i dare you two to be more perfect

Remember how in DMC Beckett was desperate to lay his hands on the Chest because if the Company controls the Chest, they control the sea? The second and third films make it perfectly clear that claiming authority over the heart of the captain of the Flying Dutchman gives you authority over the sea because the captain of the Flying Dutchman is the sea – hence the conundrum in AWE. Since all the rules of Jones’s curse apply to Will, there is no reason to assume that this is no longer the case once he’s taken over, and so the logical conclusion is that whoever has Will’s heart also rules the sea. And we all know what happened at the end of AWE. 


So yes, what I’m saying is that Elizabeth Turner can stay on land waiting for her husband to come home and still be the most powerful character in the Pirates universe because it just so happens that the love of said husband granted her authority over the sea.

1334  x 750

⌦ characters: jungkook, an idol that gets jealous and insecure easily but in the cutest ways. y/n, the idol’s playful long distance girlfriend that also happens to be a heavy sleeper and his rock.

⌦ genre + plot: fluff, smut mention, angst. the long-distance couple stays in touch via daily facetime calls and the occasional visit, but even then they crave each other. the idol acts on those desires, but not without a few bumps.

⌦ wc: 3,595

muse: bts’ jeongguk

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Favourite color: Black II pt. 1

Yoongi x reader

genre: Mafia!Yoongi, angst, violence

contents of violence, heavy words and so on

Thanks to the anon who requested a Mafia/Underground!Yoongi story, I hope you enjoy even though I changed the plot

word count: 11.4k

Does Min Yoongi stand for death or safety?

Right now it definitely was the first word to describe the rather cruel man and his actions who threatened you with your mother’s life if you wouldn’t obey his orders as he wanted you to. His plans for your further cooperation sounding strange. At first.

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historyofashitpost  asked:

What are your favorite podcasts?

hi there i’ll make you a list.


  • the penumbra podcast: twilight zone-style episodic trope bending & frankly the best thing in the universe
  • wolf 359: the (mis)adventures of a crew of people working on a station orbiting the star wolf 359
  • eos 10: scrubs meets deep space nine - the adventures of the medical crew on a  space station
  • homecoming: psychological thriller (feat. oscar isaac!!!!)
  • limetown: audio drama about a reporter investigating the disappearance of a town full of people
  • the black tapes podcast: a reporter profiles a skeptic determined to disprove the supernatural. demons galore. these people also make tanis & rabbits which i like less.
  • ars paradoxica: time travel!
  • alice isn’t dead: a truck driver searches for her missing wife

nonfiction / politics ( i got a bit into the ‘npr shows that didn’t used to be podcasts but now are because that’s how i listen to the radio now’ genre but.)

  • s-town: recent & by the folks who produce serial & this american life (both of which you should listen to also) about hidden treasure, family history, the south. so good. 
  • & related this american life: dare i say the original podcast-style in-depth slice-of-life storytelling show. the best forever (i have a pillow with ira glass’s face on it)
  • dan carlin’s hardcore history: hardcore dives into the past.
  • call your girlfriend: two best friends discuss pop culture, feminism, politics, race & everything in between
  • pod save america / crooked media anything: i linked to pod save america but everything these absolute idiots produce is great & interesting & hysterical. four of obama’s former political aides talk politics post-trump. 
  • radiolab presents more perfect: in-depth reporting about interesting cases in the supreme court. also, listen to radiolab. 
  • death sex and money: discussions about the things we don’t like to talk about in polite conversation
  • astonishing legends: looks at strange & unusual events through history, based in real-world evidence
  • 2 dope queens: phoebe robinson & jessica williams are the funniest people in the whole world!
Always- An Ivar Imagine

So @whenimaunicorn sent me the prompt: “Truth or Dare? I dare you to spend the rest of the night tied to Prince Ivar at the wrists.” Thanks for the prompt!

Here is the result. More angst than originally planned. Oops?

TW: mild sexual content, infidelity

You had never known Hvitserk to be cruel.

Okay, that was a lie. You had never known him to be cruel to you. Other people were another story. But tonight, tonight you fell into that category of “other people”. For what he had done, you would consider the cruelest thing of all.

It had started innocent, a game of truth or dare among brothers and friends. It was a game played often, as you had known the Ragnarssons since you were all grubby children, playing in the mud. The ale and laughter had flowed, to the point where you could almost forget the aching hole that was etched permanently upon your heart. But then, it had been your turn. You had chosen dare. And Hvitserk, drunk and careless, had dared you to spend the rest of the night, tethered by the wrists, to none other than Ivar.

Ivar, the man you were hopelessly in love with. Ivar, the man you could not stay away from. Ivar, the man who would never be wholly yours.

You agreed to the dare, not only to be spared the severe penalty but to savour any sort of closeness you could get with the Prince.

You moved to sit beside Ivar. Someone came and bound your wrists together, you didn’t know who. All you could focus on were her eyes, staring at you from across the table, hating you. Wishing you would one day take to your father’s fishing boat and not return. Drowned, dragged to the bottom of the sea, a sea that she could somehow bend to her will. She knew, she knew that his heart lay with you and not with her. She was a pawn, a token used for land and power and offspring with a strong bloodline. You, you were the fire in his blood, the beating of his heart, the name on his lips when he took her to bed.

But you were a nobody, and princes did not end up with nobodies. They had mothers and fathers and brothers who pushed for alliances, for duty, for the good of the people. They ended up with someone who could give them those things.

You were not that someone.

You could feel Ivar’s skin next to yours, where your wrists touched, warm and familiar. It made you ache for an easier time, when there was nothing but bare skin and love and the hopes of the young and foolish. Hopes you could one day be together, love freely and without restraint. You hardly got any time with each other now. Every moment you could spend by his side was a precious one.

As if he could sense your distress, your lover placed your linked hands under the table, onto your thigh. He had not said anything when Hvitserk had issued the dare. He had not protested, had not insisted it be an insult to his wife to be tied to another woman. He had simply let it happen. A choice. A declaration. You over her, every time. And she knew it.

The weight of your joined hands on your thigh was comforting, a balm amidst the tension that was threatening to suffocate you. She flicked her eyes down to the table, disgust marring her pretty face. To her, you were worthless. She could not see what kept drawing him to you. You both knew she didn’t love him, only married him for the name and the power and the role of duty. But it irked her to no end that he did not fall at her feet like all the others, did not desire her body. She wanted to catch her prey, but he kept slipping through her net.

The game continued on. You could not focus. Ivar’s hand had inched higher up your thigh, fingers stroking over the soft material of your dress. Her eyes were now on her husband, cold and stony. He growled, baring sharp white teeth as his fingers sunk deep into your thigh. Baiting her, showing her what she was to him. The title of wife meant nothing.

It should have comforted you, to know he only wanted you. That she was nothing to him. But it still hurt. It hurt to know she carried the title of wife, and not you. It hurt to know she was by his side, would one day grow round with his child in her belly. She would have his future, and you would be naught but a secret in the dark. You did not want to share, you wanted all of him. Every moment, every look, every touch. It was not enough to know he loved you. Your heart was greedy. It wanted everything, for it and it alone.

Ivar pushed your joined hands further into your lap, fingers teasing your flesh. You could feel the desire flowing through them, his simmering need for you. With her, it was all about business, securing a child. With you, it was love and passion and burning, all consuming need. You did not get many chances to be together, and every encounter was a like a wild summer storm, fierce and raging.

He stopped his movements on your thigh, instead leaning over to ghost his lips over the shell of your ear. No one was watching but her, no one cared but her. You should have felt bad for her, how must it feel knowing your husband cares not for you? But you did not. You would never see her as anything more than a thief. A thief who stole your happy future.

“Truth or dare?” Ivar whispered softly in your ear, voice laced with a dark lust. You shivered as his words slid over your skin like a silken scarf.

“Dare,” you whispered back, not daring to look at his face.

He leaned closer, his heady scent enveloping you like a tender embrace.

“I dare you to take me to bed. My bed.”

He meant the bed he shared with her, in the back of the Great Hall. You sucked in a breath. You had always met somewhere, never had he taken you in that bed, since he had gotten married. It was probably a bad idea.

But you did not care.

You stood up, grabbing Ivar’s crutches for him from where they leaned upon his chair. He allowed himself to give you a heated smirk, before the two of you awkwardly made your way towards the back of the Hall.

Her eyes followed you the whole way there.

But once you were enclosed in his private quarters, all thoughts but Ivar left your mind. He somehow managed to get his knife out of his belt, cut your bonds and throw you onto the bed with a few smooth motions. You eagerly reached for him as he lowered himself out of his crutches, desperate to feel all of him against you.

You needed him like air, you craved him like a drug. He fell upon you with a fervour only he could have, all groping hands and hungry kisses and loud, needy moans. He did not try to quiet himself, he did not care if she heard. If anyone heard. You found you did not care either. You arched into him and let him sweep you away in a tidal wave of pleasure.

He took you fast, and he took you hard. No loving caresses, no soft teasing, no slow and sweet build up. Pure carnal desire, the kind that leaves delicious aches and bruises to savour. Ivar in his truest form, making you cry out, making you beg for more, more, more. You knew nothing but the slide of hot, slippery skin, the taste of salt and sweat, the stars exploding behind your eyelids.

