was close enough to anyone for them to notice that something may have been “off”; all his rink mates saw him as a man married to the sport and considered his aloof behavior normal. Little did they know how often Victor wished someone, anyone, would just tell him that he’s not okay and that that fact was okay.

The only person who undoubtedly can see right through him is Yuuri Katsuki, and he always knows when he’s having one of those days. It can be frustrating for someone so used to being alone, but he’s learning to accept the concern and open up a little more when he feels depressed.

Still, it’s difficult, and he almost always denies the real problem.

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"These newbs are trying to kill us"

From my and my girlfriends first game at a local game shop:

We’re brought before the lawful-evil king of a slowly growing power that we were sent to stop as messengers of a neighboring kingdom. He was a tyrant, but seemed to have been smart enough to follow bits of the evil overlord list so we couldn’t do much to stop him at the time. Most of the party was neutral except for my chaotic good Tiefling bard Murmur. My character has a bit of an obsession with chaos, freedom, and life, and so I was a bit upset about being face to face with a orderly murderous tyrant forcing people to follow him. So I did what anyone would do.

Me: Mister King dude? Can I have a hug?

Pyro (dwarf): (ooc) dude what?

Lance (human cleric): goddammit what are you doing kid you’re going to get us killed

Saria (lethally stupid drow rogue/girlfriend): ooh I like hugs!

King (DM): …Why on earth would I do that?

Me: I like hugs but no one ever hugs me cuz they’re jerks. Except her *points to Saria* but that’s only cuz she wants to pick my pockets.

Saris: That’s because I want things! Is that so wrong?

DM: roll persuasion *I get a 19* alright, the king decides there’s no harm in letting you hug him because only an idiot would attempt anything when surrounded by guards.

Winter (elf archer): (ooc) I have a bad feeling about this

Me: (ooc) I hug the king then pull out my dagger and try to stab him in the back.

Lance: (ooc) OH COME ON KID YOU JUST FUCKING- uhg shit well we’re screwed.

Pyro: (ooc) Hehheh this is gonna be fun

DM: *face palming* you sure you want to do this?

Lance: (ooc) don’t screw us over!

Me: its what my character would do.

DM: If you’re sure about this, then roll. *I do. Nat 20. He rolls for the king, and gets a nat 1* Well shit… Uh… He dies. You stabbed him. Good job. The guards cry out in alarm and run up to surround you.

Me: HAHA HELL YEAH! Killed him.

Winter: (ooc) that was incredibly lucky but please don’t do that in the future, okay kid?

Saria: *to DM* I wanna loot the body. *everyone looks at her* What? Its not like he needs whatever he has.

Lance: (ooc) goddammit these newbs are trying to kill us.


what really happened during s5
they reunited and ducked out to go on a space roadtrip :DDD

Deception at its finest

For context, the party consist of 5 people, a [somewhat] chimera paladin, a Angel [combatant, also the party leader], A shape-shifting bard, and a Dahmphir spell thief. The party were raiding a bandit filled dungeon to try and find a clue as to a missing noble, and “captured” a small mistreated and malnourished bandit whom they interrogated, I expected the dungeon to take at least 2 sessions to clear, they did it in thirty minutes… The bandits outside the main structure had all died of a heart attack when they seen one party member.

Me[DM, as the bandit]:  “So wait is everyone outside the fort ok?”

Fayette the Spell-thief: “They-they’re fine, they’re taking a nap…”

Me[DM, as the bandit]: “are are you sure its unusually quite out there, they’re not supposed to take a nap on guard duty…”

Echo the Bard: lifts up a finger “I caught them drinking, so they’re probably passed out being drunk.”

Bandit: “oh god damn it they have a habit of that…”

Echo: “I noticed

Fayette: “its bad bandit policy to leave the other bandits drinking when they’re supposed to be on guard duty, and you should confiscate that stuff…”

Bandit [who obviously at this point doesn’t know how to bandit]: “You guys actually know bandit policy?! Are you guys inspectors of bandits or something? I don’t remember hearing about a Bandit policy, then again no one tells me anything”

The two doing most of the work here decided to roll with it and did a persuasion roll, and who ever got higher would be the one to talk…
Fayette rolled a 7
Echo rolled a 24 [19 plus bonus]

Echo (in a very stern and commanding tone): “yes there is a policy that is very heavily put down as of late. In fact its still recently new,  so its unfortunate you have not yet been told as it is punishable- not to you of course but to your peers…”

as you can probably guess the poor guy was terrified, dead pale terrified…

Bandit: “W-w-who are you with by the way?”

Echo: “Oh you don’t know?”

Bandit: “Obviously not, like I said before no one tells me anything?”

Echo: “Well you see there are these higher-ups…”

Echo at this point had trouble figuring out what to say

Me: You can just make something up and ill roll to see if its real or believable or obviously fake…

Echo: “Its called the Council of bandit chiefs” [yes that spells COB]

I rolled a d20 and hoped for a 1 to say it was fake…- I got a 20 meaning only one thing…

Me: the C.O.B. actually exist apparently…

The party then proceeded to die of laughter as they got the ability to pretty much skip the dungeon entirely…

I’m never including bandits in that campaign again but they scared the entire dungeon into submission, so much so that the lower ranked bandit chief present, a dwarf no less had to change pants and the party then took the malnourished bandit with them, when they left as “punishment” on the bandits for “failing to uphold policy in numerous ways”. The malnourished bandit was the only one who could write so now the dwarf has to fill out the ledger, he is illegible…

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