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Riverdale Episode 8 “Oh God Now I Feel Bad For Alice Cooper”
  • Okay the amount of Beronica in this episode is prime
  • Lmao, Veronica labeling Bughead and making a joke, is basically just her defense mechanism so that there is a label on them. As if you are the least bothered one, oh honey
  • And the way she pointed at herself when Alice asked for her. She looked terrified lol
  • Also Bughead were cute, idk I’ll always love beronica the most, but this show makes me ship everything
  • I know that I’m supposed to care about Archie’s dad, and I do. But Archie really pissed me off this episode. Like going after a gang really?
  • Also the serpents working on the construction job is a recipe for disaster
  • I don’t think Veronica’s dad sent those thugs because of Hermione’s romance. I think it’s because she forged Ronnie’s signature, and THEN had a romance.
  • “I stopped listening after the words ‘construction’ and site,’” SAME RONNIE
  • Um those serpents didn’t kill Jason, but something must have happened. Like maybe they are the reason Jason’s whole fake-your-own death thing went sideways?
  • DON’T YOU DARE HURT KEVIN, YOU JERKS. He has been great this whole way through, and I love him, so STAY AWAY!!!
  • Man I hope that Jaquan gets feelings and chooses Kevin. Like right in front of the sheriff and the serpents
  • Okay but the baby shower drama was just SO good
  • Alice finally putting down her sword and going, only to band with Polly after her fight with the Blossom’s
  • AND THEN WE FIND OUT ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT!!!! So it was never Alice, it was her dick of a husband.
  • Plus he did the same thing to her when she was Polly’s age, which means that all of this is WAY more personal than we all thought.
  • “Get. Out.” Honestly shivers during that scene, the way she was crying at the same time was amazing.
  • And then Polly chooses the Blossom’s like an idiot! I get that they needed to do that for drama and because she cares for the baby, but seriously?! That house is out of a freaking horror movie!
  • “Sorry mom, I tried,” that whole last scene was my favorite of the episode (yes even more than all the beronica looks) I mean the way Alice looked so betrayed, and she just fell into Betty’s arms. She has never felt more human, and I love that they’re making the audience question everything that they know about characters.
  • Probably my favorite episode so far, because even the storyline I didn’t really care about was awesome.
  • I think next week we get the beronica moment in the bathroom? (I could be wrong) and I’m so excited because Ronnie has been so strong all the way through, and I want to see her be comforted if that makes sense lol.
  • See ya next week!
Santa Baby. (C.H)

Calum Hood, 5 Seconds of Summer.

anonymous asked:
Calum Hood Imagine? Whatever you come up with. I just love your writing <3. Btw, you look gorg on your avatar.

A/N: anon messages like that make me melt!

Finally, Christmas day is here. I always loved Christmas, ever since I was a little child. But my love for Christmas doubled up, since last year, when Calum and I got married on Christmas day.
The ceremony  was like a fairytail; everythinh was snow themed and I still get chills whenever I think of the moment the priest pronounced us ‘husband & wife’ .

“Mrs Hood, are you ready for our Christmas slash first anniversary dinner party? Wow, you look gorgeous babygirl…” He says, leaning on the door frame of our built-in closet. I smile from ear to ear and do a spin, giving him full view of my curve hugging red dress.
“Fuck… And all of that is mine…” He chuckles and pulls me into a hug. His hand is inching down my waist and gently squeezes on my butt.
“Don’t start baby. We’ll have people over in a few.” I whisper, tracing down his chin with my thumb. He leaves a soft kiss on my sweetspot underneath my ear, enough to make me moan quietly.
“I have to go check on the food, Cal.” I say, trying to contain myself. He humms a response, before he takes a step back from me, his arms still on my waist.

“Mali texted methat they are going to be here in a few. Do you need any help?”
“Nah babe.. I got it.”
“Oh come on… Let me just set the table..” He says, giving me a peck on  the forehead.

“Son, you got yourself a great cook. And she has the looks too.” Calum’s dad compliments me, raising his glass. Calum smirks and I smile, taking a bite of my food.
“She is the best.” He replies simply, kissing the back of my hand.
“Happy 1st year anniversary!!” Mali cheers. Everyone joins her, raising their glasses and wishing  us the best. Calum runs his thumb across the back of my hand, making me smile.

