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Bechloe - ‘Rain’

Yikes! So my previous one-shot didn’t go down well with several people.

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But I DID have a back-up idea (which is a rare occurrence).

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So..hang tough for a short and much sweeter Bechloe one-shot coming up soon.

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Some facts about Robert!

…Small. whom I love very much

  • Likes pineapple on pizza
  • sits through the movie credits and thanks every crew member individually
  • Prefers Whiskey, but occasionally drinks fruity white wine because its “refreshing and delicious”. dont judge him (id never)
  • likes to whittle and has tons of little scars on his hands because of it (hence the enthusiasm for knives. also because knives are cool, i mean. come on)
  • Thinks Mothman is bullshit (the Dover Ghost is totally legit tho)
  • Has a dog called Betsy (a fearsome hound)

thank you for your attention

me (knowing full well they only posed finn and poe that way on the vanity fair cover because they knew that their relationship became a viral sensation after tfa and that this would generate more interest): thank u lucasfilm for confirming finn/poe as canon 😭😭🙏🙏 we are so blessed

Day 4- Moments you cried

”For a freeloader you sure eat a lot.”

Robin’s whole story is heartbreaking, but there is this one scene of her, 8 years old, eating and crying while her aunt (or whatever she is) yells at her for “eating too much” when shES JUST HAVING A PIECE OF BREAD FOR DINNER AND i… cry………….