i dare you to let me be your one and only

“Why aren’t you married to me yet?” He asked one time, complete with laughing blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

I don’t quite remember what it was that I was doing. I probably said something amusing, or stupid or both.

But I smiled and looked at him and dared, “ask me.”

And in that moment, in the quiet of a normal mid afternoon, with the jostling background noise of the city streets below, in that dingy studio apartment I used to scrape by to afford - we really did think we’d end up together. We were no one, a pair of 20-somethings with idealistic dreams and a snobbish self-entitled depth, we shared nothing but youth, innocence, lust over cheap wine and an unhealthy obsession over each other’s laughs. We were in love. The kind you only get once in your life, when the world has only tainted you with its promises of happy endings and first loves.

Looking back now, in a way he did ask me. Not so much in words but in feelings. Those blue eyes, that cheeky smirk, the way he swept over me from across the room. He didn’t say the words but I felt them. And to be quite honest, back then, I would have said yes. Undoubtedly, unabashedly, wantonly yes.

But life happens, as you know. He broke my heart before he even had the chance to ask.

Dating Poe Dameron

A/N: My first Star Wars headcannons! Let me know what you think, Poe Dameron is my absolute favourite at the moment so I’d be more than happy to write for him!

Warnings: None

Word count: 627

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·         Despite being the General’s most daring pilot he was beyond nervous when it came to telling you how he felt

·         You being an engineer for the resistance and being the only one Poe would trust to repair his X-Wing

·         Telling you how he feels after an especially dangerous mission

·         Secretly you would already know because BB-8  had been trying to get the two of you together for months

·         You wouldn’t commit to heavy PDA but whenever you were together he would have to have a hand on you to remind himself that you were actually there

·         BB-8 being your number one shipper

·         Closely followed by the General who “See so much of myself and Han in the two of you”

·         Basically being everyone’s OTP around base

·         But this doesn’t stop oblivious new recruits from trying to flirt with you

·         Poe’s never happy when he sees this happening but understands you can stand up for yourself

·         But when he sees it getting too out of hand he will not hesitate to step in

·         He would be such a jealous boyfriend

·         When he went away on missions he would always instruct your friend to keep an eye out for anyone that tried to make a move on you

·         Poe has this pouty jealous face which you’ve learned to recognise quickly

·         Ending up kissing his pouty lips to get him out of his jealous state

·         Bringing each other back small thing like flowers from missions

·         Having a little book that you put Poe’s flowers to you in

·         One day he’d go through the book and tell you the story behind them all

·         Wearing all his shirts and you can fight me on this

·         Like seriously he’d love seeing you in them and you’d love wearing them

·         All the hickies

·         It came with the jealousy, he’d be ever so slightly possessive and loves letting people know you’re taken

·         This does not go unnoticed by Rey and she gets you to tell her all the details

·         Finding the ultimate picnic spots on D’Quar for dates

·         Getting permission from General Organa to fly out to Yavin 4 when you’ve been separated for an especially long time

·         Poe telling you about all the stories from his childhood

·         Taking you to the force sensitive tree

·         Him still owning the house he grew up in and promising you that one day you’ll raise your own children in it

·         Your parents adoring him

·         But seriously how could you not

·         You two would be the ultimate Uncle and Auntie, your nieces and nephews would quite literally count down the days to your next visit

·         Your parents hearing about Poe’s family and immediately telling him that he’s always welcome with your family

·         All the cuddling

·         When you’re alone together he’d have his arms wrapped around you

·         He’s 100% the big spoon always wanting to feel like he’s protecting you

·         Not that you mind of course

·         Showers and baths together

·         Especially when he comes back from somewhere

·         You’d always be at his side for the next day because he has to make up for the time he spent away

·         The General being quite aware of this and granting you the day off

·         Nose kisses, I cannot stress this enough

·         Poe having a picture of the two of you in his flight suit and jacket

·         Finn finds this when he wears Poe’s jacket

·         Immediately recognising you when he comes to the base for the first time

·         Being so grateful to Finn for saving Poe

·         Taking Finn to see Poe for the first time after the crash

·         Poe introducing you as his (s/o)

·         Finn already knowing and giving Poe the photo back

·         Being so supportive and loving towards each other it’s difficult for someone to not fall in love with your relationship


Title comes directly from this song. Which (please) I highly recommend you listen to before reading, or at least listen to whilst you’re reading, it’s my favourite song by one of my all time favourite artists and shows a snippet of my beloved Ireland and my favourite music venue in Dublin. Also I dare you not to fall in love with this man, who should be huge!

Not proof read but all mistakes will be fixed.

Please let me know what you thought my lovelies x x

Summary: Bucky realizes the extent of his feelings you, only after letting you slip through his fingers.Because he let his fear of being happy mess everything up. But is it too late for you to work it all out or will you hear him out in time for it to be a happy Christmas?

Warnings: Incredibly sad but potential for so much fluff!

Words: 1,583

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Bucky could still remember how tiny you had looked in front of him, loose strands falling from your pony tail and framing your face in soft locks, cardigan slung loosely on your shoulders, your left one almost bare save for the strap of your tank top, soft skin almost begging to be kissed.

Your arms clutched your sides as you bit the insides of your cheek, and it was in that moment he knew he had lost you.

No one was to blame when it all came down to it but your relationship had been wild and passionate and beautiful but it had simply run its course and while you had confessed to still loving him dearly, he wasn’t in love and that was the saddest thing he had ever had to admit to himself and to you.

