i cried while writing this ngl

I just wish I could forget everything about pjo/hoo and read the books again, feel everything all over again, you know? 

cheer over percy being a son of poseidon, gasp when luke is revealed to be a traitor, laugh with grover’s clumsiness, cry over bianca and zoë’s death, feel my heart shatter over nico’s grief and pain, read nonstop the last chapters of the last olympian and cry for minutes with the ending, feel a weight on my chest afterwards, laugh with leo’s humor and feel his pain, understand piper and feel happiness when thalia and jason meet again, fall in love with hazel and frank and finally read about percy again, cry when annabeth and percy are together again, and cry over mark of athena’s ending as well, fall in love with the seven in general, read the painful percy/annabeth chapters when they’re in tartarus and cry over nico’s coming out scene, and over bob, and over the seven reunited and over “bob says hello”, see how amazingly well reyna and nico work as a team and how badass the hunters and the amazons are, and just. percy and annabeth’s kiss in athens, and finally finish heroes of olympus thinking that blood of olympus may not have been the best Book Ever, but after reading 10 books about this amazing world feel nostalgia thinking everything began with a 12 year old in a boarding school