i cry when i think they were so happy

and i can promise to be there for you
but i can’t promise that i’ll be happy for you
because when i make my promises i keep them
and “i swear” isn’t something that i throw around easily
so when i promised that i loved you
i wasn’t lying
because i don’t shove my infatuation down the throat of every person who makes me feel less dead
and i know you’ll swear to god that you meant it
but you also swore to god you were going to stay
and sometimes people make promises that they know they can’t keep
and sometimes they make them only because they sound good in the moment
and sometimes people leave when they said they wouldn’t
and sometimes people cry when they’re happy
and sometimes the world is a little bit backwards
but “i promise” was never something i said without thinking it through
so when i promised that i’d always be waiting
i meant it
—  you promised me forever, but you’re not here

Guys. Guys. You guys. I just finished watching the new episode and it had me in tears, when Yuuri was hugging every skater because Viktor wasn’t there to hug him, it broke my heart omg but I’m so happy especially at the ending when Makkachin appeared alive and well, when Yuuri and Viktor ran where it had you thinking that they were like a couple who haven’t seen each other in a very long time and thAT HUG AND WHEN VIKTOR KISSED YUURI’S HAND AND WHEN YUURI ASKED VIKTOR TO BE HIS COACH UNTIL HE RETIRES AND HE SAID IT WAS LIKE A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL AND THEN WHEN THEY HUGGED AGAIN AND YUURI CRIED AND WEHN VIKTOR SAID I HOPE YOU NEVER RETIRE IT FUCKING BROKE ME OH MY GOD FUCK ME UP IM IN GODDAMN TEARS I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHIP SO MUCH I DONT REGRET IT im ded

Y'all the bts concert was amazing. The boys seemed to really enjoy performing for us and interacting with us. The reactions the fans gave them were so encouraging and you could see at the end of the concert that some of them were starting to tear up. Especially Rap Monster, Jimin, and Yoongi. J-hope was being extra the entire time (and he kept speaking English to us). Jimin’s high notes were on point and his English was super adorable. Jin’s voice was so beautiful to listen to live and Awake was bomb. Rap Monster killed Reflection and he really seemed to be super happy to see us American ARMYs. V threw water at the crowd (I think J-Hope did too) and it wet my friend. He also killed Stigma. I cried when Yoongi did First Love. You could tell he was pouring his heart into the lyrics. Jungkook almost made me cry with Begin but the dance break was dope. He also got an American flag at the end of the concert and was running around with it on stage. The encore stage was perfect. The entire show was perfect. They were so happy to be here with us American ARMYs, and we gave them all the love they deserved. This concert was absolutely wholesome and 100% lit and I hope they enjoy the other four they have left in America.

ok but how were there people upset for the lack of an “i love you” in the finale when victor literally told yuri that he should repay him for being his coach by becoming a five-time world champion, at least

no wonder yuri started crying. that is victor nikiforov saying he wants yuri to be so successful he surpasses the very best, even if that happens to be him. that is victor nikiforov telling yuri he would gladly see his entire life’s work stop being unmatched if that means yuri is happy.

i, for one, can’t think of any other ways kubo could possibly spell out love, and i, wholeheartedly, think yall need to lighten tf up,  

when i went to game grumps live dallas a couple weeks ago i got to stand up during the q&a after the show and express my joy for the grumps making the windwaker series, then promptly asked them what their favorite memes were, eliciting a lot of laughter from the crowd

arin said, “looks like we’ve found our new game grump”. danny said, “i love her”. my heart was pounding, bursting with happiness, and i hadn’t even been afraid to speak in front of that whole crowd. i felt so at home.

after the show, i was able to meet danny. i was giddy and trying to contain my excitement. i thought i would cry, but i just couldn’t. i felt like i was meeting my best friends for the first time. 

danny asked me for a hug twice before i could even ask for them. he thanked me for the question/joke and i told him again how thankful i was for the windwaker series and how it got me through some of my roughest anxiety attacks. 

he looked aghast, and when i was done telling him about how much listening and laughing with him had helped, he asked me immediately, “are you okay now?”. breathless, i assured him i was okay and medicated, and his eyes smiled.

i asked him if he had gotten my stegosaurus present and he assured us he had. we talked about it in detail and laughed together. 

i havent had a panic attack since that show.

every night since, i’ve had dreams that we’re close friends, texting back and forth. i wish i could live in that night forever. that entire show and the events after still feel like a dream to me. 

there aren’t words to say how much meeting him meant to me. it’s always on my mind. two years ago, if i had known i would meeting danny, i would have burst into tears. i want to show newly-medicated, anxious younger me that picture i took with him. she would have cried.

i dont know how this happened or how danny had this much influence on me, but i think about it all the time. i am so, so grateful. 

