i cried while making this no shame

No idea why this idea just popped up in my head but I kind of want an episode where Neil agrees (pretends) to be Tabii’s boyfriend for a day. It would be hilarious! Since he keeps rejecting Tabii, she gets so heartbroken that she just cries while laying on the floor, making him feel guilty. Everyone shames Neil for it too. They just look at him with a “really?” expression on their faces and walks away. Neil tries to cheer her up by saying he loves her too but then things goes to sHIT


buffy meme → [5/7] quotes

Angel—he should’ve warned me. He makes a good show of forgetting, but it’s here, in me, all the time. The spark. I wanted to give you what you deserve, and I got it. They put the spark in me, and now all it does is burn.

Buffy, shame on you. Why does a man do what he mustn’t? For her. To be hers. To be the kind of man who would nev— to be a kind of man. She shall look on him with forgiveness, and everybody will forgive and love. He will be loved. So everything’s okay, right? Can—can we rest now? Buffy…can we rest?

The Critics Rave About Lauralot

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Omg thank you for asking <3

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who’s the cuddler: Yato , there’s no need to tel you why lol

who makes the bed: I could totally imagine hiyori being in th top while yato keep blushing like a tomato while he thinks how happy he is

who wakes up first: Hiyori as the diligent girl she is

who has the weird taste in music: I think yato (?!)

who is more protective:  Yato is the perfect jealous boyfriend , he has no shame to keep following you even as a stalker just to keep you safe . That why we all love him

who sings in the shower: Yato screaming loudly to get hiyori’s attention is my headcanon

who cries during movies: Yato all the time lol , sometimes he tries to get it together to seem more manly to hiyori . No need to say he miserably fails lol .

who spends the most while out shopping: Yato in good luck items  and in capypa gadgets

who kisses more roughly: Yato before the first time  ;) I can imagine him being rough and possessive

who is more dominate: Hiyori since she actually can get it together when it comes to yato , and yato is quite a complicate god and character

my rating of the ship from 1-10: There is no sufficient number to rate how beatiful this pair is , and how much the manga has give it justice . Thanks adachitoka

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Because I watched Logan last night and I'm hella sad, how would team RWBY be if they had to individually travel with Logan/ Wolverine on an action adventure. Meaning: How would they deal with Logan as they're personalities are way different compared to his. I can see some of them really getting under his skin, but also maybe reaching a softer spot in Logan's heart.

Stop right now and get the fuck out because I have so many feelings about that Logan movie hell I was not ready for that how dare you make me emotional again. The other two Wolverine movies were just horrible and it’s such a shame because I basically grew up with the X-Men movies and I think this might have been the best X-Men movie, easily one of the best superhero movies ever and I basically watched all of them. 

I left the cinema crying and I was glad no cheesy romance movie was out the same time because last time I really cried during a movie was while watching Star Trek Beyond and I swear everyone must have thought I just watched Me Before You and no, I cried because of Leonard Nimoy not Sam Claflin. 

Oh my god this is already the best ask I ever got. 

Let’s start with Ruby. I guess she’d annoy the hell out of him, but she’d notice and that would make her super anxious, so she’d just shut up and not really talk at all. She’d show her insecurities even though she doesn’t want to and that would make Logan eventually feel sorry for her and wake an urge to protect her. It would take him damn long to admit his feelings for her (fatherly feelings just to make that clear here) and he wouldn’t really show it, but he’d totally die for her in a battle. Ruby on the other hand would start to feel sorry for him because that man has seen some shit and is broken as fuck. She’d try to make him feel better in some way which is just the saddest and cutest thing ever. I don’t really want to say it but it’s a bit like with Laura. 

Weiss is a spoiled princess and the complete opposite of Logan. If he cared enough he’d have the urge to shove the real world right into her face. It would take them a long time until they don’t hate each other anymore, but they both grow a bit soft on each other when they start to get behind the other’s issues. I’d like them to meet Jaques somewhere along this adventure, just to have Wolverine scare the shit out of him, and of course Wolverine would love to just rip that asshole’s head off but he doesn’t because that man has to live and witness Weiss taking her damn company back. I don’t think Weiss and Logan will become best buddies, but they’ll grow to respect each other and that’s worth a lot. 

Blake and Logan. Oh, hell. I just made myself feel things. I think Yang and Blake represent two sides Logan can relate to. Blake has the same issue of being haunted by her past and the things she has done, the things other people have done to her but then again she’s so damn young and shouldn’t have to go through all of this. They’d get along in a weird way, and she’d be the one to remind him of morality and that there has to be another way than violence. He’d remind her of how she doesn’t want to become and actually that’s everything he’d want her to learn from their encounter. 

Yang’s more like the young Logan and hell is she naive, was he like that when he was young? It would wake the urge to tell her all the things he wishs he knew when he was that young, but just watching him disillusions Yang in some way. She’d make him feel young again, in some way, and I like the thought of them having a last awesome badass fight, just like when he was young, right before a heartbreaking moment where Yang realises that this is not just an adventure, just not all fun and everything, that every fight is nasty and brutal and ugly and that before she can blink an eye she might end up as broken and lonely as him. But that, at least likes to tell that to himself, will eventually make her follow a different path. 

Oh, hell. 

Did anyone ever point out that Qrow and Logan have their similarities?

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Now I’ll go cry while listening to Johnny Cash.

I’m not often all that opinionated through social media but wanted to share some thoughts with anyone who would like to read on. (This is a personal story and opinion, which means that I accept and respect that people may feel differently than I do.) When I was in the 6th grade I was suspended from my public school for a dress code violation. I was on the honor roll + maintained a 4.0 GPA. I was not a disruptive student but found myself being shamed and embarrassed by adults. I had worn a turtleneck sweater with long sleeves but cutouts revealing my shoulder blades. I was removed from class in front of all of my peers who whispered and laughed, I was forced to write “I will obey the dress code” over and over in the front office while being told that my indecency was appalling and “a distraction to other students”, and I was suspended. My education was interrupted to call attention to my body and my gender and to shame me for both. My mother told me I had done nothing wrong, but I cried, feeling ashamed nonetheless. Society had taught me to make other people comfortable, to be sexless, to be apologetic, and to be receptive of their criticism. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized I was allowing everyone around me to dictate how I felt about my body. We are at a time now where there is still fear/taboo and often times an intolerable reaction toward female sexuality and women taking ownership of their physical form. As adult women we are weighted by the social obligation to have a reason to explain ourselves if we feel entitled to our own bodies. We teach young girls who mature early to be mindful that the gaze of other people is now their responsibility. Society perpetuates the idea that women need to appease others with their physical form, when in actuality we should rally around the idea that females are reclaiming their bodies. We are more than our bodies, but we are also entitled to celebrate them if we choose. Your body is the post natural and beautiful thing you can own! The point of feminism is to support women in their freedom to choose, to be equal, to be without shame/guilt/self-doubt. To teach them that showing their own skin doesn’t make them less intelligent, less respected. Women can be all things, and that’s beautiful.

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Can we have your Mommy!Superman headcanons? They're so cute!

Ahh of course hmmm this will be a mix of DCEU and DCU so pls bear with me!