After, you curled yourself around him, pressing your shaking body as close as you could get. He enclosed you in his arms, letting you rest against him as you both caught your breath. As you laid there, your euphoria faded, and the ache in your heart returned.

“It should be enough,” you said softly, tracing a pattern over his chest with your fingers. “It should be enough to share you, and know that it is me who holds your heart. People do it all the time. Look at your brothers, sharing Margrethe between them. But I am selfish. I want you all to myself. I want to be your only wife, and the only woman you take to bed. I want to give you all your children. Is that wrong?”

He began to stroke his fingers through your long hair, blunt nails scratching gently over your scalp.

“It is not wrong,” he said, voice rumbling in his chest. “It is not wrong, for I feel the same way. I do not want to be tied to her. I do not want her to bear my children. I chose you, and only you, a long time ago. When I think of how I would feel if our situations were reversed, I want to kill something. The thought of another man touching your makes me sick.”

It made you sick, too. You twisted so you could press a soft kiss to the underside of his jaw.

“If only I was not who I am. If only I was like her, from a family worthy-”

He cut you off with a firm hand to your throat, pulling you on top of him so he could look at you with angry eyes.

“Do not ever say that again,” he growls, fingers squeezing, squeezing. “Do not wish you were anything but what you are. You are perfect. You are not less than her. Do you hear me?”

You nod, and his fingers relax. His eyes, however, stayed hard and blazing.

“I will find a way,” he vowed. “I will find a way to weaken her father, to make it so he is not more powerful than us. I married his daughter so he would not overpower us; I will make it so he has no power, and so I will no longer be in need of my marriage. Then,” his face softens ever so slightly, “then I will be free to marry whom I wish.”

It was a lot to promise, and probably very much unlikely to come true. But you clung to his words like a child clings to its mother’s skirts. A distant hope. You leaned forward to press a kiss to his lips.

“I should go,” you whispered, thinking of her sitting in the Great Hall. “I should go before she comes to you.”

His grip on you tightened, possessive. “No. You will stay. She will not come to me tonight. You will stay, and let me hold you. I will wake at least once with you in my arms.”

You knew you should leave, before leaving got any harder, but a night in his arms was more than you ever got. So you agreed, nestling down against him, letting him wrap himself around you. The darkness pressed around you like a comforting blanket, wrapping you up in a world where you could pretend only the two of you existed.

“Truth or dare,” you whispered, finding his hand in the dark.

“Truth,” his hand was warm, calloused, perfect.

“Will you always love me? No matter what our lives become?” You knew the answer. But to hear it was a bandage across your broken heart

A sigh. A kiss on your head. Broad fingers squeezed yours.


I known with Vikings sharing is caring, but I imagine some of them are not into it. Happy Sunday! ❤️

real deal, dear

genre: husband!au

star of the show: NCT’s Taeyong

word count: 2,625 words

author’s note: happy birthday to the center of my universe, brightest star in the sky, diamond in the rough, cutest pupper and eternal loml Taeyong ❤️❤️💞💘💖💛💕💘💖💓

im ready to fucking fight anyone who doesnt think ty is husband material 

Originally posted by nctjay

opening line: “You’re by no means the perfect wife or even wife material, but Taeyong has never regretted the day your ring finger became adorned with the silver band that connected you and him in the name of holy matrimony.” 

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I would love nothing more than a 3DS remake of More/Friends of Mineral Town and DS/DS Cute, perhaps even in combination so you can visit both towns. As far as HM games go, they’re my absolute favorites and are so classic and charming. There’s just enough challenge and the right amount of NPC stories - dare I say the two most perfect Harvest Moon games of the entire franchise.


Warning/s: Gore? Psycho reader? Idk? 


Y/N, the queen of Wonderland, was outside her castle painting every white rose, bloody red. Literally BLOODY red. She was recently proclaimed the Queen of Wonderland after she violently killed the previous Queen along with her good friend, the mad hatter. She cut off the Queen’s foot, shoved it in her mouth, cut off her five fingers and shoved two of it up her nostrils and made her choke to death. She finds it entertaining and amusing to kill someone in a creative way. She’s clearly mad. That’s why she gets along with the mad hatter and is strangely perfect for the title “Queen of Wonderland”. Although she was quite young to be a Queen, no one dared to go against her knowing how she can easily kill you in a very ‘unique’ way.

“Jefferson!” Y/N called.

“Yes milady?” the mad hatter asked.

“I need more blood.” Y/N pointed at the empty, blood stained bucket.

The mad hatter smirked and nodded, leaving to get more blood.

Y/N hummed and walked over to her pet wolfdog.

“Hey there buddy.” Y/N patted her pet.

“You hungry?” she asked the wild animal.

Y/N has a soft spot for anyone who can relate to her or anyone who she sees herself in. In other words, her fellow psychopaths and this dog.

While Y/N was feeding her dog, a puff of smoke appeared in front of the castle. It was a boy who looks like he’s about Y/N’s age. The boy looked around the place, seeing as if everything changed from the last time he was there. When he spotted the girl kneeling in front of an enormous dog, he raised an eyebrow and approached her.

“I’m guessing you’re new here? I’ve never seen your face here before.” The boy asked Y/N.

Y/N looked up to see an attractive teenage boy. Y/N smirked and looked back down to her dog.

“Yeah.. You could say that” Y/N chuckled darkly.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your name?” Y/N asked the boy.

“Peter Pan, King of Neverland.” Peter bowed, took Y/N’s hand and kissed it.

Y/N face lit up and formed a wide grin.

“And may I ask who the pretty lady in front of me is?” Peter flirted.

Y/N stood up and smiled

“Y/N, Queen of Wonderland.”

Peter had a shocked and confused face.

“What happened to the previous one?” Peter asked.

“Killed her.” Y/N laughed.

Peter gave an amused look.

Jefferson came back with a bucket filled with blood.

“Here’s the blood you asked for, Y/N.” Jefferson set the bucket near the roses.

“What’s that for?” Peter asked.

“Well for painting these roses of course.” Y/N said in a ‘duh’ tone.

Peter nodded in response.

Peter was starting to think this girl is mad and somehow, he likes it.

“So what brings you here, Peter?” Y/N asked.

“I was suppose to talk about ‘business’ with the Queen but I guess I can’t, considering you killed her.” Peter chuckled.

“What business?” Y/N asked, interested.

“It’s nothing now. It seems like I have other plans now.” Peter smirked at Y/N.

“Yeah? And what’s that?” Y/N asked.

“You.” Peter stated in all seriousness.

Y/N started laughing hysterically, Jefferson joining her.

“You think you can overpower me?” Y/N said, suddenly with a sinister voice.

Y/N laughed again, seeing Peter’s frightened reaction.

“I was kidding, mate. You should’ve seen your face.”

Peter’s face turned to his normal smugness and quietly said

“You’re crazy.”

Y/N stopped laughing. Jefferson’s eyes widen. No one ever dared to call Y/N mad, crazy or a psycho.

Y/N slowly walked over to Peter. Peter stood still, slightly frightened to what Y/N would do.

“The best people are.” Y/N smiled genuinely at Peter.

Peter sighed in relief and Jefferson stood in the corner looking so confused.

Peter tilted his head and studied Y/N’s appearance.

“I like you.” Peter said.

Y/N smirked and said

“I like you too. What do say about being the King of Wonderland?” Y/N offered.

“As long as you become the Queen of Neverland.” Peter said.


Days, months, years passed. Peter and Y/N ruled both Neverland and Wonderland, the lost boys coming to Wonderland from time to time to explore and play.

Peter loved how crazy Y/N was that it made HIM crazy.

not literally.

I don’t see Peter being king of Wonderland but I tried. This is my first requested imagine. Thanks for the request anon :))

Requests are OPEN


“Loid took a deep breath.  “Once upon a time there was a small city of magical creatures, far away from a human world. Despite the distance between these two worlds, the life and the people in that magical city were very similar to humans. Everyone knew how to use magic and everyone was taught equally how to use the powers of their body for different spell casting. Life was fine and life was good,” Loid started, his voice clear and playful. 

“But then something happened?” Elena smirked at Loid over her shoulder and the man chuckled.

“Laney, you’re getting ahead of the story.” He shook his head. “The city had a legend that one day a boy with pale blue eyes would be born and on his 20th birthday he would lead the city to a new era. Every man in that tribe had brown eyes and every woman had green eyes, so pale blue eyes were very unusual. What a glorious day it was when finally, the legend came true and a pale blue-eyed boy was born to a regular couple. Everyone was rejoicing, a big party was held and the boy was showered with love from the very first moment he took his first breath. Anything he wanted, he got it, except for one thing; freedom.”

Elena’s eyebrows knit together.

“Did they treat him like some celebrity?” she asked over her shoulder. Loid cocked his chin.

“Like a god. He was destined to take the city and the local tribe to a new era. It was his story. He was the hero everyone had anticipated. He got everything he wanted, but couldn’t run away from his fate, no matter how hard he tried,” Loid continued, drawing a wide arch in the air with his hands animating the story.

“…I feel him… Not to get to choose but to live forced to something…” Elena sighed. She didn’t wish her destiny to anyone else.

Loid pulled a twig out from a nearby push and played around with it, the twig dancing on his fingers.

