i cry so hard from laughter every. single. time

iliascorvus  asked:

Ok so we all know about Neil's neck fetish and how much Andrew likes it, and it's almost Halloween so one of the foxes gets Neil a vampire costume

  • neither of them has an idea where this thing actually came from
  • neil thinks it was andrew, andrew thinks neil bought it for himself
  • in reality it was renee
  • andrew doesn’t really care where it came from 
  • “you’re not going to wear that”
  • so ofc neil does wear it
  • and with his bright eyes and allisons makeup skills you bet your ass he makes a damn good looking vampire
  • andrew is fuming
  • roland is probably crying from laughter by the time they make it to the bar. he manages to put foodcolouring/blood orange juice/whatever makes them red in every single drink
  • “just in case ,,,,neil is thirsty” *wink wink* 
  • roland doesnt give two shits about andrew’s tender temper and i love him so much for it 
  • at some point later when neil is slightly drunk he probably makes several inappropriate statements about sucking
  • “andrew,,,,,andrew did you- did you know, that your dick gets hard because of- because of blood? i bet there are sooo many gay vampires. all vampires should be gay. it’s just,,, more convenient.”
  • nicky agrees
  • when nicky and aaron have disappeared on the dancefloor and kevin got up to get some more drinks, neil fixes his stare on andrews neck 
  • andrew decided to ignore him half an hour ago and keeps his eyes on the table in front of him, which puts neil in a very good position to lean forward and press a slow kiss just below his jar
  • “stop it you kinky fuck”
  • “i’m in character andrew”
  • “go be in character somewhere else where you can’t bother me”
  • neil smiles bc #success
  • “this bothers you?” he keeps ghosting his lips over andrews neck 
  • ofc it doesn’t bother him and neil knows that and andrew knows that neil knows that and did i mention he is fuMING
  • long story short the next day his neck is full with hickeys and bitemarks and nicky won’t let it live down for weeks to come