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YOI theory time???

So yeah I had a theory that when Yuri said “Let’s end this.” he meant his career along with Viktor. But after reading something about the OP, “History Maker”, now I’m actually more convinced about my second theory coming true. A lot of other people have thought about this being possible, but my reasoning for it is just a tad bit different that other people.

So one of the lyrics in the song says “We were born to make history.” and then goes off to awesome music mode and the title card of the show plays. But if the lyrics are first from Yuri and go to Viktor, then I think that the line means that Yuri will make history, along with Viktor. 

But how?

I think by saying “Let’s end this” Yuri meant that Viktor and him should end their whole “coach and student” sorta thing because Yuri wants Viktor to skate again. He still seems to have a passion for it, so why not continue it? Yuri doesn’t want to feel like a burden on Viktor, so after his final skating routine in the Grand Prix Final, Yuri and Viktor will end their whole coach and student thing, but not their relationship.

But maybe Viktor doesn’t want to skate just by himself. He needs Yuri to stay close to him….so Yuri also doesn’t end his career. They both become skaters representing their own countries, and are rivals on the ice. However, off the ice they are lovers.  

And I don’t know if many have seen, but the official art for YOI’s OST but BOTH Viktor Yuri in a completely different outfit, ones we haven’t EVER seen before. It looks like this:

Like why would they include this outfit on the OST? I think that these specific outfits will be what Yuri is shown wearing at the end of the episode, maybe along with Viktor in his own outfit, and they are competitors on the ice in some skating competition. Call that a crazy call…however they do have a whole character design thingy for Yuri in this outfit (I can’t find it but his outfit is teal, gold, and black). 

Why do I think they’ll be competitors on ice? Well remember this scene in episode 8?

Viktor never gives an answer and pivots the entire question onto Yurio later, but this scene always seemed weird to me. I pointed this out before, but now I am even more confident in believing that Yuri becomes an ACTUAL fellow competitor on the ice. (Plus, Kubo, the writer of the series, said that she’s working on a season 2…if you didn’t know. THAT DOESN’T mean it’s for certain, but there is a possible YOI season 2 in the making). 

And in episode 1, Yuri’s friend says something like this:

2 times in the show, they have mentioned Yuri going against Viktor. I know it’s kinda not may many times, but they’ve hinted this before, so I don’t see how this could not be a possibility…

If you have watched Free!, in the end of season 2, we get a scene of Haru and Rin competing against each other on a professional level. So maybe we get a scene similar to that, but only with Viktor and Yuri in the end. Probably Viktor and Yuri in the last few minutes or seconds of the episode 12 are about to start skating against each other, and then the episode ends…and that’s how the season ends…

So that’s another way I think the series could finish off!

There are more than two genders!

I keep hearing about this so I decided to make a post myself.

The difference between sex and gender is that sex is a biological state while gender is a social construction. 

Gender basically describes the way you express yourself. Example, for the male gender the characteristics such as clothing, the one someone walks or talks etc. are usually masculine and for the female gender the characteristics are mostly feminine. But of course gender is not something static; It changes depending on the time and even area you are in.

But there are people who might be both masculine and feminine, the people who are neither and they are neutral or the people who change from masculine to feminine; For those people, it’s impossible to be settled in those two genders because it doesn’t define them, thus new genders = words to describe themselves are created.

Gender is defined by one’s mentality and not by their biological state and when you deny their identities and force upon them the gender roles they were assigned with from birth, you deny to acknowledge who they are.

Please don’t be “that” person.

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Since a lot of us will be dwelling on the election for a long time and Misha probably is too, I thought that this could be something to help take people’s mind off it for a moment whilst thanking Misha for all the hard work he did to give a voice for those who are less privileged. And I know how much of a difference it can make when I see any sort of positive posts about Misha.

