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You Meme A Lot To Me

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N, Natasha.

Clint: every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break

Natasha: clint, it’s 2 am.

Clint: every step you take

Clint: I’ll be watching you. happy valentine’s day. my gifts will be delivering later on pls do not trash them

Natasha: is that coulson’s song?

Y/N: this explains why my room is flooded with gifts from the others

Natasha: why must tony give us all cardboard cutouts of him every year?

Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro: couldn’t u choose a better song old man? this is why u have no valentine. even ur wife said no.

Clint: did i invite u? no.

Pietro: today is a day of love so don’t be salty

Clint: Na.

Clint: hahaha get it

Pietro: no

Clint: ofc you wouldn’t

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thaNK YOU !!!
notes: some of these are a little more Hot than usual so read the warnings !!! also these all mention drinking in some capacity 


  • you’re at a party and you’re bored out of your mind so you go toward the bathroom to take a break from the shitty music
  • and you see this guy???? dressed in all black laying in the bathtub reading a book
  • and you’re like “um-” and he looks up and he’s like “ill close the curtain if you need to p-”
  • and you’re like “im fine, but uh - is that comfortable?”
  • and he grins and is like “not really, but my friends need someone to be the designated driver when this is over and every other surface in the house is covered in people,,,,,,,doing things,,,,,so i just take cover here.”
  • and you’re like oh wow,,,,,and you see that he’s reading a book on like the human psyche and Renaissance art something really wild like that
  • and you’re like “read me a passage from that.” and his eyes go wide and he’s like ????? are you interested in art and psychology? and you’re like um,,,,,,,,,,,i just rather listen to writing than whatever crap they’re playing out there
  • he laughs at that and he’s like “sure let me read you this cool line about sculpture-”
  • and you sit on the edge of the tub listening to this strangers deep, handsome voice read out to you
  • and when he’s done with the passage he asks you what you think about it and you’re like “hmm,,,” and you guys spend a good two hours like that
  • you even move off the ledge of the tub into the tub and your sitting with your legs over the long legs of the guy and talking about what the meaning of life really means
  • and only when you hear someone yell out “namjooN,,,,,yOONGI is TRYING to DRIVE but he’s DRUNK”
  • does the guy say he have to get up and when he does you realize holy heck he’s TALL
  • and now you’re both standing in the tub and you hear it again, the person outside yelling for namjoon
  • and namjoon is like “this ,,,,,,was fun”
  • and you can see his ears going a bit red as he scratches at his neck and he’s like “here-”
  • he hands you the book and he’s like “it’s a thanks for hanging out with me.” and you’re like “oh,,,,,i only have this to give you-”
  • and you lean up, pressing your lips to his cheek
  • and namjoon’s blushing ears turn to his blushing whole face
  • but he tilts his head a bit and kisses you on the lips and you guys are about to make out in this tub
  • but the door flies open and taehyung is holding yoongi whose got the keys to the car swinging around his finger and taehyung is like hYUNG kiss them later pleASE HELP me


  • it’s 3 am and the train is empty except for you and this other dude and you’re both obviously,,,,,,,coming from the club because he’s got his beanie pulled over his eyes and you’re trying to get your bag closed but the zipper is blurry in your eyes
  • but then the train stops in the middle of the train and you groan because what kind of jam could happen at 3 in the damn morning
  • and the guy pulls up his beanie to reveal a handsome, but equally pissed off about the train face
  • and after 20 minutes of the train not moving you’re like,,,,outloud,,,, “what the HELL are we gonna be down here all night”
  • and the guy just scoffs and is like “i know right”
  • and you’re just like “this,,,,,,,,,,,subway is so dumb,,,,,,” and he’s like “super dumb,,,,,like whose operating this thing? a ghost? who can’t drive?”
  • and you let out a loud laugh and you’re like thaTS whaT IM SAYING
  • and he’s like “i could probably,,,,,,drive this train better”
  • and you’re like “you should go try” and he’s like “I WOUL,,,,d if i wasn’t,,,,,,,,,,,,tipsy,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like same same same
  • and then it’s silent until you’re like “what should we do while we wait”
  • and the guys like “idk,,,,,,what do you usually do to pass the time.”
  • and you think about it and you’re like “um,,,,,,,,i dance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or kiss someone,,,,,,,,sometimes at the same time,,,,,,,,,i did that today,,,,,,,like a couple hours ago”
  • and the guy raises an eyebrow and he’s like “you sound like my friend taehyung” and you’re like “is taehyung cool” and the guy shrugs but he’s like “you can dance here,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you want”
  • and you decide, just for the giggles, that you will so you put your phone on the loudest volume and put on some song and start to dance the best you can with your depleated energy and blurry vision
  • and the guy kind of watches with a half-grin
  • until you move over and try to get him up and he’s like groaning that he doesn’t want to and you’re like c’mon there’s nothing else to do plus no one sees us
  • and at first he’s completely unmovable
  • until finally you get him up and he kind of tetters forward onto you and you’re like “oooooo i got you don’t worry”
  • and your faces are much closer now and you realize he really is,,,handsome and you’re like whats your name and he’s like ‘yoongi’ and you’re like,,,,,,,that’s such a handsome name just like your face
  • and he’s like you’re right
  • and you’re both standing there and he’s like “you said that you dance,,,,but also that you kiss people?” and you’re like um,,,yes and he’s like “well i don’t dance so-”
  • and you get what he’s implying and you’re like oh ill gladly kiss you but as soon as you lean up the train jerks
  • and you and yoongi tumble back toward the seats and he’s like woAH and you’re like laughing but it’s cute you guys,,,,,get comfortable sitting next to each other and yoongi is kinda too awkward to ask you to kiss him again 
  • but you do kiss him, right before you get off at your stop 

Jin +Hoseok [slight nsfw]

  • they’re office buddies with completely different personalities but damn do they love to drink together 
  • especially when the boss is gone for the day and they have to stay overtime hoseok just pulls a bottle of whatever out of his bag and is like hyuNG let’s crunch numbers while doing back shots
  • and it has ended up in both of them passing out at their desks with hoseok’s tie wrapped around his head and seokjin’s collared shirt half un-buttoned
  • and you’re the person who shares the cubicle between their’s and,,,,,you basically take care of them before anything gets out of hand
  • and hoseok is always teasing you and messing up your hair and calling you cute while soekjin is always lecturing you on manners and asking you to taste test what he’s brought from home
  • and it’s ,,,,,, tiring but at least they’re not creepy and if anyone is creepy toward you they’re both like “square up. right now. we’re basically their bodyguards stay back.” jin even once got a stapler and was like @ the creep “im not afraid to use this in ways you thought unimaginable”
  • one night when it’s the three of you hoseok is like “i just had three shots and an amazing idea: truth or dare”
  • and jin is like “you know,,,usually i’d tell you that’s for highschoolers but i hate everything right now so let’s do it.”
  • and of course you can’t play truth or dare with two people so guess who gets roped in: it’s you
  • and you’re like fine whatever and hoseok is like truth or dARE and you’re like “Dare” because you aren’t about to spill any secrets about yourself
  • and hoseok is like “,,,,if i was,,,,,,,not thinking about another shot i would say do something silly but i dare you to kiss the one you think is more hotter: me or seokjin”
  • and if you choose hoseok you like roll your eyes but says “sorry seokjin” and lean over to kiss hoseok
  • who is SURPRISED and seokjin is so offended he excuses himself to go look in the mirror for a while and you’re sitting there like “ok truth or d-”
  • but hoseok is like “do that again” and you’re like what and he’s like “please, do that again.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,ok and you crawl over to him and bring your lips to his and he suddenly has his arms around your waist and pulling you toward and ontop of him
  • and he falls back against the carpeted floor of the office and you’re just like ,,,,,not just kissing now like you can feel hoseok’s tongue and his hand is slipping from your waist downward
  • and you’re like “wait - seokjin might come ba-” and hoseok is like “he won’t. he’s gonna have a date with the bathroom mirror so do you want to stay on the floor or should i get you on my desk-”
  • if you choose seokjin you get kind of embarrassed because you’re like “i,,i can’t kiss seokjin,,,,,” and seokjin sticks his tongue out at hoseok because hA they thin im more handsome and hoseok makes a face but is like “kiss him, i dared you.” and seokjin grins at you and is like “i don’t mind!”
  • and you’re looking at him,,,,,with his button down and his neat tie and his slicked back hair and you’re like “,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and hoseok is like “FINE ill leave and give you two some privacy” and you’re like “hos-” but it’s too late he’s gone and seokjin is looking at you suddenly with a Much Different Expression
  • and he carefully undoes his tie and is like “it was too tight, now come here” and you’re like uh ,,, um,,,,,,,wha,,,,,,,,
  • but seokjin is taking your wrist and you’re like oh- and when his lips press softly against yours,,,,it’s like heaven and you might as well just leave this planet right in this moment
  • but then you’re also like,,,,,you let your hands come up and undo his button down and seokjin is like smirking and he’s like “you really want to go that far already?”
  • and you stammer a bit but seokjin is full on smirking now and he’s like “c’mon, get up and let’s go.” and you pass by hoseok whose coming back from the bathroom and seokjin is like “we’re gonna be using the breakroom for a while, it’s going to get loud so just go home hoseok ok?”
  • and hoseok is like hYUNG WHAT GET IT 


  • gets easily emotional over small things,,,,,but it’s what makes him charming 
  • and he’s having like an extra hard week because work is slowly stressing him to insanity and ,,,,,, he just needs an hour to himself so he decides to go get his favorite snack at the mall
  • but the minute he turns around with his ddeokbokki in hand some asshole goes rushing past him and it falls from his arms and splatters all over the floor
  • and he tries to get down to clean it up,,,,,,,but he just stares at it,,,,,,the mess of sauce and the cakes and he’s just,,,,,, he turns back to look at you, who works the stall and ,,,,,, oh my god he’s crying
  • and you rush out and take off your apron and try to clean up the mess while also asking jimin what’s wrong (you know him because he’s a local at your stall) and he’s just quivering and you’re like ok ok ok come with me
  • and you lead him inside and put up a “on break” sign and you’re like “jimin what’s going on??”
  • and he’s just,,,sobbing now and you’re like omg and you don’t know what to do so you just open your arms to offer a hug
  • but you don’t expect jimin to throw his whole body toward you and you’re like o  H 
  • and he’s like “eVERYTHING is going WR O N G,,,,,,,,” and you’re like im sorry,,,,,do you wanna talk about it????
  • and he does. he really does. he talks for a longtime but you don’t mind because jimin is always so sweet and you don’t want someone so nice to keep all of this bottled up
  • and when he’s done, after all the tissues you used to wipe his tears to the point where you ran out and had to use your own sleeve, he hiccups and is like im sorry,,,,,,for telling you all that
  • but you’re like no omg it’s fine. all of us go through big messes in our life
  • and jimin sniffles, looking up at you and you’re like “hey let me make you some more ddeokbokki. just sit here for minute”
  • and when you return you give jimin the snack and he eats some 
  • and he’s like “i love it so much.”
  • and you’re like “thank you!!!!”
  • and then you hear him go: “i love you too” and you’re like pause. what
  • and jimin’s eyes widen and he’s like oh no,,,,,why did i say,,,,,,,,that,,,,,,,,,,,,,now is not the time to confess to them  ehrgljbgfsawdg
  • but you just grin and reach out to thumb away some sauce from his lip and you’re like
  • “let’s start with like jimin? i like you too.” 