“Shit, ain’t it? I thought you’d like this story,” he grinned from ear to ear. “Anyhow, the story goes the boy was frustrated and resisted his destiny. Told everyone he didn’t want to do it, that he was just an ordinary guy and there was no way he could be special in any way. He asked from the priestesses how did they know he was the fated protagonist of the city, what if someone else with pale blue eyes was born after him, but the priestesses assured that the legends never lied. They were sure that he was the one the legend had foretold. They advised him to be happy about his role. Happy about his destiny to take the whole city and the tribe to a new era. What a privilege!” Loid almost yelled, his grin widening.  “To ensure he would be prepared to his role when the 20th birthday day would arise, priestesses made the boy study magic and how to take all advances of his natural energies extra hard”.

“At least he was prepared for his role. For me, I just tried to ignore it. I got no education, no one was there to guide me. I was just thrown into the deep end, head first,” Elena muttered bitterly. 

“Everything tends to have at least two sides, if not more. The boy’s life wasn’t all miserable you see, but it wasn’t very happy one either,” Loid reasoned.  

“If he resisted so much his fate, do I dare to ask what he did on his 20th birthday?” Elena asked, not really sure did she want to hear the rest of the story anymore. 

“Nothing. He did nothing.” Loid jumped the twig up to air with perfect circles. “He went out for a very, very long walk, hoping he could avoid the inevitable. His heart wasn’t in the role, and he hated how someone or something had enforced his future. He had ever only wanted to be free, be who he really was. Not The Pale Blue Eyed Boy, The God like Leader everyone looked up to with high hopes, but his own self. It was said the boy didn’t even know what his true self was like.” Loid stopped, looking far into the distance with a small smile. “When he came back home at the evening of his 20th birthday, everything was ruined. The whole city had crumbled down, people lied around dead, the rest who were alive tried to escape that hellish nightmare. The boy, now a young man, didn’t know what was going on or what had happened, but the furious people with the lead of their survived priestesses cursed the young man. ‘This is your fault!’ they screamed, as he tried to enter the city to find his family, ‘You resisted your destiny! You denied your role as the protagonist! If only you had followed the given path this wouldn’t have happened!” they cried and wailed and yelled at his face, and he barely understood them.” 

“And the young man?” Elena asked when Loid was just before her face, looking into the horizon.

 “He ran,” he simply stated and made his way slowly down the mound, the twig swinging in his hand. “Like said, he knew he had screwed up things so badly he could never return to his role as a protagonist. He thought that if he became an antagonist, maybe he could salvage something and redeem himself. So he did.”

Elena looked at Loid’s back. Suddenly her heart started to beat fiercely.

“Loid?” she called him. “What was his name? That boy’s, who turned into an antagonist?”

A sly grin, with something forlorn in it, appeared on Loid’s corner of a mouth.

“How should I know?” He snorted with a chuckle.


As my ARE Novel, where the above snippet is,  is coming together very slowly I thought it would be nice to tell you something about Loid and his past. 

Would you want other things to be told, things which I have planned for the novel, about ARE’s characters?

Here’s another one shot from that one-liner prompt list.

“Go on, I dare you” with Happy Lowman

“I don’t give a shit if the President of the United States himself told you to watch me, it’s my 21st birthday and I’m gonna get fucked tonight, so either you let me go to Brandon’s house or you stand here and watch as I pick out some random to take me home!” you whisper-yelled at the chaperone whom your father, Piney, had tasked with making sure you made it home safely tonight after celebrating your 21st birthday.

“You’ve been on TWO dates with that prick. TWO. You don’t know him well enough to go spend the night with him!” Happy argued and you stomped your foot.

“Fine. A random from this club it is.” you huffed, cocking your eyebrow at him. You friends had left an hour ago but you had stayed behind, wanting to party a little more before securing a lay for the night.

“Go on, I dare you,” he growled back at you.

You smirked, turning around and walking through the crowd, looking for someone, anyone, that tickled your fancy when your eyes landed upon him. 6'5", huge, tattoos all over his arms and neck. Perfect, you thought, strutting over to him as Happy remained in the place you left him, glaring at you as you set out to make his life way more difficult.

After an hour of chatting the guy up and telling him it was your birthday, he finally offered to give you a ride home and you accepted. He took your hand and led you out of the club and into the parking lot, walking up to his truck when another hand grasped your free arm and jerked you away, spinning you around.

“I told you no.” Happy glared at you and the man you were walking out with started to protest to Happy’s touching you when Happy pulled his gun from the waistband of his jeans.

“What was that?” Happy asked, flipping off the safety with his left thumb as his right hand remained firmly attached to your arm.

You sighed loudly and the muscular tattooed guy let you go, backing away, “Do you know this guy?” he stammered and you nodded, “He’s my bodyguard,” you frowned, jerking your hand away from Happy.

“Wanna know how I got these?” He growled lifting his shirt to reveal 12 smiley face tattoos on his abdomen.

Your new beau looked between you and Happy before speaking, “Look man I don’t want any trouble. I’m just gonna go,” he said with his hands up in a surrender, getting into his vehicle and speeding away.

You scoffed, that guy was all looks with no bark or bite.

“Thanks a lot!” you yelled at Happy, shoving him firmly in the chest causing him to stumble back a step and then folding your arms, “You ruined my fucking birthday!” you pouted as he scowled at you.

“Hey,” he rasped, causing you to look up at him as he tucked his gun back in his jeans and stepped closer to you.

“What!” you demanded with attitude, glaring back at him.

His hands grabbed your shoulders and pulled you to him quickly and in an instant his lips were on yours. You gasped against his mouth, his actions taking you completely by surprise, but soon you relaxed in his grip and began to kiss him back.

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad birthday after all.

You Look At Me Differently-Ubbe Ragnarsson x Reader Part 2

Summary: After finding out that they are engaged to each other, best friends (Y/N) and Ubbe find that this has put a massive strain on their relationship. Ubbe is adamant that he wants to marry Margrethe instead but he cannot have his way.

Characters: Ubbe Ragnarsson x Reader, Ragnarssons x Reader (platonic), Aslaug Sigurdsdottir x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Some swearing, arguing


Dawn was breaking as I entered Kattegat. Light spread across the village, casting away the shadows of the night; if only it could cast away my pain. It was still cold, I hugged the shawl tighter around me. After Ubbe had left in the night, I had cried myself to sleep, my dress and the position I was laying in making it a very uncomfortable night. Thankfully no one was out yet, I was trying to make my way to my room without anyone seeing me.

“Sneaking back in? And where were you last night?” I heard Ivar’s voice coming from the blacksmith’s stall. He was sharpening his axe.

I ignored him, something I usually didn’t do. Although Ubbe and I were probably the closest of the group, Ivar had a soft spot in my heart. His brothers constantly teased him about being a cripple, something he couldn’t help. Even though I could not speak about everything with him, we were still good friends.

I heard is body crawl towards me.“You are ignoring me. What is wrong?”

“It is none of your concern.”

“This is about your engagement, isn’t it? I thought you would be happy.”

“That’s the problem, I’m the only one who is glad about it.”

“Do not be jealous or worry about Margrethe, she is just a slave girl, a casual fuck. Ubbe will forget about her.”

“I thought he would but he proved me wrong last night. I honestly don’t know what to do.”

“He has to do this, mother said so.”

“She may be in charge of Kattegat but she does not control his heart! I may as well runaway to avoid the embarrassment.”

He grabbed the end of my skirts, stopping me due to his upper body strength. Ivar’s face looked very angry.“Listen to me, Ubbe is an idiot! He does not understand that this isn’t just about him or you, it’s about uniting two kingdoms so that we may defeat any enemies that come our way.” His grip loosened, a smirk now on his face.“Besides, if he still refuses, you can just marry me.”

I tried not to but I gave into my laughter. He never showed kindness around others, only to me and his mother. We heard some people coming out of their houses, getting ready for the day ahead.

“Go, you look like you need to rest.” he suggested before going back to the blacksmith’s.

It was rare that Ivar was so sympathetic. As he left me by myself, I scurried towards my room, avoiding people and their confused gazes. They would never usually see the princess out at this time. Finally reaching home, a genuine smile started to stretch on my face until I heard his voice.

“(Y/N), I thought you weren’t returning so soon?” he nonchalantly said, crossing his arms and leaning against my door.

“Please Ubbe, let me pass.” I begged, about to cry by just seeing him.

He shrugged, standing up straight. My hand had only just turned the door handle when he harshly whispered in my ear.

“Just know that I will find a way around this.”

I was in shock as he walked away. Ubbe had never acted like this. If course he had expressed his dissatisfaction but this was just cruel now, he knew it was hurting me. Escaping to my room at long last, I threw myself on the bed, curling up and clutching the pillow as some sort of comfort. This was too much. I was going to try and be strong but I didn’t think I could anymore. How was I supposed to marry him if he was to act like this?


A few days passed after that, Ubbe had not said anything about the marriage. Everyone was surprised by this, there was no more talk of not going through with this. I had not talked to anyone, or at least talked a lot ever since the announcement. Aslaug knew of my discomfort with it all but wouldn’t call it off. My father was to arriveI next week for the ceremony, a big event I was very scared about.