“It’s over isn’t it Buck?” you whispered, voice cracking with the weight of the statement and he couldn’t even bring himself to answer, he’d simply hung his head.

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Hotel Books - Nicole

I think I’m losing you, but I will never regret choosing you
Because I am in love, and for now that will be enough
And the ones around me convince me that I was the only person who was dumb enough to believe that you and I had hope.
But now I know even after you began to let your emotions slow the only reason I stood alone was because I was the only one who knew our love was never going to let go.

Everyone wanted me to see that we could not thrive, so gouge out my eyes.
Because if this is reality then I guess I’m not alive,
Because I don’t know a life in where I can’t make things right.
And when life teaches you to drive and you finally say goodbye
And you won’t let me stand by your side
Ill know that though some feelings are hurt, none will have died.
Cause I used to stay up at night and picture myself looking into your eyes
Shouting as you would sigh “how dare you think you can fall asleep with water dripping from the kitchen sink, how dare you think you can fall asleep with all these little leaks in this home we built in our dreams”

A picture is worth a thousand words or whatever people say to me.
It’s hard to believe when your mind is lost and in need,
And all you can picture is a memory inside of someone else’s sheets.
A prayer that nothing will keep,
A hope that light will seek before the dark sinks too deep.
Or at least the sinking feeling inside of me will decrease when the release of perceived dreams burn in the flame of feeling free.
So feel free to be free if that’s what you need.

And if someday you feel alone and everything caves in when you try to breathe,
Know that you are not alone as far as I can see,
Because you were everything to me.
Through this I have realized that if I were God we would have all just died,
Because darling you were mine and now I feel so dead inside,
And what good am I if all I can create is a projection of my own mind.
A dream of finding time to remind you that I’m still here and I’m not fine.
And darling if you’re going to leave just remember who you are,
And do what you can to remember me.

Maybe someday we can talk about our past and we can talk about the weather.
Whenever you leave I don’t care what I’m remembered for,
I just want to be remembered.
Because even if I failed you at least I tried,
And maybe our lives don’t add up now but someday our graves will look the same when we both die.
And if I had a chance I’d give you one last kiss and I’d bite down on your lip
And I’d try to puncture it so you’ll never forget that time,
But you’ll always regret.
And darling I know sometimes life will take a turn for the worst,
And sometimes life will even hurt.
And I know some days, some days you’ll be afraid of the lessons you’ll have to learn
And some days you’ll even feel burned,
And I want to let you know that I want to love you through them.

But I always get what I deserve.

Made with SoundCloud
When I encounter him some six years later,
His buttoned down shirts and ironed khakis have given way to a gaping beer gut and creased cheeks devoted to tears,
Growling, he scorns my pristine outfit and hickeyed skin,
Demands an explanation, riddled in expletives,daring me to lie,
Hip jutted, snark perfected I tell him you should see the other guy.
Ire boils your blood, so you curse claiming dirt sullies mine,
You blame the ground for forging the backbone that won’t yield,
Blaming the audacity of its spirit in my veins that couldn’t let me kneel,
Have you not wondered why I wasnt the only one who wouldn’t grovel for the scraps you tethered in tightrope chains?
You indebted Eve an eternity for your rib, as if you didnt mould her for the sole reason to heel.
Yet despite her amputated will and shredded limbs, she tore away from your bruising treachery,
They apprehended me the she- devil, accused her to be a sinner,
We scapegoated criminals, breathing blasphemy into our band of outlaws,
There’s love who was stoned for looking in a mirror before adjusting her clothes from the retina reflection of your gaze,
There’s dignity who was hung because she refused to drop to her knees just because your zipper did,
There’s respect who was burned when she worked with skid marks and unapologetic wits but demanded a fair wage in return,
There’s equality who is still on the run, slandered for daring to lift a sword that wasn’t in the name of a relative,
For those denied innocents that would have blamelessly bought knickers instead of briefs,
For those counselled in the office of preachers that teach not to be raped rather than not to rape,
For those whose bodies are pockmarked flags of black, blue and vomit territories,
For those shouts entombed in lowered eyes,
For those who are fighting a shadow army that is blinded with weaponry, misogyny,anarchy.
My shelter is the refuge you mistakenly dubbed Tartarus, for the monsters that lurk within its depths,
But we both know it is Elysium, for those warriors who sacrificed themselves to pave feminism’s first steps.
Get over yourself

People who say that they wasted X amount of years and cry about the ending because precious pairings didn’t happen, need to get the fuck over themselves. The mere fact that whenever it’s a anti-ending tagging, there’s a 110% that there’s anti-canon shipping tagging  makes me think that they read/watched an entire series for the ships, which that is utterly, purely idiotic to say the least. And the funny thing is that they act like it’s a crime for the creator to pick the ship they intended like : “ How dare you creator for picking the ships instead of the one I prefer. So let me use the manga you wrote to prove you wrong. Let me treat you like some idiot who don’t know what your talking about, even though you put thought and  detail to your work. Let me tell you why My perception is right.” What I quoted above is the attitude of every antis. They only see stuff from their eyes and never try to look through it from the creators eyes. Whenever we read, watch, listen to a certain media we’re suppose to try to figure out what the creator is trying tell us. The only exception are media that is have ambiguous ending and the creator want us to decide for ourselves what happen (  ex. Cowboy Bebop). Granted I was a Ichiruki fan and when Kubo decided to make Ichihime canon, I was surprised but then I thought to myself that maybe Kubo saw something in Ichihime that I didn’t and I respect his choice. I swear these antis act like the creator didn’t create the character or don’t know their character well, even though they probably spent hours or even days putting in thought, research about how a certain character would react to this situation or the character quirks. So what I’m trying to tell you guys that the creator have a right to have a say on who gets with who. They made your beloved characters and our goal is to try to figure out what the creator is trying to tell us. Plus Kishimoto himself said that Naruto is a battle manga, not romance so looking for a good romance in a battle manga is pointless to say the least. You have a right to dislike the canon pairings, but you must show respect to the author and respect his/her choice.

