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After the medal ceremony, a summary

After Autumn Classic’s medal ceremony (x,x)

You wonder why Yuzu suddenly took the gold medal off his neck?

It’s because he thought he could jump a 3A with a bouquet on one hand and a medal on the other……(okay actually he didn’t want to the medal to swing around but still =.=)

And then you wonder why he put the flower on the ice like that?

It’s because he wanted to do a fucking revenge with 3A-1L-1L-3S !!!!!

And now that he’s done, he had to kill us by giving that flower to a small girl….

…playing “You go first!” with Misha….

…. and finally, bless those fans that got to touch his hand (lol look at their faces XD)

I still cannot believe how this can all happen in just over a minute XD Oh Yuzu~~~


“I feel like I could eat the world raw.”

Please consider Song of Achilles au for tododeku im crying at a dennys

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I have loved you for a thousand decades, and I’ll love you for infinite years to come.
The hope of holding you again gets me through the loveless lifetimes where pain, heartache, and rebirth steal my memories of you.
Always coming back to the faith that love conquers time and space.
You, my love, are the moon and I the starry skies.
We will always find each other across the divide.
—  unknown

Chaz Wolcott, 

   I don’t think that you could possibly understand the magnitude of what you’ve done with this audition. This is the kind of audition that dancers and non-dancers alike will come back to watch years from now because they cannot get enough of you. People fall in love with you and your flawless taps, your impeccable musicality or most importantly the way we can see that you love what you’re doing with every fiber of your being, smiling from ear to ear, and having the time of your life on that stage. The standing ovation you received did not end with the back row of that theater, no my friend, you had people on their feet all around the country.

  You are the kind of dancer that will inspire so many people in more ways than may seem possible with something as simple as an audition like this. Generations will go take their first tap class because of this and the fact that one day they want to be like you. Young eyes lit up all across the world when you tapped across that stage, that is something special that cannot be learned, that is a piece of your heart, a heart that was born to dance, shining so brightly and lighting the way for so many more to come. 

   Go on my friend, be the ray of sunshine that you are. Congratulations, you’ve earned this.

someone you’ve helped more than you know. 

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and as isak tells even more, even begins to understand that it wasnt entirely his bipolar that was preventing isak from being open. isak'll talk about things from when he lived in the basement like "i couldnt tell jonas, no way, so when he walked me home i waited for him to turn the corner before walking 4 more miles to the kollektiv" and even realizes that he didn't even tell //jonas// this stuff but isak reassures him "i, i tell him stuff now. and you too. it's not like that anymore, promise"

isak is slowly, slowly learning to open up to people, and it’s so wonderful for even to see. sometimes it starts with even, sometimes jonas - even is fine with that, as long as isak is talking to someone, and not keeping things to himself.

when he learns about isak’s past in full (he never gets a full answer to start with, just little admissions here and there, about his family life, and about being so deeply in the closet for so long, and everything that came with that) it all starts to make sense. isak has very much been a victim of the “boys don’t cry” idea, and it’s had such an effect on him, making him believe that he’s got to get through things alone, even when it’s breaking him apart inside.

but he’s learning, slowly, and even sees this. he sees isak begin to volunteer the information that he’s had a rough day, or he didn’t sleep last night, or he’s worried about an assignment. even always does the most that he can to make isak comfortable with sharing this, makes sure isak knows its not his fault for feeling bad, and as time goes on it gets easier.

even is so proud of how far isak has come, and he lets him know this as much as he can. he whispers it into isak’s hair, or he draws it into his skin with his finger, or he holds him for as long as it takes isak to realise what even thinks of him.

it gets easier to talk, and it gets better when he does, for both of them.

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headcannons to the boys reaction if gardienne gets hurt in battle?

hellowwwwww everyone!

How have you been? I just made my last exam today and I’m finally free.
I’m a bit bitter because I am so distracted but anyways…
Also, I’m super hungry… and I’m tooooooooo lazy to get food. What should IIIII DOOOOO!

I’ll make a “solo” post about this, but how the fucking hell do y’all do your MCL and Eldarya’s profiles sooooooo pretty and “"goals””?? IM JELLY BABYY!!

When I re-read (idk if that’s a word but ok) what I wrote I notice I made a lot of mistakes :P I’m so sorry, sometimes I type too fast I don’t notice my damn errors. I’ll fix them all later because I hate orthographic errors or gramatical errors.

Anyways, this has been WAY TOO LONG on my ask box.
I’m so sorry for being a lazy ass, please love me.

