i dare you to tell me she's just a girlfriend

my beautiful siren ;; tony stark

Request(s): Sorry I don’t know how many requests I can give you, but I just read young and beautiful and it was amazing, I love the idea of Tony dating a siren. So could you make like a follow up, where Tony gets a bit jealous/possessive because every guy/girl she meets falls in love with her But it ends fluffy and sweet 😊😊 (sorry for the bad English 😬 it’s not my first language) & Can you do a song fic to “all of me” by john legend for Tony stark 👌

  Words: 1,3k

  Pairing: Tony x Reader

  Fandom: Marvel (I remind you that I write for other fandoms as well)

  A/N: I suck at posting imagines on time. Like, really, really suck. I’m strongly disappointed in myself. I combined these two requests and I hope you will like it! xx

  Parties weren’t really Y/N’s scene.

  She didn’t talk much, and the loud music, wasted people made her uncomfortable. She only went there because they were Tony’s parties. He had to deal with her moods every day, so she could make a small sacrifice for him too. It won’t hurt her. Probably.

   When Tony was nowhere to be seen, she found herself sitting by the bar, with chin placed on her hand. A glass with unfinished drink made by Natasha was in front of her. Each member of the team was dancing, drinking, laughing, just having fun, and there was Y/N, who was humming All by myself, while thinking how lonely she was without Tony.

   After few minutes of sitting alone, a man sat next to her. She blushed, trying not to look at him. It was nothing new. Girls and boys, even those, who she just met, practically fell in love with her the second they saw her. It wasn’t about her looks, or even her figure. Sirens had a special aura that made people feel all kind of things towards her. Most of them just fell in love. It wasn’t real, though. It was just an illusion created by her magic.

  ,,What’s a pretty lady like you doing all alone?“ the man asked with a smug smile.

   She tilted her head to the side, so she could look at him with curiousity. Doesn’t he know whose girlfriend she is? Tony will rip him to shreds if he find out that he flirted with his beautiful Y/N.

  ,,I just don’t feel really well” she answered his question politely.

  ,,That’s a pity" he said. ,,I’m Clemence" he introduced himself. She almost felt sorry for him. He probably didn’t know that he didn’t have any chances with her.

  ,,I’m Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N" she told him her full name, hoping that it will ring a bell in his mind and he’ll just let it go, before Tony gets here and he gets pretty damn mad.

   But it didn’t.

   God, is this man stupid? Y/N looked around her to see if Tony was somewhere near. If this Clemence works in the Stark Tower, he will loose his job in less than one second. Tony was a man that could easily get jealous. And considering that he had a pretty big power over most of the people, he fired those, who dared to flirt with his girl.

  ,,Listen, Clemence, you seem really fun and all, but-“ she started, but was cut off in the middle of the sentence, when someone put a hand on her shoulder.

   ,,Am I interrupting something?” Tony said with a fake smile, his arm sneaking around Y/N’s waist. The young siren gulped, feeling how angry he was. She didn’t know why, but she could always tell what someone is feeling at the moment.

   ,,Mr Stark! N-no, of course not, I was just-“ Clemence tried to apologize.

   ,,Trying to get fired? Guess what, now you are” Stark hissed. ,,Now leave me and my girlfriend alone, thank you" he added, narrowing his eyes.

   Clemence ran off, almost tripping on his own feet. People looked at him, but seeing how angry Tony was, they just went back to what they were doing. Y/N sighed softly, looking at her boyfriend.

   ,,Tony…“ she trailed off, shaking her head.

   ,,Wanna dance?” he said, ignoring what she was trying to say. A slow song came on, and she realized it was her favourite, All of me by John Legend. She smiled a little.

    ,,With you, of course" she said softly, jumping off of the bar chair.

What would I do without your smart mouth

Drawing me in, and you kicking me out

Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down

What’s going on in that beautiful mind

I’m on your magical mystery ride

And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright

  Y/N put her head on Tony’s shoulder, one of her hands finding its way onto his shoulder, as he sneaked an arm around her waist. It was their song. Whenever, wherever it was played, they danced to this, not caring about what would other people think.

My head’s under water

But I’m breathing fine

You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind

   Tony smiled, when she started to slowly sing along the lines. She sometimes did it without even realizing it. Her voice comforted him, made him feel a little less angry, like always.

Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I’m winning

‘Cause I give you all, of me

And you give me all, of you, all

  Y/N’s body fit perfectly against Tony’s. Even though she was shorter and definitely more fragile than him. They both slowly rocked from side to side. It couldn’t be called dancing.

   ,,You were jealous, right?“ she suddenly whispered, not raising her head.

    ,,What? Psh, of course not. He was just annoying” Stark shrugged, trying to play it off. Yeah, he got jealous easily, but he wouldn’t admin it though.

How many times do I have to tell you

Even when you’re crying you’re beautiful too

The world is beating you down, I’m around through every mood

You’re my downfall, you’re my muse

My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues

I can’t stop singing, it’s ringing, in my head for you

   ,,You know that I can tell what are you feeling at every moment, right?“ she giggled, squeezing his arms.

My head’s under water

But I’m breathing fine

You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind

   ,,Tony” she raised her head to look at him. ,,You can tell me. I won’t judge you" the siren put her hand on his cheek, caressing it slowly.

   ,,I just… Yeah, maybe I was jealous" he mumbled.

‘Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I’m winning

‘Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all of you, all

Give me all of you

   ,,Trust me, you don’t have to fell like it" she reassured him with a soft smile. ,,Tony, I only love you. Only you. You’re the one who comforts me at night. You’re the one who’s here through my every mood, even the worst. You… You love me. Truly. They only think they are in love with me" she rubbed her thumbs along his cheeks.

Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts

Risking it, although it’s hard

    ,,Everything about you is so perfect. Your voice, your looks, the way you walk, the way you think, you always want to see good in people" Tony sighed. ,,I am afraid, because maybe you’ll find someone better than me" he said, looking down.

‘Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me

I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I’m winning

‘Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all of you

   ,,I won’t find someone better than you. There’s nobody better than you. As I said, you always give me all of you, so I could be the happiest. How is that bad? How could I find someone better?“ she shook her head. "I love you. Don’t think like that about yourself, please” she whispered, looking at him with hope.

   ,,I promise. And, I love you too, my beautiful siren" he smiled and leaned down to kiss her.

I give you all of me
And you give me all of you,

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#sanversweek day 1: intimacy

“Okay, babe. You gotta relax for this, okay?” 

Alex’s response came through gritted teeth. “Saying I have to relax makes me do the opposite, Sawyer.” 

Maggie grinned up at her from her place between Alex’s legs, kneeling on the ground to the side of the bed, with Alex splayed out on her back on the bed in front of her. She gestured with her hands, and Alex, with a nervous puff of air, moved so that each of her heels were on one of Maggie’s shoulders, completely opening herself up.

“This feels so weird,” Alex muttered, dropping a hand over her face.

“Shh, baby. Just take a deep breath, and I’m going to come inside you when you exhale, okay?”

Alex let out a frustrated groan and pressed both her hands over her eyes as hard as she dared. But she took in a deep shaky breath and then, with a slight hitch, let it out and tried – really, really tried – to relax her muscles.

“Good girl,” Maggie muttered absently, as she used her more dexterous right hand to reach inside of her girlfriend and experiment with a type of motions Alex has never felt before.

“You’re doing great, baby.”

“Just keep breathing.”

“Relax, baby, you’re okay.”

“I got you, baby, you’re fine.”

“Tell me if you need a break.”

Alex just pressed her hands harder to her face and tried not to squirm or to cry or to accidentally kick Maggie in the head.

It wasn’t until hours later – when Alex had showered and then taken a long bath, letting herself soak, and she was in her sweatpants on the couch, and had a mug of her favorite evening tea in her hand, and Maggie was curled around her, and her favorite blanket was on her lap – that she could finally let herself fully relax.

