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World’s Best Dad (Part 5)

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Summary: Dean and the reader have a late night talk and unexpectedly have a few guests over the next day…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 4,700ish

Warnings: language, implied future smut

A/N: The fluff is just going to end me one of these days…

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They go through fertility problems before finally getting a pregnancy that sticks, can we have the story of when they discover that Yuuri's pregnant with Irina? (Have you done this one already I haven't seen it, sorry if you have, love your stories!)

Whispers I’ve been waiting for this ask.

So as mentioned before, Yuuri retires from skating at twenty-eight and begins coaching and choreographing with Viktor. Because their desire to have children is a big part of the reason why Yuuri retired, they start trying to have a child right away. This would probably be late March, after Worlds. By early May, one of Yuuri’s pregnancy tests comes back positive. 

Unfortunately, at Yuuri’s first ultrasound, they can’t find a heartbeat. (I wrote a long-ass scene to do with this but then I pretty much realized that it was full of medical gibberish and crying and probably very boring, so I left that out) 

The miscarriage happens in June–and it takes awhile before Yuuri’s hormones are back to normal, in part due to stress. This is a great contributing factor to their conception problems. 

In December, Yuuri is almost sure he’s pregnant. For Viktor’s birthday, one of Viktor’s gifts is a gift-wrapped pregnancy test. 

“Have you taken it?” Viktor asks, and he’s holding it in shaking hands.

“Not yet,” says Yuuri. “I was thinking we could–it would be a nice gift, if we found out together.”

Then it comes out negative. And Yuuri cries.

“I’m sorry,” Yuuri sobs into his pillow on their bed, curled up into a little ball with Viktor trying to wrap as much of himself around him as possible. “I ruined your birthday. It was a stupid idea, I should have just taken it by myself and not disappointed you. I’m sorry.”

“I thought it was a lovely gesture,” Viktor whispers against his shoulder blade. “I love you, you know.”

“I ruined your birthday,” Yuuri sniffs again. 

“The night isn’t over, yet,” Viktor tells him.

They go out and get pretty extravagantly drunk. It’s probably not the wisest course of action, but it’s better than sitting at home, staring at the four walls and crying. 

In February, Yuuri sits Viktor down and says, “Maybe we should take a break. Just for a little while.”

Viktor closes his eyes, sighs, and nods. Because he loves Yuuri, and he knows how tired they both are.

(But a little voice in the back of his mind is saying Lilia and Yakov said they were taking a break, too. And that break lasted twenty years. And then it was too late.)

They go out for White Day, which they enjoy celebrating despite not living in Japan at the moment, and when they go to bed after a nice dinner and some dancing, Yuuri realizes that some sort of…pressure has been lifted.

“That was fun,” Yuuri whispers to Viktor afterwards, head on his chest and palm against his belly.

“Mmm, one can only hope,” Viktor murmurs back, and laughs into Yuuri’s hair. “Isn’t sex supposed to be fun?”

“It hasn’t been, though,” Yuuri whispers. “Not for awhile.”

Viktor, almost contemplative, brushes Yuuri’s hair behind his ear and kisses his forehead. “Maybe we’ve been putting too much pressure on ourselves,” he says, and reaches over to turn out the bedside light.

A month and some change later, Yuuri is standing in at store with his phone out, staring at his grocery list. He accidentally flips to his calendar app, where he’s been keeping careful track of all his various cycles, and realizes something.

He counts backwards six times, grocery basket forgotten next to him in the aisle. Someone actually taps his shoulder to ask if he’s alright, because the look on his face must be similar to that of someone who’s seen a ghost.

“I’m fine, thanks,” he mumbles vaguely, and all but runs to the family planning aisle. 

“Yuuri?” Viktor asks, when he comes in the door without so much as a hello. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine!” Yuuri calls. “I just–I need to go to the bathroom! Sorry!” He drops all his other purchases on the island counter and books it to the bathroom, more or less slamming the door behind him. He hears Makkachin whimper at the door for him. 

“Oh, that’s…that’s fine.” He hears Viktor going through the bags in the kitchen. “Did you get onions?”

Yuuri doesn’t really answer, since he’s so busy peeing into a cup–Viktor’s drinking cup, unfortunately. He dips every test he bought–eight tests of four different brands, because he is Viktor Nikiforov’s husband and being over-the-top is kind of the Nikiforov MO, also because he is not fucking around–and lines them up neatly on the counter, then tries not to hyperventilate as he sits on the edge of the bathtub and waits for the tests to develop. 

Viktor knocks on the door. “Kitten? You forgot beets. And half the other things on the list. I’m not complaining, just–is everything okay?”

“Um–just–just give me a minute!” One of the tests is starting to fade in–he knocks two others onto the floor in his hurry to grab it.

One pink line. His heart drops, and he drops with it–sinking onto the floor.

“Yuuri? Are you sick?” Viktor jiggles the doorknob. “Sweetheart? Can you talk to me?”

Yuuri, still vibrating with adrenaline, leans over and unlocks the bathroom door. “You can come in,” he murmurs, not even bothering to hide the despondency in his voice.

Viktor nudges the door open gently, and Yuuri can tell that he knows what’s happened the moment he sees Yuuri sitting on the bathroom floor surrounded by pregnancy tests.

“Oh, Kitten,” Viktor murmurs, hunkering down on the floor with him.

“I’m late,” Yuuri tells him, sniffing. “So I thought–I don’t know, I shouldn’t have even–but I thought maybe…”

Viktor sighs, and gathers the tests that fell on the floor–a pair of expensive ones, with the digital display. He glances at them and clicks his tongue, then does a double take. And a triple take.

“Yuuri,” he says carefully. “Did you look at all of them?”

“No,” Yuuri sniffs, swiping the tears of his cheeks somewhat fiercely. “I didn’t want to–to see all of them say negative.”

“Yuuri.” Viktor sets the two digital tests in front of him, and then reaches up to the counter to retrieve the other five. He lines them all up in a careful line.

Pregnant. Blue plus sign. Blue plus sign. The word YES–

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says, searching through them. “Oh my God. Viktor.”

“Where’s the negative one?” Viktor asks, eyes roving frantically along the floor. 

“Here.” Yuuri hands it to him, shaking now for a totally different reason.

Viktor holds it close to his face, and if Yuuri didn’t already know that that man loved him he would have at that moment–you have to love someone to willingly put something with their pee on it that close to your face.

“Look, look.” Viktor holds it out to him, and points to the spot where there might be a very, very faint pink line. “It’s early yet. It’s faint, but it’s there. They’re all positive. Eight positives. Yuuri. Yuuri.”

“Oh my God.” Yuuri presses his face into his hands. “Oh my God. Viktor, oh my God.”

“I know!” Viktor brushes his hair back, kisses the side of his head. “I know! Yuuri, oh baby, please don’t cry. Shh, don’t cry.”

