i dare anybody to say a word

Dear Tumblr,

Dear writers of Tumblr, commissioners of Tumblr, anybody who does writing for money, anybody who wants to do writing for money, anybody who has considered paying somebody to write for them -

A few days ago, I received a request for a commission. It was a fairly normal one, as far as mine go, but as we proceeded, it got more and more exciting. Yesterday night, I sent to him an estimate of price. He estimates price based on pages - I said that, going by 500 words a page, 5 pages would be $25 CDN.

His response was concerned, surprised and very nearly outraged. He didn’t say ‘How dare you’, he didn’t say ‘You’re a thief’’ - nothing like that. But he did say that that was very high for somebody with ‘no short stories in his gallery’.

Anybody who follows me well knows several things. All my work is on AO3 and FF, and I’m not shy about that (it’s said publicly on my DA and my commission form). I’ve been writing for years. And I do not, ever, post work I’m hoping to publish on a public forum.

I charge 10$ for 1000 words. Not only is this standard for this particular, hardly-regulated industry, it’s well below minimum wage. Ten dollars, for something that’ll take me between three days and a week to write. This man who was trying to commission me wanted that same amount for $4.

I said no.

Writers of Tumblr, know what your work is worth. There is a problem, a significant, far-reaching problem of us being undercharged, undervalued, treated like our work means nothing and is worth nothing. Don’t let anybody sell you on that. We all need work, and we all need money, but this is wrong and this is unfair.

So what do we do? We say no. We say ‘this is what we charge’ and we don’t cave. Maybe they’ll say fine, and go find somebody else who charges less, but eventually, there will be nobody who charges less. $10 per 1000 is our standard. That’s our minimum wage. Let’s stick to that. Let’s be absolutely, iron-clad clear that we will not accept less. And over time, let’s make it more.

Commissioners and clients of Tumblr. If you are part of the problem, fix it. If you’re not willing to shell out that money for writing, then write it yourself. Admit that what we do is important. Admit that what we do is worth paying for. And to those of you who do - to those of you who are respectful, and who don’t whine and complain about our prices - thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts.

Elliott Dunstan

Rizumo: long analysis post

I decided to save this question to the last, because to explain  and answer properly, this post needs actual proofs from the beginning of the manga until now. 
advertence1: if you are an anime watcher, be aware this post is full of spoilers. Read it at your own risk.
advertence2: excuse my grammar, english is not my first language.
advertence3: high Rizumo content.

Shall we start?

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Why don’t you understand? You. Are. Loved. Do you hear me? I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody. You are the first person I really, truly loved. And I understand, I don’t have a chance, but don’t you dare say that you are not loved. You are.
Typical Siblings

Winchester sister imagine series part three.

Winchesters x Sister!Reader

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Warnings: Mrs. Potty mouth wrote this (capital L language), sibling fight

Word count: 1.3k

A/N: The next part to the series will be called Meeting the Other ‘Me’. I said it last time and I’ll say it again, mainly for credits, I did use some outside quotes here and there, I don’t have sources but just know it’s not all from just my brain. Mainly it is, but still.

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“Three months??? Are you kidding me Y/n?” Dean walked around the bunker, scolding you and stomping his feet with every step he took.

Actually, it was two and a half months, you’re adding an extra week in there…also I’m not kidding,” okay, maybe it wasn’t the best idea in the world to be a smart ass right now, but you couldn’t help being honest (kind of). “It’ll be three months exactly in about a week and a half if you want to get technical,” you just had to add that in there didn’t you?

“Well if you want to get 'technical’, there won’t be a three month mark. Or another mark on your damn calendar for that matter. You’re taking the damn pills, you need them,” Dean had his finger extended towards you as he continued rambling on. So naturally you extended your own choice finger and pretended it was a thing of lipstick.

“What I need you to do is get out of my ass and let me make my own decisions,” still as you spoke, you sat at the table looking at him like you were saying 'try me, I dare you’.

Sure you loved him, you knew he loved you too. He thought this was what you needed, to have pills floating around in your system. You’d been on meds since you were three, never having a say in what went into your body. No way in actual hell you were being forced to take some meds that made you 'balanced’, you were fine the way you were.

“I’m putting my foot down Y/n, you’re taking them,” okay, now he was pissing you off, and you really really really tried not to get in a bad mood because it was like this whole different side of you came out sometimes.

“Stop wasting air by spouting utter bullshit from your mouth. I’m not taking the pills,” your arms were now crossed, if he wanted to really go down this road, oh you’d take him down it with a smile on your face.

“Yes- you are,” the look on his face grew to be deadly serious, more than it had ever been with you before.

Sam and Cas just stood silently in the background, not daring to say a single word. They both knew this wasn’t going to end well for anybody.

Make. Me.” the space you put in between the words must’ve set something off inside of him, because his eyebrows raised as an 'I really don’t care’ look spread on his face.

“Fine, if you really want to do it that way,” wait…was he serious? Was he actually going to make you down like three pills by force? Ha. Game on brother.

He began walking towards you, but being smaller than him, you had an advantage. Quickly, you stood up from the chair and pushed it in the way of his direct path towards you. There was only one room in the entire bunker which had a really good inside lock: the bathroom. From behind you, the sound of him grabbing a few pill bottles, their little white oval spawns of hell rattling inside the container as he hauled ass after you.

Good news? You had reached the bathroom before him. Bad news? He had stuck his foot in the door so you couldn’t shut it. Before you knew it he had pushed his way in- you were trapped. Setting the bottles down on the counter he just stood there, looking at you after he had blocked the doorway completely.

“Take. Your. Pills.” he was pointing to the bottles resting in an uneven line on the counter, did he really think you were just going to take them?

Screw. You.” you repeated the same tone he had.

Suddenly he lunged at you, pinning you against the wall with all of his body weight. Cas and Sam stood in the doorway, probably to make sure neither of you shot each other, sometimes you got on each others nerves and well- let’s just leave it at the crazy had rubbed off on him more than he already had it. Trying your best to escape his grasp, somehow you both ended up wrestling on the floor. Both of you were facing towards the door, but he grabbed your waist and pulled you backwards to him.

“Get a cup Sam!” your other brother was gone, getting the required tool for this moment of torture.

Pulling you into his lap, he wrapped one leg over you to hold you down and held your upper half of your body in his arms, stopping you from moving. Both of your arms were being squashed by the weight of his leg, leaving you powerless.

“Stop you asshole!” wiggling from side to side you attempted to get free, but failed on an expert level.

Sam returned with the cup, Dean’s hands were busy holding you still, so he instructed Sam to do the rest.

“Put the pills in the cup, then hand it to me,” oh this was such bullshit. How was Sam going to help him? How in the fuck was Cas just going to stand by and watch like it was an action movie?

Sam did as he was told, and handed Dean the dixie cup.

“Open your mouth,” one hand held your chin, the other held the cup. But your lips stayed shut tight.

Dammit Y/n, open your mouth!” he wasn’t necessarily yelling, but it sounded like he was because he was out of breath.

His free hand from the cup repositioned to a tighter hold on your jaw, squeezing in just the right place so it would open just a bit. By now all the pills were dissolved, so all that mattered was the liquid got into your mouth and down your throat. Quickly but carefully, he poured the cups contents into your mouth, then shut it tightly so you wouldn’t be able to spit it out at him.

