i cried yes i did


Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
The world, for once, in perfect harmony
With all its living things

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!!! Christine! Where'd you come from? :O

C: And of course I watch Michael! We weren’t too close during high school, but a friend (or something more?) to Jeremy’s is a friend of mine!
I don’t have a channel myself! As much as I enjoy the spotlight, it isn’t the same for me?

C: I’m too busy with focusing on shows then to focus on relationships! 

If you’re assuming we’re dating- We aren’t! Jeremy’s like one of those awkward brothers to me then anything!


They never went on a spontaneous road trip again

I often find myself wondering if Jake is okay :/
(ALSO, @richardgoranski Because i legitimately just saw you would love to be tagged in BMC art in general, so here ya go buddy) 


everything you think of
will become all of me
look at me and be my lady
you’re my twenties~
– 20, seventeen


i prefer | anonymous asked: love rain or prime minister and i

“It took me three seconds to love someone for the first time, but to stop loving someone, it was impossible in just three seconds”


A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Epenthesis in Academic Convergence by @uziregar

A phonological phenomenon in which two disparate sounds meet, creating a third sound between them which wasn’t there before.

There were a lot of jobs worse than being partnered with world-renowned Absent-Minded Professor Kim Namjoon, but Professor Kim Seokjin couldn’t think of what any of them were at the moment.

A Chance in Hell (Biadore) - Chapter 4 - Heather

Nothing ever happens like they do in the movies - not even sex.  Especially not sex.

content advice: Smut, intoxication, mild degradation play (use of the word ‘slut’), vomiting (the vomiting happens AFTER the smut, don’t worry)

A/N: Oh, y’all wanted a twist?  Come on, chapter 4, let’s get sickening!  Please make sure you read the tags!  Enjoy!

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So, now that I’m calm, Let me explain what happened.

I was playing Disgaea 5, yes.

And I decided to reincarnate all my team. For non-disgaea players, reincarnation means that you put your charactesr back to lvl 1 while keeping most of their current stats and all of their skills and abilities. So they’ll become WAY MORE stronger while lvling up.

And the best way to gain xp in that game is farming the ITEM WORLD.

“But what is the item world Shaun ?”

Well you see in disgaea you can lvl up any item or weapon you want, increasing their bonus, stats and strengh, that’s NEAT!
The Item world is a succession of little maps with a random number of enemies to defeat, and each time you clear one, the item gains one lvl. Simple.

So I could lvl up all my character (lvl 1, reminder) back to their original lvl while increasing the bonus of one of my stuff. That’s dope. So I choose an Imperial Seal. It’s a equiment that increase ALL THE STATS of your character.

Hours passes.

Everything is going handy dandy, my characters are all lvl 30+, and the Imperial Seal is now lvl 60.

LVL 60.

Needless to say it’s a HUGE fucking lvl and it took me HOURS to reach it.
So I was fucking happy, I couldn’t’ wait to see how DOPE my item became. All those stats. Dude. Just imagine it.

But then, something happened.

You see, while traveling throught the item world, you might run into “mystery rooms”. It’s random, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, it might be litterally anything. Special bosses, special item, an hospital, an onsen, special merchand, ect ect…


As you can see, it’s litterally a room FILLED WITH ENEMIES. the only spot I got is the spot for the Team base panel. So at that moment I could only summon ONE character against all this mess and I couldn’t move them anywhere.

But it’s okay.

Even if I couldn’t make it (and I knew it was impossible for me to make it.), I had this thing called a Mr Gency’s Exit. It’s an usable item that ables me to escape the item world at any time, so I thought:

“Hey, I might gonna die, But it looks fun, so I’m not gonna die without fighting!”

So the fun began. I summoned every characters I had one by one, until I had two left. I was able to kill like, 5 of the monsters maybe ? But now it was time to quit the item world because dying here would be a Game over, and all I did wouldn’t be save.

So I oppened my inventory.

Selected the Mr Gency’s Exit.

And It didn’t work.

I didn’t know that, Or I didn’t remember it. But The Mr. Gency’s Exit don’t work on Mystery rooms.

I was fucked.

I was going to lose, to lost eveything I did until then. I panicked, then sat back on my seat and I thought very hard of a solution.

And then something hit me.

Those monsters all around the map are calld “Prinnies”, and prinnies are well known for one thing:

They.    Fucking.     Explode.    When you throw them.

In other words:

Instead of fighting desesperatly and killing all my team one by one, I could have just lift and throw one prinnie to create a chain and explode them all in one turn.

(I bet Disgaea players where screaming at me through their screens from the begining.)

I felt dumb,so fucking dumb, but it wasn’t too late ! I still had two characters on the field!
Relieved, happy, and pressed to finish this room, I selected one of my characters to lift one of the big guy and throw him into the army of his exploding brothers.

But I was too pressed.

I realized too late, that I didn’t put back the other character into the Base panel to save him from the explosions.

They both died along with the enemies.

The map was empty.