“Any plans on making us grandparents anytime soon?” My father asks, looking at us hopefully.  I lay my fork on my plate, preparing myself for the upcoming conversation.
“Mr [Y/L/N]. I am afraid that we will disappoint you. (Y/N) and I has discuss this and we agreed that we are not ready to start a family.”
“But son, that’s the reason people get married..” His father interrupts him. I feel my gut twist and turn, like every other time we have this conversation.
“Dad, I am touring. And (Y/N) is on the peak of her career. We can’t raise a child like that. I want to be there for my kid, like you were for me” Calum says, his voice calm but showing how serious he is about that subject. Everyone, and first of all, me, turn to our plates and continue our meal quietly.


“(Y/N) do you think that what I think about us having a child is not logical?” Calum asks me as I get under the covers. He keeps and arm open so I can lay on his bare chest, as I do every night since we first slept together. I find something therapeutic and calming in his warm skin and light scent and as he says, my soft breath while I sleep are his favorite lullaby.
I lay on his chest and take a deep breath of his cologne and his natural skin scent.
“I believe that what you said was right at some points. But really Calum, I don’t want to discuss this again…”
“But we have to, (Y/N). I am not the only person that has to take decisions in this marriage.”
“If you want us to talk about it, then it’s time you hear it. What if you never stop touring? Your band is going great  and your fans keep on multiplying… We don’t know if this life will ever end….” I say, sitting up. He stares at me, his mouth open.
“And don’t tell me that you will quit. Cause I won’t believe this for even a second.” I say, almost with one breath.
“I didn’t say anything…” He defends himself.
“Let’s just stop this Cal. I don’t want to spend our first anniversary fighting.” I say, calming my voice, as I get under the duvet.

“Hey… What’s up with you? I know you miss my brother but we are out for shopping now so please don’t be lost in your thoughts and have some fun with me.” Mali says, snapping me out of my thoughts.
“It’s not that..”
“Then what is it? You can tell me everything (Y/N). She says,pulling me into a hug. I sigh.
"Remember that fight I told you about… The one we had after our anniversary dinner?”
“it wasn’t exactly a fight. And please don’t tell me that after 2 months you decided you want a divorce because of that one fight. Calum loves you, you mean the..”
“I am 5 weeks pregnant. And I don’t know what to do, Mali..” I interrupt her. I whisper the last part, my voice cracking.
“…World to him… Wait. What? You are pregnant ? Are you sure?” She asks me.
“I double checked it. I am pregnant. And my husband doesn’t want children.”

I still haven’t told Calum that we are expecting. I can’t… At least not through a video call, phone call or text.
But I have no more excuses. Calum is going to be back from tour for 2 weeks, just for a small break. I have to tell him, we need more than ever to have this discussion.

I ssit on the couch, resting my hands on my stomach. I am not even showing, nothing more than that anyone can mistaken for a bloating.
But I know something is in there. I’ve seen it, I’ve even heard its heartbeat.
I can’t help but picture it;  a mini-me or mini Calum, sleeping peacefully on Calum’s chest, with a thumb between the lips.
Or a little later, running on the backyard.
I really wish it’s a girl… A miniature me with my eyes and Calum’s lips, wearing pretty onesies and headbands…
But a boy would be perfect too. Playing football with Cal and videogames with Michael.

“Babygirl…” I hear Calum’s voice snapping me out of my daydream. I clutch my stomach instictively.
“Calum, you scared the shit out of me..” I whimper.
“Seriously, you didn’t hear me getting in?” He giggles, approaching me for a hug. I bury myself in his arms and chest, taking deep breaths of his perfume.
“I was just in my own little world..” I mumble, feeling anxious but kind of relieved that he is finally here.
“Do I have a place in this little world of yours?” He asks, pecking on my forehead with his warm, chapped lips and strumming my waist with his thumb.
“Depends on what, babygirl…?” He asks, almost humming against my skin. I can tell he is tired, but I am tired too, and not just physically.
“On the conversation we are about to have.” I say, motioning him to sit on the couch.
“What’s going on, princess?”
“Look Calum, I know where exactly you stand on the whole having children issue. But..”
“(Y/N), you knew since the moment we tied the knot that I don’t want children while I am still touring…”
“I know that…” I try to continue but he keeps on rumbling.
“So if you changed your mind…”
“I am pregnant.” I say calmly, closing my eyes. I take a couple of deep breaths, the exact seconds it takes him to stop.
“What did you just say?” He asks. Usually, I can tell if he is mad or calm or detect how he feels by listening to his voice, but right now I don’t have neither the energy nor the mood to analyze him.
“I said, I am pregnant. 2 months far in 3 days. And, as you can really understand we have to reevaluate where we stand on this whole having children thing. And don’t you dare tell me to get an abortion because I swear I am going to cut your head off.”
“You are pregnant….” He states, standing up.. I can tell he is panicked, as he paces up and down the room, running his fingers through his hair.
“I am, Calum…” I assure him, one more time.
“I need a minute.” He says, walking towards the door.