Hope you like it ;))


  • We all headcanon Nevra as a mother, so you know how much worried he would be when he enters the infirmary.
  • He would ask a lot of questions too while analysing you.
  • Nevra wouldn’t be all freaky touching you all over the place and shaking you.
  • He would observe you and ask you questions, you can tell he’s worried as I meantioned previously.
  • He would be mad too. You were his friend/lover (as you wish) and he should be able to protect you when you can’t really do it.
  • If you were hurt in a battle against an enemy, he would probably suggest to kill them.
  • He would keep an eye on you for a long time to make sure you were treating yourself.
  • Résumé: He would be really worried and sad he couldn’t help, because he likes you a lot as a lover or as a friend.


  • Ezarel would be a bit worried but not too much.
  • At least that’s what he says to himself lol.
  • But no, I’m serious… When he heard you really got hurt in a battle agains an enemy he would be soooooo worried but when he gets to the infirmary and sees that you’re fine and awake he gets less worried.
  • Will probably make sure you’re eating well, drinking water, taking medicine and will take you to the infirmary to treat your wounds/injuries.
  • He will be less extreme with you and be slightly more patient.
  • Basically he would worry about you, keep an eye on you and, of course, suggests to kidnap one of the enemies, cover him in honey and leave him in the forest so he can be eaten by insects and animals…ha ha ha :))) :))))
  • Would then say that it would be a waste of honey. Which makes you laugh.


  • Valk believes that getting hurt in battles makes you stronger and wiser in the future, so at first, he’s not really worried.
  • But when he sees all your wounds and bruises he gets more worried.
  • Get ready gurl, he’s gonna give you the talk of your life.
  • Which you think is kinda cute and you’re amazed because he’s so caring. aw aw aw
  • He probably teaches you some more ways to defend yourself when you get better.
  • Doesn’t suggest anything besides a normal confrontation with the enemies.
  • Will keep an eye on you, to make sure you’re doing fine and not being a trouble to his heart and to yourself.

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oh my gosh, your new chapter of ghost lights is unreal. It's so beautiful and perfect, and once again, the depth you give Noah and Robin is astounding! The way you handle scenes is literally perfect, like, you know exactly when to say what, and when not to say anything?? If that makes sense? I don't really know how to put it into words haha. You've made me care about Robin and Noah as though they're personal friends of mine. Thank you so much for giving us this story! <3

wh what the hell ////

is your plan to kill me with your messages becAUSE IT SURE IS WORKING

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Any mention of Hoseok gets me so excited and emotional at the same time TT I love seeing other hobi stans get super passionate when talking about him cause he deserves the galaxy

OKAY BUT ME!! I love my man and I love other Hobi stand pls let me love you ;-;

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Aladdin for that meme?

Aladdin from Magi

Sexual Orientation Headcanon: Pansexual

Gender Headcanon: Genderfluid, though I also adore transgender headcanons when it comes to Aladdin as well.

Mental Illness / Neurodivergent Headcanon: I actually headcanon that Aladdin dissociates and that he has ADHD. I also like the idea of him as being somewhat emotionally detached as well— not because I think that it’s a solid piece of his personality, but because I don’t think he should be portrayed as being neurotypical given how long he was isolated with Ugo. I tend to try to focus on the littlest things that could point at neurodivergence when it comes to Aladdin because I hate how the fandom seems to think he’s a bland character when it comes to his personality.

3 Random Headcanons

  • He feels bad that he never had the chance to experience a normal childhood. He wishes he’d gotten to meet Solomon and Sheba, not only because they’re his parents, but also because he desperately wishes he’d been able to have a loving stereotypical childhood. He’s jealous of people who grew up with their parents and he feels bad for being jealous but he can’t help it.
  • He’s actually a very physically affectionate person if people will give him the chance to be. Holding hands, cuddling, hugging, just leaning on someone; he loves physical affection.
  • Aladdin didn’t grow up with social norms and therefore has very, very little knowledge about them. He doesn’t understand them and half of them are stupid from his perspective, so he doesn’t really try to understand them either.

I remember one time I would post pics of me graduating, so here it is! I would honestly like to send a huge thank you to this blog; you guys are honestly family to me and you made me realize that being able to write is such a gift. Letting everyone see it is a gift. You all made me realize that there is more to life than being successful, it’s about cherishing the moments made and keeping them close to your heart. My hiatus is honestly due to all my college classes and high school, and I’m SOOOO DEEPLY SORRY I LOVE YOU PLS DON’T HATE ME !!! Anyway, I will continue to write for you all, and encourage that you all will do the same and cherish life. Cause I’m so glad I lived long enough to see it, all of you guys are a dream and I’ll love you all forever. NOW WHO’S READY FOR NDRV3 ~ Mod Eri

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