She dropped her head onto Maggie’s shoulder. “That sucked,” she said.

Maggie didn’t need to ask. “Yeah, but you did great, babe.” She pulled Alex closer into herself.

Alex let out a little huffing laugh. “I did nothing.”

But Maggie kissed her head. “You did great,” she said again. “Really.”

“Thank you, Mags,” Alex said softly, into her collarbone. “I can’t imagine having anyone else do that with me. You’re an amazing girlfriend.”

Maggie cuddled her in even closer. “Anytime, babe. Besides, hey, remember when you told me you never liked intimacy before me? Seems like it’s my duty to do all the intimate things possible with you that you’ve been missing out on.” Maggie smirked down at Alex.

Alex rolled her eyes as hard as possible. “Sure, Sawyer,” she said, pushing herself off Maggie’s chest and standing. She reached out and snagged the offending diva cup – now fully washed and sanitized – off the coffee table before walking it into the kitchen and dropping it firmly right into the trash. 

Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. “This was exactly the type of intimacy I’d been missing.”

Wouldn't Trade It For Anything In The World

@ellez1127 asked: Hi! Can I please have a Kyungsoo Au with “Can you NOT?” Thank you so much!

➸ Word Count: 1.4K

➸ Genre: Fluff/Humor

➸ Rating: Teens & Up

➸ A/N: This took me a while to come up with, and i guess i like the outcome lol. hope you enjoy this lovely! thanks for the request!♡

The car ride home had been slightly awkward and tense.

Kyungsoo kept a white knuckled grip on the steering wheel while glaring out into the open road not once sparing _________ a look.

Had she not been slightly intoxicated, she probably would have pouted at him and cared more about putting him in a mood. Instead though, she looked at him with a goofy smile on her face giggling every now and then recalling why Kyungsoo was so angry.

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What’s Normal Anyway?

She knew she shouldn’t be in this home but it was too tempting to not show when she received a message from the man she had been seeing now for five months secretly that he was home and free from his sport obligations.

It was obvious he was eager to see her too. His kiss was strong, so strong he nearly bit her tongue until it bled before she pulled away, her hands at his chest to serve as a warning to his strong affection. Not that she generally didn’t like it.

The rough sex, the passion, it was everything she wanted from him and he provided it with every thrust, bite and tug he could. Today’s choice of the sofa wasn’t as comforting as his California king but knowing she was strapped for time, she didn’t dare complain. Her hand simply slid up his shirt to run her nails against the warmth of the man she had missed so much in his brief absence.

The scruff of his beard rubbed against the smooth feel of her skin, his lips angled to meet her neck with a kiss and a tug against that same plot of skin as his teeth lightly gripped onto what he possessively called his.

She wasn’t sure whether it was the brief flinch she felt feeling his teeth tug a little too hard or her memory that caused her to drift and pull away from him, now staring into the eyes of a man she knew was trouble for she had been told so many times.

He wanted marriage, a house, kids, happiness…with her.

She wanted sex, passion, attention, happiness…with him.

And though maybe once upon a time the two had been on the same page, they were now on two entirely different wavelengths.

He had begun to think about life with her and without her, willing to now take the jump of leaving behind the pictured relationship he had with the other woman he called his girlfriend but treated like a disposable for the woman he was now infatuated with.

And as his kisses moved lower and lower along her skin, she couldn’t help but think about the man left behind at her home, now their home. The man who had probably spent an hour fixing her dinner only to have her come home with the peculiar smell of another man on her neck he would either choose to ignore or be too oblivious to ask about.

A shiver of guilt crept down her spine at the thought. The thought of knowing the man that was giving her his all and was waiting for her stomach to creep up into a ballooning size to represent their blossoming love would have to wait even longer, maybe forever.

What had really got her mind going made her brush her lips away from his as he leaned in for another kiss, the cool touch she was just welcoming now causing her to shy away. “Can I ask you something?”

With a disappointed groan emitting from his lips, he sighed once more and dropped his head so his lips were no longer near hers. Eventually he looked back up to the woman he had been craving, his mind thinking of other things as he waited for her lips to move. “What is it?”

“I want you to come to my company’s party. It’s no big deal. Just a fundraiser and they try and get a few big names out. I…”

He quickly interrupted her as a smile spread across his face, trying to fill in the blanks for himself before she could for him. “You told them you know me?”

“Well…no. Not exactly. I just…thought it’d be a good idea if you just show up.”

He chuckled, his head leaning back some to reveal his adam’s apple as his hand draped along the backside of the couch. “And how will you explain that? Me randomly showing up to your company party? Are you going to explain that to your boyfriend too?” There was a slight but noticeable pause before he spoke that word, always feeling the bitter taste on his tongue whenever he did reference the man that currently had the woman he wanted.

Not like he wasn’t taken himself.

“I’m not going to have to explain anything.”

“So you expect me to just show up and not speak to you?”

“Actually, that’s a great idea.” The thought of having to explain how she knew him seemed like trouble waiting to happen. “I can’t tell him I know you. His first question would be how did I meet you, a world class footballer? Am I supposed to just tell him that we met and since you’ve been trying to trap me in your bed?!”

Yes, was his first thought but he didn’t dare to say that to her. “You don’t have to even say that part. Just say we’re friends or something.”

“I would just feel better if we didn’t have to do any of that. Bring your girlfriend! Make it normal.”

It should have been obvious then to him how different their feelings were to one another. He would have never thought to bring his girlfriend around her, not fearing that he’d be disrespecting his girlfriend but instead the woman he had been secretly falling in love with ever since he laid eyes on her.

But instead she was making the suggestion that he should do just that, that she didn’t have a care in the world that he could show up with another woman. While his jealousy would rage, hers would be nonexistent because he wasn’t the man she was in love with. He was the man that simply satisfied her lustful cravings.

“Normal,” he sarcastically chuckled before speaking his feelings under his breath. “What’s normal about us?”

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In a State, Lachrimae, Someone Else, Running Out

Pairing: Steve X Reader, Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,172

Warnings: Angst. Mention of 5 stages of grief.

A/N: Fifth part to In a State. One more part you guys…might be today or tomorrow. Please comment!!!! Let me know if you want to be tagged.

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anonymous asked:

I read the ask about Scott being four and in love with Alex's s/o and it got me thinking about like years later when Scott meets Jean and they become a thing and Alex's s/o tells Jean about it and she thinks its cute and funny and Scott is just so embarrassed about it

“Aw, look. Scott has his own little girlfriend. Finally!

“Alex, don’t you dare –”

“He used to have the the biggest crush on my Y/N. He tried to get her to ditch me for him at least once a week.”

“I hate you, Alex.”

“I love you, too, bro.”

shut your curtains || c.h (part three)

did you just help him cheat?

you felt like you were about to vomit, you felt horrible. you knew jess and you didn’t like her but you wouldn’t ever want something like that to happen to you and you couldn’t sleep that night because guilt was taking over you. it wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know. it was calum’s fault, this wouldn’t have happened if he just shut his damn curtains and kept his pants on.

when you saw calum the next morning your books were clutched to your chest as you walked by him and once he saw you he made eye contact until you passed, his jaw clenched and his fist wrapped around one strap of his school bag. and then you saw jess walk toward him, her over exaggerated strut taking her over to his tall body as he leaned against his locker, his eyes still locked with yours.

you weren’t too sure whether he knew you had his phone or not but if he wanted he could come to you and explain himself. that dreaded moment finally came around at the end of the day in maths class when calum once again stole the seat on your right hand side before your friend could sit down.

“have you seen my phone?”, he whispered after a few moments.

you scoffed, a strange feeling of anger washing over you as you reached to the bottom of your bag and fished for his phone, carelessly throwing it on the table in front of him. he looked at his phone, scrolling through meaningless conversations when he came across last night’s text from jess and noticed that it was sent the time he left your house.

“shit”, he mumbled and ran a hand through his curly bed hair.