I also decided to not do a make me choose because when it comes to Misha you can’t choose because we love all of him. I made it so it starts on the 14th because I know there is a convention on the weekend and also because a lot of people probably need a little time to themselves and away from social media which is completely understandable. That’s why I want to do this so when you come back, love and positivity can be spread!  ♥


  • Your creation doesn’t have to be a certain type. It doesn’t have to be a gifset it can be anything so don’t let that hold you back!
  • Use the tag #ThankYouMisha on your post
  • Reblog if you’re entering but if you’re not then please reblog to signal boost as well!

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Week 1 - 14th - 20th ♥ Misha’s Smile & Laugh

Week 2 - 21st - 27th ♥ Misha With Family

Week 3 - 28th - 4th ♥ Misha’s Charity Work

Week 4 - 5th - 11th ♥ Misha With Friends

Week 5 - 12th - 18th ♥ Misha _________

These are the categories and the last one is up to you! You can have more smiles or Misha’s work as an actor, Misha at conventions or Misha on the gag reel etc. Whatever you want!

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask

In the aftermath of the election, I was, like most people, giving a lot of thought to how I could better engage in the causes I care about and how I can make a tangible difference. At this point in my life I don’t have much spare money, and I don’t have much spare time. In order to help people the best way I can in the future, I do have to continue some of my current commitments right now (such as taking the bar), and so I was looking for something to do that did not drain my resources, but also provided resources for those in need. 

I decided to start making embroidery patterns, and calling it the Give A Stitch project. I know that might sound strange, but stay with me! For the next year, I will be releasing one embroidery pattern a month with all money from the sale of the pattern going towards a progressive cause.

I wanted to release this pattern on the 1st of December, but unfortunately got behind schedule due to bar review and 2016 continuing to be a royal dick. Despite that small setback I still wanted to put it out there to help raise some money for a cause I’ve been wanting to tangibly support for a while now. 

This month all proceeds from the sale of this embroidery pattern will be donated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Fund. 

Even though we received the wonderful news today (December 4th!) that the easement necessary for continued construction was not granted, there is still a lot of work to be done and costs to be incurred by those fighting for a favorable permanent outcome. The money raised will help cover medical and legal bills incurred during the protest, as well as the inevitable future legal fees to be incurred in the coming months. 

You can find the pattern here in my Etsy shop! 

It is a downloadable PDF, complete with all instructions you will need to complete this project. If you haven’t ever embroidered but want to, this is a great way to start! I have included directions and detailed photos on how to do the stitches necessary so it is very beginner friendly, but if you are a seasoned embroiderer then you can easily just use the design and go wild with whatever stitches you think would look best! 

I will report back at the end of the month with how much money we managed to raise through this. In the mean time if you buy a pattern and complete it I would love to see the finished product! Feel free to tag me or send me photos here on tumblr, or through Etsy, or you can find me on instagram under the hande A_Canny_Lass, and use the hashtag #GiveAStitch for any photos you post so I can easily find them! 

Thanks in advance to those who purchase a pattern and/or spread the word! While it is really exciting to celebrate the victory that was won today, there is still a long road to a permanent solution ahead and we can’t afford to forget about it now! 

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I really think that after Noora sang that last song to William, he told himself to show Noora he likes her with actions like in the song and that's why he decided to give part of the money raised to the refugees because it was really important to her! Idk maybe I just make stories in my head hahah

No, listen… Ever since I saw that scene, I’ve been thinking about this, and I totally and completely agree. You can tell, firstly, that Noora sings that song in a different way than the two before, like she’s trying to tell him something. And he gets it. You see him time and time again proving that he loves her through his actions rather than words. In fact, he only tells her that he loves her, like, 3 times? During the whole season? But you can’t doubt that he does even when he doesn’t say it. Because he proves it through the things he does for her. 

I feel like that song perfectly sums up their relationship and it was a master move from the writers and whoever does the soundtrack to do it that way, because it really pulls at your heartstrings



So a long time ago, in a world not so different from our own, (which was somewhere around 2014 or something) I started watching @therealjacksepticeye s play through of Subnautica.

I loved it. I loved everything about it! And I still do.

