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5x08 review Guillotines Decide

How do you start writing about Guillotines Decide.

Highly anticipated.Murderous.Bittersweet. Emotional.

Some people hated it.Some people got upset.The majority has mixed feelings.

Personally i loved it.

Way too many things happened in only 42 minutes.I felt the episode was 1 hour and a half, not 40+ minutes.All the major ob characters made an appearance and that was lovely. I’m happy to see another female writer getting to tell her story.After 5x05 ( Jenn Engels ) and 5x07( Renée St. Cyr ), 5x08 came with Aisha Porter-Christie .

We’re 2 episodes before the end and 5x08 needed to be the episode that bridges the conclusion of this story with what each character has accomplished so far. Episodes 9 & 10 are gonna be a 2 parter (Graeme confirmed) so Ep 8 was the prelude of the ending.

Guillotines Decide, was more than a farewell to an amazing character. It was an episode about family- the family you choose to be a part of. In the constant battle between  nature and nurture it’s our choices that define who we are and who we want  next to us.

That’s why if i had to pick one quote from this episode that ultimately defines the whole series,it would be this:

We are all mysterious works of chance, of choice, of nature vs. nurture. So, to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.

Fee’s speech was everything.Full of love, support and generosity. His brush  always a doorway through  expression and musing.


It was always about Sarah.His gallery-his own house- full of different versions of her.

She was the key of analyzing how liquidable identity trully is, how the same face can have  multiple personalities and traits, how social labels destroy our own complexity , restraining us from cherishing life the way we want to.

Felix’s art night brought Cosima,Sarah and Alison together as one person.The whole 1 person-multiple personas performance was a brilliant way  of getting the sisters together in one night and watching them happy and more importantly free.

-Alison, carefree, happy to help Fee and trying to wake her inner artistic self. Donnie always with her, supporting her, happy to be a part of this extraordinary family.

-Cosima  back in her own joyous self, more dashing than ever. Laughing,dancing having Delphine with her.

-Sarah, finally realizing that DYAD is going down once and for all, getting to chill and enjoy the night.

It was a well deserved night for them and for us the viewers.After all this angst and pain this joy was much needed and justified.After all, they are so close to freedom.


  • Helena


i loooooved this line, so utterly Helena!

Thank god Gracie didn’t betray Helena again even tho she was that close..

when i saw the gun pointed at G i kinda knew she’s a gonner. So the spoiler source was right 3 persons died in 5x08 indeed.

they’re gonna gag Helena with the Hannibal mask in the next ep jfc

i’m really hoping her character/centric episode will be as intense as Rachel’s was…also her journal and memoirs are gonna be a testimony of courage throughout the next generation of sisters…

  • Rachel

god Rachel Rachel Rachel…i was so scared about the way they’re gonna handle her…i was afraid about her backstabbing S but THANK GOD they did it the right way…

Rachel’s “Be careful” to Siobhan was so broken and authentic, like there was a micro/tiny-possiblity of her subconsiously believing S’s words…

-We do everything we can, each of us in our way

-And we do it for each other.

if you look closely to this scene Rachel is crying in here…jfc she’s a mess of emotions…

… is there a chance for her to be a part of this sisterhood after everything she’s done? Does she really wants to? Will she ever be accepted? Is Siobhan her only hope of ever feeling that she belongs to something??

I haven’t seen Rachel as vulnerable and soft as in 5x08…

and i am DREADING the 2 parter cause after Graeme’s newest interview he confirms that there’s a confrontation coming between Sarah and Rachel…

can you imagine the triumvirate  Sarah,,Helena and Rachel in one scene?

omg IT’S COMING AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS… i wonder if Helena’s “i’m gonna kill Rachel” is foreshadowing or not…


ok i really wanna set some things straight..

