i dance like this all the time

hello yes can westerners who know nothing about kpop pls stop writing essays about how ‘fake’ and ‘manufactured’ kpop is?

just bc you saw bts attend the bbmas that one time doesn’t mean you know the ins and outs of the kpop industry or their career (or any other groups).

please stop perpetuating the idea that idols PAY their way into the industry. because that does not happen.
and it’s a massive slap in the face to all idols out there who have dedicated years of their life enduring horrendous training, extreme dieting and often times even leaving their family and friends to pursue their dream of becoming an idol.

all idols have trained so so hard to be where they are, and i honestly can’t stress that enough like just do ten minutes of research into life as a trainee and you’ll see what i’m talking about. so don’t try and downplay their success as an artist just because you think that western artists are ‘more creative’ or ‘more talented’ bc well it’s just not true anyway like how many western artists can sing and dance at the same time and not sound like they’re dying??most artists over here don’t even dance anymore anyway, reason being they know they can’t sing at the same time

basically what i’m trying to say is stop discrediting them. a lot of kpop groups write and produce their own music. and ALL groups have worked ridiculously hard to get where they are. stop comparing them to the likes of One Direction (that’s just embarrassing pls don’t ever do that,,,no rlly,, don’t), Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber because it’s not a fair comparison, the kpop industry and the western music industry are worlds apart you can’t compare them because they don’t operate the same.

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 7/?)

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action moves like a month of so forward, somewhere around halloween

“You’re going to the Friday’s party, right?”, Jessica asked when we were warming up before dance on basketball game.

“Umm, not sure yet”, I smiled faintly.

“Excuse me? Y/N Y/L/N can’t not come for halloween party!”, Monty and Bryce were walking by us and clearly overheard.

“I’ll try my best to make it to the party, but I’m doing trick or treat with my cousin and definitely can’t cancel that”.

“You can bring you cousin to the party, the more girls the better”, Bryce sent me his probablly most disgusting smile.

“She’s six, you vein fuck”.

“Well, you can come after you will be done. Come on”, Sheri begged.

“I’ll try my best”, I repeated.

Two days later I was walking around the city with my cousin, she dressed as Joker, me as Harley Quinn and I wasn’t too amused about that, because half of the girls were dressed like Harley, but Trixie* is way too stubborn to fight with her about that. And it was actually cute how surprised she was everytime we passed someone dressed as Harley.

“Have you seen it?”, she whispered. “She was dreesed just like you!”

“I know!”, I made shocked face everytime. “But she doesn’t have this cool baseball bat“.

My dad said I can’t go around dressed like that without anything for selfdefence, so I borrowed Jeff’s bat.
I was walking around, joking with this little six-years-old nugget and didn’t even realised we went to Monty’s house until he opened the door.

“Hi, Monty”, I smiled when he opened the door.

“Trick of treat!”, Trixie shouted.

“Well, treat! You don’t mess with Joker, am I right? And who is your pretty friend?”, he smiled at me.

“It’s Harley. But just for today, normally she’s Y/N and she doesn’t dress like a hooker”, she said seriously.

“Trixie!”, I softly jerked her hand. “Where did you hear that word?”

“In tv”, she shrugged like it was nothing.

“You know, you probably shouldn’t use that word”, Monty crouched in front of Trixie and threw some candies into the basket. “Your mum might get really upset if she heard you say it”.

“Okay, I won’t.”

I was actually surprised how good Monty was with little child, because no one would expect that from typical jock and number one bully in school.

“You’re not at the party?”, I asked.

“I’m leaving soon”, he said as he was standing up. “Are you gonna show up?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll come after I’m finished. Oh come on”, I looked into Trixie’s basket. “You can do better than that, de la Cruz”.

He grinned at me and threw more candies into basket.

“Thanks! Cool!”, Trixie said excited.

“You’ll get some at the party”, he said quietly.

“Will it be trick or treat?”, I asked and bit my lower lip.

“You’ll see”.

Trixie jerked my hand. “Is that your boyfriend?”, she whispered but loud enough for Monty to hear.

“No sweetie, he’s not my boyfriend, just my friend, Monty”, I felt I started blushing.

“Okay”, she nodded her head.

“We’re gotta go, a lot of candies to get”, I smiled. “See you later. Trixie, say bye”

“Bye, Monty!”, she waved at him.

“Bye, girls”, he smiled. “Y/N, you look good when you’re blushing”, he said when we walked a little bit. I didn’t say anything, just shook me head and smile.

Three hours later I finally got to the party, went straight to the kitchen and made myself a drink.

“Where did you lost your Joker?”, Montgomery showed up next to me.

“This party wouldn’t handle Joker”, I laughed.

“You know, as much as I would like to take you upstairs or somewhere right, you should probably look for Jess. I think she and Justin had a fight”.

“Shit”, I rolled my eyes. “Thanks”, I smiled at him and took my drink.

I started looking for Jessica, but instead I spotted Justin talking to Zach, pointing at one place, and that was were I found Jess and Sheri.

“Okay, straight to the point, what happened?”, I asked.

“He’s just… ugh… I’m so tired of him!”, she shouted and drank her drink at once.

I sighed, grabbed her armed and made her follow my steps and we went to the Justin.

“What happened to you two?”, I asked Justin.

“She’s fucking psycho!”

“Can’t you just do one thing I ask you for?!”, Jessica screamed.

“Okay, I’m out”, Zach raised his hands and walked away.

“What did he do or didn’t do?”.

“I’m Nancy, he was supposed to be Sid”.

“I am Sid!”, he defended himself.

“Are you serious? Do you even have internet to check things?”

“Both of you shut up!”, I covered their mouths with my hands. “Okay, Justin you could have done a little bit better. But Jess, when you two stand next to each other no one has a doubt who you are. Sind and Nancy. Nancy and Sid”, I smiled.

“Really?”, she asked.

“Yeah”, I nodded my head. “Now, kiss”, I looked at Justin, who still looked pissed. “Oh come on, you can’t be mad at her for too long, we all know that”

He finally grinned and gave Jess a hug.

“Yay, Y/N, the peacemaker!”, Jeff came up to us and high fived me.

“Okay, Y/N, don’t freak out”, Sheri said with a tone that actually made me wanna freak out. “Don’t look but on your two o’clock is…”

Of course I looked before she even finished the sentence. “Oh, fuck”, I quickly turned my face.

“What? Who is that?”, Jess asked.

“My fucking scumbag exboyfriend, Sean”, my jaw instantly clenched. “Why is he even here? He already graduated, he wasn’t even in Liberty High”

“I think he came with Bryce’s cousin”, Sheri said.

