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Mates part 2 - Theo Raeken (*SMUT*)

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summary: Y/N and Theo always teased each other when  until one day they decided to do something useful with it.

Warning: Daddy kinky, public sex,  cursing (be carefull), if you don’t feel comfortable don’t read, and my grammar in English is terrible sorry for the mistakes, have fun

part 1

I was in my fourth class of the day, my impatience only increases every second, I would swing my leg without stopping, biting my nails, or stirring my hair, because it was just the beginning of the day, my breathing was faster, I literally had no idea why I had been like this for a week, and I was impatient for no apparent reason, when it was not my anxiety crisis I felt a terrible bad feeling, my hands were sweating, and my immunity was often weak, my body had no energy, and I didn’t understand how, I’m a werewolf I don’t get sick that’s impossible.

Finally I heard the sign of one more class coming to an end and crawling out the corridors towards my closet, the crowd of people only made me feel worse, I felt sick, Scott met me in the canteen these days and said that this wasn’t normal, I’m a fucking werewolf. I opened the door to my locker and put some things back I was really thinking about going home and throwing myself in bed, suddenly my senses were sharp and I smelled Theo, but when I looked for him in the middle of the people he wasn’t there, I kept searching, My heart started beating faster  and his scent grew stronger every second, my mind couldn’t focus on anything anymore, my only goal here was to find Theo, I closed the door to my locker and went in the direction that my body took me, my mind could think of nothing but “theo theo theo”, I haven’t seen him for weeks, it’s not like I missed him, he’s nothing to me, we just fucked.
When I realized I was already at the end of the parking lot heading for Theo’s car, he was standing by the door.

“Were you waiting for me?”

“Ah little wolf, what can I say? Your smell is stronger with each passing day ”

Theo approached me and pulled me by the waist making me lean against the side of the car, he was in his gym clothes and fucking shit the smell of him was very strong and very tempting. We were between two cars so it was hard for someone to see us, Theo pulled one of my leg and on his waist so he approached me and pressed his pelvis in mine, I was wearing skirt and that gave easy access to him. His nose went toward my neck and he began to spread kisses.

“Theo I think someone can see us”

“I don’t care baby girl, I can’t stay away from you anymore my body and my mind only think of you twenty four hours a day, I think it’s your pussy’s fault, so sweet”

My arms were around Theo’s waist and I could suddenly feel his finger on my sex he pulled the panties aside and finally had access to my clit, and once again he was playing with my pussy.

“huum you’re dripping on my fingers princess, have you missed me? Do you want daddy’s baby girl cock?”

“Fuck Theo we’re in the middle of the parking lot.”

Theo grabbed my jaw tightly and made me look into his eyes. He bit my lip hard and penetrated me with two fingers, I let out a moan in his mouth and he said.

“I asked you a question, do you want or don’t want Daddy’s cock?”

“ Yes Daddy”

“Yes daddy what? Baby girl you have to specify “

"I want Daddy’s cock inside my pussy”

“Then my princess will have everything she wants, you’re so obedient baby”

So theo added a third finger in my sex and increased speed, if someone caught us we’d be fucked but it was so good it’s all I wanted my body only responded to him.
My hands went around his neck and I pulled him into a kiss, I moaned in the middle of all this, then I climaxed, I bit his Lips so hard that they bled.

“Oh fuck! Now you’re literally dripping, I really want to eat baby girl, but I can’t do it here.”

“Yes you can, we are the only ones in parking Theo the rest is in class”

My hands went towards his member and I pressed it over the sweatpants, it was already hard as hell.

“Or maybe I can help you with your problem,” I told Theo.

But he pulled my hands out and put them around his neck again, he grabbed me in the lap and put me between the car to support, then he ripped off my panties and putting the piece of cloth in his pocket.

“I’m going to fuck with you right here in public in the middle of the parking lot where anyone can hear you, and if I realize that you can’t control yourself I’m going to stop”

At this point I didn’t care anymore I just wanted his cock inside me, my pussy was pounding and I just wanted him. I pressed my waist with his so he would understand what I wanted, Theo grinned and slid his cock into my entrance.

“How the fuck is your smell is so strong? What did you do?”

I pulled him into a kiss and he totally submitted to me, my tongue took over his mouth and then I bit his lip again and said.

“I didn’t do anything, Daddy.”

“You can’t lie to Daddy baby girl, all week long I just thought about fucking you all day, maybe I should take you home and don’t let you go until the morning”

“Do you know what I think?”

“ Hmm?”

“I think you should fuck me so soon, so hard that I will not forget where I have to go back to after class”

Theo suddenly pushed me hard to the bottom, I let out a loud moan and then I looked at him again and smile, Theo started fucking me in the middle of the parking lot and I was laughing about it, I think that’s what they meant with The ‘The forbidden is more funny.’

“I want you to cum baby girl, now!”

I bit Theo’s shoulder to hold back my moans, my breathing and my heartbeat were racing, then my belly clenched and I came all over Theo’s cock and then I felt him cumming inside me.

“If anyone saw this we’re fucked up,” I said, coming down from his lap.

“I wasn’t joking when I said I would take you home and You’d just come back tomorrow.” he said, hugging me around the waist.

“Huuum I don’t know if your parents would like this”

“The thing is, they’re not at home for the rest of the whole weekend”

“So this is a tempting offer, you should take me.” I said, letting go of him and heading toward the building.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you right here in this same place when your class is over, and then we can Talk”