Ferdinand never loved Rachel..neither do i believe that the show is trying to sell us that Fernisshole deeply loved her…i don’t know what the writers have said for him in interviews- and i don’t care tbh , cause from the show itself it’s clear to  me that this isn’t love, it’s just a  game of dominance and nothing more…if the writers wanted to glorify him then he would have helped Rachel bring down DYAD because the only thing she wants is freedom…and Ferdinand never listened to her..

what’s really REALLY sad- and that’s where people should focus- is the fact that poor Rachel thinks that’s real love.

imagine how fucking mentally abused  she was all her life that she believes this is love…can you actually imagine it? How distorted is her image about love because she has never experienced it? And when a human being (let’s pretend F/asshole is human being ) doesn’t betray her then she thinks that’s love…PROTECT RACHEL FUCKIN’ DUNCAN 

the struggling attemp…i read posts saying that Rachel is crying about Ferdinand?

i mean

?????/ whAT???

Rachel hit rock bottom she doesn’t give 2 shits about Ferd

at this point,she just wants so fucking HARD to die that F is literally doing her a favor…and the reason he left her live is because HE KNOWS HOW MUCH SHE WANTS TO DIE…so he punishes her that way…not even giving her the redemption she desperately seeks in death… it’s literally freedom or death for her..jesus Rachel’s story arc is one of the most beautiful things in season 5….

there’s only one thing that trully disturbed me in ep 8 and that was the “who’s your daddy” dialogue… i choose to believe that Rachel was just playing his game, leting him say whatever makes him feel good in order to continue with the plan and set herself free..especially the “go go ahead, daddy”..she really needed him to kill her jfc


at fucking LLLAAAAaaAAAaaast

about bloody time…this episode kept giving and giving i mean?!! I never thought we would have so many Delphine moments jfc

a lot of firsts…first skype call with the ledas…first time that someone openly acknowledged her worth in protecting the ledas in front of others (Ms S in the skypecall)


for YOU, especially you Cos babe..this girl is screaming her love to you for 5 seasons…

she gave everything…her body, her life, her safety,your relationship, EVERYTHING just to keep you safe- is there anything more pure than that?

and not only that even Adele that doesn’t know Delphine at all said it!!

And Delphine, all she did was whatever Siobhan told her too…

However strong and powerful Delphine might seem, in reality she was craving to hear those words and to feel accepted…imagine living in the shadows of doubt and accusations all this time..trying to ignore everyone’s distrust because you fucking love this girl that much..her smile says it all

Cophine was glorious in this episode.And it’s not about the cuteness or fluffiness.What really got me is the sentimentality of their moments. They were finally free.

To talk,to fool around,to stupidly dance  or to do nothing at all.Things that were ruthelessly taken away from them.Things that normal couples do.And now their life together is so palpable they can almost taste it.

-you like it that much?

Cosima darling , after all this time you still don’t have a clue huh?

what really does it for me in this scene, is how Delphine is lost in the painting and her realisation while Cosima’s whole world at this moment is Del..they’re in a crowded place only breathing for each other..at this point i can’t even tell who’s  more in love

and of fucking course she would buy the painting i mean D-U-H

totally loved the

-you own me

joke in regards to the painting.. it’s a too-soon-bad-kind-of-joke aka exactly so utterly Cosima-thing to say

however the ultimate cophine scene for me in 5x08 will be this

unscripted,bittersweet and so very intimate…tears of joy is something that ob doesn’t give us very often and i wanna thank Tatiana for that…i’m in awe with that girl and her performances…she is so.freakingly.good.and.so.devoted.to.her.characters that i have MAD respect for her….and Ebro totally went for it uplifting the scene even more….they are amazing together, their chemistry is magnetic.

imagine for how long did poor Cosima bottled up all those feelings and fears…she didn’t even dare to dream how it would be like to be free..and now it’s happening and she’s not alone, and she gets to share this moment  with the person she needed the most.

Delphine is cocooning her, always the rock and shoulder to cry on.Imagine the sex after this moment (cough COPHINE WRITERS U KNOW WHAT TO DO)



A glorious farewell to a badass character.A bittersweet goodbye to a woman of multiple roles. Warrior, mother, daughter, ally,  the head of the family .The person that glued the Manning household. The invisible pillar.

It fucking broke me that S is dead. But she did it on her terms. Her death was not meaningless.It wasn’t just a “someone had to die” fiasco. Ferdinad needed to die from her hands cause they had unsettled business.I even took pleasure that he died first.Siobhan won in every way possible.She achieved what was the most important task for her : keep Kira safe, her kids alive and bring DYAD down. She did everything she was supposed to do.Killed Ferdinand to get revenge for MK and even gave Rachel a chance to reevaluate her choices/ reengage with her sisters.