“nice knowing you calum”, you laughed sarcastically and grabbed a hold of your books in attempt to get up and move seat  but calum placed his hand on your thigh and pushed you back down onto your seat.

“we need a serious talk after class”, he demanded through gritted teeth.

“piss off calum”, you muttered before diverting your attention back to the class.

as soon as class ended you walked out of the class as fast as your two feet could take you but unfortunately calum’s long legs caught up to you and pulled you into the nearest boys’ bathroom.

“get your hands off of me”, you yelled at him and yanked your arm back from his grasp.

“stop yelling”, he spat and put his large hand  over your mouth trying to shut you up.

“listen to me (y/n), if you dare tell anyone what happened i swear”

“you swear what? you’ll do what calum? i just helped you cheat on your fucking girlfriend so don’t you dare”, he pushed him back by his chest as soon as his mouth came down from your mouth.

“she’s not my girlfriend, i fucked her once and now she assumes we’re together okay?”

“oh because that makes your case sound so much better, i started to like you calum and obviously that was a fucking mistake so stay away from me”, you rambled on and stormed out of the bathroom leaving calum standing there, a pit forming in his stomach as you walked out.

numerous thoughts began running through calum’s mind. he liked you, a lot, and he couldn’t help but hate himself for messing up the first chance he ever had at something with a girl who didn’t have plastic boobs or bleach blonde hair or anything else that made a girl fake. he hardly knew you and you hardly knew him but there was something about you that made you a magnet to him, and he just messed it all up.

a/n: sorry this sucks everything i do sucks i know

masterlist || request

part one / part two / part four / part five / part six


-WARNING: This could be triggering i’m not to sure but i want to let you know you are all beautiful and have every right to live and if anyone needs any help my ask box is always open and i am always willing to talk..love you all-

Bully: I don’t get why Dan is even with you Y/N..You’re a tramp who fucks almost everything up, i mean come on you are the biggest waste of space i know. Your existence is so overlooked that you could vanish tomorrow and people still wouldn’t know a week from now, i say you opt out now before you fade out..Oh and love before you cry and call me bully i’m not being mean i’m giving you advise you should listen to.. 

Y/N: Listen I-

Dan: Hey! How dare you talk to her like that i can assure you right now right here Y/N is as far from a tramp as you can get she is classy and beautiful. And i can also tell you she is not a waste of space she is my everything and if she did vanish she would have the whole of Britain looking for her because she is important and not just to me to everyone, now..if you don’t mind step aside peasant i have to take my classy, elegant and beautiful girlfriend to starbucks.

Y/N: *Sassy hair flip at that bitchatcho*

Hey guys..i haven’t updated in ageeess, but here you go i hope you like it and i hope nobody got upset or hurt by what i put like i said i am always open to talk..so once again hope you enjoyed it.

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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 19/?

Gif credits

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“Go away Carl.” you stated as you dropped off Sammi at her house. Sammi was the youngest child that you still got to walk home, most of the the parents had decided to pick up their children, in fear of the Wolves coming back.

“No! you’ve been ignoring since you woke up and we need to talk.” he said as he ran to keep up with you.

“There’s a reason for that Carl.” you told him, stepping into the road, taking the shortcut to the house you were currently staying in with Maggie and Glenn.

“NO! YOU’RE GOING TO LISTEN!” he barked.

“DON’T YOU DARE TRY AND TELL ME WHAT I’M GOING TO DO CARL! I DIDN’T LEAVE MY GIRLFRIEND TO DIE TO PROTECT SOME GIRL!” you snapped back, he had been getting on your nerves since the day you had slammed the door in his face, and you just about had enough of it.

“Enid was right.” you heard him quietly mumble behind you, he had tried to whisper it to himself.

“Enid!? Really, Carl. Really?” you asked him, giving him an annoyed look, the look only getting worse the second you saw Enid walking over to the 2 of you. “Oh my God, no.” you groaned.

“Hey.” she smiled, “You need to give him a chance Y/N.” she politely stated.

“Enid, stay out of it.” you told her, glaring at the ground.

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Carl backed her up. Your glare pointed towards him, your hand connecting to his face.

1D Prefs; Break up (Harry & Niall) PT 2




“Is this the last box, miss?” The man asked, setting the box down besides the rest of the other boxes.

“Yes,” You replied, “thank you so much for your help." 

You paid the man and he left, leaving you to unpack everything.

You sigh, beginning to pack until everything was tidy and in the place you want it to. 

It’s been months since you left Harry, regretting it, but you knew it was for yours and Harry’s own good.

It was also announced that you and Harry had split, as Harry was asked during an interview.


"How are you and Y/N? We want more of those cute friday night pictures!” The interviewer exclaimed, a wide smile on her face.

Harry stiffened, “We both went our own ways." 

There was a shock on everyone’s face, excluding the lads. "B-but.. you guys are perfect for each other." 

Harry shook his head and looked down, "she didn’t seem to think so.." 

After you left, he had tried contacting you multiple times, but as days and weeks passed, his calls lessened and he gave up.

Placing your last object to where you want it, you got yourself cleaned up and decided you needed some fresh air. 

As you headed out our flat, someone bumped into you. 

"Sorry! I’m sorry. My fault.” The oh so familiar raspy voice that you know so well.

You slowly turned around, face to face with Harry.

His mouth slightly opened as he wasn’t expecting this. 

The both of you, stood there and stared at each other.

“I miss you.” Harry whispered. 


You could feel your heart slowly shattering as you turned around and stared at Niall, tears clouding your vision.

The lads looked at you in sympathy, “hey Y/N.. you don’t even know if she’s telling you the truth." 

You shook your head, clenching your fist. You ran out the door, following the brunette.

"Wait!” You shouted, stopping her.

She turned around, confused. 

“w-w..what” It was hard for you to speak, but you forced yourself to ask her, “w-what did you and Niall do?”

She smiled, “we had sex." 

The moment she said that, you could feel your heart shatter, sick to your stomach. 

"Would you have had sex with him if you knew he had a girlfriend?” you muttered, tears falling.

A horrified look cross her face, “You’re his girlfriend?" 

"Not anymore.” You cried.

“Shit. Shit, fuck.” She panicked, “I am so sorry! I swear, I would have never done it if I  knew he had a girlfriend! Oh my god, I’m so stupid. I’m sorry." 

You shook your head, "Please just go." 

The moment the words left your mouth, you ran back inside and looked for Niall. 

From what you could tell, he had sober up. 

"Hey Y/N..” He whispered, a guilty look on his face. He reached forward to grab your hand, however you pulled back.

“Don’t. Don’t you dare touch me!” You screamed. You could see Niall and the lads flinch at your tone, but no one dared to say a word.

“I can’t believe you’d do that to me!” You cried, “Did you know how worried I was about you? Did you?!" 


"No! Niall, I- I just.. You were the only thing on my mind and I was worried sick when you didn’t come home for the past few days! But the only thing on your mind was fucking some girl?” You bawl, anger running through your veins.

“It was a drunken mistake, Y/N! Please I didn’t mean to-" 

"No. No more chances,” you cried, “It’s done. We’re done." 

A/N: How are you guys liking this so far? haha :) Please send me your feedback! Tell me what you think, I need some motivation (: 

5sos preferences - His Girlfriend Cheats On Him

Part 2

Part 3

He doesn’t believe you 

H/G/N = His girlfriends name 


You were out with Michael since Luke had ditched the both of you. You knew it was for his girlfriend. Michael wanted to talk about some stuff with you. 

“Wait isn’t that Luke’s girlfriend?” Michael asked.

“Yeah it is, but that isn’t Luke.” You said.

Michael took a picture of Luke’s girlfriend and this brunette boy kissing. The boy left and Luke’s girlfriend was left alone until Luke ran over hugging her. 

“I hate this girl. She’s using Luke this isn’t right at all. Ugh he isn’t going to believe us .” Michael said annoyed.

