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The Mean Marquis

Lafayette x Reader

Note: So @a-schuylerr made a post about different Lafayette fic scenarios they would like to see and I got inspired. Thank you to @thatoneimaginesblog for being my proofreader and for putting up with me spamming you with my process on this fic. This is my longest fic and I am really excited for you to read it!

Warning: smut and that’s basically it

Word Count: 7,204 ( I expected it to be long just not this long)

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When your father first announced that you were to marry a French nobleman in just over a month, you felt as if your throat had fallen into your stomach. You were angry and shocked, so angry that you could hardly form a sentence before you stormed off.

That was three days ago, your anger had subsided and left you feeling worried. Worried about the man you were going to be married to. He wasn’t just any old French nobleman he was the Marquis de Lafayette, more affectionately known as the “Mean Marquis”. You’d heard stories about him about his ruthless and cold nature when it came to business. You had also heard about how popular he was with women, and that he was always surrounded by them.

“It’s just not fair!” you yell. You’d walked far enough away from you family’s home that you know you can speak without being heard. “I don’t even know him why should I marry him?” you groan as you sink to your knees.

You take a deep breath as you feel yourself start to panic. How on earth is he going to treat me? You wonder. After everything you’ve heard about him, the best you can hope for is that he will ignore you. He will probably give you a child or two but for the most part, just forget you even exist.

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Move On (Newt Scamander X Reader)

Requested: Yes

@arianaelffairy : could you do an imagine where reader is newts wife and they come back to new york and tina gets jelly legs (jealous). Maybe a bit of smut or full out smut.

Word Count: 877

A/N: I’m sorry to say that I do not write smut, however, I still wrote the story with a little (or quite large) twist! I didn’t mean for things to get so sad and emotional but I guess it just happened? Arg, I’ sorry for changing it so much and I’m sorry if it’s bad. Oh well, thanks for reading anyways!


“She’ll be thrilled! Queenie too, I’m sure. It has been a while since we’ve seen them last but they’ll definitely be happy for us?”

You raise an eyebrow at your husband skeptically, and he sighs. You nervously fidget your wedding ring, a habit you had obtained after your marriage to Newt. It felt comforting and was definitely better than biting your fingernails.

“That last part sounded like a question. Are you sure Tina won’t freak out? We both know how much she likes you…”

He shrugs, “It’s not my fault I fell in love with you. She’ll understand, you know how much she cares about you, about all of us.”

You smile, still feeling nervous about seeing your friends again. It has been over three months since you’ve last seen the Goldstein sisters and you were excited, though nervous to see how they’d react. You loved them and you knew they loved you too, but you didn’t want to create any unnecessary conflict or drama…

“Should be quite alright.” he continues, grabbing your hand. “Besides, she’s a strong one. A little surprise won’t kill her.”


“WHAT? YOU MARRIED HIM? HOW COULD YOU?” Tina screams, smacking you across the face, leaving a scorching red mark.

Okay, so that isn’t exactly what happened but you wished that Tina had slapped you instead of doing what she actually did. It would have broken your heart less.

Instead, her eyes widened, shining sadly as she stood beside you, silently taking everything in. She was definitely the opposite of thrilled. Queenie noticed this, and took her hand gently, giving it a reassuring squeeze.
You could’ve sworn your heart had just shattered into pieces.

“Dinner will be ready shortly!” Queenie says brightly, attempting to light up the mood.
Tina nods and walks out of the kitchen and to her room. You could see her shaking slightly, her eyes glazed. You flinch when you hear the door slam quickly. You look over at Newt to see whether he felt as uncomfortable as you did. Looking concerned, he starts to follow Tina to her room but you quickly extend your arm, stopping him in his tracks.

“I’ve got this,” you whisper into his ear and he sighs. “We don’t want to make this worse.”

Taking a deep breath, you walk to her room and knock gently on her door. She creaks it open and you see only her eyes, red and puffy. You would have taken the slap across the face instead of this without hesitation, it would be better than seeing your best friend so…unhappy. She opens the door wide enough for you to slip in.

You gently take her hand and sit her down on her bed. She slumps, looking down at the decorative bed spread and you sigh, plopping down next to her.
You can tell that she’s holding it in for your sake but she shivers, and you lean closer to her for support.

“(Y/N), I’m s-sorry,” she murmurs, tears streaking across her pale face. “I’m overreacting, I should be celebrating with you! But here I am, crying over a guy who I never had a chance with…”

She trails off, and your heart breaks again, if even possible.

“Shhh, Tina. I’m so sorry! I wouldn’t have married him if I knew what it’d do to you! I’m such a bad friend I’m so-”

She cuts you off, the smallest traces of a smile lingering on her face. She shakes her head.

“No, he makes you happy and that’s all that matters to me.”


“(Y/N), I will be able to move on. I love you and I am truly content that you and Newt have found each other. Don’t worry about me. My heart will mend, eventually…”
She becomes silent once more and you hug her, pulling her close and the two of you stay like that, not daring to move a muscle.


“Do you love her?” Tina barely whispers to Newt, as both of them watched you and Queenie play with the Mooncalves.

Newt blinks, more worried than surprised. But he answers without hesitation.

“Yes. More than anything. She completes me and I hope that I mean as much to her as she does to me.”

Tina nods, “She does.”

She walks silently away on the balls of her toes but Newt reaches out to stop her.

“Listen, Tina. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you, but please don’t blame (Y/N). Blame me. I’m terribly sorry and if there’s anything I can do…”

She blinks back tears again, however this time she didn’t think they were tears of sadness. Just tears of understanding and something else…an unidentifiable emotion. Perhaps happiness or relief.

“I don’t blame either of you.” she murmurs, a small, but very real smile spreading across her face.

“I promise that there is someone out there for you, and I vow that I will help you find that someone.”

She nods appreciatively and heads towards the exit of his case.

“I’ll move on,” she calls, not turning back to face him. “I always do.”

Queenie smiles, closing her eyes in bliss. A strong and powerful girl, she was. And she was proud to be able to call Tina her sister.


request: “so i’m really sick all the time. i don’t feel like diving into the details of my disease but it gets really frustrating sometimes, and right now is one of those times. i was listening to Cancer and got even more into my feelings. fancy doing some sort of josh (as a love interest somehow) imagine around this theme to hopefully improve my lame mood?”

author’s note: so, writing this made me a bit emotional. i’m not used to writing for this type of subject but i decided to give it a shot. be warned, frens, some pretty sad shit awaits you in this fic. whoever requested this, i hope you enjoyed this and i send you all my love. 💜

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Shitty Ceramics (h.s.)

Anonymous said:
Hello! Can you write something where Harry and you go to a cooking class ( or any class really, like a painting class or baking class ) and Harry’s not so good at it and gets pouty and just full of fluff :)

Sneak Peek:

“First off I want to say thank you for helping me out in ceramics, you really have great talent. And I know I’m still shit at ceramics, but I’m more shitty at explaining my feelings towards you.” Harry says nervously, making your heart skip a beat.


You weren’t really sure why you signed up for a ceramics class, but now you’re super happy you did. You always enjoyed making things and this was a great way to do that. Also it’s not like you had anything fun to do this summer. This was better then staying cooped up in your room, doing nothing all day.

“You’re work is wonderful Y/N, keep it up.” You smiled at what your teacher said about your new piece.

You say a small thank you, as you get up to get the glaze, since your work was almost done. Before you grabbed it you examined your dirty hands that had clay and paint splattered all over it. You picked at your finger nails trying to get the clay off, but it was no use.

Finally finding the glaze you grab it, and place it on the empty desk next to you. The memory comes to your mind of the girl who used to sit here, and how she hated this class so much that she quit. You were sad to see her go, since she was the only person you really talked to here. But it was also a bonus that you got an extra place to work, because your desk already had too much stuff on it.

