i dare someone to take this seriously

a guy deadass just told me i can’t wear superhero shirts bc i’m a girl. look, kyle, if me having thor’s face resting comfortably on my right tiddy frightens u then take ur problems to someone who cares pls. also left boob captain america thinks u suck.

Heat in the Night

Summary: Alpha Bucky finds his favorite omega taking care of a pup. The problem is, it’s not his and he gets furious.

As requested by @theloveofanauthor

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Word count: 2.1k

Warnings: angst, some adult language

A/N: I hope you guys like it!

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Bucky sat in the front seat of Tony’s new Porsche smiling like an idiot. Normally he would’ve been more serious when coming back from a mission (or in Tony’s presence in general), but he was on his way to see his favorite omega, you. He had just spent the past year away on a top-secret mission and was excited. It was hard not to be near you, but since you two hadn’t bonded yet, he couldn’t take you with him. He quickly remembered all the times he locked himself up during his rut, called you while holding back tears, and wished for just a hint of your scent. But now, the agony was over. Bucky’s heart fluttered as he imagined your guys’ reunion. He thought of you running into his arms, him holding you tightly, both of you kissing and then furiously knotting. Tonight was the night. Tonight Bucky would confess to you how he truly felt. He was going to tell you that he loved you and that he never wanted to leave your side ever again. Bucky tapped his fingers against his thigh as he became more and more impatient. As he and Tony stopped at another red light, Bucky let out a small grunt.

“Anxious, are we?” Tony teased.

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How would the RFA (I'd like saeran and vanderwood but I get it if u can't) react to an MC that looks kinda young/sweet/innocent but in reality doesn't take anyone's crap and is sassy???? I read your last couple ones btw and they were really cute (I kinda got this from ur college vanderwood one tbh)

I think i went overboard on MC’s sassiness.. sorry.Also thank you for being so kind.

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Give me modern au (adopted) teen Cosette having loads of self-esteem issues

Give me teen Cosette being so shy she perpetually hides her face in a scarf and nervously plays with her hair whenever she can’t do so, never looking directly someone in the eyes to avoid seeing mockery in them

Give me teen Cosette who can only find flaws in her appearance - she’s too skinny, too pale, with too many dark circles under her eye, the brace doesn’t suit her- no matter what her totally enamoured and loving papa says

Give me teen Cosette not having many friends because of this but still being polite and kind and generous with everyone

Give me growing up Cosette who start getting tired of this and sick of being afraid of being herself and showing herself for what she is and what she looks like

Cosette who starts watching make up tutorials on youtube and becomes very good at make up herself  (”No papa, my smile isn’t the only make up I need”)

Cosette who’s still unsure of herself but fake it till you make it, am I right?

Give me Cosette who after some time finally gathers the strength to show up at those “les amis de l'abc” meetings she always heard of and never had the courage to attend

Cosette who introduce herself with such conviction (daring anyone in the small crowd of strangers not to take her seriously) and yet grace that someone shouts “wow Enjolras why didn’t you tell us you had a twin”

Enjolras being dubious about her at first but immediately regretting it the moment he hears her talking about equality and feminism and glass ceiling (“I’M SO SORRY THAT’S SO HYPOCRITICAL OF ME DOUBTING SOMEONE FOR BEING GOOD-LOOKING”)

Cosette that gradually grows to be so comfortable around these kind and totally crazy people that she even manages to show herself without make up (and is still obviously gorgeous ) (her papa cries a little when he sees her go out like that so confidently but shh don’t tell that to anyone)

Give me growingly-confident Cosette gradually revealing her sunny and kind but also mischievous personality to her friends

Give me Cosette who doesn’t take anyone shit anymore and doesn’t allow anyone to walk over her or her friends

young shy Cosette growing up to slay (✿◠‿◠)  (✿◠‿◠)  (✿◠‿◠)

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What would the boy's reactions be to a Sacrificial Bride who actually manages to escape them? Like she manages to leave the mansion and they can't find/get her to come back?

Sooner or later they find their prey and everything get’s worse~


♥Shu: Did she really got away….? How bothersome, now I have to go look for her… Whatever, I’ll just send some familiars to bring her to me… She’s annoying, but I can’t let escape someone with such blood quality.

♥Reiji: I figured she’d do this tonight… What a ungrateful woman. She’ll have to give a proper explanation after the severe punishment she’s up for. Maybe I wasn’t too severe before? Well, there’s always a method to use with humans who don’t know their place.

♥Ayato: Chichinashi ran away from me?! Heh, how fun it is to think she’d have the guts to do that. She clearly doesn’t know me at all! I want to see her little fearful face when I find her, maybe that’ll motivate me to suck her dry.

♥Kanato: I’ve never been insulted like this before. I really hope she has got plenty of air, because she’ll be screaming the whole night when I get my hands on her… And after that, maybe I can finally add her to my collection?

♥Laito: Nfu~ Shame, I thought Bitch-chan was smart~ Sacrificial brides are so silly… Always thinking they can escape from us when their blood already belongs to us! But don’t worry, I’m coming to get you, Bitch-chaan~

♥Subaru:..Another traitorous woman. Didn’t she learn anything from her time living here?! She’s bloodily mine! I’m going to find her an give her a lesson.. She won’t dare to escape again… She won’t be able to do so.


♥Ruki: I wonder what went through Livestock’s tiny mind when she decided to run away… Seems she didn’t take my authority seriously. Well, she’ll have plenty of time to regret it in the dungeon… I hope the term “discipline” is familiar to her.

♥Kou: How does she dare to do that to me! Hm… Seems M Neko-chan doesn’t value the company of someone like me~ How clueless… So that’s the way she decides to repay my kindness? I’ll make sure she knows how kind I can be, as her ugly face turns blue~

♥Yuma: Tch, it seems Sow likes things rough, huh? Perhaps I should break her legs when I find her, or a few ribs… Heheh! I’m already excited. The bear always ends up findin’ the rabbit. Well, let’s go huntin’!! 

♥Azusa: Eve left… She left me…! … She promised she was going to… Stay with me… Always… Perhaps she didn’t feel loved… Enough?… Justin, what should I do… When I get her back…? …Maybe if I… Tie her to the bed… And give her many friends… She won’t feel alone and… We’ll be happy… 


♥Shin: Hahaha! What a stupid girl, thinking she can run away from me! I can still smell her, she’s not far… Well, I’ll leave her get away a little bit more, and then when she thinks she’s safe, I’ll catch her. It’s been a while since I used my wolf form.

