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I’m not sure if you’re someone who gives writing tips, if not that’s okay. I get it. But I was curious. If you’re having a dialogue where the character is ranting, the words are kinda just flying out of their mouths and it’s a lot of words, how would you format that? Like, would you put it all in one paragraph, do you interrupt it with an action (s/he said, waving wildly) or would it just be dialogue?

I do as often as I can! I get a lot of asks, so I apologize to those whose questions I don’t get to :( But I enjoy talking about how I do things/what I’ve learned! Just keep in mind that writing is an art and, like all art, there’s no one true way to do something. So everything I suggest is just that– a suggestion!

Lots of Words Rants!

So you have a character who’s saying a lot of words in a big rant! 

1. Static unbroken rant. The benefit here is that the reader, generally, naturally reads this very quickly! It’s probably what you’re looking for when you say “a lot of words” and it definitely stuns both the reader and the other characters! For example:

“You want to know what I think,” she says, mouth a thin line. “Right. Okay. Well I think it’s interesting how you only look for an opinion when people owe you something. I think it’s really convenient that you wait until you can deny someone something, something like basic human rights, before crowd sourcing validation and then you think that it means shit when they don’t speak against you. I think you’re a coward and that no amount of intimidation or ass-kissing will break through the denial you’ve got going on. So if you’re looking for me to tell you that you’re a hero or that we can’t do this without you, you should wait until you actually have something on me.”

The silence is deafening as she takes another sip of her coffee, Damien’s mouth opening and closing as he tries to come up with a response. He looks around the table, hoping to see similar shock, and receives another unpleasant surprise when no one will meet his eyes.

There are two problems that I’ve had with the Big Wall of Text. One, it can lose the reader! Despite emotion or content, it’s easy to skip from the first sentence or two to the last line or two. Some readers will read it quickly, but others might skip it entirely.

Second, with no physical movements, it can be hard to get back into the scene, especially since unbroken rants w/o movement generally end in silence.

2. Active Unbroken Rant. Breaking up a rant with action keeps the reader’s attention and makes them read a little closer. It also has the benefit of giving the rant some texture by escalating or deescalating the emotion in each part or by providing emphasis.

“You want to know what I think.” She shakes her head. “Right. Okay. Well, I think it’s interesting how you only look for an opinion when people owe you something. “

Damien’s jaw tenses and she can tell that he wants to lean away from her as she stands, looming over the table, coffee forgotten. All around them, the other rebels are staring at her wide-eyed.

“I think,” she continues, biting off the ends of her words, “that it’s really convenient that you wait until you can deny someone something, something like basic human rights, before crowd sourcing validation and then–” she bares her teeth “– you think that it means shit  when they don’t speak against you.” 

He doesn’t look away from her, not to the left or right where his devoted followers are, as usual, sitting uselessly. She can barely stand it.

Her words come faster now, like a flood after the damn has been broken. “I think you’re a coward and that no amount of intimidation or ass-kissing will break through the denial you’ve got going on. So if you’re looking for me to tell you that you’re a hero or that we can’t do this without you, you should wait until you actually have something on me.”

So with breaks for action/reaction, you get a scene that’s a little more urgent than the one without action. Action helps the emotion build in the rant whereas the static rant feels more like a slap in the face.

The downside here is that you have to build the tension and keep everyone’s  body language appropriate to the scene.

3. Broken Rant (active or static). So it’s a rant and you want the fast-talking character to be the star of the scene. Seems counter-intuitive to have another character talk, but it can actually help speed up the reading of the scene while also showing that this rant is dominating it. For example:

“You want to know what I think,” she says. She shakes her head. “Right. Okay. Well, I think it’s interesting how you only look for an opinion when people owe you something.”

Damien jerks like he’s been slapped. “What is that–”

“I think,” she continues, giving no indication of hearing him, “ that it’s really convenient that you wait until you can deny someone something–”


“–something like basic human rights,  before crowd sourcing validation and then you think that it means shit when they don’t speak against you. I think you’re a coward and that no amount of intimidation or ass-kissing will break through the denial you’ve got going on.”

The silence rings around the table, the tension so think between her and the other rebel that no one dare move.

