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Shape of You - Kandreil 

I randomly started thinking about Kevin in a crop top, which formed into me thinking about Neil and Andrew’s hands on Kevin’s torso and then this happened. 


Neil regrets the gift.

Well, not really. He had bought it for Kevin’s birthday because he had liked the soft material and the bright orange color, but he hadn’t thought it as something Kevin would wear. Or at least, not often.

But Kevin had gone out and bought more. He wears them when they go on a run, or to just lounge around the house. And every time, Neil struggles to pull his eyes away.

The soft material clings to his broad shoulders and ends a few inches above his belly button. It shows off the curves of his abdomen, the thick muscle over his hips and the deep V that dips into the start of his sweatpants. The collar is loose, revealing the sharp of his collar bones and the mouth shaped stain on his chest that Andrew had left behind the night before.

It is distracting, the way his fingers trail over his belly absentmindedly as he watches the game in front of them. Neil has already seen this game, could probably describe it in detail from memory, and he just can’t seem to keep his attention forward.

His eyes flick over to Kevin here and there. There is a focused look on his face, his jaw clenched and a dip forming between his eyebrows. One hand rests against his jaw, thumb rubbing absentmindedly as his cheek. It is like he is watching it for the first time. They had watched it before their team meeting, and then again at the team meeting.

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Ok, not to be too hasty, but I’m gonna start updating Tomblour with this year’s Inktober crop. This was our MTGinktober for “Swift,” starring Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Monastery Swiftspear! 

I’m also testing out scanning these so they look a little less randomly glare- and shadow-ridden than the photos I frantically post day-of on the daily sites, I’m not sure if that helps–does it look a little fuzzy to you?  I dunno, I’d say it looks better on Blogspot and you can even zoom in there…Anyway, feel free to let me know if there’re any obscure chars/creats you’re hoping to see this year–I bet I can stump you, though…gauntlet thrown.

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Not normal,


After sleeping over it...

I must say I’m puzzled. My initial reaction was the intended one: OK, Sam is with Mackenzie and Cait is good with it. They celebrated his birthday together and had a great day.


Hm, his hair is so red? He looked so blonde in the last pictures, but he doesn’t here?

Why is Cait wearig a leather Jacket in hot SA?

Why is Mackenzie wearing shorts and a cropped shirt and everyone else wears long trousers and Sam and Cait are even wearing a jacket?

Where are her legs ending?

Why does Sam look like shit in this picture?

Why is Mackenzie the only one looking happy?

Who are those random people in the picture?

Why did Cait post an obviously old picture and also a very bad one? She looks strained, Sam looks awful.

Why didn’t she take a new one? If Mackenzie is still in SA and they all celebrated together it could be easy to take a pic of the three of them? Was it so urgent? 

Why was it so urgent?

Why did Cait post the picture at all?

Sam’s reaction to the pic. A kissing smiley, for me that means, thank you. Thank you for what? For outing his relationship? But why didn’t he just post the picture himself. Why didn’t he post a picture ages ago? If wants the relationship to be official, that would have been the easiest thing in the world.

Or he doesn’t want it to be official? But why would he be thankful then? And why wouldn’t he want it to be official?

Why did Paydin change her IG post to “soon” instead of next week?

Why is Mackenzie’s hair so much shorter in Paydin’s pic and video than it is in South Africa?

Who did Sam pick up at the airport?

So so weird. I’m buying it, Sam and Cait. Really, I’m buying it, but I don’t believe it. Something is foul. I have no idea what and I trust you to have a reason for this very weird shitshow. You certainly won’t do that for a lark. But I’ve never seen a weirder selling of a “true romance”. Seriously not. 

Ear cropping for aesthetics is not ok.

I don’t care if it’s a breed standard or purely because everyone else does it; it’s unnatural and is completely unnecessary.

The only exemption is cropping pinas for medical reasons.

Your dog isn’t there to please your eyes because you want upright ears. Get a breed with natural upright ears if thats what you desire.

Salvation - Part 1

Word Count: 2938

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Panic Attacks

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

The four of you had turned your motel room into a basecamp of sorts. You had John’s research pinned to the walls along with weather charts, hieroglyphics, pictures, newspaper articles, written notes, and so much more. John was sitting at the desk covered in papers with the Colt next to him. Sam and you were leaning against the counter as Dean was pacing around the room.

“So this is it.” John said. “This is everything I know. Look, our whole lives we’ve been searching for this demon right? Not a trace, just…nothing. Until about a year ago. For the first time I picked up a trail.”

“And that’s when you took off.” Dean said flatly.

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anonymous asked:

Ok I am genuinely confused and not trying to be a dick but can you explain for me please! If a person is agender but dresses like a female and does makeup and all of those physical traits that females generally have then how would they be agender if they come off physically as a specified gender?

Gender Presentation ≠ Gender Identity

The way someone dresses does not define their gender identity.

  • Makeup has no gender.
  • Dresses and skirts and crop tops and short shorts and rompers etc. have no gender.
  • Don’t assume gender just by how someone looks. It’s rude. 
  • Not all agender people look the same way. They don’t have to try and be androgynous. They don’t have to try and be masculine if they’re afab or feminine if they’re amab.

Someone’s gender identity is not determined by what you, a stranger, perceives of them. Their gender identity is their own, and does not need to be ruled by concepts of binary gender and gender roles. 


anonymous asked:

I wonder if Harry wears Louis' black leggings when he does yoga.... (of course they would be more cropped on him because of obvious reasons). Or maybe the leggings just belong to them as a unit. Why am I thinking like this?

I bet they go legging shopping together. And a common conversation is: “Do these look ok?” “Nope not tight enough.”