i cry on a daily basis because of you

RIP Kahaley-Khaz Modan (US) - She was a wonderful person and friendly companion to spend time with. I raided with her in Warlords and partly into Legion and she finally succumbed to a brave, many-years-long battle with cancer.

I still cry sometimes because it’s so weird thinking that someone you interacted with on a nearly daily basis is now gone. Cherish your friends and hold them close. We love you Kahaley, and we will miss you. Rest easy.

Judging You Softly - Pt 2

Part 1

This chapter is brought to you by the dream I had last night where Negan and Spencer were on the porch not drinking scotch, but eating spaghetti, and Negan saw me and patted his thigh and said “Come sit on daddy’s lap” and my thirsty ass obeyed and he fed me spaghetti. 

I’m crying because this chapter was so fun to write. Legit I’m actually really having fun with this cause I can write something as myself and add in the absurdly stupid shit I think about on a daily basis. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this. 

As I was writing I realized that I was portraying TV Negan more than I usually do. I almost exclusively, by default, write Comic Negan but in terms of speech patterns this fic is more JDM Negan. I can never write Negan without using the word “fuck” excessively so you’ll get your dose of “fucks” for sure, so don’t worry XD 

Anywho, I’ll tag the homies at the end and if u wanna be tagged or have ur name removed lemme know!

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Skype Masterlist (2)

part one


And Love is Not a Choice - darren-fucking-chriss

Summary: It’s 2009 and Dan realises he still hasn’t told Phil he’s bisexual and not straight.

Bad Day Skype Sessions - brerediddy

Summary: 2009!Phan. Dan’s had a bad day and Phil helps.

Emotional Masochism - plantfics

Summary: Phil’s away and Dan spends the day crying to sad movies when Phil calls and catches Dan crying and he offers to skype.

Endless (Platonic) Love - myflippyoverheart

Summary: Dan loves Phil, but not in the way that you’d think.

I Miss You - ironicallyphan

Summary: Late night Skype session because Dan’s in Germany and Phil misses him.

Pixelated Love - phangirlingforphan

Summary: 2009 Dan and Phil pining after each other via Skype on a daily basis and Phil squashing all of Dan’s melancholy thoughts with a few simple words that mean everything.

Skype Sadness - phanfic-including-a-tan-dan

Summary: Dan gets upset when Phil has to go off Skype. Phil makes it better by organising something special.

Sleepy Skypes - thatsamazingphil

Summary: Dan and Phil fall asleep in the middle of skyping.

The Boy With Scarlet Cheeks - howellesterfics

Summary: Dan has rosacea, a medical condition causing his cheeks to appear red and flushed, and he’s meeting Phil for the first time. The genre is mostly fluff but there’s a couple of self deprecating thoughts.

Welcome To New York (It’s Been Waiting For You) - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Phil’s a popular British youtuber who’s currently living in New York, and he’s been talking on Skype to Dan, who lives in London. After talking months on Skype and begging his parents, Dan finally goes to New York to meet Phil for the first time.


Can You Save My Bastard Soul? (ao3) - Jaxxxx

Summary: 2009!phan. Dan is suicidal, but Phil lives hours away. They can only call, text, and Skype, so how can Phil stop Dan from doing what he craves?

Come Here Then - phanmybrow

Summary: Dan and Phil skype sex.

Hidden Present - versacephan

Summary: Blushy, flustered 2009!dan riding a dildo for the first time while Phil watches through Skype.

Let’s Cyber - nightospherian

Summary: Dan and Phil’s relationship grows sexual when temptations grow over Skype.

Pastel Boys in Coffee Shops - steampunkhowell

Summary: punk!Phil sees pastel!Dan working at the coffee shop in a bookstore. He get’s his number and ruins his innocence with Skype sex.

Reaching For The Floor - uglylester

Summary: Dan’s a horny teenager whose boyfriend lives hours away. Or, in which Phil teaches Dan the wonders of Skype sex.

