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My Savior

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N), Mentions of Sam.

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Angst, Signs of Depression, Dark Thoughts, Slight Fluff, Implications of Sex.

Author’s Note: This was supposed to be a drabble. But it took on a life of its own. Sort of. It got a bit personal too. I really hope you guys like it. It’s been a cool minute. I’m a bit rusty. Feedback is VERY welcomed!!

My Savior

You know that suffocating feeling you get when you want to scream at the top of your lungs and curse everyone and everything around you? That frustrating feeling of not being able to because you’re afraid you might not get heard? That no one would care? That your whole world is about to come crumbling to the ground and you can’t find a way to keep it together anymore?

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Ever the Gentleman Part 2

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Eventual Bucky x Reader

Summary: The reader is deaf until Tony Stark saves the day with his technology. This leads to one of Stark’s famous parties. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 1845

Warnings: Embarrassment, Cliffhanger, Language


The brightness of the sunlight had awoken from your quite restful slumber as soon as it hit your face, momentarily blinding you for a second, streaming through your lilac curtains and you groaned loudly immediately remembering how hammered you got from Thor’s Asgardian liquor. How did I get here? you thought. The last thing you remembered Thor had broken a glass for the third time and decided to question your laughter every time.

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title: life has a hopeful undertone (and I’ll be holding on to you)
genre: angst, angsty fluff
warnings: implied depression and anxiety, mentions of self-harm and homophobia, cursing
words: ~ 2.5k
summary: au in which dan and phil are struggling not to drown in unpaid bills, but somehow they’re making it work
betas: @femtastico and @demisexualhowell tysm you’re both amazing
inspiration: every twenty one pilots song ever (aka “migraine”, “house of gold” and “holding onto you” yup i’m 21p trash)

And I will say that we should take a day to break away
From all the pain our brain has made,
The game is not played alone.
And I will say that we should take a moment and hold it
And keep it frozen and know that
Life has a hopeful undertone. 

- “Migraine” by Twenty One Pilots

“Seek assistance”
Dan curses and takes a deep breath before he swipes his card past the scanner again. The annoying error sound buzzes through the air once more, piercing the busy chatter of the rush hour, and a woman behind him sighs loudly.
“Seek assistance,” the screen taunts Dan in bright red letters and he can already feel tears prickling at the back of his eyeballs. No.
He swallows hard and tears his gaze away from the card reader, blinking violently. There’s a man in uniform trying to catch his eye but Dan bites down on his bottom lip and turns away quickly, shoving past the people queued up behind him. He doesn’t need to seek assistance from staff to be told that his oyster card needs recharging. His freaking wallet needs recharging.
Dan ignores the loud complaints of people around him as he busts through the crowd recklessly. Just out, out. Out of the stuffy tube station and into the clear air.
Except the air isn’t all that clear, because London at 5 pm is bustling with hasty people and honking cars and thick with the stink of noxious fumes. The sky above is thick with heavy grey clouds, and Dan’s head is thick with a fog of noxious thoughts.
He tries to displace them with positive ones. So what if he can’t take the tube. It’s probably chock-full anyway. Besides, a walk home is supposed to be good to clear your head, right? Get some fresh air, catch some sunlight…
A young girl passing him gives him a weird look when he laughs out loud at his thoughts, bitterly. He pulls the hood of his jacket over his head and shoves his fists into the pockets as it starts to rain, and wishes for the millionth time for enough money to buy an iPod so he could at least drown out the world.

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Ever the Gentleman - Part 2/4

Avengers x Reader, Eventually Bucky x Reader.

Summary: The reader is deaf until Tony Stark saves the day with his technology. This leads to one of Stark’s famous party’s what could go wrong?

Warnings: Embarrassment, Cliffhanger, Swearing

A/N - i figured out how to use the keep reading button :)

Word Count: 1824

Part 1

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Title: Stress Reliever

Pairing: Meanie Couple (Mingyu x Wonwoo)

Word Count: 2,298

Summary: Wonwoo’s stressed. Mingyu’s annoying. Soonyoung wants cake.

Wonwoo was stressed, to say the least.

SEVENTEEN had just ended their “Adore U” promotions and have dived straight into preparations for their next album. Despite how exciting the idea of moving on to a new era was, Wonwoo couldn’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed by the workload.

He knew that heavy daily schedules and tasks were things he’d grow accustomed to over time, but at that moment, when everything was still pretty new to him, it was tiring. From the frustrating Mandarin classes to the unsatisfying compositions he was creating, Wonwoo simply wanted a break.

