i cry at your perfection

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whoever made this video is a god send


(mostly about the first zone, and some early things you see once you get the explore the whole world) (spoilers, probably, read it only if you have completed at least the first zone (part 1) AND you fixed your tablet (part 2))

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Please tag this as needed, he turned out pretty gnarly! But this is how I pictured him as I was reading. I wanted to do some scenes from the fic but I ran out of time this morning. I really want to thank you for your writing though. It’s really inspiring!


*softly* : “my god. he’s beautiful.”

(for folks who don’t know, this is from my fic “Don’t forget. Don’t forget her.”

go read it if you don’t mind, if only for context.)

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Hello there friend, question here. Do you use any specific brush to blend on Clip Studio? I know you use only 2 brushes, but I was wondering what you do to make your shading so smooth ( I cry because it's too perfect ) ??

thank you! I’m sad because i tried screen recording myself coloring a drawing of mine for about 10 minutes (three times!) but my laptop cant handle it and the recording app would crash :(

so now i have to explain in screenshots which isn’t the greatest,s orry about this, this will be shown in a bad way because I don’t really know how to explain without a video.

I actually use the airbrush tool a lot for that smooth effect, but the oil paint flat brush is the best for blending. How I use the airbrush tool is I select a part of the base color I want shaded, and using the airbrush tool I draw gently over the selected part like shown below:

How I color is I fully color the person in base colors, and then I decide on a color for shading. To blend, you paint the two colors next to each other or over each other and using either color, paint one gentle stroke over the other shade and color pick the result of that (and repeat until smooth blend!). 

Use saturated colors for details (and within shadows, typically a lighter but brighter color than shadows).

distractions » jjk » part 2

» request:  would you consider another part to distractions? One where more romantic feelings are getting involved instead of just the lust. A little bit of angst like Y/N being jealous bc JK sometimes still looks at other cheerleaders bc short skirts everywhere but then it gets fluffy and JK realizes his own real feelings kind of thing? I can imagine it being super cute, but only if you’d be ok with writing it of course :) Its ok if you cant so no worries

» genre: fluff, angst, smut

» author’s note: i really really enjoyed writing the two parts to this scenario, and i hope you all enjoy it as well! please feel free to request any type of scenarios, whether it be plus size reader, male reader, or anything else! i want each and every one of you to be able to relate to my stories and put yourself in the situation. thank you all so much for your support! 

**also i couldn’t help myself, so there’s some really cute fluffy ass smut at the end, which you do not have to read if you’d rather just read the angst/fluff part. i’ll include an asterisk(*) where the smut starts if you’d rather not read it :))

» word count: 2.9k+

» warnings: plus size reader, basketball au, cheerleader au, jealousy/angst, masturbation (male), dry humping, sweet talking, etc.

[nsfw at the end]

“Y/L/N,” Coach Kim’s voice startles you, the sound of your name echoing loudly off the walls of the locker room. You jump up, shuffling tiredly to the front of the locker room, your legs weak and sore, and your mind clouded with fatigue as you got barely any sleep the night before. Jungkook had kept you up all night, it was like the boy could go a million rounds before tiring out, whereas you tired out after only a couple. 

“Yes, coach?” You ask, sighing as you see her scowl at the too-short skirt that you’d now had for over two weeks, because the supplier was taking forever to restock their larger sizes. You complained about it often, annoyed at the joking comments from your teammates, but Jungkook absolutely loved it. You’d catch him staring often, each time receiving a wink from him when you blushed red hot. 

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Because You’re Wonderful

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Note: I really need to focus on the upcoming write a thon but I wanted to write something small for you guys because I am so grateful that you are all being so kind and supporting #bekindtowriters!

Warnings: self hatred

Word Count: 700

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You groan and slam your bedroom door shut behind you as you sink down to the floor. Your cradle your head in your hands and pull your knees up to your chest as the tears start to flow freely. 

All day everything just kept getting worse, you got stuck in traffic and ended up late to work, your boss then yelled at you calling you incompetent despite your explanation and to top it all off your computer broke down and put you a day behind in work, earning you another lecture from your boss. 

When you hear a knock on the bedroom door you jump, you didn’t realize Lin was home when you stormed in and slammed the door shut. 

“Y/N, babe can I come in?” Lin asks from the other side of the door. You take a deep breath, wiping the tears away from your eyes before you answer. 

“Yeah” you mumble, loud enough for you to hear. 

You can’t figure out how the hell you were ever good enough for a man like Lin. A man who spends his time trying to make the world a better place, producing incredible pieces of art while you can’t even get to work on time and do your job like you’re supposed to. 

As Lin carefully makes his way into the room and comes to sit next to you, draping his arm around your shoulders the horrible words your boss yelled at you earlier swim around in your head.

You don’t notice that you’ve started to cry even harder until Lin pulls you tight against him and kisses your head. 

“Shh, don’t cry baby. I hate seeing my perfect wife so upset” he says gently, rubbing a hand down your arm. You clutch onto his sleeve as you try to calm your breathing down, focusing on taking slow and deep breaths. “What happened today?” He asks. 

“I-I was late to work… and then my boss kept screaming at me. He told me I was incompetent, stupid, hopeless… he’s right, he’s right” You sob, the tears once again falling fast down your face. 

He takes a sharp breath and tucks your head under his chin, holding you tight against his body as he presses soft kisses to your head. 

“No baby, you are none of those things. You are amazing, I could spend years trying to find the right words to describe you and I still wouldn’t be able to come up with anything. You are incredible and everyone that know’s you is lucky to have you in their life” he says, his voice soothing and calm. 

You can’t help the blush that flushes to your cheeks as he speaks, not knowing what to say to a compliment like that. You’ve been in love with Lin for years, and still he is able to make you blush like crazy with just his words. You don’t know how he see’s you the way he does, you don’t even know how to see yourself the same way. 

“I don’t deserve you Lin” You mutter. He chuckles as he rests his hand under your chin and gently tilts your head up to look at him. 

“You deserve the world” He says softly. 

“But why? I can’t even do my job right” you explain but he presses a finger against your lips. 

“Because you’re wonderful. You are special and kind, always considerate of everyone around you. I wish I could give you everything you deserve” He says.

You smile at his words, a small laugh bursts from your throat and he grins down at you. 

“There’s that smile I fell in love with” he says, softly stroking your cheek. 

“I love you so much Lin” You whisper, as you hold onto him tight. He keeps his grip on you strong as you finally start to relax. 

All his words flowing through you and cancelling out everything your boss yelled at you earlier. You feel safe and loved with his arms around you, you feel like nothing bad can get to you when he’s here for you. 

“I love you too Y/N, more than you know” he whispers.


dctv ladies appreciaton weekfavorite romantic relationship: 
Westallen ( The Flash )

” It doesn’t matter to me if you’re The Flash or not. You Barry that’s who I want to see if I have a future with. “

Why can’t I stop drawing them? sOMEONE SEND help plEASE.

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Everytime I go to your blog, I swear I'm gonna cry because OOOOH MY GOD YOU'RE SO PERFECT AND YOUR CREATIONS ARE TOOOO PERFECT

wha!? U sure u got the right person lol? *pat pat*

nothings perfect :V .. just trying to get there.