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2PM Jun.K 'Overflow'

@simplemente-yo-ok​ asked: Hi~ I want to ask you ^^ If you could do a drabble expansion for vacation with 2PM of Jun.k, you know ;) these days he has been hotter than july 🎶 wifi, wifi I mean 🎶 on fire, on fire 🎶 hahahaha :D I would greatly appreciate it, by the way I just read Slow Burn of Jaejoong and it’s great, your written is always on-point 👍👍 I really enjoy it!! Thanks

anonymous asked: hey, its me again can I have some jun k vacation drabbld extension please? if requests are open, if not then just ignore this lol :)

@monstamonbe​ asked: Hi can i request a drabble expansion of taec and jun.k vacation together? Where in jun.k’s is very sxual and hot, and also for taec? Or u could make however u want, but i hoped for the hot one *wink wink I love you

A/N: Seriously you guys are adorable! Well I went for slightly smutty? I’m a fan of less is more unless I’m really inspired, lol. I hope you guys like it! <3<3<3 WARNING: Mild Smut

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Even though you’d been with him for a couple years, Minjun never failed to keep things interesting. Due to his idol status you had to keep your relationship lowkey, so you were used to meeting secretly. But this was new. You’d never been excluded from those plans yourself before.

Apparently Minjun was letting his mischievous side out to play. Other than a few mysterious texts about clearing your schedule the next day or two, a plane ticket for Jeju Island, an address and what you assumed to be a room number, he wouldn’t tell you what he was up to.

As the taxi pulled up in front of the hotel, you were a little taken aback by its grandeur. After checking and rechecking with the driver that this definitely was the place, you shook your head and mentally chastised your lover for spending so much. Many times you’d told him you didn’t need to be spoiled, you just needed him. But he was generous to a fault.    

The lobby was mirrored, trimmed in faux gold leafing, and dominated by a massive chandelier. Biting down on a smile you had to chuckle at the gaudy décor that only the truly expensive hotels could pull off. A master at looking like you knew what you were doing you bypassed the front desk and headed up to the room your boyfriend had indicated.

To your surprise he answered the door clad only in a robe. You’d thought perhaps he wanted to go sightseeing but it appeared he had other things on his mind. “Hello, gorgeous.”


He backed up enough for you to enter and then used his body to press you against the wall for a kiss, letting the door fall shut. “Is it flattery if it’s true?” Lightly he began trailing kisses along your jaw up to your ear where he whispered, “Missed you.”

“Missed you too, love,” you hummed.

Taking both of your hands in his he walked backwards as he led you into the main area of the room. “What do you think?”

“It’s beautiful, but it’s too expensive.”

Dismissively he waved a hand and made his way over to a small table arranged with champagne and strawberries. “I always wanted to try this.” For a moment his suave affectation lifted and you saw the excited gleam in his eyes he’d get when feeling particularly playful. “Now that schedules are done for solo and group promotions I wanted to focus on you. And one more thing.” Holding up his phone you watched as he powered it down and tossed it on a nearby chair.

Which turned out to be the only thing that shocked you. “Really? You’re turning your phone off?”

“You’re the only thing I want turned on in here.”

Caught off guard you snorted a laugh. “You didn’t just say that. Oh my god, Minjun.”

Obviously he was in a good mood and couldn’t care less if he was being cheesy. Lifting you easily, your legs wrapped around his waist. Kissing your neck he walked to the bed only to tumble down with you. The bedding was so plush and luxurious it felt like you’d fallen into heaven.

And heaven is where he took you. Over and over again. Linear thought broke down and memories became snippets of sensations. Bitter taste of him on your tongue. The weight of his sweat slicked body on yours. His deep groans tangling with your breathy sighs. Each egging the other on and building to a frenzy. Denying you until you writhed in exquisite torture, begging for more of him because you could never have enough.

Later with sheets and bodies and souls intertwined you finally remembered the now lukewarm champagne and berries that remained untouched. Hazily nodding your head in the direction of the table you mumbled, “We forgot.”

“S’okay. We can chill it again. Feeling sleepy?”


Tenderly kissing your forehead he bid you to rest while he put things in the mini fridge. Exhausted your mind slipped away from your surroundings only to wake to Minjun scribbling away in a notebook.

“I thought you said no work,” you grumbled.

Seeing you were up he smiled broadly, “It’s not work. I just can’t keep it all in. Ready for more or do you want room service first?”

“You, then room service, then you.”

Abandoning his notes he slowly moved towards you with a predatory grin. “I think I can handle that." ​

Rajigaze 17.6

Kai failed 3 times at reading Kanjis :’)

K: what was that again? U: hashtag

K: it’s Kai-sama written here… but It’s okay to read it just with Kai-san, right?

K: Everyone doing it,right? My public image is getting lower

K: I’ll lend you Uruha-kun just for one day! U: even if I get bullied I’m boring!K: become like me! come on, you should become like me! (…) K: aren’t you just ignored?(lol) U: if Reita didn’t bully me in the early days, I was like: Rei-chan, I’m here too!

How much (money) would Kai-sans girlfriend need? U: I want to know about it too! K: it’s not about money! my public image is really shattered to pieces isn’t it… Let’s make it onehundred million! Please cut that out! U: wouldn’t it be better if you’d cut it our for real? ( Kais repeating again and again that it’s not about money but about feelings )

Kai: reading a question: Hello Kai and Uruha-Uruha-san, ah Ruki said that last week, right? How annoying!

Kai diet U: is Kai really in need of diets?  K:my body is usually in a bad form! K:I don’t really like muscles types U:Reita is disgusting K:Reita is disgusting(lol)

they were talking about that you don’t know when dear peson won’t be next to you anymore and that you should value them. Uruha was asking Kai how his parents are doing- but it sounded as if something bad had happened to them, so Kai was speeding up his voice to ensure the listeners that they’re doing just fine

They’re talking about getting angry- Kai said that it’s well known that he gets angry often, but Uruha is never getting angry U: I get angry too you know! K: but you won’t notice! U: because it’s scary I don’t let it out!

How to fight tiredness K: if I’m concentrated I don’t get tired U: if you have to wait at PV shoot? K: Ruki is skilled isn’t he? He’s acting as if he isn’t asleep, but then he’s sleeping. F you put down his sunglasses. As I walked next to him I heard sleeping sounds.

Kai: yeeeeeeesssss (in english)

a girl asked how the questions were picked bc she wrote so many times but never was her question choosen K:that’s was she’s troubled about?? (the topic of the radio show is troubles)

that’s the song Kai introduced- it’s really awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxe2mGM9bOo

Kai thinks it’s no use looking at the music sheets for the drums– for the guitars it’s good of course, but not for drums

Kais nickname is men-chan ( seems like Uruha said men-chan so often. Even tho Kai corrected him, in the end he ended up with this nickname )

So ruki reita and kai are called ki-chan; re-chan & men-chan lol

K: a band that can just see money, is the worst!

the manager bought Mumin for everyone in Helsinki as a present: K: who need’s something like that. U: it’s useless…


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