And it wasn’t until after he lashed out at Mingyu that he realized that his stress has greatly affected his attitude.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” Wonwoo snapped at the younger and gestured towards the laptop on the table. “I have to finish my lyrics by tonight, and I don’t have time for your small talk!”

Seeing the small smile on Mingyu’s face fall caused all irritability in Wonwoo to disappear in exchange for a sudden wave of guilt and regret.

“Mingyu, I’m sorry,” Wonwoo softly said, and Mingyu nodded.

“I understand,” the younger replied with such a soft voice that caused Wonwoo’s heart to sink. “I’ll leave you alone. Sorry for bothering you.”

Wonwoo watched as Mingyu exited the small studio, and he proceeded to bang his head on the notebook next to his laptop once the younger was gone.

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professional-fandoms  asked:

You should write a blurb we her it's like you and Luke get into a fight and Luke drives off and you end up crying yourself to sleep And when he comes back he's not as mad as tries to apologize

Their relationship was never that of ease as fate had a way of chilling chaos into various important events while somehow holding together the binds that brought them together in the first place. Maybe their first kiss had ended in a little blood, but Luke remembered her lips being softer than her supple skin under his fingertips. Maybe their first date had ended in shattered China dishes but Luke remembered her eyes behind the laughter reflecting even brighter in the swallowing darkness of her dimmed kitchen. Maybe their first series road trip had ended in an empty tank of gas and a very irritated attendant but Luke wouldn’t have wanted to share his jacket on a deserted highway in the middle of the night with anyone else.

When they told these stories, there was always a but it was okay because. (”But it was okay because Luke didn’t seem to mind mopping up my random nosebleed, or leaving his white shirt with me to clean.”; “But it was okay because mum was too endeared with Luke’s smile to notice the shattered glass.”; “But it was okay because he bought me all the candy I wanted and he said I tasted like Skittles.”)

Frankly, it was only part of some ridiculous routine that they managed to stir up the most colossal argument the night before they were to get on a plane to Sydney to spend the holiday’s with Luke’s family. They argued as any couple would, often over trivial things that would be forgotten when his lips caught her cheeks or when the trill of her laughter couldn’t evade his antics. 

If the premise of the fight hadn’t been strange enough, the atmosphere was. Luke’s words weren’t carefully chosen, they were deliberate, intending to hurt the other. Her tongue couldn’t quite catch the spaces in her teeth, instead rolling a fire she didn’t know she’d been swallowing. 

And although the fight was dissimilar, she didn’t think he’d leave. 

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"Thundercats Are Go!" One Shot
Author: ooohesslimandalittlebitfoxy

Original Imagine Link:  Imagine Dean panicking when you tell him your water broke and Sam having to calm him down &  Imagine Cas freaking out when you tell him your water broke.

Warnings: Pregnancy/Labour

Fic & Link to Fic: Link (1416 words)

“Dammit! Who ate the last of the pie?”

The frustrated growl emanating from the kitchen caused you to pause, fork dangling tantalisingly close to your mouth. You look down at the pie tray resting on your belly and are not at all surprised to discover that, bar a small sliver, it was empty.

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1. - Runaway Dreams; New York City Gleams.


The New York Autumn wind blew furiously against my already cold cheeks, deepening the crimson colour that had grace my face the moment I stepped out of the airport doors. I was cold, hungry, lonely and most of all frightened. I had been to New York a few times before but never had I ever thought to move across the country alone. The nerves of not only being in NY alone but of my audition that was merely hours away, were eating my insides alive.

My woolen mitten desperately waved in the air trying its hardest to grab the attention of a cab driver, without being trampled by the other dozens of people also trying to find a ride out of the overcrowded airport. Taking pity on me, a bystander who managed to flag one down looked over at me and gestured to the awaiting cab. Instantly my cheeks flared up with an even deeper shade of red and after mumbling my appreciation I shoved my three suitcases in the backboot before sliding into the back seat and resting my duffle on my lap.

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Based on this post.

Lily Evans looked up at the building that was going to be her home for the next nine months. The walls were red brick and the door looked like it could use a fresh coat of paint. It sure didn’t look like home to her. Home was her mother’s banana bread and her father’s laugh and leaving the window open so she could smell the lilacs that grew in their yard in the summer. But she had to leave that home behind to come to Hogwarts University, so maybe this could be a new home. Maybe.