♥Carla: What a defying woman she had to be… She even went into the forest. Clumsy one. Maybe I have to show her who’s superior. But, I should find her before the wolves do… Or not? I wouldn’t really mind if they tear her to pieces… As long as she still able to bear me a son.

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Did no one ever take a look at Mofftiss' scripts and say: "No, you can't do that, it doesn't make sense"? They really, really are in need of beta readers. That's like ... writing 101. The author doesn't see the mistakes they made, for them everything makes sense. That's why one should let the text rest for a while, give it to someone else etc. The basics of writing!!!

This is bugging me from January. I mean seriously. Was there no one, or no one dared?

His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow (part 2)

Overview: Shawn proposes to Y/n at her friends engagement party

Warning: Contains some swear words

Authors note: This is an old piece and someone asked for a part 2 so I thought why not

Requested: Yes

“What are you doing? Don’t fuck with me Shawn!” I scold him, eyes wide in disbelief.

He laughs, snapping the lid closed and putting it back in his pocket.

“Guess I’m fucking with you then,” He teases, winking at me.

“Shawn!” I groan, hitting his arm. “Why do you have that ring?”

“Why do you think I have it?” He raises a brow at me.

“Safe keeping?” I ask tentatively.

“Mmhm close,” He smirks, leaning against the table.

“Are you seriously doing this? Right here?” I ask, hinting at a marriage proposal.

“Are you asking me if I’m going to ask you to marry me?” He laughs, tilting his head back.

“Shawn,” I warn.

“I was going to, until you told me you were joking,” his eyes glint with laughter, his tone teasing.

“So you’re not going to ask me?” I glare at him although a smile graces my features, not being able to take him seriously when he had that grin on his face.

“Probably not,”

I roll my eyes and pull my hands out of his grip when he tries to reach for them.

“Guess I’m just going to find someone who will then, maybe Simon?” I turn my back on him, glancing at him from over my shoulder, watching his gaze harden.

“Don’t you even dare,” He says and he’s at my side in a flash. “I’m going to be the only man to ever propose to you,” Shawn whispers, pressing his lips to mine and just as I begin to respond he’s gone and dropping onto one knee.

He reaches into his pocket, pulling out the ring box. He opens it, the diamond shinning up at me on a simple silver band. It was beautiful.

“Y/n. Baby, Princess, Sweetie. Honey pot, my sweet pea,” Shawn lists all the nicknames he’s ever called me and I giggle, happiness overflowing my body. “There are not enough words in the English language to describe how amazing you are. How happy you make me. How you complete me and most importantly how much I love you.”

“Everyday I find myself falling more and more in love with you and that astounds me because I never knew that this kind of love was attainable until I met you. You captivate me in every single way and you make me want to be a better me, to keep striving for my dreams and not to give up.”

“I love you so much baby, I swear for the rest of my life if you let me I will show you everyday how much I love you. I will be the happiest man on the planet if you would honor me by being my wife. So Y/n, will you marry me?”

I was frozen, not expecting the speech and the amount of thought Shawn had put into it. My body moves on its own accord, lips whispering my answer before the rest of my body catches up.

Shawn’s face breaks out into a massive grin and I chuck my arms around his neck, pulling him tight against my body as the crowd we’d attracted begin to cheer.

“Yes Shawn, a thousand times yes,” I cry, wiping a fallen tear off my cheek.

“I love you so much,” Shawn says again, meeting my eyes as he slips the ring onto my finger.

“I love you,” I reply, pulling him back to me, feeling the heat from his body warm my slightly chilled one. “More than anything,”

I can’t find the original prompt anywhere in my inbox but it was on my list! It was “I called you hot and randomly made out with you on the street for a youtube video, but you made out with me back so I don’t know what to do now”

When We First Met

Watching Katherine Pierce – usually the baddest bitch in the room – lose her mind in the back of a town car (because her new boyfriend was fancy) is highly entertaining. Kat’s got every available light turned on, is studying her lipstick critically in a compact.

It’s perfect but Caroline’s not feeling charitable enough to offer any sort of reassurance. She’s messing around on her phone, checking the stats on the vid she’d uploaded yesterday. It’s doing well – the hits and comments steadily climbing. She can’t bring herself to read any of the comments internet strangers are making. Not yet, anyway.

Keeping her face impassive Caroline tucks her phone away in her clutch, “What is it Elijah does again?”

“He’s a lawyer, family business.”

Caroline glances around the interior – motioning towards the rich leather seats and plush upholstery – “Must be some business.”

The car rolls to a stop before Kat can reply and she blows out a nervous breath. “I guess we’re here.”

“Guess so!” Caroline chirps. “Tell me, do you think I should go chronologically or in order of severity when I give him the play by play of all your most humiliating moments?”

“Caroline…” Kat grits out. She makes no attempt to placate or plead, that’s not how Katherine works.

“I’m leaning towards severity,” Caroline continues, pitching her voice to maximum perkiness just to be annoying. “Really build to a crescendo, you know? You of all people should appreciate the dramatic possibilities.”

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You Better Choose

Title: You Better Choose

Characters: Bobby Singer, John Winchester, Young!Dean, Young!Sam, Baby!Reader

Word Count: 2,161

Warning: Just a lot of Bobby Singer feels

A/N: I kind of just started writing and this happened and yeah…hope you like it!


“John, it’s Anne.”

“Anne? Oh! Anne, yeah, yeah hey, how are you?”

“I’ve been better. I was wondering if you were coming through town any time soon?”
“I wasn’t planning on it in all honesty. There’s some business in Minnesota I need to go take care of. Why? Did the ghost come back?”

“Oh no! Nothing like that, I’d just….I really need to see you.”