Taehyung [slight nsfw / implied taehyung + jimin + you] 

  • wants to makeout with everyone, at the same time preferably 
  • comes to the party wearing lipstick and glitter highlighter and a jean jacket that has half the back missing and he’s not interested in what gender or what color or what kind of physical body you have ,,,,,,if you make him laugh,,,,,,,,,,,,,like he’s gonna want to kiss you (with your permission of course) (and the permission of whoever else you 2 want to include in this group kiss)
  • very handsy and affectionate and tells everyone about how he once backpacked through europe and met the descendant of a prince of some province and then,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,,made out with him,,,,,,,,,and how he met a girl who breeds snakes and how he well,,,,,,,made out with her,,,,,,,,,
  • “i got this tattoo on my ankle at a frat party at a college i didn’t even go to because the college was in germany” 
  • you meet him as you’re getting a drink and you accidentally turn around too fast and it spills on him and you’re like shit im so sorry but taehyung just laughs it off and takes his shirt off and you’re like oh 
  • and he’s like “there problem fixed” and he’s,,,,,,really lean and his pretty tan skin has some tattoos and some bruises,,,,what you presume are actually love bruises and bite-marks more than anything
  • and taehyung sees you looking and he laughs and is like “like what you see?” and you’re like uM,,,,,,and he’s like “who are you here with?”
  • and you point over to your best friend jimin who invited you along and taehyung is like “care to introduce me?”
  • and that’s how you end up sitting between jimin and taehyung and taehyung is so hilarious and jimin is usually shyer,,,,,but with taehyung’s open personality all three of you are laughing 
  • and wow taehyung smudges his highlighter and the liner around his eyes and his whole cheek is full of glitter and it’s really cute and you’re like “can i kiss the glitter off your skin?” and he’s like hehe sure
  • and you do and then you kiss him and there is lipstick on you now and you turn around and jimin is like “,,,,,,,,you have some- come here” and kisses you
  • and it’s great ,,,,,,,,,, two cute boys 
  • and you three ditch the party and jimin is like “i live down the block!!” and you know fun stuff happens however you would like to Assume it Happens
  • but in the morning you and taehyung say goodbye to jimin and as you’re walking out of the apartment,,,,messy hair and instead of your jacket you have taehyung’s thrown over your shoulders
  • you’re like “well -” and taehyung is like “wanna go get some breakfast with me? we can count it as our first date ;)” and you’re kind of taken back because oh,,,,,date,,,,,
  • and taehyung laughs at your surprise and he’s like “i know i don’t seem like the type to do dates, but i do. especially when i like a person as much as i have started liking you.” 


  • you’ve known jungkook since you were kids but you never expected to find him sleeping on your balcony,,,,,,especially when you didn’t let him into your apartment
  • but that is Exactly how you find him and you’re like,,,,,what the hell i live on 4th floor how did he get up here
  • but when you bend down to wake him up you see that he’s got a swollen lip and some marks on the side of his face and you’re like WHAT DID THIS BOY DO
  • and you gently shake him, instead of yelling at him as you first planned to and you’re like “jungkook - hey - bro - bruh - dude - wake up”
  • and he lets out like a tiny moan of pain as he tries to roll over and his face touches the floor and when you finally get him to sit up he’s like “where am i?”
  • and you’re like “on my balcony”
  • and he’s like what the hell did you carry me up here??? and you’re like you know that’s impossible you fool you probably climbed the tree over there and then jumped or something you like doing that you’re like a spidermonkey
  • and jungkook laughs at that but winces in pain and you’re like “come inside let me look at your beat up face”
  • and he’s sitting at your kitchen table with dried blood on his face and hands and clothes that you’re pretty sure you saw him in yesterday
  • and you’re like getting what you can out of your medicine cabinet and you’re like “care to explain?”
  • and he’s like “some,,,,,,dude was trying to rob this old lady and the hyungs told me not to chase him but i did,,,,,,,,,and then his friends were waiting around the corner from your building,,,,”
  • you kind of sqaut down infront of him and bring the antiseptic up to his cuts and he’s like taking in a breath and you’re like “sorry, sorry”
  • and he’s like “they got a hold of me for a bit but then i ran away and i probably just thought this would be a good place to hide out,,,,”
  • you put a bandage over the cuts and try to apply something to the swollen lip of his 
  • and you look at him,,,,,,the boy you usually see with the pure big eyes and sweet childish face,,,,,now looking rugged and you don’t want to admit it but he looks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kind of hot
  • and you’re like “jungkook you’re not a superhero you can’t just go off and get beat because someone robbed someone” and he shrugs it off like he does with everything
  • and when you go over again to give him an icepack you found jungkook kind of falters and his eyes drop and you’re like “what’s wrong?”
  • and he just murmurs under his breath that you’re just ,,,,, really close 
  • and you hadn’t noticed it but you had been leaning yourself against his thighs,,,,,basically inbetween his legs
  • and you can see the blush rise up in jungkook’s face,,,,,,,and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god,,,,,,,,,,
  • but after all he is an adult and you’re like dkgbvjsldld but also ,,,,,, it’s kind of,,,,,,,flattering
  • and you like can’t kiss his face but you decide to tease and you’re like “i know what will heal all of this up a healing kiss -” and you like take his palm and kiss it and jungkook really is blushing now. you can see the steam coming out of his damn ears
  • and you’re like “but also just knock on my door next time,,,,,,,don’t sleep out on the balcony jungkook WHO DOES THAT” 

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I love your writing, and I wanted to request #36 for Andreil? Thank you!! 💖❤️

Thank you!!! The prompt was “And you’re naked. Okay.” Enjoy!

It was day 27 of Neil’s second year and he was beginning to think he hadn’t fully thought through what moving in with Andrew and Kevin meant. Specifically, he hadn’t thought enough about the “living with Kevin” part.

For example, today. Neil forgot one of his textbooks and had to make the long trek back to the room, only to open the door and find Kevin standing in the kitchen, looking shockingly relaxed for having just been walked in on a state of complete undress.

“And you’re naked. Okay,” Neil muttered under his breath.

“Don’t you have class?” Kevin yelled after him, still looking irritatingly nonplussed.

“Yeah. I just, uh, forgot my book.”

Kevin nodded and turned back to his food, so Neil was able to sneak out and make his way to class.

Later that night on the roof with Andrew, Neil finally broached the topic. “So, does Kevin, like, always hang out naked in the dorm?”

Andrew shrugged. “Pretty much, yeah.”

“And everyone’s okay with it?”

“I don’t care. He’s hot.”

Neil nodded, throat tightening. It wasn’t- he wasn’t jealous. He knew what Andrew thought when he looked at Kevin was just physical and he knew- at least he hoped- that what Andrew saw when he looked at Neil was more than that. But this was still new, to both of them, and Neil still felt like for every little bit of ground he gained, there was another obstacle in the way to make him lose his footing.

“I guess,” Neil answered finally.

“You guess?” Andrew asked, but he seemed more curious than disbelieving.

Neil shrugged. “The only person I’ve thought about naked is…you.”

Neil figured it must have been the faint glow of the sunset that made color appear on Andrew’s cheeks. He didn’t dare allow himself more than that.

“So when you say you don’t swing, you really mean-”

“It’s you. Just you. I look at anyone else and it’s just- nothing. Physically. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Andrew was silent for a long moment and Neil worried that it was too much, that he had crossed a line they couldn’t come back from. Then, Andrew reached out and laid his hand on top of Neil’s.

His lips twitched into a smile. “So am I hotter than Kevin?”

Andrew considered for a second. “It’s more a matter of whose mouth is less irritating.”

“How did I end up winning that fight?”

Andrew tilted his head to the side in mock thoughtfulness. “You talk about Exy two percent less than him.”

Neil grinned and leaned in to kiss him. When they pulled away, Andrew said, “And your mouth is good for some other things.”

Neil smiled and let himself be pulled in again.

That night, as he got ready for bed, the implications of their conversation hit him. He had just admitted that he wanted to see Andrew naked. And Andrew hadn’t shot him down.

Neil smiled to himself. That was a conversation for another day.

Late Night Studies

Parring: Sirius Black X Reader

Word: 1601 EXACTLY!

Warnings: none other my English!

Summary: Reader’s shy personality doesn’t quite fit with her boyfriend, Sirius Black’s

A/N: I hope this is alright, it turned out a bit longer than i planned. Tell me what you think or request something!

Originally posted by breakfreemodel

“You’d thought I would have gotten the hang of it now”

You looked to your left, where your eyes fell on a dark-haired boy. A small smile spread on your lips as you admired him. He was looking down in a book while scratched his neck with a frown on his forehead.

“I give up” Sirius said as he dropped his quill, leaned back, and looked at you with a smile on his lips. “What about we just do this another day, huh? “

“You said that yesterday” You answered with a lifted eyebrow. “And the day before that, and the day before… “

“Okay, okay, I get your point! “. You couldn’t help but chuckle a bit, and Sirius soon joined in, before looking at you.

“fine” you sighed, not being able to resist his puppy eyes anymore. “But this is the last time, we’re doing it tomorrow! “

“Promise! “Sirius said seriously, before breaking into a big smile. “So, Y/N… “he said as he leaned towards you.

“Sirius” you answered while looking away, feeling a light blush rising to your cheeks. It wasn’t that long since Sirius had asked you out, and you had started dating.


“Look who it is “He said, sitting down in the chair that stood on the other site of the table. “What are you doing here, Princess? “

“Just… Trying to do some homework… “you said without looking up from the potions book. Your grip around the quill tightened when the boy didn’t continue. However, you were not the type to do something about it, so you just continued reading for the next few minutes.

You could feel Sirius’s eyes rest on you, and your face became redder for every minute he watched you.

“Progressing? “He asked, and you wondered why he had asked that, before you realised you had read the same paragraph since he sat down.

“Why are you here? “you asked, daring to look up at him without lifting your head. His eyes were fastened on you, a small smile playing on his lips.

“What are you doing next weekend? “He asked, almost as careless as if he had asked what you hoped there would be for dinner. You frowned slightly.

“I-I don’t know… “You answered, finally lifting your head to meet his eyes fully. His smile grew, and your face became hotter under his look.

“Good” he said. “Then I suppose I can ask you on a date to Hogsmeade? “

“A what?! “You asked shocked, before becoming embarrassed by your outburst. Sirius only chuckled. “Sorry”

“No, do not apologize” he said, and sharpened his look. His grey eyes were calm and intense, like he could look right through you. You often wondered if he could.

“What do you say? “he asked. You looked around in the library, scanned the bookshelf’s, expecting to see the other boys behind one of them. You had never talked to Potter, Lupin or Pettigrew, but lately you had started talking to Sirius more. It had started when Professor Middleton asking if you could help Mr. Black with his herbology, and well, you had.

“Don’t bother” You said on a low voice, looking down in your book. “I know all about it”

“What do you mean? “he asked with a frown, and you looked up.

