i cry ever time

My thoughts about Requiem

Okay iam kinda mad and sad in the same time: /
First of all ….yeah they finally did it they freaking killed splinter for real this time ! I can’t stop crying for God sake this is the first time ever that I cry over a so called a kid show !! (Although I already watched it on Korea before but still ) that scene that music that screaming EVERY SINGLE THING ruined me ciro and brandon surely know how to make fans suffer ! I really loved the ep my heart was beating so fast during the whole ep
the voice actress did awesome job well done !
Okay here is some things that really pissed me off ….
I’m like super mad at this… karai was the one that suffered from shredder more than everyone else but instead she have to stay back …why just WHY !!!!
And I don’t really like this whole love around april (don’t get me wrong I love her really😅 ) like she is already everyone’s favourite well almost 😅….splinter cared about her since the beginning of the show they had so many cute and special moments together which is very sweet ….
But why splinter didn’t shared like this moments with karai too as far as I know she is his biological daughter the only thing that had left from his love tang shen …
Why when Sth happen with april he goes to help her as quick as he can… but for karai he just rely on his son’s like it’s their responsibility this has fully showed on the ep vengeance is mine ….
I know I shouldn’t talk about these on this post but I really feel bad for karai that she didnt even had the chance to meet to her mother …and her father died too without having so many special moments together ….
I hope you guys dont see this whole post as a bad thing for the characters you like I just wanted to share my thoughts as well oh and sorry for my bad English Iam still learning lol
Thanks for reading all of this !!!!


                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.

Oh, he’s no stranger, we’ve met before, once upon a dream.

goodbye, forever, i literally can’t believe this happened,,,,


get you a man who looks at you the way Shin looks at EunTak when she isn’t looking..


this will live forever in history as the best got7 vine of all time


“We know that night was 24 years of constant joy.” — Steven Moffat of the Doctor and River’s last night 

 "What a night that was.“  Indeed. The night the Doctor managed to show River Song she was loved and worth it, and pushed away all her demons and insecurities. 

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you answered that question already but is it okay to repost your art on Instagram? :)

Ahhhhh sorry but I don’t allow my art being reposted anywhere (it’s actually the first line in my blog’s description…)

Anon said: Just a reminder so you have plenty of time but mattsun and yahaba’s bday is March 1~

…that’s really far away, isn’t it. Let’s think about the boy whose birthday is today instead! (it’s Yamagata) ((hbd my baby)) (((let’s hope I’ll feel good enough later to actually draw something for him)))

Anon said: Do you ever think about how convenient it is that some parents named their kids in accordance with their powers? (Denki, Bakugou, etc)?

Well, Bakugou’s called Katsuki so I’m assuming that was more of a hopeful wishing thing on Mitsuki and Masaru’s part than anything else, but yeah! I kinda headcanon Denki to be a name that runs in the family, and!!!! Horikoshi actually made canon that in the bnha universe kids can also take the mother’s surname! (like Jirou, who together with her quirk also got her mother’s surname!)

It’s a pretty neat thing to think about, how the quirks are full part of a family line even on the small things like names and surnames! Makes you wonder if some of their ancestors just straight out changed their surnames to fit with their quirks, or if the surnames sometime in the past became some kind of way to more easily keep track of people’s quirks, so people just got their surnames changed whether they wanted or not? It’s such an interesting topic to me tbh