Ubbe’s brothers were trying to help me through all this. They saw how their oldest sibling was acting and were as confused as I was. I had decided to escape from the wedding planning, walking down to the small river within the woods to get some peace. Sitting beside it and spreading my skirts around me, I took a deep breath. Wedding planning was stressful in itself, having to do it all with someone who now despised you was even harder. The soothing sounds of the running water along with the occasional noise from animals inhabiting the area calmed me down. My eyes remained closed for a while until I heard someone approaching; subtly reaching into my boot, I pulled out a knife, preparing myself from an attack. It was too noisy to be an animal, it had to be human. I heard it behind me, I whipped around, slitting a knee and making the person fall to the floor. They let out a cry of pain before I knew who they were.

“Ubbe! Ubbe, I’m so sorry.” I panicked as I saw him clutching one of his knees, though I had not cause major damage.

“It’s alright, it’s just a scratch.” he hissed.

I backed away from him.“Sorry.”

I sat back down in my previous spot. There was no telling what he was going to say so there was no point trying to make conversation. I waited for him to say something horrible to knock me down or go on about how gorgeous Margrethe was looking today. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him sit beside me, also taking in the view.

“Such a lovely place to relax.” he commented.

I nodded.

“Do you find yourself here often?”

“Sometimes.” I mumbled.

“Please speak to me.”

“Why should I after all the things you said to me?”

“We are soon to be married.”

“Not according to you. Go fuck Magrethe’s brains out, if she even has one.”

I could see him tense at that.“I have come to a realisation.”

“No, what you’ve come to realise is that you cannot get out of this. We’re stuck in matrimony whether you like it or not.” I stood up, smoothing down my skirts.

Ubbe leapt up too, stopping me from going anywhere.“Yes we are both in this meaning we need to come to a compromise-”

I scoffed.“A compromise?! Let me guess, you want Margrethe as a mistress? Unlikely!”

“What would it matter if she was!? You heard my mother, we font have to love each other!”

“No, no, no, that’s the point I’ve been trying to make! I confessed to you not so long ago and you left….just left me to wallow in sadness at the thought of someone not loving me back.”

“Someone will love you.”

“And why can’t that be you? You don’t see it do you?” I decided to test him.“Be truthful, do you love Margrethe?”

His eyes widened, a if he had gone mad.“You already know the answer to that.”

“That’s what I thought.” I stated before barging past him


Here I was again, training with the princes. As always they were bickering over something stupid, acting like children. Why was I here?

Because there was no more need for wedding planning.

Pulling my bow back, I let go of it, watching the arrow drive into the centre of the target. There were four other arrows surrounding it, I hadn’t missed yet. This should have made me happy, I was getting better. Before I could even look away, Hvitserk and Sigurd’s voices got louder, trying to outboast each other because each thought they were the best warrior. I had had enough.

“SHUT UP THE PAIR OF YOU!” I screamed, throwing my bow harshly to the floor.

They were both startled by my sudden tantrum, I had been so quiet over the past week. Ivar also froze, looking between us all.

“Day in and day out it’s just arguments between all of you. You’re the sons of Ragnar, you should be united and strong, not acting like children fighting over a toy!” my voice was still loud though not like before.

They hated to be told off, especially from me. They found it humiliating, especially when it was in public. But I could see Sigurd’s anger rise too.

“Just because the wedding was called off doesn’t mean you have to take out your anger on us.” he knew that it would cut deep.

Before I could say anything back or storm away, an axe flew straight past Sigurd, missing his nose by a few inches, hitting the tree beside him. Even more furious, Sigurd looked to his baby brother who was dragging himself to us. Hvitserk knew to stay out of this, slightly backing away.

Ivar sat next to my feet.“How dare you say such things to (Y/N). You, Sigurd, even said last night that our older brother was an idiot. He has thrown away a perfect wife and a chance to unite two kingdoms. He cannot think straight with that slave girl waving her tits in his face.”

Sigurd lowered his head.

“It is our brother who is in the wrong, not her. Apologise.”

I could see he was slightly enjoying this a bit too much but I wasn’t going to stop him.

“I am sorry (Y/N), truly. Our brother should be marrying you.”

I sighed.“It’s alright.”

They went back to fighting each other, wanting to get away from the awkward silence left afterwards. I smiled down at Ivar.

“Thanks again. You always know how to make me happy.”

He looked up with a smirk soon with a twinkle in his eyes.“Anything for you. Looks like you’ll be marrying me after all.”

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael

“Hold the door.” you heard a voice call from the corridor as the evaluator doors began to shut.

You stuck your foot in the way of the closing door and peered your head out to see who was calling. You saw a speed-walking Barba coming down the corridor towards you. He slipped in beside you and the doors closed.

“Hey Barba.I didn’t know you were here.” you greeted.

“Liv called me in to oversea an interrogation. Which was great timing considering I have court in an hour.” he commented bitterly looking down at his phone texting franticly.

“Oh stop complaining. You’ll get to court on time.” you said chuckling.

“From here to downtown Manhattan. Sure I will.” he smirked.

“I would know. I’ve been to practically every strip joint in the city today hunting down this lead. The traffic been great.” you joked.

“For the Santiago case, right? Shouldn’t your partner be with you?” he questioned finally looking up at you.

“Sonny, had a family emergency. So I said I’ll cover for him and anyway I’m much more convincing when it comes to strip joint owners. If you know what I mean.” you explained.

“I’m sure none of them can resist telling you anything you want. How many have propositioned you?” he questioned sarcastically.

“Not as many as last time.” you smiled.

That had earned you a small smile from him when the elevator stopped abruptly. It felt like your whole world had shifted to the side. Suddenly, the floor felt like it was going dropping from over you. Then their was a crash and then a sharp stop. You clung onto the wall for stability but the heel on the boot gave out and you crashed onto the ground.

“Are you alright?” Barba asked outstretching a hand to help you up.

“Yeah,” you said taking his hand and getting up, “I just didn’t steady myself quick enough.”

“I can tell.” he commented.

“What is going on?” you said ignoring his comment and going towards the doors to inspect them.

“Well I think it’s clear that the elevator stopped.” Barba quipped.

“Really detective? Honestly, your wasted as a lawyer, you know that?.” you snapped.

“You asked.” he shot back.

You sighed deeply. You went to the control panel and pressed the emergency button. A voice rang out informing you that their was a technical difficulty and that they were working to fix it. They said that it would probably take an hour.After that the door opened slightly. You peered your head out against Barba’s wishes and looked up seeing that you had stopped right in the middle of two floors and you couldn’t reach any.

Turning around you saw Barba tapping the screen on his phone.

“What are you doing?” you asked curious.

“Calling the courthouse so they can postpone court. I can’t believe this is happening. Why today?” he ranted putting the phone to his ear.

“It’s okay they’re going to fix it.” you tried to reassure him.

“You don’t understand.” he spat beginning to pace to the small room and hanging up the phone due to lack of service.

“Well we’re not going anywhere so explain it to me. ” you demanded trying to get a read on him.

You had been working at SVU for a few months at this point. You got on well with the rest of the squad. You maintained a positive attitude despite what you saw day to day. You liked to make others smile on their darkest days. You had an instinct to help people but that didn’t mean you were a pushover as Fin said after you went postal on a suspect you were “ damn right scary under that pretty face”.

You were great at reading people. You could get basic details about a person with just one look but Barba was complicated. Sure you knew the basics he was late thirties and single. You learned later that he was heavily sarcastic and liked to detach himself emotionally from cases. He was the polar opposite to you but much like your scary side he had a kind side as well. You being a detective had also picked up other details about him but you still didn’t really understand him.

He was a mystery but you liked miseries especially cute ones.

“It was the Greenwald case.” he admitted sadly.

“The serial rapist who targeted women in their early sixties. Same age as your mother, right?.” you understood.

He shot you a confused look.

“I’ve seen pictures of her in your office and besides I’m a detective you know.” you smiled shyly at him.

A silence fell over you two. You looked away but you could feel his gaze on you. You dared turn to look and met his gaze.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you.” he apologised.

“It’s okay. I’m just glad your not the emotionless robot I thought you were.”you chuckled.

“You thought that?” he questioned.

“Well obviously. You’ve been riding my ass since the day I got here. Everything have to be perfect for the oh so great one. ” you accused playfully.

“I’m the same to everyone.” he replied.

“No your not. You’re on me way more.” You shot back folding your arms defensively.

“Well you’re special.” he finally admitted after an intense glare down.

‘How so?” you questioned.

“Your not as good as a detective.” he sated.

“Excuse me, councillor?” you asked offended.

“I’m kidding. Lighten up and call me Rafael.” he teased pulling off his suit jacket and laying it down on the floor.

“What are you doing?” you asked raising an eyebrow.

“Getting comfortable. We’re going to be here for a while. And these pants are too expensive to get dirty on this floor.” he said sitting down heavily on the ground.

“And the jackets not?” you said sitting down beside him.

Once you sat down. You both launched into a much needed conversation. You told each other a little more about yourselves. Talking briefly about your past. He was actually quite funny when he wasn’t on you about a case. Very considerate as well. Just a big old softy like you. You could sense a beautiful friendship coming along but when you said this out lols you were met with a scoff and a sarcastic comment but you laughed off.

