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ok, regular ask: how would the 4 AU bros be with an S/O that i m m e d i a t e l y gets jealous when someone flirts with them? like, they couldn't help it if they tried, they just end up glaring daggers at the one flirting (someone hold them back)

UT!Sans: He tells you you need to chill out just a bit, babe. He’s not going anywhere, no matter what.

UT!Papyrus: He kind of pats your head and tells you it is a pity that so many throw themselves at him, but its an unfortunate side effect of dating the Great Papyrus. Worry not, dear s/o. His heart belong solely to yours!

UF!Sans: He really doesn’t get it. I mean, he gets jealous with you, but you with him? Why? Not like he gets hit on much, and even then, you’ve seen  him trying to get in a relationship. It ain’t pretty. He’s a little worried that you’re gonna end up in a fight you’re not ready for, though, so he may tell you to mellow out a bit. Ironic, no?

UF!Papyrus: He’s kind of the same way, ngl, so he thinks its only natural. He tells you you’ve got nothing to worry about, though.

US!Sans: “Silly human! They may like me, but that doesn’t mean I like you any less! You don’t have to fight them!”

US!Papyrus: The yandere type might not be the best fit for him. Like I’ve said before, he’s on the flirty side. Once he spots the warning signs, he’ll focus a lot of attention on you, hoping to distract you.

SF!Sans: He really loves it, given that he’s the same way.

SF!Papyrus: He just kind of raises a browbone and kisses you on the cheek. “Easy honey. You don’t need to freak out. They’re not getting anywhere near me.” 

I draw better!

Look at this fan art of Miraculous Ladybug…they are *in Chloe voice* R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S…These people have literally no talent:

AND NOW TAKE A LOOK AT MY DRAWING! I think im so talented..this is how REAL drawings are:

I know you are all so jealous of my skills! Please if you repost give me credits! Please dont steal my art.

loool…and in this point im gonna say it was all a joke! Im terrible at drawing and im so jealous (in a good way) of people who can do it! Credits to the artists of the 2 pics…You are all so talented and i really enjoy seeing miraculous ladybug fanart!

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I want things up Alfred's pooper. I want him calling Arthur "daddy" by accident. I want Arthur having a M E L T D O W N because oh God??!!! Oh no Alfred has a Daddy Kink™ and it's really weird???!?!! Oh S H I T Arthur kind of likes it??!?


fucking lol colleagues have invited me to a political event tomorrow and i am not out at work and have never had any intention of being out at work so my options are

  • go closeted to an event where gender is explicitly relevant and be disgusted all day slash for the rest of my entire life because fucking ew
  • come out in some dismally awkward way, have to explain gender 101 from the ground up and put at extreme risk not only my relationship with my colleagues but also my job
  • not go

and all of these are shit options. s o l i d

            “ O H, hello? butler? “ the blonde’s index finger raised upon the presence of another person coming her way, or what seemed or she believed to be her way.  “ You’re rather g o o d l o o k i n g for a butler, but would you mind fetching me a drink? maybe even some gluten/lactose free mozarella sticks? I’m starving. “

So.... i'm gonna rant....

noah fence but any1 who thinks exo’s auto tuned piece lotto was better than bts’ entire discography in 2k16 can fight me.
monster was good i will give them that but if exo wins the mf daesang for a 4th year in a row I’m calling bullshit. bts has set records that no else in kpop has in 1 year alone. they also performed at every single kcon this year. with that being said if somehow they dont get Artist of the year I AM CALLING BULLSHIT. I have nothing against exo but yall fans gotta get yall heads out they ass and 🗣🗣 give credit where it’s due📢📢

A veces me gustaría que cada uno de nosotros dijéramos lo que tanto nos ha dado miedo decir, tal vez "Oye, realmente no me gusta cuando haces eso" o "Hey, yo realmente estoy enamorado de usted" o incluso, "Hola, yo te extraño y pienso en ti todo el tiempo" sin sonar desesperado. ¿Por qué todo el mundo no puede ser dolorosamente honesto?