“I’m crying because I’m happy!” Yuuri wails, feeling ridiculous with tears streaming down his face, a grown man huddled on a bathroom floor just sobbing his eyes out.

Come to think, this might be Yuuri’s first happy bathroom cry.

“We’re going to have a baby,” Viktor coos to him, head resting on his shoulder.

Yuuri wrings a hand, hiccuping. “What if I–”

“Don’t,” Viktor says. “Don’t think about that. Remember what the doctor said? Most people go on to have perfectly normal pregnancies after a miscarriage.”

“But I’ve been having so much trouble–”

“That was stress. And hormones. And maybe other things, but it doesn’t matter now because you are. You are pregnant. There are eight tests here telling me that you’re going to have my baby–and I have complete faith that they’re right.”

Yuuri stares at him, eye still swimming in tears. He sways forward until their foreheads are pressed together, and grabs Viktor’s hand to push it up underneath his shirt, pressed warm against his belly. 

“Who should we tell?” he murmurs.

“Let’s keep it to ourselves, for now,” Viktor whispers back. “You know me, Yuuri. I’m Russian. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t tell anyone until your water broke.”

Yuuri, who a year ago thought Russian pregnancy superstitions were pretty extreme, can’t disagree with him. 

When Yuuri announces to his and Viktor’s students and he won’t be skating for awhile, the look Lilia gives him across the rink is disturbing levels of all-knowing, but Yuuri figures that it doesn’t really jinx anything if the person figures it out themselves–and has as-yet undiscovered superpowers aiding them.

“I think Lilia just smiled at me,” he whispers to Viktor as he leans against the boards, watching their students warm up.

“Pregnancy brain,” Viktor tells him gravely, but there’s a joviality to his voice that’s hard to miss. 

Cuddles (Mute!Calum)

Summary: Basically cute mute!calum showering you w love (I cri I cri)

Word Count: 2.1k

Requested? Yes!!

A/N: The beginning is a tad weak (and the tensing is a lil weird) so please keep reading until after the flashback because that’s when the cuddly cuteness happens :-))

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Masterlist | Request

When you’d first filled out the application for a room in an apartment with a boy called Calum you’d thought nothing of it; judging by the brief description he gave of himself he sounded very nice. He’d been away when you’d moved in, gone away for a visit home, so you’d settled yourself in. He- or rather, you, had a lovely apartment; large glass panes overlooking the city, polished countertops and a furry carpet spread across the floor. It was all you could’ve asked for and more.

The first time you met him you weren’t prepared for visitors. It’d been a long day at uni consisting of a few tests and the moment you got back home you’d hit the showers and changed into some baggy clothes. When the door swung open you’d been watching a rom-com, a spoon full of ice cream halfway to your mouth.

“Hello?” At the words of an unknown stranger you’d turned around, the tub of ice cream clutched between your fingers as a numbing fear filled you. 

“Um..hey?” You’d peered around to see two silhouettes, dark shadows contrasting against the light streaming from the doorway. One came forward first, your eyes instantly being drawn towards his brightly coloured hair.

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What a Catastrophe [Marauders x Gryffindor! Reader – Marauders Era]

[Requested] When a cat is left in the hands of a bunch of troublemakers, what could possibly go wrong?
♥ A/N ♥
Just as a side-note, I’m completely aware that Dumbledore probably has Apparation restrictions in place at Hogwarts at this time, but just for the sake of the story, let’s pretend. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this, darling xx

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15. “I’m never trusting you with my cat again.”

There was never necessarily a point in time where you wanted to trust the Marauders, but desperate times called for desperate measures, you supposed.

You looked at the four Marauders sternly, gripping your beloved fur-baby close to your chest. Though you really wanted to stay and cuddle her in the common-room, you had a meeting with Professor McGonagall to discuss potential careers and you were rather torn between leaving your cat to fend for herself against a bunch of marauding bigots or to sneak her into McGonagall’s office. Sirius had a sincere expression while James blinked innocently, Remus bearing a gentle smile and Peter looking like he wanted to wet himself in the presence of an animal.

“You better feed her,” you said.

Sirius grinned heartily, barking out a laugh. “We will, Y/N.”

“You’ll need to let her sleep when she curls up on the couch, so don’t bother her she’s tired.”

“Yes, love.”

“If she looks sad, give her love and attention.”

“Why couldn’t it be a puppy?” James whispered to Remus and looked like a deer—or a stag, more-like—caught between the glare of a pair of headlights when you glanced over at him. “I love dogs.”

You sighed exasperatedly. “Just… just take care of her, please.”

Sirius saluted. “Yes, sir!”

Slowly, you relinquished your hold on Esmeralda onto the ground. You fluffed up the hair of her head and smiled brilliantly when she purred against your palm. “I’ll see you soon, love,” you whispered to her. With one last glare towards the Marauders, you made a hasty exit. You were already ten minutes late to the meeting.

Esmeralda curled her way around Sirius’s leg, meowing softly at his lack of attention. With a roll of his eyes and a stretch of his arms, Sirius leaned back against the arm of a nearby chair. He raised his eyebrows at his mates. “How ‘bout a trip to the kitchens, yeah?”

Remus frowned, a conflicted look appearing on his face. “But… what about Esmeralda?”

Sirius shrugged. “She can just come with us, I guess.” Esmeralda gave a light push into his left pants leg—whether in agreement or protest, the Marauders couldn’t tell. She was a cat—two-years old, according to your strange track-keeping—and she had a decent splattering of color. Her fur coat was full of browns, blacks, and whites—a rather nice coating, but only moderately.

James grappled her up into his arms. He flinched and crowed lowly when Esmeralda’s claws sank deep into his robe sleeves and right into the skin of his forearm. “Let’s hurry, please.” He yelped when she started hissing, left paw raising and swiping up at his chin. “Bloody hell, cat! How in the sodding name of Merlin am I going to get my Lily-flower now?”

“C’mon, ya pansy,” Sirius said. He pushed himself up from the armchair and sauntered over towards the common-room entrance. His smirk was arrogant and mischievous. “Food awaits.”

The bloody cat scratched and scratched and scratched at James’s face, repeatedly opening up wounds and smearing previous trails of blood. When they arrived at the pear portrait, James’s face was an absolute bloody mess. He’d finally learned his lesson at personal space and now held the cat out like she was a ticking time-bomb just minutes from detonating.

“I sodding hate cats,” he grumbled. “Why couldn’t Y/N give us an owl? I’d rather deal with a sodding toad than this…”

Sirius glanced at James as he tickled the pear. A smirk illuminated his handsome features. “You deal with a toad every time you look in the mirror, dear Prongs,” he said cheerfully, eyes gleaming with excitement as the portrait swung open to reveal the kitchen.