S needed to to die cause Sarah needed that final push to transform to the sisterhood’s savior.

Remember episode 4? It was 200% foreshadowing

of what it means to become you.

this is it.That is the moment of Sarah’s transformation. This is how she’s going to take responsibility for everything that’s to come. Her  bonding with S will finally make her realize how is she going to save her sisters and the next generations.

Cause if we go back to s5 ep 1 and Cosima-Sarah’s exchange, Sarah didn’t care about PT or  the implications of his plan to the future generations..she just wanted her family and sisters to be ok…now tho..she knows what’s at stake..she will be stronger,bolder and more ready to fight.She will carry on her mother’s plan.

And i can’t wait to see her arise from her ashes of sorrow and make Beth and Siobhan proud.

chloe: *throws a fit and guilt trips max because she had the audacity to answer a phone call in her presence* *pressures max to shoot frank and gets mad at her if she chooses not to shoot him*

pricefield shippers: omg how can people ship nathan with anyone he’s so abusive!!11!! it’s so rude that caulscott/grahamscott shippers SUBJECT me to their fanfiction!!11!! *posts all this in the ship tag*

🌸Best Friend Mark headcannons🌸

⚪Welcome back to the best friend series!
⭐Shoutout to Soo-Young :>
⚪ Even if you’re not good at rapping, he will force you to rap with him
⚪ Him always cheering you on
⚪ Wouldn’t that be adorable to have Mark Lee as your own cheerleader?!
⚪ Probably buys you stuff
⚪ “Mark I said I wanted skittles, that does not be 46 bags of king sized skittles.”
⚪ Roasting session w/ Haechan
⚪ “Mark ily, but not ur hair.”
⚪ Trying to hang out in public but getting swarmed by fans
⚪ “Young man I swear if another fan screams opp- you know what?!”
⚪ Getting tired of the word Oppa because of that
⚪ Doing his part in Mad City and purposely butchering it
⚪Telling fellow NCT members they can’t even look at you
⚪He’s like an older brother
⚪"Call her hot one more I dare u"
⚪"Mark I’m old enough to take care of my-“
⚪ “What was that? Did you want peanut butter and jelly or just jelly on your sandwich?”
⚪ Annoying him w/ Chenle
⚪"Can you guys stop laughing like dolphins.“
⚪You’ll walk in to the dorm, Mark’s chasing Haechan in circles
⚪ The Dream Team is probably just laughing their heads off
⚪You probably smack both of them
⚪But then Mark buys you ice cream and you don’t even question it
⚪ Mark giving you fashion advice
⚪ “Why are giving me fashion advice when your hair looks like that everyday.”