Skype Sex - steampunkhowell

Summary: Phil is horny, so Skypes Dan and dirty talks him as he fingers himself.

Stress And Skype Calls - strawberryphandom

Summary: Dan’s been so worried about his future lately, he just needed to relieve himself, but he didn’t realize he had accidently opened the window to Skype and called his long time crush and best friend, Phil.

Teach Me How to Love - howellaboutlester

Summary: Dan, a dark and gorgeous seventeen year old could have anyone he wanted. But, some people tend to avoid the boy because of the sheer mysteriousness he projects. What happens when he gets a little too involved with someone he thinks he has yet to meet face to face, but ironically he’s known all along?

The Nostalgia Of Skype Sex - writerdan-artistphi

Summary: Dan is away in berlin and misses Phil so they skype.


At this point in your life and career, what are your goals for work? It’s not one thing in particular because there are so many different things that come to you, on a daily basis. I love period films and TV shows. I love comedy. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying the experience and the people. It’s fun to smile, instead of crying and running away from vampires and killers, all the time. It just depends on the material, the director and the cast. It’s very, very circumstantial, but it’s good to be challenged. I want to keep moving forward, and keep being inspired and scared. I feel like, if you’re not afraid of something, you shouldn’t do it. If you’re just coasting through things, what’s the point? You’re not learning.

C: White people stop telling me little kids don’t feel your racist behavior towards them or their loved ones. I grew up in the South in the 90s in a town that was morbidly racist. I remember every time my mother and I went out we’d always get dirty looks from white people. My mother has fair skin and I’m medium toned. What makes it sad is, I was 3 and could barely formulate complete sentences and I’d ask my mom why do white people treat us so mean? Why do they look at me like you aren’t my mother? Why do they ask you am I really your daughter? I WAS A BABY AND I FELT THIS!! 

I also remember when I was 6 my teacher would put bad marks on all the black kids behavior sheets for just breathing. I honestly believe she just took a job at a black elementary school in a black neighborhood just to be a racist bitch on a daily basis. I remember crying to my dad one day after school because she called me a “filthy nigger” a 6 year old child? My dad, a superhero in my eyes went up to my school and confronted her, my black principal and the board about her behavior. My principal fired her and the board of education suspended her teaching license. The same shit happen to me in middle school, high school and college. Some teachers got a slap on the wrists, others got fired. My only question is, why me? I’m tired of this shit. Like let me be great and leave me alone.


Hello,  I’m Amanda and I have been saving these selfies for a while (because I think they look uncharacteristically cute) I’m a simple 22 year old phan trash who writes phanfics occcasionally and gets way too opinionated on a daily basis. Come say hi? ❤️️

When I think about the fact that every single ARMY wants to hug Yoongi but can’t, it makes me so sad. But then I also think about how the rest of the boys are there for him. Because you know they are. That makes me so happy. Knowing all his brothers are there for him and protecting him on a daily basis, as they do for each other. I want to just hold Yoongi and tell him it’s okay to cry and cry with him. And just sit there, hoping to comfort him.

So the latest opinion that Iris is a bad friend because she’s reporting on S.T.A.R labs is hilarious. Loyalty is a two-way street, stop expecting Iris to sabotage her career for Barry when Barry has no problem lying to her face on a daily basis. I think it’s hilarious when people pretend to care about character development for a female lead and then when it actually happens they cry because it ends up conflicting/challenging the male lead’s interests. It is just plain bullshit to cry about how Iris isn’t being loyal when none of these “friends"  have even had the decency to at least come up with good lies because they underestimate her intelligence that much. Personally, I’m tired of Iris being treated like a child by the people around her and I can’t wait for her to figure it all out on her own and unleash on them, because frankly these people don’t deserve Iris’ kindness or loyalty.