 You’re On; And Some *Cristiano Ronaldo X Junior imagine *


Standing a little ways from the wall, I made sure I was quiet and stayed hidden as Cristiano opened up the cabinet. I watched as the baby powder sprayed in his face this caused me to burst out laughing, walking out from where I was I continued to laugh as I saw his face. 

He gave me a really blank face and chuckled slightly, “This was creative, how’d you pull it off?” He asked 

I gave him a smile, “I have my ways” 

He shook his head, as the baby powder came off with it. I laughed and he sighed, taking off his clothes. “I’m going to take another shower” He said

I chuckled, “I love you” I said walking out

Going into the kitchen I grabbed the box of Cheerios, and then grabbed a bowl placing it on the counter. As I opened up the box something felt weird about it but I didn’t worry about it as I began pouring the cereal into the bowl, looking down at the bowl I screamed as I saw an eight legged creature inside of the bowl. 

I heard laughter from behind me and saw Cristiano standing there a smile on his now clean face. I pointed at him, “Y-You did this?” I asked

He nodded, “You didn’t think I would let you continue doing this whole prank thing and let you get away with it?” Cristiano asked leaning against the counter

I looked at the bowl that was across the room on the counter and then looked at Cristiano, “Well are you going to get rid of it?” I asked looking at him

Cristiano chuckled, “Alright, alright” He said before going to get the bowl

After he took out the bowl dumping the creature back into its natural world I looked at him, “I hope you know it’s on” I said

Cristiano chuckled, “Sorry sweetheart but it’s been on since you threw my gel out last week” He said

I stuck my tongue out at him and walked past him, “I’m going to get something outside to eat I don’t trust anything over here” I said

Cristiano chuckled, as I walked towards the door it opened before I could open it and it showed Junior with his backpack. He looked between the two of us, “Where are you going Y/N?” He asked

I gave him a smile, “I’m going to get some ice cream” I said

“Can I go?” He asked looking at Cristiano

“Actually I have something that we’re going to do together” Cristiano said 

Junior groaned, “But I want to go with Y/N “ He said

I gave him a smile, bending down and whispering in his ear I told him, “I need to you to keep an eye on your dad, he’s planning something” I said

Junior looked at me and nodded his head, “I will” 

I smiled ruffling his hair and turning to Cristiano, “No more bugs” I said

He chuckled, “No promises” He said

I sighed before walking out of the house and to my car. 


When I pulled back up to the house, I had an ice-cream in one hand, fries, and then a milkshake. Entering the house, I noticed it was a lot quieter than normal which made me get suspicious; so setting down the stuff in my hands I walked towards the other side of the house where the movie room was.

Once I was in front of the door I twisted the doorknob before pushing the door open, and it was a good thing I didn’t walk through it because then I would’ve been drenched in cold water with ice. 

I heard laughing coming from inside of the room, and I raised an eyebrow. “Doesn’t it feel nice to get pra-Wait you’re not wet” Cristiano said

I chuckled crossing my arms, “Yes because I didn’t walk into the room Cris” I said

“Pai did Y/N get soaked in water?” Junior asked excitedly

I looked over to him, “Junior, I thought we had a deal” I said

Junior gave me a smile, “I have to help Pai” He said before running off somewhere in the house

I looked at Cristiano and chuckled, “Better luck next time babe” 

Just as I turned around and went to walk away I noticed that my hand wouldn’t get off the door knob. Looking over to it I tried to take it off but it wouldn’t budge, my eyes shifted up to Cristiano, “Did you glue the door knob?” I asked

He chuckled, “Maybe” 

“Cristiano” I said

He walked out of the room, and a little ways from me, “Seems like you gotta find a way to separate your hand from the door” He said walking still

I groaned, “Cristiano this isn’t funny” I said

He shrugged, “I love you” 

My mouth fell open as he walked away and I couldn’t see him anymore, looking back down at my hand I groaned and decided to sit down. And you know what I probably sat there for a good 30 minutes before I felt my hands connection to the door knob start to get a little loose. 

Shaking my hand a little more, it finally came off and I stood up making my way down the hall I saw Junior and Cristiano sitting down on the couch. “Thanks for helping by the way” I said

Cristiano chuckled, “Oh you finally got your hand off the door” He said 

“Yeah, yeah I did” I said

~The Next Two Days

“CRISTIANO!” I yelled

I heard laughing and then he popped into the mirror a smile on his face, “Hey babe I think you’re looking a little bit lighter than normal” He said 

I glared, “Do you know how long it took me to do my makeup?” I asked groaning

He leaned on the frame, “Do you know how long it took me to get out of the shower without finding Ketchup and Mustard in a new place?” He asked

Groaning, I began the process of removing everything. I was kind of just glad at the fact that I decided against putting on my clothes. “Oh do you mind going to the game alone?” He asked

I raised an eyebrow, “Why don’t we just go there together?” 

He smiled, “Because I have to do something before hand” 

I nodded, “Yeah sure” 


Getting out of my car, I walked into the stadium and to my regular seat. It was already starting to get filled up, and after a little while the game started. 

