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his smile deepened and he cocked his head to the side. it almost hurt to see him this way. “will you say it?” he asked.
         I hesitated, feeling danger crowd in on me. 
aleksander,” I whispered.
         his grin faded and his grey eyes seemed to flicker. 
“again,” he said.


i’m scared! hold my hand, please? i’m scared. i’m scared… i’m scared!


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I think that the significance of this shot, showing Kakyoin waking up, is both him realizing that he just technically had a sleepover (likely his first) at a friend’s house, and realizing that he has people that care about his general well being. He’s in a nicely prepared room, with what appears to be a cup pitcher of water and a note (?) behind him.

His forehead is carefully bandaged, and his earrings are neatly put away as well.

I’m sure after months of Dio controlling and invading his thoughts, it’s a nice respite for him to just be able to lie in silence and contemplate the events of the previous day.

It’s a really subtle addition, but I’m really glad DavidPro decided to put something like this in, because you can only really appreciate it after learning Kakyoin’s backstory.