James almost immediately dropped Esmeralda to the ground, face looking drained of the ability to care as he watched her run towards the tables. Remus widened his eyes to a comical height. “Is that… wise, James?” he asked hesitantly.

James didn’t really care as long as the devil-spawn didn’t come any closer to him or his precious dimples. “Of course it’s wise,” he insisted arrogantly. “It’s just a bloody cat.”

Then, they heard a sudden racket coming from over by a long-table. The four Marauders glanced over to see two house-elves fleeing in their direction, shrieking with fear as Esmeralda chased after them. With a sickening crack, the tiny critters Apparated, leaving Esmeralda to hiss and slice at sheer air. James and Remus eyed it with caution while Sirius just grinned at its ferocious little temper.

Peter began to sneeze, over and over again until James reached over to slap him upside the head. “Merlin, Wormtail; is the dust really that bad in here?” he asked, a reproachful look on his face. Peter frantically shook his head, attempting to cover his nose to avoid any more obnoxiously-loud “ACCCC-HOOs!”

“No—I’m a-allergic to cat fur,” he stammered out, voice rather nasally and full of unwarranted lisps.

James threw his hands up. “That’s just great!” he shouted, too caught up in his own woes to even apologize when several of the house-elves on the far-end jumped at the volume. “Stupid bloody cats, always having to ruin everything—”

“You might want to stop while you’re ahead, Prongs,” Remus said. “If Y/N hears you saying that, she’ll never talk to you ever again.” James just rolled his eyes, not bothered in the slightest.

“Is she Lily Evans, Moony?” he asked rhetorically. “Then let her yell.”

Sirius, ever the knight in shining armor, was chasing around Esmeralda, spewing out a string of curses whenever he’d accidentally bump into a wall, table, or chair. “Come here, you bloody cat!”

One of the house-elves hesitantly approached the lot, bearing a plate of freshly-baked cookies. “Would Masters James and Remus like a plate of cookies?” he said sweetly, holding it up for the two to see. Peter himself was a few feet away, mouth salivating hungrily at the sight. However, before the unoccupied Marauders could kindly thank the critter for the hospitality, Esmeralda was weaving her way through the poor elf’s legs, and Sirius came tumbling underneath. The cookies were sent everywhere, and the elf shrieked in fear, Apparating without a second thought.

Chocolate chips and cookie crumbs were scattered all over the floor, and an elf that was just now bringing a platter with hot chocolate was forced to also drop her bearings. Esmeralda seemed to be weary of anything and everything, and blood smeared its way on the floor after a certain swipe made the elf’s little leg start bleeding.

“Oh, shite,” Sirius muttered, still in the same position and with chocolate covering his chin. “That didn’t go according to the plan.”

Remus looked uncertain and disappointed. “When do you ever have a plan?” he asked. Sirius just shrugged, looking to be without an answer.

James cleared his throat, an arrogant gleam appearing in his eyes. “I’ve got this,” he said. With a crack of his knuckles, he approached Esmeralda. Unfortunately for him, the cat believed him to fancy a game of cat-and-mouse. Esmeralda eyeballed him snidely then sprinted off. Her tiny legs were rather agile and fast for something so… well, inhuman.

In a mere five minutes, the place was covered in food, lacking in house-elves, and looking like a tornado had torn apart the furniture. James was in the middle, smacking at Esmeralda. The cat just didn’t want to leave him the bloody hell alone.

Remus and Sirius were silently freaking the fuck out, debating what to do in the situation, when suddenly you walked through the door, a frenzied expression on her face. You stopped in your tracks, eyes wide and mouth agape at the sight before you. “What… the… hell?”

In synchronized panic, Remus, James, and Sirius pointed at Peter. The poor boy sputtered, his protests stifled by the sudden sneezes. You rolled your eyes, finding it difficult to be annoyed when the poor boys looked like they were about to wet themselves in fear of your rage.

Esmeralda scurried her way to you, purring and meowing, rubbing herself up against your leg. You smiled softly, lifting her up into your arms. You cooed softly, scratching behind her left ear. Then, suddenly remembering the problem at hand, you turned your cutting blade—also known as your eyes—back to the four Marauders. You glowered at them. “I’m never trusting you guys with my cat again,” she said.

James gasped out a breath of relief. “Thank Merlin.”

pour up (body party)

pairing: jikook, yoontaeseok, namjin

rating: nc17

genre: alpha/beta/omega (abo) au, smut, fluff

warnings: switching, self-lubrication, praise kink, humiliation kink, knotting, chokers, morning sex, multiple orgasms, nipple play, biting/marking, blowjobs, top jungkook, top jimin, vibrators, thigh highs/stockings, lingerie/lace panties, barebacking, rimming, porn with plot, crossposted to ao3

a/n: aaaaand it’s up!!! sorry for the delay hehe I fell sick last night and also had to make some minor edits to the scenes ;; for @inarsics aka the sweetest person I’ve ever written a fic for ❤️ #stannar2k17!!!! this basically served as an excuse for me to write like preposterous amounts of fluff and smut (it literally starts with smut what am i doing somebody pls) oops but I loved the prompt so much I almost died squealing when I got it adkndjahdf

the prompt is tweaked a lil bit but jikook are both alphas (I lov alpha/alpha) and jimin’s basically the more laidback, subtle dom while kook is the on-the-surface alpha aka he fusses a lot over his mate and would literally do anything to protect jimin but is more of a sub in bed than chimchim!!! if you’re reading this, thank u sm & all reblogs/comments/likes are all super appreciated ♡♡♡♡♡♡

summary: “Jungkook and Jimin are spending their first Christmas together as mates. Thinking that they would have the whole day to themselves, Jungkook and Jimin are surprised when the boys drop by their apartment. Though Jimin is welcoming, Jungkook is disgruntled that he can’t spend any time alone with Jimin, and he does all he can to get some quality time with him whilst the boys are around.”

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“Clouding My Mind” - Simon Dominic X Reader (Angst/Fluff)

Description: You and Simon have been dating for quite a while and attending his concerts was always fun, until your insecurities got the best of you and you started noticing the way Simon looked at his dancer. 

  • Word count: 2.538

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anonymous asked:

Omg gangly, goofy teenaged Geno who is kinda embarrassed about not speaking English that well and kinda nervous about maybe-possibly-sorta liking boys having this huge crush on the quarterback of the high school football team. They've never spoken, but that boy is SO pretty, Geno feels certain about everything when he's looking at that boy. He wants to come up with a way to connect with him, but he's worried about having to talk with him- let's say he just got to the US, and he (1/?)

Does alright in classes, but he really doesn’t want to speak in front of the epitome of hot crushes without something else to hold him up. Basically he’s that teenage boy who wants to be so impressive to his crush that THEY are the ones stumbling over their words. His first idea is to try out for the football team, and hopefully (sorta miraculously this boy does not plan that well) be really really good at it, so the quarterback notices him and he can maybe flirt a little and feel good (2/?)