“I know." 

2 hours later you were at Michael’s, with Ashton and Calum.

 "Lukes girlfriend is cheating.” Michael told them.

“I knew there was something not right about her with that guy last night.” Ashton said.

“What guy last night?” You asked.

“This brunette guy was kissing her and putting his hands up her dress.” Calum said.

“And you didn’t tell us?” Michael asked.

“We didn’t want to start something.” Ashton said.

 Luke walked in. 

“Y/N tell him in private.” Michael whispered.

“Luke can I talk to you in private?” You asked. 


You and Luke went into the kitchen. 

"Your girlfriend is cheating there is two occasions were we have spotted her. I’m sorry”

 "A brunette man?“ Luke asked.

"Yeah.” You said.

“That’s her brother." 

"His hand was up her dress that’s a weird bond to have as a family.” You said 

“Stop stirring shit, just because you don’t have someone.” Luke said angry walking back into the living room, while you walked out, walking home. 


You didn’t like Calum’s girlfriend and she didn’t like you. You, Calum, Michael, Ashton, Luke and Calum’s girlfriend were at a bar. Calum had went to the toilet, while his girlfriend was in the corner with a guy. You walked next to them with Luke making it look like you were making out. You and luke leaned on the wall kissing, since Luke also wanted to see closer.

“You dare tell Calum and I’ll get him against you.” Calum’s girlfriend said to you, Luke heard.

The guy walked away as soon as she got him away. Calum walked over. 

“Wow Y/N finally got a guy!” Calum joked. 

“Stop interrupting.” Luke said.

“Luke?” Calum asked, but Luke just grabbed your hand and got you out of the club. 

“Thanks for that.” Luke said.

“Thanks for what?” You asked 

“Kissing me for that long and not laughing in my face. I know you have this crush on Calum, and we both dislike his girlfriend. I only kissed you for the purpose of getting closer to his girlfriend. I don’t have a crush on you or anything. ” Luke said awkwardly. 

“It’s okay Luke.” You said kissing his cheek. 

Calum walked out annoyed.

“Why did I just get told that you’ve started rumours that H/G/N is cheating? Everyone says you started them.” Calum said angry.

“I didn’t start any rumours and for your information they’re true.”

 "You’ve got Luke so stop destroying everyone’s relationships, because that’s all you do! You destroy everytging!“ Calum shouted.

"I hate you Calum!” You shouted, tears rolling down your cheeks. Luke grabbed your hand.

“You’re such a dick sometimes.” Luke said to Calum.

“Wanna go home and watch movies?” Luke asked you. You nodded. 

“Thanks so much Luke.” You said.

“It’s fine." 


You were walking around by yourself, there was couples everywhere, which was cute, but you felt too awkward walking alone without someone. Ashton’s girlfriend was with some guy, at first you thought it was just a family member or friend since she was a perfectly nice girl, but this guy didn’t look like someone in her family. The guy had his hands on her butt and was kissing her. Ashton’s girlfriend noticed you and walked over. 

"Don’t tell Ashton.” She said 

“Are you going to tell him?” You asked.

“No.” She answered.

“One of us has too.” You said seriously. 

“You dare.” She said. 

“Fine.” You said, you began to walk away, she pulled you back and punched you in the face. 

“I’ll do so much worse if you tell him." 

You would’ve punched her back, but it wouldn’t solve anything and she would just run to Ashton blaming it all on you. You ran to Calum’s, your vision a little blurry. Calum opened up and gave you ice for your eye.

"She did this because you found her cheating on Ashton?” Calum asked.


"Are you going to Ashton?” Calum asked 

“I want to but I don’t want to be hurt again.” You said. Calum phoned Ashton. 

“Hey.” Ashton answered.

“Hey. Y/N needs to tell you something” Calum said 

“What?” Ashton asked. 

“Um your girlfriend was cheating on you with some guy." 

"Stop reading rumours on twitter!” Ashton said.

“I haven’t once accused her of cheating until I saw her with my own eyes like half and hour ago." 

"You can be so annoying sometimes she wouldn’t cheat." 

"Oh so she wouldn’t getting punched in the face just to tell you?” Calum asked angry before hanging up. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think he would react like that.” Calum said.


You were with Michael since his girlfriend had cancelled for the fifth time on him. You were both at a cinema. Michael had went to the toilet while you waited in the hallway for him. Michael’s girlfriend walked by with some guy.

“Hey Y/N.” She said.

“Hey.” You replied, assuming the guy was a family member.

“How do you know that girl?” The boy asked.

“Oh my cousins best friend.” She replied. 

“Really? ” he asked.

“Apparently.” You laughed. 

They continued walking to the screen of the movie they were watching. Michael walked out.

“I just saw H/G/N” You said to Michael.

“Oh she said she was busy." 

"She was with another guy.” You replied.

“It was probably just her brother.” Michael replied.

“The guy asked who I was and she replied her cousins best friend and I don’t think I know her cousins.” You said annoyed Michael didn’t believe you.

“Stop creating drama. I wish she was free right now.” Michael said.

“I’m just a second option to you! I don’t understand why I care so much about you when you just come running to me when no one else is available. Stay with the cheater then. I don’t care! I hope you are happy with yourself!” You said your voice becoming louder since no one was in the hallway. 

You walked out of the cinema, and just walked around trying to clear what was on your mind.

anonymous asked:

30 for the prompt thing. :)

#30 Do you still dream about flying away?

Kara jumps at the hand on her shoulder. She’d been so lost in her thoughts that even her super hearing hadn’t heard the approach. 

“James,” she sighs, forcing a smile as she turns to face him. “Did I wake you?”

“I just got up for some water,” he assures her, the calming presence he’s been for two years now. “And hey, when I said any time, I meant it.”

“I really do love your apartment,” Kara confesses. “It’s the only place other than work that I get to be outside and somewhere that feels like home at the same time.”

“The only place?” He raises an eyebrow, taking a long, slow drink of water. “C’mon, Kara. This isn’t the only place with a balcony that feels like home.”

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how about eremika and aruani au where mikasa and annie are challenged by sasha, historia and ymir to get eren and armin's underwear?

This was one of those like how am I gonna write this and then I could see it. Lmao this was so ridiculous but I hope you like it ^^

“I got one for the both of you,” Ymir said from her spot on the couch, sipping back her drink.

Mikasa felt dread fill the pit of her stomach. Sure, she agreed to the game when they started but that was before she knew what Ymir was capable of.

“I can’t wait to see this!” Sasha called from the small dorm kitchen where she was making popcorn…or buffalo wings, Mikasa couldn’t quite tell.

Ymir leaned her head back against Krista’s chest who was sitting behind the taller girl. Krista was tipping back her glass and trying not to laugh in the process. So far everyone wentat least once save for Mikasa and Annie. Just by Mikasa’s luck they got Ymir who was picking what they were supposed to do. Annie didn’t look too concerned but Mikasa fidgeted on the ground waiting for the word.

It’s not like she was scared to do something silly, she was pretty tipsy after all, but that really depended on what she was gonna be asked to do. By the look on Ymir’s face it probably was gonna be something embarrassing and that Mikasa didn’t really like.

“You know those boys who live across the hall?” Ymir said.

Oh God.

“I see you two look over there when you think no one’s watching you. So what you have to go over there and bring back a little trophy.”

“What kinda trophy?” Mikasa was almost too afraid to ask.

Ymir looked like Christmas had come early. “Underwear.”

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Sex Shop.

+ Requested: No.

+ Pairing: Luke & reader.

+ Word-count: 3097.

+ Storyline: You work in a sex shop because you are saving money to pay your parents a nice holiday and Luke comes in because of a dare of his friends.

+ All my work.

+ Luke’s p.o.v.