But I wanted to make more fanart for, not only the game, but Jack as well. Recently, I did a live stream going through old sketchbooks and found this gem.

And since I’m redrawing a bunch of stuff to see the comparison, I decided to redraw my interpretation of Sally the Seamoth. I’m proud of what I did and I want to say thank you.

Thank you Jack for being in my life. You’ve helped so many people though tough times, myself included, and continue to do so.

I’m proud of us. We’ve all grown into such amazing people these past 3 years since this picture and your Subnautica play through. 💚

Thanks to everyone for all you do in and for this community.

2016 Dramas

It’s that time of the year again.. time to recap the drama-year. Differently from last year, I’ve decided to reduce the list this year to my top 10 favourites. I’ve not included mini/web-dramas in this overview, and I’m including only dramas that started airing in 2016. J If I didn’t, Six Flying Dragons would top my list, like it did in 2015 ;) Without further ado, let’s go!

Honourable mentions: Love O2O, Something About 1%
While I enjoyed both of these dramas for their lovey-doveyness, romance & kisses, they still didn’t make the top 10.. but if you’re in a romantic mood, both of these dramas are good to satisfy your cravings, and especially Love O2O can cause some cavities due to extreme sweetness ;)

10) W – Two Worlds
W – Two Worlds was I think everyone’s big obsession when it first started airing. It was new and exciting, and I think the mix between the real world and the webtoon-world had everyone on their toes. Especially the first episodes were great, but then I think the drama lost it a little. The writer tried to do so much, that for me it turned out to be a little too much. Eventually I was just satiated – there were just too many plot twists, and not enough emotional pay-off. The main leads were a bit of an odd pair, both seemed too mature for their age, and especially Han Hyo Joo’s character lost her spunk and just became a very sad person. However, the romance – when the attention was on it – was quite sweet, and I did like the book they promoted also. If there had been more actual romance and the action had been better paced, this one would’ve ended up higher on the list.

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Favourites- Dean Ambrose

Having the chance to open up Monday night Raw was something Dean always took and made it his own. Tonight was no different. He had something big planned, and it was going to be quite unpredictable. His music hit as he sauntered down to the ring, climbing the stairs as a clip announced that it was kid’s day at the WWE. When the camera came back, it was zoomed into Dean’s face. After making pleasantries with the crowd, Dean decided now was the right time to introduce his plan.

“As you all know it is kid’s day, so I thought what better way to help me tonight would to have myself interview my daughter about wrestling.”

Dean got out of the ring, over to where his partner and daughter were seated. His daughter Jordan was 5, but she was petite, so Dean had no trouble lifting her over the barrier and holding her on his hips. As he walked to the ring, he spoke again to the crowd.

“Please welcome my daughter Jordan”

The crowd started cheering, with Jordan, having the confidence of her father, waving to the adoring crowd. Dean placed her on the seat provided, opting to kneel beside his daughter as he gave her a microphone, telling her to say hello which earned more cheers.

“Well thank you Jordan for joining me here tonight with your busy schedule, I won’t keep you long”

Jordan’s giggles now rang through the arena, causing Dean to laugh as well.

“So first question, who is your favourite wrestler?”

“Um… um.. Roman”

The crowd erupted in laughter as Dean looked horrified.

“Why Roman baby? Why not daddy?”

“Because… because he has princess hair daddy, and.. I… I like princesses. You’re my favourite daddy, my very favourite”

Jordan smiled brightly as she leaned down to press a kiss to his cheek, like they were the only two people in the arena. Dean knew he would get a good response from his daughter with his next question.

“What about Seth Rollins?”

Jordan’s eyes grew wide, shaking her head furiously.

“But he has princess hair too, doesn’t he honey?”

“He not a nice man, he hurt you daddy. Plus he has a big nose, he is like that witch from that movie with the apple that we watched…. What was it called daddy?”

“Snow White?”

