i crush your face

When I wrote about love, I imagined your face. That was when I realized I fell for you.
—  C.H.

When you have mad crushes on someone but they have no idea so you just

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Drunk Voltron AU

Okay so this may come as a surprise.. but Lance would be a flirty drunk. But like in a really stupid way, like using the worst pick up lines possible and then running over and barfing in a potted plant. Keith would be the type of drunk that accidentally reveals all their feelings. He would say things like “Ha Shiro I used to have a crush on you,” and “Lance I like your face A LOT.” Pidge would be a silly drunk and would totally loose her shit and try to do science and blow something up. Hunk would be an emotional drunk who profusely cries and gives everyone a giant bear hug. Shiro would loosen up but would pretty much stay the same. Correction: one thing would change. He’d insist on singing. Particularly Katy Perry. Allura would be a badass drunk just flipping tables and shit. She would be the first one to do shots and then would proceed to do cartwheels. And Coran…would stay exactly the same.

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I know this is really selfish, but if you could stop being single, it would really help with the crush I have on your face.

Date me then

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i already had a brain crush on you but now i have a face crush too =x youre so pretty ! staying anon for obvios reasons lol

There’s no need for anon, because I promise both your brain and face crush are very misguided! 

You’re very sweet, though, thank you!

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name: Sam

single or taken: I consider myself perpetually both, cause that’s how I do polyamory

crush: If you insist, I can crush your face.

favorite color: Blue

married: no

want a kid: no

zodiac sign: Gemini, though I am so gemini I also claim taurus

last drink: apple juice

glasses: on me face

makeup or no: no

cats or dogs: exclusively cats

evil or good: fuck your dichotomies

fav sport: quidditch?

fav animals: seals!

weird: with a side of fries

do you have any haters: I imagine so, but probably mostly ones I deserve

apple or Samsung: apple

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