You grabbed the medium size paint brush, opened the glaze, and started applying it to your tile. You were so happy with how it turned out, it was simple but colorful. You couldn’t wait to bring it back to your apartment, and make it a home by your bed side table.

You silently hummed to the music that was making way through your headphones, as you toned out the world around you. You did that a lot. Going in your own little world and forgetting your in a class room with others, doing the same thing as you. But you didn’t mind. You brushed your hair out from your face, careful not get glaze in you hair again. Knowing first hand how hard that is to come off.

You felt a presence behind you making you tense up for a bit. But then remember that it was probably your ceramics teacher admiring your work, so you continued.

“Her little brother never told you but he loves you so, he says your mother only smiles on the tv shows.” You sing to yourself and glaze.

“Everything was blue, his pills, his hands, his jeans-” Suddenly one of your earbuds was yanked from your right ear.

Almost dropping your work from the surprise, you quickly look up to see who did that.

Then you come face to face with a guy with a sorry look on his face, while he tries to say something.

“What the heck was-”

“I’m really sorry, honestly. The teacher told me to sit here” he points to the desk that wasn’t yours, but you were occupying it.

“I’m new, and I’m sorry I took out your ear phones but I reckon you wouldn’t of heard me, I tried.” He sends you a warm smile.

Realization hits you and you feel bad for almost yelling at him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know anymore new people would be joining this class, let me just move my stuff. One second.” You hurry and grab the paint brushes, glaze, and some other items, you had scattered all over the desk and placed them on your side.

You could feel the guy watching you swiftly move to get his new area clean. You pretty much were done, when you looked over at your now unorganized small desk, that you forgot your piece you were working on.

“This is so cool. Did you make this yourself?” The deep voice of the guy said.

You turned around to see what he was looking at and your eyes suddenly widened. You quicky walked to him.

“Oh wait no, you can’t hold it yet it’s not done drying.” You say grabbing his hand and taking it from the bottom where their was no glaze, and then you put it back on your desk. You sighed when you saw his finger prints now etched into your tile.

“Oh shit” he looks at what he did, feeling bad. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know, honest-”

You give him a small smile “honestly it’s ok, I have other things I’m working on. It’s not a big deal.”

“I feel like a complete idiot. First I disturb you from listening to your music, make you move, and now I messed up your work.” He frowns.

You laugh “It wasn’t even my own desk, and I understand really. Your apology is accepted.”

He sighs in relief and smiles, “Thank yo-”

“Ah, Y/N I see you met Harry. He was on the waiting list, and since Stella left, it was perfect.”

The teacher goes on about the whole program to Harry. You finally got to actually look at him. He was quite the looker you thought to yourself. He was very tall and had a nice set of eyes. Your teacher showed him around the room and introduced him to all the tools. You could tell he wasn’t really paying attention as you saw his eyes looking anywhere but where she was pointing too.

You didn’t realize you were staring for so long until you saw his eyes lock to yours. He sends you a quick wink. Your eyes widen as you quickly turn your head back to your work and blushed.


You could feel him looking over at you the whole class, but you didn’t dare to look to see if you were correct. The teacher told you that if Harry had any questions to help him, and that your his working partner, since he is new at all this. You just nodded your head agreeing with her.

Harry wasn’t doing anything today, since he came a bit late.

“Okay guys we are leaving in about five minutes, so start getting cleaned up so you can get out in time.” The teacher announced.

Everyone’s chairs started to move as we all started to put our materials away and get ready to leave for the evening. You checked on your tile that you placed in the oven and set it on the side dish too cool off over night. You quickly washed your hands and started to grab your things to go home.

Pushing your chair into your desk, and slinging your bag onto your arm you head to the door. Your teacher said goodbye to you as you did the same.

Right as you pushed the door open, and walked into the hot, humid, summer air. You heard footsteps behind you.

“Wait, hold on!”

You quickly turned as you were outside. You see Harry running towards you. You didn’t realize you let go of the door, until it slammed into him.

“Oh my gosh!” You ran towards him. “I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were behind m-”

“What’s your name?” He interrupts you.

You looked at him confused.

“Wait but are you ok?” You look over him concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine really, I’m a big boy.” He smirks.

“But I never caught your name, I was just wondering since you are gonna be helping me a lot. And I honestly just wanted to warn you that I’m shit at ceramics.” He catches you off guard.

You laugh, “oh really?”

“Yeah I’m dead serious if their was an award for “The worlds shittest ceramics person ever” I know I would win that”

“You can’t be that bad.”

“You just wait and see.” His eyes glisten as he looks down on you.

“Oh yeah, I’m Y/N” you said adjusting your bag on your shoulder, a nervous habit you do.

“Ah that’s pretty.” You say a small thank you.

“Well I gotta run, but I’ll see you Wednesday Yeah?”

You nod.

“Can’t wait, see ya Y/N” he says as he walks away.

As you walk over to your car, you kept replaying the way he said your name, and you liked it.

You turned back behind you too see if he had gone, but you can already see that he turned back to look at you.


Okay maybe Harry wasn’t lying when he said that he was shit at ceramics. Well maybe not shit he was ok. More like crappy, bad, horrible. But shitty was maybe too strong of a word.

“This is stupid!” He yells as you see him trying to keep his hand steady while he is working on the pottery wheel. But his hands are going in opposite directions and it wasn’t steady. You were happy you guys were in the back room, so Harrys common shouts wouldn’t disturb the others.

“We’re you even listening when the teacher taught you how to use it?” You scold him.

“Nope” he said “I was too busy looking at prettier things.” Your memory of yesterday comes back, but you ignore it.

You laugh at his frustration and make your way over to him. You shoo him off the chair and sit down to show him.

“Like this.” You put a new set of clay on the wheel, and turn it on. “You have to keep your hands flat like this. And slowly go up and down. Make sure your nails don’t get caught just keep them straight, but relaxed. Kind of like your petting a cat.” You look over to make sure he is looking.

Harry watches you intently and nods his head at everything your saying. You quickly get off the stool and tell him to try again.

“Can you just do everything for me?” He whines, making you giggle.

“Of course not! How are you ever gonna learn, Harry?!”

“Ok, ok” he puts his hand up in defeat. “Your right.”

He sits himself back down on the wheel and tries again. But this time you can tell he actually followed your advice and you smiled.

“Your getting the hang of it just one thing, don’t spread your fingers too much.”

“It’s hard, Y/N, my hands are massive, and it’s not helping that were making the smallest thing ever with my huge hands.” He pouts and you shake your head.

“Here let me help you.” Harry moved back on his chair to give you room to sit infront of him. You stood their having a battle in your brain if you should sit there. But you decided too, since your just helping him learn.

You place your hands on top of his, to keep his fingers together. “Just like this, it’s not too hard. Ya?” You ask him but you heard nothing in response.

You could hear Harrys soft breathing, and that’s when you realize you were so close.

“You have small hands.” Harry says.

“No way, you mister just have overly big hands. Like look at them.” He chuckles at your statement.

You looked at both of your hands on the spinning wheel working together, with clay all over them. You tilted your head a bit to Harry and saw that he was already looking at you. But not at your face, but at your lips. Your breathe softly hitched in your mouth as you realized how even closer you guys have gotten, and Harry was leaning in.

“I- I think you got the hang of it now.” You say taking your hands off his and getting off the chair you shared.

“Um yeah, thanks.” He says taking a deep breathe.

“I’m gonna head back to the front room, to finish my work. If you need anymore help ask me okay?” You say in one breathe trying to collect your thoughts.

“Okay, I will.” He gives you a small smile as you quickly went to the other room.

You sat back on your desk, thinking about what just happened. You almost kissed! You place your head in your hands. This is ridiculous, you guys just met. But the weird thing was that you wanted to.

You really wanted to kiss Harry.

All these chemicals have clearly gone to your head. You thought as you went back to work.


Weeks have passed and you and Harry became much closer as friends. You guys would laugh and hang out during class. You would say that Harry has gotten so much better at ceramics from your help. You liked having him around he was a great person always kind, generous , and caring.