“Yeah, cause she has a big nose”

This caused Jordan and her father to erupt into more giggles, the arena joining along. Dean knew his time was nearly up, so he opted to end his interview now so they could go to commercial.

“Well thank you Jordan, I hope you enjoy the rest of the show”

Jordan smiled and nodded, choosing to jump into her dad’s arms as she waved to the camera as they went to commercial. As Dean was taking her back to her mother, she began whispering in his ear, reminding him that although he wasn’t her favourite wrestler, he was her favourite person, and he was okay with that.

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Regarding age in Warriors, how old are apprentices when they actually become warriors? I always thought they followed the six moon rule like they did for kits (like an apprentice trains for six months and then becomes a warrior), then I realized that they either have to prove themselves worthy of a warrior name or their mentor decides. What age average would you think newly-made warriors are?

it varies!

there’s a tumblr post talking about the differences between firestar & bluestar as leaders and one of the things it notes is that bluestar made cats warriors once they had done something to prove themselves - regardless of how much training they have (i.e. fire & gray finding the stolen kits and yellowfang), 

whereas firestar usually makes cats warriors after they’ve done a considerable amount of training and their mentor believes they’re ready. firestar is also noted to promote siblings at the same time, whereas bluestar does not (i.e. bracken + cinder become apprentices while their siblings thorn + bright dont)

i just really think it depends on the leader and the situation. if a mentor feels their apprentice is ready they will suggest promotion, or if an apprentice proves themselves capable in battle or some other crisis, then they are ready to be made a warrior

chasiing-ghosts submitted:

SW: 416.67 lbs ( 189.7kg or 29 stone 10 pounds ) 
CW: 207.26 lbs ( 94.2kg  or 14 stone 11 pounds ) 

Height 5"7

On the left is March 2014. Right is October 2016.

My weightloss journey has been a long long road. I came to terms with my weight when I got really sick and ended in hospital. I decided that in February 2014 when this occurred, I’d do something about it once I was out of hospital.
I started with long hours at the gym, 5 days a week. When I had the spare time away from gym and work I’d be out walking around my neighbourhood, making a longer route every time I was out.
When it came to meals, I’d be the healthiest i could be, but also eating the right amount of protein and getting the correct amount of iron daily for my body and weight. 

But now 2 and a half years later I can FINALLY see the difference within myself. Loosing the weight I have so far, has been a long road and an experience of a life time.
It has had every benefit and has changed how I see myself, which has made myself even more motivated than ever before to keep going.

I still am in the middle of my journey, but from the decision and moment I decided to change for myself and my health- it has been worth every hiccup and obstacle along the way. 

Don’t give up, keep going. It’ll be worth all the happiness you deserve 

thenonehater  asked:

So how does Rowan and Rippens relationship work ? Like is it on and off or ?? Also are we ever gonna see a fanfic of these two ?? Btw loved the pics you drew for new year ☺

Well Rowan used to be a part of Brock and Vonnie’s part time hero team when he was younger (before he was replaced with Boone’s mom), and Rippen was their villain so they kinda met that way. Rowan was a very different person back then too, but that’s a story for another time haha.

anyway, Rowan and Rippen kinda started to hang out after a while under various circumstances, and it eventually blossomed into something more. Even though Rowan already was dating a man named Travis, Rowan still had feelings for Rippen and Rippen really cared about Rowan a lot.

So they were very close until Rowan decided to run off (again for multiple reasons that would make this ask too long if I explained them haha) and he changed. Rowan eventually comes back into the picture, but it’s defiantly hard on them both when they see each other again.

So, I would say they are kinda on and off in a way. Their relationship has definitely always been very complicated. But they both care about each other, even if when they see each other again it doesn’t seem like it. I hope that makes sense. lol they technically never were officially “together” they were always either pining after the other, hiding their relationship, or separated by something that happened.

I think there is a very high possibility that there could be some fics on them :) @rinnysega already wrote a fic on Rowan, so if she wants, she could write a fic on them both. And heck, we RP them a lot so we could work on one together too, so maybe in the future we could whip something up. It just means so much to us that people are interested lol.