I was with the boys at my house , and frankly we were all bored, Michael was playing video games, Calum was with my dog, that sometime i think he loves Molly more than he loves me and the worst part is i think the dog returns it, and Ashton was on his phone like he is most of the time, sometimes i don’t know what that kid gets up to. And for me i was on the couch looking at the ceiling thinking of something i could do to pass the time.

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Just Over a Week

Just Over a Week

A/N: This is for an Anon who wanted a Neuller short story. I might make another part to this, so keep your eyes peeled.

One week, two days, fourteen hours, and twenty-two minutes. That was how long it had been since Manuel told me that he and Kathrin had broken up. I had been trying so hard not to appear too happy about this news and actually be a supportive friend, but I was ecstatic. To tell the truth I didn’t think I was doing a great job of hiding my enthusiasm, but when you are in love with your best friend and you have been for almost 5 years, it is hard not to do a happy dance when they break up with their girlfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kathrin and I thought they were actually a pretty great couple. If he wasn’t going to be with me, I was glad he was with someone as amazing as Kathrin. She was supportive, she loved him, and most importantly she understood that just because she shared him with his fans, she was the one he came home to and that was what mattered.

I didn’t believe him when he told me. He and Kathrin had been together for so long, I had all but resigned myself to having to give the best man speech at their wedding. “I have to tell you something, Thomas,” he started to say one week, two days, fourteen hours, and twenty-three minutes ago.

“What’s up, you look sad?” I asked him.

“Well it is not good news. I can’t believe it myself, and we are not telling people yet, but Kathrin and I broke up,” he confessed.

“What? No way. You are joking,” I responded.

“No, I’m not. It was all very sudden. I get home from the away game yesterday, and she was waiting for me on the couch. Half of our stuff was missing, and there was a suitcase by the door. I set my bag down next to hers and she stood up and walked over to me. She told me that it wasn’t working out and that we should just end this before it was too late. She told me that I had fallen out of love with her, and it wasn’t fair to pretend otherwise,” he told me.

“Did you fall out of love with her?” I asked him.

“I don’t know. She said a lot of things, and some of them feel true, but putting all of this on me is so unfair of her. Especially considering all of the other things she said about me,” he trailed off.

“What did she say?” I asked, hating how small and lost he sounded.

“That I was in love with someone else,” he replied.

“Who?” I asked, afraid of what name was going to come out of his mouth next.

“She wouldn’t tell me. All she would say was that they felt the same way, and maybe with her out of the picture we would both realize and finally be able to tell each other how we feel,” he told me.

“And you have no idea who she is talking about?” I asked, not even daring to hope that he didn’t have a clue.

“None. I have not even noticed another girl since I started dating Kathrin. I think right now I am still hoping she will take me back,” he replied.

“Well, do you want to do something? We could go to a bar. We don’t have to work tomorrow, so you could drink until you forget that you even had a girlfriend to be missing,” I offered.

“No, I think I am just going to go home. I want to be alone right now. Wrap my head around this,” he said, picking up his gym bag and walking out of the locker room.

I totally meant to give him his space, but somehow I found myself one week, two days, twelve hours, and 13 minutes ago knocking on his door.

“What are you doing here, Thomas?” he asked tiredly when he was it was me.

“I am your best friend, Manu. I am here to cheer you up. I know you said you wanted to be alone, but who else is going to help me eat the 2 liters of Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream I bought?” I asked him.

“Come in,” he sighed, walking back toward the couch, leaving me standing at the wide open door.

“Great,” I replied, closing the door behind me as I made my way to the kitchen to get spoons before joining him in the living room. “So, what are you watching?” I asked settling next to him on the couch and handing him a spoon before opening the ice cream.

“Inception,” Manu replied.

“I love this movie. You have to pay attention to everything and even then, you still are never quite sure if you know what is actually happening, plus the ending it a total head trip,” I said.

“That is the point. I needed a distraction,” he sighed.

“You are getting that tone that tells me you are starting to find me annoying,” I remarked, noticing I was the only one eating the ice cream.

“Not annoying exactly, but I did want to be alone tonight,” he grumbled.

“Tell you what, you start helping me eat this ice cream, and I will not say another word,” I bargained. Manu raised an eyebrow in disbelief, so I added, “Scout’s honor.”

“You were never a scout,” he replied as he dug his spoon into the ice cream. His eyes widened as he tasted the frozen treat. “This tastes like Nutella. You got me Nutella ice cream?”

I just stared at him for a minute so he said, “I asked you a direct question, you dork, you can respond when I am talking to you.”

“I got you Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream. I thought it would be a safe bet,” I replied simply.

“But how did you know?” he trailed off.

“I am your best friend. I know what you like,” I shrugged.

“What else do you know I like?” he questioned.

“Lots of things. You like pancakes with jam instead of syrup, you prefer citrus scents to musky ones, you like the smell of fresh cut grass on the pitch, on the way to matches you like to sit in the aisle seat so you can focus better, on the way back you like to sit in the window seat so you can see everything you missed on the way. You like dogs more than cats, but you still like cats. You like to listen to classical music in the locker room, but you don’t want the guys to know, so you have it labeled as rap and hip-hop, and you make sure that you never put anything on there that has no breaks in between the movements, because there are no twenty minute rap songs. Nothing slow either, stuff like Vivaldi’s Winter and March to the Scaffold by Berlioz. And I know that you like that you have the dubious distinction of probably being the only keeper to ever get a yellow card for a hand ball at basically the half field line,” I teased him gently.

“Hey, that was one time and I have never been out of the net when I was needed there,” Manu replied.

“I didn’t say it was a bad thing. You have always been there when I needed you,” I informed him.

“Yeah, but you make it easy, Thomas,” he said with a smile.

“Not always,” I sighed.

“Yes, but even when you are difficult, I still know what you are thinking. And it never takes long for you to return to your usual happy go lucky self,” Manu told me.

“I love my life. I have a great job, fantastic friends, a wonderful family, what is there to be sad about?” I asked him.

“Do you ever get lonely?” he questioned.

“Why would I get lonely?” I asked him.

“You never seem to date. I have never seen you with any girls. When you go to events you bring your mom, or your sister. Never anyone special. Does it get lonely?” Manu asked.

“Sometimes, yeah. But I don’t like to think about that,” I replied, turning my focus back to the movie.

“Well, I have a feeling I am going to be lonely a lot lately. Maybe if you are lonely one night we can get together and be lonely together,” he stated almost like a question.

“Deal,” I replied, holding out my spoon to him. He clinked his spoon with mine and we turned out focus back to the movie.

One week, twenty-two hours, and five minutes ago I showed up at his door again.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Thomas, but what the hell are you doing here at six in the morning on a day when we have to be at the pitch at nine?” he asked me.

“I thought we could go on a run,” I replied.

“There is no chance I am going to be able to talk you out of this so we can go back to bed, is there?” he asked me.

“Zero,” I agreed.

“Give me 5 minutes to change and brush my teeth,” he grumbled, leaving me standing in the door as he disappeared back into his bedroom.

One week, twenty hours, and fifty-two minutes ago, we stopped for a break in a park at the top of a hill overlooking München.

“It is gorgeous up here,” he commented as we tried to even out our breathing.

“Yeah, I like to come up here sometimes to think. It is still in the city, but far enough away that you can’t hear the city noise. You are a part of it but separate. It is nice here,” I agreed.

One week, twenty hours, and forty-five minutes ago I turned to him and said, “Hey Manu?”

“Yes, Thomas,” he asked.

“Last one to the bottom has to buy the other coffee,” I replied, sprinting off down the hill.

“Get back here, Thomas, this is not fair, you cheater,” he called after me.

One week, nineteen hours, and five minutes ago he walked into the locker room and handed me a coffee.

One week, seven hours, and forty-five minutes ago I showed up at his place with Chinese take-out and we watched Run, Lola, Run.

Six days, twenty-two hours, and five minutes ago he was ready for me when I knocked on door at six in the morning.