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au ideas
  • “you’re my roommate and the only one on campus who isn’t planning on going home for christmas bc you have family troubles but my mom wouldn’t mind if u stayed with us for christmas so u won’t be alone” au
  • “i only realized i was in love with u after u died and like 3 yrs later u come back as a fuckin angel or some shit and oh god you’re even cuter than i remember and i missed you like hell pls marry me” au
  • “i’m paranoid as hell and i think my house is haunted so i called over a paranormal investigator and oh no you’re really hot?? also it looks like my house really is haunted and its serious so i guess we’re gonna have to spend more time together until we figure out how to deal with this” au
  • “we live together and you have to film something for a project and the subject ur assigned is horror so u drag me to a haunted forest bc you want ur film to be THE BEST but it turns out there really is something lurking in the forest and we’re both terrified as hell and can’t find our way out” au
  • “i woke up in our dorm room in the dead of the night and u weren’t there and when u didn’t come back i got super worried so i wandered around campus until i found u shivering in the bleachers, and u looked really upset so i gave u my jacket and stayed out there with u for an hour until u finally told me what was wrong” au
  • “i have an awful fear of fireworks so on the fourth of july we stay in our dorm room while u strum ur guitar and try everything u can to calm me down” au
  • “you’re having a nightmare and i feel bad because you’re trembling and crying so i crawl into bed with u and hold u so u feel safe, but in the morning u wake up with my arms wrapped around u you’re really confused and embarrassed” au
  • “i’m a siren and you’re a pirate but i decide not to kill u because you’re actually really really REALLY cute oh shit” au
  • “you’re blind and at the airport and you’re really stressed out, hey it turns out we have the same flight, how about u just hold my hand and i can be your eyes, mostly because i feel bad but also because you’re super cute” au
  • “u walked in on me while i was playing a horror game and i screamed out of sheer terror bc i thought u were a monster coming to steal my soul and now ur laughing and i would be mad but your laugh is really, really cute” au
  • “you kissed me in an attempt to steal my wallet but i know all the tricks haha sucks for u, let’s get coffee sometime and i can teach you some goddamn manners” au
  • “i have to kiss u for spin the bottle/truth or dare and it turns out you’re an amazing kisser and now i’m hella attracted to u, wanna get dinner sometime? maybe make out a bit?” au
  • “you’re a lesser-known artist and i’m hanging out at a small art studio in the city and you catch me staring in awe at your work” au
  • “you’re my patient and i’m trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with you but it’s hard to do that when you’re flirting with me, seriously dude i’m not gonna be able to diagnose you as easily when you’re telling me how my labcoat complements my eyes jfc” au
  • “you caught some guy trying to drug my drink at the bar so u punched him and now we’re at my place where i’m cleaning the blood off your face and endlessly thanking you” au
  • “we’re stuck in a convenience store because there’s a huge-ass storm and you’re freaking the fuck out because you’re terrified so i guess since i’m your best friend i’ll just sit with you in this aisle and sing to you to try and calm you down” au
  • “i literally took a bullet for you and now you owe me big time” au
  • “we’re at a mutual friend’s wedding on a ferry so after the initial wedding we’re stuck at the afterparty until we get back to shore, and since we both despise huge crowds we just sorta hang around each other and one thing leads to another and we wake up in the same bed” au

every time i see a post about adam ellis like 90% of the comments are defending him and its like ??????? hes a mediocre artist that copy pastes most his comics n makes relatableTM jokes n gets paid for doing the bare minimum while other ppl have to settle for $5 comissions on stuff they spent like 3 hrs on and hes a grown adult like i think as an adult professional artist he can handle some criticisms

like some ppl on this site get mad when ppl dare to ask for more than $10 on their art and when their art gets stolen are like “well u shouldnt put it on the internet :/” but are totally willing to defend mediocre white dude artist who doesnt even know them

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yooo! can u draw sad tjeff and mads bein like >:^( from the cheating hs thing lmao

Alexander approached swiftly when the tears began rolling down Thomas’s face. James quickly wrapped a protective arm around Thomas and gave Alexander a glare so harsh that it stopped him right in his tracks.

“Don’t you dare get any closer,” James spat. “You’ve done enough already.”

I really like this high school/college AU we’re making :)

markhyuck couple!au (pt.2)

part 2 heh (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

-part one is here: ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)


-not secretly actually

-he goes INSANE with holidays and anniversaries

-he pretends he doesnt care about anything bUT HOLIDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES WOWEE BOI

-he’s like that angry mom yelling at her children to hurry up when relatives are coming over

-except with nct dream

-birthdays are EXTREMELY important to him

-he threw mark a surprise party once and jisung worked so hard, he fell asleep halfway through the party

-but to be fair, hae was SO strict






-jaemin only sassed him to make hae say that but nO ONE TELL HIM

-when mark found out about the surprise party he started tearing up and was like “fuk my heart i love everybody so much”

-he asked who organized it but hae stopped everybody from responding by screaming “EVERYBODY”

-mark knew it was hae tho so he makes sure to give hae extra kisses when nobody is watching ♡

-i explained last time that they like cuddling but i didnt go in depth with it


-so hae’s always the smaller spoon, i said that last time

-he couldlve easily been the bigger spoon (theyre like the same height lmao) but he likes being the smaller spoon bc he really likes the warm and safe feeling he gets in his chest when mark hugs him close

-before they dated, hae always crawled into mark’s bed in the middle of the night if he couldnt sleep bc he was scared or worried about something

-mark let hae sleep beside him and wouldnt ever push hae to talk about something he didnt want to

