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I don’t think I mentioned this but my boss gave me a book to read which was written over a hundred years ago and ended up being about the power of your thoughts and vaguely similar to the law of attraction (which I was reading at the time) but a little more business oriented but still really neat!! 🙊

Get the exclusive details of 'Steven Universe: Anti-Gravity'
Between the recent Steven Universe ongoing comic and new episodes of the show airing this month, it’s a great time to be a fan of the Cartoon Network series.Now, it’s about to get even …


hey guys!!

I wrote a graphic novel for Steven Universe this year!!!

It’ll be out July 25!!

EW asked me some interview questions about it in the article above!!



The group chat! Part 1/¿?

Just a normal conversation with @ashhartley and @sammygiddings


Shooting Maurice (James Ivory, 1987), Autumn 1986: some very rare glimpses behind the scenes!

There’s a story behind these. :) My irrational bid to collect more copies of Maurice than I strictly need led me, recently, to buy an Italian DVD edition on e-bay (Dolmen Home Video, c. 2006). It intrigued me because it includes all the 2004 Merchant Ivory Collection DVD extras and deleted scenes, but on 1 disc instead of 2. The DVD also includes a ‘stills gallery’ – at first impression, very familiar publicity stills most of us have seen before. But, as I scrolled through them, I got a VERY nice surprise…!

The 4th image above (of James Ivory directing James Wilby) I’d seen before online (already shared on my blog in Sep 2015). But the other BTS shots from the shoot were completely new to me!!

The above images are my new screencaps and edits from the DVD (hence the watermark). Please reblog only; do not repost or remove credits. Thank you.

Captions below the cut.

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Man… I just filled out an Equal Opportunities form thing for this job application, and I was uncertain for what to put for the gender section. It just had Male and Female options, but it was within a word document, so I ended up just adding an “Other” option after advice from @erikadprice. I’m feeling pretty anxious about it as that’s the most public I’ve really been about it so far, and my stomach is churning. But it’s all sent off, so hopefully there isn’t an awkward conversation about it to come.

I'd much rather worry about a fictional character's problems than my own.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I drew this picture of Spock for a dear friend, but since it’s Christmas Day, I thought I’d put it up online for everyone else to see. I actually kind of like the idea of Spock being from a Jewish background so I tried to keep this picture more of a general holiday-theme rather than a Christmas theme (yes, I know the pine tree sweater is kind of Christmas-ish but it was easier to draw than my original idea). It’s whatever people prefer, i guess. :)

Anyway, it’s Spock’s first experience seeing snow and he’s pretty fascinated by it all. <3

I literally have 2 emotions which are
-and guilt
that is when Im in the moment and not daydreaming or picturing what it would be like if this whole life I’d built for myself online would be like
and I dont mean I lie about anything and pretend to be someone else; its more like this is where all my friends are, and the version portrayed of me here is the best version of me
and quite honestly I so badly want an actual life but the things stopping me are
-my body
-my lack of confidence
-and partially the fact that not a lot of people have common interestes, but thats ok.
and idk just can anyone relate