Six days, twenty hours, and thirty minutes ago I owed him a coffee which I gave him six days, nineteen hours, and ten minutes ago.

Six days, eight hours, and thirteen minutes ago he showed up at my place with pizza and we watched Event Horizon.

Six days, five hours, and thirty-seven minutes ago he declared that Event Horizon was the worst movie he had ever seen.

Five days, twenty-one hours, and two minutes ago I found him already in the aisle seat of the bus and a to-go coffee holder on the seat next to him. Five days, eighteen hours, and forty-two minutes ago I traded my iPod with his and he smirked when he heard what was decidedly not Right Thurr by Chingy. Five days, sixteen hours, and twenty-five minutes ago I told him the song he had never heard with the really weird rhythm was called Vesuvius and that I would put it on his iPod before our next run.

Five days, seven hours, and thirty-six minutes ago I scored the winning goal and when the final whistle blew five days, seven hours, and thirty-three minutes ago I ran over to the opposite side of the pitch to celebrate with Manu.

Five days, three hours, and fifty-five minutes ago we got back to our hotel room after celebrating our victory with the rest of the team.

Four days, nineteen hours, and seventeen minutes ago, I was waiting in the aisle seat for him, a to-go coffee holder on his seat.

Four days, twelve hours, and thirty four minutes ago he showed up with two cases of beer and told me we were playing the Star Wars drinking game. Four days, twelve hours, and thirty minutes ago I read the rules of the Star Wars drinking game and decided it was a really good thing we didn’t have to train tomorrow, because this game might kill us.

Four days, three hours, and thirty-nine minutes ago I put a blanket over a passed out Manu and stumbled into the bed room.

Three days, sixteen hours, and eight minutes ago I stumbled into the kitchen and found Manu standing in front of the stove putting bacon and eggs onto a plate, annoyingly not looking like he had been hit by a freight train the night before, which was how I felt.

“There is water and aspirin next to your plate,” he chuckled as he pointed to the table, where I discovered a second plate of bacon and eggs sitting next to a smaller plate of toast, a glass of water and a couple of small pills.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hate you right now,” I told him.

“Well, if you had made yourself drink three glasses of water last night instead of me, you would probably be fine now and I would be the one who feels like crap,” he smirked, as he joined me at the table.

“I did that?” I asked.

“Yep, you took very good care of me,” Manu replied with a smirk, taking a bite of his bacon.

Three days, fifteen hours, and forty-two minutes ago we decided to skip our run and watch The Lord of the Rings.

Two days, nineteen hours, and three minutes ago there was a coffee waiting on the aisle seat when he sat got on the bus.

Two days, nine hours, and forty minutes ago he made a last minute save that allowed us to win the match.

Two days, seven hours, and ten minutes ago I fell asleep on his shoulder as we drove back to München.

One day, twelve hours, and thirty-three minutes ago he came over with Indian food and we watched Terminator. One day, ten hours, and fifteen minutes ago Manu and I got into a debate about movie characters falling in love.

“It is easy to know who to love when it is written into a script. Real life is harder, and in real life I don’t think Sarah Connor would have considered a man that she slept with once and who she really only knew for a couple of days her soul mate unless she had serious delusions. Real relationships need a foundation, a basis for lasting. In the real world, she would have dumped him as soon as the terminator had been destroyed because she would have realized that they had nothing in common,” Manu argued.

“Yes, but what about love at first sight? Don’t you believe in that? That you can see someone across the room and know that you are meant to be together?” I asked.

“That is rich, coming from the guy who has not had a serious relationship in the entire time I have known him. Lasting love comes from respect, friendship, and mutual understanding. First impressions are fleeting, and misleading. You have to get to know someone before you can know if you are truly compatible,” he replied.

“But isn’t it fun to think about? That there is one person out there for you and all you have to do is find them. It is like the greatest scavenger hunt of all time,” I commented.

“I had no idea you were such a romantic, Thomas,” he trailed off, a faraway look in his eyes all of a sudden. We settled into a comfortable silence, until Manu suddenly jumped off of the couch and said, “I have to do something right now, Thomas. I will call you tomorrow?” he closed the door behind him before waiting for my answer.

Twenty-two hours, and five minutes ago he didn’t answer his door for our run.

Five hours ago I went to bed after not hearing from Manu all day. He hadn’t answered my calls and his lights were off when I went by to check on him.

Forty-five minutes ago I gave up trying to sleep and decided to go for a run. Ten minutes ago I reached the top of the hill and found him sitting there on a bench.

“Manu?” I asked.

“Thomas, what are you doing here?” he replied in a flat voice.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I went for a run. I am glad I didn’t stop by your place, you wouldn’t have been there,” I commented.

“I talked to Kathrin,” he told me.

“About what?” I asked him.

“I figured out who she thinks I am in love with. I asked her, and I got it right. The only problem is that I am pretty sure the person does not feel the same way about me, and I am not sure I want to destroy the best relationship I have going now. Even if they like me, our relationship would be ridiculously complicated. We are both in the public eye, we have obligations and expectations, and people will talk. A nice, quiet, private relationship like I mostly had with Kathrin would in no way be possible with this person,” he sighed.

“I am sure it is not bad enough to be sitting out in a park by yourself at four in the morning, how long have you been here, anyway?” I asked him.

“A few hours. I was walking around for a while and found myself here. The city is covered in fog and the lights make it glow, it was pretty to look at while I dealt with my little existential crisis,” Manu replied.

“Manu, stop. Look at me,” I ordered. When he complied I continued, “You are an amazing guy, you are smart, funny, thoughtful, and you care about everyone. Any woman would be lucky to get a guy like you and if whoever you are in love with can’t see that then she doesn’t deserve you,” I finished, even though every word broke my heart a little bit. I hated thinking about seeing him with anyone else.

“You are wrong. The person I am in love with is amazing, they know what kind of music I like, they know how I take my coffee, and you are using the wrong personal pronoun,” he trailed off.

“What?” I asked, trying not to get my hopes up.

“He also knew that I liked Chocolate Hazelnut ice cream before I had even tried it,” he whispered.

“Manu?” I asked, my voice no more than a breath.

“I am in love with you, and it means I am going to lose you, and that is why I avoided-” he started but I cut him off.

“Shut up, Manu,” I said as I leaned in and crushed my lips to the mouth I had been dreaming about for 5 years. I pulled away just as suddenly and said, “I have loved you for five years.”

Manu stared at me for a minute with a shocked look on his face before a look of unbridled desire over took his features and he was the one to meet my lips this time. His kisses were hungry as he gave into the feeling of us. I moaned slightly when he thrust his tongue into my mouth, and by the time he moved to my neck I was whimpering, I wanted this man so desperately.

I reluctantly pulled away a few moments later, not wanting to stop, but knowing that if we didn’t I probably not be able to stop before we were both lying sated on the ground, and asked, “What does this mean?”

One week, two days, fourteen hours and twenty-two minutes he told me that he had broken up with his girlfriend. That was how long it was before I felt I was on the verge of having everything I have ever wanted. Just over a week. That or five years, depending on what measurement you were using. “It means that I love you too, and we will figure this out. Now how about we go back to your place and finish what we have started?” he asked five seconds ago and grabbed my hand and we started running down the hill hand in hand.

A/N: This one got away from me length wise and I am thinking about doing another chapter from Manu’s POV. Let me know if you want that, I love these two together so much it won’t take much arm twisting to make me comply. And Manu’s chapter won’t have the funky countdown thing. It was something I thought was cool at the beginning and I am on the fence about now. Anyway, if you want to read the rest of my fics you can click here, and if you want to request a fic just send me an ask.