Bukowski Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries: "If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it’s your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. Any other form of existence will be yet another dull book in the library of life."
  • Taurus: "What a weary time those years were- to have the desire and the need to live, but not the ability."
  • Gemini: "It is only once in a while that you see someone whose electricity and presence matches yours at that moment."
  • Cancer: "We don’t even ask for happiness, just a little less pain."
  • Leo: "It is so nice when people care. (It is also emotionally exhausting like motherfucking hell.)"
  • Virgo: "I felt like crying but nothing came out. It was just a sort of sad sickness, sick sad, when you can’t feel any worse. I think you know it. I think everybody knows it now and then. But I think I have known it pretty often, too often."
  • Libra: "Why do you insist upon destroying yourslf?"
  • Scorpio: "My dear, Find what you love and let it kill you.
  • Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness.
  • Let it kill you and let it devour your remains.
  • For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover."
  • Sagittarius: "The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it- basically because you feel...very good when you are near or with them."
  • Capricorn: "We must bring our own light to the darkness."
  • Aquarius: "Lighting new cigarettes, pouring old drinks. It has been a beautiful fight...Still is."
  • Pisces: "I believed in too much, too early and when reality
  • arrived I couldn’t stand it."

This was probably the best trip of my life. No offense to my other trips but Jack is the sweetest bean. I must of used up all my luck when I ran into him and Signe at the airport. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I must be dreaming back in New York. Or maybe I was in the after life haha. I was freaking out. I didn’t want to bother them but then again when would I get a chance like this again? Or what if I didn’t make it to the signing? So when we were passing them again I mustered up the courage and shoved down my panic attack and walked over. My whole body was shaking but by some miracle I wasn’t crying or hyperventilating. They were both so nice and welcoming. Exactly how you think they’d be. I’m happy that they’re so genuine. Such great humans. Thanks to Jack I knew when I should head out for the line on Sunday. He might not think it was worth it freezing in line for that long, but it totally was. I made friends with @supernaturalpentaholic (Jordan) on line at 5am and he let me borrow his gloves. The community is so nice. I was waiting for Jack the friend I made on the panel line to show up but he fell asleep for an hour and his train was late. He didn’t get a ticket and I felt so bad. But later I found out parents didn’t need a ticket to go to the signing so I told him and he ended up getting one from a super nice mom. I’m so glad he did, he came all the way from New Jersey to see Jack. So Jordan, Jack, and I all made it through the signing without crying, I’m so proud of us. I’m also glad that @wiishu loved both mine and Jack’s gifts. Oh yeah speaking of gifts @nikkiroo85 and Jordan’s gifts were so kickass! I’m so jealous of their creativity. All I made was a hat but @therealjacksepticeye seemed to love it so thank you 💚 When I was heading home I brought my signed poster through the metal detector with me which ended up with it needing to be checked. After unrolling it they checked the chemicals on it or something and a red flag came up. So I had to get a pat down and my bag searched. I knew I was gonna have a panic attack and cry that weekend but I never thought this would be why. I was worried they were gonna take the poster from me. I have no clue what could possibly be on it. I’m still confused about what they found. But I got it back in the end so everything is good, don’t worry about it please. This post is all over the place but I’m shit with words. I just hope it comes across that I’m so fucking happy. The happiest I’ve been in a long time. I know you don’t want us to thank you. But dude, seriously thank you. You made my day/year/life and got me some friends. So yes, thank you so much.

Caryl: A True Love Story

It’s beautiful… how they started like this.. two strangers …

And then, their bond started… they are soulmates who found each other in their own tragedy.. 