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Start (Draco Malfoy x reader)

Ravenclaw: intelligent, studious, graceful. I indeed have these qualities, and I do have my faults and flaws, but my twin brother, Harry, seems to have hardly any flaws and dealt with less than me. Sure, Harry was put in a little cupboard under the stairs with only enough room to lie down, but he had a blanket and privacy. And I’d like to make the record straight that I’m not envious or jealous of my brother. I’d give my life for him. I know that people recognize him more than me. People have referred to me as “The Chosen One’s Sister.” I have a name… And I have every right to be upset about being ignored or brushed off. The only difference is that I’m not radical or acting in an immature manner like Loki from the Marvel comics. (Luna bought me some of the comics which I deeply appreciated.)

Sometimes I do enjoy the solitude. I can sneak in the hallways and go to secret little places and spaces that no one thinks to look or go. I can do what I want and feel perfectly at home.

I was walking in the hallways holding my books and was greeted by Rob and Hermione. They told me that Harry wanted to talk later, but couldn’t now. I simply said “Okay,” and kept walking. Neville, Dean, Seamus, and I were going to meet up for a fun study session. I feel most comfortable when I’m with the right group of people, but it’s better being alone. It’s hard to tell if people like you for you or if they’re pretending. It’s difficult for me to tell the difference. As I kept walking, I heard someone or several certain unsophisticated individuals start to tease me.

“Well, if it isn’t the Chosen One’s sister,” of course it was him again. Draco Malfoy.

I kept walking, not in the mood to deal with him or his pettiness.

“Oi! I’m talking to you! It’s impolite to ignore someone when they are ta-” I didn’t let him finish and nonchalantly cast a spell on him while I walked. It made his mouth unable to open for four hours. I had a crush on Draco, but I don’t like the way he treats people. Especially Harry.

After the study session, I decided to make my hammock and lay in it.

“What the bloody hell, (y/n)?!” Yelled Draco. “How dare you?! This is exactly why-”

“’ (Y/n), you uncultured mudblood. No wonder why no one pays attention to you or takes you seriously. Nobody likes you. They tolerate you. Etcetera etcetera etcetera.’ Anything else, Draco? You’re not very good at coming up with new material and you can’t use what I’ve already accepted against me. So you might as well leave while you can. Quit wasting my time, you spoiled brat.”

Draco became even angrier, but stomped off. See, Harry knows how to defend himself, but he doesn’t really take much action or say the right words or arrange them in the necessary order for the situation.
I stayed in my hammock until it was time to eat supper. I sat with enough space for myself to read while I ate. (I read anything I found interesting which happened to be many things.)
Our owls began to deliver packages and letters. Unexpectedly, I received one. The envelope was written by… Draco? What could he want now?

I opened the letter to read:

Dear (Y/n),

I don’t know how to say this, but I must speak to you. It’s an emergency. I understand if you don’t want to, but if so meet me in the halls at 10 PM. Please.

-Draco Malfoy

I blushed. He’s never written something like this to me. He’s never written anything to me period. I looked over at Harry and he caught me eye and smiled and waved. I returned the gesture. I can’t tell Harry. I couldn’t. I hid the note in my robe. I finished eating and walked to the halls. Could it be possible he would actually apologize and be a genuine person? Could I be the first person to see that?

I slowed when I saw to large shadows from the corner. My eyes widened when I noticed it was Crab and Goyle. I came to a stop until Pansy showed up behind them. I turned to run, but I felt myself being slammed against a pillar. Pansy stood in front of me.

“You’re disgusting. Did you really think that your feelings towards him was a secret? And on top of that you constantly make him look like a fool and humiliate him! I’m going to make your life miserable. Your perfect brother will be next.”

I couldn’t move and started panicking. Pansy ordered for Goyle to place the tip of his wand on the inside of my arm where doctors draw blood through needles. Then came the electrifying pain. I tried to scream, but nothing would come out. It hurt. It burned. It was as if I was being struck over and over again by a small lightning bolt.

Then it stopped.

I slumped to the floor with my ears ringing, my eyes blinding me with neon colors, and my body aching in the worst way.

I heard the mumble of what could’ve been yelling and fighting and could barely make out what I was seeing. I felt myself being picked up and taken somewhere. I felt soft and warm, but my head kept spinning and my skin kept sweating. I could barely hear. I felt my head propped up and the presence of multiple people around me. I felt drops hitting my eyes and a clothe covering them. With that I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up feeling groggy and less sore. I moved the cloth away from my eyes and could see clearly.

“(Y/n)! Oh thank Merlin!” Harry cried. He gently hugged me. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I’ve been a neglectful brother to you and I should’ve done more.”

I carefully hugged him back. “What happened?” He pulled away and I noticed Ron and Hermione and more of our friends with me.

“You’re not going to believe this,” Ron started, “Draco saved you.”

“…” I blinked in disbelief, “What?”

“Well, Pansy, Crab, and Goyle attacked you and he stepped in and punched Goyle. He put a spell on Pansy and Crab ran off. He told Professor McGonogall everything and she told Snape and Dumbledore.”

“And how, pray tell, do you know this?”

“Dean and Seamus almost got caught ease dropping,” said Blaise.

“Blaise?” I tilted my head.

“Don’t tell anybody I’m here.”


“You’ll be okay. In the meantime, get some rest,” Harry said.

Everyone eventually left.

The next time I woke up, I found chocolate frogs, bottles of butterbeer, and any other kind of treat given by many people with little cards that told me in detail to get well soon on the night stands next to me. I smiled at that. It was still nighttime.

I sat up when a nurse came to me and handed me my dinner. I thanked her before she left. I ate everything on my big plate since I had been sleeping for so long. My belly was full and my body was almost done recuperating. Out of the corner of my eye I saw none other than Draco walk in and I subconsciously scooted away from him. Well, as far as my bed would allow.

“(Y/n)” he froze when he saw how I reacted. He analyzed the scars on my body from the electrical shock. He noticed how the corners where my eyes were had many tiny and dark freckles almost like ashes. I looked away from him in disbelief.

“Thank you for saving me. It is much appreciated and I’m grateful you did. Now you don’t have to make me. You should leave before you get in trouble. You can’t be out of bed at this hour.” I didn’t hear Draco approach me and sit in the chair next to me. When I swiveled my head to look him in the eyes with the courage I could muster, he embraced me. Draco rested his forehead on my shoulder.

“I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I was being incompetent. And you’re right. I am a spoiled brat. I’m insecure and I put you through awful things. After what I saw with you and Pansy, I was livid. I thought I almost killed someone. I care about you with every fiber of my being.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. This had to have been a lie.