#71 He Accidentally Insults you and another boy comforts you

Calum: I watched on as the boys played a hilarious game of truth or dare. It was how we passed the time on the bus. I laughing so hard along with the boys until it all died down I was the only one still laughing. I wanted to stop but couldn’t. “Okay Y/N, calm down.” Calum said sounding annoyed, “Jeez you’re so annoying.” He groaned annoyed, I stopped. I thought I’d heard him wrong but when all the boys turned to me I knew I had heard him right. I got up, annoyed, going into my bunk. I sobbed into my pillow, I knew my laugh was loud but I didn’t think it was annoying. “Y/N?” Luke asked pulling the curtain back a little. “What?” I growled, he flinched back. “Y/N, Calum didn’t mean it.” He said softly, I shook my head. “If he didn’t mean it he wouldn’t have said it." 

"Okay he’s been under heaps of stress lately and I’m sure he didn’t mean to take it out on you. And for the record I love you laugh.” He said sweetly, I wiped my eyes nodding. “Thanks Luke.” I said smiling. “I’ll get Calum.” He said, he went to the back room.

Calum got into the bunk beside me, “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” He said softly, I nodded snuggling into his side. His hand stroking softly down my face. I smiled, knowing everything was okay. “I love your laugh, I am really sorry.” He whispered, I kissed him softly telling him that I forgave him. 

Ashton: I woke up to an empty bed, Ashton had gotten up early again. He was acting differently lately and I didn’t like it. I went down to the kitchen, I stopped hearing Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton’s voices floating through the door. “Ashton? What the hell do you mean not great?” Calum asked loudly. “Shh! She’s still asleep.” Ashton hushed, Calum muttered a sorry. “I just– I don’t know there’s no spark.  I wish there was but there isn’t.” He said, I felt so insulted. I wasn’t going to be perfect. “Hasn’t she only slept with you a couple of times?” Luke asked, there was silence. I didn’t care, I pushed through the door to the kitchen startling the boys. “Morning, Ashton, how dare you tell the boys I am not good enough for you! God! Give me a break!” I paused, Ashton went to say something but I stopped him. “I am so sorry that your sad-only-had-sex-three-times girlfriend isn’t good enough.” I said before I stormed out slamming the door behind me. I ran back up to my bedroom and curled up in a ball. I felt the bed dip, I looked up to see Michael. “Just leave me alone.” I said sitting up and leaning my head against the headboard. “No, not until you’re okay.”

“Michael, I didn’t think he could sink that low… I mean okay yes I am inexperienced but that doesn’t mean I won’t get better.” I said, I trusted Michael with everything he was like my brother. “Hey, it’s okay. He’s just being a dick okay. I know he loves you and who wouldn’t?”

“Apparently his dick doesn’t like me.” I said, Michael held back a smile. “Look I’m sure it isn’t completely terrible. He loves you so much. Just hear him out.” Michael reasoned. “I heard what he said, no spark, not good enough. Simple as that.” I shrugged, Ashton walked in the room. “No not simple as that.” Michael quickly left the room and Ashton sat in his spot. “You are too good for me. Listen Y/N I am so sorry. You’re right you’ve only had sex a few times, I was wrong to think you would be perfect at it.” He said, I nodded. “I just wish you told me first and not gossip to your mates about it.” I said, he leaned forward hugging me. “Just think practice makes perfect.” He whispered in my ear, I swallowed nervously. “Now I’m worried I won’t be good enough.” I said, he smiled. “You will be, I’ll make sure. I love you.” He said kissing me softly, I blushed. “I love you too.” I whispered pulling him closer. We stayed cuddled up to each other for a while longer.

Luke: I sat at the dinner table biting my nails thinking how I was going to break the news to Luke that I was pregnant. The boys had all finished dinner and were in the lounge room. I was still hungry to I went to the fridge getting another plate of food. I sat picking at the leftovers, I looked up to see Luke and Ashton watching me. “What?”

“How come you’re eating so much? You don’t need to eat that much.” Luke said without thinking, tears spilled down my cheeks before I could stop them. I stood up and ran into the bedroom. I heard Ashton snap at Luke and then there was a knock on my door. “Go away Luke.” I said hiccupping. “It’s not Luke. Please Y/N.” Ashton said, I sighed opening the door. He slipped into the room shutting the door behind him. “He didn’t mean it.” Ash said sitting at the foot of the bed. “I know but… promise you won’t tell Luke yet.” I said leaning forward and dropping my voice. “What? What’s going on?” He asked concerned. “I’m pregnant. That’s why I’m eating more and that’s why I’m getting fat. I hate lying to Luke I’m just scared.” I said, reducing myself to tears again. Ashton sat closer to me wrapping his arms around me. “You’ll be okay. Do you want me to get Luke?” He asked, I nodded as he let go of me. He stepped out of the bedroom and went to get Luke. He came towards me, his eyes catching mine. “I am so sorry you know I didn’t mean it like that.” He said softly, tears rolled down my cheeks. “There’s a reason why I’m putting on weight and eating more… I didn’t want to tell you this way but I’m pregnant.” I said softly, he froze before his face lit up. He enveloped me in a hug, not caring about my anger from before. “Aren’t you upset?” I asked, he shook his head. “I’m so happy. I can’t believe it. I love you so much!” He whispered, I giggled as he nuzzled my neck. “Do you forgive me?” He asked pulling back and watching me, I gave a small nod, that was all he needed.

Michael: Michael was being a distant towards me lately I was getting worried about what I had done. He avoided my kiss this morning and shrugged out of my hug. He stayed in the game room while I was in the bedroom. I decided to confront him.

“Michael what the hell is your problem? Hey Calum.” I said seeing Calum next to Michael. “You’re being too clingy lately.” Michael said simply. “Ugh! I’m sorry you went on tour for six months and I just want to hug my boyfriend because I missed him.” I said sharply, I went back into the bedroom. I picked up one of my books and began reading. The door creaked open, my eyes snapped up to see Calum. “At least someone wants to talk to me.” I said rudely, he ignored my comment and shut the door behind him. “He didn’t mean it. Look he’s still upset that he left for six months.” He said, I shrugged. “I just want the cuddly, fun Michael back. Not the one that doesn’t even touch me when we go to bed.” I said tears welling in my eyes. Calum nodded, he came close to me. I stood up in front of him. I wrapped my arms around him, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. “You need to tell him how you feel.” Calum said softly, someone cleared their throat. Michael stood before us. “I’ll leave you guys to it. Bye.” Calum said awkwardly leaving the room. We both waved at him. “I heard what you said to Calum I’m sorry but he’s right I am still upset about leaving you.” He said looking at his feet. “Don’t be you’re living your dream, I’m not going to hold you back. I just want you to talk to me and acknowledge me.” I said standing toe to toe with him. He nodded, I looped my arms around his neck, his hands gripped my hips. “I am so sorry.” He mumbled against my lips, he kissed me for the first time in ages. “Tell me again why I didn’t want this?” He muttered, I grinned. “I don’t know…” I replied, he continued to passionately kiss me. I couldn’t be happier that he is back to his playful, fun self.

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Hello Gorgeous- Pietro Maximoff x Reader PT 14

Part 13, Part 15

Description: Reader is hurt in a fight, and she is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D for her injuries, and ends up being there longer than expected, gaining new friends and falling for a certain speedster.

Warnings: Swearing, Violence.

You take Matt’s hand and he tugs you off of the ground. “Long time no see, Blue Jay.” He pulls you into a tight hug that you hold for a while.

“Yeah, it really has been pretty long.” You smile at him.

“Hey, are you gonna be alright?” He asks you after a period of silence.

“Oh, mhm! I’ll be fine in no time! Listen, there’s a lot of questions I should be asking you right now but I’m kind of in the middle of a mission.” You say.

“A mission? Me too! Um, 200 kids, right?” Matt scratches the back of his neck.

“Yep. My colleagues are in here somewhere getting them to safety.” You tell him.

“And here I was thinking that was my job.” He jokes.

“Matt, I-we- we gotta go. Hold my hand.” You grip his palm in yours. He was just about to make a sarcastic comment when you whisked him away at Pietro speed, which he began running at as well. “Twins, where are you?” You speak into the earpiece.