Also, I did not draw those amazing New Years shipwreck doodles! My very good friend @ollietheduke did! So be sure to go thank her, her art is amazing! :)

fic masterpost

hello hello! I decided to make one of these to have a general spot to catalog all of my works on here! they’re in alphabetical order!

my ao3 is niriiun, where they’re all posted!

a symphony of stars - bokuaka - g

Bokuto was like a handful of stars. Each time you looked, there was something different. Akaashi was the dark expanse of space; there was nothing unique about him.

flutter - bokuakakomi - ex

This is literally just wing!au smut.

golden dust and parchment paper - bokuaka - g

He buys a new book each time he comes in, whether it be astronomy, mythology, or fantasy. Bokuto’s just trying to figure out why someone would willingly buy Hamlet.

kairos - hanamatsu - ex - unfinished

Hanamaki works as both security guard and something much darker at one of Tokyo’s richest laboratories. Life has finally started looking up for him. That is, until the man he loves becomes his next target. An original AU.

kitchens and what not to use them for - sarukomi - ex 

Literally just pwp.

memories of days gone by - bokuaka - t

There’s a new flower each day, and Akaashi watches the world pass him by.

owl rings and broken hearts - bokuakakuro - g

Bokuto looks to Kuroo for help with proposing, unaware of just how much the question upsets him. Or at least, that’s what Kuroo suspects.

pitch - kurotsukki - ex

In which Tsukishima Kei is unusually quiet.

senpai [and every word in between] - bokuaka - ex

“Any other time I’d let you call me that, but not today. Call me senpai for today.” And Akaashi listens without fail.

vermilion - bokuaka - ex

Bokuto couldn’t think of a better gift. Well, maybe an actual owl, but this was just as good.

Ace Representation Project

Hey, all! I don’t know how many of you will see this, but hopefully enough to help spread the word!

For those of you who don’t already know, I am an ace/aro film student in Los Angeles working on my Masters in Writing and Producing for Television. One of my projects this semester is putting together a treatment for a fact-based show. Asexuality is crazy-under represented in the media, so I decided that I would make my fact-based show about asexuality, particularly about how growing up asexual in America can be difficult and how difficult it can be to learn what it means to be asexual. 

A lot of the time, we are invisible. I know my own experiences led me to thinking there was something terribly wrong with me that I didn’t know how to express, because I didn’t know that there was anything like asexuality. I just knew I was different, and it felt wrong. I don’t want other people to feel that way. 

If you are Asexual, whether Aromantic or otherwise, and you feel comfortable doing so, please share with me some of your story. I have set up an email account: acerepresentationproject@gmail.com where you can send your stories. Or just send them to me directly, in my ask, or by reblogging.

I know it is asking a lot, but I think that by sharing our experiences, we can maybe make the world a tiny bit better for some other people in the future. At least, that’s my hope. I know it might not mean much, but on the off-chance that it does, I would like to try pushing this project forward as far as I can. 

I am also looking for reading materials as well as potential experts in various fields that might have input on asexuality. Best if they’re in the LA area, should we get to the point of doing interviews, but any would be acceptable.

The project in this phase is small. It’s just a treatment, but with the preparation that I have so far, I’ve been encouraged to take this as far as I can, as long as the facilities at my school are still open to me.

So please, share your experiences! And if you do not feel comfortable doing so, please reblog this message so that others may read it! I don’t expect it to get very far, but every little bit helps! If you are not Asexual, then I encourage you to still share! 