“Your prank” you said, begging he wouldn’t notice how your voice was shaking. “You can go find another girl to make fun of”

“A prank? I wouldn’t do that! “He asked, and you lifted an eyebrow. “Alright, maybe I would. But not on you! Not with this! Trust me! We don’t have to go to Hogsmeade, we could do something else, we don’t even have to tell others about it! Please, Y/N? Give me a chance? “

You bit your lip, considering it for only a moment


Almost four weeks had passed since the Hogsmeade weekend. The weekend had turned into you two meeting more often, but it became less about herbology. Sirius had started talking about you two as if you were more than friends, which had caused you to question him. You had been sure no one would want to date you because of your… disability. It was a problem for you every day, so why would anyone else want to deal with it? Take twice as long to get anywhere because there were stairs everywhere in the castle? There were places you weren’t even able to go because of your wheelchair. You had often cursed the founders for not thinking of things like that, but then you figured that there probably weren’t wheelchairs then. Then you cursed the chair itself and all the stairs.

“Y/N? “Sirius said, and you looked up. “You’re zoning out”

“Sorry, I was just… thinking… “you said while looking down, a small blush creeping onto your face.

“We talked about that, it’s not good for you” Sirius said with a grin, and you smiled. When you looked up, his face was serious. “What was it this time? “

“Just… “You started, taking a deep breath. “You, and us, and the chair, and stairs, and… I just… I hate it sometimes. I wish it wasn’t like this”

“Y/N” Sirius said softly, leaning towards you, taking your hand. “I don’t care about the chair, you know that! Hell, I don’t care if you an arm, or both, or your head! Okay, maybe I would care about that, I’m not sure you would survive”

You chuckled, and he smiled at you before continuing.

“The point is, I love you” he said while looking at you. “I love you more than anything else, and I’m not going to let a stupid wheelchair get in the way! I don’t care about it, it doesn’t matter to me, so it shouldn’t matter to you either”

You nodded, and he lifted an eyebrow to ask if you were okay. You answered by taking his other hand, and he leaned towards you.

“Hey! Padfo-OOOOOH! “Someone shouted, and Sirius jumped up. You both looked up to see three boys stand in the library, looking shocked at you.

“So, this is where you have been disappearing! “Potter said, and walked towards the table. He grabbed a chair, and sat down on the other site, before looking at you. “You know, I was starting to get worried. He told us a girl was helping him out with some herbology, but I think he forgot to mention she was cute“

“Stop flirting with my girlfriend, Prongs! “Sirius said, his eyes sharping as he looked as his friend.

“Girlfriend?! “The boy with the glasses gasped, and lifted a hand to his heart. “Padfoot! You forgot to mention you had gotten a girlfriend! “

“If I may interrupt… “Lupin said, and you all looked to him. “I said he was in love”

“yes, yes” Potter said while waving it off. “But can you blame me for not believing you? I believe this is the first time our dear Padfoot have been in love! “

“Maybe you could stop talking about me like I ain’t here? “Sirius asked, his face starting to redden. Normally you would have been embarrassed, and sure you were, but it was also fascinating to hear his friends.

“Maybe you could introduce us to your girlfriend then? “Lupin asked, and you could feel everyone look at you. Now it was your turn to blush.

“This is Y/N Y/L/N” Sirius started, and took your hand, trying to calm you down. “She’s… “

“James Potter, also known as Prongs, Sirius’ best friend, Gryffindor quidditch captain, but you probably know that already” Potter said, holding out his hand. You tried to dry your sweaty palms in your skirt before you took it. A big smile spread on his face.

“James! “Sirius said, and the other boy laughed before winking at you. This lead you to blush even more.

“That’s Peter” James said, gesturing to the smallest one of them. He lifted an arm to say hello, and you mirrored his gesture. “And then we have Remus”

“Hello Y/N” He said with a smile.

“Hi” you said nervous. Remus seemed nice, like the kind of boy you could become friends with. James was loud and dramatic. Sure, so was Sirius, but he knew how to turn it down when he was with you. Peter hadn’t even said a word this entire time.

“We were… kind of in the middle of something… “Sirius said after a while with silence, and the other boys nodded as if they remembered.

“Yes! Of course, we also have stuff to do, right James? “Remus said, his two last words were sharp against James.

“Not really” James said with a pout, but stood up anyway. “But I guess we’ll go. I’ll see you later Sirius! “

“Y/N” Remus said while looking at you. “it was nice to meet you, I hope Sirius decides to introduce us probably next time”

“M-me too” you said with a nervous smile, and Remus smiled again, before the three boys left the library. You still had the shadow of a smile on your lips when you turned to Sirius, only for it to disappear when you saw his face.

“What is wrong? “you asked, and he sighed.

“I’m sorry about them, especially James” he said before looking at you. “He can’t read a situation”

“I’m glad I got to meet your friends” You said with a smile, and he lifted an eyebrow to ask if you meant it. You answered by taking his hand, and leaning in. You could see the smile on his lips before you kissed him.

Shame/Less 5/7


A/N: I highly suggest reading the author’s notes at the end. They will put some of this in context.

You’d apologized to Tony so much for the destruction of his Italian furniture in your room that he had grown beyond sick of hearing it, and just to shut you up about paying him back, had taken the jar of quarters on your nightstand. You had a funny feeling that the jar was just sitting on a shelf in his lab, unused, and that he would return it to you once you got over feeling so horrible.

           Bucky had checked in with Steve every night for a week, and on the day he finally came back to the Tower, you were nowhere to be found, not even present for the celebratory dinner that came as a reward for finishing a mission and destroying one more HYDRA base.


           You stiffened.

           “Can I come in?”


           He peeked around the door. “Are you okay?”


           “You’re not in heat, are you?”

           “No, I’m not,” you retorted, all your frustration suddenly bubbling up at his question. “But that’s exactly what you would think, isn’t it, you disgusting piece of shit?”

           He staggered.

           “I am so fucking sick of being defined by a label that I didn’t ask for!” you shouted. “And you—you stupid, fucking asshole—you wormed your way right in, didn’t you? Hoping that one day I’d just get over everything and want to fuck you when I got in heat, that we’d bond and you could just take over my life and get me pregnant with a bunch of your little babies and make me take care of your house and spread my goddamn legs whenever you wanted me to? That’s what you fucking wanted, isn’t it? You fucking Alphas, you’re all the same, you’re soulless, predatory monsters, and all you want is a little slave to take care of everything! Well, I’m not gonna fucking have it, Alpha, I grew up in a family of those who tried to make me just that, they made sure I knew how worthless I was, how I failed them when I was born an Omega, and I swore to myself I’d never let a man make a slave out of me! And then you come along, and you make me like you, and then you go off and fuck another Omega and I realize you’ve basically manipulated me into being jealous—you’ve turned me into exactly what I never wanted to be, a mindless, obedient, sex-driven, worthless Omega! I hope you’re fucking happy with yourself!” You took a breath. “So go ahead, why don’t you fucking stick it between my legs? Come on, you fucker, it’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

           Bucky turned on his heel and left.

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anonymous asked:

Could you pls do an Exo ot-9 scenario/reaction where you're all playing truth or dare and you're dared to give a lap dance to another member (other than the one you're dating) and the three of you end up getting turned on?



Angry when Sehun dared you, but when you started to fake grind on Kai, he felt like the room got hotter, silencing imagining it was him. Afterwards, Kai had his hands in front of his crotch to hide the boner and you needed some relief. It was awkward afterwards because Junmyeon wasn’t hiding his boner.


Silently killing Suho when you started dancing in front of Baekhyun. The whole time, he’s watching your movements and slowly getting turned on. By the end, all three of you were looking at each other and Minseok stands up and takes you away from the group. “Can I join?” Baekhyun whines.


started to get turned on the minute you started to bend down in front of Kyungsoo. When did they learn how to do that? Kyungsoo’s body was on fire by how you were moving on him. All three of you were embarrassed by how turned on you were and it was visible. “Show me those moves on me, next time” Lay whispers to you and Kyungsoo goes to the bathroom.


He’s whining the whole time. “Get off of him~ Chen isn’t even cool as me!” but he’s watching with his hands by his crotch and Jongdae is looking up at down at you like you’re his girlfriend. Afterwards, Baekhyun made you promise that you’ll do the same for him in private


thought it was funny when you started but while you were grinding on Xiumin, the both of the boys were getting turned on. When Xiumin grabbed a hold your waist, Jongdae stood up and grabbed your hand to led you to the bedroom. “Well, are you coming?” he screams to Xiumin. he’d so be down for a threesome tho


is really angry at first. Like, really angry. You do it though, whipping your hair and swaying your body on Sehun, Chan begins get aroused. Sehun begins to get turned on and you were turned on the whole time. At the end, all three of them were quiet the rest of the night.


he was silent. The whole time. Everyone was scared, especially Chanyeol. He’s just watching you and Yixing is biting his lip. Once you sat down, you sit on his lap to be poked by kyungsoo jr. And Yixing is fanning himself down.


Once you started to grind on Junmyeon, it was game over. His eyes were growing dark, he was glancing at every move that you’re doing. Suho was trying to hold the sexual thoughts in his head. All three of you ended up not making eye contact to each other.


Chanyeol was having fun, but he wasn’t showing it; the tent in his pants were. Sehun didn’t think he would get turned on but he did. What can he say? He’s an ass man and you were throwing your ass in his direction the whole dnace session. Of course, you were only trying to get Sehun’s attention and not the big giraffe on the chair.

anonymous asked:

Connor x theatre nerd! reader whereby he reader may ramble a lot idk mannn thanks anyway ily💛

Sorry it took so long! Here are some head cannons, my friend! And, whats this? Gender neutral? I hope so, at least! I tried the best I could! Let me know if I miss something!

WC: 596

Warnings: Swearing

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Poolside- 2

Originally posted by wonhontology

Son Hyunwoo

word count: 2285

🎧 Hunger- Sam Sure

The small guest house fit a small bedroom, a shared living room and kitchen area, and a bathroom. It had been your place to hide when you were young enough to get away with it. Before it became a “childish cry for attention.”

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burrying your face at your desk,silently gathering your thoughts cause of the stress, you’re having.

thinking that it should be peaceful, silent. focusly. not until you heard a fake cough that made you sighed.
not bothering to lift your head up, fixing your things so you can leave.

“aren’t you gonna greet me, Sweetheart?” hearing how cocky his voice were. irking you, as always he does.

“i don’t have time to your bullshit.” you answered, clenching your teeth and slings your bag in your shoulders.

the boy you hated, the boastful fuck head of your school. Choi Seungcheol. you exactly hated him, you disgust him, the fact that he had sex with almost everyone in your school. him,being the hottest man in the University. along with his 12 shit friends just like him.

girls oggling to get them, put there hands in underneath them. That wasn’t you. you weren’t one of those girls that wants to beg for there glory and shut you up with their amazing skills, that you’ve heard. Fuck no.

snickering to what he heard and shakes his head,with sarcasm. looking at you with his michevious eyes. licking his lips and steps closer at you.

making you feel his hot breath in your cheeks and whispers. “Ah, my bullshits?” chuckling softly that made you goosebumps. “perhaps, you haven’t experience one of it.” said he.

feeling the atmosphere hotter than before. irritating you more than ever, you weren’t suprised. you and choi sungcheol would never get along. Never in your life.

your heart was racing hardly, not because of the tingles and hotness in your spine, its because of the hatred you have againts him.