Picking up her bags, Lily stepped through the door into pure chaos. The hallway was filled with crumpled clothes, a rug, several lamps, and at least half a dozen hovering parents. She started to lug her stuff through the mess to the elevator when something started whizzing towards her out of the corner of her eye and she promptly ducked as a frisbee sailed over her head. Someone yelled “Be careful Sirius!” and she heard laughter as a tall boy with long dark hair raced past her. Lily grasped her bags more firmly and began to make her way towards the elevator but when she reached her destination, she was met with an “Out of Order” sign. Sighing, she headed for the stairs.

When she reached room 417, out of breath and slightly sweaty (She definitely needed to start running more), she was relieved to see that her roommate hadn’t shown up yet. Lily could get settled, take a shower, make a good impression. But first, some music was definitely in order. She pulled out her iPod, hooked it up to her speakers, and put her “Feel Good” playlist on shuffle. As the first few notes spilled out, Lily could feel the tension in her shoulders ease and she hummed along as she made her bed and put away her clothes. She hadn’t brought very much with her but she figured that she had enough saved to buy a few things if she needed them and she could always send home for stuff. Realizing she’d left her last bag in the hallway, Lily opened her door, still singing along to “I’ve Just Seen a Face”, and stopped dead in her tracks as a pair of hazel eyes met her own. For a minute, she wasn’t in the hallway in front of room 417 anymore. She was many miles away…

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All I Want for Christmas

I was inspired to write a cute, little, Christmas themed fic and I’ll admit I nearly started crying while writing this (happy tears, I swear).

Song featured can be found here [x]


The atmosphere inside the Winchester home is festive. That’s the best word Castiel can come up with. Mary, never one to shy away from decorating, brings her A-game when it comes to Christmas. Before the Thanksgiving leftovers are even put away, Mary is already in the attic, unloading box after color-coded box of holiday decorations.

“I can make the den Hanukkah-themed if you like, Castiel,” Mary had offered. Castiel, hardly a practicing Jew, waved her off but appreciated the thought all the same.

Cas shifts 20-month-old Brandon from one one hip to the other, admiring the various Christmas trees scattered throughout the house. Mary always has at least three: The “Main” tree, adorned with an intricate assortment of sentimental and heirloom ornaments from Sam and Dean’s childhood, the Kids’ tree, decorated proudly with construction paper garlands and Santas by all the grandkids, and the Jayhawk tree, decked top to bottom in KU red and blue. Even a thousand miles from Kansas, outnumbered by Gators and Bulldogs fans, no one will ever stop Mary from representing her alma mater.

There are a myriad of noises that come with the entire Winchester clan being in one place. The screams and giggles of the grandchildren can be heard from the front yard, Castiel distinctly picking out his daughter’s own gleeful cry. There is the gruff rumble of John cursing as he tries to deal with the turkey frier (“John Winchester, I swear if you burn the house down, I’m divorcing you!” “Yes, dear.”). Mary’s soft laughter drifts from the kitchen where she and Jess prep the side dishes. More specifically, Mary preps while Jess watches her in frustration.

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5SOS Preference #109: He's off limits

// masterlist //


Your eyes were on him the entire time, and although you knew you shouldn’t stare at him, you just couldn’t help yourself. Ashton Irwin was possibly the most beautiful boy you have laid your eyes on, and watching him has already become something of a hobby to you. It was kind of creepy, but you couldn’t help it - he was just a work of art, you could stare at him forever and you wouldn’t ever get bored. You took a deep breath as he laughed along with his mates, his adorable giggle reaching your ears even from a fair distance away. You rested your head onto your palm, your eyes still trained on the hazel eyed boy seated with his friends. You have had this hopeless crush on him for about four months now, and as much as you wanted to forget about him, you simply couldn’t. You knew that there wasn’t any hope for some kind of spark between you, he was off-limits and you remind yourself every single day. But despite telling yourself that you can never be with him almost everyday, there was still this tiny spark of hope inside of you that continued burning - you hoped that somehow, someday, he would finally see you and realize you were the one he has been looking for all along. But this wasn’t a movie where the girl gets the guy she’s in love with in the end, this is reality and it wasn’t as perfect as the movies portray. And your reality was this: watching Ashton turn to the beautiful blonde girl seated next to him, kissing her softly on the lips as he cupped her cheek with his large hand. You looked away, but the familiar aching in your chest acted up again, causing a tear to roll down your cheek. He’s off limits, you remind yourself once more, he has a fucking girlfriend for fuck’s sake.


