i deal with emotions by calling them stupid

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what is your opinion on mineta?

A pretty neutral one? I don’t like him, but I don’t actively dislike him either since his type of character is just something I’m assuming Jump editors outright ask for considering they’re in every single shounen ever - mostly I just forget he exists tbh, which is rude but he’s really rude too so that’s fine lol he has his moments and I’m very lowkey hoping he’ll be developed and grow out of the walking trope he is (it’s just wishful thinking, probably)(I appreciate that Horikoshi writes his behaviour as something as disgusting as it is, tho, kudos to you Horikoshi) but as things stand right now I mostly roll my eyes at him and forget he’s a thing the moment he walks off screen haha

Anon said: I. LOVE. SHINSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO DO I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anon said: What did you think of the little todoiideku moments in the last chapter? :)

I CRIED literally, actual tears, I’m not making it up I love all three of them so much - Iida’s the most precious boy ever and Todoroki is wise and beautiful and them all offering food to Izuku to make him feel better was PURE 

but also waddup with Izuku suddenly saying he shouldn’t cry, he’s been crying since the beginning of the manga? It’s okay Izuku let it out

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Castiel is just as useless as he has been since season 6. I don’t recall I’ve seen him of any help to the brothers except in seasons 4 and 5. He’s been lying to them since then. He’s deceived them, spied on them and caused a lot of troubles for the boys. He made stupid decisions and yet called the deal with Billie stupid. He blamed the boys for so many things, yet he was the one who freed Lucifer the last time. They killed Bobby although he was way more helpful than Castiel. Even Crowley was of more help for the boys. I believe Castiel’s role should’ve ended after season 5 cuz they just ruined the character by keeping him that long and honestly Misha is not good of an actor when it comes with emotional scenes so, he was good when he had nothing to do with humanly emotions.

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I also always thought Chara laughing was nerves (because I nervous laugh for sure) but also sort of a defensive response. Like what happened was the kid's doing but hahaha asgore is still okay sooo who cares?? Because deflecting is easier to deal with for a kid who very likely has trouble dealing with emotions then admitting they feel guilty, worried, or scared someone they care about could have died because of a stupid mistake they both made.


Also, in my personal opinion, they used to call Azzy a “Crybaby” and  I’m sure they saw He was crying when Asgore fell ill.

Do you think Chara did not worry about their brother enough to hide their fear so he wouldn’t feel worse? 

I mean… I’m sure Chara is not as evil as the fandom wants to picture them >-<


I’ve just seen the most stupid post ever

Apparently Michael has used homophobic slurs

1) calling Luke a fag

Okay A) I call all my friends fags,gay etc because that’s how i show i care about them,by jokingly insulting them.Weird i know but it’s how I’ve learned to deal with emotional attachment.


2) He sang ‘faggot america’ in American Idiot

A)It’s in the song


Also Ashton’s bandana,it’s probably not the only that’s been sold

And about the fake 'Luke nude’ that Michael posted,It has a slice of pizza in it,that’s more than likely what he was referencing too,not the guys weight,I’m pretty sure you’re not going to find a skinny guy or toned guy posing naked with pizza,like srsly


The club penguin picture,really?! 

I’m sure Luke is not the only person to say 'Shit nigga' 

I hear people say it all the fucking time,man

The 'retard’ tweet that Michael sent directed at Luke

Again i call my friends retards as joke,to show them i love them and that i’m happy they are my humans.

Anyways i’m not going to go over all the things because sure,some i don’t agree with but they are normal teenage boys doing and saying normal teenage stuff,don’t pin these things down on them just because they are famous.

Sure sometimes they get out of line but it is their mistakes to own up to.

Do not shove all the evidence that you have collected down their throats and make them feel like fucking shit.I’m not going to lick their arses because i have got mad at them,not going to lie.But at the end of the day it doesn’t affect me,it affects them as a person because they know they are in the wrong.

Let them fix it.Do not tell them to fix it.

You are here for the music and to help them get well known,not to control what they do.

I’m done,bye


Mikey is not dumb, the writers arn’t making him dumb. They are making him a role model for children who struggle with ADHD/ADD.

The cartoon is showing them how Mikey struggles with it and how he overcomes it.

It also shows how Splinter and his brothers deals with Mikey’s problems and how it can be struggle sometimes and how they can overcome it.

So Kids will recognise that they have the same problems as Mikey and it will show them how they can cope, by giveing them a confidence boost when they see Mikey having good idea’s, leading his team ect.

Most children with ADHD/ADD will have emotional and social problems because they are probably bullied in school I expect they are called dumb, stupid or idiot by other children.

So if your calling Mikey dumb, then you are calling every children with ADHD/ADD in the world dumb.