“Fuck”, I tok a huge sip of my drink.

“Monty!”, Jess waved at de la Cruz. “Put your arm around Y/N”.

“What?”, me and Monty asked at the same time.

“He wraps his arm around you, it looks like you’re together and this Sean or whatever his name is won’t come anywhere near you”.

Her plan was pretty good, I had to admit.

“Put you fucking arm around me, Montgomery”, I said through my clenched teeth and so he did.

“He’s here?”, he asked shocked. “We all warned you, when you started dating him. First of all, you were freshman, he was senior, second of all he wasn’t even in Liberty…”

“And he was in our opponent’s basketball team”, Justin added.

“Oh, stop with the fucking basketball team, like it’s the most important part of the story”, I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, but what’s the story?”, Jessica asked, she didn’t know anything, because she wasn’t at Liberty High when everything happened.

“He banged her and she never heard of him again”, Justin said.

“We were official”, I said with sharp tone. “But yeah, he broke up with me right after we… you know”, I finished my drink with one sip.

“Okay, I’ll bring you another, cause I see you need one”, Monty took my empty cup.

“Thanks, lots of vodka, please”.

“I’ll kick his ass”, Jeff said very pissed, and Jeff is not a person who get pissed easily.

“Me too”, Foley added.

“No one’s gonna kick anybody’s ass, go outside, play some beerpong, we’re not making any scene”, I pushed to te backyard and stayed with Sheri.

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay”, she tried to cheer me up. “Monty might be, well, Monty, but he’s always there if someone needs him, and Sean can’t be that dumb, to come up to you when you have Montgomery by your side”.

“You’re probably right”, I sent her faint smile and turned around just to see that Sean was already right in front of me.

“Well hello, Y/N. You’re looking even better than when I last saw you, if that’s even possible”, he looked at me up and down.

“Yeah, that’s cool but I got somewhere to be”, I tried to walked next to him, but he took a step to the left and got in my way.

“Come on, don’t run away, we can sit somewhere and go down the memory lane, you know, good, old times”, he stroked my cheek.

“First of all, don’t touch me”, I flinched. “Second of all, there are no good, old times, leave me alone”.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Justin and Jessica coming to us, Jess tried to calm him down.

“Oh, come on, babe”, Sean rolled his eyes.

“She’s not your babe”, suddenly Monty stood next me and I felt like I started breathing again, even though I didn’t realised I had held my breath.

“Is she yours?”.

“She asked you to leave her alone”, Monty took a step towards Sean, so now he was separating him from me.

“Or what?”

“You really wanna see?”, I spotted Montgomery clenched his fists.

“You wanna do it outside?”

“Okay, okay”, I stepped between the two of them. “No one is gonna do anything outside, we’re not making scene”, I spotted Jessica holding Justin arm and Zach whispering something to Jeff. I also noticed music stopped playing, so now everybody’s eyes were on us.

“Oh, I see”, Sean chuckled. “Your whole protect committee is here. Jeff, Justin, Sheri… Everyone who comfort little, poor Y/N after her terrible boyfriend broke up with her”.

Monty got pissed and tried to took another step forward, but I stopped him.

“Monty, don’t”, I whispered. “Okay, Sean, it’s enough”.

I almost made Monty turn around and leave the room, but Sean just wouldn’t stop.

“Maybe if you weren’t so fucking boring in bed I wouldn’t break up with you after I fucked you two times”.

Justin got out of Jessica’s grip and this time I literally had to pushed Montgomery to stop him, only Zach could keep Jeff in place.

“Justin, don’t!”, I shouted and he stopped walking.

I turned to face Sean.

“The right word is “bored” not “boring””, I said calmly. “I was bored in bed. And maybe I wouldn’t be so fucking bored if there was anything to be excited about”, I took a glance at his crotch, making hints about size of his member worked on every guy if you wanted to shut him up. I turned back to Monty.

“Dumb slut”, I heard behind me.

Monty clenched again, his eyes were dark with rage.

“Montgomery, don’t”, I said softly and put my hands on his chest.. “Just drop it.”

“You let him talk to you like that?”, he whispered.

I smiled at him. What he didn’t noticed was that I was boiling inside. And that my hand was clenched in fist. I turned around and punched Sean right in the nose. Everybody’s jaws dropped. He put his hand on his face and when he took it away, still in shock, I punched him again.

“I don’t want to see you ever again!”, I shouted. “You hear me? Ever again!”, once I let my anger get out of me I just couldn’t stop and kicked him in the anckle. “Fucking scumbag!”

“Okay, that’s enough”, Monty grabbed me in my waist, pulled me up and carried me outside. 

“Put me down, I’ll fucking kill him. Montomery, put me down!”, I tried to punch him in his ribs with my elbow.

“Yeah, I’ll handle it”, he said quietly to someone, probably Jeff, cause we just went past him.

We left the house, Monty closed door with a kick and continued carrying me.

“Fuck you, Montgomery”, I shouted.

When we were far from people, he finally put me down, turned me, so I was standing face to face with him and he put his hands on my shoulders.

“Calm down”.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! Why you can get angry and beat the shit out of people, and I can’t?”, I looked at him

“Because you‘re better than that!”, he shouted and that stopped me for a moment. “You’re better than that”, he said calmly. “You’re better than me”.

He saw I was calmer, so he took his hands off my shoulders.

“You okay?”, he asked concerned.

“Yeah… I’m sorry… I acted like a fucking psycho”.

“Hey, hey, don’t apologize for it, the guy is a dick”.

“Did this punch at least looked good or was it that funny, pathetic show that girls always do when they hit someone with their funny little fists?”, I asked.

“Well, even though your fists are funnily small, the punch was actually impressive”, he nodded his head. “Not pathetic. At least until you kicked his anckle,then you started acting like a girl.”

“Whatever”, I rolled my eyes and realised my hand actually hurt a little bit, Monty spotted grin on my face.

“I’ll get you some ice”, he offered.

“No, just”, I touched his arm. “Let’s just… Don’t go inside for a few minutes”.

“What about your hand?”, he asked concerned. “It hurts and it’ll be worse, trust me”.

“It’s okay…”, I mumbled. I looked up because I heard door opening and saw Jeff, who carried a bag of ice. “Thank you, Atkins”, I smiled.

“We can murder him if you want, you know?”, he said.

“Nobody’s gonna murder anyone”, I rolled my eyes.

Door opened again and Zach, Justin, Sheri, Jessica and Bryce walked out.

“What the hell, dudes?”, Walker asked. “Y/N, you’re at a party fifteen minutes and you start a fight?”