* UPDATE: I am not trying to tell you should like the ending or pairings, I’m just trying to say that all creators should have the right to do whatever they want with their work. You’re free criticize the manga and/or mangaka. To be honest when comes to Naruto pairing or how Kishi handles his teen female character,  I think it’s all pretty bad. Bleach I’m more or less indifferent.

Dark prompts for your psychopathic OTP
  • “I’m on another killing spree, and you just saw me kill someone,wait your on one too?” au
  • “I found you done with killing someone, and I’m on a killing spree, want to join?” au
  • “I was going to kill you….but you’re really hot, be mine?” au
  • “You’re the only one in class who loves gore as much as I do.” au
  • “You and I are enemies who want to kill each other but in a middle of a fight we start making out and end up having rough sex instead.” au
  • “I really like making shitty puns before killing someone, and when I said, “Knife to meet you!” you started laughing.” au
  • “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU BUY THE KNIFE I SAVED MONEY FOR I WILL END YO-oops you actually were buying it for me….sorry?” au
  • “You have a passion for burning people to death, and I love leaving people to die at a stake ,let’s work together.” au
  • “Our first date was so romantic; a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant. But the best part was the our killing spree.” au
  • “I’m the one who poisoned everyone at the party,and for some reason you didn’t die. I’ll have to kill you with my bare hands— oh you’re wondering what poison I used, and you want me to show you?” au
  • “You get mad at me when I murder people, but not the fact I murder them, the fact I always drag their dead bodies over the carpet and it leaves stains.” au

The Nogitsune: I wil only  say it once. Stay away from Y/N.

Michael: Do you know whom you’re talking to?

The Nogitsune: Oh. I know what you are. And what you did. Why Daddy doesn’t let you come back home. Miss it, angel?

Michael: You, abomination, how you dare to talk to me like that?!

The Nogitsune: Call me whatever you like. Don’t come close to her. I don’t care what you and your family want to do down here but she? She belongs to me, Michael. And no one will guard her but me. 

A Lone Wolf Part 6

Summary: Things between the two packs get intense when the moon comes out, and you are left trying to figure out which mate you are supposed to be with.

Length: 1876


“Is it true?” Mark repeated when you didn’t say anything.

Your mouth opened, but no words came out. You didn’t know if Jaebum was also your mate or not, but he smelled so damn good, so you couldn’t deny it, either. “I… I don’t know.”

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How dare you. Don’t play the victim here. Don’t pretend as if I forced you to leave. For the longest time, I let you brainwash me into believing that it was my fault for your actions. It’s only now I realize you only did that to hide behind your cowardice ways. So how fucking dare you. I’m all put back together after the million pieces you broke me into and you can’t handle it. You can’t handle that I’m happy. You can’t handle that I’m happy without you. You expected me to be miserable, you expected me to be lost with out you. I’m not going to lie at one point I was but not only did you break me, you taught me how to live without you. And it’s only now that I realize I’m so much happier without you than I could ever be with you.
—  A.B

Shinhwa messing around on stage during their performance of “Hey, Come on” as they were rebelling against SM & KBS that wanted Shinhwa to do things against their will, like lipsyncing! 
Only Shinhwa dares do that! Only Shinhwa has the guts to go against a huge agency like SM & a big broadcasting station like KBS, given the time “14 years ago” when Kpop was hugely different than of now. “You want us to perform on stage under your conditions? want lipsyincing? Well, we’ll give you a perf that you could never ask for!” lol.. I love how they were totally enjoying the stage xD
& That’s why Shinhwa is still surviving till now.. They won’t let anyone make them do things against their will, & when they decide to rebel, they go for it as ONE. Together forever, in thick & thin. Can’t nobody bring them down.
Like a Boss! So proud of my boys ^_^

Your period Steve Rogers x Reader

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes and Tony Stark

Word count: 1161 words

Warnings: some swearing

Tags: none but let me know if you want to be tagged in my stories. You can chose the character in which you want to be tagged on of course :)

Summary: reader is on her period and is rude to everyone except Steve. 

Notes: It’s been a while since I wanted to write this one but I guessed it would be easier to write it if I was on my period so here you go hahha I hope you like it! 

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Why on earth this had to happen every month? Just because supposedly a stupid girl decided to eat from the only tree she wasn’t supposed to eat? And now you had to spend a whole week every months curled up in ball, feeling miserable and wanting to kill with your bare hands to whoever dared to look at you. Sounded unfair, didn’t it? But that’s how it worked.

Every single month you became so moody during that week. You felt like crying most of the time but you would snap at anyone who annoyed you, and you were easily annoyed during those days. Just a single comment about your hair could make you explode. You only wanted to cuddle up in bed and eat chocolate ice-cream while you watched stupid comedies that weren’t even funny.