  • Clark’s morning sickness is the worst. Sometimes it took him a whole morning just retching in the bathroom while Bruce patting his back.
  • Clark also gets weaker during pregnancy. His invulnerability isn’t stable and everyone agrees it’s best he stays at home. Kara and Kon anf Chris promise to protect Metropolis in his stead (Luthor secretly ceases all evil plans and bribes other villains to lay low for a while too, though he will never admit that to Clark)
  • Clark develops strange taste for weird stuffs. Cue Arthur and J'ohn bring him a lot of…unearthly cuisines and Bruce sweating a lot in the background because adjfksk the hell are y'all feeding him.
  • Clark knits. A lot. “Are we going to have twin? It’s too soon how could you tell?” “Hush Bruce.” (Im tempt to throw in some angst like in Fables but eh maybe not)
  • Clark breastfeeds, of course (I honestly don’t understand what’s with Westerners and the fear of breastfeeding it’s honestly the most normal thing here in Asia). He’ll feel pain at first, of course, like all his invulnerability is shut down at the end of his pregnancy (or else it’d be dangerous while giving birth i guess? Let’s all attribute it to Kryptonian biology), but he loves those moment most because he gets to see his baby closer and she’s so tiny it makes his heart ache and he’s suddenly crying (i always like to think they have a girl first)
  • Speaking of crying Clark cries a lot during that time too. He’s emotional at usual already (*sigh* i love crybaby type of character)
  • Clark doesn’t want anyone disturb their little family the first few months so it’ll take a while before other heroes get to see the little princess.
  • The kid floats. Right after a few days. I always think it’s a shame DC doesn’t let Jon’s power manifest during the time he’s a baby. It’s made for priceless storylines tbh. Sometimes Bruce comes home seeing both Clark and their kid floating around the house while Alfred tried to keep the amusement off his face.
  • Clark puts on a little weight, which surprises him because it’s never happened before??? Bruce says it makes him sexier.
  • Both Bruce and Clark prefer to homeschool their kids. I still don’t know how will they deal with the whole secret identity thing tbh.
  • Also, I’ve mentioned it before but I like to thing it’s Clark who gives birth to Jon not Lois. See this doujinshi for further information.

That’s all I can think of for now! If anyone has any other ideas I’m happy to hear about it! X3

“You’re late” - Kissed By The Baddest Bidder Oneshot Fanfic

Game: Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

Pairing: MC + Eisuke Ichinomiya

Genre: Fluff I guess

Summary: Wedding, Eisuke at the end of the aisle waiting for the blushing bride. All that jazz woop.

A/N: I haven’t actually written a fanfic that stars humans in months (that sounds weird. I wrote Tama fluff ok). I felt like writing again, so here we go. Please be kind to me!

“You’re late”

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Treasure hunt: pt 1

A/N: Hiiii so I’ve had this idea for a really really long time but I always wanted to put it in a longer fic I’ve been thinking of..but anyways I just had to get it out, hope you enjoy!

Summary: Somebody stole the reader’s underclothes.

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Warnings: None

Your pov

That’s it, this was the last straw. The boys always pulled stupid pranks on me since I was the only girl in the Glade but this one was taking it too fucking far. I stomped out of my room and walked towards a group of gladers who were making their way to breakfast.

“Ok you Shanks, where are they?” I spat

“What are you talking about?” Chuck answered looking a little confused

Jeff chuckled “Some one play a nasty prank on y/n again?” I shot him a glare and he immediately stopped.

“I know one of you must have a clue about it, so just tell me where the shuck are they?” Clint seemed quite lost “What are you talking about y/n? What did they take from you?” I looked at the three of them and they looked back at me with a question mark etched on their faces. This just irritated me more

“MY FREAKING UNDERCLOTHES THAT’S WHAT!” I yelled and I heard a few gladers near by burst into laughter.

“Aww y/n someone take your lacy bra?”

“That’s a shame, are you gonna go running to Newt now?”

“I feel bad for who ever took it, Newt’s gonna give him hell if she cries!”

I curled my fists into a ball, there they went making fun of me and Newt. Newt always helped me out when these shanks caused trouble.He was always making sure I was alright, primarily because I was the only girl in the Glade and I was new but after a while I warmed up to the rest of the guys and they got extra cheeky with me. In the beginning it was harmless but then it got annoying and Newt always stepped in to help me. It wasn’t like I always asked him, he just helped, that’s how Newt was, loving, friendly, kind, handsome, cute, perfect-

“Already causing trouble for Newt again y/n?”

I turned around to see Gally walking towards us.

“I haven’t even spoken to him yet!” I huffed

He shrugged “Yea well, he is going to help you anyways, just goes to show girls can’t handle anything themselves” What the? how could he! Gally was always a male chauvinist pig but his comment now just really struck a nerve in my feminist side. This just wasn’t done I was the only girl here, the only girl these guys know, I could not let my gender be considered inferior in their eyes. So it was time I made everyone play by my rules.

At breakfast I sat with Thomas,Minho and Newt as usual, I could hear a few boys chuckling and whispering about me but I paid them no attention.

“Is everything alright love?” Newt asked me, his lips curved into a frown and his beautiful brown eyes full of concern. I turned to him and gave him my best smile “Nothing you need to worry about Newt” He didn’t seem to believe me but before he could question me further Alby called him away. Perfect now that Alby and Newt were gone I could put my plan into action. I stood upon my bench and clanged my spoon to the plate.

“Listen up you shanks!” everyone in the room looked at me, including Thomas and Minho who were looking very confused.

“Some slinthead or Some slintheads have stolen a pair of my bra and panties!” A few Gladers chuckled and whispered but quite a few looked pretty disgusted especially Thomas and Minho. The two of them were really close to me and although they loved fooling around with me, they respected me and made sure everyone else did too.

“You guys think that’s funny? I came up to this hell hole with three freaking pairs of underclothes including the one I was wearing, you think it’s easy for me to survive on just those? I’m not as disgusting as you shanks to go days without washing! and it’s not like I can steal any of yours like some of you do!”

this seemed to shut a few people up since they realized I was really angry.

“Now listen up, I will give you one day, by tonight if anyone finds my panty and bra they will get a reward from me”

“What kind of reward?” asked Ben. I smiled “ A kiss” everyone gasped. I smirked, I knew these hormonal teenage boys would fall for the bait so I continued

“And that’s not all, if any of you find my underwear and bring me the culprit who stole them as well” I looked at Winston whom I knew had a soft spot for me “He’ll get a kiss that lasts for ten seconds…with tongue” Before everyone could react I quickly added “If anyone uses Alby or Newt’s help, the deal is off. So if Alby intervene’s in any way no one gets a kiss, plus I’ll probably get my underclothes back”

“What kind of bra is it?” Zart asked

“Black with red polka dots and a little lace, it was a matching pair. Y’all have until I go to sleep, if I don’t get it by tonight then the consequences will be dire and no one will be left happy!you can be sure of that.” saying that I walked out of the room and as I did the whole room burst into chaos and as I walked towards the medjack hut to start work I saw boys running out in different directions excitedly. Minho called out to me and I waited till he caught up

“Aww y/n that’s not fair”

“What’s not fair Minnie?”

“That I don’t get to compete for that kiss duh”

I laughed “Aww Min, tell you what? if no one finds it I’ll kiss you instead.” he laughed and winked at me, “I’m holding you onto that then y/n”

I waved my hand “Sure, just go run Mr Keeper! your runner has already come to fetch you” Thomas came upto us

“Ready to go Minho?”

“Yep, Bye y/n”

“Bye guys, stay safe!” I said with a smile and I turned to walk back to the medjack hut but before I could start Thomas called out to me

“y/n! you could always just tell Newt you know..I’m sure he wouldn’t like being kept out of the loop”

I smiled “Its alright Tommy, Newt has handled enough of my troubles already. I can handle this! Don’t worry” Thomas nodded but he didn’t look very convinced, but he knew there was no way he could persuade me on this matter so he just turned and followed Minho to the maze entrance

The day was eventful, gladers kept checking on me at the medjack hut asking me if anyone had found my bra yet, a few gladers even got into a fight when they found each other going through one another’s things. I continued my work as always helping Jeff .

“You’re evil y/n “

“I think the word is brilliant Jeff. “

“ Alby won’t be happy if he hears about this”

I smirked “Exactly, IF he hears. It’s okay Jeff, as long as you keep your mouth shut you’ll be fine.”

“What if Newt finds out?”

“He won’t, the only ones who’d probably tell him are Thomas and Minho who’re in the shucking maze.”

“Okay. Oh, and are you really willing to make out with any glader who finds them? I mean even Gally?”

I cringed at the thought, okay so maybe my plan wasn’t so well thought out. I started going through a list of gladers who I wouldn’t mind kissing and I realized none of them were involved in the search, and the only person I would like to kiss, was Newt. Would Newt mind if he found out if I kissed someone else? would he feel jealous.

“Stop kidding yourself” I laughed.  Suddenly Gally barged into the room looking very smug. He was using his left hand to drag Chuck by the collar and his right was kept behind his back. He looked at me and smirked

“Well pucker up doll, because I won.”