Thank you BTS, for making this writer very happy. 😊 While watching the concert and listening to their songs which I practically already listen to on a daily basis, I can’t help the tears (I was legit crying while they were performing “Autumn Leaves” not gonna lie) falling from my eyes because they have grown so much and I feel so proud at having witnessed them become the artists they aspired to be.

They are an inspiration to a lot of people and I hope BTS will continue to RUN with ARMY’s and to keep dreaming and just be Young… Forever. ❤️

- Kaye Allen

Hey Guys! (✿◠‿◠)

So I´m doin my first follow forever and want to thank each and every one of you! I´m almost over two years on tumblr and was able to meet u guys..so I´m very happy because of it >.< I reached my first 1k and wonder,why i didn´t do this before ^^ I’m very grateful for every single one of you, and I really wish you all wake up happy every single day because you deserve it. While I cannot follow all of you back sadly, I hope you know I appreciate every single one of ya.

I could not put all of the people I do follow on this list, though, since that would take ages, so I italicized those, whose blogs make me cry/laugh/squeal on a daily basis and bolded those,who are special to me. So, without further ado, here they are( I will not do it in an order,cause it would take TOO long (≧ω≦)) :

ohhyorin luhtella baek-street-byun sehunsdickistoolongforyourdash baekhyunshandporn beyond-perfectchen hifsachoi xinxing10 jeo-neun-bitch-imnida keydrianna yehet-is-not-my-style oliviatwist sehunspubes rottenboogie kyungsooboo mskahve sulkjin pikeekachu sehunassthetic kimindae yobo-seyo lordminsuga ds-kpopper yagsa bimbap 2-7-yehets-plus-1-galaxy thewabbit taoinc morebaek4me oppasarangay taebooo mrs-ohsen lalalafool alwayshineelove exiuminseok bunnymaknae00 dayuminseok kkaebbaeksong exotic-by-night oppaing247 bomqueen makemelubaek hyoteu baektown xlilywolfx luunicorns exo-kr exo–eh see-the-xiububblebutt-twerking veante kaitranquility we-nevergrowup xiao-exo annyeongpabo nini-soo nagisaking pinkiejinki bwiyomi silverlyy hongbinstinyhands rinadaily kpopstolemysociallife forgotten-dreamss yourmyunghee yourbiaslikesitrough sushironi fybaekhyun lionbaek luhcifer pornbaekoh-sehun-tho​ 

Love u guys (。♥‿♥。) XoXo

I still wonder about you, you know? My thoughts are no longer about us. It’s about you. Just you as a normal human being I used to know so well. I wonder if you’re doing well. I wonder if you still go to that gym every weekend and then replace the burned calories with a half pound burger in your favorite burger joint. I wonder if you finally got to read that poetry book we used to talk about. I wonder if you finally make up with your brother because I know you love him so much. I wonder if your mother finally says she’s so proud of you so you won’t have to cry about it anymore. I wonder if there’s someone for you to tell you how much they’re proud of you when you have done something good in daily basis. You need that, you know? I wonder a lot of things. The regular things you used to do actually. Are your routine still your routine? Has something changed? Do you still hate that yellow fruit that I love? Are you doing fine? So many questions that won’t be answered. But that’s fine. I know you are doing well because that’s you. Things always get better when it comes to you. And I am really happy because of that. But still, I couldn’t stop myself from wondering if you ever wonder about me the way I wonder about you right now…

whatever you do just don’t imagine johanna going to visit peeta in district 13 before he joins the star squad and she greets him by saying “hey there, little fucker” and he doesnt answers her because he is too busy trying to clear up his mind and johanna tries to get his attention again “going to join the girl on fire?” and he whispers “yeah, i guess” and she laughs sitting in his bed. before he leaves the bedroom  she says “are you okay?” and he turns to her and says “yeah, yeah” and she says “good luck over there, lover boy” and he gives her a weak smile and she feels a really strange feeling because peeta was basically the only person she had on the capitol and she realized she was crying because she could lost two of her only friends in that godamn mission