You knew the day was close, your ovaries were started to kill you slowly and you had snapped at Clint just because he told you he thought you had put too much cream on your chocolate. So now everyone in the tower knew that week was close and they were extra careful when talking to you. 

Finally one morning you woke up feeling a sharp pain in your stomach which made you curse under your breath. Slowly, you got up carefully so you wouldn’t wake Steve up who was deeply asleep after yesterday’s mission. When you looked at the bed you saw a tiny red spot where you slept which made you groan. You took some panties from the closet and went to the bathroom to change, clean yourself up and put a sanitary towel on your panties. You wanted to use a tampon but there were none. Finally you walked out of the bathroom feeling completely defeated already. You didn’t want to wake Steve up but you definitely needed him at the moment so you sat down on the edge of the bed by his side and shook his softly.

“Steve…” You mumbled when he groaned. After a few moments he turned and laid on his back, opening his eyes a little bit to look at you but opened them completely when he saw your pouting face. 

“What’s wrong baby?” He asked frowning as he sat up. 

“It’s the day…” You said looking down at your hands.

“What?” He asked still half asleep but when he saw the red spot on your side of the bed it hit him. “Oh, I see”, he said nodding and looked at you. “Do you need something?”

He pulled you closer to him and wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back slowly as you snuggled into his chest closing your eyes.

“I don’t have any tampon left… And there’s no ice cream”, you whispered. You felt his chest shook when he chuckled a little. 

“Ok”, he kissed your head and pulled you away softly. “What about you go and prepare a delicious hot chocolate with tons of cream while I go to the store real quickly?” He suggested stroking your hair slowly.

After a moment you nodded and got up so he could do the same. He changed into some sweat pants and a hoodie quickly. You followed him out of the room and downstairs silently. You could tell it was early since you didn’t hear voices coming out of the kitchen or anywhere for that matter.

“I’ll be back in a moment and we can spend the day cuddling up, alright baby girl?” He said stopping you.

“Alright”, you said with a small smile.

He leaned down and kissed you softly before jogging to the elevator as you walked to the kitchen to prepare hot chocolate for you and a coffee for him. You took out two mugs and started preparing everything silently, trying to ignore the pain in your lower stomach.

Soon you heard some voices coming downstairs and you sighed since you didn’t feel like seeing anyone. Clint and Bucky walked into the kitchen. Clint was saying something about baseball that you weren’t interested in.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Clint said happily as he saw you.

“Morning”, Bucky smiled at you as well.

“Hi”, you said simply. They both shut up and looked at each other.

“You ok?” Clint asked cautiously.

You completely hated when someone asked you that during your period. You didn’t look ok. Not at all and they still had to ask you!? Why? Wasn’t it obvious that you weren’t alright and you definitely didn’t want to speak to anyone? You looked up slowly and something in your eyes made Bucky open his eyes widely and helped Clint to understand what was going on.

“I see”, he whispered.

“Oh you do? You really do see? And what do you see, Barton?” You said slowly. If the situation was any different you would probably laugh at Bucky’s face. He looked shocked and even a bit scared. He was still new in the team so he still hadn’t see you in your best days of the month.

“You’re on those days, right?” Clint asked chuckling a little which was a huge mistake.

“Yes Clint. I am on those days. Is it funny? Because it definitely doesn’t feel funny when my vagina is literally crying fucking blood, when I feel like crying but then laughing and then crying again. And you can be damn sure it will not be funny when I smack your head against the wall, Barton.” As much as he tried, Clint just couldn’t keep his face straight. It was just too funny to him seeing how moody you became, but it was all new to Bucky.  


When Steve walked into the kitchen carrying a couple of bags your mood immediately changed and you suddenly felt like crying out of nothing. He looked at you and then at Clint before chuckling knowing he had probably annoyed you like always. When he looked at Bucky he laughed out loud at his face.

“You’re back”, you said hurrying to where he was just to hug him. He wrapped his free arm around you and kissed your head softly.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and I get everything ready for you?” He asked against your hair.

With a nod you turned to take your mug full of chocolate and cream and left the kitchen sending a death glare to Clint.

“What was that?” You heard Bucky.

“Women’s day”, Clint laughed shaking his head.

You heard him so you took a cushion from the couch and threw it at him. As always, you hit the back of his head which made you smile proudly before continuing your way to the stairs where you found Tony.

“Wow, you look awful”, he said looking down at you.

“Tony!” Steve said from the kitchen.

“Fuck you, Stark”, you said coldly as you walked upstairs.

“What did I do?” Was the last thing you heard before you slammed the door of the room. This was going to be a long week.  

important college AUs for your consideration
  • i’m sorry i bump into you on my way to the dining hall also how the hell did you shove an entire pizza into you to-go box??
  • i reserved this time slot to table for my club so how dare you sit at my table during my time to advocate against bacon in our diet.
  • i’m too busy checking you out at the gym that i fall off the treadmill and you laugh so hard you drop a dumbbell on your feet so hey uhm do you wanna escort each other to the health center??
  • you’re drunk at a party and you keep telling people how playing beer pong with a used ball is unsanitary while eating cheetos off the kitchen floor.
  • i thought i was the only one in the laundry room so now you catch me making out with my hoodie fresh out of the dryer i should be embarrassed but i’m not.
  • we’re the only ones left on campus during spring break and somehow you still take my favorite spot in the library do u wanna fight punk?
  • i come to get my laundry in the basement at like 3 a.m. and WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING ALL WHITE TO PRACTICE YOUR VIOLIN IN THAT DARK CORNER??
  • don’t you pretend I didn’t see you shove a cheat sheet down your boobs you sneaky bastard.
  • we’re both feeling awkward a party but then we see a dog, and I call dibs on petting him first I will fight you on it.
  • It’s finals week and you’re standing in line to buy a triple espresso in your boxers. Do you need a hug buddy?
  • i’m in my pjs making mac n cheese and you’re over there prepping a bomb-ass ratatouille. Don’t give me that look I already know i fail at life.
  • i don’t care if it’s for a dare. As a concerned fellow human being I want you to get off that frozen pond before i have to drag your stupid ass out of the water with a hockey stick at midnight
Shut up and dance with me

