You know what I live everyday for? The fact that it’s canon that Lance is the one who is able to calm Keith down when he’s out of control or upset

When he was getting angry at everyone in season two during the Blade of Marmora episode

All Lance had to do was say this

And he was fine

When he was upset that the Black Lion chose him to lead

All Lance had to do was touch him and say a few words of truth

And he calmed down, accepting his position in things pretty easily, even though it was hard to

When he was going to attack Lotor’s ship on his own by separating the team

Before he could even hit, Lance’s voice stopped him halfway

I think this perfectly symbolizes their water and fire combination, water is able to extinguish fire, so they used that in terms of Lance being able to calm Keith down, and I think that is the sweetest thing ever, because even though Lance makes Keith angry sometimes, he’s also the one to make him feel better too

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