i cry and my tears are lancelot

Dark Lance Idea

Lance sat in a large gold beautiful canary cage. His soft purple eyes gazed out the bars. He shifted closer to the edge and held onto the cold steel.
  Loud foot steps fell, revealing a tall figure with purple skin and long silver hair.
Lance tilted his head and he fluttered his lashes, “Prince?”
Lotor flashed a small smirk, “Yes, my pretty song bird?”
“I feel.. Lonely,” the human male spoke softly, “I miss… I’m missing something.. Or someone.. Am I missing you..?”
Lotor walked close, looming over him, “Yes, you were missing me. You want company..”
Lance looked to the floor, tears pooling down, “Are you sure it is you that I am missing..? My eyes.. They have so much.. Tears.”
“Yes, yes it is. And it is I that shall wipe them away..” Lotor used two fingers to brush off the tears from Lance’s face. The galran prince lifted the human’s face gently, “You are appreciated, my dear. No need to cry.”
Lance sniffled, “I am..?”
  “Yes. Yes you are.”
Basically, Lance is put under a strong hypnosis (which makes his eyes purple) and forgets about voltron and the other paladins.
(As you know- hypnosis cannot work unless the one being hypnotized agrees to do so…)

anonymous asked:

I feel like Lancelot could be a good ship, if people didn't make Lotor abuse Lance. Yes, granted the whole kidnapping thing is a good way for them to meet and Shiro was all beaten up in the Galran prison. But this is specifically Lotor beating Lance. So what parts of the Lancelot ship do you ship? Like I don't know how to phrase that, but yeah?

Hmm, see, I’ve always liked the enemy-turned-ally-turned-friend (optionally: -turned-lover) trope! Zutara is my main ATLA ship because I love it when the enemy redeems themself and helps the protagonists– I love the anger, the denial, the uncertainty, and the shaky, slow build of trust. ATLA did it perfectly. I shed a tear everytime I think about how well they handled Katara’s initial hatred of Zuko turning into trust and friendship. I’ll cry right now 

Like, for Lancelot (I’m not gonna bother censoring it since you didn’t in the ask; it’ll show up in the search anyway), I don’t like seeing the noncon and abuse because 1) I don’t like noncon or abuse lol and 2) It’s just simply not how I ship it. 

We don’t have much about Lotor at this point, so he could be a complete loser for all we know– but even if he’s actively trying to stop and defeat Voltron at the beginning, and the paladins hate him (and this of course includes Lance), I like when he doesn’t do that and like, I dunno, turns on his dad or something and becomes a begrudging ally. I mentioned Zutara earlier, and that’s literally it. I’m just a slut for this trope. Like, at least 80% of my ships are enemy/rival-turned-ally/friend etc. Guess I’m problematic sjfdlksdjskjg

I’m gonna get Deep™ here: I just think that the redemption arc trope is super interesting, because it reminds me that there’s always a possibility for things to get better. As someone who was kinda shitty in the past, I like them because it reminds me I kinda went through my own and have become a lot more open-minded, honest, and kind, and have earned the trust and love of my friends. It also keeps me optimistic in remembering that while humans are by nature really, really shitty, most of us are capable of forgiveness and compassion and of realising when we’ve fucked up and atoning for it. I have a lot of feelings about redemption arcs, ok.

So, in short, I just really, really fucking like redemption arcs lmao. I think Lance, with all of his insecurities and his uncertainty about where he belongs on the team, would be the most sympathetic out of them, but he’s stubborn too, so I just think the development of it all would be really interesting.