“Oh God, you’re so stupid”, I sighed. “You should really pay more attention to who’s coming to your party, Bryce.”

“He’s my cousin’s friend from college and you’re acting like crazy bitch.”

“Have you even been there?!”, I asked loudly.

“Leave her alone, Bryce”, Monty said.

“Actually you know, Bryce, you and Sean would be great best friends as you both treat girls like trash”, I added.

Walker didn’t answear anything, just looked at me for a moment.

“Keep an eye on your chick, Monty”, he said finally.

“First of all, I’m not his chick, and what was that even supposed to mean?”, I asked.

“Just saying”, he shrugged and went back home.

“Fuck you, Bryce”, I shouted to him. “Did he just threatened me?”

“Come on, he’s just talking crap”, Justin said.

“No, Justin, he literally said to Monty to keep his eye on me”.

“For now, let’s focus on you keeping ice on your hand”, Montgomery took the bag of ice I hold in my left hand and put it on the right one.

“He threatened me, you all heard it”, I pointed at all of my friends.

“Let’s just all stay together for the rest of the night, alright?”, Jess proposed. “This party has gotten really fucking weird.”

And so we did, Monty really felt into this whole “put your fucking arm around me” thing, cause whenever Sean was seen closer than on the opposite end of the party, Monty’s hand automatically went on me. And when his arm wasn’t around me, he was in the kitchen making me a drink, to make sure my cup isn’t empty.

One thing led to another and after few drinks I was very, very buzzed and that makes me very touchy so as soon as right moment came I dragged Monty into first empty room and locked the door.

“Mont, do you know what time is it?”, I asked. “It’s a hook up time”, I answered my own question before he even opened his mouth , brought him closer by his neck and kissed.

At first he was a little shocked, what kind of surprised my drunk mind, it’s not like it’s the first time we were doing it, then he got into kissing for a moment, but when he realized I was slowly moving us towards bed, he moved away.

“What’s wrong?”, I asked.

“Babe, you’re wasted”, he said.

“So? If you don’t remember I also was drunk the first time we had sex”.

“You weren’t that drunk”, he crossed his arms.

“Like you care”, I snorted.

“Maybe you should take a nap”, he offered.

“I don’t want a nap, I want you to fuck me”, I said and put my arms around his neck. “Daddy?”

At this point he almost cracked, I could tell when he bit his lower lip and close his eyes.

“I don’t take advantage of drunk girls”, he said with his eyes still closed.

“Oooh, daddy has some morals?”, my thumb went up and down on the back of his neck.

He sighed, put his hands on my hips, kissed me and started moving us towards bed.

He laid me on bed  and the moment my head touched the pillow I felt how soft and comfy it was and how tired I actually was and that I couldn’t even bother to move my lips.

“Are you tired?”, Monty asked softly.

I nodded my head.

I closed my eyes, he moved me so I was laying on side and not on my back and covered me with a blanket.

“Take a nap”, he whispered and left the room.

It felt like a minute passed when someone kneeled next to bed.

“Hey, you’re okay?”, Monty asked.

“God, you left like a minute ago, let me nap”, I mumbled and covered my head with blanket.

Montgomery giggled. “Y/N, you slept for an hour”.

“What?!”, I quickly sat on bed.  

“It’s okay”, he smiled. “Here, I got you some water”.

“Thanks”, I took a glass from him and drank it all at once. “God, I feel like shit after that nap, why did you let me nap?”, I moaned.

“Because you were wasted”.

“I wasn’t that drunk. A little buzzed, but not wasted”, I rolled my eyes.

“I called you babe and you didn’t reply with your ‘I’m not your babe’”.

“Maybe I was trying to be nice?”

Montgomery didn’t answer, just bit his lips trying not to laugh.

“What? What did I do?”, I asked. “Monty, tell me”, I punched his arm.

“You called me daddy”, he said finally.

“No, I didn’t”, I said disgusted.

He nodded his head.

“Oh my God”, I laid back and again covered my face with blanket in embarrassment. “You know it wasn’t me talking? I was wasted”.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought”, he laughed. “You want more water?”

“No, I’m good. Thank you, Monty”, I smiled.

“You’re welcome”.

*Trixie - named after Trixie from show “Lucifer” on FOX, if you haven’t watch it, I hardly recommend it, very good shit and Trixie is my favourite.

Oh, sorry this one was mostly dialogues, but I kinda struggle with describing and that kinda stuff because english is not my first language (I really have to stop using it as an excuse for everything)

Lord of Thorns (Chapter Twelve)

This chapter is both beautiful and heartbreaking. I might have teared up a little.


Enjoy :)

Wade was nervous.
Don’t be nervous.
He was so nervous.
“Did you find him something to wear?”
Of course we did. He will look wonderful. You look wonderful as well, Master. He will be completely enchanted.

“Yeah, I hope so.” Wade smoothed down the lines of his suit carefully, the black material making his light blue eyes look like they were glowing. He had forgone the customary neckerchief, leaving the top few buttons of the shirt undone instead so his thorns were more visible. Peter didn’t hate them, Peter said he loved them, so he wasn’t going to hide them anymore.

He’s ready, Master. It’s time.
Wade stood anxiously on one side of the split staircase, waiting for Peter to appear on the other side.

He had ordered the grand ballroom reopened and cleaned, the chandeliers lit for the first time since his horrible birthday party so long ago. The ceilings, decorated with painted cherubs and flowers outlined in gold, were sparkling, and the curtains had been pulled back from the huge windows, the balcony doors thrown open to let the night air in. Anything that had managed to bloom in the garden had been brought inside and the corners were filled with the bright flowers and vines. The the floor was polished to a high shine, almost enough to mirror the ceiling above, and–and– he didn’t know what else he could do.

This had to be perfect. It had to be.

Tonight was going to be… everything.

So now he waited for the boy he’d fallen in love with. Waited for the one who had dropped into his life and completely stole his heart. Stood at the top of the stairs with his shaking hands hidden behind his back and his pounding heart clogging his throat and waited for Peter, his Rose.

And oh there he was.

Peter stepped to the top of his side of the stairs with a nervous smile, looking down at his outfit uncertainly. The black pants and a fitted dark blue jacket with gold trim didn’t seem near fancy enough for something like this, but the voices had insisted it was perfect, and the way Wade was staring, Peter supposed they had been right.

Wade started down his half of the stairs and Peter raced down his to catch up, meeting in the middle, and sucking in a quick breath at how good Wade looked in the perfectly tailored black suit, the edges of thorns peeking out from his crisp white shirt making him look wild.