So far it was going well the challenges given by both Madrid and Sevilla were equal and our refs didn’t suck. By the time halftime rolled by it was 2-0, so I pulled out my phone, scrolling through it as everyone waited for the time to dwindle down. 

After a while the game resumed, and as I was watching something seemed completely off. However I couldn’t exactly place my finger as to what it was, I continued to watch as Cristiano got the ball and it didn’t take long for the Sevilla defender to come over and begin to challenge him. 

But as he did that, he was going to fast to even really stop and ended up slide tackling Cristiano. I didn’t make any reaction because this sort of thing happens every game, I sat back and watched as the guys went over to see if he was alright. 

However I started to get worried as I saw he wasn’t getting up after a while, and it made me go to the edge of my seat. I could see slightly that he was holding his leg, as the trainers went out I was standing now. “Y/N!” Someone called out

Looking over it was Marcelo who pointed up, confused I looked up and saw the screen. On it said, “Will you marry me?” 

Bringing my view back down to the boys I saw Cristiano standing a smile on his face, and he pointed next to me. Turning to look I saw the Real Madrid Juniors holding the sign, my hands went to my mouth. “So will you marry us?” 

Words really couldn’t form from my mouth and the only thing I could do was nod, the entire stadium once again cheered as if the boys scored another goal. And I felt someone tap my shoulder, turning I saw Cristiano smiling. “Let’s End the Pranks and Start our Wedding Planning”

Momma Logan

So I anonymously asked @madd-catter for a prompt. Sorry if it doesn’t really own up to what you expected, but I think it’s cute!


“HELP!” A young voice called, the owner of said voice streaking into the living room. Patton looked up from his movie and picked up Virgil. Who had been regressed to a five year old, along with Roman, after an unfortunate adventuring mishap. The  young Prince then appeared into the living room, holding a picture with black marker all over it.
“Daaaad! Virgil ruined my drawing!” Traitorous tears began to swell in Roman’s eyes. “Well, hey kiddo, I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose!” Patton tried to console the upset child, but this plan failed when Virgil cried, “Yes I did! He took Mister Snuggs, so I ruined his stupid picture!” Roman shrieked his protest at this sentence and Patton closed his eyes. He can’t say he completely blames Virgil, after all everyone knows how much the stuffed fox meant to him. However, that doesn’t excuse the ruined picture.
Patton gently sets Virgil down who immediately sticks his tongue out at Roman. Roman throws down his drawing and charges Virgil, who had taken off running. Virgil then took to screaming school-yard taunts behind him.
Patton tired to break up the squabble, but they were completely ignoring him. ‘This is so much harder than I expected!’ He thinks in dismay.
“Boys, stop it now!” Patton cried, his Dad Voice ™ bleeding through. Although it did nothing to slow them down. “I’ll get your mother!” (Though Patton knew that Logan wouldn’t particularly like that description.)  Patton declared, but they didn’t hear him. Patton tried, unsuccessfully, to stop the bickering and chasing again before he sank into the real world.
Thomas and Logan had been discussing video ideas when Patton appeared. Thomas was the first to notice him and broke into a wide grin. “Pat! Hey, buddy!”
Patton spared a small smile at his child (even though Thomas would deny it until his last breath), before turning to Logan.
“Sorry to interrupt, Lo, but I need some help.” Patton pleaded. Logan sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “My deepest apologies, Thomas. It seems as if I must assist Patton in breaking up another squabble.”“No problem, Logan. Just come find me when you can!” Thomas assured and Logan sank down after nodding consent.
Patton remained in the real world, looking a bit more collected. Though still slightly stressed. “I thought they were bad enough as adults!’ he joked light-heartedly.
Logan was almost tackled by the rampaging aspects when he appeared in the mind-scape. He cleared his throat and spoke up. "Stop the unnecessary bickering this instant!”
Both children stopped in their tracks, eyes opening wide in slight fear. Both of them knew better than to invoke their mother’s wrath.Logan stared sternly, causing the two to inch closer together for comfort.
“Uhh hey momma.” Virgil said nervously. “We were just playing tag!” Roman squeaked.
“If that’s the case then explain to me why Patton informed me that you two were fighting.” Logan said calmly, his arms crossed and his eyebrow raised in question.The two children glanced at each other in dismay.
Logan rolled his eyes and opened up his arms, offering them a hug. They both broke into grins and raced into his arms, hugging him tightly.
Virgil and Roman looked at each other and made a treaty. “I’m sorry for taking Mister Snuggs.” Roman said, as sincere as a five year old can be. (Which isn’t much depending on the scenario).
Virgil nodded his forgiveness. “I’m sorry for ruining your picture.” Virgil responded.
Logan smiled. “See? Isn’t it better when you two aren’t being rude to each other?” They shrugged. Logan hefted both of them up and walked them into the kitchen.
“How about some crofters?” This resulted in uproarious cheers from the kids.
If you ever ask Patton, he will gladly admit that no one is better at controlling the miniaturized sides than momma Logan. (Who still protests that description with every fiber of his being.)