About himself, maybe just have the chance to watch this beautiful, wonderful boy (he’s seen Sid interact with younger kids, he tutors people before football practice, and he’s super nice, but Geno just feels entirely out of his orbit) from up close. But- miracles don’t always happen. G can’t really just get on the varsity football team with no conditioning or previous experience. He’s a little humiliated, but the good news is that the quarterback wasn’t in his tryout group, so he didn’t (3/?)

See that whole spectacle unfold. It takes the wind out of Geno’s sails, but he’s still determined to be closer to the football team, even if he can’t be on it. He’s sorta resigned himself to watching from afar for the rest of high school, so when he tries out for the cheerleading squad, he’s glad just to be at the football games. Practice is-distracting. He watches the football team most of the time. And when that fateful day comes and he totally fails at his hand spring, he’s embarrassed (4/?)

As all hell, but he reassures himself, while still on the ground, that nobody on the football team is gonna pay attention to the MALE cheerleader, even if he falls spectacularly right in front of them. Then he opens his eyes and realizes he was weong. Sid, meanwhile, has noticed this gangly, super hot guy at school. Most of the team knows he’s gay, but it’s a secret in most of the school. He watches every cheerleading practice, looking for an opening to introduce himself. (5/5)


“And that was how I’m meet your Dad,” Geno finishes proudly, playing idly at the curls in the back of Sidney’s neck fondly. “Like High School Musical, but little bit less singing. Okay, maybe no singing.”

“That was nothing like High School Musical,” their oldest daughter says. 

“I want a refund,” their youngest two, the twins, boo. 

“You didn’t pay to listen to the story,” Sidney points out, furrowing his brows.

“Refund our time,” the twins say.

“I thought it was sweet,” their middle son says. “Did you stick with cheerleading, Papa?”

“Oh, he quit like a week after he twisted his ankle and joined the robotics team instead,” Sidney says. 

Geno shrugs. “I’m already get what I need. Now go to bed. Your Dad and me want to watch R-rated movie now.”

Gross,” the twins screech, just as Geno hurriedly says, “Not that kind. Matrix, we watch Matrix.”

“If that’s what hey call it these days,” their daughters yawns and kisses both of them on the cheek as she ushers the other three up the stairs. “Night, Dads.”

“So?” Sidney asks, snuggling closer. “You want to go to that high school reunion?”

Geno studies the invitation, the one reason the kids had bothered them about the story of how they met. “Not really. Head cheerleader, Tiffany. So mad when I quit, say I ruin entire routine. Think she still mad about it.”

“You hurt your ankle,” Sidney says. “What did she want from you?”

“Do routine on one leg, be hop like flamingo,” Geno says. 

“Flamingo walk on two legs,” Sidney says.

“Sometimes it just gone. One leg,” Geno argues. “Don’t know about this, Sid–”

“I think it’ll be fun,” Sidney says. “Alex will be there with Nicky.”

“They not still vacation? Sasha call it ‘third honeymoon.’“

“No, Nicky said he fell off the bed and sprained his ankle last week when he was trying to strip dance. Speaking of strip, he’s gonna take off his shirt and drunk dance,” Sidney says. “You really want to miss that?”

“Not really,” Geno sighs. “Okay. We go. You think my hair is thinning, maybe no? Everyone see.”

Sidney kisses him on the nose. “Everyone will be too drunk to care.”

“So it really thin?” Geno suddenly asks, self-consciously combing through his hair.

“It’s fine,” Sidney says, brushing Geno’s hair back reassuringly and accidentally coming out with a few stray strands between his fingers. “Oh. Oops. Uh.”


Sidney pats down his husband’s head, like he’s rearranging a nest. “Nothing! It’s nothing. You look young. We’re gonna have fun.” 

Cupcakes - Harry’s 37th Birthday - Drarrmony

Based on this post  


Draco checked the recipe again, feeling foolish and proud of himself at the same time as he carefully mixed the cake batter. There was a small weight resting against one of his calves, accompanied by a persistent tugging, that he was only half paying attention to. Still, he made quick work of mixing the ingredients together enough for a toddler to take over.

“Papa, I help!” was being chanted in time with the tugging, making him sigh when he finally spared a glance downward. His bland, impatient brow did nothing to deter the eager, wide-eyed, and pleading look he was getting from his still baby-faced firstborn.

“I did say you’d be allowed to stir,” he told the boy dryly. “Are you ready to help me?”

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allowed to grieve.

Dedicated to @dianaakko. Love you. <3 

A/N: There is a suspicious lack of Nora and Ruby friendship in the FNDM. Of course, I had to do something to fix this, because Nora & Ruby’s dynamic is super interesting. 

Summary:  Losing a teammate isn’t a wound that you can heal from, but it’s a scar in which you can find common ground with another. When you know what it’s like to lose a part of your found family, you might just find another person to grieve with.

Or: the one where Ruby and Nora discuss the events during the Fall of Beacon.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10073186

There was one benefit of journeying miles and miles during the day and camping during night: it was a more strenuous training regimen than anything you’d ever get at home.

Of course, you had to deal with the cons of never having the promise of safety, and you had to contend with the ups and downs of the terrible weather on Anima, but there were moments like these that sweetened the deal. Team RNJR had walked around sixteen miles today, hitting two forests and one abandoned town, but luckily, they had managed to find a village with a cheap hotel. Even if there were roaches on the walls. But you had to take what you got, and after weeks of sleeping in rainy forests and waking up to bugs in their sleeping bags, nobody was going to complain about a few cockroaches.

They had rented out a little room with two twin beds and a couch, bickering it out with who got what, and eventually they had settled for Jaune on one bed, Ren on the couch, and the girls sharing the other bed. Now, everyone was fast asleep.

Except for Ruby.  

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A+ (High School AU!) Chapter 14

category: angst :( floof

pairing: eunwoo X reader

note: no note needed

Originally posted by asterocky

Your high heels clicked against the ground with your chin held up. As you walked through the hallways, the employees adored you and quickly bowed their heads politely upon making eye contact. You kindly waved back at them and bowed back as you made your way down to your office.

When you walked in, you slumped on your chair and sighed loudly. Your peace was hindered when your office phone rang powerfully. Releasing another sigh, you picked the phone up impatiently.