It’s beautiful to see them together. It’s beautiful to see how they are always for each other, how they can be themselves… They are so in love that it is beautiful and painful to see them together in every scene

Caryl is a true love story. They were strangers but they were already made for each other. I cry everytime I think of them in season 1.. and I cry everytime I see how far they have come. They would do anything for each other, they are each other’s happiness. 

Just fuck, look at them.. and tell me if they are not the most beautiful love story ever. And they haven’t even kissed yet. 

Imagine when they kiss… we will die because it will be the most emotional and beautiful thing ever.

They are the most beautiful thing ever.They are soulmates. They are true love.

Caryl on <3333


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNe-wg10OUE)

This made me cry the first time I saw it, with a sort of strange happiness. And then I watched it again, and got just as sniffly at the end. I’m not sure why. but the baby is in it, and my daughter Maddy, and Amanda and so many of my friends. I was away the long night when it was filmed (I think I was on the Isle of Skye, finishing a script) and was sent amazing photographs of what they were doing, but the video is even better.

to all my fellow fat girls who are ashamed of their stomachs and thighs and arms, who feel ugly and disgusting when they can’t fit into anything smaller than an XL, who wear clothes and makeup to make them look skinnier in the socially acceptable places, who still think that nobody will ever love their bodies the way they are, who still cling to characters like Ursula and Mercedes Jones and Tracy Turnblad like their lives depend on it (which occasionally they do), who break down crying when they realize that everyone’s favorite stores don’t carry items in their size, who still have to suffer doctors and parents thinking that their fat was a health hazard after years of the same, who thought they were okay with their body for years only to have that fragile pride torn down in a moment, who are still fighting for some semblance of happiness in their own skin:

I love you. I’m proud of you. I’ve been there (in fact, so much of what I listed is my own personal experience), I’m still there, and I know how difficult it is to love yourself when you’re so very very certain that nobody else does or will. if you can’t love your body today, tomorrow, or the day after, that’s okay. I’ll love it enough to make up the difference.

hang the fool ended and i just wanted to stay a quick thank you to @arcanebarrage for writing it like it sounds sappy and dumb but honest to god that story got me back into writing and crafting long narratives even if mine suck they are a work in progress and htf really made me cry and think and just made me really happy in a way that hasn’t happened in a long time since ive been reading. ill always look back on the waiting for updates fondly and the fuckery i would spew when chapters were released. so thanks sam, i think ill be reading this fic again and again for years to come

Headcanon #2; Connor Proposing

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Headcanon: I gave a headcannon! !! Ok listen to this, so imagine Connor proposing to his smol and amazing LI and he starts crying while proposing and she cries while wiping his streaming tears and when she says yes, he cries on sheer happiness. Bam! Up in the spirit world, Ziio, Kanen,  Achilles, and Haytham approve. (artynerd23)

A/N: YASSSS ;) THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, SHY <3 (I think I got my inspiration back! :”)) (Also, I am quite proud of this… Very, very proud!<3)-Jinx


The nervous hints in his voice were enough to make the girl snap her attention to him, her eyes officially leaving the beautiful words typed on paper. She and Connor were simply sitting by the fireplace, she reading a book and he tending to his weapons. She didn’t mind the silence between them, if anything it was something highly appreciated by both, and she let herself relax at the warmth the flames provided.

She watched his usually stoic expression being broken by the light twitching of his lips, and she set her book to the floor.

“I…” He stood up, and she thought she saw his eyes glowing a bit. “We…” he tried to start another sentence, obviously at loss for words. What he wished to say obviously had to do with their relationship, but what was it?

She decided that letting him express himself without her interrupting was the best option. She couldn’t keep the frown off her face though, as she was a bit worried. The native American was still standing, their height difference  even greater than usual. Y/N was sitting on a chair, and was gazing at him, a giant.
She felt a tiny bit of intimidated from his new-found silence and their current positions, and failed to keep that feeling off her expression.

She watched him fall to his knees silently, and he took her small, in comparison to his, hand in his gently. He kept a pretty firm hold on it, as if he was gathering courage from there. He looked so defenseless in front of her, that she felt guilty by even letting herself feel intimidated by him, a man who loved her with all the strength of his beating heart.