“Oh.” Peter swallowed. “Oh. You look–”

Wade smiled a little, just a slight lift of his lips, and held his hand out for Peter to take, turning him in a circle to see every inch of the black and blue suit.

“Amazing.” Wade’s eyes softened when he saw the sheer panel on the right side of the jacket, the cut out following the curve of the flowers inked onto Peters ribs. “Beautiful.” He put a big hand just there, his thumb rubbing over the lavender bloom slowly and Peter shivered a little, smiling up at him.

“They insisted you would love that.”

“I do. Want to see your flowers all the time.”  Wade cleared his throat and stepped back a proper distance to offer his arm with a flourish. “Shall we dance?” Peter grinned up at him and took his arm, letting Wade lead him down the rest of the stairs and onto the dance floor.

“I don’t know how to dance though.” He reminded him and Wade just shushed him.

“I’ll show you. Music first.” He raised his voice a little and within a few seconds, soft strains of music floated through the ballroom from… somewhere, and Peter raised his eyebrows, impressed. “Don’t question the magic, remember?” Wade teased and bowed low in front of him. Eyes twinkling, Peter did the same, and when he straightened, Wade stepped forward and gripped him tight around the waist.

“Hand on my shoulder Pete, that’s perfect, we’re going to hold hands like this, and ready?” Wade counted off the beat softly and they started moving across the floor, the smile on Peter’s face growing as he caught the rhythm.

“This is so much fun. I can’t believe I’ve never danced before.” He almost stumbled and Wade caught him with a quick smile, keeping them moving.

“I used to dance all the time.” Wade turned them around the floor, leading Peter through the steps with a natural grace. “I miss it. But this is better, dancing with you like this.” He pulled Peter closer in their next turn, until their legs brushed together. “I think everything is better now, with you, Pete.”

Peter’s eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to reply but Wade shook his head. “Later, hm? We can talk later.” He brushed his lips over Peter’s, thrilling when Peter sighed and leaned closer. “Let’s just dance for now.”

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Opinions on IHQ

Anon 1: To me, IHQ is about the management she had in 5h or the industry in general. It just doesn’t feel like it’s about a significant other. She felt she poured her everything into the group only for it to slap her in the face. Not the girls but the team around them. The ones creating the cruel narrative.

Anon 2: Despite of what Camila said in interviews I’m under the impression that the original inspiration behind IHQ is not a romantic relationship but someone (or a group of people) in the industry who played her. Just my 2 cents about it atm but maybe I’ll change my mind when I read the complete lyrics.

Anon 3: I feel IHQ is about camila “relationship” with the 5h fans and all the ot4.. She basically saying she gave them all her"blood,sweat,heart and tears" and them turning on her broke her. Its not the first time writing something about the ot4’s, when she did the “love yourself” cover her 2nd verse was about them too. It might also have to do with the girls(4h) leaving her for a bit after the drama. I think she symbolized this with her dancing in the box (5h) and then it shatters and she free of them.                             

Anon 4: I have this theory that I Have Questions is actually about the industry but personified. How it wasn’t all fun and glamour like they promised and how they tried playing her for a fool by controlling her     

Like these anons expressed I also don’t think when Camila said “relationship” stands for a romantic tie. It’s interesting cause the word itself brings many different interpretations to the table. Like most of the fandom thinks it’s about Camren. Another part of the fandom & I imagine great part of the GP think she must have been dating a boy. But let’s not forget that relationship could be taken as labour relationship, friendship, idol-fan bond, or even with oneself.

apollo-rb  asked:

Hi can you do a Harry imagine where you're dating the rapper asap rocky and you met Harry and instantly fall in love and have a special one night stand 🙃😊😊😊

It’s funny because i’m listening to asap’s “goldie” right now. And trust me, i’m gonna feel like Kendall Jenner while i write this. And i absolutely love it.

You are probably in a club with asap, you two are dirty dancing when one of his friends calls him and he has to leave you alone for a little. You get angry because this happens all the time and start walking to the bar to get yourself something to drink. After waiting a few minutes, you finally have the barman’s attention and you order a whiskey shot. You take it, desperate for something which will make the anger go away for a while when some guy bumps into you and you spill the whiskey on your dress.

“I’m really sorry. Late me buy you a new one” he says, before you have the chance to curse him.

“Are you talking about the shot or my dress?” you get even more angry.

“Okay, let me buy you a new whiskey shot and then you’ll tell me how much the dress cost.”

“Babe” asap grabs your hand, “I have to go, there’s something important i have to do with Kendrick. Take money from Carlos and go home.”

He turns around and starts running in the opposite direction, before you can tell something to him and before he noticed that you were talking to the annoying long haired guy next to you. You don’t even have an idea how he found you.

“Is he you boyfriend?” the guy asks, a cocky smile on his face.

“No” you say out of nowhere, “we’re just friends.”

“So… Does that mean you won’t mind me taking you to my place?”

You look at him and realise how breathtaking he is. His eyes are the most amazing green shade and his curls look soft and tangled. His lips are heart-shaped and look absolutely kissable. He’s dressed in tight skinny jeans and a Rolling Stones t-shirt and you can’t tell that he’s not hot.

“If it is about you giving me your credit card…” you smile, trying to stop yourself from flirting with him.

“Let’s go” he wraps an arm aroud your waist and you two drown in the crowd, trying to escape from this place as soon as you can.

While he drives you in his black Range Rover, his hand is between your thighs and you decide what you want to do next so you grab your phone from your purse and text asap that you want to brake up with him. He doesn’t even answer you so you don’t really feel guilty, he never had time for you.

But now this incredible guy who’s name he told you is Harry has all night to make you feel as good as you can. And you can’t be more happy.

“Do you want me to make you a whiskey shot or should i first clean your dress?” he asks when you two arrive at his house, smiling this wide so his dimples show.

“The second one sounds better” you wink, your hands travel to his hair and you pull him closer.

“Let’s go to my bedroom, should we”

He kisses you with those fully lips of his, taste of alcohol still on them. He lifts you and you wrap your legs around his waist. Your tongue fights with his for dominance and you can’t tell who can win in this dangerous game. His big hands are cold when he takes off your dress and puts you on the king-sized bed. He starts sucking at the skin on your neck and you know how that one will end but don’t really care because this boy has the best strategy to turn you on.

“Are you mine tonight, babygirl?” He asks with his deep husky voice, while his mouth is still on your neck.

“Depends” you moan when he take off your bra and takes one of your nipples between his lips.