“Swallow,” you shook your head at his request.

Swallow it,” another shake.

It got harder and harder to not swallow as seconds passed by, you were needing to breathe out of your mouth but couldn’t. So your nose was flared to allow more air to pass through with each quick deep breath. You didn’t want to, it was like you had no control, but you swallowed. Putting the medicine into your system.

“Was that so hard?” his grip on your face was no longer there, and his leg unwrapped from around you.

Go fuck yourself you stupid cunt,” oh you were beyond mad, you’d never called him anything like that, or told him to- you know fuck off.

The next hour you were being watched like a child to make sure you didn’t throw up what was forced into your system, the rage inside of you was enough to burn down the bunker. He was so going to get it.

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anonymous asked:

Tumblr sent me to your post about the noncanon couple that is Zatara. Zuko did the do with Mai, not Katara. Katara did the do with Aang, 3 times at least, unless if you're willing to write off 2/3rds of what happened in the Legend of Korra. Makorra is also extremely unhealthy as Mako is not only unfaithful, but he's also abusive (à la Book II and part of III). In short, all of what you like is problematic at best.

How is any of this problematic?

Originally posted by the-spirit-of-the-avatar

Zuko literally sacrificed his entire life to save Katara’s. If he hadn’t of jumped in front of Azula’s lightnight, and it had hit Katara, she could have easily died. She wouldn’t have been conscious, nor able to heal herself. Therefore, she would have probably ended up dead. Then, she healed him, effectively saving his life and seeing him off to lead a very successful Fire Nation. Don’t you dare tell me what he did was unhealthy.

Originally posted by water-elementofchange

He took Katara to find her mothers killer. He didn’t have to, but he chose to in order to gain not only her trust, but her respect as a human being. He spent his time and his energy on a mission he couldn’t have been sure he would return from. And in the end, she was able to forgive him— helping only only himself, but her as well. By forgiving him, she was able to move on from all the hatred and anger she had stored for him deep down inside.He didn’t take her on that journey for himself. He did it for her. Don’t you dare tell me what he did was unhealthy.

Originally posted by the-spirit-of-the-avatar

Whoops, there he is saving her life. AGAIN.

Originally posted by atyourzervis

L’est not forget about her offering to heal his scar even WHEN HE WAS STILL HER ENEMY. Katara had too much heart for her own good. She was literally the epitome of an angel, okay? Zuko, who at the time was most definitely still an enemy, let Katara touch his scar. Who, throughout the entire series, didn’t let ANYBODY touch his scar. And here he is letting her touch it. Here she is offering to heal it.


Also, by your lack of grammar skills and not coming out and just saying the words “they had sex”, or, something to that degree, basically proves that you lack the intelligence of anyone who knows anything about a good relationship. (just because they “did the do” doesn’t mean anything”. This is coming from me, who is going on her 5th year of being in a healthy, loving relationship. I know a thing or two about healthy relationships.

Plus, Maiko isn’t canon, either.


Goodbye, troll.

Human: A Teen Wolf Fanfiction - Chapter 5

Plot: A Teen Wolf fanfiction based on an original character, Sophia Tuteur. Sophia Tuteur is Scott McCall’s cousin. They are both the same age, and she has been living with Scott and his mom since she was eight years old, since her parents are always on the road due to work. This is Sophia’s point of view to everything going on.

(Story does take place in the same timeline as the show.)

Originally posted by theaandrine

After Derek dropped me off, I decided to take a break from the supernatural and clear my head by doing some homework. I put my earphones in and put my phone on shuffle, and let the music fill my ears.

I glanced at the clock and noticed that I have been working on homework for the past couple of hours. I decided that that was enough homework for the night. I took the earphones out of my ears, and started to put my stuff away when I heard the front door opening and slamming shut.

Guess it’s time to face the music.

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Tenerife Sea

This is a Spencer x Reader songfic requested by anon set to Ed Sheeran’s song “Tenerife Sea” where Spencer confesses his love to you during an FBI gala. I hope everybody likes it! :)

You look so wonderful in your dress
I love your hair like that
The way it falls on the side of your neck
Down your shoulders and back

Spencer’s eyes followed your beautifully dancing figure as you gracefully moved about the ballroom. He couldn’t help but take a moment to admire the way you looked. His very first thought was of wonderment, how could you look so breathtakingly gorgeous?

His eyes watched the way your seamless red dress complimented your voluptuous curves, and the way your golden hair flowed easily down your back. His eyes froze on your beautiful face when you laughed, your face glowing and your cheeks flushing with content warmth.

You swiveled your head, just a little bit, and your eyes met his, making your smile grow even wider when you noticed his staring. Spencer’s face reddened with an embarrassed blush as he looked down at his feet. You politely excused yourself from those around you and sauntered over to him.

We are surrounded by all of these lies
And people who talk too much
You got the kind of look in your eyes
As if no one knows anything but us

“Hey, Spence.” You smiled, he looked up and smiled shyly back, a blush filling his cheeks. The two of you had been on the same FBI team for nearly six months now, and you still could not figure out why he was always so shy around you. You honestly hated it, why did he do it? Did he secretly hate you? What did you do to make him so shy around you all the time? You always tried your best to be as warm, welcoming, and friendly around him as possible, so that maybe one day he would be willing to open up to you and prove to you himself just how brilliant and bright you knew he truly was.

When he smiled back at you, you felt a pleasant heat rise through you. His smile was like sunshine, the rays it shone flashing warm against your skin, and you loved it. It was the best smile you had ever seen, complimented perfectly by his curly locks of hair cascading across his glowing face.

Should this be the last thing I see
I want you to know it’s enough for me
‘Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need

“Hey, Spence,” You said softly, “Would you like to dance?”

His face lit up in equally both surprise and delight, “I would love to y/n.”

You reached a delicate hand out to him and folded his hand into yours, smiling, then leading him over to the dance floor.

I’m so in love, so in love
So in love, so in love

The two of you glided effortlessly across the dance floor. Your head hovered just above his shoulder as his warm hand looped around, cupping your waist with his long fingers, his light fingertips delicately playing along the sides of your dress, pulling you close. You took in a whiff of his smell, musty and manly yet in his own special way, making your head spin. Neither of you dared to say anything, simply allowing the silence to take over, letting it control the wanting words tempting to bubble off your lips.

The song ended, transitioning into something with a slightly cheerier, faster beat. You pulled your head back, and you realized how close to him you really were. You could see the depths of his eyes from your closeness, more brown and vast than you ever imagined. He had never been this close to you before, never daring to let you too close into his vicinity. It was like breathing for the first time, finally accepting the air that you had been gasping and choking for your entire life into your desperate lungs.

You look so beautiful in this light
Your silhouette over me
The way it brings out the blue in your eyes
Is the Tenerife Sea

He stared back at you. He never believed that you would allow him to get this close to him. But, here he was, pulling you close to him as you danced. He could physically feel your heat radiating off of your body as you twirled across the dance floor. It was a natural thing, dancing together, being together, and for a moment, Spencer wondered why he had not done this earlier. But then, he remembered. You were amazing, you were perfect, and he was just him. He never felt good enough for anybody, let alone good enough to you. All he could do was marvel at you and the beauty that beheld before him.