Heyy hope y’all liked it! please do read part 2!

Me reading fanfiction in public
  • me: *reading non romance fanfiction*
  • random person behind me: *reading over my shoulder*
  • author: *makes my (gay) otp kiss*
  • author: *makes scene get really intense (ifyaknowwhatimean)*
  • otp: *starts taking off clothese*
  • person behind me: *making strangled noises*
  • me: *backtracks outta there like i never saw shit*
  • me: *cries in shame while blushing like crazy*
Give Me Love. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Please listen to Give Me Love -Ed Sheeran before reading this imagine. You do not have to but it is completely up to you :)

•Joe Sugg•

I slowly open my eyes, watching the morning sunlight peak in through my curtains. Huffing as I awoke from a peaceful slumber, I turn on my side in hope. I hope that she would be there. I could feel my heart drop with heaviness as I glared at the empty space beside me on my bed.

It is cold.
It is empty.

It’s been like this for six months.

I’m so angry.
I’m so furious.

The bedside clock glowed a red colour.

I hate the colour red.
It only reminds me of her.

I watched the digital numbers notify me that it was now seven minutes past ten. I didn’t want to move. I wanted nothing more than to lay under these covers and allow images of her to invade my vision. I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around her and nestle my face into the crook of he neck while I leave good morning kisses along her neck. I wanted nothing more than to serenade her with breakfast, of course her favorite which consisted of two sunny side up eggs and two slices of toast which I would cut into slices to make them ‘soldiers’ so she could dip them into the yolk.

I wanted so much.
I didn’t receive.

Suddenly I could feel my shirt go damp. I looked down to it to see many stains of droplets. I raise my hand to my cheeks, feeling the tears cascade down them rapidly at the thought of her. It happens every morning. Almost like an instinct as I brush the droplets of tears away roughly with the back of my hand, standing to my feet shakily as I did so. 

I wanted for this to be a nightmare.

The more I pinched myself, the more I had to come to terms with that I was living in the present and that this was reality.

I kept my lips sealed as I walked up the stairs and to my kitchen. The silence was deadly, the only thing I could only hear was the creak of my footsteps that merged in with my thoughts of nothing. Dirty washing thrown everywhere, something that I promised my mother that I would do all those months ago.

What was the point? Who was there to impress? I had no one.

Shuffling to the fridge, I grimaced at the sight of mouldy cheese and stale milk. I grabbed the only thing that I wanted. The only thing I needed. The only thing I made sure I kept stocked. The only thing that never abounded me. I grabbed four bottles of beer. The only thing that would only help numb my pain to a certain extent.

I gave up everything ever since it happened. My youtube career went down the drain. I shut down all of my social media. I cut out all connections with my friends, only allowing my family to see me on certain days. It was rare. I just want to be alone. I want to be myself. I want to be with her. I couldn’t continue on without her. Life is hard enough. It is now much harder not having her here with me.

She was my one and only. She was my best friend and my lover. She was my world and my stars.

As I dropped the beer bottles on the sofa, I cracked one open, wolfing down the scorching liquid feeling my eyes tear up immediately as I glimpsed at the photo frame that sits over our- my tv. That photo was taken at the annual Sugg barbecue. Her hair was gleaming and shining underneath the golden sun. Her eyes were shining with joy, the beautiful colour of those orbs shining more and more with colour and happiness. Her lips that were tinted with a pink lipstick were widened into a radiant and bright smile while she sat on my back, my arms supporting her legs as I gave her a piggy back ride.

I could feel my throat tighten as I began to reminisce. Something that always happened on a daily basis. Something I don’t want to get used to. Knocking back the alcoholic liquid, I could feel my mind sway as I now held my third bottle in my hand. I could feel my blood switching and merging into the alcohol I just consumed. My body warming up at the liquid that now traveled deeply into my soul.

I just want to hold her. I need to have her hold me. I need to breathe in that overly expensive perfume she loved to wear. I need to inhale her coconut shampoo and feel her skin press against mine. With every passing moment, I crave for her love more and more. I’m screaming from the inside like a hideous monster. Her love is what kept me running and thriving but now I’m running lower every day. I’m like a car without petrol. I’m no use without her love.

I need to call her.

How can I call her?

It’s impossible.

We’re playing hide and seek. She’s hiding and I’m desperately seeking. I’m desperately seeking because I need to know she’s safe. I need to know that she’s coming back. I need to know she loves me. I need to know so much.

Suddenly I feel rage soar through my veins, my fists and muscles clenching as I grab the empty, brown glass bottle and throw it at the picture above the tv. I watched as the bottle collided with picture, the glass frame and the glass bottle now smashing into smithereens, sprawling across the floor the way confetti would splutter from a party popper.

“Why did you have to leave me!? Why didn’t I get hit!? Why did you walk out ahead of me!? Why!? Why aren’t you still here!? Can’t you see that I need you!?” I yelled desperately, my voice straining as I yelled louder and louder, hoping that somehow she could hear me. I raked my fingers through my hair before my hands began to tug at it in frustration. I could feel the walls closing in on me. I could feel myself growing smaller.

“You were so young! We had our lives in front of us! We were going to get married! You were going to be a successful lawyer and you were going to travel the world with me! Why  did you leave me!? God, I’m going out of my mind without you! Can’t you see that!? Can’t you see the state I’m in!? You need to come back!” I cried out, my chest tightening and heaving as I desperately tried to catch my breath. I could feel my heart hammering roughly against my rib cage while my vision swayed and my mid tensed, my body shrivelling up as I tried to open my lungs for air.

It was almost like I was watching my life flash before my eyes.

Images of her.

Images of me.

Images of us.

All flashing by within the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, I was there. I was back at the exact moment that happened over six months ago.

It was a hot Summer’s day. July 27th to be exact. We were walking around the city of London, making our way towards Hyde Park to enjoy a picnic I prepared all morning. We were now walking down the pathway and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She looked so beautiful. She had braided her hair into one of those messy styles she loved so dearly. Large circular glasses were shielding her eyes from the blinding sun. Her smile wide and bright as she spoke to me about what her plans were for when she was going back to University in August.

I couldn’t have been any more proud of her. Her goal was to always become one of London’s best and most wanted lawyers. She loved the law and she undoubtedly had the brains and the skills to do it. She knuckled down every day to study and work. She loved and enjoyed studying the different laws and mesmerizing different sections of the law that she would repeat to me out of the blue, but it was one of my favorite things about her. So studious and determined. Something I always admired about her.

“So, I’ve got all of my books ready to go and guess what? I colour coded all of my books and notes so it’s going to make my life a lot easier when it comes to revising before my Christmas exams!” She grinned, laughing as I rolled my eyes at her.

“Of course, you’re probably the only one who has even bothered to get prepared for university in the middle of the Summer! Now your getting prepared for your Christmas exams? You’re crazy!” I chuckled, nudging her side in a playful manner making her bubble up with laughter and roll her eyes yet again.

“Well, won’t everyone be jealous when they realize that I’m way ahead of the game and I’m prepared? Now I won’t have to stress myself out in a few weeks because I’m already organized! I’m even organised for Christmas too! So, who’s the real winner then?” She grinned, poking her tongue out at me and wiggling it around making me only smile wider in return as we continued to walk down the pathway, basking in the hot summer sun that was so rare for London.

Suddenly someone called her name loudly. She turned only to see three of her best friends across the road and that’s when it all happened. I couldn’t stop her. It all went so fast yet so slow. She powered out across the road, not daring to glance side to side to check. I wish she did. I could hear the sound of the tires that were quickly screeching across the road. My face dropped in horror seeing the car that was now speeding over the driving limits. I ran out. I ran out to reach for her hand and yank her back.

It was too late.
It was almost like a stunt from an action movie.

I could feel my heart stop abruptly as her body was flown into the air, almost like she was flying with the birds among the clouds.  I could hear the crunch and crackle of her bones as she hit the ground, blood now filling pavement as my legs shook.