Eliza leans forward and picks up her coffee. “So,” she says, still staring him down, “if you’re looking for me to tell you that you’re a hero or that we can’t do this without you, you should wait until you actually have something on me.”

The little interjections from Damien, and the way I’ve broken them off, shows that things are happening very quickly. It’s a broken back and forth that both ups the tension and the speed!

Hope this helps! If you have any more questions feel free to drop by, I’ll try and get to them asap :)


It was at another one of Gregory Patterson’s parties, that’s when I met her.

She the most disgustingly beautiful person in the room. With emphasis on the disgusting. The way she was looking at everybody like she was better than them. And she wasn’t even touching the cake Gregory made himself from scratch, despite being handed a slice by Gregory himself.

I kept my eye on her from the other side of the room. I wanted to catch her in the act of whatever she was gonna do next. But she didn’t even try hide it. Right in front of Gregory’s face, she grabbed the cake, smooshed it to crumbs and let it fall into the trash can next to her. She didn’t even bother to aim right, and some of the crumbs fell onto the floor.

I gasped, and Gregory had signs of distress on his face. He just moved back. The poor boy, his heart was broken by this witch. I was going to talk to her.

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Upcoming Imagines

Unsurprisingly it’s all NCT. I figured if I made a list of what is coming up, you guys will know what to look forward to, and maybe let me know which seems interesting. Also I’m hoping if I have a list out, it’ll motivate me to write lol.

Greek Mythology NCT Series

“Then I shall not die, for I shall not dare hurt you.”
The Hero Who Fought Fate 

“My Father tells me that, when I’m a hero, I’ll be able to choose my wife. Any woman in the land will want to marry me.”
“I’ll choose you.”

And In the End
JaehyunX Reader

“Your name is y/n? Like the goddess?”
“Yes, like the Goddess.”


“Your voice is awfully sweet, for a human.”
“You’re awfully tolerable, for a muse.”

She Began At Dawn

“I’m the God of merriment.”
“Then go, go and make people merry.”
“I’m trying.”

The Merry Few

“You are scum.”
“And I believe that’s why I’m here, but no matter how you look at it, you’re down here too, aren’t you?”

Depravity at Odds

“But I loved him, with ever inch of my being and it wasn’t enough. Why couldn’t that have been enough?”
A Hymn to the Lonely

“How pathetic am I, the God of Love has fallen victim to his own power.”
How the Lonesome Fall

“I have a secret to tell you, I fucking hate you.”
“Awe, poor Yuta is so dumb, he doesn’t know what a secret is.”



“You can never save me from you.”
The Scheme

When people say to you those heart wrenching comments like “but you were so cute together..” “Why didn’t you last” “how is she doing” don’t- don’t you dare blame anyone but you. Don’t make up a story where you’re the hero and I’m the enemy in order for it to all make sense. I gave you all the love I had to give and more, I tried to make it work, I did everything for you, you were the one that decided to turn the page and stop trying. I was the heartbroken one, you’re just fine. After all you’ve done the least you can do now is finally be truthful.
So tell them she was in love with me, if she had any fault in this it was that she cared to much, I was the jerk, I left her stranded when I promised to always be there for my own selfish reasons.
—  B.L letters I never sent

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Summary: Being your best friend isn’t easy and at some point he couldn’t take it anymore.

Word count: 2275 // I didn’t expected it to become so long :D

Warnings: Swearing and everyone with a weak heart it will be angsty! I just love to see y’all suffer :P

Author’s note: Summary sucks I know. Just read it. It is better than that ;)

Check out my masterlist ;)

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Female Encounters 2: Hiro Hamada x Reader

Part One

Part Two:

Only a few more minutes pass before Hiro hears the water turn off.  The sound of the glass door sliding in its track can be heard once again and Hiro can’t stop himself from picturing you getting out of the shower. He slaps a hand to his forehead and begins to run through a list of everything he needs to put into his backpack for school on Monday.  Anything to get his mind distracted.

 He sits up and peaks around the corner when he hears you open the bathroom door.  You take a hesitant step out, not sure what to do. Hiro’s heart skips a beat when he gets a good look at you.  Your hair is damp and kind of messy, having just been towel dried, so it curls cutely around your face.  You’re wearing his shirt and shorts and your feet are bare.