As you got out of your car to head to another day of class. You saw a few of your classmates standing outside the building, and walking away disappointed. When you got closer you could hear them chattering.

“What’s going on?” You ask

“Class is canceled today.” A red head you think her name was Eve told you, and pointed to a paper hung on the door that read:

Sorry guys no Ceramics class today. I had an emergency family event in Georgia. Class will start next week on Wednesday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You sighed, you were bummed honestly. Not going to ceramics not only meant that you couldn’t do art, but you couldn’t see Harry. And the second option was the biggest concern right now. Making you wonder why?

“Hey Y/N, what’s going on?” You felt a hand take yours and you knew it was Harry. Which made your stomach flutter.

“Class is canceled until next week.” You pout.

“Aww man, does that mean I won’t be able to do my awesome ceramic skills?” He says sarcastically.

You roll your eyes. “ oh come on, you know I’ve taught you well. You owe me be big time buddy.” You say hitting your hips against his. He laughs and nods his head.

“So what are you gonna do now?” He asks you as you guys walk back to where your cars were to go home.

You sigh “ Go home and do nothing probably”

“Hmm how about we hang out?” He turns to you making you stop walking.

You think for a second. “What did you have in mind.”

“Maybe grab some food at the diner down the street. Since I owe you for all your hard working for helping me with ceramics. It’s my treat.” You look up at his dimpled smile as he talked.

“Harry I was only kidding, you don’t owe me anything.”

“I know, but I still want to do this. I still want to hang out with you.” He takes your hand in his again and that feeling in your stomach comes back. “Come on Y/N lets actually hang out together in a place that doesn’t smell like chemicals, making us loose brain cells.” You laugh at his statement.

“Okay styles. What are you waiting for lets go!”


“What’s your favorite thing to do, besides ceramics obviously?” Harry asks you as he eats another French fry.

“Hmmm” you think to yourself as you sip on you lemonade.
“ I like gardening. Well kind of, it’s more like I like flowers. I keep a bunch in my house. Like everywhere. It’s honestly ridiculous” You laugh to yourself at all the flowers you have around your house.

“What’s your favorite?” You look up at him. He countinues, “Flower I mean.”

“Wow thats really hard, but I would have to say probably…” You go over all the flowers you ever liked in your head.

“Probably Dahlias, they are so pretty and colorful. So probably those.” Harry smiles at you, and you smile back.

“ What about you? What do you like to do?” Your curiosity gets the better of you. You wanted to know more about Harry. You wanted to know everything about him.

“I write a bit, and I also play a few instruments. That’s pretty much me. Nothing that interesting really.” He shrugs his shoulders.

“What made you even want to do ceramics? You laugh. “No offense you don’t really seem that into it. The last girl hated it and quit.” You wondered why he didn’t just leave. Even though you didn’t want him too.

“I don’t know I wanted to try something different. Ya know? I honestly was thinking about it the first day I came in. But I guess I saw something that made me stay.” He slowly looked up at you.

Making you want to do what you almost did a few weeks ago.


But Harry didn’t really seem to take you for anything more then just a friend.

After you talked for hours, you didn’t even realize the sun was setting until you got out of the diner.

“Today was fun.” Harry broke the silence as you were making your ways back to your car.

“I know! Who knew we can have fun when we aren’t doing ceramics.” You guys both laugh.

Harry walked you to your car even though his was on the opposite end of the parking lot.

“Thank you for treating me to lunch.” You say as you lean against your car door not wanting this day to end.

“No problem Y/N, we should hang out more often.” You grinned bigger then you should at what he said.

“Definitely.” You open your car door and was about to get in when Harry brings you back around and gives you a tight hug. It took you by suprise but you hug him back.

“Get home safe. And text me when your home.” Your heart aches at how caring he is. But you smiled at the fact that you could text him now. Remembering when Harry took your phone today and added his number

While making his name in your contacts “cutie with the curls”


The last few classes Harry has been working on a piece but you didn’t know what it was. Everytime you asked him he would brush it off and avoid the question. He hasn’t even really been talking to you much in class lately or asking you for help. Which made you a bit sad that he didn’t need you anymore, but you understood. He was working on something special by the looks of it.

Your feelings for Harry haven’t gone away. They probably have gotten worse. You know for a fact that you like him, a lot. But it’s not like you can do anything about it, you knew that.

Your friendship was more important then these unwanted feels, that you knew he didn’t return.

You sighed to yourself as you started molding your next piece you wanted. Class was going to end soon and you weren’t even close to being done, too distracted by your thoughts of Harry to get any work done.

“You okay , love?” Harry asks you as he makes his way back to his desk. You smile at how recently he’s been calling you that.

“Yeah, just tired is all” You lie. He nods his head and goes back to what he’s been working on.

“So, what are you making?” You try and look over but his body is covering it.

“It’s nothing really, it’s not even for me. I’m making it for someone.” Your heart sinks as you see all the paints he is using are all bright colors. Making you think it’s for a girl.

“She seems really special, for you to be doing all that for her.” You say too bitterly for your own liking.

Harry looks up at you as you look back down.

“Yeah my mom is pretty special.” He says.


“Is it okay, if I stay after a little. I can lock up. I’m just almost done with this piece.” You ask your teacher.

“Of course honey.” Here’s the keys. “Just put them in the mail box when your done.” You nod and thank her.

The classroom was pretty much empty with just a few more people, Harry included, and they were about to leave.

After a few minutes everyone was gone, but Harry. But he was packing up to go.

“You want me to walk you to your car?” He asks you.

“I’m fine, I’m staying after for a little to finish this.” You tell him motioning to your clay you’re almost done setting.

“I can stay for a bit and wait if you want.” He asks looking worried.

“It’s fine, I’m good really I’ve done this before.” You reassure him.

He looks over at the windows as the sun starts to set and shakes his head.
“It’s good, I’ll keep you company. I have nowhere to be anyways.” He takes his bag down and moves his chair closer to you.
You smile and thank him.

“So what are you making?” He asks.

“I’m trying to mold this into a little square dish so I can put my car keys and bracelets on it.” You tell him, not making eye contact, but focusing on the wheel so you wouldn’t mess up.

“You have so much concentration, I don’t think I can ever be so patient like you. It’s admirable really. Your art is beautiful.” He compliments you.

“Thanks Harry, your too nice” You look up at him to show him how much you appreciated his compliment.

“No problem.” he grins making his dimples pop out.

“I think I’m almost done” You say moving your hands back and forth to get the desired shape you wanted. You kept moving your head back to try and get your hair out of the way. Since it was almost falling into your mold.

Harry sees you struggling and takes his hand and tucks your hair behind your ear. You turn off the wheel and smile, and turn to Harry to thank him.

But there he was again already looking at you. His blazing green eyes searched your whole face for something, but you didn’t know what. You could feel your heart beating in your chest for how close you guys were once again and you really just want-

Before you could finish that though Harry leaned in brushing his lips against yours first, before kissing you.

Catching you by suprise you almost fall off your stool but Harry’s hands were placed now on your waist keeping you steady. You then leaned in and kissed him back.

Your breathe hitched as you felt his tongue gain access between your lips. Harry’s lips against yours was the best feeling ever. Your hands just wouldn’t stay still as you placed them on the side oh his face and closer to his hair. Making him moan in satisfaction.

You quickly pulled away from him, and realized what you have just done. You saw the grey clay all over the side of Harrys face and his hair.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. My hands I-I” you say trying to hold in a giggle, as you looked over Harry’s face.

Harry gives you a deep chuckle “shhh, it’s ok.” He says and before you try and apologize again

He eagerly kisses you.


You sat in your car outside ceramics class just thinking. You thought about everything that happened last night with you and Harry in that very building in front of you. You thought about how much you loved the feeling of his lips on yours and how you wanted to kiss him again.