“I told Blaise that I didn’t want to like you and Pansy heard me and went after you.”

“Draco, it’s okay.”

“No it’s not. You could’ve died. If I hadn’t stepped in right away you would’ve never woken up. I couldn’t lose you,” he had been shaking lightly and tears leaked from his eye ducts.

“I forgive you. It’s okay. I care about you, too.”

“Give me a chance to right my wrongs and fix my mistakes and to learn from them. To be honest with you. I can’t hold things in anymore. And I can’t hide my feelings for you.”

“You don’t have to anymore, but you have to stop acting like a jerk. Stop hating the world,” I rubbed his back with my bandaged hand. “Start forgiving.”

He pulled away and kissed me slowly. We both knew that meant “Yes, I will start to.”


Marry her anyway

I wanted to try something else out for a change.. So, a one shot.. In Calum’s POV!


To say I were nervous would be the understatement of the year.

I had met her by accident, almost two years ago. The boys and I, had been touring non-stop and the mentality of our ‘groups feeling’ had depleted horribly in the past few weeks. We were constantly bickering about the stupidest things you could think of. If someone dared to let a cookie wrapper lay around, Ashton would lose his shit. If you touched any of Luke’s clothes, he’d seriously have you by the balls.

So, eventually, I started taking more and more smoke breaks. Just to be outside, away from them, my brothers, to get a chance to breathe and enjoy the complete silence. And that’s when I met her. I had occupied the wall near the back entrance of the door when she stumbled along, trying to dig something out of her bag. She eventually tripped and I was there to be her Prince Charming and save her from harm.

We started speaking, which eventually meant me being on a ‘smoke break’ for over two hours, before I had asked her out on a date. The beginning of our relationship wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it.

That was two years ago, and I haven’t felt this elated in years. Everything was going great, the band was doing exquisitely well, I had a girlfriend whom I loved, my parents who were my safety net whenever I needed them, but still… It wasn’t enough.

We had taken a break from touring, writing and everything else that came with being a world famous band. Ashton was on holiday with his girlfriend, Luke went back home to spend time with his family and I’d bet all the money I had made since 5 seconds of summer became big that Michael was laying in his pyjamas on some random sofa watching cartoons.

And I wasn’t anywhere near Australia. I decided I wanted to spend my free time with the woman I was absolutely smitten with. But seeing as how I couldn’t force her – it wouldn’t really be forcing, I knew she’d do anything for me in a heartbeat – to take the only few days a year she had off, using the only money she got, to come to Sydney so I wouldn’t be lonely, I had taken a small suitcase and headed straight towards her.

She is everything I ever wanted, all I will ever need and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. And that’s what I am planning on doing right now. Asking her dad for her hand in marriage.
This man has been nothing but welcoming towards me, from the first time I had flown Y/N over to see one of our shows or the first time I actually set foot into his humble abode. Always had he been caring, generous and protective of his daughter.

Y/n wasn’t around today. She felt astonishingly guilty that she had already made plans with one of best friends and continuously asked me if it were alright if she went, because that would mean I would have to spend my day alone in a town I wasn’t familiar with. But she didn’t know of my plans.

I’m standing on the driveway of her home. Fiddling nervously with my hands. I have a few bruises on my fingers from constantly sticking the pieces of soft, tender skin between my teeth to gnaw on them. The cab driver had left me here alone, muttering ‘weirdo’ as he drove off, twenty-two minutes ago. I had to go in sometime.

I saunter over the asphalt, towards the front door. Even there I hesitate, although it isn’t for the reasons one might think. I am completely sure I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and I’m pretty certain her dad likes me as well. I’m just not sure if he wants to give his girl away to someone who is constantly on the road, travelling from city to city and country to country back to back, hoping to get a month’s of rest afterwards.

It might mean that his girl was leaving her country as well, leaving him. Because I wanted to stay in Sydney. And I know Y/n would be enthralled to live there as well. But I also know she loves her parents dearly. I ring the doorbell.

“Ah Calum, son. Come on in.” Her dad grins in my direction before he saunters back into the living room to occupy the lone Chesterfield in the corner. “Sit down, sit down boy. I’m sure she’ll be home soon.” He looks over at me from the brim of his glasses – which I now learned he only used while reading – before he refocuses back on his tablet.

“That’s not what I’m here for, sir.” I stumble over my words, a concerned look taking over the features from my hopefully to-be father-in-law. “Don’t call me sir, Calum. I’m Y/F/N.” He smiles at me and when I hear him speak, I feel half of my nerves already dissipating. This man always made me feel welcome and at ease, and I was glad I could call this my second home.

“Iwantomarryyourdaughter.” I spit out in one breath, eyes widening as I feel my cheeks flame up like I’m on fire. “Excuse me?” I take another deep breath, mostly to calm myself as I feel the amused gaze of Y/F/N bore into my forehead.

“I’d like to marry your daughter, Y/F/N. And I was hoping to have your blessing.” I start fumbling with the hem of my shirt and I am cursing myself for not wearing something nicer for something of such importance. While I’m giving myself time of day, I hear Y/n’s dad beginning to laugh silently before he speaks up.

“You were going to marry her anyway, weren’t you?” Her dad chuckles as he discards his tablet on the side table next to him, his glasses soon following after as he crosses his legs. I feel my lips press into a thin line as my brain mauls over the words just spoken in my direction. Does that mean that his initial answer was to be no? If that was the case, I was willing to back off… If I really had to.

“Calum, calm down. I know how much my daughter loves you and I would never stand in the way of her happiness. I will miss her, that’s all.” He shrugs his shoulders as his gaze leaves my trembling body as he looks outside his large, living room window. I had always thought Y/n must have had the best childhood. She lived in the middle of a big city, but still found serenity and peace whenever she came home.

“Thank you sir. I’ll make sure we visit so much you’ll be sick of us within the first year.” I try to smile but it seems more of a grimace as Y/n’s dad focuses back on my tall, still standing frame.

“What did I tell you about calling me sir? You might as well start calling me dad now, now that I’m stuck to you.” Y/F/N laughs loudly and I chuckle along, shaking my head at his humour which I daily recognize in my own girlfriend.

