i deal with emotions by calling them stupid


Mikey is not dumb, the writers arn’t making him dumb. They are making him a role model for children who struggle with ADHD/ADD.

The cartoon is showing them how Mikey struggles with it and how he overcomes it.

It also shows how Splinter and his brothers deals with Mikey’s problems and how it can be struggle sometimes and how they can overcome it.

So Kids will recognise that they have the same problems as Mikey and it will show them how they can cope, by giveing them a confidence boost when they see Mikey having good idea’s, leading his team ect.

Most children with ADHD/ADD will have emotional and social problems because they are probably bullied in school I expect they are called dumb, stupid or idiot by other children.

So if your calling Mikey dumb, then you are calling every children with ADHD/ADD in the world dumb.