And how after you both pulled away he told you “I wanted to do that since the day I saw you.”

Making you realize he did like you, and you couldn’t be happier.

You trace your fingers on your lips where Harry kissed you last night, and you felt butterflies in your stomach. You’ve never been kiss like that before.

But you didn’t know what the next step will be in your relationship. Obviously you guys weren’t just friends now. But you didn’t know how to go about everything.

To clear your head you came back here even though you didn’t have class. To pick up the dish you were working on last night, since your plans were turned elsewhere. Your cheeks started to heat up, just thinking about how Harry made you feel.

You made your way inside, and picked up the few items you needed to do a few touch ups at home. Since you totally forgot to drop the key in the mail box yesterday.

You grabed your mold that dried over night, happy with the way it turned out. You looked over to see if you should bring anything else home. You spotted a pretty paint color you thought would be nice to borrow until the next class.

As you were about to leave your eyes trail over the wheel area where you and Harry kissed last night. Wishing it can happen all over again.

You look down at your watch and decide to head back home. Buy You cleaned up a little from yesterday first.

You were putting the cleaning supplies back on the top shelf when the door dinged signaling someone had come in.

You drop the disinfecting wipes and screamed. But then you turned around and your eyes widen as you see Harry. He is wearing black jeans with a grey shirt. While a bandanna covered part of his hair. He looked hot.

“I’m sorry” he rushes over to you. Picking up the wipes. “ I didn’t mean to scare you, love.” He cracks a smile.

“I just didn’t know anyone was coming.” You put your hand over your heart, to try and calm
It down. Harry holds out a hand for you, and you take it.

“Me neither.” He says locking eyes with you. The memories of yesterday resurfaced and all you wanted to do was lean in and kiss him.

“Why are you here?” You ask.

“If I’m honest, hoping you would be here. Since I knew you didn’t finish your work yesterday.” He said smirking.

You looked down and smiled. “ Yeah but I’m taking it home.”

Harry nods, searching your face and just for a brief second looks at your lips but then stops.

“I want to show you something.” He tells you.

“Okay.” You say more of a whisper.

Harry takes your hand in his and pulls you out the building as you lock up.

“Where are you taking me?” You giggle.
He didn’t answer but soon we were in the parking garage and standing infront of Harrys car.

Harry looks really nervous and you started getting nervous too. Did he regret anything? He unlocks his car and brings out a shoe box. You looked down on it confused.

“First off I want to say thank you for helping me out in ceramics, you really have great talent. And I know I’m still shit at ceramics, but I’m more shitty at explaining my feelings towards you.” Harry says nervously, making your heart skip a beat.

“So I made this for you, because I think your amazing and I wanted you to know that.”

Harry lifts the shoes box and you gasp.

The box revealed a pretty flower pot decorated with beautiful colors. But inside it their was a bit of soil, and you couldn’t believe it.

Your favorite flowers, Dahlias.

You brought your hand to your mouth as you looked over everything. “Did you make this for me?” You ask look up at Harry as he bit his lip. You realized this was what he working on all these weeks.

“Yeah, I know it’s not the best but-” You cut him off but placing a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Harry shut up its amazing! Oh my gosh! How long did it take.” You take the pot out of the box and examine how greatly crafted this was.

At the end bottom of the pot it said:

All The Love -H

You smiled so big, you loved it so much. And the flowers made it even better.

“You remembered.” You softly say, as you touch the petals of the flowers.

“Yeah, your favorite flowers. Pretty flowers for an even prettier girl.” Harry says to you.

You place the pot on his car and hugged Harry.

“Thank you Harry. You have no idea what this means to me.” Harry says your welcome and hugs you back.

“I want to be more then just friends, love. If it wasn’t obvious.” You laugh into his shirt. “So can I take you on a real date?” He asks while he pulls you away from him, wanting to see your face.

“Yes! I would love tha-” Before you could even finish Harry had his lips on yours. Making you giggle into the kiss. You were on cloud 9 right now.

“I’m so happy, I stayed.” Harry whispers into you ear.

And you nodded, you were so happy too.


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Over and Over p.2

*part two. I listened to Over and Over by Bobby Vinton but this isn’t really like
Based on that song ya know?


You sat at the bar holding tightly onto your beer trying your hardest to pay attention to whatever pointless story Chucky was rambling on about.

You heard the doors open and there was whooping and yelling and overall celebratory sounds so you hesitantly turned in your seat.

There was Happy, surrounded by the club and they were congratulating him by shoving him playfully and patting him on the back enthusiastically. He looked different and the same at once and you felt every emotion you’d every felt for him come down on you. He had more tattoos and he held himself more confidently but he was overall the same man you’d parted ways with years ago. Your heart ached just looking at him and you were grateful he hadn’t noticed you yet. He had a proud little smile on his face.

Kozik on the other hand looked the smallest bit defeated and you saw Tig with a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, brother. I tried, I really did.” He clapped him on the shoulder and threw you an apologetic look.

“Don’t worry about him. Stick around, you hear me? We’ll vote again in a few weeks.” Clay told him. “We could use you around here and Tig will see that eventually.”
You approached Kozik slowly.

“Tig said no didn’t he?” You asked already knowing the answer.

“Yeah, but it’s just some old beef. We’ll get that squared away soon. You mind staying here a little longer?” He asked putting his arm around you.

You were a little hesitant about staying, especially because Happy was here but Kozik looked at you hopefully and you knew you couldn’t abandon your best friend.

“Course not. I never get to see my family anyway. I’ll be staying a lot longer if they vote you in anyhow.” You told him with a forced smile.

You could feel Happy’s sharp eyes on your back. There was no more hiding from him, he knew you were here and he thought you were with Kozik. There was no undoing this mistake.

Did he care you were here with another guy? Did he recognize you? Did he resent you for the way things ended or did he feel relieved because he wasn’t the one standing with you now, Kozik was?

“Y/n! How have you been, lass? Looking more stunning by day!” Chibs spun you around.

In the split second before him and Bobby wrapped you up in a hug you saw his face. You saw his confusion and dare you say it? Hurt? But then it was all gone and he put on his emotionless mask and then your face was pressed aggressively into a leather covered chest.

“Ahh we missed you! You’ve got to visit more.” Bobby pat your back affectionately.

“I’m going to be around for a little while.” You smiled at them and tried to ignore how your stomachs was churning.


Happy and Kozik were both staying in the dorms, right down the hall from each other.

Kozik was in the shower and you were laying on his bed, having turned down his request to join him.

Now you were regretting that decision because the walls in the dorms were unreasonably thin and you really wish you didn’t have to listen to you ex fuck some bitchy crow eater. You put your headphones in and hid under the blanket and just tried to ignore it.

“Y/n?” Kozik shook you arm a little. “You awake?”

“Yeah, just listening to some music.” You plastered a fake smile on your face.

Kozik’s face relaxed a little probably assuming you hadn’t heard what he had.

“Listen, Kozik, you don’t have to keep acting like we’re together if you don’t want to. I didn’t know he was going to be here and I don’t want you two to have beef because you’re doing me a favor. Gemma won’t be that mad -”

“Y/n! It’s okay, baby, it’s okay.” He laughed. “We already went for it. Might as well keep it going for another week or so, yeah? Then you can stay or go back to Tacoma, whatever you want. But you won’t have to deal with your aunt.”

You bite your lip thoughtfully. You don’t feel all that bad about lying, just about how this might effect Kozik and Happy’s friendship.

As you looked back at him you suddenly realized something.

Kozik was only in a towel.

“Kozik.” He looked over at you with a brow raised, something he really liked to do. “Come here.”

Soon enough his towel was off and you were both under the sheet desperate to get your hands on each other as quick as possible.

You had just started really getting into it when you heard a knock on the door.

You got up and and slid your shirt back on before making your way to the door looking more than a little ruffled.

You opened it to see Happy.