Tag your posts with #AceRepresentationProject! I will find them!


kc’s ml fic recs (#1)

happy fanfiction writers appreciation day!! i decided to make a fic rec list because it’s about time i actually did one of these. and i have so many writers i like!!! 

this got disgustingly long because i rambled about nineteen thousand different fics. so, expect another one in a little bit!! 

part two here →

a snow white drabble by @chatstronaut | rating: k+ | wc: 2.8k | pair: ladrien, snow white au

it’s a snow white au!!!!!!! featuring lots of ladrien and prince adrien. just. i’m swooning over here. it pretty much retells snow white, but it’s fun and adorable and lovely and prince adrien is something you all need in your life. i went back in reread this bc i’m lame.

all i want by @pallasjoannas | rating: n/a | wc: 1.3k | pair: established ladynoir

i’m a slut for post reveal and established relationships. it’s a fluffly ladynoir/adrienette date and it’s literally so wonderful i melted when i read it. it also has a serious christmas-y feel so extra goodness with that too!!!!

battle wounds by kyliewrites on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 10.5k | pair: adrienette

The day had been amazing. A beach trip with her class in the last dregs of the school year, hours of conversation with the love of her life, and not an akuma in sight. (In retrospect, she shouldn’t have expected it to last.)

this is one of my f a v o r i t e fics right now, even though it was last updated in may. it starts out really fluffy and sweet and adorable adrienette at the beach and then there’s this mystery!!! that we don’t know yet!!!! and adrien doesn’t either bc marinette’s keeping SECRETS. very very very good, definitely deserves the t rating though! 

brick walls by @sadrien or demistories on ao3 | rating: g | wc: 6.5k | pair: adrienette/ladynoir 

Ladybug is sitting right behind him. Marinette is sitting right behind him.Part of Adrien wants to turn around and announce to her “I’m Chat Noir!” and part of him wants to keep playing this game with her. Not that she knows it’s a game yet.

ok so i swore to myself that i’d only pick one of téa’s fics bc all of them are like my favorites so i picked brick walls because it’s a reveal fic and adrien trying to tell mari but she’s oblivious equals the kind of content i signed up for. i also went back and reread this one bc amazing shit right here guys

chasing the sky by @asexualallura or thornsandwings on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 19.6k | pair: adrienette/ladynoir 

Adrien Agreste had grown up with his best friend and childhood crush, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, until she had moved away to China at the age of 9. The two never lost contact, writing letters until they had been gifted cellphones and access to the internet. At the age of 12, Adrien’s mother was suddenly taken from her family, leaving behind a distraught son to learn to fight for himself and a husband who grew cold as time passed. At the age of 15, he had been gifted the Ladybug Miraculous and became the superhero that stands between Paris and Le Papillon. At the age of 17, his best friend and childhood crush returned him, leaving him in a state of nervousness, panic and guilt. He fears she may become a victim of Le Papillon’s if she continues to stay in Paris.

It seems fate may be laughing at him, because the same day the woman he thought he would never see again arrives, so does another person he’d been waiting two years for.

power swap and crush swap in the same fic. aka my death. those are seriously like my FAVE aus so this is a must read!!!!!!!!

check plus one by @voltisubito or volti on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 7.9k | pair: adrienette

Marinette is finally going to do it. She’s finally going to ask Adrien on a date. Of course, this poses a bit of a problem when he asks her first.

are you kidding me. like ADRIENETTE on a really cute fluffy adorable date at a WEDDING. it literally doesn’t get any better. i think i squealed 200 times when i read this. 

i do by @l-adrien | rating: g | wc: 1.1k | pair: adrienette

‘Please, let Adrien and the others arrive soon.' As Marinette sits alone at the lunch table, waiting for her friends to turn up, a boy she’s never seen before sits down and strikes up a particularly flirtatious conversation - his friends cheering him on from the sidelines. And what’s Adrien to do when his Lady is in danger?

if you remember that one post going around when one random guy is like ‘i don’t bite’ and then adrien jumps in and screams ‘i do’ then this is the fic for you. adrien being lowkey protective is hilarious and this fic had me laughing and squealing at the same time. it’s amazing you need to READ IT!!!!

looking for adrien by @soundofez or soundofez on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 2.6k | pair: adrienette/marichat/ladynoir

Prompt: you’re always sneaking out at night and it’s really suspicious so i follow you and get myself into trouble and you save me and then yell at me for following you. It’s late, Marinette is pregnant, and Adrien is gone again.

