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Sad Eyes

Summary: Hope and happiness doesn’t come easy for Bucky, but he will make God himself pay if you lose yours
Warnings: language, very vague depression allusions
A/N: literally this is over 5000 words and I am sorry not sorry
A/N 2.0: shoutout to @buckyywiththegoodhair and @captainpunk for dealing with my half asleep first draft and ensuring it actually made sense
A/N 3.0: this is based on the True Colors scene in Trolls – which I can’t find a video of for the life of me – where Grumpy Gills McGee realizes that while he doesn’t care about his own happiness, he will rip apart hell if Butterfly Princess Sunshine is upset for half a moment

The music was loud, but not obnoxious. Leaning against one of the armchairs on the far side of the room, it was easy to hear your friends as they spoke. “…middle of an op, why did he feel that was an appropriate moment to hit on you?” Wanda was asking Natasha as you pulled your attention away from the brooding soldiers on the other side of the room and back to the girls in the chairs close to you. You took a sip of the drink Bruce had mixed for you. They were discussing the day before, and the unfortunate probationary agent that had decided Natasha was the next love of his life. 

“Being in the middle of an op caused far less of an issue than Sam did,” Natasha admitted, shaking her head.

“Sam?” you asked, reinserting yourself into the conversation. “He’s usually level-headed when it comes to guys hitting on you. It’s not like it’s rare, and you always shut it down hella fast.” 

Natasha chuckled, nodding her agreement before speaking. “I was leading the training team yesterday. Sam stopped by to bring my lunch – I’d left it at home. He didn’t need to be professional about it, and he knew I did.”

“Did Sam actually give the probationary agent a black eye?” Wanda asked, and you let your focus drift away from the girls and back to Bucky. He stood alone at the bar, a glass of whiskey in his hand. Steve had been with him earlier in the night, but had long since disappeared.

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When you lick his chest and abs:

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What or who is Nabil ??? 😝

Oh man are you in for a Treat™! Nabil is a photographer and video bruh who has shot videos for folks like Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean (!!!), Kanye, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and The Weeknd. 

He’s also shot a bunch of shit with Zehn, including his spreads/covers for Elle UK, Complex,  Clash, NME, NY Times, and whatever that top secret shoot in East Bumblefuck, NY from over the weekend. Let us peruse some of the things Nabil has shot with Zayn, because I enjoy crying on a Monday:

Another important detail is that Nabil has been there shooting footage from Zayn’s performances. To be a logical hoe, that’s typically a smart business hoe move for Zayn to own his own footage and loan it out to folks for a fee (Beyonce does it, for example), but also, that takes us into maybe possibly having some kind of documentary or visual albumness when you factor in some of the stuff that we’ve seen coming from the lstvisuals account, or something else that will probably ruin my life in the best possible way. 

BUUUUT, regardless, what I’m saying is that Nabil + Zehn make beautiful picture art together. 

the single most messed up i’ve ever been from a moment was when we were doing a book signing in a town called Bristol in England, and we met one really emotional mum - a sad mum. i mean anyone would just get slaughtered by that, there’s no way you can stand up to a sad mum, and she was just like “oh, my daughter or my son have had a really really tough year” but she was really emotional and crying and she was like “i just want to say thank you, everything’s been terrible. but just because they’ve been watching your videos, they’ve been smiling and having a good time”. that was the most real i’ve ever seen something and she was saying “it’s not like you’re Superman or you know..” but simply like - she just wanted to say “thank you. beacuse just by providing this light entertainment, you’ve been so helpful. i really appreciate that you’re just doing whatever the heck it is that you do” and it was that moment where i was like “i can’t complain about anything really” because even if i doubt like “how good is my content? why am i doing it? what’s the meaning of anything?” all of that doesn’t matter when you have that one mum saying “thank you”. despite what you think of what you do, purely because of it existing, you’re doing this really great thing - and that’s just stuck with me for a long time.
—  @danielhowell (at Playlist Live 2017)