I wrote this for ursulaismymiddlename as a thank you for helping me figure out this world of Tumblr and for the fun talks we’ve had over the last few days!

Her request: Okay, so how about Peter Quill loves to watch you dance around his ship in just your underwear and one of his old shirts.  Sometimes, he can’t keep his hands off of you *wink*

I might be the only one silly enough to wonder how the Guardians would wash their clothes in space, after seeing the movie and especially after getting this request, but there you have it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this. Let me know what you think!

Word count: 3282

Warning: contains smut!

The title and the lyrics are from the song ‘Shut up and dance with me’ by Walk the Moon!

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What the Hell is a Ghostfacer?

Pairing: Dean x Reader


Warning: Swearing and ghostfacer hate?

Your name: submit What is this?

“For the last time Dean, I only wore the dress cause you dared me too” You were in tears when Dean started telling embarrassing stories about his little brother. It was quite refreshing from the research and the “hey so get this”. You were currently in baby, getting ready for one of the most easiest hunts alive. You still don’t know why Sam couldn’t go alone and leave you and Dean to what the cool kids call ‘catch up’.

“Yeah okay Sammy whatever helps you sleep at night. So hunt, drinks then ice-cream and strippers for Sammy? Whaddya say babe?” Hunting was something you were honestly thankful for. Knowing that the supernatural exist isnt quite stress free, so from time to time letting out steam is necessary. Especially if you can gank any son of a bitch that comes your way… also saving a few here and there.

“I agree. When was the last time you got laid Sam? I mean someone other than your hand”  Dean let out a hearty laugh which was louder than the rumble coming from the Impala. Sam simply sat there staring at you two, giving what you like to call ‘his moosiest bitch face’.

“Yeah yeah whatever, Y/N. I can get laid if I want to. So get this” You groaned at his famous topic changer, and to think seconds ago you were on a break.

“Anyways so, Eric Withers. Slaughtered his wife after going insane then he shot himself in the head. After his death, every female who stayed in that house in the last 4 years died and they all looked like his wife. His bones remain publicly unknown but polices files say it’s either inside the house or in the backyard. So Y/N, you and I, we’re gonna search the outside while Dean looks inside for the remains, alright? But you gotta stick close to me since you fit the previous victims profile. Also he always attacks at 3:00am and it’s 2:40 now. We have about 20 or less minutes to find the bones, okay?” You nodded and looked at Dean who was worried. He originally wanted to be with you and keep you safe but Sam knew his emotions would get the best of him if anything went south. Which wouldn’t happen, obviously since it was such an easy hunt.

“Hey babe it’s okay. I’ll be fine” You leaned forward and placed an innocent kiss at the back of his clenched jaw, he loosened at the simple and comforting gesture.

“Yeah okay, we’re almost ther-SON OF A BITCH” You jumped at Dean’s sudden outburst. He quickly pulled over in front of the house and got out of the car, which you and Sam soon followed after. As you exited you saw a van parked in front of the abandoned home with the word “GHOSTFACERS” written on it.

“What the hell is a ghostfacer?” You thought you remembered Sam once mention something about ghost hunting rookies almost getting everyone killed. Though you also recall Sam saying they were quitting the business after Dean busted their only shot into Hollywood.

“Ghostfacers are the best asskicking ghost team ever. We face the ghosts when other’s will not” Two full grown ass men emerged from the van wearing spy clothes. If Dean wasn’t so pissed right now you would be on the floor laughing.They look like 14 year olds, spying on their hot neighbours. Reluctantly you decide to speak.

“Waiiiiiit… are- are they hunters?” You turned towards Sam expecting an answer when he only shrugged in return. Dean let out a dark chuckle which kinda turned you on, in a freakishly weird way.

“More like douchebags, Harry. Ed. What are you geeks doing here? I’m pretty sure the buffy the Vampire slayer convention is in May.” Dean simply said as if it was some fact in a book. You bursted out laughing choking on nothing but air, it was an amazing quality of yours. Regaining control you just sighed out loud while still chuckling. They seemed unmoved of Dean’s insult and when the shorter ones eyes fell on you he not so subtly tapped the other man notifying him of your presence. You squinted when the one with glasses shone his bright light at you and soon enough you became annoyed.

“Alright Dr Who, how about you drop the light before I punch you square in the face.” Normally you’re nice, to anyone really, but if Dean had a reason to hate someone then most probably they’re dicks. Especially if they’re ghosthunters on tv. It pissed you off knowing people exploit the supernatural world for their own shameless entertainment, the jobs about saving people and hunting things. Not recording things, and show the whole world.