honestly this fic has to be in my top ten. i’ve reread it multiple times and it’s really sad!!!! because marinette thinks adrien’s cheating on him….but he’s really just being chat noir. and she’s pregnant and oh god it’s amazing. you have to read it bc it’s so amazing


Hello everyone. As some of you might know, I’m not one to share my personal life on my work pages but given the situation I thought it was something I’d have to explain sooner or later, and to avoid that I’m sharing some information here. A short version, and if you want to skip this be my guest because I know some don’t care about this other than the art.

So, over the past 3 years I’ve been constantly sick of my digestive system. Some nasty stuff I’m going to skip on details. They started off spaced and in a matter of months became frequent, there were even two times I was almost on the other side than this one. The last 2 years I did so many exams and expensive medication, the doctors thought my stomach had something nasty, but the exams didn’t show anything so they didn’t do anything. Then last year a different doctor decided to make exams to my liver, and there I found out that the origin of my health issues was caused by the vesicle. Yes, that damn little thing. At the time it had over a quarter of gallstones in it, and since then it as formed even more.
I’ve been trying alternatives to surgery since then but nothing worked. And there’s the issue of the stones clogging my pancreas, so a few weeks ago I received the notification for my surgery, that will be tomorrow.
Still don’t know how my body will react after surgery and they aren’t sure of the procedure they’ll use, but I’m confident that after this things will be better. Worse than it has been over the last 3 years it can’t be. 8T

Well, that’s pretty much it. I’ll have to take plenty of rest for a few days, so that means no stress, no work, and no computer (and I always deal with lot of stress in it xD).
Thank you for your time to read this and have a wonderful time everyone, see you soon. :)

anonymous asked:

What's the motivation for your and Bee's diversity in characters? Like, if you're not using white hair and youth to represent an innocent character or catlike eyes to be slyness, how do you decide the design instead? That's a bad example. Er, there are so many design options especially when you have such an open mind, so how do you decide which traits to use.

Design options shouldn’t be limited to physical or anatomical differences. I think a lot of times it leads to real-world prejudice, as well as objectifying people of that “look” to fulfill different roles in our lives (prime example is the “wise black man” trope) Sure it’s very easy to make, say, a young character symbolize innocence, but what else? What about their clothing choices? How they wear their hair? Or how they carry themselves? Their posture? Something they carry around with them at all times? All these things can point to a certain type of character that isn’t limited to their body, hair or eye color, not even their age.

So to answer your first question, our motivation for diversity is because it’s simply true and honestly very, very doable. Everyone of every body type, ethnicity, disability, gender expression or identity, sexuality, has the capacity to be any kind of person. To limit our design choices only to what’s been done, or what most audiences are groomed for, is lazy, uncreative, and in my opinion, harmful to the greater social conscious.

Jennifer Morrison HollyShorts Interview Transcript

 Jossyl Interviews Jennifer Morrison

Difference acting vs directing

Yeah, they’re both fulfilling, but they’re fulfilling in different ways. There is something about surrendering yourself as an actor to a project and knowing you’re serving a certain purpose. And you will put in the work and the hours and the research and you bring that and it’s an offering you sort of offer over what you’ve given and someone else decides what part of that is important and what part of that really makes sense in the storytelling. And there’s something really satisfying about that and then there’s a different satisfaction when you’re the person deciding what’s important and what part of the story to tell and fitting all those pieces together.  And there’s something else about being in control of the environment as a director you know I really believe that we’re all very lucky to get to do what we do we have the best jobs on the planet. We get to be creative, we get to make things and a lot of times it’s not the healthiest environments sometimes people get caught up in ego and all this craziness and so I really strive to create environments for people to work in where they want to go to work every day. And they want to give their best and they feel creatively supportive so part of the joy I get from directing is being able to really strive to create that environment.