And all of the voices surrounding us here
They just fade out when you take a breath
Just say the word and I will disappear
Into the wilderness

Dancing with Spencer was more natural, more real, than you expected. It was freeing, and you loved it. Song after song, you and Spencer swayed together across the dance floor. Neither of you dared to move away in fear of breaking the magic spell that seemed to form around you, creating a protective bubble, keeping both of you safe from harm. Being in Spencer’s arms, all other voices faded into an unfamiliar void. You didn’t think, you didn’t care, you just danced. For just a little while, nothing existed except you and Spencer

Should this be the last thing I see
I want you to know it’s enough for me
‘Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need

Eventually, you knew that your serene time with Spencer was coming to an end soon. The people around you were packing up, preparing to leave. You took notice in this, but you did not dare to do the same. You wanted to say, feel safe in Spencer’s arms, for just a little while longer while you still could. But you were well aware that your time would be coming to an end any second.

I’m so in love, so in love
So in love, so in love

Lumière, darling
Lumière over me

After what must have been hours of dancing but only felt like mere minutes, Spencer regretfully pulled away from you, his hands still clutching onto your sides. The two of you had always been fairly shy around each other, both crushing too hard to take the next step, and then this happened. It would change everything, and you both knew it, though you were not completely sure exactly how it would change. You hoped that everything changed for the better, that this offered you that extra push you needed to finally ask him out, or at least offered it to him.

When Spencer looked at you, at first he did nothing but stare at you, studying the valleys of your cheeks and the soft, arching ridges of your brows emphasizing the sharp coloring in your eyes. It was all the more breathtaking to him, seeing you close. Each and every time that he looked at you, it was like getting slapped in the face, the realization of your beauty growing exponentially each and every time. He was still in shock that such a beautiful woman such as yourself had allowed him to dance with you for those short hours. He felt so special, as if the Gods above had bestowed him with a legendary gift. He felt unstoppable, being in your presence always gave him such a powerful surge of emotions. He couldn’t help it.

Should this be the last thing I see
I want you to know it’s enough for me
'Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need

Spencer gulped, still refusing to release you from his grasp. He reminded himself to breathe, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

“Listen, Y/n,” He finally said, filling the silence once and for all, “I have to tell you something,” He took another deep breath, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, looking you dead straight in the eyes, emotion pouring out from every pore like a broken dam.

I’m so in love, so in love
So in love, love, love, love,
So in love

“I need to tell you something,” You nodded, curiously waiting, before he bravely continued, “I’m in love with you.”

At first, you didn’t say anything. You were in completely shock, (which was definitely within reason, the man had just told you that he loved you), but then you found yourself breathing in relief before the thoughts thrashing wildly through your mind could completely register. Before you knew it, your lips were crashing onto his, your hands migrated up his chest and his hands pulled you tighter by the waist, pulling you just as close as you he had held you for the past hours.

When you pulled away, a whisp of a shining smile dazzled across your lips, “I love you, too, Spence,” You whispered gently to him.

You look so wonderful in your dress
I love your hair like that
And in a moment I knew you, Beth

Cry Baby 10 (Josh x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Until Dawn

Character: Josh Washington

Persona: Female

Word Count: 977

Warning: Swearing

A/N - It’s been ages! Here’s the link to the previous parts, the song for this chapter is Tag You’re It. Again I haven’t seen any Until Dawn gameplay for a while so some details might be wrong <3

“Why the fuck we decided to split up I’ll never know” you growled as you walked up the stairs i the lodge. You’d walked around the whole lower floors twice and even outside a few times. It was Chris and Ashley who suggested splitting up, that way you’d cover more ground and hopefully find Josh quicker. It hadn’t worked though and now you couldn’t even find the pair, your phone had no signal. Your only hope now was to find Sam and see if she’d help look for Josh. You stopped on the stairs and turned around, you couldn’t shake the feeling you were being watched.

Looking at me through your window
Boy, you had your eye out for a little
“I’ll cut you up and make you dinner
You’ve reached the end, you are the winner”

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Sevenpercent-stronger: Mycroft and Greg on vacation before Greg is sent to Dartmoor (Hounds of Baskerville)

“Monaco?” Greg exclaimed, completely boggled by the fact that Mycroft had just suggested a vacation to Monaco with a straight face. Although he supposed he shouldn’t be surprised. He and Mycroft had already been together for a few months and the man continually suggested outrageous things like they were completely normal, not seeming to be able to grasp the concept that Greg wasn’t used to being offered a car as an anniversary present later on down the line, or that Mycroft was willing to buy him a new flat in prime neighbourhoods of London closer to the Yard than he would ever be able to afford on his own.

“Yes, Monaco. It’s lovely this time of year. I’ve got a relatively small beach house on a surprisingly secluded section of the beach, I thought you might like to visit it with me for a couple weeks,” Mycroft replied smoothly and Greg sat down heavily in one of the chairs in front of Mycroft’s desk, their dinner of Chinese takeaway that he had bought on his way over completely forgotten in the other chair.

Greg was suddenly overwhelmed with a sense that he would never be good enough for Mycroft since he couldn’t bring anything like this at all to their relationship, and the longer he sat there silently contemplating his own inadequacies, the more anxious Mycroft got until he was actually fidgeting.

“Of course, you don’t have to come,” Mycroft finally said a little stiffly, trying to hide that he was hurt by Greg’s strongly negative reaction. “It was merely a suggestion,” he added and Greg was up and around the desk in a heartbeat, grabbing Mycroft’s head in his hands and leaning in to kiss him reassuringly (Mycroft tended to need a kiss to reaffirm the fact that Greg wasn’t upset with him or anything of the sort, words just didn’t quite cut it).

“I’m coming, I just…you know you could do better than me, right?” Greg asked hesitantly as he backed up a bit to sit down on the edge of Mycroft’s desk right in front of him, his legs on either side of Mycroft’s lap. Mycroft leaned forward to rest his head on his stomach and Greg played with his hair carefully, rubbing his fingertips into the back of his neck when he’d reached the bottom of his hairline.

“Of course I couldn’t, Gregory,” Mycroft murmured softly. “You’re far better to me than anybody else could ever possibly be. Which is why I’m also planning to have sex with you in Monaco,” Mycroft said with a bit of difficulty, and if Greg hadn’t been planning to go before (which he had been) he was definitely planning to go now.

“Then you’d be very hard pressed to keep me away, wouldn’t you?” Greg murmured, and that was that.


“I thought you said it was small!” Greg exclaimed in surprise, his voice echoing back to him off the lofty, two-story ceiling of the open, airy house.

“Is it not?” Mycroft replied as he headed for the stairs with one of their suitcases while Greg numbly followed after with another, the rest waiting just inside the back door they’d entered from.

“Uh..no. This house could fit at least three of my flats,” Greg replied and Mycroft shrugged.

“Your flat is tremendously small. Cosy, but small. You must remember I grew up in a country estate,” Mycroft replied as he stopped on the second floor (most of which was open to the enormous sitting room below) and headed down to the very end of the hallway, where things were a bit more like a normal house with a reasonable ceiling and walls on both sides of the hallway. Mycroft pushed the door at the end of the hall on the right open and revealed one of the most luxurious master suites Greg had ever seen, and he had to remember to keep his mouth firmly shut for a moment.

