i cry daily over this angel

Here’s to the angels who have never felt comfortable in the skins that currently harbor them. The Angels who wake up at 4am from the slightest discomfort of their human bodies. Whether it be getting twisted in their sheets and feeling strangled, or those with skin sensitive enough to wake them if it’s too dry or not clean enough.

To the Angels who’s backs and shoulders burn and ache as if they had carried weights of solid gold up mountains. Pain is just a way of life for them, something they expect to have daily.

Here’s to the angels who cry when their human loved ones joke about going to Hell. Who’s hearts ache for those who loathe themselves to the point where they expect nothing good from life anymore.

Here’s to the angels who were raised in very religious homes, but oddly never felt at home in a church. To LGBTQ+ angel’s who were raised thinking they would be damned for who they love.

To the Angels of color who never could have imagined humans being so cruel over something like the pigment of ones skin.

I am acknowledging your struggles, weather they be escapable or constant. The Creator has so much love for you and our brothers and sisters, you are not alone. (Feel free to add onto this post)