i cry daily because of this team

Dating Bucky Barnes would include

-being the only one who’s able to cut his hair
-he’ll fight anyone else who tries to do it
-but not you, because reasons
-reassuring him about his arm
-kissing his scars every night before going to bed
-a little distance in public
-but lots of PDA in private
-not many people know this, but he REALLY loves cuddles and kisses
-so that’s exactly what you do
-making magnets out of your face
-and putting them on his metal arm
-“this way everyone will know that this hot piece of ass is off the market”
-cute nicknames
-buying him a mobile phone so that he can call you when there’s an emergency but you’re out
-him calling you 12 times just because he misses you
-he still doesn’t believe you when you say that you’ve liked him ever since you first met
-“aaaww you had a crush on me, doll? That’s embarassing”
-“we’ve been dating for almost a year”
-but he’s up to other things too if you know what i mean
-,,,,,,,that metal arm works wonders,,,,,,,,,
-introducing him to netflix
-netflix and chill means watching netlfix and chilling
-you knew this after a v awkward conversation you had with him after asking him to netflix and chill with you
-binge watching Stranger Things
-“babe calm down, you’ll see”
-you two being into paranormal stuff
-which leads to scaring each other on a daily basis
-which again leads to cuddles and kisses, because he feels bad for scaring you
-you intentionally being overdramatic about the scares
-the team being really weirded out by your realtionship
-but they see how happy you make each other so they deal with it
-i love bucky barnes
-please get me a bucky barnes

So this is my first post hello, i hope this doesn’t suck but just in case please be nice i’m v sensitive i’ll cry

Forced revenge: Try to get me fired and blackmail me twice? No no no, f*ck YOU

(warning: very very long story)

TLDR: At the top because this is a f*ck long story: A manager I didn’t even work under prevented a raise and bonus one year, I forgave her 2 years later, got blackmailed twice by her in relation to a dumb c*nt coworker who tried to prevent me doing my job, and made out with a great paid vacation, filing an HR case against her, and ending up in the best job of my life.

So a lot of backstory to appreciate this one. I use to work in another company where I worked with 2 of the worst women I ever met in my life: A manager (lets call her Erin) and a Senior (lets call her Jenny).

Erin’s Backstory: Erin is/was a 40 year old divorced woman who just entered a second marriage to a dude she was always b*tching about leaving. Literally, once a week I would hear talk about how he’s an a**hole and she was going to move out. Erin was the office type of person who was nice to your face but would stab you in the back at first chance to make herself look better (or think it would get her ahead). Literally, not only did she do this to me but to peers at her level or above thinking it would make her look better. Real two-faced c*nt.

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Name: Nicolle 

Age: 16! And Panicking

Pronouns: She/her

Stray Kids bias: Felix

Member(s) you relate to the most: tbh the lowkey strict leader Chan because like same?? i just want the best for my friends i dont mean to be so harsh?? sht happens i guess. also emo elmo aka Changbin because I try to go for the emo aesthetic personality but my room is pastel paradise 

How you got into Stray Kids: I was getting my daily intake of DAY6 mvs when I looked over and the the cute lil thumbnail for Hellevator. I ignored it for like a week but then I got tired of it following me around so I just watched it and here I am running a blog for them.

Other fandoms you’re in: BTS, DAY6, The Rose, I’m Team Iron Man to the last cell of my body and I will cry if you mention Tokyo Ghoul, Yuuri Katsuki or Nico di Angelo.

Favorite thing that’s happened so far in the show: OH MY YEAH, SOLDIER CHALLENGER, HELP ME JESUS CHRIST

Something people might know you by in the fandom: my account in general or the weirdly long “in this house we believe minho will debut w/ stray kids” post

Cereal or milk first: Yogurt.

What intro do you like best: Stay don’t stray?? Nine or None??

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anonymous asked:

SAO I have been avoiding pic of Freddie because I don't wanna know much about the babygate because I know how hard it is for Louis, but my friend showed me recent pic of Freddie and he looks like Louis alot. Same eyes, nose and mouth. I am freaking out because I don't know what this could mean... Is there some possibility that Briana was supposed to be a surrogate for him and Harry, but something went wrong?

Okay at first I was like 

because if I never hear someone claiming a baby looks like Louis as paternity evidence ever again it would still be too soon. 

You know who also looks exactly like Louis (and Freddie)? 

The pampers baby. Not to mention every other baby when you google “blue eyed baby boy”…

However, you raise a very valid point and a possibility that I thought was infinitely more likely than Louis ever sleeping with a woman, which is that B had initially been a surrogate situation gone wrong. @richardlawson even brought it up in Vanity Fair.

The timing of the baby and the lack of public solo projects for Louis and Harry would certainly imply that now would be as good a time as any if they wanted kids right now. 

But, the complete lack of emotion when Louis is in the presence of this child, as compared to every time he’s around literally any other baby or child, would heavily imply that he has no idea who this kid is. I’ve seen him bond with a box of popcorn faster. 

Not to mention that Harry “loves all the children and pregnant women” Styles hasn’t said one. Word. 

Like, really?? EVERYONE, including Zayn mind you -

- has acknowledged this child except Harry. Almost as if it was a stipulation that he wouldn’t have to be involved in watching the exploitation of Louis and a stranger’s baby. 

I know it seems as if Louis’ legal team is like

But I would be absolutely shocked if this was some kind of “surrogate getting one over on pop star” situation. Also the narrative around how they met and the clubbing photos imply that it probably wasn’t their intention to have her carrying their baby. Last time I checked surrogacy deals weren’t done over copious amounts of alcohol and in the presence of chimps. 

Also I would cry forever if this was a surrogacy gone so, so very wrong, because that would be heartbreaking. 

Anyway, this has been your daily reminder that