[Calum’s POV]
Walking towards my parents’ house wasn’t really the best idea. Many fans saw me and asked for pictures. I just need a minute to myself, some freaking time to think.
I knock on the door, hoping that I find someone to talk to. I need some comfort and some guidence.
“Hey Cal… What are you doing in here? I thought that you and (Y/N) would visit us tomorrow cause you wanted to spend some time together.” Mali greets me, hugging me.
“That was the plan..” I say, shrugging my shoulders as I get in the house.
“What’s going on? Is (Y/N) alright?” She asks, taking a seat on the couch.
“No… (Y/N) is alright… I guess…”
“You guess? Calum, what the hell is going on?” Mali asks worried.
“I guess (Y/N) got pregnant…” I sigh running my fingers through my hair. She slaps the back of my head, getting me off guard.
“You idiot.. First of all, she didn’t get pregnant all by herself. You kinda helped her. Andsecond, what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you even here? Your freaking wife is pregnant with your baby and you are not there?”
“Mali, we are not ready to become parents…”
“You… You are not ready to be a parent. You never asked her if she was or if she wants to become a mother. You decided you didn’t want children while touring. And she went along with it because she loves you. And too bad you are not ready, because my niece or nephew is joining soon. Now get your ass to your house, or else I am going to shove your head up your ass. Get it, Hood?” She looks dead serious, she even has my t-shirt balled in her fist.
“Oi… I got it…” I say, surrendering.

[Y/N’s POV]
I lay on our bed, my eyes refusing to shut.
“Fucking hell…” I curse and turn for the millionth time the last hour.
“Can you not curse in front of my child? ” I hear Calum’s voice from the door of our bedroom.
“I didn’t notice you in there.” I say, sitting up against the header.
“You seem to be absentminded today…” He chuckles, sitting on the bed.
“I have my reasons…” I say, as he climbs towards me.
“I am sorry I left like that…”
“It’s ok. I kinda expected it.”
“You expected me going out?”
“I expected much worst to be honest…”
“Like what?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.
“I was prepared for a divorce…”
“The day we got married, I promised that I will never leave you, no matter what. Through sickness and health. Through thick and thin. Through good times and bad times. Whether rich or poor. And there would be no power on this universe that would force me to be away from you. Remember that?”
“I do. But you were clear about the whole having children thing, even before we got married…”
“Then I hould have been more careful. Look, you were right; I might never stop touring. But I want to have a family with you. And I might not be ready to become a fatheryet,but I have 7 more months to prepare and a whole life ahead of me to become the best dad ever.”
“You are such an asshole Hood. Making a pregnant woman all emotional…” I ay, trying to hold my ears from falling. He brings me to his chest and kisses my temple with his soft, plump lips.
“I know… Now I need you to sleep… I need my girls to be well-rested.”
“We don’t know if it’s a girls yet…” I say, as he pulls me laying on his chest.
“It’s a girl. I can sense it. ” He says, putting a hand on my tummy.


I wake up, surprisingly not by the cries of my 3-month old baby girl. I turn to my side and see that my husband of 2-years tomorrow is not there. I turn to the baby monitor and check on the small screen that shows the crib where Iris sleeps, but I see no one. I get up from the bed and slip inside my silky romp. I slowly walk to the nursery room, knowing that probably my 2 biggest loves are together.