“And I will cry you a thousand tears
The day you will return
Tonight I swear I’ll stay right here
Until you will return”

“Do you remember me ?” @stripeyworm​ (thanks again for the BG !!!)

haechan: if you think chenle’s teaser photos came out the best, raise your hand!
jisung: *raises hand immediately*
haechan: don’t just pick him because he picked you! (chenle had picked mark and jisung as his favorites earlier)
jisung: no, seriously! i really like them! in that photo, his nose *pointing to the picture* that one, i really like how it came out
haechan: oh, that’s right. that one is really cute.
jisung: let me get up. *goes to grab the picture of chenle*
jisung: honestly doesn’t he look younger (more like a dongsaeng) than me?
chenle: *off screen* hey, hey!
jisung: *smiles knowingly* ah, he’s seriously cute. wow, cute, cute.
chenle: you’re also cute!!
jisung: no i’m not
chenle: *grabs pictures of jisung* i like these two pictures of jisung the best, this one is really cute! *showing jisung* please do the pose!
jisung: no, it’ll be too different
chenle: please do it!
jisung: *does the pose*

babies calling each other cute💕

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)

i say “i’m seeing a therapist” and he takes a step backwards. why he wants to know. what happened. what made me like this, basically. what was the final step that pushed me safely into the side of scary people like them.

there’s a lot i think about. like how my illnesses effect me outside of the actual symptoms. like beyond the weight there’s a second river to drown in.

i mean we don’t talk about having to stare at employment papers where they ask you to self-identify your problems. that little bead of sweat that forms when you worry - what if i don’t tell them and i need help? what if i tell them and they think i’m a risk factor? what if they won’t give me the job?

we don’t talk about the way some people act when they find out. the ones who are rude about it are one thing. but then there’s those people you thought were your friends who act like you just told them you’re infectious. who become weird and distant and suspicious like a switch flipped. like if they get to close to you, you’ll give it to them.

we learn to be okay with things we overhear on the bus but we never get used to it coming out of the mouth of the people we love. we carry this secret with us like a rotted fruit, clutching it to our bodies. we’re ashamed of our scars in front of our boss. we don’t talk about our panic attacks during lunch breaks. when the cop pulls you over “i’m disassociating” isn’t an excuse we can open the page on. when you watch people make these ranting posts about how real friends always text back, how if someone loves you, they’ll find the time to spend. success stories make other people cry with inspiration while some part of your brain is saying you can’t do that, you’re not like them. things are uglier at the bottom. you can’t explain why you can’t just make friends. you can’t write because you’re depressed but when you’re depressed you write best. you can’t eat today and no don’t ask why please. nevermind taking the train. never mind trying to be happy. never mind reading books and watching movies and wondering where exactly are people like you in hero stories. i watch a video where a man tells me that being depressed is just a mindset. when i wear all black someone remarks i look particularly emo today. it’s 2017 does anyone say emo anymore, i ask her, and she laughs, “you just look like one of those fake-depressed girls.” okay.  

i don’t tell him my therapist is actually why things don’t happen anymore. why i’m getting a handle on it. my tongue feels swollen. i feel embarrassed talking about it. in the highest twist of irony, i think of how many people know my problems anonymously on the internet. i almost spill out all my troubles onto him. instead i tell him it’s just a precaution. that i think everyone should really see a therapist, they’re brain mechanics and we all need a tune-up now and then. he relaxes.

okay. okay. i’m sorry i’m one of them.

drawing curly hair
a quick step by step, tutorial(-ish) video on how I draw curly hair.

What we’ve gone through as people, learning about the importance of the LGBT representation on TV, and really understanding the community. A lot more than we potentially did before, adds a certain pressure because then you want to make sure that you do it justice, and make them proud in every moment. And every time I look into Kat’s eyes, I see the importance of it, a lot more than I possibly did before.


when I started drawing I intend to have angst in it cuz If i have to watch this heartbreaking music video then so do you but here take my Ohmtoonz trash