“Oh good. I was so afraid I’d be overwhelmed by your wealth yet again, I’m so glad I’m not,” Greg said sarcastically and Mycroft smiled at him gently before stepping forward to set the suitcase in his hand on the bed.

“It’s just a bedroom, Gregory, don’t be overwhelmed,” Mycroft replied as he went back to Greg and took the suitcase from him with a quick kiss to his lips. “Do you want to go get the rest of the bags while I unpack them?” Mycroft asked against his mouth and Greg was powerless to resist, though he couldn’t help but say, “You just don’t want to keep going up and down the stairs,” teasingly with a grin and another kiss before he was retreating to go get the bags.

“What would you like to do with the remainder of our day?” Mycroft asked as they stood in the (fully-stocked) kitchen, Greg cooking them a quick lunch while Mycroft sipped at a celebratory glass of a light wine, Greg’s glass already drained and sitting beside his elbow.

“I was assuming we’d go down to the beach for a while, since it’s right outside our door. I haven’t been since I was a kid on a trip with my rugby team to Brighton,” Greg replied distractedly.

“You were twenty-one, I’d hardly call that being a kid,” Mycroft replied with a hint of amusement and Greg rolled his eyes.

“Well I would now that I’m in my fifties. Remind me again why you’re dating such an old man?” Greg teased and was pleased when it had the desired effect of coaxing Mycroft into stepping up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist.

“Saying you’re in your fifties gives the wrong impression. You’re fifty. Hardly ancient,” Mycroft murmured reassuringly into his neck and Greg laughed.

“It’s okay, I’ve earned my ripe old age, I’m not ashamed to be fifty,” he said easily and he felt Mycroft smile into the crook of his neck.

“Besides, I’m sure you’re quite spry for your age. I suppose I’ll find out tonight, won’t I?” Mycroft teased and Greg immediately turned around in his arms to kiss him hard.

“Indeed you will,” Greg smirked when the (slightly less than chaste) kiss was over. He turned back around to continue making their pasta while Mycroft still clung to him and pressed sweet kisses to his neck.

“So do you really want to go down to the beach?” Mycroft asked quietly as he rubbed his hands up and down Greg’s stomach in an absent-minded gesture of affection.

“Yeah. Just for a little while. I’ve always loved the ocean, I want to see it again,” Greg mumbled as he reached up to the cupboard over the counter beside the stove and pulled down two plates, somehow managing it without dislodging Mycroft’s arms from around his middle. He slid equal portions of the pasta onto each plate and then grabbed a couple forks before finally gently removing Mycroft’s arms from around his waist.

“Come on, let’s hurry up and eat,” Greg said excitedly and Mycroft laughed a bit at his enthusiasm before sitting down at the kitchen island across from Greg to start eating the pasta made with tomatoes, basil, parsley, and other light ingredients.


Part of what made Mycroft enjoy being with Greg so much was that he learned something new about him every day, the sort of things that couldn’t be learnt from a file. Such as the fact that he was a lovely cook and that he looked absolutely delicious in an apron with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a soft grin on his face and a glass of wine nearby because it made cooking ‘more fun’. Or that he tanned beautifully after only a few hours spent in the French summer sun on the beach, his skin darkening in a way that hinted that he’d never had a sunburn, just glorious tans. Or that he loved to sit in the soft sand with just his feet in the warm water while he read a book. Or that he was the best lover to ever exist, at least in Mycroft’s opinion.

Mycroft laid halfway on Greg’s chest and listened to his heart as Greg played gently with his hair and Mycroft sighed quietly into the comfortable cocoon of silence around them, pressing a soft kiss to Greg’s chest directly above his heart that was finally slowing down from their exertions. He found that it was hard to stop at one kiss, though, and so he started trailing gentle, lazy kisses up Greg’s chest and shoulder to his neck and then up to his jaw and he felt Greg smile once he’d turned his head to kiss his forehead.

Mycroft eventually propped himself up on one elbow and gently pushed Greg’s hair away from his forehead as he leaned in to kiss his warm, pliant mouth slowly, words he’d never dared to say to anybody laying heavily at the tip of his tongue, in the back of his throat, just behind his lips, and it grew to be too hard to hold in as Greg’s hands slowly caressed every inch of his back and waist in a carefully tender gesture.

“I love you,” Mycroft finally breathed and Greg didn’t freeze or push him away like he’d been afraid of, he instead smiled gently and rolled over so that they were laying on their sides facing each other.

“I love you, too,” Greg replied softly and then he reached over to turn the lamp back off and started kissing and touching Mycroft again, apparently prepared to show him just how much he loved him twice in one night.


Greg never wanted the vacation to end, but three weeks away from London was far too much time already and he really needed to get back to work. Mycroft had already been doing quite a bit of work remotely on his laptop and Greg was starting to feel a little guilty for being gone so long.

So after the third week they packed up and returned home, though it wasn’t all bad as Greg was moving into a large flat with Mycroft when they got home and that made it worth it.

They’d only been home for a week or so when Mycroft called Greg at work and told him that he needed to go out to Dartmoor, of all places, to check on Sherlock, and the resulting argument was..monumental, to say the least. They managed to work it out a bit before Greg left but he was still beyond frustrated by the time he got there, and seeing Sherlock didn’t really make it any better.

When he got home, though, things were a bit different. Being confronted with an enormous hound - whether real or imagined - put things into perspective, and so when he arrived home and found Mycroft looking nervous and prepared for another argument he had the pleasure of surprising him by pulling him up from the couch and leading him into their bedroom for some rather vigorous make-up sex. And that was that.

  • Shailene Woodley: No because I love men, and I think the idea of ‘raise women to power, take the men away from the power’ is never going to work out because you need balance.
  • tumblr: oh my god! how dare she say that! now i hate her. wOW
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I'll be the only actress that doesn't have anorexia rumors.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet,' I'm like, 'You can go fuck yourself'.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: He's fluent in French, very impressive. And he's hilarious. It's too bad he's so ugly.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I finally get to make out with Christian Bale and he's a really fat guy. ... He's Fatman, not Batman.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I’ve never met a cat where you assume first that it’s a boy. Because normally dogs are boys and cats are girls. But she has such a masculine energy that everybody always says ‘he’ and for the first week I thought it was a boy. I named her Oliver, she had a collar with Oliver. And like 'boy, boy, boy.' And everyone’s like, 'what’s his name?' And that’s just weird for a cat. So we call her Chaz Bono.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I just wrote an e-mail to my managers that said ‘no more white trash with too much responsibility’ roles for awhile.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Before I get the script I ask, 'Does she like the forest? Does she have younger siblings? White trash?'
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Oh, I can’t stand shy people. Like, make it up already.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: She kind of grows into it. And she’s strong, like a male hero with a vagina.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I was so dykey.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: By the way, you are the most interesting person. I was in the dressing room going ‘I want weird quirks!’ …That’s so cool! He can’t step on the floor! [Directly to Jesse Eisenberg about his OCD]
  • tumblr: no, she didn't mean it that way! she was just joking! jennifer is hilarious and perfect!

Dear Anonymous,

Umm… Yu-kun? Translation, please?


Rise and Marie have a crush on me, Yukiko is interested in me, Kanji apparently has an unnoticed, emm… “effection” for Naoto… Hmm, I don’t know who that “Weaver” is, but apparently that person is supposed to have a crush on Yosuke, “while Chie steals him away”. And I’m Margaret’s “special friend”. 

