i cry because of this video

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*your youtube inspired me* what kind of youtube channel would the boys (SMT and Kino) have?


Shu - He probably went viral after somebody filmed him playing the violin and he kind of kept doing it.

Reiji - Lifehacks and podcasts. Mainly him talking about certain subjects on an intellectual level, it’s so well put together that his fans are very patient when he takes a while to get one up.

Ayato - Let’s plays and dare videos mostly. He’s known for screaming and crying during extreme horror games and for that fantastic ego~

Kanato - Doll making. It’s weird, it’s creepy, it’s cute, it’s traumatizing to people with autonomophobia but it has Kanato written all over it. Plus his fans love seeing his face because not only does he look like a doll as well he is also super adorable… to them.

Laito - Sims, his channel is basically the sims (I believe he is an avid player of it) and probably just talk videos where he elaborates on subjects he finds interesting.

Subaru - Let’s plays and dares that he gets dragged into by Ayato. He’s known for extreme raging and breaking the wall beside his computer, his fans make many gifs of him punching the poor wall and it’s so funny.


Ruki - He does book reviews and cooking tutorials… he also has a book club

Kou - Daily vlogging mostly and he’s not afraid to whip out the camera in public and start talking to it either.. All Kou all the time… daily.

Yuma - Gardening tip mainly, he’s helped so many people with his tutorials that he’s sponsored and has his own gardening tool line.

Azusa - ASMR, he’s quiet enough and he liked the tingly feeling so much that he picked it up and he’s damn good at it.


Carla - Speedpaints mostly, maybe talking videos but not often because the comments are always thirsty and telling him how sexy his voice is… not saying he doesn’t like it tho.

Shin - A DIY channel but like sick shit, not your cute shit either he’s going Threadbanger on this shit. He also does dare videos.


Kino - Another gamer, he’s more known for Minecraft videos and management games like The Guild 2 or Civilization. Streams often.

Yui - DIYs and daily vlogs but like the boys gotta try and take her spotlight but it doesn’t work. “Good morning guys! I hope you all had a nice night, Ayato bit me while I was asleep… again.”

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Since I do not understand French, and the quality of the interview promo vid isn't that good, I come to you. They make Harry watch some vids and there's Zayn leaving, and I hope there won't be drama, but is he laughing?

Ok I basically only know enough French to ask people about their skincare recs (Quelle est votre recommandation de soin de peau?) and how the bathroom is (”Comment fonctionne la salle de bain”), so I went ahead and consulted @financial-larrie, an extremely glamorous French woman. 

Harry wasn’t laughing at Zayn, he was laughing at the dramatic hoe fan video. Here is her scientific play-by-play -I went ahead and pointed out where the Harry is for you in the screen shots because I’m so helpful:

financial-larrie They say : ‘but in 2015, badaboom" show videos of fans crying


financial-larrie: “Zayn leaves the band, the fans can’t take it”

that’s his face when the guy says" no more music from Zayn, no more tour from Zayn"

the “no more music from Zayn, no more tour from Zayn” it’s the guy in the video that they show

So in Melly’s summation, there is no Harreh vs. Zayn drama.

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You ever seen that video where this girl is crying "when i was in the third grade they treated me like a criminal" and then shes like "because i killed a man"? Well i think of connor (not that i think he killed a man but like imagine)

That’s totally Connor

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Isn't it cute how opposite Ryan's personality is from Roberts? Ryan is so shy while Robert would love the camera on him.

I know anon!!!

It’s honest to goodness one of my very favorite things. You can always tell in photos and videos whether Ryan is being Ryan or Robert. It’s just so blatant!!

Like, there are far too many people who talk shit about his acting. Just because he doesn’t cry or whatever the fuck they want to complain about, doesn’t mean he isn’t an amazing actor. He most definitely is.

It’s so OBVIOUS the difference between him and Robert. His whole demeanor changes. It’s like I’m seeing a different person. I love it.

Ryan is so shy and cute and dorky and Robert is as smug and charm and confidence.

Ugh I just have so many feelings about this.

“When Rainn’s on the exercise ball bouncing up and down, and I come over and I stab it with the scissors. In every other take we did, I stabbed it and it just slowly goes down. And the camera angle was that he just slowly ducked behind the thing and it was incredible. On the last take they were like “do one more.” And I remember going over and I went “boom”! And I must have hit the seam or something. And it exploded. He hit the ground as hard as I’ve ever seen a human hit the ground. If you go back and watch that episode, I just dive out because I am crying laughing.” - John Krasinski 

haechan: if you think chenle’s teaser photos came out the best, raise your hand!
jisung: *raises hand immediately*
haechan: don’t just pick him because he picked you! (chenle had picked mark and jisung as his favorites earlier)
jisung: no, seriously! i really like them! in that photo, his nose *pointing to the picture* that one, i really like how it came out
haechan: oh, that’s right. that one is really cute.
jisung: let me get up. *goes to grab the picture of chenle*
jisung: honestly doesn’t he look younger (more like a dongsaeng) than me?
chenle: *off screen* hey, hey!
jisung: *smiles knowingly* ah, he’s seriously cute. wow, cute, cute.
chenle: you’re also cute!!
jisung: no i’m not
chenle: *grabs pictures of jisung* i like these two pictures of jisung the best, this one is really cute! *showing jisung* please do the pose!
jisung: no, it’ll be too different
chenle: please do it!
jisung: *does the pose*

babies calling each other cute💕

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)

not to be offensive or anything but do you ever just think about the mine music video and how the little girl grows up watching her parents fight until they finally separate and then when she’s actually in a relationship and they have their first big fight she runs out crying, terrified he’s gonna leave, because it’s “all she’s ever known” but then he takes her by surprise and tells her he’ll never leave her alone because sometimes I think about that and cry my eyes out okay bye

what if one day all of the boys just tweeted a link to a youtube video and then when the video starts to play, it’s just a black screen at first but then you hear the opening chords of a.m. and then the first shot of the video filters in and it’s the boys coming in from the sides of the screen where they ran off in the history music video and they collapse into a hug but then they all walk off in the same direction and then they all pile into a car that’s way too small and there’s at least like 1.27 minutes of them in the car laughing and jamming to radio tunes and singing to a.m. (because it’s the a.m. music video yknow) and then Anyway they pull up to the BUNGALOW and then they all sit around the fire again and talk and laugh and then as the song ends, they’re still sitting around the fire except now you can hear their conversation and they’re reminiscing  and talking about how much they want to tour made in the a.m. so then one of them is just like, “let’s do it” and then the screen fades to black and it says that one direction is going back on tour

drawing curly hair
a quick step by step, tutorial(-ish) video on how I draw curly hair.

Wounded, but ok

hhhhhhhh i finished all of my assignments and exams this week yaaaay~ Have a crying geno bois because why not ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ. I had fun drawing this one too, with the gold paint and stuff hehehe~ 

Geno- @loverofpiggies

Tomoya Naka- Rainy Song