-after going to him in the middle of the night so many times, he just began to saw mark as this safe haven he can always go to

-so whenever hae has a problem or is vvvv distressed, he always goes to mark

-but mark ends up always going to him bc he just knows when hae needs him

-they can communicate silently it’s tERRIFYING

-ok back to cuddling

-they cuddle whenever theyre together and alone (hae hates skinship, i said it last time)

-sometimes theyll watch like videos together in mark’s bed and theyll be cuddling

-and hae falls asleep or somethin

-mark really likes hugging him when he’s asleep bc hae becomes a big, warm teddy bear

-they probably go on pokemon go dates

-theyre EXTREMELY competitive when it comes to pokemon go


-mark usually laughs and shoves him and says “shut up” but boy

-he straight up screamed “FUCK YOU KIM DONGHYUCK IM LEAVING YOU” and ran away with his phone in his hand, desperately searching for farfetch’d

-he ended up falling over so hae tsked and promised he’d help him find one

-i STRONGLY STRONGLY think that mark babies the dream team a lot

-but sometimes he just needs someone to baby him ya feel??

-hae 10000000% babies him

-he makes sure that mark’s dresses appropriately for outside and sasses him if he doesnt

-”bitch ur wearing a sweater and it’s 30 degrees outside do you wanna fight me or smth”

-”lol fuk u hae” -mark, as he changes into a t-shirt


-he likes booping hae’s nose bc hae gets really mad

-BUT it looks like a lil kid getting mad bc they didnt get candy oMG!!!!

-hae probably gets jealous when mark gets shipped with another member

-”how dare u get shipped with MY boyfriend!! do our fans not see how PERFECT i am with him they can fiGHT ME!!!!”

-they probably recommeend music to each other

-mark NEVER gets jealous

-they probably do that thing where they try to steal things from each other

-like, mark will have his phone in his hand and hae will snATCH THAT SHIT

-and then mark will try to snatch it back and if he cant, he’ll like, grab hae’s phone

-they have each other’s phone for the rest of the day bc theyre too stubborn to return them

-mark probably texts stuff like ‘hey me hehehehehEHEHEHEHE’ and hae tells him to shut up

-sometimes theyll text from different rooms instead of talking face to face and when they do, theyll ocassionally yell out “SHUT UP” or “FUCK OFF” at each other

-sometimes they just fling pillows instead of screaming

-someone can ask them ANYTHING about the other and they already know the answer

-”oh hey mark do you know where hae is?”

-“lol no”

-“oh i was just gonna ask him what he wanted from starbucks”

-”venti caramel frap with a double shot of espresso and mint”

-”… ok”

-hae probably ‘borrows’ a lot of stuff from mark too

-he’ll see mark wearing a zipup hoodie one day and be like “omg can i wear that”

-mark’s just like “uh lol ok idc”

-he never gets the hoodie back

-they have a lot of inside jokes when each other and when they see something that reminds them of a certain inside joke, they look at each other IMMEDIATELY and burst out laughing

-if they ever get a dog together, theyll fight over who has to walk it

-”hae walk the dog”




-they end up walking it together

-like always

-tl;dr, still the dorkiest couple ever ♡

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Observer likes to make fun of firebrand using noah and kevins relationship. Firebrand will get extremely mad and might hurt someone if observer brings up the possibility of kevin dying.

Don’t u dare say Kevin could die I’ll kick ur fuckin ASS
#headcanon #tribetwelve #observer #firebrand #Kevin Haas #Noah Maxwell #misc #mod ~f #submission

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👀(send me some, coward and also im sorry i havent slept yet my cat is yelling)


-stays up too fuckign late

-Keeps on getting mad when I get a point in Cards Against humanity

-arts 2 good 4 me

-too fuckign gay

-useless fuckign lesbian

-dumb as shit


-ate a chair in D&D. that was supposed to be a rhetorical suggestion you fuck


-okay I dared u that one’s on me

-compliant in my banning on Discord >:(

-probably ate a rock once bc it looked pretty. Im onto u

-Lives too far away in a dumb timezone

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As someone who's still new to being bi and all that, can I ask you if there's a difference in how you're attracted to different genders? Cuz lemme tell you all the men I know are gross af and I wouldn't let them touch me with a fuckin flagpole, which makes me wonder if I'm actually bi at all

and maybe you are a lesbian! that’s a-okay!