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Reveal Week Day One: Fluff

Marinette sighed as she flopped onto her bed, turn in and grabbing her cat pillow as she curled into it. All she really wanted right now was a bowl of ice cream and some sleep. Being too lazy to even think about getting up, she opted for the second option . Just as her eyes were starting to close, she heard a crashing noise come from her balcony. Sitting straight up, she wasted no time in climbing the ladder to her trap door. Slowly it creaked open slightly. Her Bright eyes scanned the balcony before resting on a havoc-wreaking alley cat.
Chat Noir looked as awkward as awkward could possibly be. He was crouching, frantically trying to pick up empty spray bottles that he had tipped over when crash landing on Marinettes’ balcony.
“Chat…what happened exactly?” Marinette softly asked as she popped her head out of the trap door opening. He jumped in surprise, spray bottles falling from his hands with an empty clatter.
“I…um…well….you see…,” He sighed, hands falling limply at his side. “I was planning on surprising you you with a new sketchbook since I heard someone ruined your last one; but it fell and I tried to reach for it mid-jump and….well… I kinda sorta maybe fell onto your balcony and knocked off a few spray bottles. But it’s all good now!” His tailed swayed behind him, accidentally flicking over a potted plant. Marinette winced as it crashed onto the street below. Chat’s face paled and he quickly spluttered out, “I’ll buy you a new one.” After a moment of silence Marinette raised a hand to her mouth in an attempt to stiffle a giggle. Of course, she failed miserably. She only laughed harder at Chat’s obviously confused face.
“First off, that was a fake plant. There’s no need to buy me a new one. Secondly, my parents already got me a new sketchbook, but I’ll still accept the one you got me. After all, you’re too cute to say no to.” Chat’s face practically burned, his eyes widening slightly. Marinette laughed again, and gestured him inside. “It’s getting cold out, come on inside for now.”
Chat shook it off and followed her in. Even after dating for a few months, a flirty Princess always surprised him. Meanwhile, Marinette was silently debating what she had done. She never usually did that, only saving flirting for special occasions. Something was up with her, and she herself didn’t even know. God she was screwed. Her mind immediately went to the gutter and she blushed a crimson red.
He watched his Princess as she plopped back on her bed with a book, the cat pillow in her lap. Smirking at a sudden idea he walked over to one side of the bed, pretending to look at the posters on her walls. When he knew she wasn’t looking he shoved the cat pillow off of her lap and replaced it with himself. His arms wrapped around her waist and his body between her legs. He looked at her with the saddest eyes he could muster before speaking.
“Pay attention to me!” He whined at her, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout. She set her book down, staring at him with an unimpressed look. She raised his chin so that he was at eye level.
“Happy?” She asked, wanting to go right back to her book. Quickly he pressed a chaste kiss to her lips before pulling back and laying his head on her stomach.
“I am now,” he replied with a purr, closing his eyes ever so slightly. Marinette just sighed as she ran her hands through his hair, hoping he wouldn’t fall asleep this time. Last time he had no idea what he even said.


“Kitty. Hey, wake up Chat. ” Marinette gently said while nudging him with her elbow.
“Who…who is it?” Chat mumbled, barely opening his eyes.
“A cookie,” she replied. Sarcasm dripping from her voice.
“Hi Cookie Crumb, I’m Adrien Agreste,” he muttered in a dream like state. Marinette was too shocked to move. They had never even come close to revealing their identities before…and he just sleep whispered his?!
Her brain spat out the only answer it could think of, and before she knew it, she was saying, “Hi Adrien, I’m Ladybug.”

(( So I realize that this could have also gone under comedy but I’m a little busy and this is all I could do at the moment. If there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, I am deeply sorry, but also sleep deprived. So you’re gonna have to deal with it. ))

Azriel Chapter 16

Hi guys! Sadly this fan fiction is about to come to a close! There will be only two more chapters ahead before Azriel’s story is finished so I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading this story :)

If you haven’t read my Tarquin fan fiction here is the link

Part of your World Part i

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anonymous asked:

*whispers* levihaaan. 18

*whispers* thanks for the request - hope you enjoy it!  

Send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble.

Erwin marched, smoothly adjusting the bolo tie at his neck. It was a nervous habit. Not that he was nervous, per-se. Though he could admit, there was a particular anxiousness that churned in his gut.

He’d been called to a meeting with their groundskeeper, a man who went by the name of Mortimer Crankwater, and was every bit as unpleasant as his name suggested. Mortimer, a thin, rail of a man was in charge of maintaining Headquarters and the large plot of land that surrounded it. He had a team of workers, and had been given leave by the powers-that-be to siphon any necessary funds from the Survey Corp’s budget. It was a power that gave Erwin Smith no small amount of grief. It seemed that there was always something that his clean-up crew was lacking, and Mortimer never hesitated to draw funds from the Survey Corps ever dwindling budget.

And now, Mortimer had called Erwin to a meeting. A meeting to discuss, of all things, formal disciplinary action against two of Erwin’s top officers. It was  ridiculous, of course. Levi and Hanji weren’t guilty of – Erwin glanced down at the written summons – willful and/or negligent destruction of government property. He frowned. No, Mortimer Crankwater was clearly mistaken, Erwin thought, and promptly reached up to adjust his tie.

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For Love & Money Pt.9


Words: 4295

Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger.

Originally posted by bwibelle

You turn in your bed, finally reaching the brink of consciousness but yesterday’s drinking comes back in full force when your head begins pumping with a hangover. “Ughh..” You mumble something incoherent, mouth completely dry and in dire need of an aspirin.

Fluttering an eye open, you squint them immediately - the sunlight too much for your ghastly state. Slowly sitting up, you begin trying to recollect all the events of yesterday, everything one huge watercolour painting blur.

You begin with your clearest memory first….leaving work and getting dressed to go out.


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Blind Love

(A/N): This is my first time posting one of my writings. I know I suck and there are billions of grammar errors. Sorry… so, here goes nothing I suppose.

Summary: Wanda falls in love with her best friend and doesn’t know how to tell her.

Warnings: Fem!Reader, Blind!Reader, Fluff

Originally posted by perksofbeinganavengers

After meeting each other, Wanda and (Y/N) were inseparable to say they were meant for one another was an understatement. They could always be seen training, eating, hanging out and doing any and everything together. Also, by just the few days of knowing each other, all the Avengers knew not to mess with (Y/N). Wanda was always snapping at Tony when she thought he was making fun of her too much or when Steve would accidentally send a punch to hard while training.

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Terrified - Lucas friar

Requested: yes

Could you do a Lucas imagine where the reader likes Lucas but he is to scared to ask her so she thinks he doesn’t like her and when she gets asked to the dance she agrees but and he gets angry and hurt

Warnings: harassment

senior year You , Maya , Smackle , and Riley were all gathered around your locker , talking about the dance that was coming up soon.

“So , Y/n, do you have a date?” Maya asked and you frowned.

“Nope , there’s a guy that I’ve been wanting to ask me but he hasn’t even mentioned it.” You sighed. Maya smirked.

“Oh? Does his name happen to rhyme with mucous? ” she asked before stopping and grimacing. “Forget I said that. We all know you like Lucas. Why don’t you just ask him?” Y/n shrugged.

“I don’t know, I’m too scared I guess. ” Riley smiled kindly at her.