“i wouldn’t dare to have it Choi Seungcheol. me begging to let me cum, asking for your cock to fuck me. bending in my knees to suck you off, pumping you passionately, wrapping my hot mouth in your dick that made you thrust your thick thighs to catch up with your release. bobbing my head like a good prey,tangling your hand in my hair to gag you.” you said, staring straightly at his eyes, him looking at like his gonna rip off your clothes.

you couldn’t believe that these words are slipping in your mouth, you never tried to suck a dick nor kiss a man.

your just a virgin girl, who watches porn, when she’s bored and fells asleep since she got bored. and Everyone in this fucking university knows.

That your a virgin girl, that has her skirt wrap tightly in her waist, being afraid that someone might pull it off. scaring her, if someone fucks her and takes her V card away.

“you shouldn’t imagine it. Me having your cock in my hole, that wouldn’t happened Daddy. you won’t ever satisfy my needs. like your little girls around you.” you spat harshly, traveling your gaze at his neck. feeling proud at yourself since you knew you got him.

him,being amused how wonderful your mouth works, you being a simple and no tint sex girl. he was amazed to how you talk Dirtily. making someone want fuck you senseless.

acting like got offended by your words and puts his hand at his chest, puffing his lower lip and shakes his head.

“Ah sweetheart, you don’t know what your missing.” he said, acting like he was teaching you a lesson.

“how about, sucking your neck? Marking you that someone got you. tracing traces in your waist down to your innocent panties, circling teases infront of your pussy.“ taking a breath and looks lusty on you. returning a spat of grossness look.

“making you bite your lips out, asking for daddy to fuck you with my skillful fingers. thrusting so hard, rocking your world with my amazing dick.touching you in the right places, clutching your dear life on me like a good girl.” blinking innocently, and stares down at your legs. licking his lips sexily.

seeing him Unbutton his shirt,revealing his chest skin. makinh you hot,you cannot be Lured with this asshole.you"ll never want Choi Sungcheol.

“sucking your breast, putting your cute little perk nipples in my cavern,squeezing the other one,fucking your Ass like you want Daddy too.” he added hotly, seeing how perfect size your breast is.

“Bet your wet already baby.” he blob.

sighing in response, acting like you weren’t faze at all. sarcastically yawning like you’ve just heard a boring poem in your life.

“no actually, you made me dry. how can those girls say how amazing you are, when you made me sleepy Daddy?” you remark. looking so Innocently at him, you were lyin..your having the sticky sensation in down at you, God. you just want to leave this classroom and shower.

chuckling darkly to what you said, you’ve never been an easy girl, never been an easy target. He was liking it, the fact that you both hated each other. but all he wants was to get you underneath him. He should get it.

“Baby, was Daddy not making you riled up? how about i show you or you prefer talking? Ah- licking your clit, having my perfect dick fickle your cunt. Isn’t that amazing?” he uttered, his gaze was never leaving you.

“Daddy, im not a good girl to obey what you pledge me to do, how about ill try to be a good girl and leave you behind to finish yourself off?” you said sexily, looking at him disgustly.

not wanting to hear any words from him anymore and turns your back, nothing will change. you’ll just disgust him more than ever. he’s just a piece of shit that knows Sex.

furrowing his brows and smiles to his self, wanting you to fight back.

“you like Mingyu don’t you?” making you stop your tracks from moving, pissing you off once again.

“him, licking your pussy clean, putting that cunt of yours to his face, asking for his cock to complete you. riding him like theres no tomorrow, pleasing your love to ecstasy,saying i love you to each other, Lovely.” he said,clapping his hand sarcastically. he knows your weak spot.

he was wrong,all of he said was wrong. you like Mingyu,no. you Love your bestfriend Mingyu.

you fell inlove with him, too bad that he’s on this fucking Seungcheol’s group. Mingyu has ever been kind to you. even he’s not,and you fell for him.

“i tell you Baby, Mingyu wouldn’t ever lay an eye for a girl like you. He wouldn’t prefer someone like you. your just a plain girl that has nothing but her boring life.” mocking you.

sending you some punch in your heart.

Once again. he hurted you with his stupid words. he was judging you, he judged you wrong again. You love Mingyu,and you’ll never ask his dick for.

But the fact that you knew, what Mingyu really wants. the chances were gone.

you being a tough girl,you wouldn’t ever let your enemy see you affected by their words. Pride is in you, you wouldn’t lose to him.

“Well daddy, i don’t give a fuck. i don’t need someone to love me, i can handle myself very well.” you answered, seeing him lean cooly at the wall,just a few meters away from you.

“not like you,making girls wrap in his fingers. throwing them after he used them, being dirty everyday. never ending needs, being an Asshole shit. no one will ever like you Choi Seungcheol. no one deserves you. you’re a trash.” you spat, wanting some knives lurks in his system.

hearing him tsk, and shuts his eyes.
“that made the both of us.” he quick tounge.

smilling a little and rolls your eyes, licking your dry lips. wanting a comeback.

“No, your dirtier. i’m just a garbage,you should be fire up and dissapear.” looking at your wrist watch and glances at your shoulder.

you can’t waste time just because of him, leaving him behind with a loud thud of the door.

putting his hand at his hair and messes it. he was Fuck up,he couldn’t deny how aroused he was,and he failed again getting you underneath him.

David Pastrnak #1

Requested by Anon: Could u write some David Pastrnak smut please? U two are friends and then he finally tells u that he’s in love with u and then u know what happens😏 If u don’t do that then it could just be fluff lol I’m just so whipped right now omfg thanks

Warnings: Talk of sex, there is sex but not smut, talk of feeling self conscious and not good enough. cussing 

Word Count: 1661

Author’s note: This response was so fun!!! It was so fantastic to write! Also I didn’t actually write smut. I don’t get into step by step detail. But I do get steamy and talk about how the sex went with them :) I’m sorry :( I wish i was more comfortable writing it but I couldn’t and half of that has to be because I have never been in a sexual relationship before so I’m not really sure how it feels. But it gets steamy and it’s a fun and hot read! Hope you like it as much as I do! 

Originally posted by dad-marchand

You walked into your best friend’s apartment wearing your sexiest clubbing outfit. Your best friend was the one and only David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins. He was wearing some black jeans and a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a classic European look. He stared at you for half a second longer than usual. His eyes lusted over and then flared with anger causing you to be confused. You knew David thought you were good looking, and you also thought David was good looking. It was just your friendship, two good looking people. You both were very proud of each other as if you were siblings. Except you weren’t siblings and to say if David were to ever try to push for a relationship, you wouldn’t deny him, but that was unlikely. You both were in the friend zone. “What are you wearing?” David asked with judgment laced in his voice. Your heart dropped a little. Did he not like your dress? It was your favorite outfit and the fact he didn’t approve hurt. You automatically got defensive. “No I wore this just for you and brought a something else to change into,” you sarcastically responded. When David didn’t take to that you decided to just be blunt. “Yes, I’m wearing this out. Do you have a problem with it?” You pushed. He looked you up and down again. You wondered where his mind was going. “Yes, it’s too tight and too short. We’ll have to stop by your apartment so you can change,” he said as if that was the most logical course of action to take. “I’m not changing,” your anger flaring, “I wore this for a reason. It’s my favorite. And who are you to tell me what to wear. Dad!” You added for affect. “We are going out with the team. I don’t want them to look at you and automatically think you’re a slut,” he said while his voice growing louder. You scuffed at him. How dare he, “you and I know just well that the other players’ ‘girlfriends’” you paused to emphasize what you were saying, “are going to be dressed even hotter than me. And this isn’t the first time I’ve been out with your team. They all know me.” He rolled his eyes at you. “Fine let’s go,” he walked away from you. Now it was your turn to roll your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any thoughts on why Dean's hair was different/longer when he was a demon? I'm assuming it was a purposeful change in order to show him being more carefree or something, but I was just wondering if you had any further thoughts on it or if you've discussed it before? (from nealcassatiel)


Originally posted by hufi2


Originally posted by heytheredeann

The style is definitely different even if the length is more or less the same, though slightly shorter on the sides.

but then by 10x07 and 10x08 it is noticeably shorter, mainly on the sides, the top is a bit shorter but yeah obviously styled differently, more in his old style way.

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Originally posted by heytheredeann

So I think it’s a choice to make it longer yes and more just like he runs his hands through it and done (which I think he does a few times?), rather than the way he uses gel and styles it properly the rest of the time (even if really he looks so much hotter with the undone look imo, it does show that he doesn’t really care when he’s a demon and if that isn’t part of the bad boy doesn’t care but somehow looks even hotter thing then….).

And now I thank you for making me look at these and put these gifs on my own dash.

I think i’ll go sit down and breathe now.

Fun in the Sun Drabbles- #2

Originally posted by fuckyeahteamjones

(Gif is not mine)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy (Bones) x Reader
Word Count: 536
Warnings: Sexual implications  
A/N: Ooooooh you guys know I love me some Leonard McCoy. Want to request a drabble? Click HERE for the master post. Enjoy! xx @sayanythingcreations

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Late Night Thoughts by GuardiansLibrary (delicatelyfallingstars) TW/// SELF HARM,DEPRESSION


              His room chilled his skin to the touch. In contrast, his forehead beaded with sweat, he could smell the salt of his face and feel the heat on his neck. He woke up in a jolt, flinching into consciousness. His melancholy dream still hanging in his brain like a fog. He remembered, sitting, maybe a little too close to his housemate. They sat in the night’s silence as they sat on the rim of the backyard pool, looking up into the sky. Although there wasn’t much to see, they kept gazing up into the sky.

   Their bodies were almost touching. So close.

He wanted to be closer, but his heart that pounded in his chest protested with his brain.

_I’m not right for him. Anybody else but me would be better for him…_

   He tore his gaze from the sky and lightly kicked his feet in the water.

   _He’s perfect… And I certainly am not._

   He let out a quiet sigh, feeling his chest starting to tighten up and his face getting hotter, his eyes became glossy.

   The boy next to him looked over at him.

“What’s wrong Tord?”

   Tord chest constricted and he felt his throat close up as the boy asked. He was bursting at the seams with emotion. But how could you pour your heart out when the person you loved was your best friend. Your only friend.

“Edd…” he uttered.

   Tord dared not to look up at Edd.

   “Is something wrong? Are you okay?” he whispered, edge in his voice.

   Tord’s mind buzzed with overbearing thoughts until he couldn’t keep the tears in anymore. He gasped and sobbed.

   Edd quickly scooted closer to him to comfort him, placing his hand on Tord’s opposite shoulder.

   “Tord, calm down. It’s alright. It’s just me… There’s nothing to be scared about.” Edd said softly, leaning over so he could get Tord’s eye contact. But Tord had hid his face in his hands and curled up into his torso. He was choking on whines that he was trying to silence.

   A few more sobs and Tord had gained his voice back.