It was good hour before the intercom crackled, the doors closed and the elevator started moving again. You both got up and you helped him dust off his suit jacket varying jokes the whole time. The doors opened back to the squad-room floor. Olivia and Rollins were waiting for you both.

“Are you two okay?” Rollins asked as you both stepped out the elevator.

“Just great.  Two and a half hours of this one complaining.” you joked.

“Mmm and this one talking about her exciting new career as a stripper.” Barba fired back glancing over to you.

“Well, I’m just glad you two didn’t kill each other in there.” Olivia chuckled.

“Two minutes more and it would have been bye bye Barba. Which by the way is Barba’s favourite movie. Got thing for musicals.” you teased.

“While Y/N’s here is Pretty Woman. Whole life is based on it.” he shot back.

You both glared at each other before breaking out into smiles.

“Looks like the start of a beautiful relationship.” Olivia commented after she made sure you were both okay.

And she was right it was.

For it would only be two more months until he asked you out on your first date.


Hi, so I’ve noticed that in this particular fandom there is so much hate between ships. I am heavily displeased with ship wars, so what I’m about to do, is to put all my opinion about all ships in bsd in an attempt to somewhat make you understand how fucking stupid ship wars is. What we should do is support everyone in every way since in this fandom, we should love all and be loved. I will talk about as many ships as possible, look for yours or message me about your ship so I can put my trashy opinion on it. This’ll be long. Okay, let’s begin.

- I will be rating the ship’s popularity according to how much I see it on my feed, on Twitter, and some observations. My popularity rating is not canon in any way -

⊳ Soukoku [popularity: most popular] - I think Chuuya and Dazai are very very cute for each other. In our shippy world, what their relationship is seen as Chuuya getting mad at Dazai for every little thing but secretly (or not so secretly) loves him. Dazai is then this chill guy who would profess his love for Chuuya so recklessly yet sincerely — and it’s honestly so fucking cute. I also love how they can be cute and fucking smexy at the same time. Like shit. This ship can take my ass. Fuck me over man. But if we were to look into the sad sad canon world, their relationship could be two things; extreme friendship built on trust, or an unhealthy hateful relationship. This is how it truly is, please accept this. The canon world cannot touch us though. All hail, Soukoku!

⊳ AtsuDazai [popularity: very popular] - Two words; Sexily fluffy. Atsushi is an innocent doe no matter who he’s shipped with (I’m sorry bub), and even with Dazai on the boat, this wouldn’t change. A senpai and his subordinate. Imagine Dazai exploring every intimate thing between them, and Atsushi just being downright flustered. Christ. Take me to hell people. In the canon world though, there’s Atsushi admiring Dazai and Dazai being proud of Atsushi all the time. In the shippy world, or canon world: I’d say their relationship is pretty damn cute. I’m all for this.

⊳ AkuAtsu, Shin Soukoku [popularity: very popular] - Salt. Salty. Saltiness. This relationship is pure salt and bitterness in both worlds. Salt, that just needs a dash of sugar to taste okay. Akutagawa is this guy who’s envious of Atsushi, and Atsushi is this guy who just wants him off his ass; though the latter wouldn’t mind getting along with him, the former not giving fucks at all. Their relationship in the shippy world could be connected to the canon world, but in the shippy world it develops into something… more. Picture Akutagawa attempting to kill Atsushi with Rashomon, but then Atsushi dodges, comes in front and kisses him — then Akutagawa unexpectedly blushes and thinks about it for 4 months. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

⊳ AkuHigu [popularity: popular] - I don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks, this ship is one of my OTPs. This ship has a capability of being canon, and that’s what makes it more exciting to support. I love Higuchi’s character so much, she’s so relatable and adorable. Then there’s Akutagawa who’s stoic and brooding; imagine that cold ass attitude warming up to Higuchi. And how happy Higuchi would be, so happy that she hugs Akutagawa unintentionally everytime and Akutagawa pretending he doesn’t like it (inside he’s like, “Holy fuck her breast is pressing up against me, is that okay? She smells nice. This is unfair. How do you so this to me?”). Or another alternate relationship for them is Higuchi treating him like her own son. Now, wouldn’t that be cute?

⊳ AtsuLucy [popularity: fairly popular] - I honestly can’t fucking understand how this ship is so under appreciated! Their moments! That stark naked moment! I’m mad! Fuck! Do y'all have any idea how cute this is? Shy-but-tough Lucy blushing as Atsushi does something unexpected without meaning to. Both of them being clueless as what to do in a relationship. They’re just so shippable! I love Lucy. I love Atsushi. I love them both. I love them together. I need more AtsuLucy content! Draw me some fucking Atsulucy! Give me an AtsuLucy graphic! Please! I love this! Plus, the fact that this ship has the highest possibility of being canon; and when it “does” become canon, everybody can suck our asses. Ha!

⊳ AtsuKyou [popularity: popular] - Words can’t even describe how much I love this ship. Honestly, I could see them as a couple, or as siblings, or as BFFs and it would all be the same — motherfucking cute. Like! Just! Imagine! Kyouka calling Atsushi “Onii-chan”! Oh my God. Kyouka and Atsushi sharing a kiss through a piece of spaghetti noodle! Holy balls. AtsuKyou sharing BFF bracelets! My Lord. You could look at this ship in any way you want, romantic or platonic, and nothing would change the fact that they will always prioritize each other. They will protect one another no matter what. My babies. So pure, so sweet. I will personally kill any rotten bastard who hates on this ship just because of the measly 4-year age gap (The only problem is that she is a minor! Christ, people need to calm down. They will age! They are fictional!). Y'all shipped Sebastian (over 100 years old) and Ciel (13 years old) yet no one said a word (“Oh, because it’s gay and it’s cute!” Shut the fuck up lol). So we can ship AtsuKyou as much as we want. Sit yer fuckin’ ass down.

⊳ AkuDazai [popularity: popular] - Another ship that I am very ready to cry for. Y'all. Akutagawa is cute. The way he reacts to Dazai is just… it makes me want to smack Dazai’s head and tell him “You go and praise him, you lazy bastard! Stop your suicidal thoughts for a second and! Notice! Him!”. Though I think this ship would be really cute, you can’t deny that it would be a little one-sided. I could just imagine Akutagawa being that clingy boyfriend lmfao (“Who’s that? Are you calling someone? What’s under your bandage? Why can’t you see me? Ignore your new subordinate goddammit!”). But Dazai loves him as well. And in the canon world, I only see a very strong kouhai admiring his senpai and awaiting his every action. It’s cute, either way.

⊳ ChuuAku [popularity: fairly popular] - I don’t have much to say about this ship. The fanarts are super adorable. Chuuya seems like the one who’d tease Akutagawa to no end about his obsession for Dazai, but kisses him lightly once he notices that Akutagawa is offended. And as for a canon scenario, well it’s the same: minus the kissing part. Sigh.

⊳ Yosanpo, Ranpokiko, Ransano [popularity: fairly popular] - Another under appreciated ship! Another thing to be salty about! I need more of these! Can you all just imagine? A psychotic doctor dating a childish genius detective — it’s fucking perfect! Screw me over with this! Don’t even dare to fight me on this. Their child will be a fucking badass, I know it! Though, though; I could also definitely see them as two crazy people with the best friendship as well. It’s friggin’ cool. They have each other’s backs, and for that particular chapter; we can all surmise that they care so much for each other. It’s perfect. They’re perfect. I would support this wholeheartedly.

⊳ KunikiDazai [popularity: fairly popular] - This. This ship. This ship is one of the many things I love about BSD ships. They’re just. Mom and dad, you know? They’re like an old married couple! I love this ship as much as I love my parents. Like, I need more of this too. This deserves appreciation! Blind fuckers! Not only is their ship so shippable, I also really really love their partnership in the canon world. Honestly, Chuuya deserves credit as a partner, but so does Mom — I mean Kunikida! They work so well together despite being incompatible. And what I love about them is that they don’t hate each other. It’s refreshing. Kunikida just lowkey gets annoyed at him, and Dazai just lowkey wants to annoy him. God, I love it.

⊳ KunikiAtsu [popularity: fair] - All I can think about this ship is Kunikida calling Atsushi “brat”. I could see what these shippers love about these two. It’s like a mother-son relationship in the canon world, but in the shippy world I see it like this: Atsushi kissing Kunikida, and Kunikida saying he is “not gay” while blushing and unintentionally letting Atsushi do what he wants. Good shit, eh?

⊳ JunichiAomi, Tanizaki siblings [popularity: fair] - I don’t want to see them no more as siblings who care for each other. Honestly, this ship makes me uncomfortable. I’ve never been into that brother sister complex, especially not incest. I support them as family. That’s all. If they weren’t siblings, then I would definitely ship them. But, no. I can’t. Sorry if you support this, but I’ve nothing good to say to anyone who sees them romantically. I will just keep it to myself so I don’t hurt you, at least. They’re a NOTP for me.

⊳ RanZawa [popularity: fair] - I cannot see this more than a child wanting his father/idol’s attention. Ranpo’s reaction to his praises is cute. Fukuzawa is fucking daddy. But I don’t ship them romantically. Too much age difference there. 26 - 45. Hm. Not good.

⊳ MorElise, EliMori [popularity: unpopular] - Believe it or not, I’ve actually seen some people who ship this. And I am, thoroughly, disgusted. This! This man, is a father figure to the child! Let them rest! Let them be a family! It’s like shipping a baby bean with a watermelon! Please don’t. This is my official number one NOTP.