'This isn’t real.’ 'This isn’t happening.’ 'Joe, wake up.’ 'This is a nightmare, Joe. Don’t worry.’

I repeated the words to myself again and again as I shakily rushed to her fragile body. I whimpered feeling her forehead feeling how icy cold it was. Her lips that she coated with a nude lipstick were now a deep blue that would shame the deep blue ocean. Her face had paled and I could now feel vomit swirling around in my stomach.

This is real. This is happening. Make yourself go back in time and do to her. Stop her. Stop her. Stop her.

I could feel myself go speechless as tears spilled from my eyes. My entire world was now spiraling out of control as I sobbed into her unresponsive body, hearing the faint voices of people calling for ambulances desperately while I cried for her to stay with me.

“Why!? Why have you left me!? please, just tell me!” I cried, heaving in a large breath as my mind brought me back to reality. I could feel the shattered piece of glass in my hand pierce my skin as I smashed another bottle to the wall in anger.

“I can’t do this without you! I need you! Please just come back to me! You need to be here with me! Give me your love, please!” I screamed in fury, dragging my hands from my hair down to my face as I sobbed against the palm of my clammy hands.

Everything hurts. My chest is burning. My head is pounding. My throat is tight and I can feel my lungs crushing in on one another. My nose is blocked and I forget how to breathe.

“Oh darling, you silly, silly boy..” A voice called out. I could feel my body grow stiff. It’s an all too familiar voice. It can’t be.

Can it?

I could feel my heart leap as I squinted my eyes open and pulled my hands away from my face. I could feel a peaceful feeling just cover me like a blanket as I turned to face the voice I haven’t heard in so long.

My breath hitched at the sight of he. My eyes were now taking in all of her beauty. I could feel my eyes water up as I allowed myself to take in her glorious sight. There she stood wearing a beautiful snow white flowing dress. Her hair was glowing as it strung over her shoulder in her famous messy braid that she adored.

Is this a dream?

This feels too real.

I’m hallucinating.

“You’re not dreaming my precious boy.” She giggled, throwing her head back as she did so. I can feel my heart stop at her words.

“I’m not?” I question quietly, looking at the figure before me. I could feel my heavy heart suddenly uplift hearing her joyful laugh ring in my ears, her hand caressing my cheek. I nuzzled my face into the palm of her hand quietly like a new born puppy, capturing her hand in mine, afraid that she would vanish suddenly.

“No you’re not sweetheart.” She whispered, rubbing small circles onto my cheek with the pad of her thumb. “This is very much real. I’ve come here to talk to you.” She whispered, reaching out her other hand as she pushed back my hair. As her fingers grazed my scalp, I could feel nothing but tingles run through my body.

“I-I..You need to come back. Why have you left me? I begged you again and again in the hospital to come back but you didn’t! I need to be with you..” I whimpered, the tears that I’ve been holding back now flying down my cheeks. I watched her eyes look into mine with sympathy, a sad smile now forming on her lips only making my heart crack more.

“Oh my sweet boy, I heard you crying over my bed..I heard you cry out my name and call for me again and again to come back..” She whispered, a weak smile on her face as she caressed my cheek.

“Then why didn’t you!? Can’t you see what I’m going through without you!? I’m losing my mind!” I cried, allowing the tears to fall faster while my heart pounded with heaviness.

“I can’t come back, sweet Joe..”

“Why not!?” I interjected, keeping her comforting hand pressed to my cheek, gazing into her eyes desperately, needing to know the answers.

“I’m needed here, Joe. Where I am is where I need to be right now. I’m very happy where I am. Oh Joe, I was so over joyed and purely happy with you. I always have been. Now, I’m in a world where I’m in no pain. I’m in a world where you can feel nothing but happiness at every minute. I’m in a world where I can look down on you and guide you in the right direction.” She explained, the tone in her voice very soft and gentle, almost like she was speaking to a child, which I was most likely.

“B-but..” I stuttered, my voice wavering as I tried to speak my thoughts that were now suffocating me.

“I can’t return Joe. I need to tell you this face to face.” She whispered, her hand now dropping to my arm as I felt her squeeze it reassuringly.

“You need to let me go. You need to let us go. I have seen the life that you are going to live and I promise you that you are going to be so happy..” She smiled softly, her hold on my arm keeping my body from falling.

“I-I cant let you go!” I frowned, shaking my head quickly in disagreement knowing I could never let her go. I can never move on.

“Yes you can. You will.” She spoke sternly, her eyes flashing me a pointed look as I frowned in frustration.

“What happened to the clean, sharp and funny Joe?” She questioned, her head tilting to look at me curiously.

“He died when you did..” I whispered almost inaudibly, I could barely hear myself say those words as I watched her face fall.

“Joe..I’m happier where I am. Yes, it was an awful mistake of me to run out like that. I should have looked before I ran out on the road but it was meant to happen. I’m needed where I am..” She explained, her hand now running down my chest before she pressed it over my heart. I could feel my breath hitch as I felt an overwhelming feeling of love pass through my heart, feeling her love soar through my veins and in through my soul.

“Joe, I have seen your life. I know what’s going to happen on every single day of your life and I promise you that you will be nothing but happy. You need to let me go. I will always be apart of your life and I will always be here when you need me. You won’t need me though. Your life is going to be so happy and exciting, I promise.” Her voice whispered, her words now sinking into my body as her arms wrapped around me. “You will be just fine, Joe Sugg. Life is going to treat you with nothing but good and I am forever proud of you. I will forever love you but you need to let me go..” She whispered delicately, her lips pressing against my forehead while my heart yearned for her touch and her presence to stay.

“I must go now..” She spoke, a gentle smile on her face while tears framed her eyes. I could feel her warmth suddenly leave as she took a step away from me.

“N-no! You can’t leave me again!” I frowned, trying to reach out for her desperately but I watched as my hands only went through her like she was a ghost making my heart stop.

“I must Joseph..I will always love you but now it is your time to move on..I’ll always be with you..You’ll see me soon again but it will only be in your wildest dream..” She whispered, as she turned to face me. I watched as her eyes welled up ever so slightly before she pressed her lips together and blew me a kiss. I quickly caught it, placing the kiss over my heart causing her to laugh before suddenly a large bang of light appeared in the room, knocking me to the floor in shock.

I fluttered my eyes open slowly, afraid to see what has happened. As I glance up to the ceiling, I notice that it’s just a little brighter. Steadily I sit up, not wanting to disturb any of my surroundings in case I have damaged something. As I stand to my feet, I feel my jaw drop as I glance at my appearance in the mirror. My stubble is now completely gone and I am no longer wearing my pajamas. I am now dressed in a pair of black jeans and a long white shirt, my leather jacket covering me up. I look at myself completely puzzled.

When did this happen?
How did this happen?

I knit my brows together as my eyes get distracted by a large brown box that sits on my sofa. I bring my legs over to it cautiously, unsure of what it contains. As I approach the box, I feel my jaw drop and my heart beat slow down. Sat on the large box was the picture I had smashed into smithereens only minutes ago. It was in perfect. Indicting almost like I never smashed it at all. I allow my hands to rummage through the box and find myself looking at more and more photo albums and scrap books as well as items that we bought together.

I can feel my chest ever so slightly tighten. Glancing around my sitting room, I notice that my place looks immaculate. There is no sign of dirty laundry or old beer bottles any where, the house smells of nothing but a clean and fresh smell.

I didn’t pack away any of this?

I didn’t clean any of this?

How is this possible?

I jump from fright feeling a buzzing in my pocket. I slide out my phone curiously and notice that it’s a text message from Caspar.

'Hey Joe, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you pal. Can’t wait to see you at our local place later mate. It will be great to catch up buddy! :)’

I look down at my phone confused. I’m meeting Caspar? Since when? How?

Suddenly I feel a natural pulling me in my chest, almost like her voice whispering in my ear, encouraging me to go and I allowed her to pull me. I allowed her to pull me and walk me right out my front door to see my good friend.


I sigh slightly as I stand at the end of the line, waiting for my hot beverage to arrive. A sour frown rests on my lips. Im not happy. I’m annoyed that I have arrived at mine and Caspar’s local coffee shop only to receive a text moments later from Caspar telling me that at the last minute he got an upset stomach.