“Norris said… He said that in the rest of the world it is common to give a ring to the person you want to wed. My mother knew about this custom too and had said that if I ever loved someone so purely, even if she was not a native, I should give her something to show our bond. I…” He teared up, very obviously, at the mention of his dead mother, and the h/c girl’s other hand flew to cover her mouth, but no words were coming out.

“It is known that I am leading a very dangerous life, and I know that I shouldn’t be so selfish, by doing this, and putting your life in furthermore risk, but I… I know that I’d rather spend a moment living with you, than spend an eternity away from you. I want to tell everyone that you are officially mine, something that will never fully happen as you are a free spirit, and I’d never dare to ask for something that would take away your liberty, I want to sleep beside you and not feel like I am dishonoring you in any way, I want… I want to spend my remaining days with you, Y/N.” The tears were finally let out, and he pulled out a silver ring with some majestic lines and shapes unknown to her. She was sure that he had tried to combine her and his tradition, and the outcome was too beautiful. So beautiful, that she would be ashamed to wear that ring.

“So Y/N, will you marry me, in the exact manner your own customs command,a and let me love you in the most full way possible?” He was looking at her with so much hope in his chocolate eyes, like she was a Goddess he was eager to serve, to protect, to worship, to love, even if he was to sacrifice his own life.
“I feel so honored, Ratonhnhakéton. I love you more than anything!” She wiped the tears away from his face, but new ones took their positions.

He took her hand and placed the piece of jewellry in the right finger, and Y/N marvelled at how good it looked on her hand.

“This ring is my heart, now you can have it for eternity,” he whispered and his hands wrapped around her middle, his forehead touched her belly, like he was expecting it to host a new life sometime in the future. Y/N knew he deserved a family, after everything he had been though, and after everything he had done for her.

Y/N’s tears became one with his own as she showered his face with kisses.

“I knew you could do it, my son,” Ziio whispered to herself as she watched from another dimension. She was so happy for him, just as his father was.

“I think he got the Kenway charm… Finally, I believed he would never do it!” Haytham commented, trying to mock his son, but his tone was not offending.

“Of course and it was me training him to become a brave man!” Achilles jumped in.

“Why don’t all of you quiet down? We all know that it was all him, and the feelings they have for each other. Let’s get going, I am getting all grossed by all the affection in the air!”Connor’s old friend, Kanen'tó:kon said, and the others slowly nodded in agreement. This was a private moment, and they should leave him be. He was in good hands now.

All of them were proud and happy for him. They clearly approved his choice, and supported him from the spirit world, even if he couldn’t see them.

If life takes us in different directions, please remember me as someone who always smiled and laughed loud. Someone who was always happy. Please remember all the times I made you laugh and all the times that I annoyed you with my love but you loved me anyway. Please remember all the good times that we had and the laughs that we shared and love that was between us. Remember our first kiss and the first time you told me that you were in love with me and how I smiled because I was so indescribably happy. Remember when you let me into your life, and how you let me see you cry and how I stroked your hair and you fell asleep in my lap.

Don’t remember the fights we had or the terrible times we went through. Don’t think of all the times I threw things at you and all the times we almost broke up. Don’t think of how we ended.

Think of me happy. Because that’s what I’ll do with you.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #26

Kazemaru: You should smile as a person normal.

Fudou: I’m being normal!

Kazemaru: *sigh* Ok, nevermind.


I’m going to draw better about that two characters because are my favorite of all inazuma eleven and i love them! :( i’m crying of happiness! They are together in the same team and and and i always think that they were good friends! Omg omg ♡ awwwwwwwwwwwww

When i was young wrote fics about two as a ship, the people said me that it’s impossible because they aren’t friends! Nothing! NOTHING! I’m dying! Hahahahahaha Fandom pls come back :3

(Sorry for my english, i’m so excited)

joncolbert  asked:

I don't even know why, but I started crying while scrolling through your blog. I miss when things were just happy and simple. I think the last time I felt that way, I was 6 or 7. That feels so long ago. With everything happening in America right now, everything is sad and scary. Thank you for just posting nice things, even if it's making me cry. ♡

i can totally relate to how you feel. :( ♡ i think you might’ve answered your own question as to why it made you cry: “i miss when things were happy and simple”. my nostalgia often makes me cry for that reason. i think it’s that longing for the simple happiness, youth and purity that we can never go back to that makes me cry, in a sort of grief-stricken way. it’s that helpless, desperate desire to just go back, and knowing i never can. reality, including the present time in america, is definitely sad and scary. “sad and scared” pretty much sums up how i feel most of the time, tbh.

anonymous asked:

The girl I love is named summer and she us the most precious thing to me she has mismatched eyes ones almost yellow brown in color and the other is a light hazel and she's so soft and beautiful even when shes crying and she jumped from window to window to see the moon when we were in the hospital and she would run her hands through my hair and giggle and she always smells like fruit and she always gives the best hugs so tight and passionate and she's just the most pure person - madly in love

She sounds wonderful! I am so happy that you met her & I am so happy that you are in love. It sounds a very vibrant and colourful kind of love, and muted into silvers and lilacs at the edges. I think that is a wonderful vision! How lucky you are!


twitter doodle.. sketch.. commission break things..

“when i’m not drawing a sociopath villain & his doppleganger, im drawing other nerds.

or timid nerds. are you happy Mario?

or a pretentious nerd who thinks he’s god

or a nerd who’s too strong for his own good”

because apparently bespectacled, nerd guys are my aesthetic -sweats-

Characters©their respected owners
-the horrible twitter captions-©me

-staples the comments to this post. stay-

No, really
I’m glad you found her
There was a time when I was sure
That we were inseparable
Twins separated at birth
And walking mirror images
But the years have proven
That something about us
Just wasn’t designed to work
Your walls were far too high
And I needed far too much
So even if today I’m not the one
Holding you when you cry
Or reminding you to be strong
When some boy breaks your heart
I’m still glad that you have
Someone’s arms to fall into
And on nights like these
When the wind is howling at my door
And memory threatens to compromise
I’ll try to remember how glad that I am
That you’re happy now
Instead of thinking about how it used to sound
When you would whisper “forever”
—  “Proxy” by Jessy Hudson

i was thinking about johnny and toys because i watched this video a little earlier and i was thinking about this cartoon earlier today actually when my mom and i were talking about the cartoons we watched when i was little and i felt like i really needed it cause i just got FUCKIN SAD from fucking seeing a video of a dude doing weird shit with a toy that was super funny until the end where he started mutilating it and i just got so bummed out because of how hardcore i empathize with toys lmao

 and i was just happy crying incessantly the entire way through all 7 minutes of this short it was just pure warmth. i remember even when i was tiny i loved old man grampy so fucking much and this short just struck something with me so hard and i think seeing this old man making toys for sad kids planted something in me bc to this day i really would love to be like him like im fuckin fantasizing about that shit and i know i have for years before but im thinking about it now and like with the tools i have at my disposal its more feasible than ever. fuck, man, the part where he’s making the toys literally brought me closer to the feelings of early childhood than anything else has in probably years. just wonder and inspiration and imagination and cleverness and excitement and… god fuck im crying again right now just thinking about it all and how sweet this goddamn cartoon is and the fucking dozens of ways at once in which it inspires me


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-11: a scene/part you keep rereading

(Addicted After All chapter 21: throwback to Lily and Lo’s first “wedding”)

“Do you remember the Cayman Islands trip?” Lily asks, staring at the water in reverence.

My heart pounds, an added beat, happy it’s her. Here. With me. “When we were seven?” I think hard, trying to wash away the blurry haze of our childhood.

She nods. “Our dads had a business trip for the week, and they brought us on this yacht.”

It starts coming back. We were carted around to most of their meetings instead of being kept in daycare. Just us two and a ton of older cigar-smoking men. “We built a fort in the bow with couch cushions,” I recall. I smile at the image of her thin build and big eyes. She was quiet and shy and when the stewards came around to ask us if we’d like any drinks, she’d whisper her order in my ear.

I also can’t remember a night where we didn’t sleep in the same bed. Innocent sleepovers. At first they all were, and somewhere along the way, we changed. I fell in love with her.