   “Edd…” His voice raspy and pitifully quiet. “I think… I- I don’t know if you feel the same way, but- I think I like you…” Tord looked up at Edd.

Edd’s face went blank, processing what was happening.

   His face shriveled up in disgust. He quickly pulled away from Tord and stood up, “I’m not gay! That’s gross!”

   Total shock took over Tord. “Wh-what?” he managed to utter out.

   “Goodnight Tord!” Edd practically yelled as he slammed the back door behind him.

   Tord never felt so… empty.

   His soul was crushed.

   He couldn’t even cry.

   He couldn’t move.

   Tord gripped the fabric on his arms, gasping on the air as his brain replayed out the scene. Like a broken vinyl record.

   _“I’m not gay! That’s gross!” “Wh-what?” “Goodnight Tord!”_

   Tord gripped his arms so tightly he felt the blood rushing to the surface of his skin where his nails dug into. He went to pull up his sleeve.

He hovered his hand over his forearm, ready to drag his nails across his skin.

   _No, I’ve managed to last this long without hurting myself…_

   He dropped his hand and bundled his blanket into his fist, his other hand covering his mouth as he began to involuntarily whine and choke.

_What did my therapist say to do?_

   Tord thought for a moment before shakily standing up to sit at his desk, flicking on the desk lamp. He retrieved a leather book from one of the drawers and began scribbing down all his thoughts. He kept writing and writing until his brain went numb and he buried his face into the fold of his arm, resting his eyes. Soon, before he knew it, he fell asleep.

   Edd’s sleep was disturbed by the light that filtered through his window.

_I need better curtains. Jot that down…_

   He sat up and wiped the dried crust from his eyes. Edd rolled off his bed and stumbled down the hallway to the bathroom. Then, down to the empty kitchen. He glanced to the stove clock, it reading 10:43.

   _Better wake everyone up…_

   Edd visited Matt’s and Tom’s rooms first, as they were the first ones down the hallway. Both of them begrudgingly got up and went downstairs to wait for Edd to make breakfast.

The last door was Tord’s room.

   Edd lightly tapped on the wooden door with his knuckles. When an answer didn’t come, Edd peered in.

   He saw Tord sleeping hunched over on his desk, with the lamp on. He amused to himself before stepping in, “Hey Tord!”

   Tord snapped awake.

   “I can’t imagine you slept well on the desk.” Edd joked, a smirk spreading on his face.

   Tord glanced around, realizing that he did fall asleep on the desk. “Oh! I didn’t even realize I did. I guess not.” he let out a halfhearted chuckle.

   Edd laughed softly before leaning onto one hip, “Alright, go ahead downstairs. I’m making breakfast.”

   Tord nodded sleepily and wobbled out of the room.

   Edd looked around his room, filling up with slight irritation.

   _I’ve told him like four times this week to clean his room!_

   He began hastily picking up loose clothing from the ground and adding it to the bundle in his arms.

   Picking up the last few, he tossed the pile into his hamper and looked over the room again.

_He left his light on, ugh._

   Edd approached his desk, flicking off the light. His eyes caught the messy handwriting on the opened book displayed on the desk.

   He was going to leave it but had skimmed over his name in the writing.

   Edd clenched down in his teeth in thought. Curiosity took over him.

   He leaned down and read through the book.

   _I woke up from an awful dream about Edd and I. We were sitting by the pool looking up at the stars when I started to cry. He looked so pretty and I felt like shit about myself so I just… cried. When he asked me what was wrong I told him that I like him and he told me that I was gross and stormed off. Now I feel even more like shit…

But! On the brightside, writing this out made me feel better. I managed to overcome wanting to scratch at my skin. Yay?_

   The entry went on about the rest of his day so Edd decided to stop.

   He blinked blearily and gazed off into the distance.

   He didn’t know what to think.

   Edd snapped out of his blank train of thought as he heard Tom yell for him.

   Edd chewed on his bottom lip, he flicked the lamp back on, so Tord would think he didn’t see the book.

   He quickly went back downstairs, pushing the questions that buzzed around into the back of his head.

          Later that week, once the food in the house was running low, Tom volunteered Edd and Tord to go get groceries while Matt and him played the new Super Smash Bros.

   Tord, feeling particularity drained that day, saw no point in arguing with him.

   Tord sat quietly in the passenger’s seat listening to the radio. He duly looked out of the window, zoning out of reality.

   Edd had suddenly turned down the radio to almost zero. “Can we talk for a minute?”

   Tord blinked back into existence, beginning to feel a heavy atmosphere around him.

   “What about?” he mumbled.

   Edd cleared his throat before speaking. “Well, remember a few days ago when you fell asleep on your desk?”

   Tord slowly nodded, not entirely sure where this was going.

   “Well… You left your journal open-”

   “-you looked through my journal?!” Tord said abruptly, loudly.

   “No! Tord, listen! I wasn’t going to but I saw my name and I got curious?” Edd tried explaining. He looked over at Tord who was avoiding eye contact, staring out of the window. He was clenching the end of his hoodie in his hands.

   Edd tore his gaze away from him and back on the road. “Look, I’m sorry, okay? But I think you should know that I wouldn’t think you were gross if you told me you were gay…” said Edd in a softer, warmer tone.

   He glanced back over to Tord who still had his eyes locked on the road and his hoodie in his fists, but his eyes held back a wall of tears.

“And Tord…” Edd choked out. His own eyes holding back tears.

   “I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself because you think that I wouldn’t accept you… You’re my best friend. Nothing would change that.” his voice wavered and he brought his sleeve up to his eyes to wipe away the hot tears.

   At this point Tord didn’t care about holding back his tears.

   Edd pulled the car over to the side of the road.He unbuckled himself and turned his body towards Tord.

   Tord had covered his face into his hoodie sleeves.


Tord, look at me”

   Tord tore his face from his hands and glanced up at Edd with a pitiful look on his face.

   “You were my first best friend. The first person that actually cares about what I say. And the first person that has supported me all the way through. I love you with all my heart… And no one will ever be able to replace you.”

   “Edd, what are you trying to say?” Tord felt a little spark of hope.

   Edd glanced around, “Maybe we can try and see how this works out okay?”

   Tord sat for a few heartbeats processing what he’d said. “Are you serious?” he let out a puff of amusement. “Of course you aren’t! You’re not gay…”

   “I’m serious…”

   Tord’s heart skipped. “Edd.”

   Edd wrapped his arms around Tord, setting his head on one of his shoulders.

   Tord could feel Edd’s heart racing on his chest. He wondered if he could feel his too. Tord returned the hug, burying his face into Edd’s hoodie.

   “Please don’t let go…” Tord mumbled into the fabric.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

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Jaime Preciado- Really Close Friends

(Summary: the guys know you and Jaime like each other so they play truth or dare to try to get you guys together)

“You know he likes you, right?” Mike said as you took a drink. You choked and coughed a little.

“*cough* Wh-at?”

“Jaime likes you and you definitely like him. Everyone knows you guys have been crushing on each other for the longest except you two.” Mike took another drink of his beer.

“We’re…friends…really close friends” you said in protest. Mike chuckled a bit. “Yeah…sure (Y/N)…”

Mike walked to the other side of the living room to Jaime and Tony. He said something quietly to Jaime and you saw Jaime start to blush and shake his head. Tony laughed and Mike patted Jaime’s shoulder. Vic walked in.

“Who wants food?!” Vic yelled as he placed boxes of pizza on the coffee table. Mike walked over to Vic and whispered something to him. Vic looked confused at first but then smiled and nodded. The two went to Tony as he grabbed a slice of pizza and seemed to whisper the same thing to him. Tony laughed quietly and then said “yeah…okay”

“Let’s play truth or dare, you guys!” Vic said looking at you and then to Jaime on the opposite side of the room. You both agreed and Jaime walked towards the couch to sit down.

There where two couches in the living room. A smaller one (the one you were sitting on) and a larger one. Jaime walked closer to the larger one but before he could take another step Vic, Tony, and Mike quickly sat on it taking up as much room as they could so a forth person couldn’t fit. Jaime squinted his eyes at all of them and they tried to hold back laughter. He then sat next to you on the small couch and put his arm around your shoulder as he normally did since you guys were such close friends.

Mike spoke first after the laughter was over. “I’ll go first. If you do the dare or answer the question, then you get a turn to ask. If you don’t, then the person who asked you gets to ask someone else and you have to take a drink” he said pointing to the case of beers next to the table. “Let’s start.”

“Jaime, truth or dare?”

“Truth” Jaime said cautiously.

“Do you like anyone?” Mike snickered. Jaime hesitated.



Jaime glared at Mike. “You can only ask one question.”

Mike put his hands up a little. “Alright. Alright…your turn.” Jaime asked Vic and then it became his turn. Vic turned to you. “(Y/N), truth or dare?” You picked dare. “I dare you to rub Jaime’s dick through his jeans for 30 seconds.” A look of shock was on your face. You felt yourself blush as your face got hotter. The guys shouted things like “come on! Do it! You know you want to! Don’t be shy!”

You turned to Jaime and his face was just as red as yours. The guys kept yelling and you both decided that it was just a dare and that there was no harm in doing it. Plus you really didn’t feel like drinking too much so you were going to do any dare the guys threw at you anyways.

You placed your hand on Jaime’s thigh and moved up to where his dick would be. The guys were counting to 30 but they did so extremely slowly. You didn’t bother telling them to speed it up and Jaime clearly wasn’t going to say anything about it either.

As you moved your hand up and down, the bulge in his pants grew bigger and began to harden. Jaime moaned very quietly and you heard him say “Ugh fuck” under his breath. The way he said it seemed so hot to you. Right when you thought you were going to have to fight the urge to get on top of him and kiss him, you heard the guys yell “30!” which was followed by laughter.

You pulled your hand away and Jaime almost whimpered at the loss of your touch. It was your turn and you asked Tony. As soon as it was his turn, Tony practically shouted “Truth or dare, Jaime?” Jaime riskily chose dare.

“Go spend 7 minutes in heaven with (Y/N)” Tony said raising his eyebrows. Jaime laughed nervously.

“ haha…We’re playing truth or dare. Not 7 minutes in heaven, Tony.”

“Well, I dare you to take (Y/N) upstairs into the bedroom and spend 7 minutes in heaven with her.” A smirk grew on Tony’s face. Jaime looked at you with lust and want in his eyes. He then grabbed your hand and quickly led you upstairs. You could hear the Mike, Tony, and Vic on the couch.

“Get some, Jaime!”

“Hell yeah! It’s about time you two hooked up!”

“You’ll definitely be spending more than just 7 minutes up there!”

Jaime pulled you into the room and shut the door behind him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him. He grabbed your thighs and picked you up and your legs attached themselves to his waist and back. His hair was intertwining with your fingers as his tongue found its way into your mouth. He laid you down on the bed and then unbuttoned your jeans. Soon after they were removed, he was taking off his own along with his shirt. You pulled off your shirt and you were about to take off your bra when Jaime reached around your back taking it off easily. He started kissing your jaw and made his way down to the sweet spot on your neck. You moaned and he smiled against your skin. He reached his hand down and rubbed soft circles around your clit through your panties.

“Fuck, Jaime” you moaned. He started going faster and harder. You wanted him to stop teasing and just get on with it already.