And Teddie is alone.

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You see her when you close your eyes, Maybe one day you'll understand why

For Yazzy. I wasn’t supposed to write for days, but she enabled me shamelessly and I cannot say no to her. Here you go, bby. 

Sadness. Nsfw. This was inspired by this wonderful edit by walkbynight, fandom goddess. Somehow, it became sad. I’m sorry. 

Enjoy ! 

You see her when you close your eyes 
Maybe one day you’ll understand why (x)

Back to your cage, he tells her.

The stakes are too high and the decisive hour is too close for Pan  to allow himself to be sloppy. Wendy Darling is one of his weaknesses, one he admits to himself reluctantly, in mere flashes of self-awareness. He cannot have her involved in this, not more than she already is : he certainly can’t risk his enemies finding her now and deciding to use her against him.

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I Remember You ➳

Don’t GoPatience - Monster

Genre - Romance + Action + Angst

Warning: SMUT but its fluffy so … I don’t know sorry eh!

A/N: Anyway, does anyone want the next part? ;) You know what to do.

I let out a groan as I awaken, rubbing my eyes gently before a great force knocks me, causing me to shriek in pain as I hear Emma cry out, ‘I’m sorry Mumma! I didn’t mean to hurt you! I’m sorry!’ 

I look down to see her arms wrapped around me tightly, but I look up to see Steve and Sam who are both sitting before me on chairs, smiling at the sight of me being awake. I take in my surroundings, realising that we were in a large darkened warehouse. ‘Good to see your awake twinkle toes …’ Sam said as I groaned, sitting up against the wall I had been leaning against. I realised my hand that had been injured was wrapped in multiple bandages tightly, stopping the pain from spreading. 

‘Shattered wrist and a few broken ribs. I cleaned the wounds and fixed it up as much as I could,’ Sam said nodding to the injuries. I nodded back, sighing as the pain stung through my body.

Emily brought herself off of me, pushing my hair out of my face gently as she inspected the bruises on my face, her face set in in anger, ‘Mumma he did this do you … He did this …’ 

I shut my eyes slowly, turning away from her pained expression. I knew it was a bad idea to get her to come to the CIA base, even though she was as safe as she could be there. ‘Baby-’ 

‘He did this to you Mumma! How can you be okay with that!’ She finally let out as she stood up. ‘Its hard to explain darling-’

‘Maybe you should let your Mum rest Emma-’ Steve tried to calm her down, but it didn’t work as she cut him off, ‘Why didn’t you tell me that he had changed into this-this different person! He’s nothing like you described him as!’ 

‘I tried to tell you that things would be different Emma, I told you that he would be a different person!’ I snapped as I finally stood up, instantly but she spoke back aggressively. ‘Well maybe you should have fought harder to get my real Father back! To get the man that you loved back! Its seems that you were too pathetic to try to the best of your ability to find him, all you really did was give up!’ 

There was a hard silence between us as Sam and Steve looked at the both of us. I stared at my daughter as I let her words hit me like a cave of bricks, my jaw rigged before I made my way over to her slowly and whispered dangerously, ‘You don’t think I tried? You don’t think I TRIED?!’ 

Emma stood her ground as I stared her down, anger now pulsing through my veins as I seethed, ‘I looked for your Father for over seventy years while taking care of you as a child. You don’t think this has been hard for me? To have a child alone with no one to help while keeping our identities a secret from the public due to the fact that we can’t age! Do you think that was easy?! To have to run your whole life and not stop!’ 

I took a breath, trying to control my emotions as I ranted on and on, ‘At one point when you were just a baby I left you in a hotel in Austria with the headmistress there, and went to get baby formula for you due to the lack of supplies at the hotel. And you know what the men who cornered me in that alleyway did to me on my way back? They tortured me, they assaulted me, they-’

I stopped myself, my tears on the verge of falling but I stopped them. Emma’s eyes were wide with fear as she realised what the men had done to me, even Steve and Sam now standing not too far away and in shock at this new revelation. I sighed before continuing, ‘I was broken. In every possible way. Yet I didn’t let that tame me. I knew that I had to build a future, not for me, not for anybody else, but for you. Even when you were in your teen years I continued to look for your Father … But I decided one day that it was time for me to try and move on. For the benefit of both of us. So don’t you dare say I didn’t try …’ 

She had tears streaming down her face by now as she tried to speak but the words just wouldn’t come out, I turned away from her slowly and without another word, she ran off. I heard Sam sigh heavily, muttering to Steve, ‘I’ll go talk to her ..’ 

I held myself up against the wall, Steve’s footsteps closing in on me before he whispered, ‘… You-You were raped?’

I looked up at his words to find tears also falling down his cheeks as he gave me a saddened stare. I looked away and nodded and heard him gasp as I, tried to keep myself composed. ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘Because I didn’t want to seem like a coward. I didn’t want you to pity me or for anybody else to, including Emma … And if your going to ask about the child from that event, it died along with my happiness,’ I whispered carefully, as if my voice was about to break. 

Steve turned me gently, pulling my chin up, shaking his head, ‘Your wrong …’ I gave him a sad smile before looking around, ‘Where is he?’

He nodded towards one of the closed off rooms. I looked back at Steve before he nodded, placing a kiss to my head before walking off to find the other two. I sighed, pushing my hair out of my face before looking back at the double doors, the only obstacle that now stood between me and the man I loved. 

I looked into one of the windows in the door, watching him silently. He sat there on a small chair in the centre of the room beside a massive machine, his head lowered and staring at the floor. Frozen and unmoving.

I took a deep breath before entering. James didn’t look up at me as I entered with a bowl of hot water and a spare towel. I placed myself on the floor before him, watching as he looked away from me at my presence. I looked at his bloodied face and upper body, realising that he was covered in so much blood that I couldn’t even tell where the wounds were, if there really were any.

I sighed before dipping the cloth into the hot water, squeezing the excess water out before dabbing his arm that was covered in wounds that I could make out, moving onto his chest quickly that needed to be cleaned before the infections set in. 

He hissed at times, jerking when the pain was too much, but stayed relevantly still most of the time. Finally I got to his face, wiping it as gently as I could, almost like a feathers touch, and thats when he spoke, ‘I remember you. Your Y/N.’

I stopped my movements at his words, looking him in the eye as he looked me straight in the eye, a chill running down my spine. I gave him a small smile at this until he spoke again, ‘And I hurt you.’ I sighed, continuing to wipe his face as I said, ‘It wasn’t your fault James.’

There was silence between us again, giving me time to continuing wiping his face, his eyes still attached to my expressionless face as I tried to keep my composure at bay. Suddenly he grabbed my hand in his metal one, making me jolt in slight fear and he noticed. 

‘Your afraid of me aren’t you …’ I look up at him, shaking my head, ‘No … Not all.’ He sighs, running his metal fingertips over the palm of my hand, mapping the lines and creases in them, before he whispers, ‘What were you to me?’

I gulp at this. A lover. ‘A friend. I was a friend, like Steve was.’

He watched me, nodding at my words as I just sighed, ‘I feel like I’ve known you for so long. I know I miss you and know you are special to me. That you were someone important … And yet, something is missing …’ 

At this I pull my hand away from his, making him freeze. I whispered softly, ‘Well your all cleaned up now. I’ll just go and get Steve so he can brief you about what our next move is.’ 