“Look at him,” Your best friend let out a long sigh as she looked at the purple haired boy from across the room. You grimaced, knowing exactly who the boy was - he was none other than Michael Clifford, the guy she’s had a crush on for some time now. “Oh yeah,” You nodded, not bothering to look up from your notebook, which you were doodling on. Your best friend talks non-stop about Michael, and you were getting quite sick of her blabbering about Michael every single time you’re together. You didn’t mind it at first and thought that you could handle it, but it got annoying after some time and as time passed, she talked about him more. And the more she talked about him to you, the more it hurt listening to her blabber about someone you may possibly love. Your best friend may have liked him for like a month, but that still couldn’t beat the one-year crush you’ve had on the boy. When your best friend told you that she liked Michael, your heart broke into a million pieces - you got insecure and wanted to cry, as you thought your best friend was better for him than you were. You kept your crush a secret all this time, you didn’t want your best friend knowing about him because you knew he was exactly her type. You wanted to cry when she told you she liked him, she told you all about how they started talking in their free period together and he even asked her out on a little date. When she told you every single detail about the date, you felt that your entire world would come crashing down on you - it hurt everywhere and you couldn’t numb yourself from the hurt at all. You should have just called dibs on him the day you started developing feelings for him, cause if you did, you wouldn’t be hurting this way as your best friend takes the girl code very seriously. But now, there was nothing you could do - she was already way ahead of you in the race to win his heart, and you didn’t even want to try anymore. You hated how you’re the spectator in their love story, and you hated how you’ve already lost him to your own best friend. “I think I already love him.” She said, and you felt your heart clench upon hearing those words escape her lips. And I’ve been in love with him for a long time now, but you don’t need to know that, you thought, faking a smile.


You could hear your brother’s obnoxious laughter from downstairs, along with someone else’s, which caused the butterflies in your stomach to erupt. You knew that he wasn’t alone, and his company was the main reason why you decided to hide out in your room for the rest of the afternoon. You may have a small (if not huge) crush on your brother’s best mate whose name was Calum Hood. Calum was the bassist of the band he’s in, and he’s also in the school’s football team, which makes him really popular around the town. He always hangs out with your older brother, and they usually just played FIFA downstairs until evening rolls around. Whenever Calum’s around, you would usually hide out in your room because you were too shy to face him and your brother, especially when your brother knows that you liked Calum. Your brother, being the overprotective asshat he was, told you that you wouldn’t be allowed to date him because he was his best friend. Your brother didn’t feel comfortable with you two dating, seeing as he would have to watch his little sister and best friend suck each other’s faces off when you two do date. You knew it was weird for him, but he had to suck it up though, as you wanted more than anything to be Calum’s girlfriend. But that couldn’t happen, you didn’t talk to Cal much because you were too shy to even look at him when he’s around. You would avoid him as much as possible when he’s chilling here, because you turn into a stuttering mess when he talks to you and you didn’t need to embarrass yourself in front of him. You sat up, running your fingers through the tangles in your hair as you decided on what to do as you waited for Calum to leave the house. You swung your legs off the bed, your feet landing on the floor as you shuffled over to where your iPod was. You grabbed it, plugging the earphone jack inside as you placed the left earbud in. “What song..” You muttered to yourself, as you scrolled through the list of songs you had on your iPod. “I like this one.” Your eyes widened when you heard Calum’s voice from directly above you, and you quickly moved away from the much taller boy, who was smiling at you. “H-hi,” You wanted to slap yourself over the head for stuttering in front of him again. “Hey. Just passing by, and I liked Adam’s Song by Blink.” He said, waving before he exited your room, leaving behind a blushing mess.


