i cry everytime i watch this scene


★ Mon-El Appreciation Week ★

Day 3 favorite heartbreaking/angsty moment: Karamel break up

what if the true reason why zoya left the darkling’s ranks is bc she saw the way he looked at alina & saw how frustrated he started to get at work so one day she was like, “you two just need to bone” and he was like “?? what did you say??” while ivan made a strangled noise in the back of his throat and whispered, hoping against hope, “don’t say it again” but zoya just looked her soverenyi dead in the fucking eye and went, “i said you two need to bone.”
so there he is, eyes like saucers, nostrils flaring, and he just whispers in the deadliest, most dangerous voice he can find: “hoooooow DARE you soldier nazyalensky. I AM YOUR SUPERIOR!!!!!!!! COMMANDER!!!!!!(bOOoOoooOOooOOooOOoOOOONE!!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!)


SANA: We practiced and lived together for 3 years. I really believed that she would debut. I never imagined Momo getting eliminated.  

JYP: If the audience hadn’t voted, and if I had chosen, then Momo wouldn’t have been eliminated.

“… even if Fushimi won’t come back to us, it’d be good if you two could talk one day.. with Yata in the place he belongs to and Fushimi in the place he belongs to..” – Totsuka Tatara

This last scene really broke my heart everytime I watched it! It has such a deep meaning and then I saw Ue-chan crying again and then I remember those Tatara’s words to Misaki and then that last song being played again and then.. aaaaaa I JUST CAN’T STOP CRYING (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) why

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On your tags for the "I'm curious to whether either of us can survive separation" gif you just reblogged: OMFG i think the same thing everytime I watch that scene. I always image a Jane the Virgin style narrator being like "To the surprise of none, the could not in fact survive separation"

These ruinous idiots THEY ARE RUINED AND I AM RUINED AND EVERYTHING IS RUINED WITH THEIR LOVE!!! I mean have you ever seen two people more achingly, devastatingly in love than these two are in this scene?

Watching them fool themselves into believing that surviving on their own without the other is possible will forever make me ache and scream and cry and laugh because sorry guys… not happening. Carving out your own hearts and feeding them to one another would have a higher rate of survival.

Let's sum this up: Gullruten

1) Tarjei didn’t win the best male actor award.

I don’t get this. Tarjei deserved to win more than ANYONE. I personally think that for an actor who’s only 17, he just should’ve gotten that award. Like its not fair. If there’s this “he’s still too young” bullshit going on, I’m SUING

2) skam didn’t win the best drama

Again, what is this? Skam managed to become incredibly popular not in just Norway, but in the WORLD. The various scenes mostly from s3, are the moments that make me cry everytime I watch them, I’m sure you guys can relate. No joke. That’s something that deserves this award.

3) Henjei won people’s choice awards!

Ahh now the good news! #Henjei won and they presented a beautiful speech where they basically thanked the fans, Julie and the skam ‘boys and girls’. I’ve never been more proud of them. BABES.

4) o Helga natt won!

It really is the best scene, isn’t it? ♡
O Helga natt seriously deserves every award in the world. It’s one of the most emotional things I’ve ever seen. It’s heartbreaking and happy at the same time. IM crying again jahsgsgg

5) THE INTERVIEWS(takk Twitter for the translations)
For the the fellow Henjei shippers, or people who love them both as friends, here’s some very important information from the interviews. Ur welcm alt er Henjei’s interviews

1. Both of them confirmed that the other person is a good kisser.
2. Apparently kissing each other/kissing a male is just like kissing a girl¿?
3. They show up in the s4 to do some background kissing.
4. Tarjei isnt on the social media because It’s best for him(but definitely not best for us jskshsg).


6) THE KISS|the afterparty

If you hate the idea of Henjei and you’re one of those ppl who like to protect henl*a to the death, then you should probably stop reading and leave this post ♡ thank you.

So both of them appeared in the 'kiss cam’. They didn’t even seem surprised nor uncomfortable. Neither of them hesitated and just like that, Tarjei’s tongue appeared in Henrik’s mouth. Then i nearly cried and died inside at least 84 times. I’m sure you’ve all seen the video yourself, they just made out for like a few seconds and then acted like it was the most natural thing ever. Bc natural connection.
David literally acted like Magnus(and me) during the kiss. Like that was legit Magnus’ fangirling.

They had a little party afterwards. Or should I say afterAwards. I’m sorry jsksjskgag MOVING ON.
Tarjei screamed. Henrik screamed. I screamed. Ice cream.

Siv liked some Henjei pics on insta. Same mother, same.

7) poor me
Just writing this(from hell) so you can relate and feel a little more at peace knowing that you’re not the only one who almost jumped out of the window bc of two grown up men kissed each other.
I was literally and unmistakably LAYING on the floor until my family tried to explain that the floor was dirty.
We had guests And I started explaining the situation to them with this huge enthusiasm and I was screaming in the process. My mum’s close friend thought I was just messing with them and joking around.