Your fingers are tangled in his curls, while he gives the best of himself to make your nipples hard even tought they already are. You’re already turn on as well too. But he finds a way to give you more and more by taking off your panties with his teeth.

“Harry” you moan, trying not to give up and not to let him to take you over.

“Yeah?” He looks at you between the kisses he blesses your thighs with.

“I wanna be on top” you say.

“No, Y/N, no way.”

“I want to be on top” you try again, this time louder because he kisses your clit.

“Me too”

He starts sucking at your clit, his hands hold your thighs and you grab the sheets, desperate to hold and tug at something.

“Please, let me” you try to convince him, “You will have a perfect view of my boobs or of my ass if you let me be in the reverse cowgirl position. Just think about how good i’ll make you feel while i bounce on your dick.”

“Stop with the talking or i will put that sweet mouth of yours in a good use.”

“Please, Harry” you continue, not even thinking about giving up.

“And what about me being on top first until both of us come and the letting you ride me?”

“Go on then.”

You help him undress himself and when he’s finally naked, you can’t breath. Those tattoes and this soft skin of his. His stomach muscles and his large cock just leave you with your jaw dropped.

“Like what you see?” He smirks at you, hands on the two sides of your hand.

“Can be better” you shrug, trying not to make him more cocky.

“Really? So you tell me that i’m not turning you on? Is that right?”

“I told you” you smile, “can be better.”

“I’ll make it better then” he tells you and grabs his cock, rubbing his tip on your entrance. “But you have to beg for it.”

“Fine then” you bite at his lip, “I’m begging you, Harry… To fuck off.”

“Wrong, babe” he smirks and trust in you as deep as he can, “I’m gonna fuck yeh tonight. And i’m gonna make it unforgettable.”

He starts trusting in you, his cock hitting the right spot every fucking time. Your nails scratch his back and you kiss him, trying not to moan too loud because that would make him more cocky. You wonder how can he be this fucking good at this.

“Fuck” you say curse, remembering “You didn’t put a condom on.”

“Relax, babe, i’m gonna cum all over this sexy body of yours.”

He starts trusting rougher and deeper, his tempo is just as you want it. His lips touch yours every time he hits your G-spot and you can already tell how strong your orgasm is going to be.

“More” you cry out, wrapping tightly your legs around his torso and not really giving him time to kiss you before you start kissing his jaw.

“Does your ‘friend’ fucks you like this, Y/N?” he asks, his brows are furrowed and his mouth is open.

“No” you moan, pulling him closer and closer.

“Does he make you this horny?”


“Or does he make you feel as good as i do, babe?”

“Harry, please” you scream, because you can feel how close you are.

“Cum and scream my name. I’m gonna make you forger about your ex’s name, babe”

“Go faster, please, i need to cum so bad. Your filling me so good.”

“Wanna cum? Then go on and tell me who makes fucks your best, Y/N.”

“YOU, JUST YOU” you scream and your orgasm hits you, “HARRY, HARRY”

He’s fucking the soul outta you right now and your whole body is trembling, while you take him again and again, not really ready for him to leave you yet.

“Gonna cum for me again, baby? Gonna be good for me?”

“Fuck, yeah” you cry out.

You can feel every inch and every vein on his cock. His mouth is all over yours again, taking control of it.

“Then reach down and touch your clit, darling. Don’t want it to miss your attention, right?”

His moans are loud and you can feel your chest vibrating because his husky voice. Your hand slides down on your body and you find your most sensitive spot, starting to stimulate it.

“I’m so close, please, Harry, please, gimme it”

“Just think about how good i’m fucking you, think about how that tight sweet pussy of yours is taking me.”

You bite on his bottim lip as you come, even harder then the first time and your body start convulsing because he just fucking destroyed you. He slips out of you unexpectedly and you open your eyes just to see him jerking off himself over your trembling body. He has this desperate look in his eyes and his brows are furrowed, his mouth is open. He’s trying not to make a noise but no matter of that he cums with a throaty moan and his cum covers your stomach.

“Was it good?” you ask, after he recovers from his orgasm.

“Are you really asking me that, babe? Because this was the best orgasm in my entire life.” He falls on the other side of the bed.

“So let me give you one more” you smile and you climb on top of him.

“Dirty little girl” he smiles, he still breaths heavy.

“Cowgirl” you correct him and kiss him one more time before he slides in you.

hero-ofcanton  asked:

I love love love soft boyfriends r and enj, like them sleeping in on a saturday morning with sleepy kisses and cuddles, the evenings they spend at home cooking and slow-dancing in their dark living room, enj quietly reading to r when he can't sleep, r doodling on enj, sappy messages left on the fridge, them holding hands or touching in some way all the time, enj sitting in r's lap at the musain and they're in two different conversations but it's still so nice and lovely and soft

Enjolras always giving R a soft kiss whenever he passes him
Grantaire cooking dinner every night when he’s not working
Enjolras is always excited to coke home to Grantaire and his favorite thing to do is just to hold him close
Cuddling on the couch at midnight while watching a movie
Enjolras bringing R roses every month on their anniversary
Grantaire sleepily clinging to Enjolras every morning when he wakes up

twenty one pilots performs Holding On To You in front of 12 fans (on their first show outside of their home state of Ohio)
Basement show, Chicago, June 2011 (x)

*Sees person* i wonder what music they listen to

10 girls I keep in my heart

1. Beauty was never your goal. Your eyeliner is sharp, a blade, war paint. Your laugh is deep and unwavering, open mouthed to bear fangs. I remember when you cut your long hair off and streaked it with pink. Not like a fairy but like a fire. Yet water runs through your veins. You love your mother so.

2. Oh girl of the earth, you never liked poetry. I think you were carved from the mountains that you’ve never seen. The strongest winds cannot move you. Your hands never rub raw. Yet your edges are soft for stone.

3. Your house is full of beautiful things but you don’t see any of it. Nothing ever feels like home. Storms blow through you so often I think you gave up on rebuilding. And now you live among the rubble. Your anger broke my windows and cut at my cheeks. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

4. How does your smile always manage to reach your ears? So wide you have to close your eyes to make room. Your hugs nearly suffocate me but I don’t mind at all. You play nirvana on your guitar and you don’t understand the lyrics. I hope you never do.

5. I miss you everyday. The gentlest soul on earth. The world hasn’t given you half as much as you deserve. I can’t believe how many people don’t even know your name. Your heart is full of tulips and an angel sent you my way.

6. My first love. You opened my eyes. We spoke our own language and danced like no one was watching. I kept every drawing you made for me. I wonder if you remember me from time to time.