⊳ SteinCraft [popularity: unpopular] - I don’t know, this seems… a bit… weird? And just so platonic? But funny? But I love them both. So if you ship them, I shall be there to support you throughout your journey, dear one!

⊳ AkuKyou [popularity: fair] - AtsuKyou was considerable, but the age difference here kind of makes me want to back off. 20 - 14? If that’s acceptable in your eyes, then I’ll leave you at that. But I see them more as comrades. Good comrades, if Akutagawa treats her better. After all, he only wanted what he thought was good for her. Good for you, though. I’ll be with you through the bitter end.

⊳ NaoSano [popularity: unpopular] - Admit it, you NaoSano shipper there. You started to ship them when you saw that official art. With Naomi and Yosano looking hot. It was hot. I can admit. The gay was real, man. I think this’ll be a cute relationship, wih Yosano being the mature and controlling one. And Naomi just lowkey being mischievous. Like it.

⊳ KenjiKyou [popularity: fair] - Oh my Goodness! This ship is really cute. It’s like puppy-middle-school love. I love it! But seeing how oblivious Kenji is, and how expressionless Kyouka is; they would be a too-chill couple. I can imagine the two of them not texting, calling nor dating at all; but they’re still alright. Sharing cake and shit. In the platonic side, I see them as playmates. Strong ass playmates. Disaster.

⊳ AlFitz, FitzCott [popularity: fair] - If you ship this, then I won’t judge you. They are potentially cute together. Alcott is freaking adorable, and I can imagine Fitz protecting her. But since Daddy Fitz is married, I cannot, even for a moment, think of them romantically. More like a student to his sensei. That kinda thing. Because in shipping this, fiction or not, you’re disrupting a sacred marriage, you’re actually making him cheat on Zelda (whom he loves dearly). And as for me, I’d rather not.

⊳ YumeLise [popularity: unpopular] - I don’t know, I’ve seen one fanart of them togeher before so I included Yumeno and Elise. I can see them having cute kid crushes on each other, but at the same time, being psychotic friends; killing people with adorable faces and all that yandere shit. Cool stuff

⊳ RanPoe [popularity: fairly popular] - I cannot stress about how much I love this ship. And the ship name! It’s just so perfect! I mean, this sort of gives me the AkuDazai vibe with Poe idolizing Ranpo; but I seriously love this so much more! I’m so sorry. Poe is such an adorable bean pie cinnamon roll, I could just picture it all! Ranpo giving him riddles that he would get a kiss for if he answers right, and Poe desperately solving all those riddles just to kiss him. Poe being awkward at everything, and Ranpo loving every second of it. Oh God! I could even love their relationship in the canon world. They’re bond is that of literary geniuses, and it’s nothing like other.

╔That’s all of the ship I could think about. If you have any other ships, no matter how rare they are, even if they have no interaction at all (except in your fantasies); I am more than glad to talk about it! Message me/Submit the ship name to me and I will say my opinion about it. OR, IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT ANY OF THE SHIPS HERE, I WILL BE VERY HONORED TO TALK ABOUT IT. SO MESSAGE ME. PLEASE. I’M DESPERATE.╝

╔Anyways, see what I did? I supported every ship (excluding the NOTPs) and I’m happy for them all — my life is fucking peaceful. So rather than putting salt in other ships, why not just love them all? IT’S. SO. FUN. REALLY. I also don’t think it’s wise to compare your ships, because no matter how large or small the fanbase is; your ship will be your ship. Live and be proud to ship it.╝

╔And stop ship hating. Except when it is really wrong. Even if it was wrong, you should just express dislike. I hate the word “hate”, see. If you’re a proud BSD trash, then be an honorable one.╝

╔Reblog to save a life.╝

I Dare You (AU)- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: (AU) You and Tom were best friends when you were younger, until you moved away. When you returned to your hometown after almost ten years of being gone, you and Tom reconnect and realize the deeper feelings you share for each other.

Word Count: 2590

A/N: Loosely based upon ‘Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)’ by Taylor Swift. You are two years younger than Tom. The ages shown are your ages.


Age: 7

“The stars are beautiful tonight.” Tom admitted, his eyes staring up at the shining objects in the sky. You took your eyes off your best friend and moved them up to the night sky.

“Y/N, it’s time to go home.” Your mother called you from Tom’s back porch. Your family was over at the Holland’s house having dinner that night. After finishing your meal, you and Tom went outside to look at the stars. Stargazing was an activity that you both enjoyed, one day hoping to be able to name all the constellations.

“Do we have to leave?” You whined, standing up from the grass. Tom got up beside you as you dusted off the dirt on your pants.

“Yes, it’s getting late.” Your mother replied, walking back inside of the house. You and Tom followed her to the entryway of your friend’s house.

“Goodbye, Tom. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said, giving him a hug. He held onto you tightly, neither of you wanting to leave your best friend quite yet.

“Those two will grow up and fall in love.” You heard your father say to Tom’s dad. Your mother rolled her eyes while Tom’s mom simply chuckled.

“Dad!” You exclaimed, pulling away from Tom, “That’s disgusting. He’s my best friend.” You turned to Tom, “Best friends forever right?”

“Best friends forever.” He smiled back at you. Your mother hurried you and your father out of your neighbors’ house, attempting to steer away from the topic of you and Tom. She wouldn’t admit it to you, but she agreed with your father about you two growing up and falling in love.


“I could beat you up, ya know? I am bigger than you.” Tom stated one day. You two were sitting in the treehouse in his backyard, when you admitted to him that you broke his favorite action figure two years ago, and not his younger brother. Truth or dare is what you two had reverted to in that moment because you were both avoiding the fact that you had to move away tomorrow.

“But you would never do that. I’m your best friend. You could never hurt me.” You laughed.

“Y/N!” You heard your mother call up to you, “Time to head home, darling. We still have things to pack.”

“I guess I need to go now.” You sighed. You both stood up in the unstable treehouse.

“One more. I choose dare.” Tom informed you.

“Okay,” you thought for a moment about the perfect dare for him, “I dare you to kiss me.”


“Kiss me. Unless you’re too chicken to.” You teased.

“I’m not chicken.” Tom replied. When he closed his eyes and leaned in towards you, you panicked and fled from the treehouse. He opened his eyes and was shocked to see that you were already on the ground, making your way into his house. He hurried down the ladder and ran inside in time to see you saying goodbye to his mother.

“I hope we’ll see each other again soon.” You told him, giving him a hug, “I’ll miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you too. Best friends forever, right?” Tom asked.

“Best friends forever.” You confirmed. You bid farewells to his family and you left with your mother back home. That was the last day you would see Tom for several years to come.


Age: 16

You nervously shifted your weight between your two feet as you stood on the Holland family’s front porch. You had knocked once already and, after a minute of waiting, were beginning to think that they weren’t home, or had moved. After all, an unfamiliar grey truck was parked in the driveway instead of their standard blue mini van and a dog was barking behind the door. Last time you were here, they didn’t own a dog. It had been nine years since you were here last; therefore you knew some things had to have changed. Tom would have gotten rid of his baby face and Patrick-little baby Patrick-would be ten. You were about to leave when you heard the sound of someone unlocking the door. You looked up and were greeted by almost a spitting image of the Tom you remembered from all those years ago. It couldn’t be him because this boy was clearly around the age of nine.

“May I help you?” He asked, curious as to who the stranger at his door was.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N. Do the Hollands live here?” You replied with a kind smile.

“Yes.” He nodded skeptically and it suddenly clicked to you.

“Patrick?” Your eyes widened in realization.

“Do I know you?” He questioned, starting to nervously fumble with the doorknob, ready to close the door on you at any moment.

“Of course, you don’t remember me.” You laughed lightly, “You were just a baby when I last saw you. Is Tom home? Can I speak with him or your mom?”

“Give me a minute.” Patrick shut the door and went to the kitchen, where his mother was making dinner with Tom helping her.

“Who was that, Pat?” Tom asked.

“A girl named Y/N. She was asking for you.” He replied. The young boy watched as his brother and mother froze. Tom raced to the door and opened it quickly. His eyes went wide when he saw you. You had definitely grown since the last time he saw you. Your height had spiked since puberty, sending you at least a foot taller. Your body had also matured, which didn’t go unnoticed by the older teenage boy.

You were in disbelief the minute you laid eyes on Tom. He was so old now. Even if you had grown a lot in the past nine years, he was still half a foot taller than you. Part of his baby face was gone. Although he had grown, he was still your Tom.

“Y/N. You’re here.” Tom mumbled. His brain was currently trying to process exactly what was happening.

“I am.” You smiled. Before you could blink, Tom was hugging you tightly, just like he did when you were kids.

“Y/N!” You heard and Tom let go of you. You looked in the doorway to see his mother and you hugged her as well, “What are you doing here?”

“My father got a job here, so we came back.” You said.

“Permanently?” Tom asked you.

“Until I finish high school.” You replied.

“Dinner is almost ready. Would you like to join us?” His mother asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. I just dropped by to say hi. I don’t want to intrude.”