“Sweet lord of the rings Harry, she’s beautiful, funny, and fierce.” Dean’s demeanor became defensive when he walked in front of you, guarding you from the irritable couple.

“Look’s like she’s taken Ed. Maybe we should save her Liam Neeson style” You rolled your eyes at their horrible attempt to flirt. Your eyes later landed on Dean and you saw his Jaw tensing in the moonlight while his green eyes became a shade darker. No way… Dean was jealous from those two idiots? Literally Sam has a better chance in getting in your pants then them… and you see Sam as a brother.

The one called Ed walked up to you confidently and grabbed your tense hand pulling it to his lips, in disgust you pull it away wiping your hand on your jeans. Dean growled at the frail boy causing him to fear Dean for a single second before returning to his annoying self.

“Ma lady, I am Ed Zeddmore and my partner here is Harry Spengler. We hunt ghosts and you’ll be safer with us than these two meat heads” You looked behind him and saw Harry smile and wave at you. Sam walked towards Ed backing him into Harry.

“Don’t fucking talk to her, in fact don’t even look at her” Dean menacingly spoke from your side causing Ed and Harry to scoff and fold their arms.

“You don’t own her, it’s a free country. Fifty shades of way too much protein. Am I right?” Feeling Dean tense under your touch you gently patted his back in reassurance that everything is fine. His knuckles weren’t worth bleeding over two self absorbed idiots.

“Yeh okay Romeo and Juliet. How about no. But uhm enjoy the sausage fest while my partners and I have a ghost to gank.” You motioned towards your animalistic boyfriend and his moose of a brother to enter the house while you grabbed the equipment needed for this ten minute mission. You walked towards the Impala as Sam and Dean spoke to the two baffled boys, from a distance it looked like parents scolding their children and the image of Mama Sam and Daddy Dean made you belly laugh. Opening the trunk you grabbed salt rounds for all, three shot guns, your iron ring and some plain old rock salt. When Dean finished chewing up the boys he signalled that it was 2:46, dammit you wasted six minutes on this crap. You distributed the weapons and grabbed Dean’s hand out of instinct, walking towards the house you left the two facers behind in the dark to fumble with their cameras. The minute you entered the abandoned home you’re persona changed from normal Y/N to badass huntress Y/N.

You carefully made your way into the house making sure nothing popped out at you. Looking around you observed and admired the run down house, the chandelier that effortlessly dropped from the ceiling or the antique furniture placed so perfectly in the living room and the marble based stairs that spiraled upwards. If you weren’t on a hunt you probably would have drawn the houses interior as it was so amazingly vintage. Twirling your ring on your finger out of habit, you turned towards Sam who was still outside but you saw the two idiots grabbing their equipment and entering the house before Sam.

“No dammit stay ou- SLAM” As soon as the boys entered the house the doors slam shut, frustration was an understatement to what you were feeling. You heard Sam yell for you and Dean but you couldn’t open the damn door. Supernatural lockdown, freaking amazing. Dean went to every corner of the house to check for any opening possible and not so surprisingly, they were all tightly shut.

“SAM FIND THE BONES AND BURN THE DICK” Dean yelled to his brother while he marched upstairs leaving you with the two unprofessional ghost hunters. They simply stared at you winking and creating a superior stance which you found incredibly hilarious.

“For fuck sake. What time is it Y/N?” Dean yelled from upstairs as he tried finding a possible way out. Your heart was now racing from the adrenaline, these idiots wasted your time and now a simple salt and burn turned into a game of don’t die from the fucking crazy ghost.

“2:50” Your voice echoed through the halls and Harry began recording you inappropriately.

“Ghostfacers here, we’re locked in the house haunted by Eric Withers.” Ed made a horrible ghost sound effect that made you wanna punch him in the dick. Harry faced the camera at you and started complimenting your physical features like you were the first women they’ve seen in years. You rolled your eyes and walked around the house investigating every crook.

“Shit we had about 10 minutes before the son of a bitch showed up. Why would he lock us down now?” Dean spoke as he walked down the stairs  You saw Ed and Harry holding their cameras tight to their chest frantically looking around the room. Do they even know how to hunt? Yup… you were going to die because of two possibly frustrated virgins.

“Maybe uh, maybe he felt us come in and he’s trying to stop us from finding his bones which is most likely out-freaking-side.” You ran your hands through your head and sat down on the nearest chair.

“She’s smart and beautiful, Harry.” You flipped them off as your vision was focused on the floorboards. Now was not the time to argue, you needed to find a way out and help Sam. Your flashlight started to flicker and when you hit against your palm it blew out. Great, that’s never a good sign. Dean let out a sigh and his breath became visible when the temperature suddenly dropped about 10 degrees. You held your shotgun up but jumped at the touch of Harry’s arm on your shoulder.

“It’s okay Y/N, I’ll be your knight in shining armor.” Harry shamelessly smiled when he tried pulling you into his side ‘protectively’. It’s funny, if you threw him in front of a wolf he’d probably be dead within seconds, knight in shining armor. Please. Dean saw you struggling to get out of Harry’s grip and marched towards him about to punch his face in and luckily for the idiot, you stopped Dean.

“Baby it ain’t worth it and you know it right now we’ve got a crazy ass ghost on our hands. Deal with that now” You kissed the tip of his nose and lightly squeezed his hand. Dean didn’t like to admit it but he’d sometimes get insecure no matter who flirted with you. How could they not? You were beautiful in so many ways that even angels would become flustered around your presence. So when you would get hit on it made Dean feel not worthy of your love but never once did you show that. You always ignored the flirting and always reminded Dean that you were his and he was simply yours.