“Don’t worry , Y/n. You never know, maybe your Prince Charming is just around the corner waiting on a white horse with flowers. ” you laughed before a white horse came trotting down the hallway, a boy with a knight costume on it. You looked at Riley with wide eyes.

“Keep making things happen woman!” Riley looked at the horse excitedly.

“Uh…he hand you the flowers before pulling you up on the horse.” The boy pulled you up onto the beautiful horse. “ then you unmask him to reveal…” You took off the helmet to see the sparkling green eyes of Jackson sanders. Your jaw dropped and he smiled at you.

“Dearest Y/n ,” he said in a funny British accent. “Will you do me the honor of accompanying me to the ball.” You smiled. You liked Lucas , and you knew you really wanted to go with him. But he wasn’t going to ask you , and Jackson was a great guy.

“I would love too.” Everyone in the hall clapped , even Riley and Maya who really wanted you and Lucas together. Jackson placed a tiara on your head before You rode of ‘into the sunset’ which was really just the football field where the horse owner was waiting.

Right as you left, Lucas came around the corner. He smiled at the group of girls.

“Hey guys, where’s Y/n? I wanted to ask her something.” The girls looked at each other awkwardly.

“You just missed her. ” Smackle said , Lucas looked at her.

“Oh, can you tell me where she went?” He asked.

“I don’t think you want to know, huckleberry.” Maya told him. He looked at her in confusion. Suddenly the school doors opened and he watched as Y/n walked in , hand in hand with Jackson. His heart broke. They walked up to the group. Jackson bid her a goodbye and walked away.

“Hey guys!” She said happily but Lucas just gave her an angry look.

“You’re going the the dance with Jackson?!” He exclaimed , making her jump.

“Yeah, why do you care?” She asked bitterly. He stuttered.

“I-I don’t , I just don’t think he’s the right guy for you!” He said. She scoffed and crossed her arms. How did he know who was right for her?

“Oh? And who is? You?” She snapped he straightened.

“Maybe…” He said quietly. She rolled her eyes.

“Well you missed your chance , cowboy. ” she stomped away angrily , leaving Lucas heartbroken in the middle of the hall. He looked to the girls for sympathy but they just glared at him and followed Y/n.

That night they all sat in yn’s room as she paced and ranted.

“I hate boys! I hate Lucas! ” she growled.

“You don’t hate Lucas. You’re just mad because he was too late. It’s not your fault , it’s his for not asking you sooner.” She shrugged. Y/n sighed and plopped into her bed.

“I guess you’re right. I’m gonna go to that dance , I’m gonna look good, and I’m gonna show Lucas that I don’t need him!” They all cheered and the rest of the night you talked about what you would all wear to the dance.


The dance rolled around a week later and you found yourself standing in front of your mirror in a sparkling maroon colored dress and your hair was curled and pulled into a braided half up do. You had on minimal eye makeup, going for a nice wing and false lashes instead of a bunch of eyeshadow that you could never do. You hooked your necklace around your neck and smiled at yourself. You looked hot and you weren’t afraid to admit it. Just then there was a knock on your door.

“Y/n, your date is here.” Your dad said and you smiled. You put on your heels and met them all in the living room. Jackson looked awestruck and she blushed.

“You ready to go?” He smiled and you nodded. Your mom stopped them to take a few pictures, he gave you the corsage , and you left.

You both arrived at the school and it was immediately awkward. You weren’t sure what to do as couples slow danced around you both. Eventually Jackson cleared his throat and put his arms around your waist. You slowly put your arms around his neck and swayed to the music until you finally relaxed and made small conversation. The song ended and you pulled apart. Lucas was watching from afar, an intense glare set on Jackson.

“Wanna go get some punch?” You asked, pointing to the lunch table across the room. He nodded and grabbed your hand, leading you away from the dance floor.

“I’m having a great time , Y/n. ” Jackson smirked , leaning against the wall. The way he was looking at you was beginning to make you uncomfortable and you looked to see that no was was around. They were all on the dance floor. He grabbed your hand and pulled you closer. Your heart beat sped up and you gulped.

“You are so gorgeous , you know that?” He said, biting his lip and playing with your hair.

“T-thank you.” You replied shyly , trying to pull away but he had a tight grip on you. His hand was slowly getting lower and his face was slowly getting closer. You tried to pull away again but his grip got tighter.

“Don’t fight it doll face.” He chuckled. Lucas could see the panic in your eyes , even from where he was standing. His vision went red and it was like he had no control over his body anymore. Next thing he knew he was ripping Jackson off of you a throwing punches. You screamed.

“Lucas! Stop! Lucas!” It took you and two football players that saw what was going on to pull him off of Jackson who was barley conscious. It was amazing he was. “Have you lost your damn mind?!” You screamed at him.

“He was harassing you Y/n I wasn’t going to just let him!” He yelled back. You looked at the football players and they let go of him. You thanked them. They picked up Jackson and took him to a find a teacher.

“I appreciate the help Lucas but I had it under control!” You lied. You were terrified and slightly thankful that Lucas had beaten the crap out of the perv. He scoffed.

“It didn’t look like it.” The image of your eyes as they filled with fear will haunt him.

“Why do you even care?” You snapped. He gave you an incredulous look.

“Are you really asking me that Y/n? We’ve been friends since seventh grade, I’ve loved you for 5 years and you want to know why I care? Maybe because I’m terrified that one day someone will take you away from me. Terrified that one day I’ll wake up having to face the fact that you aren’t mine. I’m terrified of losing you. The minute I found out that you were going with Jackson i felt like someone ripped my heart from my chest because that is how much I love you and if you can’t see that then I don’t know what to tell you!” He was crying as he poured his heart out to you. You didn’t know if you were going to cry, pass out , throw up, or all three. Turned out you wanted to cry.

“Y-you love me?” You let out a choked sob , not caring that your eyeliner was running or that everyone’s eyes were on you two since the minute Lucas pounced on Jackson. Why didn’t the teachers step in? You looked around and saw that mr Matthews was watching intently with Riley and Maya at his side.

“I’ve loved you ever since the 8th grade when you dumped a bucket of paint on my head because I accidentally ruined your painting. ” he chuckled. He remembered laughing with you after a long paint fight and getting caught up in the melodic sound that was your laugh.

“I love you too Lucas.” You sobbed , jumping into his arms. The whole room cheered and mr Matthews walked up to them.

“As cute as this is , you did beat up a kid so I have to ask you to leave.” Lucas nodded understandingly.

“I understand sir. Y/n, wanna go get something to eat?” He turned to you as you were wiping away your tears. Surprisingly your eyeliner stayed on for the most part. You nodded , smiling. You said goodbye to your friends and walked out hand in hand , finally together.

I got wayyyyyy to into this. Just like I’m waaaaayyyyyyyyy too obsessed with Lucas. I gots issues. I have five more things to write so while I do those , send me questions to answer 💜

Where’d We Go Wrong? (p.1?) - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request:  Can I have a George imagine where you get into a huge fight and it’s really bad and you don’t talk for a month and when you do it’s really awkward and then fluff?


