i cried while i hade this


Sometimes I wonder if this is real
If this is religion that I feel
If maybe the voices inside my head
Are merely just my illnesses instead

If my belief and sense of peace
At ancient Homer’s poetry
Is me escaping reality
If it’s proof of my insanity

Out of the dark, Hades comes to me
Pulls me out of my revery
“Storms come but they soon fade
When you’ve got a pantheon to your aid”

Suddenly the rain starts pouring down
And Zeus rises from his throne
Hera sings me a lullaby
While Apollo keeps the music alive

Aphrodite bends down and takes my hand
And I feel a little warmer then
I hear Dionysus laugh with glee
And he brings joy and peace to me

Ares roars his battle cries
And my weeping eyes begin to dry
Athena'a wisdom from a thousand wars
Teaches me what I’m headed for

Hestia warms the room that I pray
And keeps me safe every day
Hermes guides my feet on my way
And I feel my worries melt away

As Artemis sprints through the trees
Running faster than the breeze
She calls out to humbled me
Saying to fight for what I believe

The winds pick up and the tides have turned
Poseidon comes like a galloping herd
Demeter hears me, listens to my woes
A commands a season’s change in my soul

With Hephaestus’s hammer gripped tight in my hands
I feel stronger than a mortal man
When my storms come to roar and rage
Like a lion trapped in his cage
And they try to darken my heart
I just remind them
How strong my gods truly are

Hi my name is Nico di Angelo and I have short ebony black hair that reaches my mid-neck and cold black eyes like onyx stones and a lot of people tell me I look like Hades (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Percy Jackson but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I have pale olive skin. I’m also a demigod, and I go to a demigod camp called Camp Half-Blood in Long Island which I’ve been visiting for four years (I’m fourteen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black t-shirt with matching belt and black skinny jeans, aviator jacket and black combat boots. I was wearing black eyeliner. I was walking outside the Hades cabin. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Will Solace stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.
—  Nico di Angelo, The Blood of Olympus

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solangelo and ☾ ★ ☆ ☠ ■ ♥ ☮ ▼ ♒ ☼ ൠ and ◉: what happens when they introduce each other as boyfriend/engaged to their fathers?

i did this while making Potato and Leek soup, thats bloody talent

this too me so long, you dont even want to know. they had to be good head canons

read part one

☾ - sleep headcanon

Will actually snores like a freight train. And it annoys Nico to all end, because he can not only hear it but he can feel it, Nicos head has to rest in the middle of wills back or on his shoulder or neither one will get some sleep. but when the days Will is really bad his body shakes and it literally vibrates the bed until Nico has to physically wake will up. Some days he has to throw water on him or push him out of the bed. and will cant even get angry, he knows its bad if this happens because he can see the circles under nicos eyes and apologizes sheepishly. 

Nico told him (a little too aggressively) he had to get his dad to fix him at one point because they’re was almost 2 weeks straight of it, NICO WAS SO TIRED. Turns out Apollo has the same problem, physically they’re is 100% nothing wrong with them. Its an Apollo thing. 

Good thing everyone doesn’t share the same cabin, Apollo campers would have probably been killed off long ago.

★ - sad headcanon

It’s takes alot to get Will sad, but one bad patient and he’s a zombie for 2 weeks sometimes more. He knows he cant save everyone and not everyone can or should be saved but it chips away at his little heart, because even though he has the ability to use curse from Apollo, he dosent because hes seen enough harm in one life time he dosent want to add to it.

People always ask him if hes okay and we all know you dont ask someone that, because everytimes someone dose he balls is eyes out and he has to go crawl in to bed with Nico in Cabin 13 (because people are still creeped out by that place) very well knowing they wont be disturbed. Chiron is okay with this, he has a hard time seeing over the infirmary as it is, let alone his capers having to deal with it too.

Nico sad is hard because in his sleep he still cant get away from it, all the souls pain and suffering intensifies. And he screams and screams and screams but it feels like no one can here him, he’s drowning in souls. 

Some days when he’s stuck so far in his dreams he raises the dead. It cant be helped and no one blames him. it just happens. 

He suffers from forced insomnia, he has to stay awake. he cant go to sleep because he’s afraid he may never actually wake up (he always dose though) but he stays awake to save everyone from the zombie attacks. 

Chiron and him play chess and drink coffee one the days that are severe. 

(oops i made myself sad)

☆ - happy headcanon


Lets start with Nico

Happy Nico is like the Sun. His smile is so beautiful its literally so hard to look at, people think hes a different person all together. it changes the way he looks completely. 

Its so rare for him to be so care free but when you see it, it even changes you as a person. you wish to be like that. you want that, you want him like that all the time and you know if you see it at lest once you mean something to him. it fills you with such warmth. you can help but smile too.

Will actually glows and really you expect that when hes the son of Apollo, but its sometimes difficult to get near him, its like he’s headlights on high beam and your a deer. But when you are near him and can stand the light, the space around him is filled with a beautiful melody radiating off him. Will doesn’t even realize that this happens. 

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

Its hard to get Will angry. Will is the kind of person that doesn’t get aggressively violent, unless hes actually fighting. But when he is angry he just makes snide comments and gives you the cold shoulder, this could be a day or a week. Will likes to score how angry he is, and then deals punishment accordingly. If your sparing with him when he is angry he might get dirty and give you the one two and might punch and kick just slightly (sometimes alot) harder. so be careful and dont tick him off.


You’d wish you were dead and youd be begging for mercy before he dose anything.  Look im going to be straight with you, his death stare could actually kill you, Son of Hades and all. Remember what he did to Bryce? *shudders* 

But he wont go that far, as long as you dont threaten his friends. So he’ll just send zombies after you when you lest expect it. He’ll have you checking your back every minute and when you think your in the clear and Nico is being pleasant BOOM zombie grabs your leg. 