7. My oldest friend. We are holding hands underwater. We are hiding in bushes. We are spinning elaborate stories and pretending not to notice how they unravel. You used to fall asleep on my shoulder. I hope our paths cross soon.

8. You are so much made from so little. You radiate with the force of the sun your body can barely contain you. How you saw me through your own light I do not know. Your name is from the moon and Jupiter is in the art you make. Oh girl born to live.

9. I’ve seen 7000 sides of you. Multidimensional and deep as an ocean. And what lives under the surface bites. I’ve mastered the art of walking on water. I was never good enough to reach you. But someone will be. Someone is coming. I promise.

10. How is it that every song is about you? I wonder if you realize that I look for you everywhere. Your soul is in splinters they’ve flown up to space. They’re tangled in trees. You’ve sent them my way. Oh I’ve felt you exploding not in anger but in creation. Galaxy after galaxy. Oh nebulas light my way home. You are dandelions spilling over rolling hills. You are grass stained jeans. You are Ferris wheels at sunset

Post Ticket Sale Self-Care Masterlist

To all of those of you who have managed to purchase tickets: CONGRATULATIONS! I have so much happiness for you and your opportunity to see our boy in person. Now, it’s been an absolute emotional rollercoaster these past 24 hours, so please, please please please: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!

By all means, celebrate. Hoot and holler. Dance in your room in your underwear. Blast some Sign of the Times and air band the fuck outta the jam (I personally know the drum part like the back of my hand). Post to your Facebook about how thrilled you are. 

But afterwards, please give your body some time to relax and recuperate from all the adrenaline. Your body loves you and has held you together during this hell of a ride, and it’s time to care for it as well. Please scroll down to see a list of more self care tips and helpful websites. x

To all of you who did NOT get ahold of any tickets: I’m really, really, really, so very sorry, my love. It’s absolutely devastating to miss out on this opportunity, and you’re absolutely 100% validated in feeling angry, upset, or any other emotions that you need to feel right now. Please remember that your ability to see him live does not in any way affect your value as a person or a fan. It was a real ass-kicker, this one, and the chances were low for all of us. Our boy really loves us a lot, and that doesn’t change if you couldn’t buy a ticket. Please, please, PLEASE take care of yourself, my dear. Here are some tips and things you can do to care for yourself today:

  • Take a bubble bath. 
  • Go for a long drive.
  • Listen to music. Listen to something other than Harry, if you need to.
  • Call/talk to a friend.
  • Buy yourself a treat from the grocery store (or any store)!
  • Go see a movie.
  • Buy yourself that book that you’ve been wanting to read for a little while.
  • Light a candle.
  • Write. Write out all your feelings, every single thought, until you cannot write anymore. It helps to write it out physically so that it’s tangible. After you’ve written everything down, do whatever you need to do to rid yourself of it, whether it be burying it, crumpling it up and throwing it out, or giving it to someone you trust who is understanding and loves you.
  • Give a stranger a smile.
  • Go for a long walk.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Eat something, please.
  • Read your favorite fanfiction (again, if what you need is to distance yourself from H, might not be the best option)
  • DON’T FEEL GUILTY FROM NEEDING TO GIVE YOURSELF SOME DISTANCE. We all do sometimes, and your health comes before anything else. Log off of Tumblr, stop checking your Twitter for updates, maybe turn off your notifications. We will all be here when you return, but your health comes first.
  • Bake!
  • Treat yourself to a meal at your favorite restaurant.
  • Treat yourself to a meal at the cheapest restaurant. For me, there’s very little that a large fries from McDonald’s can’t fix.
  • Buy yourself something cute online.
  • Take a nap.
  • DANCE.
  • Reread your favorite book.
  • Watch your favorite movie.
  • Watch your favorite Netflix show.
  • Talk to someone. Anyone. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, my ask and messages are ALWAYS open.

Here are a few more resources:

Self care websites masterpost:


Self care masterposts:




Mental health apps:


Alternatives to self harm:


Now I don’t usually ask of this, but please, if this post comes across your dash, reblog it. You don’t know which of your followers could need it.

Take care of each other, take care of yourselves. Much love. x


Soo i made some fan characters to the wonderful @thebbros AU

Name: Raphael Soph (Dog)
Age: 23
Likes: His family, playing ukulele, dancing with his sister (Emma)
Dislikes: Lies, rude people, rain
History: He lives with his sister Emma in the bakery. After Emma took the charge of the bakery, he helped her a lot. Now he doesn´t have time for it because of his job as a mailman. Sometimes he is scared that something might happen to Emma while he is away, cause she is all alone in the bakery. He also likes to play his ukulele in the bakery when he has time, the most of the time when there are few or none customers. Back at the time when he had alcohol problems, Emma was always there for him and helped him to get rid of it. He would do anything to protect his sister. He is friendly, but can be rude to the people he don´t trust to. 

Name: Emma Soph (Dog)
Age: 20
Likes: Her family, listen to music while baking , decorating, meeting new people, kids, 
Dislikes: people without patience
History: Emma is a girl who loves to bake from the bottom of her heart. She found out about her passion for baking when she was helping her grandmother in the bakery since she was little. While she was helping, She learned to put her whole heart and work into baking. After her grandmother died, she was in depression, but not for long. After that she decided to look at it from the positive side and took the charge of the bakery and continued the job. She is always very kind to her customers and sometimes even starts a little conversation. Some people still love this bakery because of the special taste of cakes which were made by the good old recipe that her grandmother wrote. she can be too naive and her brother always tells her that but she won´t listen to him. 

anonymous asked:

-Yuuri trying to teach Viktor to pole dance- Viktor: "Hey Yuuri~ how do I *Strikes pose on pole* look." Yuuri: "First of all your postures all wrong and second of all-" then Yuuri just goes on a tangent about the properties and rules of pole dancing.

i bet u victor finds that hot lmao. next time, he’s like ‘talk dirty to me’ and yuuri proceeds to go over the principles of pole dancing and its entire history

EXCLUSIVE: The 7 Biggest Secrets From Hook & Emma's 'Once Upon a Time' Wedding: Vows, Honeymoon & Much More!


Wedding bells are officially ringing in Storybrooke!

Once Upon a Time’s highly anticipated musical episode is almost here, which means that we’re just a few days away from witnessing Emma Swan and Killian Jones say “I do” in a breathtaking wedding ceremony. (Trust us. It’s perfect.)

ET had the pleasure of visiting Once Upon a Time’s set in Vancouver, Canada, last month during filming of the musical matrimony, and we sat down with stars Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue for an intimate and in-depth interview that focused on each and every aspect of their on-screen wedding.