i’m not attracted to every guy i see - but that’s normal since people have different types and tastes etc. i do feel differently for men and women tho. i crush more on women and it’s all flowers and giggles, and when i crush on guys i get mad! and i’m like how DARE u make me think of u like this!!! lol it’s fun for me to see the dichotomy.

but unfortunately, the bisexual experience is so unique per person so my personal anecdotes will be completely different from another person or even yours! sexuality is a journey and when you force yourself to figure it out faster than you should you just end up more confused and frustrated. best of luck ❤

maybe it’s because my own “art” kinda sucks, even when I produce something semi-decent (like the stocking drawing; it’s still VERY amateur, especially the coloring), but yeah it really bothers me when people make fun of other people’s drawings that they probably spent a lot of time on. like…how dare you tbh.. I just saw one of those “kek crappy cringey deviantart pics xDxD toppest of cringe keks” blogs and?? dude it’s just harmless drawings, chill out. none of it is funny, it’s all just…art……..that people (probably 12 - 16 year olds) made…….bc they’re practicing and trying to get better…what, do you want them to just never post their hard work? why??? like fucking sorry not all of us are top tier pixiv artists lmfao. idk, I’m starting to agree with the people on here who keep saying that ~lol how cringey!!!! u mad???~ culture needs to die. making fun of people for having “cringey” interests or making “bad” art lost its luster a while ago. like. offensive humor in general usually doesn’t even bother me (unless it’s jokes about sexual assault; I cannot forgive those) & I honestly enjoy a lot of ~edgy n offensive~ humor myself, but this Cringe Shit is beyond obnoxious now. quit making fun of innocent people u pricks

our band had just arrived back at our school from lgpe and we were chillaxing and playing dare or dare (if u didn’t do the dare u are out) so me being a fearless, sassy trombone player, i was NOT going to lose. i was then dared to kiss our bass clarinet.. he has a girlfriend i didn’t know about..) personally what do you think i should do? im scared shes gonna get mad, but i honestly didn’t know he had a girlfriend
—  Anonymous
Let’s have a talk.

I don’t know why I have to talk about this, but some people are just really, really, really stupid and rude.

The boys are not obligated to take a photo with you or to stop to talk, or anything in general. Especially when they’re out with their family, or their friends.

They are basically working 24/7! If they want to go out and chill out, leave them be. If they want to explore the city they’re currently in, leave them the fuck alone! Give them that, at least. They are constantly trying to please us on stage, which tires them out. They do not need to stop to take a picture.

Do not shove your phone in their faces!

Not only is it rude and disrespectful to their personal space, you could hit them with it and they could get hurt. 

Don’t fucking dare say ‘I paid for this, I pay for your life etc’ at them!

They don’t owe you shit! They really fucking don’t! For fucks sake, they are - say it with me now - h u m a n. They are not animals in the cage you can always get photos with, they are not robots that could tend to our every request. They are humans, with feelings and emotions. They get stressed, they get mad, they get sad, they react to things the way we do. Humans break, you know? They can get tired of things. And the last thing we want is for those beautiful, kind-hearted boys to stop what they’re doing.

To be unhappy with what they’re doing.

Get this in your head, please.

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where the rec at


i hate my chemical romance so much how dare u try to sell us this shit when ur NOT EVEN A BAND ANYMORE how can they get away with bringing out new merch when they are OVER WITH i am so mad they are SO money grabbing no one gives a shit about your stupid demos WE’VE HAD THEM EASILY ACCESSIBLE FOR OURSELVES FOR LIKE 9 YEARS OFF OF FUCKIN LIMEWIRE FGS iahte you i hate you please come back

One Call Away *Pt. 2

A/N Thanks to everyone who enjoys this story. Big shout out to @littlepurplerocks for the awesome graphic you see above you with the polaroids. 