 When Hiro notices that he’s staring he quickly looks away and clears his throat.  Hearing the noise, you turn to face him.  You blush and cross your arms over your chest as you remember your last encounter with him.

 You take a hesitant step closer and begin to look around his room.  You’ve never been in a boy’s bedroom before.

 “Hello!” a robotic voice sounds to your right and you jump.  You see a large, white, inflatable robot standing next to you with his hand up in greeting.  “I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.”

 “Uh, hello?” you respond hesitantly, waving a few fingers at him.

 “I have been informed that you might be in need of medical attention.  I will scan you now.”  You watch as his head moves up and down, giving you a full once over.  “Scan complete.  You have sustained no injuries; however, your body temperature is still low.”

 Before you realize what is going on, Baymax has already scooped his arms around your waist and draws you in to his large body.  Your muscles stiffen as you try to lean away from him.  “Um, what are you doing?”

 “Raising your body temperature,” he responds matter-of-factly.  His body then begins to glow a soft orange and heat begins to seep into your pores.

 You sigh in content and relax into his embrace.

 Hiro watches the exchange with a soft smile on his face.  When he realizes what he’s doing, he snaps himself out of it and stands up, off his bed.  “Um, I’ll take your stuff down to the laundry room, and put it in the dryer,” he tells you, suddenly feeling the need to do something physical.

 “Okay,” you respond in a sigh, cuddling even closer to Baymax.

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The brightness of the sun, will give me just enough
To bury my love, in the moondust
I long to hear your voice, but still I make the choice
To bury my love, in the moondust

This song will forever and ever and ever give me Fitzsimmons feels going both ways.

People always talk about how much Fitz loves Simmons. 


But look at how she looks at him and tell me she doesn’t feel the same.  I dare you.  I WILL FIGHT YOU ON THIS.

“You’re the hero.”

“There’s nothing to discuss, Jemma.”

“Me and you, maybe we could eat somewhere else, you know, somewhere nice?”

“What do you think we should do about it?”

“You’ve dove through a hole in the universe for me!”


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‘ don’t you dare abandon me. ’ forgeriies

@forgeriiesgrowling suggestions ( accepting!! )

“i’m not abandoning you, i just want to be left the fuck alone!” she’s yelling so much that the cats have scrambled and are hiding somewhere in the apartment. she’s being a bitch, and she knows it. maybe it’s the withdrawals, maybe it’s just her own personality. it’s hard to tell anymore. 

she’s shaking, eyes wild with shadows under her eyes. everyone always tries to glorify being a survivor. no one ever tells you what a burden it is. to everyone. nobody wants to deal with someone that’s damaged. “i don’t want anyone talking to me, looking at me or trying to access me. you should’ve just left me there.” she’s grateful and angry for what he did. mostly angry right now. “i would’ve died eventually. problem fucking solved.” 

Belle stans

Here is a suggestion, how about stop lecturing those who disagree with you and call them haters when they have every reason to be angry at the writers for having Belle give up her child for no good reason! There was no need whatsoever for Belle to give up her baby. She assumed despite evidence to the contrary that Rumple accelerated her pregnancy and not only gave their son away but refused to tell Rumple the baby’s name and acted like he would hurt her! She put her child in danger as we will see next Sunday! She also wants him to grow up to be a hero because I guess if he screws up ,mommy won’t love him! When a mother gives her child up it is for good reasons and it is painful. Don’t sit there and equate what Belle did to what these brave women did so their babies could have a good life. I have been saying all along that Belle’s impulsiveness and need to be a hero was going to bite her in the ass but guess what, she isn’t the only one who will be hurt, her son and Rumple will now hurt because of this. I don’t feel sorry for her and I refuse to side with this character assassination of the smart, brave, compassionate woman Belle used to be! You can block me all you want but don’t you dare lecture me or say I hate Belle because I don’t. I love Belle and what they had her do tonight was cruel!