“You’re not intruding on anything. You’re always welcome here. Come in, come in.” She ushered you inside and it was exactly as you remembered it. The pictures on the walls were updated, but some remained from years ago.

“Harry, Sam, dinner!” Tom’s mother called out to the last two Holland boys. She served the food and placed it on the table, getting out an extra seat and plate for you.

“Patrick, you don’t remember Y/N, do you?” Tom asked his youngest brother.

“He couldn’t even talk yet.” You laughed. You held out a hand to him, “I’m Y/N. I used to live here and I was Tom’s best friend until I moved.”

“Patrick, but you already knew that.” He shook your hand in return. Sam and Harry were confused as to who you were as well.

“You two don’t remember her either? This is shameful.” Tom groaned.

“I’m Y/N.” You smiled, politely at the twins.

“Y/N? As in cousin Y/N?” Sam asked.

“I’m a cousin?” You turned to Tom with a laugh.

“She’s not a cousin. She was my best friend.” Tom exclaimed.

“I remember being here often. I just assumed she was a cousin.” Sam shrugged.

“You three were all too young to remember me.” You said.

“How has your mother been doing?” Tom’s mom asked you and you went on to share the past nine years with them.


“Where are we going, Tom?” You asked, sitting in the passenger seat of his truck. It was getting late and your mom had requested you home by midnight. Your boyfriend, Tom, insisted on you coming to his house at ten PM that night, then going out driving with you. It took about two months after you returned to town for Tom to ask you out. At first, you were both unsure since you’d been best friends for so long, but eventually it was a comfortable relationship.

“I told you, it’s a surprise.” He replied, keeping his eyes on the dirt road in front of him. He moved his hand out to you and you held onto it, humming to the song playing on the radio. He came to a stop by a meadow.

“Can you tell me now?” You pestered. Wordlessly, he got out of the truck. You followed behind him as he went to get some things out of the back. He grabbed out a basket, electric flameless candles, and a few blankets.

“A picnic? At 10:30 at night?” You raised your eyebrows at him.

“We’re stargazing and I figured snacks would be nice.” Tom said, going to the meadow and laying out a blanket. He put the candles on the edges, keeping it down and illuminating the area. He invited you to lay on it with him and you did. He then grabbed the other two blankets and wrapped you two up in them. He got out the basket’s contents, which consisted of cheese cubes, strawberries, chocolates, and mini apple juices.

“How romantic.” You chuckled, looking at the foods and drinks.

“I tried.” He replied, eating a cheddar cheese cube.

“It’s nice.” You smiled at him, taking a strawberry and eating it.

“Remember how we stargazed when we were little?” Tom asked, looking up at the stars.

“Yeah, and we would create our own constellations because we didn’t know the names of the real ones.” You laughed, thinking of the fond memory. Your eyes floated up to the sky and you stared at the lights in awe. Tom watched you as your eyes traced each star. You breathed, “It’s so beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful.” Tom said. You rolled your eyes and looked at him. You grabbed a cheese cube and threw it at him.

“And you’re incredibly cheesy.” Your comment made him playfully tackle you, the blankets getting tangled in your legs. He used his arms to keep himself from laying on top of you completely. Your eyes shifted to his arms on either side of your head.

“Look at you, been working out?” You teased, seeing the muscles flex in his arms.

“Maybe.” Tom stated. Your eyes went up to meet his and you saw as his eyes briefly looked down at your lips.

“Hey, Tom?” You asked, acknowledging the fact that he was slowly leaning down to you.

“Yeah?” He replied.

“I dare you to kiss me.” You said, giving him full permission to kiss you. He leaned down until his lips were on yours and you kissed for the first time. You both smiled when you broke away, “I guess you’re not chicken after all.”

“I was never a chicken. You left before I could kiss you.” Tom said.

“Maybe I was the chicken, but it still took you nine years to complete a dare-I think that’s a record.”

“Again. You left.” He stated, climbing off you. He laid beside you and you cuddled into his chest when he wrapped an arm around you.

“I’m not leaving ever again.” You mumbled and he kissed your head.

“I won’t let you.”


Age: 20

“First time I’ve been up in here thirteen years.” You said, following Tom up the ladder to his old treehouse. You had been dating for almost four years and you were now living together, while you attended university and Tom worked. Today was the one day out of the month that you two went back to Tom’s old house and had dinner with his family and your family. After you two ate, you disappeared up to the treehouse while everyone else was inside, patiently waiting on dessert.

“Yeah, be careful. It’s less sturdy now.” He laughed, “I only came up here a few times after you left. It was mostly to clear my head.” You crouched down as you looked around the treehouse with Tom. You hands ran over your initials carved into the delicate wood. Tom had done that for you a month before you left. He got in trouble for etching both of your initials in the wood.

“You really haven’t touched this place.” You stated, looking at the pile of toys you two had brought up one time and never brought back down, “So many memories are in this treehouse. It’s amazing.”

“Y/N,” Tom said, bringing your attention to him. He was kneeling on the wooded ground. Normally you wouldn’t think anything of it, considering neither of you could stand in the treehouse and you were kneeling as well; but, Tom was holding a small object in his hand that you recognized as a ring box. He opened it and presented a beautiful silver ring to you.

“Tom-” you started, but he cut you off.

“This is a proposal, Y/N, so let me get my whole speech out before you interrupt me, okay?” Tom asked you. You nodded with a laugh as your eyes began to water. He continued, “We’ve known each other our whole lives. I spent nine years without you, but you were still making an influence on me. Those were probably the worst nine years of my life and I don’t want to spend anymore time away from you. I want to be with you, always and forever. I want to wake up every morning to you. All I want is you. I hope that I can make you as happy as you have made me all these years. I love you so much. I always have and I always will. Y/N, will you do me the honor of marrying me and becoming my wife?” He asked. The tears were freely falling down your face and you could see his hands beginning to shake.

“Yes, yes, yes.” You replied, pulling him into a kiss as he slipped the ring onto your finger, “I love you, Tom.”

“I love you too.”

Later, you two exited the treehouse, walking hand-in-hand into Tom’s old kitchen, where his family and your family were gathered.

“Finally. We almost started without you.” Your father said as Tom’s mother began to serve the pie. You and Tom exchanged a glance and he cleared his throat, gathering everyone’s attention.

“We have some news.” Tom stated. He smiled at you, “We’re getting married.”

“Married?” Your mothers both exclaimed in excitement.

“Congratulations.” Harry smiled at you two.

“My little babies, all grown up.” Your mother started to cry and went to hug you two in congratulations.

“I knew it! Since you were kids, I knew you two would get married some day.” Your father cheered, “I was rooting for you two.”

You and Tom were the stereotypical love story-best friends who grew up to fall in love with each other-and you would not have changed a thing about it.

Made For Each Other - pt 3

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Warning: violence

*also keep in mind that Namjoon’s POV is a few days behind yours. 


When I open my eyes, I’ll be back with Namjoon. I’ll be home and planning out the wedding. I’ll be happy. 

You opened your eyes but the grey room surrounded you. Tears rolled down your cheeks and you had it. You stood up and walked up to then door. Your fist slammed into the metal over and over again, as you screamed for them to open the door. 

“Hey! Stop! That’s enough, you’re gonna hurt yourself.” The guy said, opening the door only a little. “I want to see your boss. Take me to him.” You pulled the door open all the way and walked out. 

“No. Get back inside.“ He grabbed your arm and started to push you back in. You put your hand on the door frame and closed the door on it, a painful yelp filled the hallway. The guy’s eyes went wide and he let go of you. He opened the door and dragged you out of the room. 

"Are you crazy?” He barked “I’ll hurt myself until you take me to him.” You stared at him, making him see that you were serious. He pushed you hard back into the room and closed the door before you could get up. You screamed and threw yourself at the door and he ran down the hallway. In a few seconds two other guys joined him and you backed away from the door, now afraid. 

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Galeniss Fanfics

It isn’t easy being Team Gale,

Being mocked and ridiculed by other Hunger Games fans, both by the hardcore and social ones. It feels as if there is a strangle stigma attached to me when I talk to HG fans and when the inevitable Peeta vs. Gale comes up ill always say that I’m Team Gale. Then I see their eyes roll back and sneer crawl over their face and I know I’m in for it now. Its funny, of all the HG fans I’ve met and spoken too (which is a lot by the way) it’s the Team Peeta ones who seem to be the most closed minded and most aggressive when it comes to who Katniss ‘should’ have picked in the end.

I remember this one girl who I met at the MJ pt1 premiere who wouldn’t shut up for like 2 hours about how wrong I was and how she was right. Y’know, looking back on it now it was fucking hilarious. For sure, I was the more relaxed and I admitted that the ending happened the way it happened. But, my point was simply that I found Gale to be a much more relatable character and seemed to complement Katniss‘ character.

I wish to point out right now that I don’t hate Peeta. Seriously! I don’t! I think his character is perfectly alright but the thing that bothers me is that he’s just too much of a goody goody. He’s just too nice and too sweet and selfless to the point when he became unbelievable to me, where as Gale is much more constant. Even when he has his last scene with Katniss before she shoots Coin. He’s honest about not knowing who dropped the bombs and true to himself (The scene is gonna be hard to watch when pt2 comes out).