“Yeah okay babe, You two… stay away from my girlfriend because if I won’t kick your ass she most likely will and that’s something you don’t want” You smirked and chuckled but that soon came to halt as Deans flashlight started to flicker and the room became even colder.

“Harry, Ed! Grab the salt from my duffel, make a circle and stand in it.” You and Dean were now back to back waiting for the circle to be made.

“You want us to make the circle in the duffel bag?” If you weren’t in a life or death situation you most probably would have pulled your hair out.

“NO you idiots. Just make the damn circle.” You saw Withers ghost appearing in the corner and shot him right in the face. You heard Dean shoot next while Ed and Harry scrambled to make the protective circle admiring your skills in the process.

“Holy crap Ed… I think I’m in love” Dean aimed his gun towards Harry and shot right beside his face. The blood drained from his face as he cowered in fear falling into a ball.

“Sorry there was a ghost behind you” You were about to laugh at your jealous green eyed hunter but then your guns were magically flung out of your hands leaving you with your pure iron ring and dean with a crowbar.

“Alright Eric come at us.” Suddenly he appeared next to you and Dean got to him before he got you. You looked in front of Dean and punched Eric straight in the face, Dean turned around and swung next to your head while you ducked. Harry and Ed just stared at you two in sheer astonishment. From their point of view it looked like you and Dean had choreographed your moves when in reality you two just knew each other so well where you can actually assume each others moves. It was as if you two were soulmates. You were about to punch him again but then he spontaneously bursted into flames screaming in the process. Dean shielded your body from the heat and rested his body against you since you did the same. You stared into his eyes smiling while you were out of breath. The doors became unlocked and a sweaty and greasy Sam came to view

“Holy crap, you should’ve seen the amount of nastiness in that coffin.” Sam bent forward wiping the sweat off his brow.

“Good job Sammy” You leaned into Dean about to kiss him when the poop faces ruined your romantic moment by their obnoxious clapping.

“HOLY ROBIN AND BATMAN Y/N YOU’RE SO PERFECT! SO SEXY THE WAY YOU PUNCHED THAT GHOST. AND YOUR LEGS OH DEAR GOD THE WA- OWW!” you straight up punched Ed in the face for being really fucking annoying. You heard Dean laugh and whisper “thats my girl” while you twisted Ed’s arm resting your knee on his lower back. Sam was laughing at the mere sight while Harry just stood awkwardly, shifting from leg to leg, not knowing how to deal with this situation.

“Listen here dick-wad, I’m pretty sure I made it clear that Dean and I are dating yet you still disrespected that which is a majjjoooorrr turn off. Not only for me but for all women around the world and shocker… you’re single. Honestly learn how to talk to a woman properly instead of treating her like an inanimate object with boobs and a vagina. Good Night or day. Whatever.” With that you dropped the withering boys hand and held Deans calloused one instead. His grin was wider than a childs on christmas morning, you didn’t notice it until you were packing up your stuff by the impala.

“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” In instinct your hand went to your hair in an attempt to fix it but Dean just grabbed your hand pulling you into a long awaited kiss. His lips glided against yours as if they were made for eachother. Pulling apart he still left soft kisses before leaning his forehead onto yours.

“How did I get so damn lucky?” You smiled and breathed in his sweet scent of leather and cologne. Even after a hunt he still managed to smell fine as ever.

“Hmm its because of your car. It does things to a lady” He obviously knew you were kidding and in response he merely slapped your butt playfully which earned a groan from Sam.

“Don’t worry Sammy you’re still gonna get laid tonight.” You sat in the impala leaving all thoughts of the ghostfacers behind you for, what you hoped would be the, last time.

Brain apart,
let me dream in peace,
in peace.
I want to spread
on a dandelion diffusion
around the world,
around you
in a myriad of slight kisses.
Let me cut the cerebral threads,
out of reason, out of sense
only me and my evanescence
out of the prison
of bleeding memories.
I want to be for you the poem
you never read,
you never dared to write.
I want to be for you
the most beautiful poem
ever written, ever imagined
ever hidden in the heart
of a visionary poet,
the sorcery of metaphors
that turn tears into pearls,
voids into oceans
that we’ll sail together.
I want to write life in verses
and be the embellishment
that thrills your heart
anytime you think about me.
I for you,
I’d die at the end of each line
and relive at the beginning
of another one.
Our love instead doesn’t need
embellishments or metaphors.
Our love is us together
and it’s perfect this way.

"Sleep over" Bts Suga Fluff

Min Yoongi (Suga) FLUF

Plot: you stupidly tell rap mon you like suga and suga hears. You didn’t expect him to react how he did

You have been a photographer for bts for almost 2 years. Your very close to the boys, especially rap mon. He was like an older brother to you since you mostly at first could only speak little Korean. Rap mon was the one to go to talk to since he spoke English.

You both were talking one night and you kinda let it slip that you had a thing for Suga. “Are you serious?” He said laughing “Y/N why would you tell me!?” He pushed you playfully. “Why wouldn’t I?” You answered confused. He laughed more “cause now I can pick on you for it!”

“You wouldn’t dare!” You pushed him playfully and he fell off the bed. “Now I’m defiantly gonna.” He said getting up from the floor still laughing. “KIM NAM-JOON! I will kick your ass!” You said kinda serous but He kept laughing.