Stop lecturing and stop telling us how to think. I erased all this season’s episodes from my dvr. I have seen enough clips and read enough transcripts to know what happened and I don’t need to be lectured about it or told I am misinterpreting it! I refuse to watch the previous episodes of this shit fest. I will tape the next one and if it improves, I will watch the second half of the season but only if it improves and by that I mean I want a serious talk between Rumbelle and I want a flipping apology from Belle to Rumple and Gideon for ruining their lives. My God I hope she learns something or this hell has been for nothing!

I am allowed to be upset and vent as long as I tag and I expect others to tag as well or I will block you!

so the RTD companions are introduced so that you know everything important about them in their first episode. Martha: difficult family, med student, rational/logical intelligence, seeks authority, swallows own needs, already knows aliens exist, loves the universe even when it really sucks, unrequited love. Donna in PiC: forceful, independent, horrid mum, lovely grand-dad, sarcastic funny, misses everything, mysterious coincidences, helpful job skills. Rose: ordinary, lower-class, wants more, kinda nice kinda self-absorbed mum/boyfriend, perceptive, intuitive, takes initiative, instantly takes to the Doctor…
it’s all there, big and obvious, and if there’s anything introduced later it’s just details, and even when they should be really important (eg idealisation of dead dad) they don’t make much impact to people’s perception of the character. 

and Moffat haha no.

it’s all details, and they matter.

‘cause Amelia praying to Santa, that’s just a silly kid right? so when she says “either way it’s my only chance of seeing him again” you miss the implied belief in an afterlife. you miss what it means to believe in stars that never existed. so a raggedy man who never existed just looks like the relationship, nothing to do with Amy’s character traits. 
if you peg Amy as “flirty fiesty violent sex object’ you misss. a) everything, lol. b) her ability with technology, whether it’s a video recording or Silurian motorised transport disk or making a sonic probe or w/e. no, you think. she’s just sometimes snarky or violent.what just happened? a one-off. irrellevant.
if Amy’s just generically flirty, she doesn’t have serious issues with commitment, so changing jobs isn’t her struggling towards stability. it’s a barbie doll character chaning dresses, and terrible writing. if you feel like she’s just eye-candy then her sexual confidence just sounds like excuses. you won’t wonder what it means that she takes a job of wearing costumes, or that she goes under-cover again, for vampires and orphanages.  if you take her overwhelmedness at blitz london as generic, you miss how she fangirls over over van gogh (you miss that, so you think her art is only ever about the doctor, even when she paints stars) so you think ‘my favourite subjecct at school’ is a bland joke, not her actual character traits being expressed. you think nothing at all of her admiration of nefertiti.

nobody saw Clara yank a laptop of the doctor and thought ‘needs control’. but you miss, that; you see Clara tell the TARDIS I don’t care if you die and peg it as ‘cute’; taking command of a washed-up battalion of soldiers ‘comes out of nowhere’; suddenly it’s Christmas and you’re staring at the screen wondering what? bossy control freak? since when? you decide it’s invented, show-not-tell, she’s done being a plot device so know we make up a personality, eh? poor writing, naturally.
you see her book of 101 places to go and sigh:generic desire to travel, you mutter sagely, and you tune out when Ellie encourages Clara to explore , you never consider how it’s linked to her hero worship of her mother (the dead mother more important for how she lived than how she died, how rare is that?) never notice the other motives boiling away; the need to be needed (’the adverts are in’ ‘here as long as you need me’;’just saw a little girl who needed help’;’best of all, he really needs you’)a making herself over into a hero (from ‘i say leg it’ to ‘no point telling you it is dangerous’, ‘dare me’ when she’s scared of ghosts, the triumph of “i’m not afraid, i’ll leave that to you’) or how that links to Ellie and the story of how she saved Dave, or that she saved Clara on the beach, or that Clara twice specifically remembers her mother’s words as motivation to save the day. after all, this is moffat era we’re talking about. if you have to think about it to come to a conclusion, that means it’s just headcanon.
Clara thinks the best chapter of a book is one that makes you cry your eyes out? that’s not evidence of her romantic/tragic view of stories, that’s evidence of moffat’s ego-size. not even general book love, even if she knows the plot by chapters and she brings a book on her first adventure and her shelves are always stacked and she’s reading in the tardis and and and. she doesn’t have preferences, her tea love is just. idk. non-existent?
and if she’s just cute flawless ‘spunky companion’ she can’t have a particular phiolosophical flavour of intelligence tin series 7that solidifies in s8, and she can’t be callous and she can’t be ruthless and she can’t be manipulative–she’s just, idk, part of moffat’s obssession with lies or something. in an abusivve relationship, that’s a good one. as long as you say there’s no build-up you can ignore the importance of honesty and amidst lies and the danny is to clara as she is to others… that would require both to have traits, impossible.
if clara’s just skipping from job to job you don’t think about how she’s always working kids, how she uses her teaching experiences, how it frames a character when her normal life is a job first not family. if you’re thinking Clara’s suddenly a bad teacher you miss that she’s losing touch with humanity when she overlooks Maebh.
if you expect moffat’s work to have inconsistent characterisation and zero character development, of course you come off the rails at the hair-pin turn that is kill the moon/mummy express/flatline. you don’t notice the connections, or how it’s the war between [sensible yet impulsive] [ordinary vs story] [responsible or adventure] that’s always fueled her being decided in favour of the Other, this time with added lies and addiction. (do you love being the woman making the impossible choice? of course.)