The conversation is interrupted when the back door opens and the lovely voice of my girlfriend chimes through the house. “Daddy, I’m home.” I turn to gaze back at Y/F/N and he winks at me before replying his daughter. “Hi honey, Calum and I are in here.”
“Cal? Babe? What are you doing here already?” She smiles brightly at me and I feel weak in the knees. I grin in return as I lick my bottom lip while I watch her walk over to me, before pressing my lips shortly to hers.

“What happened? Feel your heart.” Y/n suddenly exclaims as she lays both of her cold hands against my shirt covered torso, feeling my heart hammering against my skin as I feel the redness crawl back onto his cheeks.

“Daddy! What did you do? Poor Calum.” She lays her whole upper body against mine as she turns her head to glare at her father who stares at me in disbelief first before a smirk crawls onto his features. “Ah, uh – I didn’t do anything.” Y/F/N keeps staring at me with a cocked eyebrow, waiting for me to fix this mess.

“Calum, what did he do?” She redirects her attention towards me, softening her glare. I smile as I let my hand slither around her neck, my thumb resting on her jaw as I pull her closer.
“Nothing sweetheart, now get dressed. I’m taking you on a date.” I press my lips against the hairline on the top of her head as I finally feel my heartbeat slow to a more normal, steady thump.
As I follow my girlfriend through the door towards the hallway, her dad throws me a wink.

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How would the Sakamakis and Mukamis react to their crushes getting kidnapped and held for ransom? (Either they witness it happening or they hear about it through the grapevine).


Shu - Shu probably heard Reiji babbling about it to be honest. He’s really the least possessive of all and you’re more likely to get kidnapped if you’re his s/o due to the fact that you are not always in his line of vision. However if all they want is money he’d gladly give it to them to get you back with no fuss, what does he need it for anyways?

Reiji - He had saw it happening alright, and Reiji is on the case! As soon as the talk of ransom came up the vampire starts to use his awesome negotiation skills (DnD joke should be made) to not only get you back get you back at half the price for what they wanted. Now that is some extreme haggling at a grocery sto- I mean, hostage situation.

Ayato - Your’s Truly is coming to the rescue, how dare someone take his prey after all! Ayato would not care about some stupid ransom, money is nothing when his food is on the line, he’d go and find you on his own. Yes it’s dangerous but when has Ayato ever played anything safe?

Kanato - There is a roar in the background, what is it? It is hell opening! Cities are collapsing, men are dying, children are crying, society as we know it is crumbling at our feet. No seriously, Kanato saw them take you, and Kanato followed them, and Kanato slaughtered them. He does not even think about how you could have possibly been in on the whole thing at that moment all he was doing was killing.

Laito - Laito saw your captors take you, and Laito followed them. He was rather disappointed when all they wanted was money though. Why not something else? Something everybody could enjoy? He’d even join to!

Subaru - Subaru may not have seen you get taken but rest assured he is tearing cities to shreds trying to find you. It takes all of his brothers to calm him down enough to catch his bearings and thing rationally about what to do. He pays your ransom and gets you back rather quickly, and if it not for the fact that the captors were still able to hurt you he would have killed them then and there. After that incident you are never leaving his side.


Ruki - Livestock can be so troublesome sometimes. He swears you’re gonna give him grey hair from all of the nonsense you get into. Is what he thinks until he figures out it was real and the captors are asking for a large amount of money. He does not care about the cost, he won’t be paying to get his own livestock back! He track you down and unleashes Yuma… problem solved.

Kou - Let’s be clear, Kou cannot get caught up in a scandal like that, it would ruin his career. He would pull strings to anonymously send the money but as for you know it was him you are s.o.l. because he enjoys his career thank you very much… You owe him BIG though.

Yuma - Yuma saw, Yuma is there and Yuma is kicking ass. He’s so irritated that you ended up getting kidnapped of all things and thus had to save you. He’ll give you a hard time about it, but at least he didn’t leave you for dead.

Azusa - Azusa would search everywhere for you until his brothers tell him what happened. He’d think real hard about a course of action and pay the ransom. He does not want you hurt, that’s his job thank you very much, and find it the best possible outcome in the circumstance… until the captors go missing a few miles away, their tires were slashed and they lost control of the vehicle killing them.

lap dancer

Request from @no-other-names-availible-blog​: I would like to request a John Murphy imagine where him and the reader are playing truth or dare and he dares her to give him a lap dance. They both like each other put don’t know it, things get a little hot if ya know what I mean. She’s normally really shy but here she gets out of her shell and he kisses her while she’s doing it and they admit they like each other. (Things can get a little smutty if you want :)) thank you 💖💖


also i changed it slightly from her being shy lol i kinda forgot about that when i was writing this also very short im tired and still trying to get into the swing of things

Word count: 984

Warnings: i think im going to stop doing warnings lol i dont think anyone cares

You were a ‘party girl’. Everyone constantly referred to you as so, and thought of you as a wild, intense girl. Even back on the Ark you were a wild girl, explaining why you were sent down to earth with the other delinquents. Most people turned into party people once they experienced being on the ground, but you still remained the most wild. So, when Monty tells you he made more ‘unity juice’, you turn it into a party. After alerting the camp of the new batch available, and passing drinks around, you had begun the party. 

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Hello guys. I would not have wanted to write this, especially now on my blog.
Yesterday, after unusually bad days, we received good news: Joe Anoa'i (Roman Reigns) became a father for the second time. I made a post about it, congratulating him for the good news.
In short, it’s always nice to know that someone has become a father, considering the fact that Roman is a great father.