“Jaime pl-please…” He moved to your ear and started to nibble on the lobe before saying “Please what?” You grabbed his neck and pulled his face to yours. You looked him in the eyes and said “Please fuck me.”

He immediately took off your panties and lowered his boxers. His erection sprang up and he took his length, running the tip up and down your core. You moaned loudly. He slowly pushed himself in and let you adjust. You clawed at his back and he began to thrust in and out slowly.

“Jaime” you moaned “Please. Faster.”

He thrusted faster and harder. You both moaned. The knot in your stomach became tighter and tighter. He grabbed your breast with one of his hands and played with your nipple with his thumb and index finger. You moaned even louder.

“Say my name” Jaime groaned.

“Jaime! Fuck! JAIME!”

You could tell by rhythm of his thrusts that he was getting close. He moved his hand down to your clit and rubbed harsh circles.

“Fuck! Jaime! I-I’m gonna-! I’m cu-!” You screamed his name as the knot released. You tightened and Jaime groaned. “Ugh fuck” he moaned into your ear as he spilled into you. He pumped a few more times slowly until you both came down from your high. He pulled out of you very slowly causing you to slightly whimper in pleasure. He laid down next to you and wrapped his arms around your torso. You placed your head on his chest.

You could still hear the guys downstairs. “Do you wanna go back down?” you asked. “No. Let’s just stay here” Jaime answered.


You were drifting off to sleep and became too tired to respond. Jaime assumed that you were asleep.

“I love you” he said quietly and then kissed the top of your head. He closed his eyes and started to fall asleep. You felt butterflies in your stomach and you went to sleep with a smile on your face.

I Du-it Better

Summary: In which Shadow Dui wants to prove he is better in bed but you’re at work, so—yup. You guys would have to do it on the desk. Is that a problem? Certainly, not for him. [#8]

Notes: Smut. Kids. Run. So yeah, in this fanfic, it’s your first time having sex with Shadow Dui. Pretty hot and heavy. I might change the title because I think no one will take this fanfiction seriously, ahuehue! So yeah, let me know what you guys think. Let’s get nasty.

Inspired by this one line:

“What do you mean I play favorites?”

Shadow Dui was deliberately ignoring your question. He busied himself with the magazines you have in your office. He scanned through the pages with such dull eyes, muttering how typical human beings were with their fancy furniture, clothes and weird penchant for shoes with extremely high heels. Puny humans. You could actually read that from his face. You held your sigh as he stubbornly sat on the edge of your mahogany office desk. Telling him to scoot off would be as impossible as shoving him into the ground from your office desk.

If any of the supervisors or co-workers dare to walk in, your promotion in the planetarium and privileges to keep a neat office would crumble at the sight of this “currently” annoying god who happened to barge in after doing his duties without a fail. You gazed at him, utterly confused as to how he even arrived to such statement as he lounged in your office.

That statement being: “You seem to play favorites, my goddess.”

Was it something you did a while ago with the other gods? You guys only played a really hardcore Monopoly out of every god’s curiosity of the board game! Figuring that was it, you spoke calmly, “You’re my boyfriend Dui. There’s nobody else I’d rather be with. You’re my favorite person.” 

You smiled at your own words but Shadow Dui’s eyes were dangerously turbulent as if they kept a hurricane within them. “Is that so? I don’t believe in you,” he sneered. “Are you sure that there’s nobody else you’d rather be with now? What about the other guy, huh?”

“What other guy?”

He shot an are-you-stupid look and you could only gawk at him in extreme confusion until finally, your mouth shaped into an “o” and you fidgeted with your earlobe. Of course. How could you forget that the person you love has two separate sides of him? You didn’t know what to say and upon seeing your silent realization, he clicked his tongue annoyingly.

“Such an idiot—no wonder you get along more with him.” His voice was like steel. Hard and cold. Shadow Dui was getting bored and even more uninterested with the stack of magazines while you continued on with your work. 

“You want to know why?” you began. “It’s because he doesn’t give me that attitude.” Honestly. It’s like talking to a spoiled brat. The Shadow Dui glowered at you and with such sharp eyes—you became more aware of his proximity to you. He was too close. 

“Maybe if you stopped treating me as if I’m the bad half.”

“You aren’t a bad half. You’re just as good as him… but with an attitude.” At this point, you were just exasperated and wanted him to stop babbling so you could continue your work at peace. Quietly to yourself, you knew very well how this conversation was going to go and you didn’t want the other Dui to feel bad…

“I’m not as good as him. I am better than him,” he snapped with his eyes narrowing at you. “And I don’t appreciate the fact that you favor him more than me.” 

“He is not—”

“I already accept the fact that he’s better at cuddling you during these worthless movies, bringing you home from work, sleeping beside you in a heavenly peace, giving you what you desire so selflessly however…”  Determination clouded in his eyes, urging you to believe in each and every word he says. Your stomach churned yet again. Malice etched on his perfectly structured face. “I give the better sex.”

You stopped writing on the papers given from work—choking the air abruptly at his last few words. Right before you, Shadow Dui scrutinized your shifting expressions. A smug smirk graced on his face. Upon seeing it, something fluttered in discomfort in your belly and you subconsciously set hand over it. 

This was one of those times you realized just how different the two personas of Dui are. It was always stunning to know that Dui’s sweetest side has a part of him that completely contrasts him. This Dui you’re dealing with now often has that hot, smoldering gaze and there was just some kind of particular aura that he wears often. “You… you are both good at it,” you struggled to find your words and what’s worse was how very obvious you were. 

The split-personality god locked his gaze at yours as he leaned across your mahogany desk, his fingers interlaced at his side to prop him up like a demon looking down.

“Even he admits it’s true,” Shadow Dui drawled with a smile that resembled a sly fox’s stretched on his face. “But seeing that look, I guess you don’t enjoy rough sex. Tch—what? Are you scared I’d hurt you?”

Shoot. You gulped with your hands grasping tightly on the arms of your twiddling chair. You didn’t know what to do at this point especially if he’s just hovering close to you. This side of Dui was was undoubtedly devilishly handsome, nothing compared to adorableness the other side brings. In his eyes right now, the stars danced with dark glints and his sexy lips pulled to an even more conceited smile. You could no longer resist the feeling your stomach was lurched.

“I love you both,” you told him firmly. In turn, he gave you a deadpanned expression before sliding down the edge of your table and taking a few strides towards you. Hesitance took over your body as you pushed yourself back a little on your chair. That didn’t go amiss. 

“You didn’t answer the question,” snarled Shadow Dui. “Are you scared? Answer me.”

His shadow towered you and you felt intimidated. You pursed your lips. You had dealt with Shadow Dui’s madness firsthand numerous times and there were multiple times when he did try to murder you and what stopped him was the only fact that the first Dui loved you… 

“I am scared,” you admitted. “But there are times when I’m not…”

“I’d believe you if your knees aren’t shaking.” 

They were. He scoffed at the sight of them, shaking his messy head.

“Just so you know… every woman I know would give their soul just to have one night with me. I can pleasure more ways than the other guy.” Leon would have objected to that but that lion wasn’t around. Or the other gods. It’s just you and Shadow Dui who was closing in the space. You shuddered as you pushed your wheeled chair back once again, leaving enough distance between you and him again. 

“We aren’t having sex in my office,” you said sternly, trying to establish the boundaries that even a god shouldn’t dare pass. After all, you would get into trouble, get demoted—maybe even fired!—since nobody knew that your boyfriend has just decided to snap his fingers and hang out in your office. 

… You look like you want it though. His voice grated in your mind. It was a lot hotter than you imagined. “And may I remind you that you’re not talking to the goody-good-shoes…” Shadow Dui opened his arms, pushed his chin towards you with such lustful promise. You sighed out of exasperation.

“I’m going to lose my job and I won’t be able to make you cherry pies!”

“You’re forgetting I’m a god.” Shadow Dui arched an eyebrow, quite disinterested as always. Crossly, you got up from your chair, not wanting to screw around in the office with the part of Dui who claimed to be a bed-extraordinaire and the living fantasy of every woman (Leon would be very upset with that). 

“Well, you could pop up any cherry but I won’t make anything with it. Now, could you just go back to reading magazines?”

As a last resort, you were going to pick up something that could capture his reflection and make him switch with the other Dui—but he was quicker. Shadow Dui lifted you up on your waist and put you on top of the desk. He nudged your legs apart and stood between them. He placed his hands on either side of your and leaned in so close until his face was only millimeters away from yours that both of your breaths interwoven. 

“H-Hey, what are you—”  

“Be quiet… if you can.” Dui ordered with a teasing smirk as he snapped his fingers with his sinister tinted eyes. Just like that, you heard the doorknob of your office twist into a lock. The hairs on your back stood up abruptly at the closeness of his breath as he leaned forward. You swallowed the lump on your throat and felt your rosy cheeks bloom into a feverish heat. Your eyes grew bigger and felt electricity shoot through your veins from one touch. 

“I’m going to be your favorite in this pastime and you won’t be able to stand being without me when I’m done with you.” 

You looked at him knowing full well that Shadow Dui was only just as charming as a poisonous cobra. You tried to put up enough fierceness in your gaze as a last resort while squirming out of of his reach.

“I don’t have favorites,” you snapped out of exasperation, “when are you going to realize—!”

He kissed you. Hard.

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Imagine AU: Draco x Reader; "Can You Walk?" "Nope."

/4th day of Imagine Spree Week! I had an idea in my head and I thought it’d be better as an… HIGH SCHOOL AU!
Warning(s): Swearing, SMUT! Some dirty talk ;)


You were the middle child, out of the three children in the family. You were a sophomore in Hogwarts High. You sister Isarella was a senior in Hogwarts High, her last year before she’s gone.
You were only two years younger than Isarella.

You were currently helping around, putting up the decorations for the semester Dance. You helped put up events, it was your duty being Vice President.

At Hogwarts High was divided into four cliques, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuffs were the kind ones, every clique had a Hufflepuff as a friend. They also were helpful and volunteer. They were the Goody-Two-Shoes of the school.

Ravenclaw was were the intelligent ‘nerds’ were placed. Ravenclaws are usually teachers pets. They know most problems and their answers and always want to answer them.
It was your house so you represented it well. It was a popular house because of you. You were Vice President and a cheerleader taking in your mother’s footsteps.

Then there’s was Gryffindor they’re the preps. Also there was some jocks, like Harry Potter. They were also brave and not really afraid of anything.

Lastly there was Slytherin, the badasses of the school. Mostly, bullies. They strut the halls like they own the place. Girls usually swoon over them. Specifically, Draco Malfoy. You were friends with this bully, he had seemed kind to you. He seemed to flirt with you whenever you two were alone. He was a senior like Isarella.

Right now, students could’ve entered the setting area to help or have a chat. You loved organizing these events. Until your sister comes in.

Isarella was a clash between ‘Isabella’ and ‘Cinderella’. You called her ‘Sluterella.’ She was a whore and always got what she wants. She was in Draco’s clique, Slytherin. She’ll use boys and throw them away.

“Lovespark.” A voice called, you were to busy with decorations to pay attention to the person calling for you.
“Lovespark!” You jumped and turned around, angry and annoyed, until you realized it was Draco.