 You know that feeling when something is blown way out of proportion leading to other things being blown out of proportions as an affect? Perhaps a prank or a small joke that gets taken way too far or too seriously, or a meaningless crush that would never turn into anything real. In other cases maybe a forgotten date or anniversary.

This was the exact situations Y/n and George Weasley found themselves in arguing about in the middle of the empty Gryffindor common room. Although, an hour before hand the room had been filled to the rim and overflowing with people, the lively atmosphere disappeared the instant Y/n enter the room and pointed and accusing finger at her boyfriend George, shouting vulgar cuss words.

This shook up the twin who had been in the middle of selling a box of dog breath mints to a bunch of first years. It was bland to say George had no idea what Y/n was going on about and more than a bit confused. Y/n marched right up to his side giving his shoulder a good firm shove while her hard glare remained on his features.

“You brainless git! How could you forget! I told you at least 20 times a day all week long! I can’t believe you, do you even know what day it is?” The entire common room had grown so still you could’ve heard a pin drop. Flustered, George shook his head fiercely setting the wooden box of mints to the side. Approaching his girlfriend, George hastily rested his hands on her bony shoulders in attempt to calm the agitated Y/n but it worked to no avail as she drew herself back from George sharply.  

“Don’t you dare touch me George Weasley I’m so done! And what, you skipped our anniversary so you could spend it with her,” Y/n’s attention fell upon Angelina Johnson who shuddered at her cold stare. From the opposite side of the room, Fred glided over to the couple in a calm state hoping to smooth things over.

“Hey Y/n and George how about you two can go talk outside in-“Y/n threw her hands up with a loud groan in pursuit. Fred took her agitated body language as an obvious sign to back off and waved the rest of the crowd off, in order to give the couple space. The students scurried out of the room like a fire alarm had sounded through the whole floor. Fred debated on staying back to help the two work things out but quickly acted against his conscience when he meet Y/n dagger like gaze. It was best for his safety just to butt out.

Fred turned, giving his brother an apologetic shrug and rushed up the stone built staircase heading for his dorm room. Alone at last, Y/n folded her arms across her chest in a distressed matter expressing a huff of annoyance while she plopped herself down on the love seat, letting her face fall into the her soft padded palm. “Katie told me everything. Why would you hurt me like that George? I thought everything was going bloody brilliantly between us but apparently not, huh?” Eyes as wide as gumballs, George shook his head once again taking a seat directly in front if Y/n on the ground.

“Sweetheart, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Nothing’s going on between Angelina and I, that which I can promise!” He explained taking her delicate hand in his but she wasn’t having any of it as she snatched herself away, chewing on the inside of her cheek, a bad habit she had picked up when she found herself holding back a river of tears.

“Whatever. It’s not like it matters anyways… you still forgot our anniversary. Our two year freaking anniversary arsehole! Due to what? Because if you weren’t spending your time with Angelina which in highly doubt,” Y/n’s voice fell an octave quieter, ”then that means that you were working on those damn pranks again. I’m right aren’t I?” George knew he was in far too deep now to lie and if he did, Y/n would be lead to the assumption that he was with Angelina seeing as the nasty lie was already planted in her thoughts.

“God I knew it! All you do now a days are work on those jokes! George I know that’s your job and you and Fred make those things for a living but are they really so important that you had to forget our anniversary! I sat down by the lake for an hour waiting for you!” George took the chance to get a good look at her attire, making his heart sink even more with the weight of guilt. Y/n was perfectly polished from her head down to her toes in a beautiful silky purple dress with her hair in loose curls pulled back by a single barrette. She looked absolutely lovely.

“Y/n darling, I’m so sorry! I just got so caught up with trying to sell the new product and I lost track of the time but I swear I didn’t forget about our anniversary, I would never forget about a day this special to us. I even have your gift with me,” George reached into his back pocket for the golden chain necklace he had bought the week before for their date, but found his pocket completely empty. Patting his hands all along his back pocket a line of sweat grew on his forehead as realization set in that he had quite possibly lost the gift when he was selling the new line of mints the twins had finally completed. Y/n waited patiently, an uneasy feeling settling inside of her. George gave up the search and sighed,

“I did have it just a second ago, honestly! It was in my pocket only a minute before you came in!” Y/n rolled her eyes effortlessly.

“Oh I’m sure you did. Just like you’d didn’t mean to not show up to our date, or like how you’ve been accidentally hooking up with Angelina, right? I’m so sick of this!” She felt as if she was being a bit too harsh but in all truth Y/n did have the right to be upset. She knew George and Angelina had a thing going on before they got together, and George had been ditching her for the past month or so to help Angelina with homework or to work on new ideas with Fred for their joke shop. Y/n was well aware of the fact that George’s job was to make new jokes of endless variety but that also didn’t mean he had to ignore her. Tonight was supposed to be special for the both of them but he ruined it in her mind. They were supposed to return to their old lovey dovey ways, though that daydream was far out of scale now. They were both on the outside looking in.

“Y/n stop this. I really did have a present for you and I worked hard to get it! Why can’t you just trust me when I say nothing is going on between Angelina and I? What have I done to lose your trust besides missing one single date that we could make up any other day! Honestly, I don’t know why you’re so worked up I already told you I was sorry what more can I say!” Anger rose like an erupting volcano in Y/n’s heart. Was he really to blind to see what had been happening to their relationship?

“You act like this is the first bloody date you’ve ever missed! News flash for you George, but it’s not. Last date you skipped to hang out with the Quidditch team which I get and that’s fine but you ditched the three before that too to do god knows what as well and it’s just annoying! What’s the point of being in a relationship with someone if you hardly ever see them?” Now it was George’s turn to roll his eyes as he stood to his feet ready to head to bed. He wanted no part in the conversation any longer and had every intention of walking away but not before he got the last word in.

“You’re being so controlling right now and honey it’s not very attractive on you so I suggest you drop it. And if you must know, I was with Angelina those other dates I missed but I bet I had more fun with her than I ever would’ve had with you, and no we weren’t hooking up but maybe I should just be with her. At least she gives me room to breathe! Angelina doesn’t question my every move and chew my ass for stupid useless things like you do!” George hadn’t even realized what he said until it was too late and the tears were already stream like a rapid river down the side of Y/n rosy cheeks. 

His intention to fix things started off in the right direction but took a turn for the worse once his emotions came into play and regret took over as Y/n’s light sobs filled the room. George wanted to rush forward. He wanted to pull her close to his chest in a warm embrace and rock her back and forth like he done so many times before, but he couldn’t. It was like he had massive stones chained to his feet to keep him from moving. He was paralyzed with sadness at the sight of the girl he loved falling apart.