A seven year old friend was trying his best to calm me down and honestly didn’t understand why I was yelling at the laptop.

I nearly dropped the said laptop.

And that was Gullruten!
I’m more than happy right now. The stuff that happened was so.. real, not staged nor fake, and the cameras clearly managed to show us that. Tarjei seemed more confident than ever. Henjei was happy with the cast. What else does the skamily need?
More awards to win so we can get more henjei content HAHAHA
But seriously though, it might actually be one of the best fredags ever. I love life.
I’d seriously expect ANYTHING but the kiss. Can you believe Henjei. I lUV THEM. I LUV THEM. I LUV THEM. I LUV THEM. ILUV-

And I just finished. And I’m still crying.

This whole storyline is heartbreakingly believable. Everytime something like this happens irl, it’s one more time than is acceptable.

It’s incredibly well acted, and very well put together. And does it not shy away from real and extremely upsetting scenes. I’ve cried a few times in earlier episodes but the final one literally had me gasping for breath because I was sobbing so hard at certain scenes.

I would say that everyone should watch this show or read the book but I also don’t think everybody is ready to.

If you are going to watch this then take the warnings posted at the start of the episodes seriously because they are very serious.

It’s seem weird to say that I enjoyed this show because it almost feels like I shouldn’t have.

I guess I’ll say I enjoyed the emotional roller coaster.

I think we can all agree that this was one of the most emotional scenes that any us of have ever seen. I mean I bawled my eyes out the first time I saw it, yet somehow it breaks my heart more and more everytime I watch it. And I’ve just finally figured out one of the many reasons explaining why I do that. 

Look at his face. We can all see those tears. However I think when the majority of us watched this, we saw them, let it increase our pain, and accepted them as a part of the overall emotion of this scene. But have any of us really asked the question:

Why is he crying?

Sherlock knows he won’t die. Obviously. It’s obvious that his plan to fake his death was pre-meditated. We know this. And even though we cried and cried, we knew Sherlock would come back just as he himself knew. So why is he crying? One could say that he’s just trying to convince John that he really is about to kill himself. But come on, there is no way in hell John can see the tears from there. And a guy like Sherlock can undoubtedly make it sound like he’s crying without shedding actual tears. So why is he crying?

I think one has to look at what he’s saying and to whom he is saying it.. I invented Moriarty. I’m a fake. It’s just a trick, just a magic trick. He says these words to John. To protect him, Sherlock tries to make John believe that he is nothing but a fraud. And although he wants John to believe this lie to keep him safe, I think Sherlock is terribly terribly afraid that John really will believe it. This is why Sherlock is crying. Because he is absolutely terrified of the possibility that the person whom he cares about most in the world will believe he is a liar. Sherlock doesn’t want John to be let down, and he doesn’t want to be the one to let him down, but he forces himself to look like a horrible liar to keep John safe, and it wounds him deeply to do so.

This makes the scene so much more emotional for me, while simultaneously increasing my respect for Sherlock. This exact moment is proof that Sherlock will always always put his friends, especially John, before himself and his pride.

EXO Reaction || Girlfriend Sobbing While Watching Baekhyun’s Death Scene In ‘Moon Lovers‘

I’ll skip the former exo members as it might be a little awkward for them. I’m just not sure what to write for them considering their relationship with Exo is kind of unknown


*Tears up as well, but only if it was for the same reason*
“My acting here was so good, oh boy, I know, Y/N, your boyfriend was a real man in front of the camera, you must be proud”


“Oh no, you’re watching this… sad… sad scene…”
*Sheds a single tear*


“No way you’re watching that. Crying once was enough for me”


*Sits beside you and hugs you*


*Gets emotional, like everytime someone dies in a drama*


“Ohh… It’s Baekhyunnie’s part… Hang in there Y/N, he’s not dead in real life”


*Pretty emotionless*
“He was so cringey here, don’t you think?”


“Aww, you’re so delicate and cute”


“What if I was Baekhyun… Would she cry or laugh…”


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This is the most beautiful comliment and loveliest words a husband ever told to his wife…She is indesturctuble,precious,shining and so beautiful like diamond…so referencing her words to Halassi Androvar he said Married a diamond for his marriage with River look how emotinal and in love when he said this ! and then he stood up watched her and smiled and proud of his wife and thanked to his chance <3 I cry everytime I watch this scene he loves her so much… And he decided to make her understand how precious she is to him and how much he loves and admires her..So he gave them a happily ever after which that he can show her this properly… <3<3

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okay one of my favorite emison moments was the handholding when emily was in the hospital in season 6. Like especially when ali rubbed her thumb over emily's hand and squeezed it idk why but it touched my heart?

do i cry everytime i watch that scene?? absolutely.