This morning (time now: 9:19 am) I wake up and I find a notification. A comment by one person: @jcaesar42 
I quote you directly because I want and I demand your apology. Let me explain better, because I’m a civil and polite person.
You have commented on my post about someone you hate writing this “Really hope the father dies”.
Let’s pretend that I have not read anything, we pretend that everything is fine. I’ll ask you a question: it feels right what you wrote?
I usually don’t answer to anyone, to prevent flame and stuff but … We need to separate what is the character of the person. Roman Reigns and Joe Anoa'i must be separated.
Roman Reigns is a wrestler that many hate (I respect Roman Reigns as like I respect ALL wrestlers); Joe Anoa'i is a family man who loves his wife and his children.
No one should wish death to someone. NOBODY.
An example: I don’t like Baron Corbin. But I don’t wish him death, I don’t go in the blog dedicated to him, or in the post to write these things. I ignore.
Now, you know why I took your comment personally? Simple, because I know what it means to lose a parent. My friends have lost their father and, I tell you, they didn’t celebrate for this, you know? Indeed, they are still suffering! It’s not nice to lose a father, you know? It’s not nice to be abandoned by some parents and, this, I experienced on my skin: you know what it feels like to be abandoned by a parent because he doesn’t want you?
Do you know what it means to lose a parent?
Let me clarify, I have not lost a parent. But my friends have lost a father. And when someone wishes this, I get nervous. Do you know why? Because you don’t know ANYTHING! You have no idea of the seriousness of what you wrote! You can hate Roman, you can do whatever you want and I don’t care about it: but you don’t dare to wish him death anymore. But not because it’s Roman Reigns, but because he is a father. He has a family. And you don’t know who you wrote this: before you write certain things, thinking that maybe, to the one you’re writing, he might take offense. Do you know why? Because maybe they’re experiencing or have experienced the death of a loved one. I don’t want to humiliate you, I just want to tell you that what you have written is wrong and I want your apology. Not for Roman Reigns. But for me. For all those who have lost someone. For my friends.

Guys, I hope I don’t ever read these things. For nobody. Especially in my blog. If you have this intention, forget my blog and go to disturb someone else. I’m sorry if I seemed harsh, but unfortunately … I can’t ignore these things.
A good day to all.

some angsty coming out of the closet memes as requested.

“ wait… you’re joking right? this isn’t real. “
” i need to be more open and honest with you all, even if you like or dislike it. “
” this is who i am and if you don’t like then i don’t like you! “
” please don’t be that family that disowns me for being who i am! “
” fine, throw me out! you’ll regret it one day when realize it’s stupid! “
” why can’t people just accept me for who i am? “
” you think i want to be this way! you think i enjoy people put down about something i cant help! “
” i’m doing anything wrong! it’s just who i am! “
” i can’t believe you guys don’t accept me over this! “
” no child of mine is going to sit here and take action to this! “
” no, no, honey, it’s just a phase, you’ll get over it soon enough. “
” this is not just a phase! this is how it’s always been! “
” great, so, this is what i get for being open with who i am. “
” what kind of family stops loving their child over something they can’t help! “
” you’ll have to live it, one way or another. “
” so what? half the world is struggling with the same thing as me! “
” you don’t understand and never will so please stop talking about it. “
” you’re supposed to love me regardless of what i do with who i do it with. “
” you can’t keep this little act up forever! “
” it’s not an act when it’s something that been there my whole life! “
” what’s the meaning of this? who taught you this stuff? “
” honey, please, maybe some therapy will help better understand. “
” you can’t be serious about this, no. “
” why can’t you just accept me the way i am? “
” what’s wrong with me? what’s wrong with you! “
” there is nothing wrong with me, why can’t you see that? “
” i don’t want to be trapped in the closet! “
” please, please, don’t do this to me! not now! “
” you can’t just run around and keep acting like that! “
” i am going out and you can’t stop me! “
” well, honey, that is your personal business, but thanks for sharing. “
” stop treating me like i’m a criminal! it’s perfectly normal! “
” what’s so wrong with liking something you can’t stop? “
” i didn’t just decide to be like this! it’s always been like this! i just decided to tell you! “
” well, that’s me and it’s never going to change. “
” i will fight for it because it’s a part of who i am! “
” i don’t deserve to be treated this way! like a serial killer! “
” i’ve done nothing wrong! people do it all the time! “
” it’s not just me, it’s a whole community! why can’t you try to understand? “
” no, you just think you know everything and you don’t! “
” well, i’m not forcing myself on to something i don’t like! “
” i will never change this about me, i can’t even if i wanted to! “
” i can’t believe you just told me that! “
” what do you think your parents are gonna say about it? “
” i will never live with someone who doesn’t support me. “
” so, is it okay if i still crack jokes about it or? “
” do you people ever take anything seriously when it comes to me? “
” it’s not a joke! it’s a real thing! “
” i can’t believe i’m being laughed at by people who are supposed to love me. “
” wow, so you guys think that it’s funny now? “
” don’t you dare use that tone with me! “
” this is who i am and you have to deal with it someday! “
” how can it be so wrong? “
” i’m not in the wrong over something i have no control over! “
” you can’t just kick me out over something like this! “
” i thought that out of everyone who’d you understand the most. “
” i just want to be supported, is that so much to ask? “
” it is not something to laugh about it! “
” you’ve got to be kidding me, all these years? “
” why didn’t you say something sooner! “

Secret Santa for @twindoodle! Sorry I’m late! 

They run across the rooftops, grinning excitedly. It’s been ages since they last got to hang out like this. She watches her partner, her best friend, laughing as he manages to stick a landing to a jump that nobody without a superhero suit would ever be able to manage. He’s a great guy, honestly.

She just wishes they could actually talk more.

Well, maybe they can! They have all night, so long as no akumas attack. So why shouldn’t they just talk, a little bit? It’s not like one conversation will reveal all.

“Hey, Chat? Want to play twenty questions?”

He nearly falls over. “What? Really?”

She laughs. “Really.”

He beams, and nods, leaning on his staff with a wide grin. “Want to go first, or shall I?”

She taps her chin. “Hmm… what do you want?”

“Anything my lovely Lady decides!” he beams. And… this. The flirting would be nice… if she even once thought it might be real. But honestly, who would be that candid with their crush outside of the movies?

She grins, an idea popping into her mind. “Okay, I’ll go first: Who do you like?”

He stares at her for a minute. “Um…  you, obviously? I mean, who wouldn’t fall for the lovely Lady of Paris?”

She laughs, slightly, and smacks his shoulder. “No, I’m serious! Who do you like? I want to know for real.”

He smiles, and shakes his head. “I’m serious too. I’m very serious about you, my Lady.”

“C’mon, really,” she smirks. “I know you’re a flirt, but there has to be somebody who’s capture your heart, right?”

She’s not sure why, but his smile seems to falter. “Yes. You.”

She frowns. “Okay, okay. If you don’t want me to know…”

He stares at her blankly, and then a sad look crosses his face. “There is someone.”

She perks up. “Tell me about her! Or him? Or them?”