I crack the door open and see Calum with Iris in his arms, rocking her back & forth sleepily.
“Cal, what are you doing?” I ask, smiling at the sight.
“She woke up and I didn’t want to wake you up.” He says, yawning.
“Ok, but she is asleep now. Why didn’t you come back?”
“I was afraidto put her down… What if I wake her up or break her?”
“Hood, you are a father for almost 3 months and you still worry?”
“Honestly, I don’t think I will ever stop.” He says, looking down at our sleeping daughter. I approach him and take the baby from his arms carefully, not to wake her up. I put her back in her crib and cover her small body with her soft blanet.
Calum stands right next to me, his arm snaked around my waist and his lips resting on my shoulder.
“And to think that exactly a year ago, I didn’t want kids. How stupid was I?”
“A lot. But that’s another subject to discuss. Let’s go now. Let her rest… Maybe, get her dad lucky tonight.” I whisper, pecking on his chest.
“We have the dinner to prepare in the morning…” He groans but I can really feel his boner against my stomach.
“That didn’t really stop us last year…” I whisper, pulling him in for a kiss.
“Merry Christmas babe!” He murmurs against my lips.
“Happy anniversary my love.” I whisper, pulling him towards our bedroom.

Imagine: Alec and (Friend) Reader

Imagine you are best friends with Clary and Simon and when they are thrown into the Shadow World, you’re forced to stay in the institute for safety. You’re having a conversation with your boyfriend trying to explain you won’t going to be around for awhile when Alec overhears. It doesn’t go well and you chuck your phone against the wall and break down crying. Alec comes and comforts you. You to start getting closer after that. (Love the original ships and reader is gender neutral. This is a friendship imagine. Have a mundie boyfriend.) ————————————


I was sitting in the room that was given to me in this place that’s called the Institute. And this whole concept with the Shadow World. There is a world within our own? How is that possible? And all the legends are true? Monsters, vampires, warlocks, werewolves, and seelies? Whatever that is. All these thoughts were running through my head I almost didn’t hear my phone going off. It was on the desk across the room. I shot up and shot across the room to pick it up.


“Y/N! Thank god! I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for days now! Where are you? What happened? Are you ok? Are you hurt?” I heard my boyfriend on the line talk frantically.

“Woah! Slow down, I’m fine Jackson! I’m just…” I stopped short. What was I supposed to tell him that I’m mixed up in imaginary world business!

“What? You’re what? Is there something going on.” He asked with a tone in his voice.

“There is a little something going on.” I lied.

“What’s going on?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“You can’t tell me? Why?” I knew from that phrase this wasn’t going to end well. “Do you not trust me or something? Does it come before me?”

“No! It’s nothing like that! It’s just not my problem technically.” I said trying to explain.

“If it’s not your problem why won’t you tell me!?” He screamed at me.

“It’s not my business to tell! It may not be my problem but I have been somehow roped into it!” I screamed back at him. By this time I had tears running down my face.

“It has something to do with Clary and Simon doesn’t it? I knew they would get you into trouble! I never liked them. They are nothing but..” He didn’t get to finish.

“Don’t you dare say anything bad about them! They are my best friends! And as far as I’m concerned I would rather get in deep shit then be sitting idly by with you and let them go through it alone!”

“If they’re more important then me then this relationship is over!” He said very sternly.

“Fine! Best thing I’ve ever heard you say!” I sobbed out. I threw the phone against the wall and saw it shatter. I collapsed to the floor in tears.

Alec’s POV

I was walking down the hall to go and check on Clary’s friend. When i got close to the door I heard yelling. I looked through the crack inn the door to see what was going on.

“It’s not my business to tell!” I heard Y/N scream into what looked like her phone. She paused for a minute. I assumed to listen to the person on the other end. “Don’t you dare say anything bad about them! They’re my best friends!″ She was defending I expected Clary and Simon. 

I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation. My attention was caught when she let out a sob. I saw her throw her phone against the wall where it shattered. When I looked back at Y/N to see her on the floor. I was in shock. This whole time she and the others have been here, she has been sarcastic and proud.  I pushed the door open before i thought things through.

“Y/N?” I said quietly. She wiped around and looked at me then turned back around so I couldn’t see her face. I walked over to her and knelt down to get a better look at her. “Are you alright?”

“Does it look like I’m alright?” She spat. I frowned and picked her up by her underneath her arms. She fought me a little but gave in after a bit. I set her down on the bed and sat down next to her. 

“What happened?”

“What do mean ‘what happened?’” She said trying to play off what just happened.

“I mean…” I said motioning toward the broken phone. “I heard you arguing with someone.”

“If you must know I was arguing with my boyfriend well ex boyfriend now.” She said quietly. I stayed quiet for a minute to find what to say. I didn’t know why i was comforting her but I was. 