Of course, it’s not his fault but I’m feeling out of my comfort zone and I’m feeling anxious. This has been the first time that I’ve been here in over six months. It’s the first time I’ve had such a large amount of human contact in six months and I am feeling nothing by anxious and alone. As I look around at the happy couples, I feel my heart ache but I have forgotten how much I love the smell of the coffee shops freshly made cookies and the wafting smell of their coffee that I would never order since I wasn’t a fan of the liquid.

“Tea for Joe?” A barista chirped happily.

“Here I am.” I smile slightly, handing over the money to pay for my beverage while taking it greatly from the girl.

“Enjoy, Sir.” She smiles giving me a gentle nod.

I grin at her in thanks, nodding back to her before I turned on my feet. Raising the cup to my lips, I feel my eyes widen and a loud wince leave my lips as my body crashed into someone, causing both of us to fall to the floor and land in a puddle of what looks like my tea and hot chocolate merged together.

“Oh my gosh! I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I am so sorry, this is all of my fault!” The girl rambled, her cheeks shading a crimson colour as she blushed.

It was almost like time had stopped as I gazed into her eye/colour orbs making me go speechless. They are such a beautiful colour.  I could feel myself grow loss for words as I listened to her delicate voice ramble and repeat how sorry and clumsy she was. A small grin played on my lips hearing her ramble to herself as she looked to my eyes panicked.

I smiled gratefully as two waitresses helped us to our feet and took us down to a booth at the back of the coffee shop. The waitress took our two new orders and put them on the house before she left us with napkins to clean ourselves off.

“I am so sorry, it really was my fault!” The girl sighed, rubbing at her jeans with a white tissue.

“It was my fault, I shouldn’t have turned so fast and not even take in my surroundings..” I chuckled, speaking up for the first time. I could feel my cheeks flush slightly seeing her eyes glance over to me, giving me the perfect opportunity to allow myself to scan her features.

Her hair/colour hair was thrown up into a messy pony tail, a term I had learned from my sister Zoe when I was fifteen. Her eyes were absolutely mesmerizing with their shade while her dark lashes framed them. Her cheeks were nothing but rosy since the accident occurred but it made her look even more stunning.

“No, no, it was my fault completely!” She interrupted, shaking her head at my words.

“How about we settle on the fact that it was both of our faults?” I suggested with a grin, looking into her eyes warmly and watching a smile of relief over take her plump lips.

“I’ll settle with that..It was still my fault though.” She grinned causing me to roll my eyes in a playful manner making her bubble up with laughter.

I could feel my heart race slightly at my bold thoughts while my hands grew clammy. Sucking I’m a deep breath, I motivate my mind quietly before out stretching my hand for hers.

“I’m Joe…” I smile widely, feeling my hand tingle as her petite hands slides into mine gently.

“My name is Y/N..” She grinned widely at me, flashing me all of her teeth as she did so only to make my stomach swarm with a fuzzy feeling.

“Y/N…What a beautiful name..” I beam, gazing into Y/N’s eyes with happiness knowing her eyes were holding nothing but the universe.

Just as she parted her lips to speak, the barista placed two new beverages in front of us and apologized for the accident that happened and informed us that the drinks were on the house.

I glanced down to my cup of coffee in satisfaction before my face scrunched up slightly, noticing that the fresh whipped cream was styled on top of my hot chocolate in words.

'All of my love x’

I could feel my eyes widen at those words. They are her words. I glance to the side rapidly where the waitress has left, only to see her. I can feel my heart fill with happiness and love as she smiled broadly at me, her eyes tearing up as she flashed me a thumbs up before she slowly began to walk backwards into the red and orange sunset that was now covering the sky.

“Joe, is everything alright?” Y/N asked me, my eyes now diverting back to her inviting eyes. As I gazed into her eye/colour eyes with mine, I watched worry and concern float around her orbs. Gazing into Y/N’s eyes deeply, it was almost like everything she told me was now making sense. I could feel nothing but happiness, love and encouragement pummel through my veins like an adrenaline rush. Allowing my lips to sip on the hot beverage, I couldn’t help but feel myself smile a true and genuine smile. A smile I haven’t shown to anyone for so long. A smile that I was more than happy to show Y/N.

“Everything is alright, Y/N..I think this is just the start of something beautiful.” I beamed, my hands now resting around the hot cup of hot chocolate, noticing the twinkle that glimmered in Y/N’s eyes as she smiled brightly at me.

And you know what?

Everything she had told me was completely true. That evening, Y/N and I talked right until the closing hours of the coffee shop. After leaving the shop, we swapped numbers and from that night we texted and then we met up which lead to a date that lead to another and then another. We dated for five years and that’s when I popped the question. Ever since we met that evening at the coffee shop, I’ve been nothing but purely happy and I know that she’s looking over me and sometimes I see her, even in my wildest dreams and you know what?

She’s received nothing but happiness too.

Y/N changed my life and made me see the bright colours that I could never see and she made me find sense and happiness again and that’s how I managed to find love and happiness all again. After finding Y/N, I have been nothing but truly happy and deeply in love, something that I hope everyone in this world can be lucky as me to find.

Hello lovelies, here’s a little imagine that I’ve been working on!

I hope that you enjoyed this imagine as much as I enjoyed writing it for you all!

I’m sorry if this imagine is confusing but I did not give 'she’ a name. I decided not to give 'she’ a name because I thought that maybe you’d like to play the role of 'she’ and then maybe give y/n another name. You can imagine 'she’ as you or maybe as someone else, I don’t mind, maybe you can tell me in the comments below? I would love it if you did!

Please don’t be afraid to message me your thoughts and feedback down because it really means the world to me and I would love to know what you thought of this imagine :)

I promise to be updating very soon again!

All of my love xxx

All I Want For Christmas

I don’t know how I keep ending up posting these Yatori oneshots at one in the morning but here we are, enabled by @lunar-resonance​ also being up late and around to beta for me. Have some Christmas fluff inspired by that old manga extra. Also, I’m working on doing actual cross posting so I have this fic, along with my other Noragami oneshots over on AO3 here

Also I’m still looking for more prompts… just putting that out there. Enjoy. 

“I don’t know why he’s so excited about Christmas – he’s a Japanese god,” Yukine huffs, flipping over onto his stomach with his legs still under the kotatsu. 

“You know how he is.” Hiyori fidgets. She wishes she was back at home, there’s only two days until the holiday itself and she’s only half finished with Yato’s present; after making his shrine, thinking of something else to make him was a bit of a challenge. But Kofuku had called her that Yato was in distress about decorating properly, and the usually patient god had sounded so at her wit’s end, Hiyori had to come over.

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resquested: yes

“hi there love i was just wondering if you could possibly do a written pregnancy imagine where your about to be a single mom and the pack is helping you through it until one day you just get really stressed out (which is not good for the baby) and so the pack calms you down and just make it really cute at the end if thats possible!!!! And the pregnancy is from a earlier relationship and also it’s for teenwolf”

warning: anxiety; swearing

Your life had been chaos. You recently got out of a really complicated relationship were you weren’t even dating, you were just really hooking up. You loved him and did everything he wanted for you but only needed you for his own pleasure until he decided to move on to someone else. The heartbreak was too much for you and seeing him everyday was making you fall apart so you moved to Beacon Hills, where your dad lived, to pick up your pieces and glue yourself back together. Your father worked in the police station and was really close friends with Sherriff Stilinski, who introduced you to Stiles, who introduced you to the pack. They greeted you with open arms, making you feel better, and your new life by their side was insane but fun. Slowly you started to get better and you even started to feel something for one of the pack members, Isaac. But, after a month or so of this new chapter in your life, you got sick. Getting out of bed was too hard and you kept throwing up non stop. The pack got worried with you and after a few days it clicked and you took a pregnancy test, confirming “the worse”. Your world crumbled again and you felt lost, without knowing how to tell anyone. So you were able to hide it for more 3 months until the hole pack found out. And you would be able to hide it for even longer, if it wasn’t for Lydia.