Nothing about how you felt about him was right. You weren’t stupid, you knew all about the girl code and that every single girl should follow the girl code. Going after a friend’s ex was forbidden, as said in the girl code, but you couldn’t resist the attractive blonde boy standing in front of you. “I think Stella is my favorite,” Luke let out a little laugh, adjusting the grey beanie sitting on top of his head. “But every song on the Nothing Personal album is really good, I think it might be my favorite one from all their albums.” He continued, playing with his lip ring. You were talking to your friend’s ex boyfriend, Luke Hemmings, about your absolute favorite band - All Time Low. You only intended to ask him about tickets to their upcoming concert in a few weeks, but you ended up talking more and more, learning so much more about him in the process. You didn’t know when it happened, but you managed to fall for the blue eyed boy who used to be your friend’s boyfriend. You couldn’t help yourself, you were aware of Luke’s boyish charm and attractiveness, but you weren’t expecting to share this much in common with him. “I really like Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal though,” You started, tugging on the sleeves of your sweater. “But then, there’s also Therapy, which is one of my favorite songs ever.” Luke laughed a little again, biting his lip as he stared at you with those big blue eyes that could make any girl melt. “I told you, it’s hard choosing a favorite song from that album.” Your feelings for him wouldn’t disappear, no matter how much you wanted it to. He was off-limits, as said in the girl code - you didn’t want to break the girl code, that would be really bitchy and selfish, but you couldn’t help falling for him even more each day. He was just perfectly imperfect, and that’s exactly what you loved about him. Well, that and the fact that he loves Alex Gaskarth as much as you did. “Well, that’s true.” God, you wanted to press your lips against his right now but you knew you would break the girl code as soon as you do that, and you couldn’t have that at all. Luke didn’t say anything afterwards, he just stared back at you with those eyes that drew you in every time and you stared right back at him, resisting the strong urge to launch yourself at him and kiss him on the lips. “Oh, fuck it.” He growled, quickly placing his hands on your either side of your face, his lips finding your soft ones. You could feel your knees grow weak, and he must have noticed, as he wrapped his arms securely around you, holding you up as you kissed him back. Off limits my ass, you thought as your lips continued to move against his. You didn’t really care at this point anymore, you just wanted him and nothing else.

Ride It Out

Dean x Reader

Original request: Reader is scared of thunderstorms and one night she asks Dean if she can sleep in his bed even though she thinks he’s going to say no, he doesn’t because he’s secretly in love with her.

Warning: fluffy fluffiness.

A/N: I actually kinda went off request just a teensy little bit, so I hope that’s okay. :)


You stand outside the bunker on the narrow strip of road, hands jammed into the back pockets of your jeans as you survey the sky. The air feels still yet charged; the calm before the storm. You’ve stood and watched as the clouds have slowly rolled in and darkened the sky minute by minute. You hate thunderstorms. You know you’ve faced much worse during hunts without so much as a flinch, and that it may seem silly to others that a simple storm is what makes your knees tremble. But this is a deeply ingrained phobia that you’ve had as long as you can remember, and there’s just no shaking it. Instead, this stare down with nature like two fighters facing off before a match is your ritual - only you know which opponent will win before the first punch is even thrown.

A distant rumble of thunder sends a chill down your spine, and you race back to the safety of the bunker. Sam is in the library, as usual, idly browsing the internet. Dean is in the living room just beyond, where he was before you walked outside. You drop down into the seat across from Sam and reach for whatever book is nearest. Mythology and Legends of the Late 16th Century. A real page turner. You leaf through it for a few seconds, quickly losing interest. The approaching storm has you on edge and you can’t focus. Sam looks up from the screen, watching as you drag your hands through your hair.

“You probably won’t even hear the thunder from down here, and your room doesn’t have windows so you won’t see the lightning,” he offers.

“We’ll see. This is the first major storm since even you guys have been here, so probably isn’t going to exactly mellow me out. Probably just leaves the door open for it to be worse, also. Like when you said we probably wouldn’t run into any demons at that truck stop in the middle of nowhere. My arm was sore for like two weeks from having to knife those suckers. So please, do me a favor, and never include probably in any sentence you use. Ever.”

Your voice and hands are starting to shake and you grip the wooden arms of the chair while you let out a slow breath. You shut your eyes and try to get a grip on yourself, but it’s no use. You’re too far gone at this point, and neither brother has had to ride out an entire storm with you thus far. You’ve always either been huddled in your own motel room or so engrossed by a hunt that between the adrenaline and concern for Sam and Dean’s safety before your own you barely noticed. Barely doesn’t mean at all, however. Just like probably isn’t a guarantee that the worst won’t happen.

You can’t sit in this chair anymore. Sam is watching you with a strange look, confusion mixed with worry as he tries to reconcile the hunter he’s seen take out as many demons and monsters as he and his brother have with what is in front of him now, and you need to get away. You push back from the table and walk out without a word. As you flee, you don’t see Dean’s concerned eyes follow you.