“Her,” he says quietly. “She’s… amazing. Her eyes are like bluebells… and she’s just… lovely.” A sad smile plays at his lips. “She’s creative, and clever, and brave. And I love her, so much. But… well, I don’t know her as well as I’d like to. And she doesn’t know I love her, because every time I try to tell her, she doesn’t take me seriously.”

Her eyes widen. “What? How dare she? Who is this girl? I’m going to have WORDS with her!”

Chat gives her a slightly panicked look. “Nonononono! It’s okay! You do not need to do that! You do not! At all! It’s fine!”

“Just give me a name, Chaton,” she looks up at him with wide eyes. “Please let me play matchmaker?”

He shakes his head quickly. “Really, it’s fine, I swear!”

Meanwhile, her mind is whirling. “Okay, so you don’t know her that well-”

“Hey!” he frowns, crossing his arms. “I know her plenty well… just… not as well as I’d like to. You know?”

“So you don’t know her that well.”

He pouts, rolling his eyes. “You won’t figure out who she is.”

“Shh!” she puts a hand up. “Okay, and she doesn’t take you seriously… I’m assuming you flirt like crazy around her, right?”

“Yeah,” he mutters. “You got it.”

She thinks it over carefully. “And blue eyes… creative… Not Chloé?”

“NOT Chloé,” he confirms.

“So…” she rubs her temple. “Who have I seen you flirt with other than me…?”

He sighs. Nobody, he wants to say. Only you. But he can’t just say that. She won’t believe him…

And it’s technically not true, as she’s starting to remember. Suddenly, her eyes widen in shock. “Oh my god. Oh my god, it’s so obvious. Princess, why didn’t I see it?” she looks at him. “You like Marinette?”

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Day 7: Wife (protect)

“Even though everyone thinks of her as your betrothed,” Ryuu says one day out of the blue, startling Obi, “she always avoids the topic of marriage.”

He is right.

It’s not like Obi never noticed; no matter in what connotation marriage comes up, Shirayuki always manages to change the topic or escape the scene swiftly – but it’s different when he notices something and when Ryuu is bothered by it so much he decides to speak up.

It gets Obi thinking.

He knows that Shirayuki does not avoid speaking of marriage because she rejects the idea of marrying him – but it outright enrages him to think that it is most probably because she thinks she is not worthy of happiness. Because she thinks that her years on the streets have tainted her, making her something ugly and undeserving.

She’s been a girl who knew happiness. She was not born on the streets. She was someone her parents wanted and expected; someone who was loved, whose wishes were listened to. Someone who could laugh openly – whose mischief was always forgiven, because no matter how tough Mukaze looks, he has always had a soft spot for his daughter. She was once a carefree child, someone her parents cherished a lot.

If not for the cruel twist of fate which led her to live the way she did, she would be flirting with young men just like Yuzuri.

Yet Shirayuki feels dirty, for she killed to survive.

Obi knows that he can’t undo the past – but he is determined to do anything within his reach in order to free her from her ghosts.


Obi barges into the room before the footman could announce him. The king looks up, signaling the servant to leave.

“Obi-kun. What a rare sight. What brings you to Wistal?”

“I want you to refrain from sending Shirayuki on missions to the slums ever again.”

“I wonder if this is the tone a court pharmacist shall talk to their king,” he muses, waving Obi closer to his desk.

“You’re not my king,” Obi says, bobbing his head to the side. “I’m a citizen of Tanbarun. To me, you’re just the brother of my friend.”

“I wonder, whether you came here with the intention of talking to the ‘brother of a friend’ or the king, though. From your request phrased so kindly, it seems the correct answer’s the latter.”

“I came today to speak to you, the employer of the knights of Clarines, asking you to free a knight of yours,” Obi reiterates.

Izana gives him a look.

“She is one of my favorite knights. She saved my life.”

“She saves my life every day.”

“But you are no king.”

“But I could be,” Obi hisses.

Izana raises an eyebrow, intrigued.

“I assume I’m speaking with Obi Shenazard, then,” he says, inciting nothing but a wicked smile out of Obi. He is not denying a thing. Izana pauses long, eyes never leaving Obi’s face, before he starts talking again. “I knighted Lady Shirayuki upon her tremendous help in the Bergatt uprising and she has been a great help since.”

“I’m not asking you to never call her to your aide again. That would hurt Shirayuki, too. But I want you to never send her to places that can remind her of her… upbringing.”

“And what is the merit for me, her employer,” Izana smiles, all but amicable, “in this? Why would I go along with this seemingly selfish request of the bastard of the neighboring king?”

“I plan to marry Shirayuki,” Obi says. “Which also means that I will no longer cause a threat to your brother’s reputation.”


“How do you get someone believe in your love if they think they are not worthy of it?”

“I thought you have a question about your work schedule,” Garrack comments, putting her papers away, “but what makes you think I can give you an answer?”

“You managed to marry Shidan.”

“Well, that was a tough nut to crack indeed. He didn’t want to court me until his rank was higher than mine…”

“But you are the highest ranking pharmacist in Clarines.”

“That’s it.”

“So? How did you do it?”

“Just between the two of us, Obi-kun… I seduced and threatened him.”

“Is that so?”

“Oh, so unbelieving, you are so not cute. But I did threaten him. I told him that if he is not going to ask me within a year, I will marry someone else.”

“That… won’t work,” Obi says, sighing softly. “If I told her I’m marrying someone else, she would congratulate me and wish me the best.”

“That, I can imagine. Good luck,” the head pharmacist nods. “You will need it.”


“So… today I kissed Yuzuri.”

“Congratulations,” Obi says monotone, not looking up from his book.

“Not gonna ask how it went?”

“How did it go?” he asks obediently, much to Suzu’s displeasure.

“Thanks Obi, for asking,” he says, flashing a fake grin. “I got slapped. At first. But then she returned my kiss, and we got a little… hot.”

“Sounds great.”

“What about you?” Suzu creeps on him from behind, curly blonde hair tickling his ears as his friend clings onto him, laying his head on his shoulder. “You seem to be moody nowadays. Something wrong?”


“Oh yeah, totally. I get the ‘hmm’ too, sometimes, and it makes me forget meals and gets me grumpy for days.”