You were having an awful day. You had too much school work to do, all of your baggy clothes were in the washing machine making it harder for you to hide your belly, your back was hurting and your anxiety was insane. You kept taking deep breaths and holding back your tears, while pacing in your room from time to time only to sit down a few seconds later because of the pain you felt in your back. Malia and Lydia talked to you earlier, sensing something was wrong so the hole pack surprised you at your house to help you and brought a lot of treats to cheer you up. As soon as you opened the door, you began to cry.

“Oh babe what’s wrong?” Lydia asked while holding you close to her.

“Did we mess up? Did we get the wrong donuts?” Stiles asked starting to panic, looking inside the large box of donuts he had in his hands.

“Fuck. See I told you she wouldn’t like those. You should have listened to me.” Isaac answered.

“Seriously? What about her favorite drink? I told you EXACTLY what to buy and you still messed up.” He fired back.

“There were a lot of them plus too many different colors.” Isaac excused himself for his mess up.

“Lies! You had one job.” Stiles cringed while staring Isaac in the eyes, making you laugh at them.

“I have too much to do, I don’t even know where to start! If I’m like this with no baby yet then I’m going to screw up big time!” You cried out. You covered your wet face with your hands with shame. You sobbed so much that it was harder for you to breathe. Scott rushed over to you and hugged you.

“No you’re not. You have us here to help you with everything. Please calm down, this is not good for you.”

“We’ll take care of homework and help you always. We can even take turns and take care of the baby!” Liam shouted out excited.

“And you have options to consider and a little bit of time to decide what you want to do. We will support you in everything, through everything.” Malia added.

You started to feel better with all of their kind, sweet words.

“What that fucker did to you? He’s going to pay for it. You’re the sweetest, most incredible girl we know and he’s the biggest loser ever for what he did.” Stiles let out in frustration, now holding your hands, removing them from your face so he could see you. You glanced at him and felt like everything was going to be ok. His smile warmed your heart and calmed you down.

“Thank you. This is amazing, you guys are the best. I love you.” The pack got in a group hug with you in the middle.

“We love you too.”

anonymous asked:

Why do you love jon and ygritte so much ? Big fan of them too

I’ll try to not be too long about this but i could go on for ages - even though writing in english is not that easy for me so i’m not very eloquent and i might do a lot of mistakes :)

There are a lot of reasons and i don’t know where to start *heavy breathing*. The obvious thing would be : they love each other (they don’t really say it in the books but  “first we’ll live” is just like it). Just so, not only do they truly love each other (which is a rare thing in ASOIAF/GOT but also not an easy thing in general) but they don’t need to say it - they play with each other, they sometimes compliment each other, they laugh together (i love Orell’s comment in the show about them “giggling together in the night” because that’s what they do), they sleep together, they LEARN together (i’ll talk about this a lot later). No political things or anything else at stake : just pure feelings. Just the pleasure of enjoying someone and to be with this person.

It’s also not a love based on the fact that they find each other attractive (they do, eventually, but at the beginning Jon finds Ygritte just plain except for her hair) and it’s not love at first sight either ; it’s something progressive, especially on Jon’s side. The most important side to their relationship to me is not really the fact that they get along despite their fights, it’s that they learn from each other, which is clearly transparent when you understand that “You know nothing” is not a catchphrase to show that Ygritte is making fun of Jon but that she thinks that he has so much to learn about life and who’s gonna be his teacher ? “I can teach you how to do it” she says at one point. It’s obviously a reference to do the do but it’s also so much more than that : she can teach him to experiment things he never did, things that are for her what’s life is about. They are SO different and that’s why there are so many funny situations between them but also why their relationship is so rich and interesting. In the books, Ygritte is a singer and a storyteller (like almost all the wildlings because their culture is very much based on orality) so she tells Jon things about her people and sometimes Jon disagrees and you have so many pages about them just talking about stories and their beliefs and learning even though they’re both stubborn. Ygritte teaches him about wildlings, Jon teaches her about modern stuff like castles (because she is so fascinated by castles and what men can do in general).

And they do learn. We don’t have Ygritte’s point of view and i don’t want to spoil the next books too much but oh guys HOW MUCH JON HAS LEARNT FROM YGRITTE. Jon can be annoying when he’s narrow-minded because of his education, his talent and his bastard situation (he’s my fave character of all time but he has flaws like everyone else) ; and he’s so much more open-minded after his experience with Ygritte and the wildlings. He also becomes one of the most modern and feminist characters in ASOIAF. He wants women to have a chance to fight if they want to because he knows they can be as strong and capable and smart as men. He wants Sansa to inherit Winterfell once he learns Robb’s dead. He respects women, he respects them so much - he doesn’t want to marry someone if he doesn’t love her and vice versa. He wants equity and justice, not power, which is so refreshing and also so important. It’s something that is in him and i believe that it was at first thanks to Arya but then thanks to Ygritte (Arya/Ygritte parallels in Jon’s mind are one of my fave thing ever btw).

Then of course there is this big wall between them that represents the gap between their world. They often make fun of each other because of their differences and it sometimes leads to some real fights but they always come past that because they love each other. If we forget the context Jon/Ygritte’s relationship is to me everything love should be : enjoying someone’s company, laughing, being physically attracted to eacher other, having a deep affection/care for the other one without erasing your own’s personality and independance, and learning about you about others about life about everything and eventually be a better person.

The thing is, Jon and Ygritte are both stubborn and even though they learn they still have their own beliefs, personality and history. Jon is a man of honor just like his father. He fights again his feelings and his attirance towards Ygritte for a long time and he starts sleeping with her only when his life is in danger because wildlings don’t trust him - it’s a deed yes but the most pleasant deed of all. He has to fight against guilt and desire all the time which is so exhausting but sometimes he looses himself when he’s with her and that’s the most beautiful thing. But if having sex seems to be a thing he HAS to do at first, it’s nothing like that after. It’s a way to enjoy her company and Ygritte is never sexualised : her most female attribute’s are at the same level that her hair or her smile for Jon, it’s just stuff that makes her very attractive (and gives him a lot of pleasure but the lord’s kiss is very important because he gives her pleasure too IT’S A NOT A ONE-WAY THING WITH THE GIRL DOING STUFF TO THE GUY OK IT’S ALWAYS A BEAUTIFUL SHARED MOMENT OF PLEASURE AND HAPPINESS BETWEEN THEM and that’s what love should always be about and i’m in tears this pairing is ruining my life). It has a very sad end because Jon can’t be with her forever ; he believes the wildlings fight is a lost cause and it’s just not who he is. He has things to do, people and the Watch to protect even though he loves her - he wants simple things, he wants to live with her at Winterfell, but the world can’t be simple, their relationship can’t be neither and he had choices to make, just like Aemon told him at the beginning. But he never forgets her and i hope we’ll see more of his grief in the season because she is always there in his mind.

(….oops I think i said i’d do short, i’m really sorry, and even now i’m sure i forgot a lot of things but i hope you’ll find this answer satisfying :)) I just want to finish with some quotes from Jon’s chapters in the third book. If you haven’t read it and like Jon/Ygritte, you should totally read the following things in the read more.

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akutagawahakuryuunosuke  asked:

Can i request a headcannon for the mfw guy seeing mc standing under a mistletoe saying that she doesnt have any christmas present for them? (of course its a lie~ ) thank you pss: love all your headcanon, it makes me smiling like an idiot keke

Hehe sure thing! 
I’m sure the guys wouldn’t mind her being the present.. *wink*
Thank you so much! You guys make me smile by reading them hehe <3
Anyways, here you go!