“Oh, sorry. I’m really busy, Draco.” You say fixing decorations and checking off items. Your parties were awesome, many students have fun and got along fairly well with you.

“Why you even do this, Lovespark?” Draco said, frustrating you.
“Because it’s my responsibility! If you don’t mind, Draco. I would like to make this party another fun time for people to have!” You screamed, only loud enough for him and others around to hear.

“I’m sorry.” Draco apologized.
“So who are you going to the dance with, Lovespark?” Draco asks.
“I don’t know.” You mumble.

“Oh Draci!” Your annoying sister yelled, making you groan. You began to tell others to leave the area.

You wanted to stay away from your sister. But you had to tell her to go. “Draco you have to g-go.” You told Draco to finds him, snogging off your sister’s face. Your eyes welled up in tears, emotions unclear.

‘Am I jealous?’ You thought wiping the watery feeling on your eyes away. You coughed and made your shoulders broad. Isarella looked at you and smirked, you wanted to slap but she’ll exaggerate and start to cry.

“You both need to leave.” You said, looking at the time as you start to panic. “Hurry up!” You yell, grabbing your backpack as you start to rush them out.

“Why in such a rush, Lovespark?” Draco said. “I have things to do!” You say, looking up the auditorium and start to rush to the car in which you earned due to your accomplishments.

~• Time Skip •~

“Your looking for Sara~eve?” A teacher asked you as you nod your head.

“She’s right there, I’ll call her over.” The teacher yelled, Sara~eve’s name as she smiled and ran over to you.

“Hello Sare, how was your day?” You ask her, you always had to pick her up because of Isarella’s laziness. Sara~eve was in 3rd grade being the youngest of the three of you.

“Good sissy! I know how to multiply my 9s’ now!” Sara~eve exclaimed as she wanted to go to the park, you thought it was a good idea. Since it was mostly lonely and it would be a great time for homework.

The park was not so far, only 2 blocks away.

“Go on Sare. Just not to far!” You scream as she starts running to the monkey bars. You pull out your homework and start to do it.

You felt a tap on your shoulder. You turn around to see Draco. You ignore him and start to look for Sare. You didn’t find her and started to panic.

“Hey Y/N!” Draco said, you ignored him once more. “Sara! Sare!” You scream running around in search for her.
“I’m over here sissy!” Sara~eve shouts. You find her in a sand pit playing around, you pick her up and embrace her.

“I’m so sorry.” You said about to cry. Sara~eve assures you that she’s fine. You carry her back, and drop her off on the bench. “Do you have homework?” You ask, as she nods her head and pulls it out.

“Why don’t we do it at home? It’s called homework after all.” You said, remembering the presence of Draco right beside you.

“OK, sissy.” Sara~eve put it away and put her backpack over her shoulders.

“Hey Y/N! What’s wrong with you? You’ve always enjoyed me being here with you.” Draco said, you looked at him and studied his hair, and his jawline, his cheekbones, and the green letterman jacket over him. You didn’t want to admit the truth, that you were mad and envious seeing him with your slut of a sister.

“I need to go, bye Draco.” You said, walking of as you held Sara~eve’s hand.

You walked back to your car and drove home. Wanting to look irresistible for the dance.


“Oh sweetie, I’m so proud of you!” Your mum hugged you as you stared at the note that the school will like to present you an award and another saying you had gotten an interview for a job application acceptance from the Ministry.

Isarella scoffed as Sara~eve smiled at you. “As your reward I’ll buy you a new dress for tomorrow!” Your mum said, as yours eyes widen and Isarella was filled with jealously.

“What about me!?” Isarella shrieked. “You didn’t earn it Isarella. And I’ve been hearing a lot of calls from the principal that I never want to hear again.” Your mum snapped. Isarella growled.

~• The Next Day •~

Students told you that they can’t wait for the party you had put up. You smiled and thanked them. It was an hour till school was over. You had a team to help you with final preparations.

At last, just in time you and your team finished as the bell rang. Everyone left in excitement for the party.

You went home and went into your bedroom to find a long navy blue dress laid out on your bed. You smiled and got ready.

You curled/straightened your hair, then you put on your dress. You looked at yourself in a mirror and gave it a few twirls. You put on eyeliner, mascara, and a light pink lipstick. You put on your high heels and walked out of your room.

Your little sister clapped looking at you like you were a princess. Your mother took a picture as she looked at Isarella with a short, tight dress that you knew mother disapproved of.


You made it to the party perfectly set up. You grinned at your success not finding any wallflowers anywhere. You say with two of your friends having some Sprite. As you both talked and laughed. Your eyes wandered to meet with Draco’s he didn’t look like he was having any fun which made you frown.

“Hello fellow students, I would like to make an announcement.” Principal Dumbledore said, as everyone stood silent.

“I would like to represent this student with an award due to her accomplishments and help making Hogwarts High one of the best high schools,” “I would like to represent this award to Y/N Lovespark.” Dumbledore announced, everyone clapped and whistled as you walked on stage taking the award and smiling.

“Thank you for all you guys, voting for me to become Vice President and helping me and just even being my friend.” You said as everyone cheered as you walked down the stage. Your friends congratulated you.

“I would like to say it’s an honor having you here at Hogwarts. Miss Lovespark is leaving next year for her career.”
Dumbledore said as everyone awed in sadness.

“I would like to stay here and complete my years before I leave.” You announce as everyone cheers and grins.

You head to your table and sit down. Draco walks over to you,
“Why have you been ignoring me?” Draco said. You look up and see him in an all black suit making him look hotter than before.

“I’m not dating your slut of a sister, you know?” Draco said, as you look at him and open your mouth to speak, but your silent.

“She started kissing me. I was dared to snog her whore-lips for a minute.” Draco said in disgust.

“You got jealous?” Draco smirks, you nod your head and sigh.

“Let’s go.” Draco said as you look at him in confusion. “We all know your party is going to a blast. Come on.” Draco pulls your hand and drags you out.
“Where are we going?” You ask.
“To an abandoned classroom.” Draco said, you knew there was only one abandoned classroom that no one checks on except you.

That’s were you and Draco visit every free period.

You walked inside the classroom as Draco shut the door, locking it. You were puzzled to why he’d lock it.

“So my little kitten was jealous?” Draco said huskily as he went up to you and started kissing your neck. You moan lightly once he found your sweet spot.

“You ignored me all day.” Draco said, pulling down your dress. Till it reaches the floor, you whimper as the slight cool air hits you.
“Kitten must be punished.” Draco purrs reaching down to your womanhood as he cups it, you moan loudly. He rubs your clit, you moan and tug in his hair wanting more friction.

“Look what you did, kitten. You’ve made me hard.” Draco rubs his erection against your clothed womanhood.

“So wet. All. For. Me.” Draco whispers in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

“Draco. I need. You.” You groan in sexual frustration. “Demanding. I like it.” Draco said, “Would you like me to pound into you on this desk, until you can’t walk.” Draco tears your panties off, you whimper.

“Would you like my big cock inside your tight little pussy?” Draco purrs as you scream, ‘yes’ in response.

“Correct answer, kitten. I’m going to pound into you so hard you won’t be able to make it to class the next day.” Draco takes off his suit and was only in his boxers.

You look down and see his bulge growing in his boxers. He slides down his boxers as his member sprung freely. He was not lying it was huge!

Draco saw your eyes widen at his length. “Think you can handle it, Y/N.” Draco looks at you rubbing the tip of his member along your entrance. You buck your hips wanting him in you.

“Don’t think I’ll go lightly.” Draco said, slamming into you as you scream. He doesn’t give time to adjust and only pounds into you, farther and farther with each thrust.

“I knew you’d be tight, kitten.” Draco grunts. “Ngh~” You moan from the pleasure, Draco flips you around your breasts pressing against the desk, as he thrusts into you from behind.

“Draco! Fuck me harder!” You say, Draco surprised by your choice of words but only complies. Pounding into your pussy, harder than you can imagine. Draco starts to rub your clit, applying pressure. You moan his name all the pleasure made your vision blur.

“Want me to come into you, kitten?” Draco grips your hips as he speeds up, “Yes, please empty yourself inside me, daddy.” You moan, Draco almost came just by you calling him ‘daddy’. Draco smacks your butt. The knot in your stomach starts to loosen.

Draco keeps thrusting, “You’re not going to able to walk to class next day, kitten!” Draco groans. “I’m about to c-cum!” You scream, Draco goes faster waiting for your climax. The knot in your stomach snaps as your walls tighten around Draco’s cock. He feels you tighten and comes right into you, sloppily thrusting to ride out both of your highs.

He pulls out, panting. His cum dripping out of your pussy. He pulls you into your arms as you both cuddle and relax. “Your beautiful.” Draco said, “Am I only beautiful, when you fuck the life out of me?” You laugh, “Your always beautiful, love.” Draco caresses your hair as you laid your head on his chest, hearing his heart beat.

“Can You Walk?” Draco smirks, as you stood up and began to walk almost tripping, “Nope.”


/I hope it wasn’t to bad it has been a while since I’ve done smut. Thank you for reading and don’t be afraid to request! 💚🐍\

All An Act [Chanyeol Fluff]

Anonymous requested: I stumble onto your blog by accident today and I’ve been here reading almost every secenario you guys have written and I truly loved them. I have a challenge for you (it’s ok if you don’t want to do it) write an scenario with Chanyeol, any genre but it has to include this dialogue “Why don’t you want to kiss me?” “Are you serious? You played with my best friend’s feelings, lied about my date and on top of that you smell like you showered on cologne and not a good one I may add" 

Song suggestion while reading: Peter Pan - EXO

Originally posted by parkchny

"Why don’t you want to kiss me?" 

His voice was soft, caring almost making your blood boil even hotter. Reaching his hand towards your face, he lightly brushed your cheek with the back of his hand. You flinched away. 

How dare he. How dare he act so innocent. How dare he act so innocent when everything was his fault. When everything was always his fault…

"Are you serious?” you choked out. You kept your head turned away from him, your eyes tightly shut. You couldn’t bear to look at him. 

“You played with my best friend’s feelings… lied about my date…and on top of that, you smell like you showered in cologne.” Snapping your eyes open you shoved him away, mumbling, “and not a good one I may add…” He reached out to grab your wrist.

 You paused. You paused, but only for a moment, ripping your arm out of his grasp with more force than was necessary. And then you walked away. This time for good. This time without looking back.

“And cut! Alright that’s a wrap. Good work today, guys. We got a lot done. See you bright and early tomorrow morning,” the director announced. Letting out a deep sigh, the crinkles between your eyebrows softened along with the rest of your hardened facial features. 

Today had been a long day of filming, especially since some of the most tedious shots had taken so long. You walked off the set, allowing an intern wrap a towel around your shoulders.  The scene you had just finished filming had been a rain scene.  You were now drenched and shivering slightly. After standing in the rain, even if it was artificial rain, for more than two hours straight, you were a shuddering mess.

You could barely hear yourself think, your teeth were chattering so hard. Feeling a radiance of heat engulf you, you let out another deep sigh, but this time out of content. Leaning back into the person who now had their arms wrapped around you, you leaned your head back even further to look at them.