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

Will and Nico took forever to decide on a colour scheme when they moved into their flat. Nico wanted black and Will wanted bright rainbow colours.

after the third fight on just the colour scheme. they FINALLY decided on a nice light grey and pastel accent pieces.

But Will put his foot down when Nico put the gem encrusted skull in the bedroom, there was no way in Tartars that thing was going in here, he didnt want that thing to watch him while he sleeps. it was creepy.

♥ - family headcanon

First it was the 2 of them being happy in their cute little flat but then Nico wanted a puppy. And Will originally said no because Will was never really there because he was studying or doing shifts at the hospital and that’s kinda why Nico wanted one because he was lonely. But for Nicos birthday Will got him one of Mrs O’Leary pups Percy and Will had kept it a secret. Nico almost died of Happiness when the little tyke came running into the room and jumping on him when Will brought him breakfast in bed. They called him “Bacon” because he stole it straight off his breakfast plate. Hazel made him a little dog house encrusted with diamonds and precious gems. It was the most fabulous thing in the house.

When it came around to having babies, they originally thought about adopting but Reyna and Lou Ellen had offered to be paternal mothers and use Will and Nico’s sperm as donation. Nico and Reyna decided to have the first child It was a boy, his than skin and dark hair and dark eyes. Will called him Micheal. When Lou Ellen and Will had the second child a few years later it was a girl and she had hair like gold and Lou Ellen’s button nose, Nico named her Bianca because she was just as beautiful and he loved her just as much. 

Bianca and Micheal are reincarnated as themselves. It wasn’t until the two were into their teens when Will and Nico finally realized this. 

☮ - friendship headcanon

dont mess with they’re friends their a force to be reckoned with you dont want to see it. just dont im warning you now.

they make the best battle combo

they love them. wholeheartedly they are loyal and will most defiantly will die for them. 

IDK i had trouble with this one.

▼ - childhood headcanon

I feel like most of us think that Will and Nico did have a strong connection when Nico and Bianca came to camp. As Bianca went on that quest which was inevitably her downfall and death. 

But i feel like Nico taught Will mythomagic and they became super close and they’re would be alot of laughs because at first Will just wouldnt understand and Nico would have to answer the same question over and over. and i think Nico would have given will all his double statues and cards. And Will still kept them after all these years under his bed in a little box and on the lid in the corner it says “Nice and Will BFF” 


♒ - cooking/food headcanon

Nico dosent like Garlic. And Will says all the time “BUT YOUR ITALIAN!” and sobs because Italian is his favourite and feels like he cant have it because garlic. but Nico reassures him if he cant taste it then it should be fine.

Nico loves Chinese food. loves the sticky gooy stuff its like its his weakness.

☼ - appearance headcanon

lets stick to the sexy punk scene emo Nico because that shits just gets me right in the feel and gives me nose bleeds, like damn son. but like Nico looks fucking fantastic in a suit. like holly shit Will can barely contain himself. 

i like nico with and under cut or a rave shave because why the fuck not? Hes also got to have at lest 8mm stretchers. 

Will likes stripped shirts, especially in blue, he has about 10 different ones and everyone always asks him why he only has one shirt. 

they both look 100% hotter with sleeves rolled up, because shit arms are hot.

they’re wedding/promise rings are silver but nico has a golden/yellow gem stone and Wills had a black one. 


ൠ - random headcanon

Swearing headcanon

Will swears like a sailor and Nico is always offended

They have a swear jar and Nico likes to spend the money on Bacon (the dog) by buying him bacon (the food)

◉ - Any other question of your choosing

what happens when they introduce each other as boyfriend/engaged to their fathers? 

When Will tells Apollo he has a boyfriend. Apollois so excited he sprinkles sunlight over Will like fairy dust, and will supress the urge to roll his eyes. Will’s gay but come on.

When Will introduces Nico to Apollo. Apollo flips out and continuously pats him and pinches his cheeks and constantly say hes so cute and wants to take him home. and Nico is just like red the whole time and he just sits there and endues it.

When Nico tells Hades hes gay, hes scared. he actually thinks he might cry because Hades as been silent for over a minute and hes just waiting to be blown up or something. Hades breaks into the biggest grin and envelopes him in the biggest hug and just just chuckels and nico is so confused after standing there for a little while in his fathers arms they pull away and all Hades says “I’m so proud of you” Nico cried happy tears.

When Will is introduced to Hades, Will is trembling. But Will is polite and funny and Hades loves him. Will is surprise. They get along so well, they’re practically best friends at the end of the night. Nico is happy.

Nico and Will plan to propose to each other on the same day. at the same time infact. but they both made plans so its special. but they’re fighting about where to go first and its just as mess because they’re so angry then they say at the same time “I’M TRYING TO PROPOSE TO YOU” because they are so frustrated and they look at each other and just laugh. they kiss and exchange ring right there. and then they go see each others special surprise on how they were going to do it. 

Will asked Apollo to put a banner on his chariot at sunset. Apollo has this banner read the day he met Nico. 

Nico asked Hades to get some zombies to perform a flash mob dance in suits and carry a giant heart on asking him to marry him.

But Hades said if Apollo sings at the wedding hes going to blow everyone up. 

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I saw this old post and decided to bring it back to the present: Do you know what I want? I want when all of this is over for Nico to buy some Mythomagic statues and bring them to Percy, who’s never been quite the same since Tartarus, and sit down and force the Poseidon one into Percy’s hands and grip the Hades one tightly and look into Percy’s eyes and say, “Someone once told me that it was okay to be a kid once in a while.”

I remember this post!  It’s one of my all time favorites. *cries*