“Shirayuki,” Obi starts, pushing Suzu’s chin off of his collar, “she doesn’t… treat me as equal.”

“Do you feel oppressed?” Suzu asks, stunned.

“The opposite!” Obi lets out a short, not-so-happy laugh. “I feel like she puts me on a pedestal. She rejects my love, thinking she doesn’t deserve it.”



“Well…” Suzu starts, walking around Obi like a well-fed cat, to stop right in front of him and grab him by the shoulders. “As a friend, I must admit that I’ve always found you had some weird taste in women. Shirayuki is a good kid, she is just… a bit lethal, you know, with all her knives and poisons. Not really the type people would normally want to cuddle all day. I get that you want, I get it. The thing is, she is not your average girl. The way she sees things may be different from how you and I do.”

“So? What is your advice, Mr Finally-Kissed-the-Girl?”

“You can’t just be all smooth with Shirayuki. She’s way too invested in her role. You need to tell her why things happen, otherwise she would assume that it’s all part of your little guard-game.”

“… so?”

“Did you hold her hand?” Suzu turns his own question against him. Obi huffs, ruffling his hair in frustration.


“But did you tell her that you are holding her hand because it makes your heart go crazy?”


“Did you tell her you love her?”

“I did…”

“With these exact words?”

“No, but it doesn’t really…”

“Oh yes, it matters. If you think she would get your hints, you are mistaken. To get your hints, she would need to have confidence in herself, and believe me, the man with the least confidence in town, Yuzuri could invite me to her room and make me sit on her bed, but I wouldn’t even dare to think that she was trying to seduce me. Subtle just doesn’t work, when you love someone but you are sure they wouldn’t see you the same way…”


“You were rejected again.”

“Thanks for pointing it out. I appreciate the support.”

“Maybe you should change tactics.”

“But how? I tried the honest method, holding her hand and looking into her eye, kneeling before her and she still thought I was joking!”

“It’s your fault, you know,” Ryuu says, undoing the buttons on his winter coat. “You brought up marriage way too many times lightheartedly, now she can’t take you seriously.”

“But… I just… feel the urge to say something funny when I get nervous.”

“Well. I feel like hiding when I’m nervous.”

“I’ve never seen you truly nervous.”

“I’m just very good at hiding.”


“Shirayuki,” Obi says one day, when she sets out their plates to eat. “Let’s get married!”

It’s not the first time he proposes – maybe the third in one week, but at least the thousandth overall.

“I’m not marrying,” Shirayuki says, just as always. “This one’s absolute.”

“Why?” Obi asks unfazed, so used to rejection now that he can’t be bothered. “You don’t find a court pharmacist to be a good match? Would you be happier to marry a king? Should I go back to Tanbarun and challenge Raji for the throne?”

“No! It’s not about…”

“But now that this option has come up, it’s worth mentioning that it might make our father happy. He has always worried for his country if Raji was to inherit the throne… I advised him to crown Rona, but never thought about the possibility of myself as the next king…”

“Obi!” Shirayuki slams her spoon in her soup. “I. Am. Not. Fit. For. Marriage. Please stop joking.”

“Shirayuki,” Obi replies in kind. “First of all, I appreciate that you finally decided to use my name, I would’ve been devastated if we jumped from ‘Mister’ to ‘Husband’. Secondly,” he continues, raising his voice, “I think it’s up to me to decide whether I find you worthy of my love or not.”

“Yes, it is!” Shirayuki raises from her seat. “But you should choose someone who is…”

“You! I choose you. I chose you ages ago and I will always choose you! Get this through that thick head of yours, for once and for all: I am in love with you. I want to marry you. I want to put babies in your belly. I want to get old by your side. And never since I met you was I considering anyone else.”

Shirayuki looks at him as if she has seen a ghost.

“I’m afraid it’s not possible, Mister,” she says, trembling.

“Shirayuki. Please,” Obi breathes.

“I can’t.”

That’s all it takes, the next moment she is out of the room.

“As if I’d let you,” Obi grumbles, leaping to the door in one huge step, ready to run for his life – only to bump into her right in front of his doorstep, sweeping her off of her feet and landing on top of her in the snow.

“Ouch,” the girl says, looking up at him. Her face looks puffy – almost as if she cried. She may be the fighter skilled enough to win tournaments; she may be the sole woman knighted by Izana for her achievements – she is still very much a girl, shivering in the snow.

She is the girl he loves.

“I’m sorry,” Obi moves, brushing the snow out of her hair. “Are you hurt anywhere?” he pulls her in an embrace, cradling her small frame against his chest.

“I’m fine,” she breathes in in huge, hiccup like gulps. “It’s just… a bit too much. I’m just… I’m so… inadequate.”

“You couldn’t be more perfect,” he kisses the top of her head. “You have no idea how worthy you are. You would make the best wife, if you let me, I would make you the happiest wife.”

“Are you sure this is not a joke, Mister?”

“It’s Obi,” he stands, carrying her back to the room.

“Are you really fine, marrying me… Obi?” Shirayuki asks, clinging to him like a baby monkey until he plops her down on her chair.

“I wouldn’t be fine marrying anyone else,” Obi replies, kneeling down beside her. “I’m deeply hurt that you don’t believe me.”

“I… I do. But I can’t. But I do!” Shirayuki exclaims, confusing herself.

“Now, which one is it?” Obi snorts.

“Both,” the girl replies. The gentle touch on her chin makes her look up, losing herself in his deep golden eyes.


“Yes, Mist… Obi?” she squeaks.

“Please be my wife.”

“I would like to,” she says, in a voice so small Obi has to focus hard to hear it. “But I don’t dare to.”

“Is it frightening? The thought of marriage?”


“Then, are you not happy with me? Would you like me to become a king? I was joking before, but if you ask me to, I would more than happily make you my queen…”

“I always… feel like a queen by your side.”

“So?” Obi looks up, hands clasped around hers. She shrugs, slowly melting off the chair to hug him.

“I’m sorry,” she says.

“Still no?”

Shirayuki leans back brushing through Obi’s hair to have a better look of his face.

“I’m sorry I rejected you so many times. I’ve always… always wanted to marry you.”

“But?” Obi asks back, slightly panicked.

“There’s no ‘but’,” Shirayuki plants a small, shy kiss on his forehead. “Marry me please.”