 Chanyeol had pouty expression on his face, just begging for your attention.  He was such a child. You were already locked away tightly in his arms yet here he was, still pleading for even more attention. A devilish glint formed in your eye as you decided to play along with his little attention game.

Crossing your eyes and pursing your lips you spun around, wrapping your arms around his torso, preventing him from escaping. You scrunched your face together and began to make over the top kissy noises. 

Chanyeol let out a girlish squeal as you got closer to his face. Dropping to the ground, he ducked under your arm, quite the sight to see especially with him as tall a giant on you, a midget compared to him. You chuckled lightly dropping your arms to the side before resuming your act.

Chanyeol was now off of the ground, gently dusting off his elbows as if to downplay the entire string of events that just occurred. You slowly began walking towards him, gradually maneuvering so that every time you stepped Chanyeol would shuffle back, shuffling closer and closer to the wall.

“Some actor you are…” you muttered out, play pouting and crossing your arms in a huff. ”Not even willing to kiss your girlfriend…not even for acting purposes…” 

You let out yet another sigh, this one filled to brim with drama as you pressed your chest to his. “Maybe my character had it right…you know, not wanting to kiss you.” Taking a step back and pressing your chest from his, you turned away from him. “Kissing you is such a hassle…” You turned back around to face him, a suppressed smirk beginning to form on your lips “….You know?”

Chanyeol was now leaning back against the wall next to the refreshments table, both his ankles and arms crossed. His demeanor appeared cool, confident, even down his eyes, but you had been dating Chanyeol long enough to know when he was excited, when he was nervous, when he was a bit awkward. His thumb twitched, never enough to be noticed unless you were specifically looking for it, but evident enough for you to always pick up on.

Snaking your arms around his neck, you pulled him closer, your lips lingering just inches away from his. “My character really did have it right…” Your voice was raspy and your breath already starting to become choppy. “Why on earth would I ever want to kiss you…”

berbaderb a doo….

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Prompt: tp Zelda sneaks out of the castle at evening to meet Link at Telma's bar, to have a friendly chat, but it ends up with the realization they are in love with each other.

I’m so sorry it took so long! I honestly didn’t know how I wanted to write it so I just kinda went with it. Also it’s long but I hope you like it anyway!

Princess Zelda could hear the distant chattering and laughter, see the orange glow of light within the darkness of the tunnel, almost feel the change from the mundane of the castle to the gaiety just within her grasp. Her heart had picked up its pace and her footsteps a little faster too as she sucked in a breath, a small smile surfacing. She was excited.

Through the doorway she passed and at once she shielded her eyes as she waited for her them to adjust. The atmosphere welcomed her, beckoned her further to join in the drunken mirth, and maybe she would. Looking down at the people below her, average faces, some she recognized, and even her own Hylian knights, watching their flushed, smiling faces, but she did not spot the one who had invited her.

She closed the tapestry that revealed the secret passage and spotted Temla behind the bar. The bar owner smiled up at her and Zelda smiled back; she forgot how long it had been since she’d seen her. Temla nodded her head toward the end of the room where the least amount of people would see, and from up in the rafters Zelda walked to where Temla directed.

“My, Zelda honey, how long as it been?” Temla said as she helped her down.

“Too long, Telma.” The Princess replied and embraced her.

“Link is in the back with a few friends. We can catch up later, I’ll bring you some drinks.” Telma said.

Zelda spotted him from across the room, his gloves and hat had been removed, cheeks lightly flushed and pint of what appeared to be beer in his hand. She watched a smile creep across his face, eyes bright, and then he laughed.

She found herself walking towards him ignoring the stares and leering men sitting at the tables she passed. When Link noticed her his smile widened and he stood to his feet, pulling out his chair for her to take.

“I’m glad you could come,” he said.

“I’m happy you invited me.” Zelda returned.

The others at the table, the same group of people that had aided Link in the taking of Hyrule Castle, The Resistance, greeted her politely. She remembered them, Auru, Ashei, Rusl, and Shad, and each one of them bore a large grin and flushed cheeks.

“We are more than happy to be in your company again,” Rusl said before passing her a pint.

She took it graciously, but did not sip, having no need for it at the moment.

“Does Her Highness even drink?” Ashei jest was riddled with sarcasm, but Zelda heard the friendliness to her tone.

She smirked and said simply, “Here and there.”

“You have?” Shad did not hide his surprise.

“Of course she has! Up in her castle what else is there to do to pass the time?” Auru said with a chuckle. “Any drinking games Zelda?”

She was appreciative of the lack of formality, having no need of it, no desire for it, “A few.”

“Are you any good?”

“I might be,” her tone was nonchalant.

The gang got excited then, both because Telma had brought them hard Hylian whiskey in shot glasses and generously left the bottle, and also due to Zelda’s bold response.

“We shall play!” Auru slapped his hand against the table, his smile wide, his eyes fiery with excitement.

Zelda passed a glance at Link, and he smiled as he stared at her, daring her to accept. Looking back at Auru, she nodded. He then proceeded to explain the simple rules. Drink until the liquor cannot be held. The first to vomit loses.

“I hardly think this game fair,” Zelda said smiling, “You have a head start. I’ll win.”

Auru shook his head, “Bah! This is piss water!” He laughed and she saw Temla glare at him from behind having overheard. Zelda chuckled.

“And besides,” he continued, “you’re a little thing! You’ll be finished after three at most!”

It was Zelda that poured the whiskey and started their game. The gang cheered and drank their liquor was they watched, but it was Link’s eyes she felt most intensely on her as she lifted the shot and drank it down alongside Auru. The alcohol was smooth as it burned it’s way down to her stomach and heating her body. She stared at Auru, the challenge in her eyes.

And they drank together, shot after shot, and everyone watched with surprise and awe as she surpassed their expectations. She and Auru had drank down six shots and she could see the affects of the liquor starting to show in Auru. His cheeks were flushed red, a small bead of sweat had broken out across his forehead, and all brightness had disappeared from his eyes.

“You have no doubt–” Auru swallowed as he attempted to hold down his seventh shot, “exceeded my expectations.”

Zelda sat straight in her seat, her cheeks warm and pink, the corners of her lips turned up. She could not deny that she had become tipsy, but it was nothing she hadn’t experienced before. At least she was having fun this time.

“Do you still wish to continue?” She offered.

“Back down? Not from my own challenge.” Auru found it difficult to lift his arm, his mouth agape, and he blinked as if it clear his head. He tilted his head back as he drank the next shot. Zelda did the same and waited, her hand on the bottle ready to pour them both another glass. Auru blinked again, his breathing heavy as he struggled to compose himself.

“She doesn’t even appear phased,” Shad said to Ashei, “not in the least.”

“Strange to see our Queen drink so much, yeah?”

Zelda opened her mouth to reply, but it was Link who replied, “Castle life is different. Take up her crown first before you cast judgement.”

Ashei crossed her arms in defense, “There is no judgement here, Link. A joke, yeah?”

Before anyone could respond, Auru’s head slammed against the table, his body limp, and everyone laughed at the sight. Zelda sitting proud at the opposite end of the table, her eyes shinning and cheeks warm and pink, had beaten Auru. Rusl took a seat beside Auru and slapped his face, attempting to bring him from unconsciousness while pouring a glass of water. The older man groaned in response.

In between his laughter Shad spoke, “Such a surprise! No small delight!”

“Spill it yeah?” Ashei said with a grin and genuine curiosity, “How often do you drink?”

“Let’s just say I have led a few small council meetings,” she lifted her thumb and pointer finger, a tiny gap between them to explain her point, “just a little bit drunk.”

The group laughed fullheartedly and Zelda shrugged, her lips a smile, unashamed, “May not be my wisest of moments.”

“Abed and unconscious, and you will still remain the wisest in all of Hyrule.” Link said as he finished the last of his pint and the group erupted with laughter. His eyes turned on her and his smile crooked. Zelda however wasn’t sure whether his statement was a compliment or insult, but she did not ponder it long. Something in Link’s eyes–they had remained on her, alit with mirth, yet there something else Zelda was unable to recognize, not with her head fogged by such glee. Or was it the alcohol? Regardless, she found herself drawn to that look, it suited him well.

The evening continued with more drinks and stories. It didn’t take long for Auru to come to, and he too was joining in on the tales and laughter. Link had come to sit beside her while Shad was talking about what he had found in the Sacred Grounds.

“I’m sure your own discoveries are worth sharing,” Zelda whispered.

“There is only one person that would fully appreciate my stories.” Link returned, his voice even and smooth.

Zelda smiled, her heart warming at his flattery, “You have yet to tell me much of your journey.”

She watched Link as he tilted his head back to take a shot of whiskey, her eyes following the line of his neck, the bulge that moved as he swallowed, the vein that seemed to pulse and beckon her. She felt a disturbing desire to sink her teeth into that vein, to lick it and kiss it and suck it to red. Her eyes wandered to his jaw, and she imagined soft kisses there, and she felt her heart pound.

Her eyes then found his, a questioning look in them and Zelda realized she had been staring and he in turn had been staring back at her. Her blood drained from her face, skin crawled, and her stomach flipped and fluttered. Biting her lip she ripped her gaze from him and reached for her drink. Link rested on top of hers, stopping her from taking her drink. She stared at him and there was a challenge in his eyes, daring her to shy away. Zelda stared back just as intently.

“Goddesses, I love you,” Link said.

Zelda’s eyes widened at such an uncharacteristic, blunt yet brazen admission. Her heart beat quickened and cheeks flushed hotter than any drink could. Link, realizing his mistake, removed his hand from hers, the challenge in his eyes fading to embarrassment as he fumbled with his fingers.

“What was that Link?” Rusl chuckled.

Zelda then understand just as Link did that their friends has overheard. Looking at them, each one of them staring with such mischief at such new knowledge–jokes for the future at Link’s expense–there was nothing either of them could do to erase what was said. Zelda watched Link, his eyes downcast, embarrassment morphing into shame and regret.

“Telma,” Zelda called her over.

“Yes honey?”

“Another round for everyone please.” Zelda said with a smile, “I shall pay for it all myself.”

Ashei and Shad cheered and Auru chuckled in agreement.

“Now Zelda, that is not–” Rusl began.

“Oh do not worry, dear friend. Besides, tonight’s events are not over. We all have many things to discuss.” She returned lightly.

The drinks came and Zelda watched as they all drank. Link did too, refusing to touch any more, eyeing Zelda warily from time to time. She then asked him to walk her back the castle, and he agreed, thankful for the chance to get away from the gang, and he walked with her back through the secret passageway she had taken.

“Don’t worry Link,” she said with a smile, “ none will remember what transpired this night.”

He looked at her, “Is that why you asked for another round?”

“It is.”

He paused and the silence echoed through the stone tunnel.

“Will you remember?” He asked.

She grinned at him, giddy, “It takes much more than a drinking game and meek liquor to make me forget.”

At this Link said nothing but the concerned remained in his features. Zelda took his hand and her right arm gripped his upper arm as she leaned against him, placing her head on his shoulder as they walked. She felt Link tense at first before relaxing against her.

“I wouldn’t want to forget tonight Link. I love you too.”

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