When the storm finally hits, you’re in your bed, knees drawn up against your chest and arms wrapped tightly around them. Sam was right about one thing: not a single flicker of lightning can be seen. The thunder, though… It’s like the bunker was built specifically to be an amphitheatre for a storm. A bolt of lightning must hit not too far away, because a resounding crack fills your ears, and the thunder that follows is like an implosion. You skitter off your bed, feet tangling in the blanket as you dash for the corner of the room. Your body curls in on itself and your hands seal themselves over your ears. You rock back and forth, tears flowing freely as you silently beg for it to stop but thunderstorms don’t heed the prayers of the terrified. Soon, you’re practically screaming, palms pressing harder to the sides of your head and eyes clenching closed.

Just when you feel as if your entire body will break apart, Dean comes racing into your room. You squint through the blurriness of your tears as he drops whatever he’s holding to pick you up instead.

You cling to him as he moves you back to bed, and hold tighter when he tries to let you go. His hands come up to disengage your arms from around his neck, then disappear completely. You’re about to resume your rocking when Dean returns, wrapping your discarded blanket tightly around your shoulders. He closes the door and picks up what turns out to be a pair of large over-the-ear headphones with your iPod you keep in the living room. Dean slides in beside you, positioning the headphones and fiddling with the tiny device before pressing play.

You almost cry with relief when instead of the booming assault you’ve been under, the orchestral soundtracks from your favorite movies weave their melodies and harmonies into your body. Your hands cover the headphones to get more and more music in, and Dean cranks the volume until you can’t even hear yourself think. This… This is perfect. You don’t know how to put it into words, the fact that this man just solved a large portion of your phobia. You turn your head and Dean has been watching you the whole time, gauging your reaction and hoping he made a good choice. The smile you give him is genuine and any tears that may be falling are out of happiness. You wriggle one hand out to motion him closer to you and kiss him on the cheek. His smile… You always thought his smile was amazing before but those were nothing, nothing compared to this. It’s sweet, triumphant, determined, caring, loving… Its Dean’s true self, laid out in a smile. His arms wrap around you again, and pull you to his chest. Your head fits perfectly in the space under his chin and you rest your freed hand on his chest, mesmerized in the few moments here and there when the beats of his heart line up with the symphony fueling your soul.

Then, you feel Dean shiver slightly and immediately begin to unwrap the blanket and instead allow it to envelop the both of you. His arms are freezing, you realize, and you grab them to wrap around your waist to share your warmth. You tuck yourself back into your place on his chest, feeling it rumble now with his laughter. The strings and woodwinds and brass are sweeping you away, and Dean is rubbing your back lightly, and for the first time ever you sleep through a storm.

The next morning, you awake with your legs tangled in Dean’s as he brushes hair from your forehead. You give him a sleepily apologetic smile.

“I was kind of a mess, huh?” you say. You feel your cheeks turn a light shade of pink. Dean gives a short chuckle.

“Yeah, you were, kinda of. I didn’t mind. I had been trying to think of a way to sleep with you for months without first having to get you drunk, but this works, too.”

You grab the pillow from behind his head and hit him with it as you laugh.

“You’re an ass, Dean.”

“And I love you, _______,” Dean says matter-of-factly.

You drop the pillow and just stare for a second before answering. “You what?”

“Wow, you’re smarter than me and you didn’t pick up on it? Really?”

“Okay then, how about this? You’re only slightly less intelligent than I am. Did you ever figure out I love you, too?”

Stunned silence. That’s what meets your question. His emerald green eyes lock with yours and he looks like he’s waiting for you to yell “Joking!” or “Gotcha!” but you just stare back, not blinking. You have little to no warning before his lips crash onto yours before pulling back into a gentle kiss. You both are smiling like goofballs when Sam yells out that breakfast is ready.

When you and Dean enter hand in hand, it takes Sam a minute to notice but once he does, he throws his hands up in defeat.
“I knew it! I freaking knew it that you two with your googly eyes back and forth and stuff that I would eventually be relegated to third wheel material.”

“I don’t know, Sammy,” Dean says as you laugh and load up a plate with eggs and bacon. “Call Cas. It’s not too late to make Samstiel or whatever an actual thing." 

You can barely breathe, and at the Samstiel comment, Sam whips a spatula at Dean’s head. Once Dean recovers, Sam is pointing at him, trying not to laugh himself.

"You. Shut your face and eat.”

Dean loads his own plate and settles down next to you, scooting just close enough that your legs are touching. You regain control of your laughter and glance sideways at Dean as you begin to eat. He gives you a wink as you feel a hand squeeze your knee.

As long as he’s with me, you think, bring on the storms.

*This is all lie and I know nothing. Every similarities with real life are written accidentally.*

3012 words…SFW

Oh,and sorry for some grammar mistakes. English is NOT my first language.