“Do you guys mind keeping it down? I’m trying to sleep.” He barked out scowling down at you.

“We’ll try brother!” Kozik called from his place on the bed.

Happy’s face was stone. Cold, emotionless stone.

“You do that.” He said before he turned suddenly and made his way back down the hall.

You climbed back into bed numbly.

“You okay?” Kozik asked you.

You sat in silence for a second. Your stomachs was burning in anger and frustration. How fucking dare he screw some crow eater as loud as humanly possible but your bed creaks in the slightest and he’s knocking on your door like you’re the problem? Without saying a word you grabbed Kozik and kissed him, moving onto his lap.

He wanted to bitch about noise? You’ll give him fucking noise.


It was early when you and Kozik waltzed out of your room around nineish, laughing about some stupid thing that had happened last weekend when you guys decided to get drunk and break into an amusement park.

You were leaning into each other while you doubled over in laughter.

You laughing came to an abrupt halt when you saw Happy sitting there by the bar, two shots already lined up. He looked like he’d barely slept and you knew that was mostly your fault, what with the noise.

He downed one shot after another and just. Left.

“Kozik..” You looked at him anxiously.

You heard the deep rumble of a bike and you knew he was going.

“Do you want to go after him? He’ll come back he’s staying here.” Kozik asked not knowing what to do.

“Chucky. Give me the keys to the tow.” You held out your hand.

He handed them without question.


You didn’t know where he was going but you knew that he knew you were following.

He drove up towards the woods a little. Not far, just hidden enough that you could have privacy.

You both knew this conversation was one you didn’t want anyone to witness.

He met you outside the truck.

“Why are you following me.” He stared into your eyes like if he could set you on fire he would.

“Because we need to talk. We need to figure this out because we can’t just..” You trailed off not know exactly how to phrase your sentence, you head cloudy with how close he was to you.

“Just what? Act like we were never together? Like your old man-” He spit the words like they physically hurt him. “isn’t going to be leaving? How you aren’t going to be leaving?” His hands found their way to your arms. His words were angry but the way his hands gently held you let you know exactly how he felt.

“Do you want me to leave? Do you really hate me that much?” You knew you were just being insecure and needy but goddamn it hurt to have him look at you that way.

He took a deep breath in and tried to step away but you grabbed his wrist. You knew if he wanted to pull away he could very easily. But he didn’t. He just stared at you confused and hurt and god you wanted to make that go away.

“Do you hate me?” You asked not breaking eye contact.

“No.” He answered like it pained him.

“I don’t believe you.” You let go of his wrist and tried pushing him away but he wasn’t going anywhere.

He pinned you to the door of the truck.

“What do you want from me?” He was getting angry and you knew this was going to probably end in tears.

“I want you to be honest with me!” You glared up at him.

“I don’t like it. I don’t like you being here. With him. I don’t like him because you’re with him. I can’t even look at you. I had to hear everything you were doing last night you have no idea-!”

“No idea what? How it’s feels to listen to your ex fuck someone else?” You struggled against him because you really didn’t want to cry in front of him but he wasn’t going to let you go. He leaned in so his mouth was right by your ear.

“Why do you care who I’m fucking? You have Kozik. What I’m doing doesn’t matter to you.” He whispered making you shiver because you missed being so close to him.

You moved your hands to hold him closer to you, one gentle on his neck and the other pulling him in by his waist.

“Baby..” You whispered needy.

He was everything you’d ever wanted and it’s not like you woke up every morning dead inside because you two didn’t work out but you’d missed him so much your entire body was burning because he was pressed against you.

He pulled away from you violently.

“Don’t call me that. You already have an old man.” He was so angry he was shaking.


“No! You left me and you moved on and you don’t get to fucking do this. You don’t get to make me feel this way.” He glared at you and it made you feel so small.

“I still care about you, Happy. I’ve missed you so much I can’t not have you in my life, Hap, please don’t leave me, please, please,” You were tearfully begging but you were so desperate. “Me and Kozik, it’s not what you think-”

“So you aren’t sleeping with him?” He asked still glaring.

“I am, I was, but-”

“But? You two are obviously very happy together.”

“We aren’t together! I don’t love him, not like that, and we’re only sleeping together because we were tired of hooking up with new people so often. We’re just friends.” You just wanted him in you life. He didn’t have to be in a relationship with you, he didn’t have to be your best friend you just needed him to be there.

A few tears escaped your eyes because you fucked this up so badly. But you felt his arms around you.

“We’ll figure it out, baby. We’ll work it out.” You nodded into his chest and held on tighter. “Just no more staying in his room. You don’t have to stay with me if you don’t want to just don’t sleep with him.”

“I won’t.” You buried your face in his neck. “Hey Hap?”


“I missed you so fucking much.” You smiled against his neck.

“Yeah I missed you too.” His words were sincere but the hands that cupped your ass had you laughing.



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//Chen x you 💙

Word count: 1,691

Part II

You can say you are proud of yourself. Your work is good and efficient and no wonder you got chosen as a stand-in for a student’s rep, who got into an accident. Of course, your heart cries for him, but your way to power have just shortened itself. Substantially. As a stand-in you have an open door for a permanent placement during next elections.

The student council had better make a jersey with your name, because you are on your way.

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GOODBYE (Ricky Horror Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

It was really late in the night, about four thirty in the morning to be exact, usually by this time you would be sound asleep, having beautiful dreams while being in the arms of your handsome boyfriend Ricky.
But not tonight, instead you were sitting on the couch, leaning foward, your hands shielding your face. Your nails then proceeded to slide your hair away from your face in complete frustration. You sighed very heavily, almost sounding like you growled.
You sat up straight for a moment and looked over to your right, where you caught sight of a broken mug, pieces everywhere.
The you looked at the front door, where only a few minutes ago Ricky was standing there, shouting “Screw you (Y/N)!!” before storming out.

Lately the two of you have been fighting and doing nothing but that. You have even lost count of how many times you have argued with each other, but something was different about tonight, you felt like this fight was ten times more intense than the last, and the one before and so on.
Usually by now tears would be running down your face but as it was said before, tonight was different.
More anger was expressed, more true feelings were let out, and even worse, a lot more insults.
Your relationship was most definately on the rocks, you would expect arguments, but not like this, and not this often.

Your mind began to think about how you guys started out, everything was so happy and cheerful, the two of you were inseperable, most of the time you guys would make out, or cuddle, or even make love and tell each other nothing but “I love you.” or “You mean the world to me.”
But all of that has changed so dramatically. Those beautiful words turned into shouting and insults, you cant even remember the last time you heard an I love you comming out of Ricky’s mouth.
“Damnit…” you whispered, feeling an enormous lump form inside of your throat, but you sucked it up, you didnt want to cry anymore, you wanted to do something, something to save your relationship.
But at the same time it all just seemed so hopeless, but there had to be some way. You loves Ricky so much, and there was no way you were about to let fights get in the way. You refused to lose the man who truly stole your heart, even though he has been smashing it lately.

You looked at the time once more, it was now five in the morning, you began to see the black sky turn slightly royal blue outside the window. The sun was beginning to rise, Ricky had been gone for a while now and now your anger and sadness was turning into worry.
You grabbed your cell phone from the coffee table and called him up, his phone mustve been shut off because not even a ring was heard,
It went straight to voice mail.
“Hey this is Ricky, please leave a message and I’ll call you back.” beeeeep.
“Hey…its me…um, Im very worried about you…just please come home, you dont have to talk to me just..come home…bye…” you said and hung up your phone.