“Well, whoever that guy is he is an idiot.”


“I mean he gave up a confident girl like you. You do remind me a lot of Isabelle you know.” I looked at her to see her smile and chuckle.

“Thank you. I do feel better. Even though you suck at comforting people. By the way, why are you being nice to me?” I though about it.

“I guess its because you do remind me of Isabelle like I said. For some reason I see as little sister.” I said truthfully. “If that makes any sense.”

“Yeah it does. I see why Isabelle speaks so fondly of you as her brother.” She said to me. “But don’t tell her I said anything.” She said chuckling.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” I chuckled. I could tell that she was getting over what happened a few minutes ago.

“So…what’s up between you and this Magnus character I keep hearing about?” She said with a joking tone.

“How did you find out about that?” I exasperated.

“Isabelle.” She chirped.

“Of course she did.” I said while running my hand over my head. I could hear her laughing next to me. I looked at her and starting laughing to. “She really is just like a little sister.” I thought.

BTS Reaction to You Crying While Singing “Tell Me Goodbye” by BigBang

Basing it off of the situation Admin Mocha set up for her EXO Reaction: The two of you are both idols and the relationship has ended recently, and you are singing this song on stage.

BigBang were my first set of kings (first boy-band I fell into rip5thgradeAudrey)! But I don’t recall hearing this song before hmMMM

- Admin Au(drey)

Originally posted by ursulasarita94

Jin: Seokjin would be shocked at your choice of song, especially since the lyrics are so closely related to the current situation at hand. He’d be so lost in thought, confused and unable to comprehend his emotions as they keep shifting from a deep sorrow to the embers of anger. Seeing the tears on your face would etch cracks into his heart and he would be so, so confused as to whether the relationship between the two of you would ever work.

Originally posted by sugatv

Suga: Yoongi would be a little annoyed that you had brought this whirl of emotions to the public - what if you are asked the reason why you cried during an interview of some sort? What would you say then? It would affect him and he wouldn’t know how to take it. He is frustrated at this whole mess and he would wish you hadn’t sang “Tell Me Goodbye” in the first place, for he is a great deal more upset than he seems because of the breakup.

Originally posted by hugtae

J-Hope: Hoseok would pretend like the current situation wasn’t - well, current. He would smile politely and nod his head in time with the beat like he has with the other songs but the smile on his countenance would not be a genuine or natural one, it would be fake in all of its entirety. He’d glance from you to his fellow members who know what has happened between the pair of you and they’d be shooting short looks at each other. He would burn up in embarrassment and wish this had never happened.

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Rap Monster: Outside he’d be a mess - laughing a bit at the choice of song and covering his face in shock and embarrassment and just how awkward the whole situation is. But inside, there’d be some sort of dull anger rising from the pit of his stomach to his throat, but he’d swallow it all back down. This would hurt him so much - the words you sing and dedicate to him, the tears criss-crossing across your cheeks, the cringing and heartwrenching emotions pulling through him at the moment. After he quiets himself he would be like Seokjin, deep in thought.

Originally posted by monchims

Jimin: Jimin would have a straight face on the outside but inside he is a turmoil of anger and shock. How dare you even try to fix things! But as he continues to listen and notices tears streaming down your face (why are you crying? he should be the one doing so) he wavers, and a doubt starts to grow. I think he would want to catch you after the whole show is over and he’d want to talk it out, try to come to an understanding, a conclusion, possibly an end.

Originally posted by hugtae

V: Taehyung would start smiling forlornly as you begin to sing the first lines: Can somebody … Please somebody … He wouldn’t know at all how to react to these unexpected actions. His gaze would shy away when they see that you are crying and he fights the ones building up in the corners of his eyes. And that smile of his wouldn’t leave at all, but he doesn’t want to smile - he wants to break down right there and then because although it has hurt a lot for you, it has hurt him so much as well.

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Jungkook: The youngest would be unable to move from his position as he drowns in your voice, in shared sorrows. His eyes would always be flickering about softly, from your lonely figure on stage to the hands that used to hold yours in his lap. There’d be a dull heartache that he can’t seem to magic away, and his fellow members would have to take care of his shattered heart that you smashed with lyrics. There would not be much life in him after your performance and he’d have to work doubly as hard in order to make up for it but all he can hear is your voice echoing inside his mind …

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