James stared at me longing as I grabbed the contents of the bloody water and cloth as I exited the room. When I had finally reached a minimal distance away from the room, I dropped the bowl, sending it crashing to the floor, its contents spilling everywhere. I didn’t even make out the smash as I finally broke.

I let my tears fall, crying my heart out as I was brought into Steve’s familiar embrace, letting him hold me as I just cried, whimpering softly, ‘He can’t remember me. He can’t remember me at all!’ 

Steve tried to keep his composure as well, but struggled as he whispered, ‘Its okay … He will with time.’ I just shook my head, clinging to Steve like the day I did when I found out that James had presumably died. But now, I had truly lost him. 

Steve, Sam, James, Emma and I sit in a room together, myself furtherest away from the group as I leant against the wall. I watched silently as Steve explained the next few steps of the plan that would carry us for the next few days. 

I stared out into the busy streets as the helicopters roared around us, the streets filled with the noises of cars and emergency vehicles, the shouts and cries of teenagers and adults like, drunken and excited filling the air. 

‘Y/N?’ I shook my head before turning back to look at the group, all eyes on me. ‘Did you hear the plan?’

‘No, sorry my mind was somewhere else …’ Steve sighed before repeating, ‘Well were all going to split up, Sam, Emma and I will stay on the other side of the side while you and Bucky stay at your old apartment-’

‘Wait what?!’ I exclaim at this, ‘Why can’t Emma and I stick together while you boys stick together, doesn’t that sound better?’

I sigh but just as I’m about to make a plea, Steve drags me by my arm out of the room as he says, ‘Walk with me now.’ 

I follow him out quickly, quickly speaking this time, ‘What Steve? Why can’t I stay with Emma instead of James? You saw how I was before when I was with him!’

‘Because they won’t track us, they know that its obvious that three men will be together but they know nothing about a woman so it will be better that way,’ I sigh yet again, running a hand through my hair. Steve placed a hand on my shoulder, squeezing it, ‘You can do it. If there is anyone strong that I know can be with him its you Y/N. Please …’ 

I look at him, trying to think of something else to say before I just sigh, nodding to his words. He chuckles, ruffling my hair before walking back into the room. I sigh, blinking a few times before sneaking a look into the room, only to find the James was already looking. When he realised I was looking back he turned his head, pretending he had been staring at the floor. I smile sadly, sighing. This was going to be hard. 

The boys dropped us off, but not before Emma gave me a tight hug. ‘I’m sorry about what I said before Mumma …’ I nod at her words, pulling away to kiss her forehead, ‘Its okay Baby, I understand why you were mad.’ 

She smiles before I put her back into the car, smiling, ‘Don’t hassle your uncle and Sam too much will you?’ Emma smiles back, blowing me a kiss before they drive away, disappearing around the corner. 

James and I entered my old house quietly, the whole place in total darkness. I sighed, dumping my bags by the side of the door before going around the house to switch the lights on. As I was in the kitchen, I watched James from afar as he looked at all the pictures, ones that included him and me together back from the 1930′s, and of Steve and the three of us of course, and some of me and Emma. 

I smiled as I watched him when suddenly all the lights went out and I shrieked, and everything fell into silence. I sighed in annoyance, ‘Well this is just great, just perfect!’ 

I jumped when I felt James place his hand on my shoulder, but he kept me still, whispering, ‘Its just me.’ 

I sighed and nod as I pull out a flashlight from one of the drawers, muttering to myself, ‘Must’ve ended my electricity payments and current.’ I walked around James before grabbing bunches of candles from the cupboard, placing them everywhere, in the kitchen, the lounge, the bathroom and bedroom, and a few in the corridor.

I walked back to James who stood awkwardly in the lounge, still intrigued and looking around before I spoke, ‘Well the shower still works so if you wanna use it …’ 

He shook his head with a small smile, ‘No, no, by all means you go first. I can wait for you to finish.’ I smiled this and nodded before making my way back to the bathroom before shutting the door. I smiled to myself, thinking, “He’s still a gentleman at least.”

I stripped quickly, ridding myself off the garments that clung to my body before entering the shower, letting the warm water cascade down my wounded body slowly, shutting my eyes in contentment. 

James walked around the lounge, looking at all the pictures of himself with this girl. He smiled at one of them as she kissed his cheek, his face drawn into a large ecstatic smile in the black and white photo that was placed above the fireplace. 

He looked around before his eyes caught a small box tucked under the coffee table, he pulled it out slowly, catching sight of a number of envelopes, all different colours and sizes. James pulled one out, one of the last ones that seemed to have been sent to Y/N. 

He opened it cautiously, looking around before beginning to read the very short letter:

To my sweetheart, my one and only,

I hope you are having a enjoyable day,thinking of me would be appreciated. At this point in time I am on the train back to the frontline, and all I can think is about you and your beauty, and the tingles from my fingertips when I felt your porcelain skin beneath them. Last night, I saw you in your entirety, and I couldn't be more blessed to be your first. Do you remember what I said to you before we parted? Well, I told you that no matter where I go or how far I go, I’ll always remember you.

All my love to you Doll, 


James was in shock as his head began to pound, rubbing it when suddenly he saw the flashes of familiar memories pass his eyes. He shook his head, dropping the letter from his fingertips as he grabbed his head, grunting in pain as all the memories of this woman came flooding back. Of Y/N. 

‘Come on Stevie we gotta get going to class,’ James said with a smirk as his friend tried to catch up to him on his short stacked legs. But just as he was about to turn the corner he caught sight of a young girl around their age being pushed up against the wall by a boy who was surrounded by his friends, their laughter echoing through the corridors. He watched as she struggled against him as the boy before her told her to shut up, calling her the cruelest of names before James cried, ‘Hey!’ 

The group of boys and the young girl turned to him, all staring at him. The boy who was holding her up smirked. 

‘Barnes! Come over here and help me why don’t you? Isn’t she a beautiful lass?’ He says running a hand across her cheek as she grimaced, trying to push him away but failed. James smirked, walking over to them, pushing past the other boys. He stared at the girl who had pleading eyes, shutting slowly. James turned before punching the boy square in the face, making his group gasp and disperse as he gritted his teeth, ‘Oh I’ll help you all right. I’ll help you learn some manners about how to treat women!’ 

The boy scrambled to his feet and was gone in a matter of minutes. He sighed before turning to the girl, running his hand against her arm, ‘Are you all right Doll?’

She looked up at him slowly, nodding, ‘Yes, thank you … Um-’

‘James, but my friend there calls me Bucky,’ He said gesturing to Steve who waved at her. She giggled waving at him back before looking back at James, ‘And whats your name sweetheart?’

‘Y/N …’ She said with a small smile, he smiled back, taking her hand in his, ‘Y/N, pretty name. Now why don’t we get to class or all three of us will be getting detentions.’ 

James gasped as he pulled himself out of the vision, pushing the hair that fell over his eyes as he stared down at the letter now lying on the ground. He looked back up at all the photos around him. 