Yamato: The Christmas party in Kunian was at a full swing, with drinks being poured and spirits lifted. You slowly walked out towards the entrance to get a breath of fresh air, when you felt a tap on your shoulder. 
“What’cha doing out here, pouty?” Yamato asked, leaning against the doorframe. 
“Just getting some fresh air.” you mumbled, looking down at your feet. 
You fidgeted around with your hands, before you could even muster up the courage to speak.
“Pouty, what’s going on?” he asked, peering into your face. 
“Why would you say anything’s wrong? I’m fine.” you lied. 
Yamato rolled his eyes and shook his head at you. 
“You’re not you. I miss the clumsy and a bit stupid pouty who everyone can’t help but love.” he whispered. 
You looked up at your husband and smiled sheepishly at him. 
“The thing is.. I forgot about your Christmas present..” you muttered, bracing for the worst. 
Rather than getting lectured, Yamato pet your head gently and chuckled in his low voice. 
“Well, I know one thing I want for Christmas that you have.” he whispered into your ear, before pointing up towards the green plant tied to the ceiling. 
“A mistle-” Yamato’s cut off your sentence by pressing it firmly onto yours. 
“This is the best Christmas present ever.” he mumbled, in between the soft and sweet kisses.

Saeki: Nervously, you twirled the ring around your finger and glanced up at the calender. It wasn’t just any other day, it was Christmas. Saeki probably got you a beautiful and elegant gift, while you forgot about his. Groaning to yourself, you walked out into the living room to see Saeki drinking his daily coffee as he greeted you with a warm smile.
“Good morning, Honey! Merry Christmas!” he said, wrapping you in his sturdy arms. 
You hugged him back gently as he kissed your temple. 
“I know this is a bit early, but I have something for you.” he said, bringing out a medium sized box that had been perfectly gift wrapped. 
You hesitantly took the box and stared at it, not even trying to open it. Saeki tilted his head in confusion and placed his hand on yours. 
“You can open it, honey.” he said, reassuring you that it was okay. 
You shook your head and returned the box to Saeki. 
“I can’t do it. Not when I didn’t get you anything.” you muttered, about to tear up in frustration. 
Saeki’s face softened and slowly turned into a smile.
”______, it doesn’t matter. You’re my honey, and that’s enough for me.” he said, caressing your cheek. 
“And besides, I have a way that you can make it up to me.” he said, pointing at the mistletoe right above your head. 
Before you could even respond, Saeki pulled you into his arms and kissed you with passion. His kisses left you breathless and weak, and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Ren: For the first time in a while, Ren came home to finally relax. He had been cooped up in the lab for a long time, and Christmas was the only day you two could enjoy each other’s company. 
Even though you got everything else ready for Christmas, you forgot one of the most important things. His present. 
It was all you could think of during the dinner, that you couldn’t even focus on what Ren was trying to say. 
”_____, are you okay?” he asked, worried about you. 
You nodded and faked a smile, trying to set his mind at ease. Ren wasn’t convinced, but he pulled out a thin box from behind him. 
“I don’t know if you’ll like it, but here.” he whispered, handing over the clumsily wrapped box. 
You accepted the gift and stared at Ren, before breaking down. 
“Ren, I don’t have anything for you. I’m so sorry. I was getting everything ready so fast that I completely missed out on getting you something, and when I thought of it, it was too late-” you rambled, when you felt a warmth on your lips. 
Ren’s lips were on yours with so much love, that you completely forgot about what was going on. 
“Ren..” you whispered, about to protest, when Ren pointed up at the mistletoe on the wall and pulled you in for another sweet kiss.

Takao: The cold air whirled around you, as you blew on your hands to keep them warm. It was Christmas day and you were meeting Takao back at Kunian, when you realized that you forgot to get him something. It was already to go get something, so you had no choice but to show up empty handed. Cursing inwardly, you huddled as fast as you could back to Kunian. 
The bell rang when you walked into Long Island, as the guys greeted you. You excused yourself after seeing Takao’s bright expression back at the bar. How were you going to tell him you didn’t have a present?
Your thoughts were interrupted by a certain tall lawyer walking in to check up on you. 
“Is everything okay? Do you need anything?” Takao asked you, with worried eyes. 
You shook your head and sighed, placing your hand on his. 
“I need to tell you something. I don’t have a present for you. I don’t know how this happened, and I am so sorry.” you mumbled under your breath. 
Takao sweetly squeezed your hands and looked into your eyes with a tender expression. 
“You’re my present. I’m so happy and blessed to have you in my life, that’s all I need.” Takao said, with a genuine expression. 
You giggled and thanked him, when you saw that he had a redness on his cheeks. 
“Well, do you realize that we’re under a mistletoe? Can I.. kiss you?” he asked awkwardly. 
You pulled him towards you, crashing your lips to his with passion and love for one another. 

Yuta: Even though coming to Yuta’s Christmas party with all the other comedians was great, you somewhat felt embarrassed that you forgot his present. You nervously paced back and forth, wondering what to do, when you just decided to walk to the back room and take a break from everything. Yuta wasn’t going to let you go so easily though. 
He stopped you before you made it far, by grabbing your hand to halt you. The cold atmosphere was heavy and dense, while you were trying to confess to him. 
“The thing is.. I um..” you mumbled. 
Yuta looked into your eyes with puppy dog eyes and caressed your cheek softly.
“Is something the matter, _____? Did I do something?” he asked. 
You denied furiously and hung your head in shame. 
“It’s nothing like that. It’s just that.. I forgot your present.” you said, unable to make eye contact with your boyfriend. 
Yuta hugged you tightly and shook you around. 
“Is that why?! That doesn’t mean anything to me! You’re the only one I need, _____!” he cried out. 
“But I should give something to you!” you replied, still pouting. 
Yuta looked up at the ceiling and smirked his boyish grin. 
“Then how about a kiss?” he asked, puckering his lips.

Kunihiko: The Aikawa dot com meeting was huge and very professional, so there was no time for exchanging gifts. It wasn’t until the both of you returned home that you realized that you had no gift for him. 
“Umm.. Uncle..” you whispered, as Kunihiko loosened up his tie. 
He shook his head and put a finger to your lips. 
“Call me Kuni, it’s weird if you call me uncle.” he muttered, smiling a bit.
You corrected yourself and continued on, “I think I may have forgotten something very important.” 
Kunihiko’s back stiffened and changed into a person of pure determination. 
“What is it? I’ll get it for you.” he said, pulling out his phone to call his assistant. 
“Nothing like that! It’s your.. present.” you finished. 
Kunihiko threw his head back as his laughter filled the entire room. He ruffled your hair and kissed you on the forehead. 
“That’s not important. Do you know what’s important?” he asked, looking into your eyes. 
“Socks?” you guessed, shrugging your shoulders. 
Kunihiko shook his head and chuckled before finishing, “It’s you. You’re so important to me and you’re my present. I don’t care about anything else. All I care about is you.” 
You fidgeted around with your hand before you realized the tiny mistletoe hanging from the wall. 
“What is-” you started, pointing at the wall, when you were enveloped in a very warm and sweet kiss. 
“Aw man. I got caught.” he muttered, crashing his lips onto yours with much more force and passion.

I hope you enjoyed! <3 
I love mistletoes. They make me so happy. Hehe. 
Anyone wanna kiss under the mistletoe with me?

Do You Cry Easily? You May Be a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’
Highly sensitive people, known as HSPs, often respond more intensely to alarms, crowds and high-pressure situations, but they are more empathic and conscientious as well.
By Elizabeth Bernstein

For my fellow empaths/HSPs out there. I hate that society tells us that public displays of emotions are bad and unprofessional. I was talking to my roommate about this (we’re both empaths) and she made a really good point that will stick with me for a long time: “the same qualities that help me relate and gain trust with people we work with are the same ones that lead to me being upset so like ACCEPT IT!“ 

You’re not alone and you shouldn’t feel shame for your expansive range of emotions, in fact you can use your expansive range to connect with people in ways that don’t come as easily to others.

Where Manon makes a promise and intends to keep it.

Title: Promise
Word Count: 1973
Pairing: Manorian (plus one!)

Princess Sorrin Blackbeak-Havilliard rushed through the hallways of her father’s large castle with a half-eaten cookie in one hand and a wooden practice dagger in the other. As she ran in her light blue summer dress, the five-year old glanced through the windows, catching the sight of three wyverns ready to fly on the eastern courtyard.

