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radio silence friendship #1 - frances and aled

“you probably think that aled last and i are going to fall in love or something…we don’t”


drew some cozy comfy kids cus its snowin with the wrath of the gods rn lol

(i was gonna draw another one but i got lazy oops)

((just realized i didnt color the lines double oops))

someone: i like this anime for it’s deep writing and characters that really get you thinking about real life and real problems, that’s really the power of animation

me: i like precure cus i like colorful girls fighting and being friends and buying toys

Guys as a British desi person I can assure you guys that there are many and I mean many desi girls that look like katrina kaif (have exactly the same features as her and skin colour)

Forgive for sayying this but to me she doesnt look caucasian at all, to me she has the most north indian features than any actress i have seen so far in bollywood and omg there are other actresses who are is fairer than her so…… (dont forget shes from kashmir or probz another north indian place too guys like seriously)

Ok she may be used by directors to promote the notion of fair skin in bollywood but i am also pretty sure that fair skin notion was alive way before she even stepped foot in india


been feelin’ icky the past week or so, but Dark Magician Girl finally came in after a few week’s worth of waiting and I feel a little better!! (///´ ▽ `///)ノ err yeah she’s the last of my impulsive desires. I’m really loving the detail on her.

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Sometimes I wonder why I like girls cus they're stressful, then I remember that girls bodies and hair and lips are all very very nice.

So, I’m again very pleased with being extremely gay.