I walked out of the shower, changing into some shorts and a light plain white shirt. Just as I was tying my hair up, I slowly lifted up my shirt, revealing all the scars I had gained, especially from that one night, that horrible night so many years before. I brought out of my thoughts when I heard a noise from the lounge. I hurried out of the bathroom only to find James staring the photos in the corridor on the wall that I had placed there. 

I made my way over slowly, watching as he continued to stare at the photo of the two of us from the carnival that I had gotten enlarged, the one of us kissing, both smiling as we did in the frozen moment. We both stood in silence before he spoke, ‘I remember … I remember you …’ I smiled at this before replying softly, ‘You mentioned that early …’ 

‘No I mean …’ He quickly said, sighing before exclaiming, ‘I remember all of it. All the times we were together, how we first met in that corridor in junior school, how we went on our first date on New Years Eve. This carnival booth.’ 

At this my expression fell and I gulped. This couldn’t be true. James turned to me slowly, a saddened smile on his lips, ‘I remember the day I went off to war, how furious you were, yet you still came to send me off.  How I snuck back and we stayed together for one night before I had to return … and how that was the last night we ever saw each other again …’ 

It was as if my breathing had stopped and my whole demeanour had changed. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I blinked slowly, smiling softly, ‘You definitely couldn’t find that in any museum or book …’ 

He smiled gently, taking my hands into his gently and squeezing them.  I couldn’t stop myself from smiling, breathing heavily as he helped me to the lounge, sitting me down on the floor near the box of letters that I realised he must’ve pulled out. 

James looked to me as I looked at our hands, smiling as he asked, ‘What-What happened to you during these that I wasn’t around?’

I looked up at him and sighed. I began to explain it, all of it. How after he and Steve had apparently died I had tried to commit suicide, but I injected myself with the serum instead. I also explained how I was always on the run, changing identities and changing nationalities. But how I had tried my hardest to find him throughout it all, never believing that he had died. 

‘But also James … There’s something else that you should also know,’ I said, taking his hand into mine and squeezing it. He looked up at this, his eyes widening at the sight of my tears as I smiled, ‘You have a child … a daughter …’ 

He froze when I said this, his face expressionless before a small smile etched itself onto his lips, ‘Re-really?’ I nodded with a smile as he giggled childishly, smiling at me. ‘Where is she? Can I meet her?’ He said, looking around quickly, I sighed before replying, ‘You’ve already met her.’ James turned to me instantly, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion, ‘What do you mean?’

I quickly turn behind me, taking a picture of Emma and I and showing it to him, ‘This is your daughter, Emma Barnes.’ He looked back up at me and then back at the picture, realising it was Emma who was his daughter. But his expression fell again, with no emotion at all, nothing. ‘What wrong?’ I say quietly, watching as he pulled away from me and stood up, running his hands through his hair. 

‘She-She hates me.’ 

‘What?’ I said in confusion this time, getting to my feet and watching as he paced. ‘I-I heard her that day, she said while you unconscious how much she hated me. She-She called me a monster!’ 

I shook my head instantly, ‘No-No your not James-’

‘But I am!’ He exclaimed, turning back to me quickly as he crumbled to the floor on his knees as he cried, ‘I-I hurt you. The woman that I love so dearly, the woman that has mothered my child, who has stayed true to me for the past seventy years! What if-What if one day I can’t control myself again? What if-’

‘Don’t.’ I had taken long strides over to him, also kneeling before him and taking his face in my hands gently, pushing his hair back as he cried, ‘You are not a monster. And if you are, well, the truth is we all are. We all have our demons, we all have memories we’d rather have erased forever from our memories.’ 

James stared at me through pained, broken, tearful eyes as I wiped his tears, my own also falling uncontrollably down my cheeks, ‘You have control James, I know you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to remember me, or Steve or anybody else from your past life! Believe that I love you, that I will always be your strength and help you through all of this. No matter what.’ 

I cradled him as he cried into my chest, his arms wrapped around my waist as my own silent tears fell slowly. His sobbing was merciful, heavy, as if he had held it in for so long, waiting to find someone he could console with to tell his troubles. 

(x - Listen)

I run my fingertips though his hair gently as his breathing lessens and returns to normal, his shaking coming to a halt as well. He pulled away slowly from me, only stay centimetres away from my face. 

I looked up into his face, his eyes determined and confident as he stared me down before he began to come closer. I realised what he was doing, and no matter what the will power in me told me to turn away, I just couldn’t. 

His stubbled grazed my skin as he placed his lips over mine, gentle and not moving, just placed upon mine. James pulled away slowly only to stare into my once again, but I pulled him back in, unable to hold myself back. I expected him to hesitate, even push me away, but instead, he cradled me in his arms, and soon enough, our clothing began to kiss the floor.

James’ kisses became passionate and short as he picked me up, carrying me towards the bedroom and pushing me down onto the makeshift bed. He removed my shirt and I did to his as well, and when we froze as we saw each others scars. Slowly, I let my hand make its way up towards his cheek, hearing him sigh from my touch and kissed it before I sat up, kissing the scars that etched itself beside his metal arm, whispering, ‘I love you as you are-’ 

But he pushed me back into the sheets, kissing me hungrily, making me moan as he laid kisses down my neck and my chest before reaching my stomach and hip area where most of my scars lay. James began to kiss them, making me sigh, and a shiver tremble over me as I ran my hands through his hair, his lips traveling all over my skin before I pulled him up, bringing him back up to my lips as he muttered upon them, ‘And I love you as you are, Doll.’ 

I sigh softly as he stared down at me in a daze of affection before kissing me again. The touch of his metal fingertips upon my burning hot skin made me gasp, wrapping my arms around his shoulders to keep him close. He filled my ears with beautiful words, kissing my jawline, my cheeks, my forehead, everything he could reach. And I did the same to him, kissing and loving him for who he was. 

The feeling of him entering me and pulsing inside me silenced me, his lips bringing back my voice as he began to move. After seventy years, I felt safe once against his chest, the euphoric warmth blossoming within both of us. His grip was tight on my waist before he moved one of his hands to my face gripping it as he looked straight into my eyes, leaning his forehead against mine. As I let myself go he placed his lips back over mine, kissing me harshly and desperately. And then it was over, both of us sweaty messes, shaking as we tried to recover.

I gasped as he kissed my neck softly, leading up to my lips once more softly, I let my hands run through his now sweaty hair as he brought the sheets over us, whispering, ‘And I still know how to make you go crazy …’ 

I smiled bashfully, caressing his cheeks gently, hiding my burning face in the crook of his neck as he chuckled. He pulled me into his chest as he laid on his back, wrapping his arms around me gently, running his fingertips in a mindless pattern across my back. James began to hum softly, lulling to sleep slowly until he finally spoke, ‘Do you think we’ll be able to settle down one day, raise our family properly?’

I look up at this, looking up to see his features creased in thought, I ran my fingertips over his stubble, making him turn to me as I said, ‘I believe so. There will be trouble of course … But yes, we will be able to raise a family …’ 

He gave me a saddened smile before leaning down and kissing my forehead, brushing away my hair before going back to our previous state of minds, both of us falling into a deep sleep.

A/N: OMG WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK HAVE I DONE! Anyway, does anyone want the next part? Tell me if you want it, and I’ll give it to you!! ;) You know what to do.