The witchling panted as her gold eyes took in the open doors toward the gardens and she avoided servants left and right and jumped over tables to make it just in time. Her father was already there, dressed in the usual fighting leather tunic he donned for training. His wear wasn’t what caused Sorrin to frown however, it was the fact that her mother was in full flying gear, Wing Cleaver strapped to her back and Abraxos fully saddled and ready to go.

She didn’t care what her parents were talking about as she bounded toward them, wisps of dark blue-black hair falling into her cherub face. “You’re leaving?”

Her mother blinked, but it was her father who spoke. “Hey, sweetheart, I thought you were still eating breakfast.”

Sorrin’s frown deepened as she walked straight to her mother. “You’re leaving?!” She repeated, louder than before.

Manon crossed her arms. “I’m needed at the Wastes-”


Dorian cleared his throat. “Sorrin, we’ve talked about this, baby-”

The little girl growled, the sound reminiscent of her mother. “No! And I’m not a baby!” She didn’t catch the knowing look Manon gave Dorian or his subsequent huff.

“Sorrin,” her mother called and the little girl looked up at her. “I’m sorry I can’t stay, but I’m needed-”

“You said you would go to my recital!” The witchling exclaimed, referring to the dance recital she had been practicing for the past few months. “If you don’t go that means you lied to me!”

The few guards and courtiers walking along the courtyard turned to stare and the King and Queen shared a look. Dorian stepped back, allowing Manon to take over while the witch thought over her next words carefully. “Sorrin,” she said and her daughter pouted, her dark brows coming together in an exaggerated way. “There is an emergency I need to take care of in the west. We have talked about how this can happen.”

The frown turned sad and Sorrin’s bottom lip trembled with barely any restraint. “You said you would go.”

Manon had the decency to look apologetic. “I’m sorry, but I can’t assure you I will be back by then.”

“But you said-” a hiccup, “I want you to go.” She had been practicing really really hard just so her mother would see her and now it had all been for nothing.

“I’m sorry,” the Queen repeated. Tears fell down the witchling’s face and her mother stepped closer. “I’ll make it up to you, alright? We’ll do something together when I get back.”

“No!” She wailed, and for the first time in a long time, Sorrin threw a fit. She kicked and screamed and cried, all the while grabbing her mother’s leg or edge of the cape or whatever she could get her hands on. It was not fair. It was not fair that she had done all this for her mother and she wouldn’t even be there to see it.

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Author: @herainab

Rating: T (mature themes, mentions of death, underage, underage marriage, arranged marriage, abuse, cults, polygamy)

She opens her palm to reveal the reveal the crushed yellow weed. It’s a dandelion. A flower she’s told me only grows beyond the fence. And I realise, the flower gives her hope. Hope that life can go on no matter how bad her losses her. 

She whirls past me in the direction of the green meadow.

She’s fast.

Faster than all the other kids here. None of them can keep up with her and she leaves them in the dust.

It’s helped her when the boys are picking on her, pulling at her dark braids she wears and calling her names.

She’s sneaky too. She can scale a tree in seconds, climbing to the highest branch and hiding up there until it’s dark. She can scale the side of the silo and the windmill in seconds and be out of sight.

She’s quiet on her feet too. She can sneak up on you, scaring the absolute daylights out of you. Or sneak out of her bedroom or church. She can sneak into the barn or into the Prophet’s house without him even knowing.

Though it is going to get her into trouble one day. She had that in her blood though. Trouble running through her veins. Curiosity. Boldness. Life. It all ran through her veins and she was someone who wanted more and more.

Just like her father.

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Motherhood has taught me

Every time I get frustrated with Kina, I’m really frustrated at myself. Craving that extra 5 minutes of me time (with her crawling around in the background) and having to suck it up and accept that I’m not gonna get it right when I want it. Missing all the good parts of the movie because she’s wandered off to try and pull down my cup of water off the table for the billionth time today. Frustrated that I’m constantly wanting to understand everything she needs at every moment knowing that’s not possible.
We’re both constantly learning.
As I sulk and gulp down a can of coffee at 5 in the afternoon, giving Kina her dinner, she constantly grabs at the spoon. I finally give in instead of giving her an extra one to play with. I give it to her with even a spoonful of her food. I assume she’s just gonna fling it on the floor or knock it out my hand before I can even give it to her but to my surprise, she grabs it, turns it upside down a bit and feeds herself. She showed me, taught me that she could do it herself.
I was frustrated before this because she was being whiny, interrupting my futile attempt at watching Interstellar again, my hair is still wrapped in a towel from when I washed it this morning, Daisuke isn’t getting back from his business trip until around midnight tonight, and I have no energy to make anything for myself for dinner and will more than likely just graze on the oatmeal cookies I made this afternoon. I was having one of those, what the hell am I doing/what the hell have I gotten myself into moments of self-pity and this little girl did something so simple yet monumental in her ever growing and expanding world.
And I sobbed. While she attempted spoonful after spoonful of feeding herself and mimicking my sniffling. I cried out of shame/guilt/happiness/love.
This is a journey. The hardest and most rewarding journey I have ever been on and it’s moments like this that show me it can be just as simple as letting go. Give her the damn spoon.

Guilt- Rick Grimes Imagine Part 1

Request by Anon

Request: Rick imagine where it’s in the line up and his gf Y/N is in the line up. Rick is at one side and Y/N at the other. Negan lands on her . Somehow she gets out of it alive and Glenn gets killed instead and Y/N blames herself and won’t talk to anyone.

It was over. The life we thought we were living is gone. We weren’t safe, especially not now. Not when we were all on our knees in front of Negan, one of us about to meet our end with a bat he called Lucille. I’ve never seen any of us shaking with so much fear, especially Rick, seeing him on the ground made me begin to lose hope. When one of Negan’s men pulled me from the back of the van, Rick was scared. I’ve never seen him look at me like that. It made me want to hold him, to tell him that we would all be okay. But that would be a lie. I ignored the man’s speech, unable to concentrate on him. The only thing I knew was that he was going to kill us.

“And you….are….it,” Negan’s boots were in my line of vision as I shook.
“No,” Rick’s voice softly said. I looked only at him, my eyes tearing up as was his. ‘I love you’ I mouthed to him before looking back towards the ground.
“Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father, and then we’ll start. You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry, hell you’re all going to be doing that.”
This was it. After all the things I did to survive, it was all about to be over.  My eyes were clenched shut , my fingertips digging into my thighs through my jeans until the man above me chuckled.
“Have the decency to look at me while I’m about to kill you.”
I refused, not wanting him to see the fear on my face, “Just do it.”
He placed the bat under my chin and forced me to look up, “Shame such a pretty one has to go to waste,” he moved the bat to my cheek, pressing down, a stinging sensation building on my skin.
When he raised the bat to me once again, Glenn shouted, shoving me backwards, making the bat hit his skull. The brute force made him collapse and Negan hit him again. Glenn brought himself back up and I cried out seeing his cracked skull and his eye half popped from his head.
“Mag……Mag-” Glenn gurgled.
“Buddy are you still there? I just don’t know. It seems like you’re trying to speak but you just took a hell of a hit. I just popped your skull so hard, your eyeball just popped out….and it is gross as shit.”
“Mmmag…Maggie I’ll…I’ll find you.”
“Oh,” Negan looked at Maggie. “Oh, hell. I can see this is hard on you guys. I am sorry. I truly am. But I did say it,” he paused before grinning. “No exceptions!”
I was shaking when Negan finally stopped hitting Glenn, him grinning down at me. “It looks like you get to live another shitty day.”
My sobbing got worse as I stared at Glenn’s body. My hand was covering my mouth as I trembled. He was dead. And it was all my fault.

“You shouldn’t have came back for me.”
Glenn turned to look at me, stopping in front of a tree, “I had to.”
“You could’ve died.”
“And you think I wanted you to die?”
“This group needs you, you hold them together, Glenn.”
“And you hold Rick together, believe it or not he would go insane without you.”
“I still think you’re stupid.”
“You’re like my sister, the only thing close to a sibling I’ll ever have. If you’re ever in danger, I’ll step in and save you, no matter what.”

AN: I’m going to turn this into a two part kind of deal, it would be easier so I didn’t have to cram everything in all at once.