Thing is, I know how and why Collins wrote the ending she did, true I didn’t like it but I accepted it all the same. It was shortly after finishing my first read through of MJ that I discovered how Fanfic’s could help easy my sorrow about the ending, so here is a list of some of my favorite Galeniss fics.

A Spark in the Darkness by Random.Chick.Heart

a perfect sonnet by xoVanillna-Bean

Until We Meet Again by thescoailyawkwardtwins

Love, Thorns, and Fire by Ellenka

No More Waiting by TheLawWon

Into the Great Unknown by Nonchalant confession

Falling Slowly by Lorelei Eve

Changes by CGreene

Reminder by Ellenka

48 Hours by PanicMoon15

What Might Have Been By MaryAnn1819

Valentine’s Day Angst also by MaryAnn1819

Devil Drawing Near By Silverspoon

truth or dare by xoVanillna-Bean (again)

Salvation For Two By Katbow

While You Were Gone by another-drama-geek

A Million Ways to be Happy by A million ways

Uncovered Passions by CGreene

Also here are some from yours truely

Its Ok, Its Just Me

A Memory To Warm My Heart 

Birthday Surprises 

Ok there you have it. feel free to message me with any other fic’s i haven’t listed and ill see what i can do.

I realized that I have always subconsciously found it so weird that the Harry Potter books pitted Gryffindor and Slytherin against one another as rival houses (embodying “good” and “evil” respectively) because I think there are better foils for each House. 

The way I see it, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw should be rival houses, because the former prides itself on chivalry, daring, and bravery, qualities that are more based in morals and emotions, while the latter are intellectuals who value wit and thoughtfulness. To a Gryffindor, a Ravenclaw might seem heartless, and to a Ravenclaw, a Gryffindor might seen reckless or dumb. 

Similarly I see Slytherin and Hufflepuff being perfect rivals. Slytherins value cunning, traditionalism, and self-preservation, whereas Hufflepuffs value hard work, tolerance, and loyalty. To a Slytherin, a Hufflepuff may seem soft or weak, and to a Hufflepuff, a Slytherin may seem harsh or cold. 

This also spawns two natural alliances amongst the houses: Gryffindor-Hufflepuff and Slytherin-Ravenclaw. You even get a vague sense of these in the books, with Hufflepuffs being the second most represented house in the Battle of Hogwarts after Gryffindors, and it was a Ravenclaw, Marietta Edgecombe, who told Umbridge about Dumbledore’s Army. 

It’s sad that the books are from such a limited perspective, and were set during such a particularly tense time, that we don’t get to see more inter-House cooperation or interaction beyond the House and Quidditch cups. 

sxltyshima  asked:

Hi!! I'm back again!! XD sorry! Of course, I'm here again to bother you with another Momoi prompt, cause there's not enough of her in the world and you write her character beautifully. I was wondering if you could write a thing where Momoi is hurt (like being bullied or attacked while walking alone) and the MiraGen catch it happening and ohhhh they are so not gonna let that fly? Like furious and protective MiraGen?? Thank you so much!

Hi deat! Here your Protective Gom! Since they were still at Teikou and were young, I hadn’t exaggerated the reactions too much. Thank you for your support and compliments *blushes* I hope you’re going to enjoy it!

Have a good day!

Don’t touch the manager

Momoi was walking peacefully to reach the gym, where practice was held every afternoon. She was a bit late, but she had to go and buy some tape and a new notebook where to keep her observations. Well, her boys were probably fine.

Humming and cheerfully swinging her paperbag, she took a turn to the right through a shortcut behind the building, instead of using the central path; she was practically arrived, when she noticed a group of third years chatting loudly, seating in the middle of the path. She grimaced, but was already late and didn’t want to be seen changing route. So, she just raised her chin and hardened her expression, walking towards them as if they weren’t there.

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Girlfriend with mixed feelings on War and Peace made worse from spending a semester on it earlier this year after Great Comet act 1

Seeing the two Napoleon paintings when we walked in : Jess dont you fucking dare. No more.

“I would die for Denee’s Natasha.”
“If this closes take this cast and make the 20 hour 1000 million dollar adaptation we all deserve. I don’t care if it wouldn’t be historically accurate this show gets it.”
“You know how I said all actors play Pierre wrong? Oak…just…he’s perfect I love him.”
“But fuck this show for making me like Anatole. No he’s likable and I hate it. And I hate that I didn’t notice you were quoting him that one time…fuck you.”
“Why isn’t this sold out for the next year at least. This is fucking magical.”
“I need to tell Dave Malloy I love him for fixing the damage of that fucking class…”
“No you fucking francophile Charmonte should have all the letters pronounced. French is a terrible language and this it’s worst problem. Letters are there for a reason.”
“Can this be the entire book and a week long commitment though, sure 1000 dollar tickets but also the whole book. Andrei would actually be here…Id like more Andrei…I miss my boy…”
“But speaking of my boys! Pierre has never been better adapted or performed…”

My person (Stiles Stilinski)



“Hey Allison. Do you believe that everyone has one person that they’re destined to be with? Like a soul mate.” I asked my sister as I laid on her bed staring up at the ceiling.

“Yeah I guess I do. Why?” 

“Do you think that your person is Scott?”

“Yeah, I do.” she smiled like a little girl. “Why?”

“I just want to find my person already.”

“I think you already have.”


“You are so blind.” she laughed.

“Who are you talking about!?” 

“Well once you both stop being completely oblivious, give me a call.” she winked.

“You suck.”

“Whatever it’s getting late go to sleep we have school tomorrow.”

The next day I got to school I went to my locker and before I could even get it open, Stiles wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder.

“Hey Y/N.” he said lazily.

“Somebody sounds tried.” I laughed.

“Yeah I was up late with Scott last night.” he yawned.

“Aw what I shame.” I fake pouted as I grabbed my last book and turned in Stiles’ grasp to face him.

“Hey! Guess what?” his attitude changing all of the sudden.

“What?” I asked.

“I expect you to be at my game tonight.”

“Stiles, I come to all of your games.”

“I know, but I’m playing tonight!”

“You are! Really! That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you Stiles!”

“Thanks. Now come on we’re going to be late to class.” he let go of me and we walked side by side to class, giggling and laughing as we were telling each other funny stories.

3rd person pov

“I have no idea how they don’t see it.” Allison said to Scott after they watched the scene between Stiles and Y/N.

“I think they’ve gotten so used to each other always being there that they don’t even need to be dating to do all of these things together.” Scott said.

“I know but they hang out and cuddle and talk and do coupley stuff together more than we do!”

“They’re going to see it one day, I think they definitely love each other, and they know that, but one day they’re going to wake up and it’s going to hit them that they’re in love with each other.” 

“Wise words Scott.” Allison kissed his cheek.

Y/N’s pov

After about an hour of homework I started getting ready for the game. I bought on Stiles’ lacrosse sweatshirt and painted a 24 on my cheek. I smiled at my appearance before going into Allison’s room.

“Hey Y/N-woah.”


“Oh my god Y/N I can’t anymore. You are so in love with Stiles it’s ridiculous.”

“Am not!”

“Uh huh. Whenever something goes wrong who’s the first person you call? Whenever your sad who’s the first person you go to, to put a smile on your face? At school who’s always the first person you find? Whenever you get to pick your partner in class who is it? Who do you sit next to at lunch? You two walk around the hallways together, your almost always touching somehow, your never more than five feet apart. And don;t you dare blame it on you guys being best friends. I love you and your my sister and as your sister I am telling you to do something about it because standing back and watching you guys be’best friends’ is killing me. You guys are perfect together. Y/N he’s your person. Can you honestly tell me you’ve only thought about Stiles as a friend. I mean look at you now.” Allison finished her rant.

“Oh my god.” I gasped. “I’m in love with Stilinski.” I said shocked.

“Finally.” she mumbled.

“What do I do? What if he doesn’t like me like that?”

“Oh he for sure likes you Y/N. I say after the game you go up to him and you tell him how you feel.”

“Okay, I can do that.” I coached myself.

“Come on, we’re going to be late.”

As we made our way to the car I thought about different ways to tell Stiles how I felt but little did I know that Scott had just given him the same talk Allison gave me.

When he got to the game, Stiles got a wide smile on his face when he saw me. He came up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into a hug.

“Well you certainly went all out.” He smiled. 

“I had too. Gotta support you.” I smiled back.

“You look really cute in my sweatshirt, and I’m loving this 24.” he smirked.

“Stilinski on the field!” Coach yelled at him.

“Got to go.” he kissed my cheek and ran off. I smiled and found Allison in the stands. She wiggled her eyebrows as I rolled my eyes at her.

In the final seconds of the game Stiles made the last shot and broke the team, winning for Beacon Hills. Everyone was cheering loudly as his eyes scanned the crowd and found mine. He smiled brightly at me, then everyone started running onto the field he wiggled his way through the crowd and found me. He picked me up and spun me around. Then he pulled me close and placed a perfect kiss on my lips.

“Y/N, I love you so much.” he whispered in my ear.

“I love you too Stiles.” I said shyly.

“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” he smiled.

“Yes.” I smiled back and pulled him back into another kiss.

Allison and Scott were watching near by with huge smile on their faces as we finally got together.

I had finally found my person

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Thank you so much for 1,600! I wanted to get back into writing for a while now, school has kept me busy! I love you guys sorry this is awful.)