The day the world ended

{This is not my apartment. I shouldn’t just bring anybody in.} Lime green eyes shifted over to the one she once called “boyfriend” she watched closely as he replied to Kuroku. “My name is Asuma. I’m this little red heads boyfriend.” Cho Hee glared at the suspicious new man. She didn’t trust him, not one bit. Hyun Ae grit her teeth at the word. “How dare you.” She hissed lightly. “HOW DARE YOU.” She stood up abruptly, banging the table as she got up. She was livid. “You DONT say that after YOU broke up with ME.” She yelled. Tears were filling up, coating her line green eyes. Asuma was someone she actually trusted, loved and confided too for the first time. “You hurt me..” She whimpered. The room was quiet. Even the new comers knew this was out if character for the red head. “You need to leave.” Asuma closed his eyes, a smirk forming across his face. “No, I’m not leaving. Your brother wouldn’t be too pleased now would he? Pushing a "innocent” man in need of assistance out onto the cold bloody streets to die alone like he did? Tsk tsk Hyun Ae, I thought he touchy you better than that.“ The red head gripped the edge of the table tightly then sat back down. "F-..fine” she forced herself to sit back down, bangs still shadowing her eyes. She was stopping her lips from trembling. { Jake..}

{{ flashback }}

It was a good day. Nothing was going wrong. Hyun Ae was 12 years old and her older brother Jake was 17. Dinner had finally been prepared. “Ah! Pho!!” Hyun Ae exclaimed, clapping her hands. “Thank you mommy!” Her mother smiled a motherly smile. “You’re very welcome my dear.” Jake sat next to his sister, eating his portion. “I hope to be as good at cooking like mom someday!” Jake replied with a thumbs up. “ no doubt about it Hyunii! You will be an amazing cook just like mom!” The little red head giggled. They finished eating. “Delicious as always mom!!” “Thank you my dears. Now, go on and play outside.” The two siblings nodded and ran outside. It was a fairly large town where they lived. Poor and wealthy. Or so they thought.. Not to long after they began playing, trouble dispersed. “You brat!” Hyun Ae turned around only to see a large male towering over her. He was in a uniform, surly a guard of their town. “You belong to a poor family don’t you?” Hyun Ae eyes widened, frozen by fear she couldn’t speak. WHAm! The guard had struck end the petite girl with a backhand, casing her to fall over. Of course she cried, she was terrified. “STOP YOURE WHINING!” ThUD! He kicked her stomach, knocking the air out of her. “Whatever. I’ll just do what I came here to do.” He pulled out his gun and aimed it down at the girl. “N-..no…” She whimpered. BANG! A gun shit fired and she flinched. She thought she was surely dead. “DONT TOUCH MY SISTER!!!” He was holding their fathers gun. A sliver and brown p226. “YOU BRAT!” The guard ran at the boy. BANG! Thud! The guards body fell next to Hyun Ae “A-aAhhh!” She got up and ran behind her brother, shaking. “M-mommy?” She whispered. “T-they already got mom Hyunii..” “N-no!!” She cried. “Why WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!” She screamed in confusion. “The head of the town has ordered the assassination of the poor due to over population in this town..” His face hardened. Whig a blink of an eye guards surrounded them, separating the two siblings. “You die now you filthy leaches.” The guards hissed. “But it’s not OUR FAULT THAT DAD DIED!! We WE WERE RICH!..” Hyun Ae screamed hoping they would spare them. She was wrong. Slice! Blood orbited the dark sky, falling onto the young girls face. Jakes body fell to the ground. The red heads pupils shrunk. She stumbled forward to her brother “JAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!” She rolled him over. “H-……..Hyunii..” He was fighting to push the words out. Tears poured out from his eyes. “I-i….I’m…sc-…..scared…..” Hyun Ae grabbed his had tightly in hers. “Jake….” “I don’t..have long…please I love….I love you…always do the …r-right thing..” He placed the gun in her hands. “Dad gave it to me but….now..I give it to you….I love you Hyunii….” BANG! “THATS ENOUGH!” A guard had ended his suffering. More blood splattered across the young girl. “M-mom…..j-j-jake….d-dad…..” She gripped the gun tightly. She had no clue how to use it, she just knew she didn’t have a choice. She shot random fires everywhere while running. Somehow she killed and wounded others. She ran and ran all the way to the next town. Their she would have to start her new life.

{{ flashback over }}

Tears streamed down the red heads face as she thought back to her cruel childhood that haunted her. She had told Asuma, trusted him and now he used Jakes last words to HIS advantage. “I’m sorry.” She got up and ran to Emmett’s room.

onewonderfulbug  asked:

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about the wrestling business?

Since you said “people” and not “wrestling fans”, I’m going to say that the biggest misconception is that it’s “fake”. That word drives me fucking insane. I have a scar on my left eyebrow from a “fake” wrestling match I’ve had, and I’ve been in three matches. I have friends who’ve had gashes across their backs and arms, who have had broken bones, been split open from just refereeing… I’ve seen concussions, I’ve watched Jimmy Jacobs limp up the stairs after a match, I’ve seen friends with their faces completely shattered, jaws broken, necks destroyed, ankles twisted, muscles torn, I’ve literally, with my fucking eyes, witnessed all of these in person.

Despite all of this, people who are ill-informed and ignorant toward professional wrestling dismiss it as “fake”. It’s “fake”, they say, right before they drop $10 on The Avengers, before they turn on some reality TV show about a medium or a house of drama, before they go back to their fake friends and have fake conversations about how “exciting” their fake lives are. Anyone who’s ever dismissed pro wrestling and used the word “fake” has completely nullified themselves of any conversation or intelligence once that word has been uttered. Any time I defend this sport that I love, people are quick to realize just how stupid they are, but they’re, for some reason, cemented in their views of thinking “it’s dumb because it’s fake”. Fuck you, in your fucking X-Men t-shirt, your Lord Of The Rings DVD collection. Fuck you with your dyed hair and your make-up. Fuck you with your bullshit marriage where you pretend to be normal and secretly hate the pieces of garbage you married.

I dare anybody who says that professional wrestling is “fake” to have a “fake wrestling match” against Reed Bentley, who hit me harder in a “fake” match than anyone ever has in my life. I dare anyone to tell Shane Mercer that wrestling is fake after he lifts a 450 pound man to the top rope and throws Kongo Kong over his head. I dare anyone to tell Donnie Brooks that wrestling is fake after he’s worked his ass off to get in shape so that he could be a star. I dare anyone to tell Darren Drozdov that wrestling is fake as he sits, paralyzed, in a wheel chair. I dare anyone on this planet to come up to me, face to face, and say “what you do is fake”. I’ll show you a goddamn fistful of reality in a fucking heartbeat.

Pro wrestling is as real as it comes, and anyone alive who says “it’s fake” and means it is completely trash, to me. If you feel that way, anyone reading this, you’re entitled to do so and I’m glad you have an opinion. I’m just telling you that your opinion is wrong, and I hate you.

anonymous asked:

I'm straight. I'm also asexual. Yes, I don't experience "homophobic oppression" but I do experience ace oppression. Don't you dare brush that under the rug bc I'm straight. Your wording in your post made it seem like I don't struggle bc I'm straight.

when someone points out that you don’t experience a form of oppression that they do, being all “omg how dare you say i don’t struggle!!” is a pathetic, ridiculous cliche and isn’t going to endear you to anybody, sorry not sorry