Enjoy! I guess :)

Something to look forward to

She got in her car a little too early for school so she can go to the nearest coffee shop and buy anything caffeinated to boost her up. It was her first day at this high school in LA and she wanted to be highly aware of everything so she can blend in quickly without every single person whispering ˝Check out the new girl.˝ or ˝Have you talked to her yet?˝when she walks down the hallways.

Hannah wasn’t the type of girl who wants to be popular or have a bunch of friends. Actually she just wants to go to this new school and meet someone she can hang out with beacuse all of her friends are back home(if she can call it ‘home’ anymore) in San Francisco.

So she starts her car, drives to this cute little coffee shop, buys herself some Iced Coffee with Milk and goes straight to school. When she arrived to school parking lot she realized she is just in time for her first period. Every parking space is already taken besides this one near the, what she assumes is cafeteria. Hannah also realises that there is some expensive car aproaching and she can lose her parking space so she blissfully nods to no one in particular and steps on pedal.

She did it! She parked her car and proudly smirked in triumph stepping outside and grabbing her backpack. When she put on her sunglasses she saw three tall girls furiously stepping out of their car starting to march towards her. Hannah, already starting to feel annoyed by knowing what is about to happen, leant against her car taking her position to defend herself and if it’s also necessary her car.

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Prank war with Michael

He’s been home from touring for 3 days, and though you loved him dearly, he was starting to bore you. 2 years of a relationship may seem like a lot, but when he’s gone most of the time, it can feel like he’s never really here.

You come home from a late night snack run before you and Michael veg out on the couch watching Disney movies (Michael had been dyeing to re-watch ‘Frozen’). Setting down bags of fatty food and ice cream, you hear the shower running. Giggling to yourself, you tip toe to the bathroom, and slowly open the door, careful to avoid any creaks. Your face was all twisted up as you tried not to laugh as he belted out the lyrics to his own songs. Taking a deep breath, you ripped open the shower curtain, and screamed. You fell to the floor laughing at the sight of Michael Clifford grabbing his junk, and producing a blood-curdling scream that was much more high pitched than yours was. 

On the floor, you were wrapped up in a ball, laughing so hard that tears were streaming down your face.

“WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?” Michael yelled, only making you laugh harder. Every time you raised your head to speak, just the sight of his screaming with his hand over his dick made you break out into another fit of silent laughter.

“Oh, it’s on” Michael smirked. Still laughing you shrugged your shoulders. You stood up and started to calm down, as Micheal stood in the shower, buck ass naked with his arms crossed and a very unamused look on his face.

“Babe, i’m sorry, i couldn’t help it-” He grabbed you by the arm of your sweatshirt, and pulled you under the hot stream of water, soaking your clothes. He laughed as you gasped and wiped water from your eyes.

“Michael, you shit!” You slapped his arm in a very non flirtatious way. Now it was his turn to laugh.

“Babe, I missed you!” He laughed, and touched your pursed lips. You sighed and rolled your eyes, but your face broke out into a smile, unable to be mad at him when he was laughing like that. You peeled out of your sopping wet clothes, and threw them outside of the shower, and turned back to him. You rested your head on his chest as you both showered together, talking about anything and everything.

The next morning…

You and Michael both skipped out on your movie night for a night in the bedroom. You weren’t sure what he did differently last night in bed, but man did it feel amazing.

Hazily grabbing the cereal that Michael had put out on the counter when he had his bowl,  you poured out the contents and let out a yelp. There, staring you in the face was a huge black spider in your fucking cereal. You turned to Michael with a horrified expression.

“Get it! Get it! Kill it!” You screeched. His laughter filled your ear and you knew. He made his way over to you, knees weak with laughter. He reached into your bowl and picked up the spider and waved it in your face.

“It’s fake!” He laughed and you slapped his hand out of my face.

“I thought we were even!” you pursed my lips at him. Leaning over he kissed your cheek.

“We never were.” He whispered in your ear, smirking. You pushed him away.

“This is not over, Clifford!” You poked his chest, and he rubbed the area with a hurt expression. Laughing, you grabbed your cereal and you both sat on the couch and ate.

You left him alone that entire day, letting him get paranoid wondering when you were going to get him back, but you already had it planned out. And boy, was it bad.


You woke up around 10 in the morning on a beautiful Sunday. Gazing out the window, you watched the beautiful city from the window of your apartment. You looked at the sleeping figure by your side. Perfect.