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Call me, baby, if you need a friend

I just wanna give you love

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon

Reaching out to you, so take a chance

No matter where you go

You know you’re not alone

I’m only one call away

I’ll be there to save the day

Superman got nothing on me

I’m only one call away

You were no longer a child, but you weren’t an adult, you were just stuck in between the tween years.  Tween.  Might as well call it the pimple, glasses, and growth spurt from hell years.  The one thing you could count on was that Sammy was still your best friend. You never told him how you felt when you turned eight, or nine, or ten, well, you get it.  Telling your best friend that you loved him was tween year suicide.  What was worse?  The teasing about your glasses or the fact that compared to your friends you were the “Olive Oil” of the group, lanky, boobless, and pale.  No matter what you tried to do, like stuffing your training bra, usually failed, especially the one summer you stuffed your bathing suit with tissues and Dean tossed you into the community pool.  

He apologized profusely, Sam beat up anyone who made fun or whispered about it during the summer, and you had your few knock outs of your own.  Sure, you were going through an awkward phase, but it still bothered you that your Mom tried to put in these god awful bows in your frizzy long hair, try new intricate styles, like the “bun” or wait for it, “the inside out fishtail” or your favorite, “the pull through the knot ponytail”, but nothing took away the stares at those glasses from Disney hell.  They were all your mom could afford and you knew better to complain, let alone tell her about the teasing.  However, when Sammy’s dad and your mom were both called into the principal’s office because you two were caught fighting, you had to tell her.  The principal “expected more from the two of you”, you were her “star students in Math League” and Sammy was one of the writers for the school newspaper, while you took photos of all the popular kids for the yearbook.  

You were suspended for three full school days, which meant you and your bestie were going to be spending a lot of time together, sans the chores both Mr. John and your mom had insisted you do around each other’s houses.  So after Sammy mowed the lawns and you tidied up the kitchens and your own room, stuffing all your books, superhero action figures, and crumpled clothes under your bed, you hopped on the computer and immediately messaged Sammy.

D@redevilrules: hey sammy, u done…

Superm@n:Just about, you?

D@redevilrules: if u count pushin all my junk under the bed then yeah  im done

Superm@n: Y/N you know your mom’s going to find it, why not just put it all away?

D@redevilrules: b/c Winchester, im boooooooored

Superm@n: LOL, okay, then what should we do?

D@redevilrules: I’m grounded, ‘member Sammy, nothin’ i can do :(

Superm@n: never stopped you before, Daredevil ;P

You giggled, even on instant messenger Sammy would be so grammatically correct.  Just one more thing you loved about your best friend.  Not to mention his dimples when he laughed, the way his hazel eyes sparkled in the sunlight,the way he sent winking smiley faces on instant messenger, how wicked smart he was in EVERY subject, ugh, you didn’t really believe in God since your daddy died, but someone sure made Sammy perfect. You were so caught up in daydreaming about your best friend that you missed a few messages, each growing more and more for a lack of a better word, “shouty”.

Superm@n: So…what’s it going to be?

Superm@n: Hello?? Earth to Y/N.

Superm@n: DON’T MAKE ME JUMP THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!

D@redevilrules: Whoa whoa whoa, don’t want you fallin’ on ur butt now do we?

Superm@n: Was that a dare?

D@redevilrules: Moi? Dare? Nawwwwwwwww but ‘member the last time u tried 2 fly?

Superm@n: Of course I remember, you never let me forget it.

D@redevilrules: LOL YOU BROKE YOUR ARM

Superm@n: That’s it.  Here I come.

D@redevilrules: Sammy no…ur dad will get super mad at u if ur caught here again

Superm@an: SIGNED OFF

There was a wrapping at your window and after three short knocks, the window slid open, the warmth of the summer air wafting into your room, along with the giant that Sam was now.  You weren’t the only one who had a growth spurt this past year, but you were the one who got the awkward genes.  Seriously, what made those Winchesters so gosh darn pretty?

“Ugh,” you mumbled and Sam furrowed his brows and put his nose to his armpit,

“What? Do I smell?”  he poked your side and you doubled over from the instant shock and ticklish feeling you got whenever someone touched your sides.

“Sammmmmy…stooooooooopppppp,” you giggled as he continued to poke your sides.  