Ricky didnt end up comming home until seven in the morning, you couldnt sleep at all, you were waiting for him the entire night, and as he stepped in the room, not a word was spoken, the only type of contact the two of you made was eye contact, and that was very unpleasant.
You could see the anger in his eyes, the same eyes that use to look at you with so much love were now looking at you with so much hate, so it seemed.
He crawled into bed and just fell asleep, you sat there for a few more seconds shocked, it felt like your worse nightmare was slowly comming true. You laid down and fell asleep as well, but the difference between you and him was, you closed your eyes with a tear drop commimg out of them. But your heart still kept that little bit of hope, and you were willing to use that small piece of hope on your bumpy relationship.
The next morning was just like last night before you went to sleep, it was quiet, a little too quiet, the two of you were eating your breakfast. An extremely heavy and overwhelming tension can be felt in the air, it didnt feel good at all.
You wanted to speak, you were a little afriad but you finally built up the courage to do so.
Somebody had to,
“Ricky…” you called out, he continued to eat his food pretending as if he didnt hear you.

You felt your heart shatter a little but you shook it off and spoke a little louder.
He finally looked up at you, his expression looked irritated and very annoyed.
“What (Y/N)?”
“Look..Its clear that our relationship has been shitty.”
“Oh really? you dont say.”
“Stop it, Look I really hate it when we fight, weve been fighting too much even over the smallest thing and-”
He raised his hand up cutting you off,
“I hate fighting too (Y/N) but its a little hard not to do it when somebody starts it all the time.” he striked.
Your eyes widend a little, how dare he say that about you, you wanted to destroy him, you wanted to tell him off, but you knew damn well that would just cause another argument.
“Okay fine, I admit that I start some of them, not all, you have to take resposibility too, because the last time I checked, it takes two people to fight.”
“True but the last time I checked, it takes only person to start it all.” he striked once more.
You banged the table and frustratedly ran your fingers through your hair, but once again you swallowed your pride and said,
“Im sorry…”
His expression became surprised, he never thought he would hear you saying those words.
“I said Im sorry, Im sorry for pissing you off
so much…”
“Um wow…its alright.”
You came closer to him and took his pale
hands into yours, “Listen Ricky, I really want us to fix our relationship, its not getting any better but I know we can fix it cause if it continues like this then…” you couldnt finish, your voice became shakey towards the end.

He understood and held your hands as well, “I know I get you (Y/N), I want us to fix our relationship too, listen why dont you and I go out on a date tonight? its been a really long time since we did that.” he suggested.
Your face lit up a little, even a small smile began to form, “Really? you mean that?”
“Yes of course I mean it.”
You smiled even bigger and so did he, felt like years had passed since you saw that loving smile, felt like centuries has passed since you felt his hands holding yours, you couldnt wait to feel his arms holding you next, and after that, his lips upon yours.
Later on that night you picked the hottest outfit you could find in your closet.
A black glittery top, a choker, leather jacket, pants and red heels, followed by on point makeup and hair.
You stepped inside the living room where your man was waiting for you.
As soon as he caught sight of you he was really amazed at your beauty, you looked gorgeous.
“Wow, you look amazing.”
“Thank you so do you.”
“Shall we get going?” he asked.
“We shall.”

The date night was going so well for the two of you, you shared laughs for the first time in a while, good and deep conversations, and even gazes at each other, everything was good until now.
It all started when the bill came for the stuff you two ordered, In Ricky’s mind it was way too high, and he was causing a huge scene about it arguing with the waitor. People sitting in the other tables were staring and whispering, you felt completely embarrased, your head was down and your hand was covering your face.
“This cannot be the right price! now fix it!”
“Sir there is nothing I can do Im sorry.”
“Oh for the love of God!” you exclaimed, grabbing money out of your purse and giving it to the waitor, “Here you go, now lets go Ricky!”
“I said lets go!!” you yelled pulling him out of the restaraunt.
As you were walking to the car Ricky stopped you and made you look at him.
“(Y/N) what the hell was that all about?! How could embarras me like that?!”
“Embarras YOU?! You were being ridiculous in there! everybody was staring at us like we were maniacs!”
“I was handling it!!!”
“You call that handling it?!!”
“Oh you call what you did handling it?!!!”
“Atleast I did it better than you!!”
“Screw you (Y/N)!!!” he shouted.

Those were the same words you heard last night, the same words that reminded you that this wasnt going to get better, it was just going to get worse.
“I knew it…I knew this night wasnt going to make things better…My God and to think I still had hope for the two of us..but now I see that there isnt any…”
His eyes widend, he didnt like where you were going with this, he hesitated to ask but he knew he had to.
“What are you saying?….”
You began to cry once again, you didnt want to say it but it had to be said, you had no choice.
“Its not going to work Ricky…its over…we’re done.”
You became a little surprised to see that he hasnt said anything, but his watery eyes did all the talking for him.
“You dont mean that..”
“Look at us!!! this is all we do!! its not gonna get better its only going to get worse!!…and I cant take it anymore…goodbye Ricky…” you cried and walked away. He just stood there frozen, his whole world was officially over.

A lot of months had passed since that heartbreaking night. You were now living with your best friend, and it was perfect because she was living by herself and she had always wanted a roommate.
“How are you?” she asked as she saw you staring out the window, something you had been doing since youve moved in.
“Oh um…Im fine…”
She laughed a little and shook her head, “No youre not, you miss him dont you?”
“Yeah well why do I miss him? I mean all we would did was fight! Breaking up was for the best!…right?…”
“No, Ive seen how Ricky put a huge smile on your face, he was your true love (Y/N), thats why you miss him, and Im not gonna let you sit here and be heartbroken anymore, Im taking you to go see him.”
You looked at her outraged, “No, Im not gonna go see him.”
“You know you want to, stop lying to yourself. Now come on I’ll drive you.” she assured you.
“What if he moved on already? then what?”
“He hasnt trust me.”
“How do you know that?” you questioned.
“Because I know for a fact that he is still in love with you just as much as you are….”

It took a lot of convincing but you finally agreed to go see him.
As you were on your way there you heart was beating against your chest really hard.
You havent spoken to Ricky since the night of the breakup, even though he blew up your phone with text messages and calls, you didnt answer or return a single one up until now.
“We’re here.” said your bestie snapping you back into reality.
“I still dont know about this…”
“Just go (Y/N)…”
You nodded and stepped out of the car, taking steps towards the front door. It felt strange seeing the old house again, as you reached it your breathed a little heavily.
You looked back at your gal pal, and she waved her hand encouraging you to knock on the door.
You took a deep breath and knocked three times very quickly, as you stood there and waited for him to open, you figured what was the point? you backed out, you couldnt do it.
You started walking back towards the car,
“(Y/N) what are you doing?!”
“I cant fucking do it!!”
“Yes you can go back!!”
“No I cant!”
“(Y/N)?…” you heard a familiar male voice say.

You froze, you felt like you couldnt move even if you wanted to.
“(Y/N)…” he said in a softer and sweeter tone.
Slowly you turned around and stared and at him, he looked even more handsome than before, and you could tell he was thinking the exact same thing about you.
“Hey..” he greeted, very happy to see you.
You started crying, but this time they were tears of happiness, you couldnt take it anymore, you needed to be in his arms right now.
“Hi!” you yelled, running up to him and hugging the hell out of him.
His arms hugged you tightly as well, lifting you up off the ground, crying tears of happiness just like you were.
Your friend was smiling at the two of you from inside the car, she giggled and shook her head saying only three obvious words..
“I knew it.”

(For my fellow Ricky Whores 😁❤️)

it is what it is

“Hold still, would you?”

John has ordered (well, not ordered, asked) Sherlock to go to the bathroom for him look after his injuries. They have already healed a bit, the marks where John’s fist struck his pretty face, but Sherlock must’ve scratched them open again in his sleep.

Sherlock is sitting on the toilet lid in silence while John kneels in front of him, carefully disinfecting the wound on his cheek. It’s not easy. None of this is. But ignoring it would he worse than just acknowledging it as it is. Treating him now, as a doctor as well as a friend, is the very least he can do.

Still, when he’s finished he cannot help but look at his own knuckles in silent guilt. There is the distinct layer of crust, the definite evidence of what he exactly he has done. A perfect fit for each of Sherlock’s wounds.