From their “honest” vows, to Emma’s “timeless” wedding gown, and their dream honeymoon – only ET has all the inside scoop straight from the stars of the series! Plus, we’ve got additional details from executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, as well as Once Upon a Time’s head costume designer Eduardo Castro.

So, shall we get started? Or, as O'Donoghue cleverly put it: who’s ready for some “music and dance and some mighty fine romance” at Captain Swan’s wedding?

Just a warning that this is the biggest Once Upon a Time article we’ve ever written, so grab a comfy seat, put your cellphone on silent and get ready to go on an emotional roller coaster of feels. And, as always, please remember to breathe!

1. The Venue: The Once showrunners confessed that they had considered a number of “other places” for Emma and Killian to tie the knot – yes, even Granny’s! – but in the end, they settled on a brand new Storybrooke location for the ceremony. “Without wanting to spoil the episode, there’s a story reason for why it’s on the roof,” Horowitz revealed. “But there’s also something to us that was super romantic about having Storybrooke as the backdrop.”

Emma and Killian will tie the knot in front of a dream-worthy sunset and surrounded by their closest friends and family. “It’s the place where they’ve kind of come together,” Horowitz continued. “Where their love has grown and where both of them as characters have grown, so seeing the whole town kind of beneath and surrounding them felt like a really cool way to do it.”

“I thought it was perfect,” Morrison dished. “We just felt, like, what better way to make it feel extra special than to have [the wedding] also be the musical episode?”

Keep reading

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List D Edition

Datakinesis - Control Data

  • Anything that gets recorded can be manipulated to fit. that’s how you learned that fudging the numbers for endangered species to be higher makes more exist.
  • Even data you make up makes things exist. 10 dragons that live in the park near your house? Yeah that just is how it is now.
  • I just keep erasing all information on me after every heist I pull. It’s so much easier when no one’s watching for you.

Dendrokinesis - Control Wood

  • The forest is my protector and if you somehow manage to get past the trees, you’ll have to face my house.
  • I made all of my furniture into pets. It’s kind of cute, seeing a coffee table try to gently bring me something.
  • For some reason I can only control fruiting angiosperms? So I just made an orchard that harvests itself. 

Depictukinesis - Control Art

  • What really is art? What scope does it have? And what can be manipulated on it? Well, the price menus at fast food shops are technically made with graphics…
  • Welcome to my cartoon world where you can’t even begin to understand the physics.
  • I’ve learned that the local Superhero clan is getting pictures done for their government issued identifications. It just so happens I can steal powers through pictures.

Dermakinesis - Control and Generate Extra Skin

  • By moving the individual cells in my skin I can make this tattoo dance. It’s hilarious.
  • I’ve got a part time job with the local medical college letting them see my muscles move when I make my skin invisible.
  • People get so terrified when I slough off my skin. Sometimes it just gets too gross and I want to start fresh.

Dimensiokinesis - Control Dimensions

  • I’m just so overjoyed you are so easily persuaded. I even brought in a version of yourself that sided with me instead.
  • The greatest heist ever pulled: A teen accientally sending all of fort knox into a storage dimension with no knowledge until much later in life.
  • I really like this power. I can talk to monsters from beyond our dimension. They’re alright most of the time.

Dracokinesis - Control Draconic Energy

  • Yeah I can be a dragon, but it sticks for a day. It kind of sucks unless I have someone bringing me food.
  • Summoning dragons is the ultimate power move.
  • Okay so, I found out I can make dragons? But it takes a lot of energy to make a big one and I’m tired all the time. So, I made a puppy sized one.

hi guys so my girlfriend’s name is blue sargent and this is why i love her

  • she accidentally became a vegetarian she just isn’t fond of meat so she eats so much yogurt and salads and totally packs fruit kebobs for lunch,,, what a nerd
  • she has an emergency sewing kit
    • henrietta high school legend says if you say “blue sargent” and spin around three times in the girls bathroom she’ll walk out of the stall and have the exact right button to replace the one that got ripped off your sweater
  • literal embodiment of “aesthetic or die”, she’d choose overheating in the middle of a virginia summer over ruining her look
    • “blue you look like you’re gonna pass out”
    • "i’m sorry, i misheard, i think you meant i look fucking great”
  • her guilty pleasure is 90′s boy bands she loves *nsync and backstreet boys and totally knows all the bad dance moves from the music videos
  • she’s tone deaf though can’t carry a tune to save her life but sings loud and proud anyway
  • she has a gap in her teeth just big enough to be noticeable, it whistles when she’s trying not to laugh
  • she’s a mug hoarder that brings tea up to her room but has like twelve mugs on her window sill from forgetting to bring them back down
  • her dad’s a fuckin woodland nymph so she’s ridiculously good with plants and her vegetable garden is the envy of the neighborhood
  • she’s a dog person she walks dogs as a job because she gets paid!!! to spend time with dogs!!! she loves it so much
  • once whipped out her switch on a boy twice her size for catcalling and scared the living daylights out of him,, attitude makes up for height and this girl’s got plenty of it
  • she’s not a bad student but she does get asked to leave class for sassing her teacher’s or telling them theyre wrong
    • “[insert historical figure] was gay”
    • “ms. sargent please don’t”
    • “history is so fucking gay you don’t understand-”
    • “please sit outside for the remainder of class” 
    • *cue deep dramatic sigh from blue*
    • the teacher called maura, who laughed her ass off and hung up the phone
  • she was riding her bike home one day and was late because she got distracted talking to a homeless guy while waiting at an intersection and she bought him some mcdonalds and played cards with him
  • LOVES stargazing so much, persephone taught her the constellations when she was little
    • when she misses her she goes and sits under the stars with smelly tea, wearing a pair of persephone’s socks. she feels closer to her that way and it hurts a little less.
  • the gray man didn’t teach her how to fight, calla did.
    • by the time calla is done with her blue can flip ronan on his back
  • speaking of ronan him and blue are best friends i don’t make the rules these are just facts
    • she has dream hair clips that change color
    • she sewed pockets into all his jackets for chainsaw
    • theyre combat boot buddies
    • she is Tiny and rides on ronan’s back or shoulders
    • she has literally taken a running leap and jumped on his back while he was in the middle of a conversation and he didn’t falter in the slightest
    • he rips up clothes for her so she can get that Punk Aesthetic
  • she gives the best hugs on the planet she is a tiny lady but will pull you in so tight and you can rest your head on her soft hair,,, wow
  • her nail polish is always chipped it lasts like an hour tops
  • there’s always kids running around the house and she is so good with them, playing tag, teaching them crafts and cool friendship bracelet patterns and she wears all the ones they make for her
  • you think ronan cusses up a storm? blue could give him a run for his money the girl’s got a mouth like a sailor
  • loves yoga but only knows like 6 poses that she does over and over, calla judges her
    • “blue why are you laying on the ground”
    • “im doing yoga. its called corpse pose. leave me alone youre fucking up my zen.”
    • corpse pose is a lie it’s literally laying on the ground 
  • that’s about it
  • my girl is a dorky feminist hippy and i love her
  • she deserved better
  • :))))
Dary the dancing Goblin

As a preface, this game is current and my first experience as a D&D player. Most of us save one player is pretty seasoned. We’re doing the starter campaign and we’ve been attacked by four goblins. The party consists of my teifling rouge, a dragonborn wizard, a human cleric, and a half-orc warrior.