“We are on the top floor. We could really use some back up.” Wanda said, sounding like she was struggling. You and Matt rush up the stairs, meeting Wanda and Pietro who were both fighting off the last of the remaining guards. Pietro catches sight of your hand inside of Matt’s, throwing him off completely. He was distracted long enough to almost get sucker punched, if it weren’t for the fact that he backed away at the last second. You drop Matt’s hand, knocking out the man who threatened Pietro, with a blast of energy. As for the Dare Devil, he takes on two guards at once, knocking one out with a blunt hit from one of his fighting sticks, while the other was taken down by getting his head smashed into the wall. The twins watch in awe as his feet fail to miss a single shot. He continues to apply each hit with the same amount of brutal force as the one previous, if not more. Within no more than a minute, two more are laying on the ground beneath his feet. Wanda lets out a small gasp.

“Guys, this, is The Devil of hell’s Kitchen. Or, Dare Devil, if you will.” You inform them.

Pietro raised an eyebrow. “This is the man on the news all of the time, correct?”

“Yep. He’s only the greatest vigilante the streets of New York have ever known.” You grin.

“Where did he, come from..?” Wanda seemed nearly speechless.

“I’ve been tracking Rampage for months, but I guess, that Blue Jay was a step ahead of me this time around.”

“This time around?” Pietro questions, only to be ignored.

“Technically, Matt, I wasn’t a step ahead of you. The Avengers were.” You correct your friend.

“Oh, yes, I heard about that, you’re with, The Avengers now.” He sighs.

“Well don’t sound too excited, Matthew!” You tease.

“I’m sorry, how do you guys know each other?” Wanda reinstituted her brother’s question.

“We used to be partners. We met one night, when we were both trying to beat up the same guy. It’s funny, I think I actually have deja vu.” Matt says.

“We should,-we should get these kids to S.H.I.E.L.D. so they can get home safe.” Wanda prompts you all to get moving.


A couple of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents bring around some buses to help transport the kids, so that they might go and get the care they need. So with your job done, You, Wanda Pietro, and Matt stand outside the abandoned building, having a chat.


“(Y/N), you never introduced me to your colleagues.” Matt pried.

“Oh! Yeah. This is Wanda Maximoff, A.K.A Scarlet Witch.” You gesture to Wanda who gives a small hello. “And this is her brother, Pietro Maximoff, A.K.A Quicksilver.” Pietro only nods slightly, which then reminded you: “By the way, Matt’s blind as shit.”

“Which causes me to have other heightened senses.” He explains. “That just means I am made known of stuff blind people wouldn’t know, like, Pietro dyes his hair, or that Wanda wears lots of jewelry.”

“That is crazy!” Wanda sounded fascinated. Pietro didn’t look as pleased.

“Hey, I’m sure you guys can do much cooler stuff.” Matt said humbly.

“Well actually, Wanda can read minds, and she can show you your worst fear. Pietro here is the fastest man alive.” You put an arm around Pietro’s shoulders.

“That is, definitely cooler.” Matt agrees.

“So Matt, speaking of people who are way cooler than you, how’s Foghorn Leghorn doin’?” You joke.

“Isn’t that a cartoon character?” Wanda looked confused on so many levels.

“My friend, his name is Foggy. She likes to tease him and call him that.” Matt replies.

“Whatever. How is the dork, though?”

“He’s pretty good. I told him about me.” Matt looks to the ground.

“Oh fuck! Was he mad?” Your eyes widened.

“Yeah. It was pretty bad.” He admits.

“You guys made up, right?” You ask.

“Yep. Eventually.”

“That’s good, I’m glad.” You put a hand on his arm.


You catch up with Matt for a while longer, asking him about his business, and his clients, as well as his behind the scenes career and who he’d taken down recently. Then you talk about how you came to the Avengers, and what the team was like. Although, Pietro seemed tense for most of the conversation.


You and Pietro walk back to your room, where you quickly throw on your usual bedtime attire. You noticed that he still seemed just as stiff as before.

“Hey Gorgeous, why so tense?” You ask, pulling him by his chin so that your lips collide. You kiss him again, and he backs away. “What’s up?”

“Nothing I’m just… tired…” He looks at the floor.

“Alright then, well let’s go to bed then.” You breathe out, crawling under the covers, Pietro following right after you. “You sure you’re okay?” You noses brush against one another.

“Yeah. I just have one question.” He says softly. “Why didn’t you tell me anything about Matt?” He asks.

“What do you mean?”

“We’ve had plenty of time for it. All of those long talks we’ve had, why would you just leave him out if he’s such a big part of your life?” He didn’t sound mad, just confused.

“Well, Pietro, I never really talk about Matt to anyone. I can guarantee that he doesn’t talk about me.”

“How do you know that?” He faces you.

“Because Matt and I are just secrets, Pietro. No one was ever supposed to know that Blue Jay or Dare Devil existed.” You answer.

“But, we’re dating. How come you didn’t tell me even after we started going out?” Pietro’s confusion drifted into agitation.

“I dunno, I guess I just never really saw a point after that. I mean, it’s over. We don’t fight crime together. Hell, I haven’t seen Matt in like, two years.” You respond.

“Well I see a point. A blind guy was holding hands with my girlfriend, and apparently he was one of her closest friends, and she suspiciously has not told me anything about him.” His eyebrows drooped and he crossed his arms. Mind you, your noses were still touching.

“Wait a minute.” You pause to let out a giggle. “I think you’re jelly.”

“Jelly? WHat? I am not snack food!” He exclaims, as serious as ever.

“No you dork, jelly means jealous. besides, the snack food would be called Jello.” You snicker.

“I am not jealous either!” He said, clearly in denial.

“Oh really?” You ask, full of doubt.

“Really.” He tightens his crossed arms.

“Then,… you wouldn’t mind if I told you that I made out with Matt once?” You tease.

“You WHAT?” Pietro sat up in bed immediately.

You die of laughter. “No, dipshit, I never made out with Matt.” You sit up next to him. “Admit it, you’re jealous.” A grin spreads across your face.

“No. I’m not.” He avoids looking at you, instead only staring directly at the ceiling.

“Hey. Look at me then.” You crawl over to sit on his lap, facing him. You pull his face down at level to yours. “Pietro, Matt and I didn’t make out. I wasn’t lying. Actually, we had sex on his couch.”

“WHaT?” Pietro’s eyes just about popped out of his head.

“SEE. YOU”RE JEALOUS.” You shout at him.

“Maybe, a little.” He smiles.

“Listen to me, Pietro.” You touch your nose to his own again. “I’ve known Matt for a pretty long time. Longer than I’ve known you indefinitely. Now I’ve known him for years, aaand, nothing. I knew you for 9 weeks and we’re already dating. What does that tell you?”

“It tells me that you don’t like him like that.” Pietro speaks shyly on account of having  nothing sassy to say.

“That sounds about right.” You grin, draping your arms around his neck. “Plus, Matt, as cool of a dude as he is, is most likely sitting at home alone. And you’re here, and you get to partake in such activities as this.” You kiss him passionately, scrunching up his shirt in one of your hands, The other around his neck, pulling him close to you.

“Fair play.” Pietro says, and you press another kiss to his neck with a laugh.  


Thought I would put out another short one for you guys tonight <3 Thank you guys for reading every single one of you is gold tbh bye




Pairing: Y/N | Ashton
Smut: yes | no
Request: yes | Ashton cheated on you while on tour

She always thought she had everything under control. Sure, dating a band member was never easy and it never would, she had to deal with jealousy, distance and having her private life exposed to the public eye in every tabloid whenever she would dare to do something as random as grabbing a coffee or hanging out with her friends. But still, Ashton was worth it. He was the most perfect boyfriend she could’ve wished for and whenever she felt down or slightly upset, he would always be there to support her and prove his undying love to her. 

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