I could cut myself slapping that face.

Yes, where has he heard that before? Probably from the same woman who tried to tell him what it actually is he feels for Sherlock Holmes, has opened his eyes about how deeply his affection for him was rooted, how intense those repressed feelings really were. And, still to this very day, are.

The twinge of hot guilt sends another wave through his stomach and across his face. Of course, Sherlock cannot cease to notice.

“It’s okay,” Sherlock assures him once more. He has already tried to tell him so a few days ago when John finally broke down.

He doesn’t yet dare to think about what happened. (The rumble of Sherlock’s voice against him as he was pressed against his chest, his wet cheeks covered by his own trembling hand, the slow rubs of comfort over his arm, his neck.) It’s still too soon, too fresh. Even though it isn’t too soon at all, but rather too late, years too late for them to be doing this now. A missed chance.

Gone before you know it.

“John,” Sherlock says, and his voice is deep and soothing. He knows this tone of voice, but it is still rare for John to hear this much emotion all wrapped around his chords. If he thought back to the Sherlock Holmes he first met all those years ago…

Will caring about them help save them?

Alone protects me.

I consider myself married to my work.

Well, look at him now. So gentle with him. Patient. He held him, for God’s sake. Who would have ever thought? Married to his work? Sherlock has changed so much from the lonely stubborn man he once was. He smiles more, he listens more, and he cries. John knows that he does. One doesn’t have to be the world’s only consulting detective to deduce that. He risks his life, not to prove he is clever, but to save the lives of those he loves. And John’s life, too.

He snaps back into the here and now when Sherlock takes his injured hand in his own. With big eyes he looks up and suddenly Sherlock’s face is very close and his heart is pounding hard and swells up to his throat, it seems.

“No,” John whispers, and Sherlock flinches ever so slightly.

He loosens the already light grip around his hand. Oh God, he took it as a rejection. He’s hurt him again. Damnit, Watson!

“No, I mean… I don’t mean this,” and he says that as if he knew what this is supposed to be. But he doesn’t. He is almost sure they both don’t, for once.

“I mean you shouldn’t have to soothe me every time I don’t seem okay.”

Sherlock swallows, Adam’s apple bobbing. “That’s really nothing to be ashamed of, John. Everyone needs help sometime-”

“Yes, Sherlock. Exactly. Everyone. Even you.”

He blinks back at him, but stays otherwise silent. He listens more, yes. But when he actively keeps his own mouth shut, something is definitely not right.

“I don’t-”

“Sherlock.” John says it again, quieter. He puts one hand to his knee, and Sherlock’s eyes widen immediately. John, too, stops. There is a sudden flashback, not longer than a split second, of his own stag night. (Their stag night? There wasn’t really anyone else involved.) The vision that crosses his mind’s eye is blurry and wobbly, a drunk man’s memory.

I don’t mind.

He didn’t. And he doesn’t now. But oh, it all seems too soon, so very soon and ages too late, and how can that even be?

It’s only now that John also becomes aware of his posture. Sherlock on the edge of the lid and him kneeling between his legs. His knee is warm, and just where it dissolves into his thigh he feels hard muscle beneath his touch. Breath hitches in his throat to where his heart has risen. It seems.

Yes, how does it seem? Too soon? Too late? Maybe just right about bloody time?

They look at each other for a long time. Sherlock’s iris so blue and clear, his left eye red from the ruptured blood vessel, and there it is, hello again, you sharp and stinging guilt which never fails to surprise him. He bites his lip. That is his answer right there. He has made his decision.

“One question,” he starts, his voice barely more than a whisper. But they are close enough to hear anything.

Sherlock gives the smallest nod.

“Yes?” His voice has dropped to be impossibly deep.

John raises his hand, reaching out for him. The back of his hand meets a sharp cheekbone, and he lets it smooth over the tickling layer of stubble around his chin.

“Are you really gonna keep that?”

Sherlock makes a noise that sounds not quite like a laugh and not quite like a sob, but his whole face transforms regardless. A wide smile stretches over his face and puts a new kind of light behind his eyes as he recognises his own bad joke from John’s lips. John smiles, too. He loves Sherlock’s happy faces a lot. An awful lot. His heart swells even more, and just in this moment he knows they’ll be okay. Somehow. Not today, probably not tomorrow, but someday, somehow.

“No,” Sherlock answers softly. “It’s quite itchy, actually.” They both laugh. And my God, laughing together … The last time feels so long ago, so far away. This here will keep them warm.

It might not be the moment yet, but now John knows how to look for it. He knows he will have his eyes wide open when it comes, and he will embrace it and never ever let it go. He will take his chance, for it may be the last he’ll ever get.

But for now, it is what it is. They will be okay again. Somehow.

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1. The more you complain, the less you’ll accomplish. 

2. Don’t ever drag out an apology, do it as soon as you can. Prolonging an apology only makes things worst, and can make the conflict blow up into something it wouldn’t have had to if you would just swallow your pride, and say you’re sorry. 

3. Start saving all your five dollar bills, so you have a little extra money stashed away. Now what you want to do with it, is obviously up to you, but fives are just a good bill to save. One dollar bills are too little. Who really wants to save a single dollar? That’s not gonna get me any where. And tens? No way Jose, that can give me almost a half of a tank of gas, that’s way too much, especially on your probably minimum wage salary. So that leaves me with fives. If you save all your fives I bet you in a few months you’ll have a couple hundred dollars.  

4. Speaking of saving money, do you have a car payment? A cell phone bill? Anything along those lines? Try to keep at least a minimum of $200 dollars in your bank. That way if you get sick or a family emergency happens and you aren’t able to work for a few days, you’ll still have the money to pay off your bill for next month. 

5. If one of your coworkers text you and are begging you to take their shift or switch with them for an important reason just fucking do it. Even if they may be lying, what if they’re not? What if they really did break down on the highway or their mom really is in the hospital? I get it, working isn’t fun, but you’re going to be making more money so just do it. AND IF YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO OR CAN’T, JUST TEXT THEM BACK SAYING SORRY AND YOU CAN’T DO IT. DON’T JUST NOT ANSWER THEM. I mean, plus, they’re gonna owe you one. 

6. Always carry your license, some form of money, and your health insurance card, and if you have one, your blood type card where ever you go. You never know when something is going to happen, or if you’ll get hurt and have to go to the hospital. If you have all the stuff handy it’ll make it a lot easier on the people trying to help you.

7.In case you get hurt, or pass out, or just have to go to the hospital, make sure you always wear underwear. If you do end up in the hospital without underwear, have fun holding that gown shut. 

8. Wanna know what sucks? Reheating any kind of cheesy pasta, like mac and cheese or Alfredo. It just never tastes the same in the microwave, so put it in a pot with a little bit of milk and maybe some butter on low and just let it heat up. It’ll be how it was when you first had it.

9. Pasta in red gravy isn’t too bad in the microwave but don’t you dare tell me you haven’t put that shit in the microwave and it’s steaming hot and thE PLATE IS ON FIRE but the pasta is ice cold. I call some shit to the bull. Like reallly pasta? Sorry 3:30 wasn’t long enough FOR YOU PASTA. 

Nah but forreal, just leave a hole in the middle of the plate, so make it look like a doughnut, and it’ll heat up fine. 

10. Since we’re talking about reheated food, let’s talk about reheating mf pizza. Ain’t nobody got time to reheat the oven, but the microwave makes it rubbery, so we result to eating it cold. 

Well, if you just put in a glass of water in the microwave with your pizza the moisture will help keep your bread soft.

11. Try to dink a full glass of cold water when you first wake up. It’ll help actually wake you up in the morning faster. And water is good for you man, you probably need to drink more of that shit anyway.