You hear a knock on the door “who is it?” Rap mon asked. “It’s Jimin and Tae!” Jimin says walking in. “Guys guess what Y/N just told me!” You glared at him. “She was gonna kick your ass?” Tae said making them all laugh. “Someone has a crush on suga.” He said kinda loudly. You push him again and again he falls off the bed. “Keep it up Y/N I’ll just might go tell him.” Rap mon said grinning.

You cross your arms “who likes suga?” You hear Jhope yell from the living room. Your face went red suga was home and he probably heard that. You hear someone walking, they stood in the doorway.

“What are you guys saying about me?” You hear a voice say. You didn’t want to look up you knew the voice but you didn’t want it to be that person. The boys start giggling “nothin Suga” Jimin says still giggling. Suga looks over at you “what did they say?” He says with a serous face. “Uh I- I don’t know I just came back from the bathroom.” You said with your head down.

Suga came and sat beside you lifting your head with his finger “your a horrible lier” he said smiling. The boys were behind him making Kissie faces. Your face gets even redder then it already was.

“I think it’s time for me to go home.” You say getting up “Noooooo!” Tae wines. “Stay the night?” Suga says pulling you back to sit down. Your face is hot your hearts beating out of your chest all you could muster up was a ‘fine.’

The boys are so excited and Tae is yelling ‘sleep over!’ It was already late so it didn’t really matter. The boys wanted to watch a movie so Rap mon picked a scary movie something he knew would freak you the fuck out. You sat down on one of the couches and suga sat beside you. On the other side of you was Jimin. He had the biggest evil looking smile on his face. You took a deep breath and they started the movie.

“Anyone want popcorn Or anything to drink? Jin asked. He handed out bowls of popcorn an some soda/water. You got a water but Jimin stole your popcorn. You tried to reach for some and he pulled it away. “Your gonna die.” You said jokingly with him. He smiles and hands you the bowl witch suga then stole. You looked at him and he grinned slightly. You grabbed some when he wasn’t looking and as you went back for more your hands touched.

Neither of you pulled away at first. His hands were warm and actually pretty soft. You could feel your heart skip a beat he made you so giddy. You both finally pulled away and you leaned back. As he leaned back he sneakily put his arm around you. You couldn’t help but smile. Jimin saw what he was doing and he waited for the right time. He grabbed your side tickling you but scaring the shit out of you.

You screamed and basically jumped into suga’s arms. The boys started to laugh but you felt suga wrap his arm around you trying to comfort you with out anyone noticing. You punched Jimins arm playful. “Fuck you Jimin” You said pouting. He laughed “no I think suga’s all over that.” Your eyes widened but this time suga punched him. Jimin fell over being dramatic “good stay down there” suga said focusing back on the movie.

A few minutes went by, you could feel suga kinda pulling you closer to him. You let him, you put your head on his shoulder and he moved his hand down to your side. He liked that you were cuddling up to him and you liked it to. The movie was almost over, suga stood up stretching. He yawned the others were asleep.

Suga put his hand out for you to take it, you did and he pulled you up. He led you to his room you could swear your heart was gonna come out of your chest. “Y/N” he said closing the door “so you have a crush on me do you?” He said with a big smile on his face. You stood there you couldn’t believe it he knew it was all rap mins fault. Your thinking was cut short when suga took your hand and led you to the bed. “Maybe I- I-” he couldn’t get it out “you feel the same?” You guessed. “Yeah” he said sheepishly.

You smiled he was getting flushed because of you. You always kinda thought he liked you but you couldn’t believe he actually did. “Y/N I wish I could have told you sooner.” He paused breathing. “I’m not good at talking but I- I have liked you for awhile now. I just wanted to make sure you liked me back.” You couldn’t believe it he was opening up to you. Your heart was pounding and you were honestly so happy. You smiled and looked up at him, he was fiddling with his fingers.

You kissed his cheek softly you could see his face turn red. “I’m glad you told me” You both smiled “me to he replied looking up at you. “Would you maybe wanna stay in here with me tonight?” You grinned “yes, beside if I stayed out there someone would probably would try and scare me.” You both laughed, he pulled down the covers for you and you both got under them. You cuddled up to him, he was really warm and he smelled so nice. “Y/N.” He said waiting for you to respond. “Yes suga?”

“Iv waited forever for this.” He said putting his arm around you. “Me to!”

i’m just saying hermes is not only a trickster god who likes gambling and risk and traveling and making mischief and laughing and playing music and kickin’ it but he’s also the guide of the souls in the underworld and one that is metal af and two it is quite a magnificent show of character

like here let’s play while you’re racing and daring and alive and then when you’re not let me take your soul home

To the tune of aladins a whole new world

I can show you a world
Full of spike tape and spot lights
Tell me, director, now when did
You last let the script decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you back stage and to the pit
Over sideways and under
up on the cat walk

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us “Not that show”
Or “not here no”
Or say we’re only dreaming

A whole new world
A dazzling place you never knew
But now from way up here
It’s crystal clear
that now I’m in a whole new world with you

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
flying, building, cue calling
Through an endless tech week

A whole new world
Don’t you dare close your eyes
A hundred thousand cues to call
Don’t hold your breath, you’ll screw it up
you’ve come so far
don’t have a break down yet

A whole new world
Every turn a surprise
With new shows to pursue
Every tech is more stressful
can’t wait for the show to be threw
no time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you