Giggling at your devious plan, you slowly removed the covers and silently thanked god for morning wood. you slid down his pj bottoms. Slowly you moved down to the head of him and gave it a little kiss, watching him adjust in his sleep. You licked him from base to tip agonizingly slow, your eyes on him the whole time, watching his facial expressions change in his sleep. You took more of him in my mouth, and with each bob took more and more. A lazy smile slowly spread across his face, and you took it upon myself to pick up the pace. You’re going to hell for this.

You went down as far as you could, swirling your tongue around him. you were going pretty fast now, and his hips were starting to thrust into your mouth. you glanced up at him to see him open his eyes, and gasp at the sight unfolding in front of him. He gripped at the sheets and his face scrunched up.

"Fuck, i’m close!” He hissed , and you felt a tiny spurt of pre-cum in your mouth. you knew he was about to cum, and quickly removed your mouth from him, and watched his eyes fling open. you giggled at his angry expression.

“Keep going!” He yelled. you smirked and shrugged your shoulders.

“Nah” You grinned and rolled back to the space next to him and turned to him for the finishing touch.

Now we’re even, babe..“You whispered, blowing hot air into his ear and giving his thigh a quick stroke. A strangled moan escaped his lips and you grinned at the effect you had on him. you plopped down, and closed your eyes. And listened to the frustrated noises he made as he came down from his high. 

"Oh,” You said turning into his ear again, and kissing the lobe,

“And don’t touch yourself, Michael. Or i’ll know, and i’ll be pissed."You threaten, and snuggled into his back. He made no cuddly attempts and you knew he was mad. 

"I love you” you kissed inbetween his shoulder blades. He didn’t respond, and only continued to act cold towards you.


Now it was your turn to wait. The paranoia was horrible, not knowing how far he’d go after you did something as bad as not letting him cum. you felt a smidge guilty about it, but didn’t regret a single thing. This whole “prank war” thing has turned out to be really fun.

The entire day you were on the look out. Searching every room you went in for strings or toys, but never found anything. you desperately needed to leave the house and get away from the danger. 

“Mike!” You yelled upstairs. 

“Whaaat?” He yelled back.Usually, you didn’t bother him while he was gaming, but you thought you should let him know where you would be.

“I’m going on a run, i’ll see you later.” You say, fixing your ponytail in the mirror.

“Okay?” He answered back, letting you know that he didn’t care. You huff at his lack of interest in you lately. What if your relationship was coming to a close? You couldn’t live without me, and you hoped he felt the same, but you just couldn’t tell.


After a few minutes of running, you realized how out of shape you were. You breathed heavily, but knew that you couldn’t go back after being out less that 20 minutes. He would just laugh in your face. Most of the time you walked and looked at the city that you’ve become so acustumed to, and occasionally you ran. You regretted not bringing your ipod so you could listen to music, but didn’t let it bother you that much.  

After 30 minutes of wandering around, you figured that you should head back now. You crossed the street and turned around that way, so not to embarrass yourself by turning around in the middle of the sidewalk. It took you approximately 45 minutes because this time you didn’t run at all.

When you walked through the door, you had completely forgotten about the situation happening with Michael, and unknowingly walked through the front door. 

A huge, red balloon filled with water sloshed down and broke over your head. You heard giggles from inside and you marched towards the sound.

“MICHAEL CLIFFORD, YOU ARE DEAD-” You were taken right out of your rage as you walked into your bedroom, where you heard his laughter.

There, right behind the door, was Michael on one knee with the most breath taking ring you had ever seen in your entire life. As soon as the confusion faded away and you realized what was happening, you broke down in tears.

“Michael-” you sobbed,

“If this is a joke i’m going to kill you..” You cried.

“It’s not a joke, baby. I want you, forever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. There’s nothing I’ve ever wanted more than this.” He whispered, starting to get choked up, himself. You slowly made your way over to him.

“Will you marry me?” He whispered, and you nodded your head. A huge smile broke out on his face. Slowly, he slipped the ring onto your finger, and stood up, grabbing the sides of your face and kissing you with all he had.

“Does this mean we’re even, now?” You continued to cry.

“Yeah,” he smiled

“Yeah, it does.”

anonymous asked:

What would Jimin, V, and JHope do if they came home after a long trip to find you asleep cuddling their pillow or something else of theirs because you missed them so much?

This was too fun to write.. I was laughing the whole time making Jimin and Taehyung’s stories. Thanks for the request, Sweetie. And sorry for the wait. Enjoy!

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