You know

After that touch and looking Simmons in the eyes and maybe there is.

Fitz got more confident, sassier, and more willing to kick people’s asses.

Despite promising her that he “won’t be careful, [he]’ll get the job done” he went in there and was like SCIENCE BIATCH. CONFIDENCE. SASS. AND A PIPE. (And complete sentences and witty lines delivered quickly, so proud.)

And don’t you dare tell me that wasn’t because of the magical power of Simmons’ touch, and of realising that he is loved and that she believes in him and you’re the hero and I just

My ship. My precious ship.

so once my mom’s friend told me about this one time when she was in high school and she was failing geometry when she went to ask the teacher for help he straight out told her ‘you can’t have beauty and brains’ and that woman is now a prestigious engineer with a high level position in a male dominated industry and her one regret is that she doesn’t know where the man is now so she can personally tell him off and that is why that woman is my hero

People: Why you worry about Ruby and keep talking about Ruby? She is fiiiine. The others suffered far more, Ruby bounced back like nothing happened. She is strong she did not get affected by what happened at all. She is FIIINE.


This is the face of someone who is fine, guyse:

I mean she is just crying in anguish for the first time in the show, its not like she shut do….

Well I guess she did shut down from shock and trauma for a while but she totally got up and was fine afterward right? I mean she is back to having facial expressions she alwayss had right? I mean look at wide smile she has and lively eyes:

Oh…Well fighting some badguys ought to cheer her up right?
I mean look at how heroic she loo…

Well but she totally got to be her usual self afterward acting like alwa…

Well, yeah okay she is angry, acting completely unlike herself, has suicidally charged two very powerful badguys and almost got eaten by three grimm(aka beings attracted to negativity) in span of minutes and then was unable to do what she set out to do, but its not like she did not get bett….



No offense guys but you would do REALLY shitty job as shrinks if you think any of above constitutes as “being totally fine and not being affected” or “bouncing back”.


Like, having feels for other characters is totally okay and I understand - they ALL suffered, they all lost a lot. They all had world pulled from under their feet to bigger or lesser degree. But don’t you dare to tell me that my smol bby is totally better off than Yang or that she did not get affected or scarred by what happened. She could easily compete with Yang for being the winner in “well the world just completely and utterly screwed up my life and soul” contest.

Friendly reminder that Ruby’s sole life motivation was to be the hero who saves everyone and brings fairy tales to life. Friendly bonus reminder that she was dealing with DEATH of her mother that way. Friendly reminder that majority of Volume 3 is about tearing down the very ground Ruby stood on.


Ok. So here’s the secret I’ve been keeping from my Pickles.

I finally got the custom rings I ordered for Prattlings and I. What say you?

She is Wonder Woman to me and her ring has wonder woman’s star subtly incorporated on all 4 sides.

She tells me I am superman to her so mine has the superman shield on all 4 sides.

The 4 signifies the four of us.

I wanted the super hero parts to be subtle so it wasn’t hokie or cheesy. He nailed it, dare I say.

Super hero rings = badass. :)