12. Everyone you’ll meet will be better than you at something. 

13. I know we all have these smart phones now that take pretty sweet pics, but keep a disposable camera in your car. That way when you go on spontaneous trips with your friends at two am to the beach, or some afternoon you go to a park with a cool tree or something, you can capture the moment. I think they usually have about 30 photos, and if you only take one picture each time, when you eventually develop it, I bet you’ll go “ oh shit I forgot about that!”.

14. If someone doesn’t answer your texts for a few days, don’t automatically think they’re ignoring you or trying to blow you off. They may actually be busy, or something may be wrong. Before you send a text freaking out on them because they haven’t answered, how about you text them asking if they’re okay, or how their day is going.

15. Always tell your friends to text you when they get home to make sure they made it okay.

16. Don’t you ever lead anyone on. Ever. If you do that, you’re trash and not worth their love anyway.  

17. Don’t get mad if someone falls asleep while you’re texting. Think about it this way, they’re fighting off sleep just to talk to you. I think it’s cute that they thinking talking to you is more important than sleep. 

18. Everyone’s feelings are important, and everyone’s feeling’s matter. Don’t you dare ever make someone think that their’s don’t.

19. If someone wants to sit for 45 minutes and tell you about one of their passions, let them. It's refreshing to see someone care about something so much, and plus if it makes them happy, why wouldn’t you want to listen?

20. When you get a Red Box movie, right then and there put a reminder in your phone the next day to return it. THE WORST is when you forget and have to pay for an extra day, especially if it was shitty movie.

21. I know money may be the issue here, but try not to ever let your gas light come on. The lower your tank goes, the more your cars diggs in your tank to get the gas. If you get down to the light it pulls up all the dirt and gunk and isn’t good for your engine.

22. Stop it. Stop being so fucking cheap, especially with your friends. If they drive you someone that’s a good amount of distance actually give them gas money, or buy them food when you stop or something. Stop asking people to get things for you and then never paying them back. I get it, every once in a while it’s easy to forget, but 5 dollars here, 10 dollars there, another 20 here. I assume you have a job as well, so think about how many hours your friend had to work to pay for something FOR YOU, and you just never pay them back. Bull shit.

23. SO if you do happen to not pay someone back for a while give them an extra couple bucks for being nice enough to lend you the money to begin with.

24. Always close your shower curtain when you get out of the shower. If you keep it open, it won’t be able to dry properly and get all moldy. ( Ew.)

25. Always tell someone how you feel. Even if you’re scared. Especially if you have feelings for them. Who wouldn’t want to know you think they’re so wonderful that they make your heart warm?

26.  Always keep some kind of tissue in your car. HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU SNEEZED WHILE DRIVING AND THEN YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR SLEEVE.

27. If something makes you happy, it’s not stupid.

28. Pretty much anything that makes you happy is important.


29. I promise most of the things you worry about that MIGHT happen, won’t actually happen. 

30. Write down a list of all the little things you keep meaning to do, like fixing something, grabbing something at a store, or doing some DIY around the house. If you write these things down, you’ll actually have something to do when you’re bored.

31. You have to accept that people CAN and WILL fall in love with you. 

32. One of the sweetest things you can do for someone is remember the smallest things about them, like if they like two straws in their coffee instead of one. 

33. Try to have dinner with your friends often, and go around the table, and have everyone talk about their day. Even if nothing happened, just sit down and talk about your day. 

34. Make sure you tell your friends how much you appreciate them often.

35. Try to reach out to  people you know are shy. It’s hard for them in a lot of social situations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be / feel included. 

36. If you have an iPhone, always drop a pin when you park your car, that way after you’re long day you don’t have worry about finding your car.

37. If you’re going on a date, or even just to a shady part of town, always share you’re location with at least one of your friends at all times. Drop pins / send your current location to them when you’re somewhere major. For example, if you’re on a date, send a pin of where you parked your car, the bar you ended up at, his place, just everywhere. 

38. Always let people know when something reminded you of them. It’s nice to know when people think about you. 

39. Sometimes it’s not a lack of love that spoils a relationship, it’s the lack of friendship. The most beautiful relationships begin as friendships.

40. If you can find someone you can talk to about anything, and be the most candid self you can be with them, don’t ever let them go. 

—  40 bits of advice you didn’t ask for, but will hopefully stick with you. 
Calum imagine (Soulmates AU)

I know this might sound crazy, but there’s a chance we are soulmates


Summary: After many many years of experiments, scientists found the way to bring peaceful sleep and dreams to the patients that have been diagnosed with insomnia. The side effect of the serum that cured the ‘disorder’ was that it linked the people with their so called ‘soulmates’. The serum was injected into the patients’ upper arm and it had long-lasting effects. All of the patients found their soulmates, which brought the idea of injecting the serum to everyone. This plan’s led to happy and satisfied society, since everybody gets to find their other halves.
That’s the basic description of the world we live in…

-          Henry Bedingfield, All about our world

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Baby You're Worth It - Jimin

(Angst-y-ish & Fluffy-ish)

You walked in your room to find your boyfriend Jimin sitting on the bed, with his back leaning on the bed frame and you immediately knew something was wrong.

“Jimin?” You called, but he didn’t look at you. You walked over to him and sat near his feet, hugging his legs as you let your chin rest on his propped up knees.

“Ji-min-nie.” You drawled out his name hoping to catch his attention but he didn’t budge. Why was he being so unresponsive?

“What’s wrong Jimin?” You asked, he didn’t answer. You sighed before you let go of his legs and crawled next to him and sat there, you cupped his face and turned it to face yours.

That was when you saw it, tears…brimming in his eyes. Jimin had always been a soft-hearted person, always getting hurt— even at the smallest things and it hurt you to see him so vulnerable which is why you’re always so endearing when it comes to him.

“J-Jimin, why are you..?” You trailed off, shocked to see his tears. It really was unsettling that he had yet to utter a word, he was never this quiet.

“Why aren’t you answering me? Talk to me, p-please.” You whimpered, your own throat closing up. His unresponsive state had you getting really emotional and worked up, your heart was dropping as you thought of the worst possible outcomes.

“I’m sorry.” He breathed out. What? Why would he be sorry? You frowned at his words, there was nothing for him to apologize for so why..?

“I’m sorry y/n, that I haven’t been able to be the boyfriend you’d hope I’d be. I’m sorry that I disappointed you. I’m sorry for all the times I hurt you. There are moments when I think that I’m not worth your love, that you could be so much more happier with someone else. Even if the thought always kills me, it’s always that laugh of yours that makes me think ‘yes, if it means for her to always have that laugh then I don’t mind if it were someone else making her laugh’, and I ju—” He began saying but you cut him off.

“Don’t you ever dare say that you’re not ‘worth it’, there is no one else who can make me as happy as you do so shut the heck up.” You were angry, mad, livid that he would even feel this way. You’d always try your best to show what you felt for his through your actions but he seemed to be missing the points.

Jimin just smiled at you sadly, “But how will you know that if you’ve never tried and you’re always tied to me?”

Your hands slid down his cheeks to grip his hands in yours, “Listen up Park Jimin. From the moment I met you all I’ve ever felt is happiness, you showed me what true love is and you showed me what a true relationship is supposed to be like. You are the bright light in my life that will never stop shining. You’re my own personal ball of sunshine, like I said before…there’s no one who can make me as happy as you’ve made me.” You said in one go, Park Jimin literally meant the world to you and it frustrated you that everyone but him could see it.

“…… So just shut the hell up and kiss me already you dumb shit.” Your hands made their way to cup his cheeks again, before you crashed your lips to his. He immediately responded and pulled you in closer, you climbed over his lap straddling them to get a better angle.

Jimin held your waist firmly as you balanced yourself on your knees, straddling him but not sitting on him. Your hands were still cupping his face as it was turned upwards to meet your lips. You bit and tug on his lower lip making him chuckle, you smiled into the kiss— happy that you made him chuckle.

“I love you.” You whispered to him over and over again between the kisses.

“I love you, Park Jimin. You are perfect to me and baby, trust me when I say you’re worth it.”