Me (OOC): I’m gonna take this goblin out with my rapier! (Fails roll)

DM: You hit the ground in front of you. The goblin is gonna take this time to take a stab at you.

DM: (rolls a nat 20)

Me (OOC) : oh no

DM: Uhhhh ok he connects and… (rolls a nat8)

Me (OOC): OH NO. I turn around and get the fuck outta there.

DM: Ok, so since this is your first time playing, I’m gonna say that the goblin-instead of taking the chance to attack you again-he is so thrilled at his near-fatal blow that he starts dancing and doesn’t notice you flee.

The blow left my character with 2HP left. Meanwhile, all other party members are trying to hit this Goblin and failing their rolls.

Me (OOC): This shit is still doing the Carlton. What is his name?

DM: Uhhhh, Dary. Like Dairy without the “I”.

Only one goblin died in the end. Two pissed themselves from an intimidation roll from the half-ofc, and left in embarrassment. We ended up capturing Dary.

I’ve been back a couple times since then. I didn’t look you up cause some trains you cant catch again, you gotta leave it as it was. But when you think Tim McGraw, I hope think my favorite song. The one we danced to all night long. The moon like a spot light on the lake. When you think happiness I hope you think that little black dress, the one you said you always like best. And my old faded blue jeans, when you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think me.
—  Original lyrics to Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift
reasons to love day6


  • A Dork, a lanky palm tree
  • loud at first and then becomes really quiet and listens to/observes other people
  • best facial expressions 
  • is always willing to give up something if he feels like someone else would benefit more from it (eg: when he gave wonpil the last piece during the vlive mukbang
  • wow how did i go this long without mentioning hIS VOicE?!?!?!???? boy knows how to pull off the raspy hipster voice while still clearly expressing emotion
  • when he clears his throat in every single damn radio show cover (+Dance Dance) 
  • casually has all these melodies and beautiful lyrics hidden somewhere in his head 
  • actually a really deep thinker even though on the surface all he does is meme
  • the fact that he already graduated college before he got into the industry so he’s pretty much got himself all figured out 
  • most relatable human (”I am trash but it is worth it” -Jae 2k17)
  • american humour, totally a tumblr dude
  • can someone pls tell him he looks good with or without his glasses he’s so insecure
  • looks like the kind of person that would either be really fun or really boring on road trips


  • Meme Father, busan boy
  • looks serious and intimidating until he does literally anything
  • that look he gets where he’s initially ticked off and then realizes that he should probably just let it go
  • i think i’ve only ever heard him go out of tune once, like ever
  • when he uses the shaker in english song covers
  • that time he said “misunderstanding” on asc
  • he’s so willing to make a fool out of himself for others’ enjoyment (eg: basically any time he dances and he knows everyone’s laughing because he’s horrible but he OWNS IT
  • he’s sassy literally 25/7 he’s so sarcastic bih i LOVE it
  • how he clearly understands what people are saying in english but he just laughs silently and doesn’t respond 
  • he learned how to play so many instruments before he settled on guitar and leader 
  • his aCcENt,, 
  • he dresses himself like a casual fratboy or a farmers child there’s no in-between 


  • The Middle Child 
  • mediates all conversations between all members always
  • can someone call him YoungK at least once pls
  • is he sleeping or is he jumping off the walls rn who knows could be either one
  • so spontaneous and goes with the flow and super chill
  • relatable university student (”are you ready for your exam?” “no i’m going to study the night before”)
  • when he says CAAAAnada and Toroooonnuh (as a canadian I certify that’s how we say it)
  • he just really loves terry 
  • a lyrical genius,, man in a movie got me shook fam
  • somehow finds time to write and compose almost all day6 songs while still balancing school life and personal life
  • that time wooyoung exposed him by telling the story of how drunk Brian wouldn’t stop saying fuck into the phone
  • how quickly he mastered english even though he only lived in canada for a few years (I know people who’ve been here for 10+ years and they still can’t pronounce the “th” sound it’s difficult ok)
  • how flawlessly he transitions between falsetto and his normal singing voice and then it goes really low and then oh that’s a truMPet
  • does anyone even know what his real hair colour is anymore


  • Personification of Sunshine 
  • his go-to facial expression is to smile as wide as he can
  • the way his whole face and body language changes when he smiles
  • his voice is so unique but he’s got a great range and it’s really strong
  • he tries so hard when speaking in english
  • embraces the fact that he gets weird sometimes and runs with it (”hyung are you a bear”)
  • has written some of the most beautiful lyrics in their songs 
  • winking machine
  • “this dance move is really hard guys seriously try it” 
  • that sound he makes when he’s really confused like EH?? and he just stumbles over his words until it fades into quiet and then he goes AAAH AH AH AH OK 
  • fashion icon 
  • he’s just here to have a good time fam 
  • aegyo king except he spends like a full minute hyping himself up to do it
  • he just really loves dowoon


  • little baby puppy don’t hurt him
  • has so much love for the other members and is so grateful
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you 
  • strong af (eg: that time he killed a mosquito and ended up punching a hole in the freaking wall) 
  • sososososososososoo shy and his ears get red but he embraces it and tries to overcome it 
  • when he speaks you’re automatically like ??? did that voice just come out of that smol bean
  • and is actually so sassy and sarcastic??
  • has the best comedic timing 
  • every once in a while he comes out with these sayings that are absolute gems ok;
  • ”dowoon what are your dreams” “I’m so rich that I take the taxi everywhere. actually I don’t take the taxi. I walk.
  • “say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” “superaoefjnoawenfiaweocious” (nailed it)
  • “i’m a man in a….” “ moooovieee~” 
  • when he speaks english (”your eyes like… black hole.”)
  • pretty much grounds the whole group 
  • is taking vocal lessons! pls support this shy puppy