Sam secretly loved the sound of your laugh, that’s one of the reasons he tickled you, the other was well, to have some sort of contact with you that would still appear platonic.  I mean, how do you tell your female best friend that you like her, like her like her, without coming off like a big doofus?  What if you didn’t feel the same way?  He couldn’t risk that, not knowing, the what ifs, you were his best friend and that was good enough for him.  For now.  He dug into his back pocket and handed you a lump of black plastic.  You turned it over and stared in shock,

“Where’d you get a cell phone,” you inquired, pressing the phone button and your jaw slacked as it turned on.

“Nix that, where did you get a workin’ one?”

“I um, borrowed it from my Dad,” Sam shuffled his feet back and forth and ran a hand through his moppy hair, signs indicative of nervousness and you knew him all too well,

“Borrowed or stole, Sammy,” you questioned him, afraid of the consequences that he will reap once John found out.

“It’s one of my dad’s, he never uses that one, I checked.”

“It’s called a burner, it’s untraceable, and I figured why not?”

“Because he’ll hit you, Sammy or worse, what if he keeps his promise,” you sighed, promise your lackluster butt, it was more a threat and you both knew it, “what if he packs you and Dean up and you all move away?”

“I don’t care, Y/N, you know we have moved around all our lives, it’s bound to happen, I just want you to have it so we can talk late at night so I don’t get caught climbing through your window like a freak.”

“You wanna talk to me late at night?” you rolled your eyes as you turned away from his gaze, of course that’s all you gathered from his outburst.

“We can’t keep using flashlights and he takes the laptop when he’s home, so yeah, how else will we talk?”

“Sweet,” you threw your lanky arms around his shoulders and he laughed and hugged you back, “thanks, Sammy.”

So that’s how you spent your summer nights when you weren’t grounded.  Spilling secrets over the phone, telling ghost stories on the warm summer nights, falling asleep some nights as the battery drained. When that happened, Sammy still climbed through your window, plugged in the bulky charger, and scribbled notes next to your bed.  

“Same time tomorrow?”

“You know you drool when you sleep?”

And the one he didn’t write, ever, “I wish I could tell you my biggest secret, Y/N.”

      My father’s a hunter, he saves people, he hunts things, that’s our   family business.

That’s why we move around a lot.  

Thing was, you were right, you were always right.  Sam knew one day they’d have to move.  His dad was hunting something big, something dangerous, the something that killed his mother when he was just a baby.  Y/N knew about your mom but she didn’t know about demons, monsters, vampires, ghouls, and if he was truly your best friend, he’d do everything in his power to keep you safe from all of that.  Keeping you in the dark was the only way he knew how to protect you.  Well, besides punching out the boys that teased you, of course.  That night, Sam left the best message he could think of; himself.

He crawled into bed with you and you immediately snuggled into his chest like old times and he whispered,

“One day, one day you’ll know.”

Come along with me and don’t be scared, I just wanna set you free

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon

You and me can make it anywhere, For now, we can stay here for a while

‘Cause you know, I just wanna see you smile

No matter where you go, You know you’re not alone

I’m only one call away, I’ll be there to save the day

Superman got nothing on me

I’m only one call away

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anonymous asked:

can u do a blurb where calum is mad at you and how he would react and stuff pls pls thank u

calum definitely gets really huffy when he’s mad, he’s like a small child throwing a temper tantrum. I don’t think he’s one to yell, necessarily- he just wants attention. he’ll cross his arms over his chest and fume silently, his jaw clenched, refusing to acknowledge your existence. but don’t you dare ignore him back, he absolutely won’t have it, he’ll slam doors and stomp his feet and pound things on the tabletop until you look at him, so that he can then proceed to ignore you. finally, you’d lay a hand on his arm and apologize quietly, not even because you were wrong, but because you know calum just wants his feelings acknowledged, even if he can’t articulate that to you. and he’ll let out one last huffy breath and pull you tightly into his arms and bury his face in your hair, before murmuring out, “s’okay.” and even though he never apologizes directly- the way his voice cracks when he let’s that one word out says enough. 

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Youre so arrogant why do you think so highly of yourself you are a MARKIPLIER FANBLOG get out of your own ass fuck sake

dam u rite frend
me??? a fanblog??? has ??? *gasp* I can’t bileev dis….
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i wish i knew soonr i wud hav told my cat…. she mad i not told her. how will she love me now ??
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