“Y/n, love, I’m so sorry-“Darting her head up, Y/n wiped her tears and gritted her teeth dangerously.

“No. You don’t get to apologize… I won’t let you. Screw you George Weasley, we’re done! I hope you’re happy!” Y/n turned on her heel and sprinted up to her bedroom slamming her door and collapsing on her bed in a puddle of tears. All George could do was watch her walk away with nothing else to say. He was left in a state of distress wondering how things turned for the worse so quickly. Only a day ago the two had been planning out their futures together with not even the slightest thought of ending things. Now they were here. George face palmed, cursing himself for acting out so irrationally. Where did they go wrong?

~ Hey guys so tell me if you’d like a part 2 or not!! 

-Daizy xx

A Party (Jumin x MC)

You, Jumin, and the rest of the RFA get together to have a wine tasting party. 

Word Count: 1026

-This idea was suggested by @catm3imi and I happened to love the idea! I’ve been wanting to do something with wine but I couldn’t quite figure out, so this was a blessing! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy!


“What kind is this?” You peered over the wine glass as your husband poured it. “Looks expensive.” 

“I suppose it is,” Jumin said. “It’s Cheval Blanc.” 

“That sounds pretty fancy.” 707 chimed, swirling his glass of wine. “Can’t say I’m a real big fan of wine, though.” 

You were all crowded about the dining table of the penthouse, various bottles spread about. 

“Then why did you come?” Jahee asked, narrowing her eyes in confusion. 

“I can’t drink Ph.D. Pepper all the time. I gotta be fancy every once and awhile.” 

“It smells odd,” Yoosung commented, crinkling his nose as he took in the scent. “Does anyone else feel like that?” 

It had smelled similar to spice and flowers to you.

“It’s your first step in growing up,” Zen replied, chuckling. 

“You might not like it at first,” Jumin exclaimed. “It’s an acquired taste.” 

“Have you had your own experience with that?” You asked, smiling as he furrowed his brow. 

“When I first tried it when I was a child…my father said I nearly had a heart attack from the taste.” 

“Aw, that sounds so cute!” Your face lit up. “I bet you were adorable!” 

His cheeks flushed a light pink as he cleared his throat, clearly a bit embarrassed. “Yes well, let’s proceed.” 

You nodded, your smile only growing at his reaction. 

“Can I make a little toast?” You asked.

Jumin’s eyes widened before nodding without hesitation. “Of course.” 

“This means we gotta be serious guys.” 707 mimicked a stoic expression, puffing out his chest with pride.

“It’s kinda clear that isn’t in your vocabulary.” Zen snickered, lightly shoving 707.

Jumin shot daggers at the two, quickly leaving the two silent. 

“Go on Love.” 

You stood up from your stool, raising your glass. “To Jumin,” You glanced at him, noticing the way his face reddened almost immediately. “and his adorably quirky self.” 

As you raised your glass Zen shook his head, nonetheless following along. “I don’t know how Jumin got someone like MC.” 

“He had to sell his soul or something.” 707 stated, clinking his glass with Zen. 

“You’re just jealous cause you’re single.” Yoosung replied.

“I don’t see you with any girlfriend!” 

“I chose him because I love him. I’m sure you’ll all find lovely people someday.” You sat down, noticing how flustered Jumin appeared to be. 

“Did you like it?” 

“I-It was wonderful.” He nodded. “You always say the kindest things.”

You softened, you both tapping your glasses against each other before raising it to your lips. 

You didn’t quite know what you were expecting.

It oddly enough, was smoother than silk as it traved down your throat, incredibly rich yet light all the same. 

You let out a content sigh, approval clear on your face. 

Your husband reacted similarly, his lips tugging upwards in a slight smirk. “Did you like it?” 

“I loved it!” 

“I’m very glad.” He kissed your forehead gingerly. “It happens to be a favorite of mine.” 

“I feel…like a millionare.” Yoosung murmurred. “And I actually liked it!” His eyes lit up like a firework. 

“Yeah, it’s pretty good but you know what’s better?” Zen tapped his fingers along the wooden table expectantly. “Mr. Trust Fund got any guesses?” 

“Beer?” Jumin curled his lip, huffing. “Do not even try to compare the two.” 

“I won’t, the anwser’s already ovbious.” 

“It’s very appealing.” Jahee gave the smallest grin. “I think just another glass won’t hurt.” 

That was a lie. 

It went on for the longest time, constantly just adding a tad bit.

“Just one more.” 

That was four bottles ago.

You didn’t jump back to reality until Elizabeth 3rd hopped onto the table, dipping her head into Zen’s glass.

“N-No!” The actor yelped. “Jumin get your cat away! You said she wouldn’t be in here!” 

“She must’ve gotten curious.” Your husband slurred, his arms now wound around you. “Get that wine away from her, you know cats can’t drink.” 

Zen had already slammed himself against the door, getting as far away from Elizabeth s he possibly could. “No way there’s no way I can stay with her here! She could attack at any moment!” 

Elizabeth as though insulted, began to saunter off.

Before 707 could sweep up Elizabeth however, Jumin stood up, messily trying to fix his tangled hair. “Well, it is getting late. I’ll have Driver Kim take you home.” 

“Like a chafeur?” Yoosung gasped, nearly falling as he stagged towards Zen. “I feel like a millionaire…again.” 

“Moreso like you’re friends with one.” Jahee pointed out, carrying her heels in one hand. 

“Don’t ruin this for me JJ.” 

“JJ? Why I-”

Chill~.” 707 cooed, patting her shoulder. “Just chill~.” 

Giggles slipped out of you almost uncontrollably, yet you still managed to pull yourself together to say goodbye.

You gave them all hugs, wishing them goodnights as Driver Kim was now waiting. 

“Even your chafeur looks fancy.” Yoosung remarked, waving bashfully at Driver Kim. 

“Well he, unlike us hasn’t been scarfing down wine.” 

“Good point.” 

You all shouted goodbyes once more, Jahee accidentally throwing one of her heels in the process, and 707 nearly ramming into the door. 

As Jumin shut the door behind them, he pulled you toward him, stroking your hair tenderly. “Did you have fun…?” 

“I sure did. We should do that again.” You sank into his chest, yawning. “But I’m kind of tired right now.” 

“You are? What a coicidence, I am too.” He hummed. “Maybe that shows how we are connected.” 

“That has to be it.” 

He lifted you up, leading the two of you into the bedroom. 

You both collapsed onto the bed, a flurry of tired, quiet laughter filling the air. 

You both didn’t even bother changing, Jumin already pressing you close with one hand entwined around your waist and the other holding your own hand. 

You could barely keep one eye open as you buried your face in the crook of his neck. “Dear, don’t you have work tomorrow?” 

“Yes, I’ll arrange to take the day off however.” 

Before you could even reply, he let out a content sigh. 

“I’d like to stay with you like this for as a long as I can.”