Is this (getting the award) surreal for you

Yeah, I think it’s a bit surreal. Directing for me was such a natural progression and it’s something I love so much and it’s something I’ve been enjoying personally so much that it’s so weird that people want to like recognize that, you know what I mean? In my brain it’s obviously that the cherry on top, but I’m sort of surprised by it. You know so I’m grateful for it and ultimately with tonight being about quote unquote being a trailblazer I just want to live up to it. You know I feel like some of what comes with that is the expectation or the hope that I continue making things and that I continue putting things that I create into the world and I want to live up to that. And I want to live up to what they’re asking of me.

Regarding Once Upon a Time and fan pressure

Honestly, I try not to think too much about it. I obviously respect all the fans and I’m super grateful for them, but I don’t write the show and I don’t write the story lines. I love the storyline and I think that it’s been a beautiful story line that I’ve really enjoyed playing and I’m 100% on board with it so for me just personally separate from anything else it’s something that I found really rewarding and I’ve really enjoyed. But I try to keep those two things separate. You know I really appreciate the fans and they’re why I get to do what I love every day and I’ve my heart just like pours out love and gratitude to them for that. But the other side of that is it’s up to Eddie and Adam to create the show and it’s up to them to write what is their creative vision so I also support them in that. So there is a little bit of a divide there, but I think that the passion is what’s exciting, whether they’re into it or not into it, it’s the passion that’s exciting so everybody’s entitled to their opinion and I support that everybody has their own opinion and I love it. I love that people are talking about it, I love that people are passionate one way or the other and you know I think it’s great it means that we’re doing something right that people are that the people are moved by it or thinking about it.

idfc || Liam Dunbar

(this is kinda inspired by the song idfc by blackbear and personal experience. I know this isn’t a request but it has been on my drafts for quite some time and I thought I would make it up to you for not posting anything lately, there was more on this chapter but since it was a completely different scenario and situation, I decided to leave it for another chapter ;) .  I’m also thinking about turning this into a mini series, let me know what you think)

Summary: Y/n has been in love with Liam for over a year now, they have a nice friendship and sometimes it seems like there’s room for something else. But what happens when Hayden,Y/n’s best friend, likes him too and he seems to like her back? will she hide her feelings from them and pretend to be happy or will she stand up for what she feels and fight for it even if that means breaking her best friend’s heart?

Words: 1,093

Chapter 1

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“Why was it so important to you for me to pick you up on a school day? Is your mom okay?” You asked your best friend Hayden.

Sometimes you would take the school bus and other times you would drive there, but for some reason you didn’t know, Hayden was desperate for you to drive her to school.She rolled her eyes and smiled 

“yeah, I just wanted to have some private minutes with you before school” She looked at you and her eyes were eager to tell you something

“Okay… I know you want to tell me something, so talk” you waited for her to put on her seat belt and started the car

“Just like I told my mom, this is a confession, so you’d better keep it to yourself” You laughed at her comment 

“like I have someone else to tell them your secret”

“Whatever, the point is…I think I’ve moved on from Stiles and I like someone else” She covered her face with her hands and sighed

“Oh my god! Finally you moved on, I’m so happy for you” you smiled, you liked Stiles but he wasn’t boyfriend material and you couldn’t let your best friend be obsessed with him “who is he?” Your mind started to think about names trying to figure out who her new crush was

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Hello 31Women followers! Did you know there are 10,000 of you? Isn’t that amazing?!?! We are ecstatic about it! And we wanted to do something really special for this occasion. 
We were thinking about doing something very different from anything we’ve ever done to make a big statement (like eating cake and ice cream and having a big ol shindig) but we realized that you’ve never actually seen us in person. Imagine that! Taking advice from someone that you’ve never even seen! And then we realized that we’ve never even seen each other, so I guess we’re in the same boat.
Anyway, we decided on a video so that all of you lovely people could put names to faces for the first time. Here’s proof that we actually are not only humans, but women around your age who have real lives and struggles and spiritual journeys of our own. Can’t wait to kinda meet you guys!